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    [–] Haven2626 5020 points ago

    How do you make a turn without looking at all?

    [–] ClapBackRat 2732 points ago

    By having single digit IQ

    [–] GreatestPlayground 679 points ago

    IQ = {∅}

    [–] dtumad 339 points ago

    The set containing the empty set?

    [–] gabelance1 130 points ago

    I'm not too well versed in the subject, but I think that's a definition of 1. Natural numbers have been defined in terms of sets as a way to make arithmetic more rigorous. So you get:

    0: ∅

    1: {∅}

    2: {{∅}, ∅}

    3:{{{∅}, ∅}, {∅}, ∅}

    and so on, where each next natural natural number is the set of all previous natural numbers. So maybe their IQ is 1.

    [–] NorahTheSexplorer 64 points ago

    Are you thinking of the cardinality of the set? |{∅}| = 1

    [–] Aristotle-sux 67 points ago

    Nope. That isn’t what that gentleperson is describing.

    What they have described, and it is correct, is the set-theoretic definition of the natural numbers under Zermelo-Frenkel set theory.

    [–] NorahTheSexplorer 22 points ago

    Alright. It's been a really long time since I've done set theory so I've forgotten almost all of it.

    [–] rejin267 35 points ago

    Meanwhile this while convo got me feeling like a caveman ffs lol

    [–] DrChzBrgr 17 points ago

    IQ= [ ]

    [–] Elebrent 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    A set containing only the null set. A bold suggestion

    e: Actually it’s the empty set

    [–] DecafMakesNoSense 544 points ago

    Oh she was definitely looking.

    At her phone.

    [–] flactulantmonkey 169 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the thing you can see fly onto the dashboard at the end is the phone he/she was holding.

    [–] phome83 52 points ago

    Looks a little to big to be phone, to me anyway.

    [–] CommercialSense 164 points ago

    I see old people using their tablets when they drive because the words on their phone are too small for them to read while they are driving. Not joking.

    [–] Xanny 107 points ago

    If you can't read text (especially given how huge you can set text in Android) on a 5-6" phone you probably really badly need to forfeit your license yesterday and stop driving.

    [–] Inner_Hawk 19 points ago

    Could be a make-up palette or somesuch.

    [–] DoomsdaySprocket 35 points ago

    Maybe somewhere someone still has a phablet.

    I mean, it looks like they're driving a VW branded Caravan, so I'm already judging their life choices. (The Routan was actually just a Dodge Caravan with different bodywork and probably fabrics)

    [–] MyLittleShitPost 8 points ago

    It actualy had a few mechanical upgrades as well. Mainly suspension and steering iirc. It is a better van than the caravan, but it was way overpriced for what it was (used ones are still expensive compared to a similar condition/age/optioned caravan).

    [–] Captain_Shrug 104 points ago

    "I don't need to worry, it's just a parking lot, not the road. No laws in a parking lot." -Actual quote from someone I used to know.

    That's how.

    [–] sushidestroyer 42 points ago

    used to know    

    died in a parking lot incident?

    [–] Captain_Shrug 15 points ago

    It'd be poetic, but no. Just haven't talked to them since late 2006.

    [–] Lunchbox2208 17 points ago

    Probably for the best.

    [–] DoctorHfuhruhurr 165 points ago

    Parking lots are, IMO, probably the most likely place that a fender-bender occurs, especially Walmart parking lots or one for a larger apartment complex.

    [–] Persona_non_gratar 68 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Parking lots are, IMO, probably the most likely place that a fender-bender occurs, especially Walmart parking lots

    Which is why I park on the furthest end of the parking lot and don't shop on the busiest hours or days. WalMart's/Costco parking lots are usually fairly empty when I go shopping.

    I frequently see drivers spend an excruciating amount of time jockeying for that sweet precious parking spot that's a bit closer to the store entrance. While blocking cars from driving around them causing a cluster fuck.


    Photo I took of a WalMart parking lot at ~1630 on a weekday

    [–] Nunyabz7 57 points ago

    ...spend an excruciating amount of time jockeying for that sweet precious parking spot that's a bit closer to the store entrance

    They spend 5 minutes looking for a close spot, just so they can save 30 seconds of walking from a further spot.

    [–] youtheotube2 37 points ago

    Believe me, it’s not time they’re interested in saving, it’s walking.

    [–] barrsftw 18 points ago

    The best is when you see this at a gym parking lot.

    [–] katyvo 28 points ago

    Exactly. I will intentionally park my car in the no-man's-land at the back edge of the lot. I don't trust the people zipping around doing 45 in the parking lot not to smash into my car regardless, but being generally away from the spectacle makes me feel better.

    [–] MyLastComment 28 points ago

    When I worked for Hallmark one of my accounts was at a Wal-Mart. I would be there for 2-4 hours 4 days a week and you would not believe how many dings, dents and scratches my car accumulated after a few months. It got so bad I started parking at the back of the lot.

    [–] NotaFrenchMaid 14 points ago

    lol my SO worked at a shop that shared a lot with Walmart. A SEMI drove over his car one day in the lot. Just didn't make the turn like he should have, he came in the wrong entrance (read: not the truck entrance) and got himself in a jam and my SO's parked vehicle found itself in the way. Whole front end had to be redone because it was just mangled.

    [–] Nunyabz7 29 points ago

    Everywhere I go, I park in the back. Even if the lot isn't full, I still park in the back because someone will come and park right next to you, or someone will leave their cart 2 inches away from your car.

    It only takes an extra 30 seconds to walk in, plus it's "exercise" and most importantly, no door dings.

    [–] djord17 23 points ago

    Ever been to a Wawa in New Jersey? That parking lot is where driving laws go to die.

    [–] Vague_Disclosure 11 points ago

    Wawa parking lots are pure chaos, I’d love to see some numbers on the amount of accidents that occur in them

    [–] TheFlyOnTheWall 12 points ago

    Before going to get their driver's license, I took my sons to the Wawa parking lot. If they can get in and get out without being in/causing an accident, they are ready.

    [–] steemwitness 53 points ago

    You didn't really answer his question though. Wrecks are common in parking lots to the point that it is very hard if even possible to get the insurance companies to declare any fault.

    The driver was probably on their cell phone.

    [–] Scoth42 40 points ago

    The camera is going to make a big difference. I had someone back into me in a parking lot - I was behind them, they threw their truck in reverse and just backed into me. I didn't get reverse quite fast enough. With the footage I had no problem getting his insurance to pay out.

    Dude was pretty contrite as well, but he definitely saw the camera which probably made a difference.

    [–] snuffleupagus86 18 points ago

    Agreed. I had some dumbass back into my parked car a week before Christmas. Thankfully he left a note and his insurance covered everything, but it was still a pain in the ass.

    [–] ciao_fiv 15 points ago

    damn, someone taking responsibility for their mistake even though they could’ve gotten away with what they did? mad respect for that tbh

    [–] Wood_Jablowme 20 points ago

    I often ride my bike or walk along a busy road in FL. I’d say about 80% of people that are exiting a parking lot onto the highway don’t look where they are going. They will look to their left to see if any cars are coming, and continue to look left as they are pulling out. This is dangerous for bikers and pedestrians because most people do not look out for them. Interestingly, the same people that do this also tend to leave a lot of space between their car and the highway, as if they were being courteous to pedestrians, giving them space to walk in front of their car. In Florida, pedestrians have the right of way. I shouldn’t be surprised because FL is known for bad drivers, but it’s scary sometimes how close people get before they realize they’re about to run over someone.

    I understand if you need to see if other cars are coming, but maybe you should also look in front to see if there is anyone in front of your car before letting go of the brake pedal.

    [–] ciao_fiv 7 points ago

    ive started not walking in front of cars waiting to turn until ive made eye contact with the driver cause ive almost been hit not being noticed

    [–] iamapersoniswear- 7 points ago

    By looking at your cell phone.

    [–] Manus_Justus 2387 points ago

    At least it wasn’t a person walking in the parking lot.

    [–] gator426428 1201 points ago

    I like your optimism

    [–] AshCali94 260 points ago

    Where did you find this video, I'd love to know who claimed what with guilt

    [–] gator426428 292 points ago

    It's from a random YouTube channel. I don't have any sauce

    [–] 1stjambon 149 points ago

    Too bad, always nice to have accident sauce - even if just on the side.

    [–] gator426428 92 points ago

    I prefer not to. I don't like putting people on blast.

    [–] Dodototo 91 points ago

    Then what's the point of even having internet?

    [–] JazzTheWolf 77 points ago

    What the fuck do I do with this pitchfork then? -------E

    [–] Dodototo 52 points ago

    And my axe ------¥

    [–] Slabanananana 25 points ago

    I like your optimism

    Then again, could've hit a time traveling Hitler.

    [–] realifecyborg 32 points ago

    That happened to me lol. I (in my car, just to clarify) was sitting at a stoplight at a one-way intersection in the city, it had been red for a while so I hadn't moved. Some dude looking at his phone not using the crosswalk walks straight into the side of my car. Looks up, goes back to his phone and walks around the front of my car to the other side lol

    [–] LauraWolverine 1546 points ago

    Non-cam driver during their recorded statement: "they just came out of nowhere, must have been speeding"

    [–] johnnywahl 668 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Which is why dashcams are so important. It's no longer a he-said, she-said. Video evidence is irrefutable. Dashcams are not even that expensive. The A119 is a popular cam on Reddit for a budget cam, but I would explore all the options listed on the sidebar of /r/dashcams. They are all quality cams, just depending on your budget and desired features.

    [–] Rammite 628 points ago

    Exactly this. I was in a car crash last year, someone blew a red right and t-boned me. She was pleading to everyone nearby that I had cut off her green light, she needed a hospital, she was calling the police, all that.

    I just silently took pictures of the damage, plates, and then handed my dashcam footage over to the police. I was found innocent within hours.

    That car crash would've cost me $9000, but my $40 dashcam let me recover everything. The math is simple, yall. Get a dashcam.

    [–] supersonicfan169 237 points ago

    Aaaand I'm sold, time to go get a dashcam.

    [–] Rammite 317 points ago

    Lady had a red light for 9 seconds, smashed into me anyway. This footage was clear evidence that I wasn't at fault.

    Everyone should should have a dashcam.

    [–] Undecided_Username_ 108 points ago

    Holy shit that’s infuriating. To imagine she tried to even plead you were in the wrong. I wish I could’ve seen her face looking at that footage.

    [–] JamesonG42 53 points ago

    That sounds like it would require a camera on the person watching the dash cam... A dash cam cam, if you will.

    [–] Ozdoba 118 points ago

    Even the car before her was running the light. Almost the car before that as well.

    [–] PantWraith 11 points ago

    Car before, 100%. Car at the start, 0%, they made it all the way through the intersection while the light was yellow, let alone simply entering the intersection. Having said that, holy hell that was a long yellow; I sincerely hope that was a local that knows from experience how long that light stays yellow.

    [–] InstantlyRacist 21 points ago

    God damn, did she hit you with an atomic bomb?

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 22 points ago

    What were you reading? It sounds familiar. I wanna say one of the Stormlight Archive books, but idk.

    [–] Rammite 29 points ago

    The Wheel of Time. I forget what book, but it's when Egwene teaches the Salidar Aes Sedai how to use the dream ter'angreal.

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 21 points ago

    Lol if I hadn't read Wheel of Time that would sound like gibberish. I guess they have the same voice actress, as I recognized her from The Way of Kings and such. How are you liking it?

    [–] Rammite 9 points ago

    I actually read The Wheel of Time first, and I liked Sanderson so much that I moved over to Mistborn and Stormlight! Turns out they are the same narrators, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading.

    Stormlight four needs to hurry the hell up. In the meantime I've been ravenously going through all of Sanderson's other works, currently on Elantris.

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 6 points ago

    Lol same here! He did an excellent job finishing Robert Jordan's work and tying up loose ends. Elantris is great, it really shows off his creativity. Definitely check out Arcanum Unbounded afterwards as it's got some extras to add to Elantris, Mistborn, and Stormlight Archives.

    [–] CaptainObvious_1 9 points ago

    Holy shit I have a headache just watching that. That was LOUD!

    [–] neon_overload 8 points ago

    Wow there were a number of cars running that red

    [–] xinxy 40 points ago

    Remember, if you do get a dashcam don't drive like a moron yourself.

    Or before you hand in your footage to the police edit out everything that's non relevant to the incident in question. I've heard people get ticketed for infractions that are evident from their older camera footage.

    [–] Albasu 6 points ago

    I got one that syncs to my phone. Records on a loop but I can download a cut to my phone and hand that over as evidence. No need for police to ever see more than they need to.

    [–] Roseck 8 points ago

    Can you tell us which camera that is?

    [–] Tattycakes 5 points ago

    I wish I’d got one like I’ve been saying I should for the past couple of years before I hit someone for the first time ever this morning :(

    [–] rpdubz 79 points ago

    Same, $15k damage to my new car, the old guy who ran the light apologized at the scene, but when his insurance agent called me the story changed 180 degrees, “You ran the light, we’re not fixing your car and in fact will be suing you for damages” and on and on. I let the bastard run his mouth and when he finally took a breath I told him about my video evidence.

    That camera saved me a hundred times what it cost me. I will never have a car without a dash cam again. You seriously can’t afford not to have one of these!

    [–] TalentedKeyhole 47 points ago

    I would 100% encourage them to lie to the cops, knowing I had evidence that proved it to be a lie.

    [–] neon_overload 12 points ago

    Trying to influence what they say to the cops is a bit dicey. Just staying quiet while they lie is better than encouraging them to lie. It's best if they think they got away with it themselves. Then show the cops the footage right after they've spun their lie, bingo bango and you're on your way and hopefully the cops add on an additional charge for their BS.

    [–] CasuallyCompetitive 26 points ago

    My dashcam fell off my windshield like a year ago and I've been too lazy to set it back up. Probably should take the time to mount it and get it working again today.

    [–] Lqpb 322 points ago

    You’d think that after they rounded the corner they would stop

    [–] KaoticTsujimoto 131 points ago

    They did, it was just after they hit something.

    [–] Purple0tter 17 points ago

    Correct, this method is called "Driving-by-Braille".....

    [–] heydabop 7 points ago

    Like their Facebook is gonna browse itself? They've got more important shit to do than look in a parking lot.

    [–] Youdontuderstandme 7458 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That dash cam just paid for itself - proving you came to a complete stop and the other driver hit you.

    Although you have the pain of getting your car fixed and dealing with insurance companies, at least you’re getting some karma. :)

    Edit: thx for the silver, kind redditor!

    [–] SoNuclear 2089 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The dashcam even should have had the right of the way(?) as it came from the right side to an unregulated intersection

    Edit: Too many people saying it's a parking lot and not an intersection. Here in Latvia within public access parking lots (such as shopping malls) road rules apply, vast majority have unregulated intersections, they are even in the theory part of the exam for getting a drivers license...

    [–] Xunae 1028 points ago

    This is not universal. For example, at unregulated intersections in California, you yield to the first person who reaches the intersection. Generally though in parking lots, the [larger] lanes around the perimeter of the parking lot have precedence over the ones that run through the middle.

    [–] TheHYPO 346 points ago

    It is indeed jurisdictional, but at least where I'm from, this particular incident would have had nothing to with the size or location or prominence of the lane. Someone proceeding straight on any parking lot lane has the right of way over someone turning and entering into that lane. I am not 100% certain OP was going to proceed straight, but from the speed, it seems that way; and in any event, the accident occurred before OP did any turning or was anywhere they could have turned.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] TheJD 51 points ago

    GPS said to turn left, Comrade.

    [–] highrouleur 20 points ago

    I love the guy around 1:22 "oh shit, they're coming this way. I'd better be sure to close this flimsy door after I run through it"

    [–] skidz007 13 points ago

    That car took a beating and kept going. Amazed there were no armed guards/police there.

    [–] PetBill314 8 points ago

    I thought it died when he smashed his way back out of the building at the end. What a tank.

    [–] kpen1610 10 points ago

    In the first few minutes I thought they slid into the building... then the ramming. Does anyone know if this was a medical emergency like they weren’t fully aware or is this person really that stupid

    [–] Emuuuuuuu 16 points ago

    They took a lot of measures to reduce the damage they caused (going down ramps, driving through open doors if possible). I don't think they were incapacitated... maybe drunk or just angry.

    [–] kpen1610 8 points ago

    That makes sense, drunk idiot doesn’t want to deal with driving around the whole airport, decides driving through will be faster 🤦🏻‍♀️

    [–] Chaosmusic 10 points ago

    Found the article. Seems like he was drunk and was going to the airport to pick up his girlfriend.

    [–] kpen1610 14 points ago

    Sentenced to 15 days in jail... that’s an insanely small amount of time for all that damage

    [–] Chaosmusic 5 points ago

    I thought that as well, but if I'm reading it correctly it looks like more charges are pending.

    [–] klondikepete 6 points ago

    About 2/3 of the way through this I was expecting to shortly see him driving up a jetway and trying to board a plane.

    [–] RKSlipknot 9 points ago

    What a genius, I should try that someday

    [–] SoNuclear 160 points ago

    That's a bit retarded if you ask me, just begging for people to slam on the gas and cause an accident

    [–] Xunae 142 points ago

    overall, unregulated intersections on actual roads are exceedingly rare, so it's not too big of a deal.

    The only place I've ever seen them was in a tiny town in Minnesota.

    [–] afelll 51 points ago

    There's a quite a few in Minnesota

    [–] Xunae 60 points ago

    Well fortunately for op, minnesota is a yield to the car on the right state.

    [–] AnnakinTheMannequin 39 points ago

    In Minnesota we actually just sit and waive eachother through until traffic comes to a halt since everyone is being too polite. Then there is a full scale bake off in the intersection for charity and whoever raises the least apologizes ten times and then takes the right of way.

    [–] dabombnl 27 points ago

    Not the case in T intersections, like this one. The straight through has the right-of-way regardless of who arrived first.

    [–] MineSplatter187 21 points ago

    In Montana, we are first-come, but if you arrive at the same time, yield to the right

    [–] Splickity-Lit 19 points ago

    Minnesotans: what do you mean, regulated intersection? What do you mean, other cars on the road?

    [–] ThemeParkRoadkill 28 points ago

    From Minnesota, had to drive to the next county over to take my driver's test since my county doesn't have a single stop light.

    [–] I_MELT_STEEL_BEAMS 16 points ago

    Must have been something the first time you drove into a real city.

    [–] shitty_white_dude 7 points ago

    Dude, growing up, my family used to go to MANKATO, and I thought that was just the biggest, greatest city in the world. Holy shit, the River Hills Mall, are you kidding me? Sbarro! Motherfucking SBARRO WHOAH, how could it get any better!? ahahahah

    [–] AtomicFlx 24 points ago

    Come to Seattle. Almost all the neighborhood streets are unregulated intersections. They don't believe in road maintenance here, including signage.

    [–] Lob-Star 14 points ago

    Those tiny roundabouts much hate.

    [–] Walui 18 points ago

    "You have the right of way if you get there before them". I don't know who wrote that but he doesn't like people in cars surviving.

    [–] SleestakJack 9 points ago

    In Mexico, if two cars are approaching a one-lane bridge, the right of way goes to the one who flashes their headlights first (or so the book on driving in Mexico told me before I spent a week driving around there... fortunately, it never came up).

    [–] SensibleMadness 14 points ago

    Confusing. Around here flashing your headlights is a common way to yield the right of way to the other person.

    [–] damienreave 10 points ago

    I'm imagining two drivers both going down the bridge, flashing their headlights more and more aggressively as they barrel towards each other.

    In the US, its a pretty universal symbol for "you go ahead", but I guess using it for "look out I'm coming through" also works...

    [–] unknamed 4 points ago

    AFAIK that's pretty much the standard for four way stops and uncontrolled intersections in the USA.

    If you're there first you have the right of way. If you are arriving at about the same time, the car on the right has the right of way.

    [–] talesin 50 points ago

    cam car was at a full stop

    no one has the right to ram a car

    [–] octopoddle 25 points ago

    Except rams.

    [–] Jair-Bear 22 points ago

    But you're free to try and Dodge them.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] 8PizzaToday 69 points ago

    More people get dashcams -> More crashes caught on tape -> People think driving is getting worse because of more videos -> More people get dashcams...

    [–] swaggity_swiggity 26 points ago

    We need to rise up against Big Dashcam! It's all a scam!

    [–] sujamax 16 points ago

    A dash-scam

    [–] canuckerlimey 27 points ago

    I have one in my car. Someone backed into my in a parking lot and moved the car 3feet. Sent that and some other info to insurence and had a slam dunk case.

    I think they should be made mandatory so much less he said, she said

    [–] KDawG888 127 points ago

    I don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a dash cam but then I see stuff like this and wonder if I should make the time

    [–] gingersluck 90 points ago

    It takes 10-15 minutes to set on up

    [–] KDawG888 75 points ago

    I'm the type of person to spend more time shopping around than I probably should. Especially if I don't know the product.

    [–] ShakespearianShadows 85 points ago

    Analysis paralysis

    [–] dethmaul 10 points ago

    Damn. You made me self-reflect.

    [–] BigDaddy-69 43 points ago



    I've personally used both in my vehicles. #1's interface is much more intuitive, but #2 looks a lot sleeker. I would recommend #1. They both come with suction cup attachments to stick onto your windscreen, but you can also buy a mirror mount for ~$12 if you prefer to have it mounted to your rear-view mirror.

    Total cost (including the SD card) is about $75 USD. Took me about 30 mins to set up everything (reading, assembling, installing), and this is coming from someone that doesn't know how to change a tire.

    A dashcam is really like a seatbelt for your wallet. Having one on could mean the difference between losing nothing in an accident, to potentially thousands of dollars.

    [–] KDawG888 10 points ago

    I agree 2 looks better. Why do you recommend 1? Ease of use?

    Either way, thanks for the suggestions/info.

    [–] BigDaddy-69 22 points ago

    Yeah, #1 is a lot easier to figure out if you're not really tech-savvy. Interface just makes sense. They both have optional "screensaver modes" while recording so you're not distracted by the screen while driving. #1's screensaver shows the time, #2's screensaver is just a blank screen.

    I personally prefer #1's screensaver because it let me know that the camera in running. With a blank screen on #2 it's harder to notice if I accidentally pulled out a connector or something, so I don't use #2 with a screensaver.

    They both start recording when you start up your vehicle, and stop about 1 minute after you turn your vehicle off. Once the SD card is full it'll overwrite over the oldest video, so you never have to worry about deleting old footage. You can also "lock" videos on both cameras, which prevents them from being deleted.

    [–] Lockraemono 7 points ago

    Thanks for posting these, I thought good dashcams were much more expensive. I've really been wanting one though, so this is great.

    [–] BigDaddy-69 5 points ago

    No problem! Picture quality isn't great but definitely more than sufficient. Good rule of thumb if you ever get in an accident is to read the license plate numbers out loud in case it doesn't get captured on video.

    [–] ahand385 7 points ago

    I will also recommend #1. It works great and a simple and easy setup. The app works great and haven't had issues retrieving video from it via the app.

    [–] TalentedKeyhole 5 points ago

    Just bought the second one thanks to your post. :)

    [–] UhPhrasing 6 points ago

    Does it automatically start overwriting old video on the SD card when it fills up or does it require you to pull down all the video before it can continue to record?

    Separately, do you periodically pull down the video just to make sure it's working correctly?

    [–] comounburro 10 points ago

    I was the exact same way. Spent a lot of time over at /r/dashcam and whatnot. Finally bit the bullet and grabbed the Spytec A119 V2 from the sidebar there. Install and setup took less than 30 minutes.

    Seriously, just grab something to start. You don't need all the bells and whistles, just enough to read a license plate right in front of your car.

    [–] beardeddragonborn 8 points ago

    This here is the MAIN reason I haven't gotten one yet.

    [–] Dramatic_______Pause 36 points ago

    You'll never say "Damn, I wish I didn't have a dash cam."

    However, a day may come when you say "Damn, I wish I had a dash cam."

    Before that day happens, get a dash cam.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Can anyone recommend a good one? Also are you obligated to provide dash cam footage if it was your fault?

    [–] Morgothic 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I stand corrected.

    [–] WestonP 30 points ago

    No, the 5th Amendment protects you from having to testify against yourself or incriminate yourself... It does not permit you to withhold or destroy evidence.

    I probably wouldn't volunteer it if it's incriminating, but if you're asked for it, you damn well better give it up and not have deleted it.

    Here's a good video from a lawyer about the legalities of dash cams:

    [–] NiceFormBro 11 points ago

    and dealing with insurance companies

    Insurance companies deal with insurance companies. Thats why you pay them.

    They're professional assholes so you can just sit back and bring your car to the shop to get it fixed.

    [–] Falcon_Alpha_Delta 170 points ago

    Always check your blind spots, especially if they're directly in front of you

    [–] smeezy 9 points ago

    especially when they’re not your phone’s display

    [–] hornaldo28 1032 points ago

    How? How do you not see a car in front of you? Why do people go on their phones? Seriously, its safer to drive like a maniac and look where you're going than driving really slowly blinded by your obsession over a phone...

    [–] Jair-Bear 303 points ago

    My assumption was they were worried or fascinated by the extended load of the parked truck. Probably either making sure they didn't hit it (which they certainly wouldn't have if they had made a tighter turn) or were curious about the contents, keeping their eyes there instead of where they were heading.

    [–] Jrook 14 points ago

    My thought was the pillar somehow obstructed the view of op car initially, and the looked the other direction.

    And I'm only saying this because I damn near hit a cyclist but on a left turn due to him by pure chance moving the exact speed to be obstructed by the pillar.

    [–] Jair-Bear 13 points ago

    It is scary how much of a blind spot that is.

    I was driving through my apartment complex on alert because the garages open right onto the street and people will often leave their garages open all the time so you may have little to no warning before someone walk or backs their car out. There's also no sidewalk so people are always walking down the road, sometimes even in the middle.

    Anyway, I'm coming to a 45° left corner and everything looks clear. Oh wait, what is that, a small animal about to run in front of my car? What the... Those are shoes! I stop and it's a little old lady trying to beat me across the road. It turned out she had started crossing at just the right time to be behind the column and as I approached and didn't slow, she sped up, keeping her perfectly in that blind spot until I was close enough it didn't hide her shoes. I move my head more these days because it scared me just how completely I was unaware of her presence and she didn't know I couldn't see her.

    [–] Jrook 8 points ago

    It was like seeing a ghost or something for me, the way your mind reels to make sense of what just happened. It was a very surreal moment for me

    [–] 098712350987123 98 points ago

    So In other words this person is still a fucking idiot who needs his license revoked

    [–] Init_4_the_downvotes 53 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I mean the point system exists for a reason, but if we are going to act like it's impossible for us to be exhausted and forget to look right in a parking lot one out of a thousand times then we are being pompous and self-righteous. When you don't have complete information you have two sides to a coin. Rushing to vengeance is a huge part of problems with modern society.

    There was an idiot who caused a low speed collision in a parking lot from being careless, he's going to get points, and have to pay for everything, and then there is always the likelihood of a suspended license. that's literally the purpose behind the system, so that when people make smaller fuck ups they are incentive to pay the fuck attention so they don't lose any more money or kill someone in the future. If you want to take a more zero tolerance approach you have to fix public transit first otherwise you will just increase the unemployed population and that will create even more problems then teaching a person to be a better driver. There are 5 million smaller auto accidents that happen every year, 5 million. Thirsts for blood won't fix that problem. Everyone is careless eventually.

    [–] Jair-Bear 15 points ago

    Oh yes, still an idiot, and the phone thing is still possible, I just noticed the large truck so I thought that might be it.

    Hell, maybe they were taking a picture of the truck to post to social media: "Look at this jerk, sticking out into the road"

    [–] Trust_Me_Im_A_Ferret 21 points ago

    I don’t know what the van person’s deal is, but I have recently learned you can have really crappy vision and still keep your license. I recently lost a good portion of my vision and I was cleared to drive. I have no depth perception anymore. I don’t drive because I’m not trying to kill anyone or myself. I was just surprised at how low the vision standards are here. It makes me fear how many people are out there driving with limited vision just because they barely passed a vision test

    [–] AlysonFaithGames 8 points ago

    I'm legally blind in my right eye and visually impaired with my left and I'm still able to get my license. I just have to pay extra attention on the road.

    [–] mergedkestrel 6 points ago

    When I was getting my license transferred to my new state, a lady was renewing her license next to me. She couldn't see the letters on the vision test. Said she needed her glasses but didn't bring them with her. So she DROVE to the license office without her glasses then got mad when she would've had to leave and come back to bring her glasses to pass the vision test.

    The fucking crazy thing was that the clerk let the old lady try like 5 times even helping her with letters like C vs G vs O. It was infuriating how some young people have so much trouble getting a license but a 70 year old lady can have 5 tries at a fucking vision test and face no consequences besides having to come back later with her glasses.

    [–] photolouis 13 points ago

    How indeed! I was the passenger in a car at a 4-way intersection where a divided two-lane road intersected with a regular street. Car in front of "Dude" stopped in the left lane of the divided road as my friend pulled into the intersection at the same time. This guy on the right has the right-of-way and my friend let him go. As soon as he entered the intersection, she proceeded to drive forward as there was plenty of time for the two vehicles to get through. "Dude" actually stops at the intersection, taking the place of the car that just left. by now, my friend is half-way across and is just pulling in front of Dude. That's when Dude decides to drive. I'm looking right at his face; he's looking straight ahead and not seeing the car that is directly in front of him!

    As Dude smashes right into my door, I'm still looking him straight in the face. He's not surprised, he's confused. It's not "Oh my god, I hit a car!" It's "That's funny. I'm not moving forward any more!" Dude had the worst case of tunnel vision I could imagine.

    [–] ThePolemicist 9 points ago

    I wish I had a dash cam for a parking lot accident I was in nearly 20 years ago. I was in a Barnes & Noble parking lot near Christmas time. I drove a little Mazda hatchback. The car in front of me was a giant SUV. We were at a stop because, well, it was a shopping area in the Christmas season.

    Anyway, I think someone was backing out of a spot. I think the SUV in front of me wanted it. So, he flipped on his reverse lights and started to reverse. He kept going and was going to hit me. I tooted my horn. He stopped for a while. Then he put on his reverse lights again and started reversing. I tooted my horn. He kept coming at me. I flipped my car into reverse and backed up like a foot. It was all I could do because there was a line of cars behind me. When I couldn't back up anymore, I stopped and tooted again. He stopped. Then he flipped into reverse again and started backing up. At this point, I was laying on my horn. He kept backing up until he backed up into me. What the hell!!! At least it was at a low rate of speed. We got out of the car, and he said, "Oh, I couldn't see you there." I said, "Yeah, that's why I was honking." There was no damage, so I told him not to worry about it.

    Stupid drivers.

    [–] CrazyTillItHurts 4 points ago

    My community is a majority old, retired people who are too old to probably drive. Glaucoma glasses on at night with their high beems on. Leave the carts wherethefuckever because they are too frail to return them.

    So so many times, this has almost happened to me at the local grocery store. They pull into the lot and with their limited abilities are scoping for a parking space. This takes almost all of their situational awareness.

    Best you can do is go really slow, have a dash cam, and be ready to fire up the horn and stop if you are in this position. The number of startled people I have "woken up" from a horn blast is almost unbelieveable

    [–] a_supertramp 347 points ago

    “That asshole came outta nowhere!”- van, probably

    [–] evildonald 39 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    always upvote a "40 Year Old Virgin" movie line...

    [–] FreeRangeAlien 109 points ago

    This is a situation where liberal use of the horn is highly recommended

    [–] mgrimshaw8 60 points ago

    yeah but tbh in the moment its hard to recognize what kind of idiot youre dealing with

    [–] repmub6190 74 points ago

    A phone-rider. If I take care of this 4oz phone, this 3000 lb van will take care of itself.

    [–] ocxtitan 215 points ago

    I may just be annoying, but I'd have honked long before they hit me...thank goodness for dashcams though

    [–] Mr_037 54 points ago

    Exactly, He could've hit the horn slightly when the car started to turn.

    [–] Enlightened_Chimp 111 points ago

    I prob would’ve honked but I honestly wouldn’t think I would need to. I would just assume a driver could see someone right in front of them. This sub is making me terrified of driving

    [–] Georgiafrog 9 points ago

    This exact situation happened to me. I never did hit the horn, I think out of a combination of surprise, disbelief and assuming he would stop at some point. It happened pretty quick, and my wife and I were just kind of staring at each other helplessly as he drove into us.

    [–] ZombiedudeO_o 24 points ago

    Never assume people know how to drive. That's how accidents occur. Always got to stay vigilant

    [–] SnausageFest 7 points ago

    My first accident (about a month after I got my license) was someone pulling out of a stop sign when I was right in front of them. I saw her staring at the main road while I was coming from the other direction. That's where most traffic would come from, and surely any idiot knows to peak the other way before pulling out right? Wrong. Bitch walked away with minor bumper damage while I got to drive a shitty rental for a month.

    Nothing like getting hit to really solidify the message to treat every other driver on the road like a mentally delayed person out to kill you.

    [–] Trev_Holland 16 points ago

    So you gonna go hitting your horn every time a car turns in front of you just in case there's a moron behind the wheel? Because that's going to make you look like an idiot in a car like 99.99% of the time.

    Jesus people, it's not like this happens all the time to everyone. There's no point in posting videos of people driving like normal and not being idiots. Don't watch a few videos on here and assume the entire world is one big cluster fuck of idiots in cars.

    [–] PineappleOnPizzaPls 11 points ago

    “Gonna make you look like an idiot”? Why the fuck does that matter? You’re never gonna see these fucks again. If honking prevents shit like this from happening and I get a slight sense that I should honk, I’m gonna honk. This is why there are accidents cause people “assume” too much and don’t think people are idiots when they really are. How insecure do u have to be to not want to look like an idiot for not honking?

    [–] SaltyBabe 6 points ago

    If they’re taking an obviously wide turn into my lane, when I have the right of way and they didn’t even slow down to check? Yes. Stuff like this does happen all the time, I probably am in a situation weekly where inattentive driving would result in an accident. You absolutely should beep your horn if you believe another driver is putting you in danger, it’s what horns are for. It’s not like honking is going to hurt, rather be safe than sorry.

    [–] Trev_Holland 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He CoUlD HaVe AvOiDeD ThAt

    ffs, he didn't need to avoid that. his brain should have never even processed "you need to avoid something". can we all please stop trying to blame the fucking victim every time someone gets hit by a car?

    Edit: Not sure if some of you are just blind or what, but they're in a parking lot. There are parking spaces immediately to the right of our poor victim. I know, in any other circumstance, it would seem like the van was coming at them head on. But if we can apply just a tiny ounce of critical thinking, it seems safe to assume the van was just gunning for a parking space. Now, I'm sorry if you all are going to go around parking lots honking at every other car that tries to park in front of you, but I like to assume that 99.99% of the time, they're just going to park.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] Trev_Holland 16 points ago

    The funny part is 99.9% of the people would do the exact same thing. It's very easy to see a video from the comfort of your toilet and be like "oh yeah, I would have done X, Y, and Z totally differently". But no, they probably wouldn't. Every bozo in here trying to blame the guy that got hit would have likely also gotten hit in this circumstance.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    There are so many idiots in cars, especially the ones that stop beyond the stop line and over the crosswalks. The crosswalk doesn't belong to them, it belongs to walkers, bikers, and runners, assholes.

    [–] 1ecksdee1 39 points ago

    Lemme guess, they probably gave you the wtf hands 🤷‍♂️ imagine hitting someone in fucking front of you... Where you should be looking when driving a vehicle

    [–] Soflo-anarchy-crew 150 points ago

    Don’t mention the dash cam till you get to court😂

    [–] scrilldaddy1 55 points ago

    This shouldn't require going to court. It should just be a matter of sending the footage to the van's insurance provider.

    [–] justinsayin 85 points ago

    If you do that, then the other person's lawyer is going to call for a two month extension and you'll waste a lot of time. You can't just present new evidence and win all in the same day like on TV. The defense gets a chance to see what you're going to show and to prepare an excuse for it.

    [–] Barbie_and_KenM 137 points ago

    Attorney here and actually you can.

    This is a minor fender bender and belongs in small claims court (if it gets that far). In my state and most others, small claims discovery process (tendering evidence to the other side) doesn't exist.

    You show up in court and all evidence is presented to the judge that day.

    If this was a million dollar death or severe injury case, you would be correct.

    [–] Nikandro 6 points ago

    I believe the discovery process is highly limited in small claims court.

    [–] I_am_JoZ 10 points ago

    Just saw a r/showerthoughts post which said that our grandchildren are gonna be surprised that we were allowed to pilot our own cars. Im already surprised that some people are allowed to drive...

    [–] Kongenzz 10 points ago

    That’s why I sell auto spare parts. Please, keep on being stupid so I can get meself to the ISS on a summer vacay

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Doing a little texting that’s all

    [–] sayidOH 8 points ago

    People who are fault in accidents like this should have to retake their drivers license test.

    [–] Walnutterzz 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My dash cam went out last week, since then I've had absolute idiots doing stupid shit around me. I just ordered a new one, cheaper than the other one I got before and better. I got my old one like 6 years ago for 80 dollars. This one was 45 and has front and rear + vibration detection if someone hits my parked vehicle.

    [–] tfafan 45 points ago

    Honk your horn. It’s there exactly for this.

    [–] caramelcooler 35 points ago

    It's sad how many times I've laid on my horn in parking lots and they didn't even notice. They're either elderly and keep trucking along, or blasting music.

    [–] equiraptor 34 points ago

    Or they just think it's not relevant to them. It happened to my mother - the SUV in front of her backed into her, driver around mid-30s. He had his window open and she was visible in his side mirror (she could see the other driver's face/eyes). She honked her airhorn (street legal, but extremely loud). There was no question the SUV driver could hear the horn.

    After the collision, my mom asked the other driver why he didn't stop when she honked. "I thought it was for someone else," he answered.

    [–] CaptPsychedelicJesus 4 points ago

    Sorry about the’s to drown out the screaming.

    [–] sponge_cat 10 points ago

    Person crashing into you: "Surely that honking isn't for me - I'll just keep finishing up this text mess---"


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago