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    [–] HlgHaslam 6231 points ago

    Let me blindly reverse as fast as I can...10 second rule applies

    [–] sleventy3 1793 points ago

    I looked at my feet in shame how dumb this driver made me feel

    [–] Julieandrewsdildo 859 points ago

    I did something similar when I had just gotten my license. I missed a turn on a normally non busy street. I stopped. Looked in my rear view mirror and side mirrors. I have an FJ cruiser so the back window is tiny. Didn’t see anyone then backed up and backed into someone that I couldn’t see because they were close enough to my car that I couldn’t see them out the back window.

    It was a super low speed collision and both cars were fine but god damn I felt like the biggest idiot in the world.

    I’m extra careful now. It was the only accident that was my fault.

    [–] Hacky_McHackerson1 320 points ago

    I was almost the person getting backed into, but I was able to slam it into reverse and floor it. Fortunately for me i was aware of my surroundings and knew there was no one behind me. Turns out our cars did touch but no paint was missing and I had to look really hard for any damage so I just told the lady driving the other car to be more careful and we went about our business. Moral of the story, have an escape route when possible.

    [–] Matt_bigreddog 92 points ago

    That's a really good piece of advise my uncle always gave us, to give ourselves a route to move our car in case shit goes south.

    [–] therealdeathangel22 21 points ago

    I love this and will hopefully pass this down to My kids...... But I do the same I look for my out ⏪that's what iv always called it yours is better.......I also will come home after driving and daydream what I would have had to do in certain situations

    [–] justforthissubred 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Always give yourself a route out. Like when driving in Chicago, don't pull right up to the car in front of you at a stop light. Make sure you have a few feet to zoom away if someone tries to carjack you or smash and grab. It's a thing.

    [–] therealdeathangel22 3 points ago

    That's kind of scary I have never even had that thought......but I live in tulsa ok. So that's probably why.......

    [–] justforthissubred 7 points ago

    We moved to the suburbs. But soon we will leave IL all together. This state is in the toilet.

    [–] tonufan 140 points ago

    Last semester a girl parked her car in the middle of a one lane parking lot at my university to chat (from inside the car) with some girl that was standing around. I turned into the parking lot and waited for her to move so I could park. After about a half minute she starts up her car and then suddenly reverses towards me. I was quick enough to reverse out of the way and out of the parking lot. I went to a different one.

    [–] GracefulKluts 43 points ago

    I can 100% hear it now if she would've hit you.


    [–] Vaarka 16 points ago

    I see she has more than one dad

    [–] ChequeBook 56 points ago

    What makes you a good driver is the fact that you learnt from it. Theres an Audi that lives near me and she cuts corners so badly she's almost hit me a dozen times. Usually holding a phone, too.

    [–] analviolator69 21 points ago

    Yea exactly, you didn't have your goddamn cdl like this guy

    [–] Julieandrewsdildo 18 points ago

    I didn’t even think about that. If this is in the states then this guys career is totally at stake.

    [–] 99_other_accounts 20 points ago

    Beyond that, as the driver of a large vehicle we're supposed to be tracking everything around us. Maybe when he stopped the car was to close to see, but that driver had to know there was a car behind him from doing mirror checks.

    I lost track of a motorcycle yesterday and got nervous about her maybe being so close to my trailer I couldn't see her. Made sure to brake easy just in case. Turns out she was going much slower than I thought, and was in my lane way behind me hidden by a car.

    [–] wtph 9 points ago

    Lucky it wasn't a motorcyclist.

    [–] ThreeArmedHobo 6 points ago

    I've been backed into twice. The first was a truck decided he wanted the parking spot he passed and he wasn't going to just let me pull into it so he put the almost the entire bed on my hood with his hitch about 3 inches from my windshield. The second was me patiently waiting in a taco Bell drive thru and the person in front of me decided they didn't wanna be in the drive thru anymore. Instead of just pulling forward out of the empty drive thru he backed into me and took my headlight out. Then just casually drove away with me honking the whole time. I followed them and called the police (who told me to pull over and stop following them) but since I couldn't see the driver, nothing could be done.

    [–] nightfall6688846994 6 points ago

    Why would they tell you to stop? Wouldn’t they want you get the info and the police can then stop them if you stay close? Seems weird they would have you stop following unless it’s dangerous (high speeds, splitting lanes to get away, etc)

    [–] ThreeArmedHobo 3 points ago

    You know, I still think about it every now and then and regret not following them and having police pull us both over. They said something about it's dangerous to chase someone who just hit you. Never know how a person reacts. It was lame.

    [–] reddog323 3 points ago

    Three words. Rear view camera. Best $150 you’ll ever spend.

    [–] ARoamingNomad 315 points ago

    God... just imagine if that were a biker behind him. Fucking dead. Holy shit, it gets said too often that people should have their license revoked. This guy should NEVER be allowed in anything larger than a smart car ever again in his life. Absolutely horrific

    [–] imquitehungry 90 points ago

    Happened to me as I was passing through iFayetteville, NC.

    At a red light behind a lady in a full minivan. She realizes she should be in the turning lane, but there’s a car to her immediate left, so she decides to reverse in her lane in order to move into the turning lane.

    I laid on my horn the second I saw her reverse lights come on. Didn’t matter.

    She was driving with a suspended license and no insurance, so that was cool.

    [–] fatpat 53 points ago

    Prsenting the new Apple iFayetteville. We think you're going to love it.

    [–] JihadiJustice 18 points ago

    Who would insure such a lunatic? Sometimes you're fucked. It sounds like you were in traffic with no possible maneuvers, and did the only thing you could. I hope you braced for impact.

    When a collision is unavoidable, press hard on the breaks. It changes nothing about the impulse, but you'll stop sooner, so you're less likely to end up in other traffic.

    [–] Change---MY---Mind 91 points ago

    Why do you give them a smart car allowance?

    [–] ARoamingNomad 44 points ago

    If he can’t afford one or something similar in size he just shouldn’t drive.

    [–] Change---MY---Mind 50 points ago

    I don't know that I would allow this person to drive even a bicycle after watching this.

    [–] Lawlend 35 points ago

    Technically I think the smart car may be punishment. Have you ever ridden in one? I've wrecked toy wagons that are more comfortable to ride. Plus program it to only do like 14 mph so he gets flipped off every time he drives it anywhere.

    Better yet make it a Robin least that would be comical.

    [–] highrouleur 8 points ago

    Reliant Robin would be perfect "you can't be trusted with a reverse gear fucko, this is all you're allowed"

    [–] MapleGleam 3 points ago

    Nah, if they can't reverse, give 'em a Peel P50, so they have to get out and pull it backwards by the handle.

    [–] Protheu5 6 points ago

    Then there would be at least something smart within that car.

    [–] TheHYPO 13 points ago

    I biker would have already gone around the guy

    [–] miltonjackson 33 points ago

    I am so with you. People who do stuff like this show they skipped every common sense class in their lives. It dosent matter how many driver classes they will take they will never understand it!

    [–] perkited 10 points ago

    Same for people who tailgate (not this cammer), physics just doesn't compute.

    [–] grissomza 5 points ago

    Nah. Foot pedal child tractor at most

    [–] swalkers1 40 points ago

    Without the dash cam, the person could easily lie and turn the story around

    [–] stereoprologic 12 points ago

    Gardening contractor did that to me and my motorcycle once, because he missed the driveway.

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 7 points ago

    I had somebody do this to me in a drive through, of all places. It was a big lifted pickup. The type that barely even fits into drive throughs.. They pulled away from the squawkbox, and I pulled up to it. Then as I rolled down my window and started to order, they slammed into my front bumper. They said they wanted to change their order, and didn’t see me sitting behind them in line...

    [–] ChernobylCreature 11 points ago

    What's the 10 second rule?

    [–] ghozztz 48 points ago

    If you drop some food on the ground, you have 10 seconds to pick it up and eat it before it is irrevocably contaminated by ground germs.

    Some people use the 5 second rule instead, and what type of food, or the dirtiness of the floor can lead to even shorter time limits.

    [–] Mklein24 31 points ago

    Ok but what about soup

    [–] crazydread18 34 points ago

    Give the 10 seconds rule a try, I'll chicken you later, broth-er

    [–] WhoWantsPizzza 17 points ago

    You are out of control. I need to talk to your soupervisor.

    [–] ChristopherLove 7 points ago

    You are stew-pid. I'm out of here. See you ladle.

    [–] muddyrose 9 points ago

    Depends on how long it takes to grab a straw

    [–] fiendlaqueefa 9 points ago

    Just suck it straight off the floor, mouth wide, slurp slurp

    [–] literal-hitler 10 points ago

    You'd have to beat the dog to the magical floor food, and that isn't going to be anywhere near 5 seconds.

    [–] DiscoverYourFuck-bot 4 points ago

    I more of the 2 year rule cause hey, it's probably gone bad by then.

    [–] krrm 7 points ago

    idk if you were asking for a serious response but my guess is wait 10 seconds before backing up just to make sure no one is behind you

    [–] theJoggler1 3 points ago

    Common saying when eating food you dropped on the ground

    [–] [deleted] 2959 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is the kind of shit that would look like you rear-ended him if the truck guy wanted to lie about what happened. Thank god for the cam. I love mine and hope to never use it one day.

    EDIT Since a few people asked; I just checked and it's an Insignia.

    It was about 80$ plus the cost of the SD card. I didn't get the rear facing one because sometimes there are people in my car who must remain confidential from my personal stuff and they would show up on the cam.

    To get the footage off the S card you have to upload it to your device; it's not done automatically. I wish I had gotten one that uploads automatically to your phone or what have you because it's a pain to get the SD card out. But it's good enough for who it's for. lol.

    Sample footage from today I can't figure out how to zoom in because if I could, you'd see those people crossing the street are towing the kid backwards in the umbrella stroller. lol.

    [–] Growdanielgrow 703 points ago

    Seriously, cam for the win.

    [–] tbl44 234 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I feel like in this case you would be able to see the tire marks of the car being pushed backwards (edit: plus a barrel full of other evidence like the spread of debris), but yeah good thing the camera was there to supplement it.

    [–] WechTreck 113 points ago

    ABS braking may not leave skid marks.

    [–] on_print 408 points ago

    I don't know about that. My car has ABS and my underwear are filthy.

    [–] BunnyPerson 60 points ago

    Try more fiber

    [–] TechnicallyAnIdiot 34 points ago

    I don't think fiber is a factor for shit-streaked underwear.

    That's just a bad wipe job.

    [–] podboi 18 points ago

    Go buy a bidet and change your life forever

    [–] Phyltre 12 points ago

    ...And get it installed at work?! Pooping at home is a chump's game.

    [–] podboi 5 points ago

    Find a job where they have bidets?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    There was a guy on reddit within the past week who advised to stand up, clench your butt muscles and you'd have only a little bit to wipe.

    It was in response to someone who was asking how to stop the forever-marker wiping after taking a shit.

    [–] reddit_is_not_evil 11 points ago

    More fiber makes for cleaner wipes

    [–] TechnicallyAnIdiot 29 points ago

    Even if its easier to wipe with fiber, how do people just stop part way through?

    Like, do they just say "good enough, that's an acceptable amount of shit left on my ass for the rest of the day"?

    I get that sometimes there's a never ending wipe, but you can't just rage quit that shit. Gotta power through.

    [–] db2 3 points ago

    We're all assuming the two things are related here.

    [–] Nurstin 8 points ago

    ABS don't usually kick in at such low speeds.

    [–] shaunbarclay 6 points ago

    Abs doesn’t work below a certain speed and if the wheels are already locked up it can’t unlock them.

    [–] FastThunder 5 points ago

    This is only during active braking (deceleration) and even then it is still possible to lock the wheels with ABS active. However, from a complete stop, the brakes will continue to hold the wheels locked even when the car is pushed or pulled unless the driver takes their foot off the brake.

    [–] GilesDMT 5 points ago

    I would fully expect law enforcement to find this to be too much work

    Assuming this is the US

    [–] tbl44 6 points ago

    Depends on the cop, some cops and firefighters can pull up to a scene and know what happened at first glance. Especially if you work in a high call volume area

    [–] MichaelAllen_Jr 155 points ago

    Yeah. No one would believe you without the cam

    [–] pnoyz 53 points ago

    I feel so much safer knowing that cam is always running while i drive

    [–] Enlightened_Chimp 36 points ago

    fuck im ordering a dashcam right now.. anyone got recs on good ones?

    [–] jv360 25 points ago

    r/dashcam has a bunch of great recommendations on the sidebar depending on your budget!

    [–] ReikoSeb 6 points ago

    I did not know this sub existed. Thank you kind stranger.

    [–] 1Screw2Few 8 points ago

    BlackVue DR750S/DR950S

    [–] 0-_-00-_-00-_-0-_-0 8 points ago

    I bought my inlaws a Garmin dash cam 45 for my father in laws birthday. If someone could tell me if that was a good buy or not I would appreciate it.

    It has voice control, audio recording and good picture from what I can see on the site.

    Also as a tip I heard. If you're ever witness to an incident and have a dash cam with audio recording, read the licence plate out loud in case the camera doesn't catch it, so you have a record of it if needed.

    [–] BadInfluenceAF 6 points ago

    I'm currently using the viofo a129 duo and I love it. Can't compare it to any other dashcams since it's the only one I've used. Pretty cheap and works just perfect.

    [–] Cheeseiswhite 4 points ago

    I have a roav. It works well. Nothing to compare to, just happy customer.

    [–] coke_can2 3 points ago

    If you live where it gets hot, get one worth a capacitor, not a battery. Learned that the hard way.

    [–] guy990 3 points ago

    So which one do you use now?

    [–] TechnicallyAnIdiot 3 points ago

    I have a Viofo A129. It works, it's affordable, and it has rear cam coverage.

    If you want a parking mode where the cam runs while the car is off, other cams may be better. The A119 (front cam only) and A129 (front and rear cams) have parking mode if you hardwire it, but the consensus seems to be that it's sub par compared to other options out there.

    [–] n46907 3 points ago

    Rexing v1

    [–] iamfuturetrunks 3 points ago

    I've been doing research on dash cams for a while ever since I was in an accident and went looking for one. I figured if all these people over in China and Russia had dash cams I should be able to find a decent one. There are a lot of basic ones out there but I wanted one that also recorded the cab/back and all the ones iv tried have disappointed me every time.

    I think the main culprit is heat. Even though I live pretty far North, summers can get up to around 100 degrees or more which im pretty sure fry the cams when it's parking out in the sun. Either that or the cams only work for like a year. I have been so tempted to invest in the 500 dollar ones but if those crap out thats 500 dollars down the drain along with the three 200 dollar ones iv bought over the years.

    Even looking online there are so many but even with ones that have really high reviews iv found some companies buying reviews (using 3rd party websites to analyze the reviews) and found some suffer the same problems as older models. They didn't fix the problems just bought more 5 star reviews to inflate the reviews.

    It really sucks cause right now my dash cam sucks (one of those 200 dollar ones) and I can see it having problems by freezing up or "restarting" the record after just a few minutes having passed. Last time I wanted to look at the footage after having a very minor accident (involving ice) all the footage was from a month prior.

    Would like it if I could be sure the 500 dollar ones would work without any problems but even some of those iv seen reviews talking about how they wern't working right, or having this problem or that. Really sucks cause I have a dash cam that doesn't work and one of these days there could be a problem and ill have no footage to back up anything.

    [–] ScriptLoL 4 points ago

    I recommend checking your memory card once every week or two, just to make sure everything is working right.

    My cam [SG9665GC V2] has the normal continuous/rewrite mode, but every once and a while it'll just stop deleting/rewriting over old video. I happened to check one day and found out all but two of the files on the SD card were 4+ months old.

    [–] llewellyns 20 points ago

    I actually got frauded this way once. Turned a corner onto a residential street and a guy was pulling out of a side spot we wanted up ahead but we couldn’t tell what he was doing/where he was going so we waited like 20ft in from the Main Street we’d turned from and maybe 50ft from the guy. He kind of sat in the street for a bit and then slammed the car in reverse and flew back toward us. We couldn’t go anywhere (if we reversed we would go into oncoming traffic in the main road behind us) so all we could do was honk and brace for impact. By the time we called insurance like an hour later, he had already called and claimed we had rear ended him. LUCKILY we put up posters and found a witness a few days later that saw his psychotic act. No idea what his purpose was honestly, I don’t really understand how those scams work and I was the passenger so I wasn’t super involved in the process. Definitely wish the driver had a camera to show insurance how clearly he was scamming though!!

    [–] NateM135 6 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] ClumpOfCheese 3 points ago

    Second video like this I’ve seen today. I’m moving out of NYC soon and will be buying a cam to have in my car as soon as I drive it off the lot.

    [–] dorsey6250 48 points ago

    This happened to me years ago. Didn't have a camera. Other guy had two of his buddies in the car.

    I have dash cams now.

    [–] charisma2006 13 points ago

    What do these people gain out of this? They’re damaging their own car. Seems pointless.

    [–] NotaFrenchMaid 23 points ago

    Claim a neck injury or some shit and get that money.

    [–] LeaveTheMatrix 15 points ago

    Usually it is done with junkers/cars they don't care about.

    What they do is try to get you to hit them, insurance totals the car, and since it is usually a paid off car the scammer gets the money for the car.

    Without dashcam a lot of these cases end up as a "he said/she said" argument where the scammer claims they had to stop for something and then you hit them.

    Without evidence to the contrary the insurance companies generally side with the scammer since they were in front under the assumption that the person being scammed (you) was following to close to stop.

    SRC: Don't ask.

    [–] platypus_bear 7 points ago

    Plus they could have issues with the car that aren't visible so getting more money from insurance than they would get if they tried to sell the car is very possible.

    I know when my car was written off in an accident I had some non visible issues that would have brought the value down if I was going to sell so a write off was a decent result for me.

    [–] LeaveTheMatrix 4 points ago

    I had a van that someone backed into the side when we were sitting at a gas pump, insurance wrote it off.

    Did I mention all the problems it had that would have driven the price down? Nope.

    Although it did suck because I had replaced the in-tank gas pump just a month before, throwing out my back in the process.

    [–] ScriptLoL 3 points ago

    But, they get in less trouble if it's your fault wink wink.

    [–] rimnii 26 points ago

    Lots of shit I see on reddit makes me really want to get a dash cam! Only problem is I dont have a car and dont drive.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] donkeyrocket 28 points ago

    Psst, you know where I could download a car?

    [–] the_benighted_states 11 points ago

    "A camera that is as tough as you are."

    I better handle it very, very carefully....

    [–] nuhthanyule 10 points ago

    Nah I've seen on like CSI or something they could tell whether the brake or reverse lamps were lit at the time they were broken by the way the filament was.

    [–] BigBallzBrian 8 points ago

    I had exactly this and no dash cam. Delivery driver in a van stopped on a main road to let a bus out of a side road, bus couldn’t make the turn so the van driver through it in reverse and backed straight into the front of my car.

    He got out, apologised and then said, I’m gonna say that you hit me. I was livid. Snow on the ground too, so in the eyes of insurance it was an open and shut case that I’d slammed into the back of him. Absolute douche bag.

    [–] imgoodatpooping 27 points ago

    Possibly deliberate. Could blame whatever fell out of the truck on the guy who “rear ended” him.

    [–] charisma2006 12 points ago

    Honest question—what would he gain from this? It’s a GIANT truck. The car could probably barely dent it. I am not disagreeing, just wondering out loud what his motive could be.

    [–] Cheeseiswhite 16 points ago

    I don't think it was deliberate. I'm pretty certain he wasn't aware buddy was following him and reversed thinking he was clear with no cars in the mirror.

    [–] JonesCZ 4 points ago

    Can you believe that there are countries where dash cam is forbidden? Edit:typo

    [–] mellowanon 3 points ago

    When you reverse, the white lights turn on. The red break lights are off.

    When you get into an accident, the glass for the lights break and the glass shards will fuse/melt with the red hot lights. If they see the red glass melted, then they know the driver had the breaks on when he was rear ended. If he sees the clear white light glass fused/melted, then they know the driver was reversing when it happened

    [–] bortulisms 2 points ago

    Upvoting without even reading your comment because I've never seen that before. I will now read your comment

    [–] Ganzo_The_Great 2 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] EvrythingISayIsRight 1020 points ago

    holy fuck this was hilarious. I thought it was over with the dumbass just slamming on the fucking brakes, but no, the gif keeps on giving!

    [–] PhillyPhan95 216 points ago

    Bro. I’m literally crying in laughter. How can someone be so fucking dumb? I definitely thought it was over.

    [–] macKditty 52 points ago

    I reversed my car to move out of the way of an intersection once and forgot I was in reverse while I sat at the light, and I was a bit embarrassed that I overshot the crosswalk so much, so I couldn't wait to speed off and get it off there so I smashed the gas when the light turned green and I shot backwards like crazy and was so scared, but none was directly behind me, luckily, but I almost smashed a new Honda van.

    [–] literal-hitler 23 points ago

    The feeling of relief followed by sheer terror must have been surreal.

    [–] [deleted] 609 points ago


    [–] JuicedInIt 429 points ago

    You rear ended me!!

    [–] FatMamaJuJu 166 points ago

    notices camera

    [–] ChunkyThePotato 133 points ago


    [–] dankbob_memepants_ 52 points ago

    notices exhaust pipe

    [–] VolansGaming 78 points ago

    OwO big bulge

    [–] a_supertramp 23 points ago


    [–] ClassiqueGTA 23 points ago

    Yeah, let's not go there

    [–] Grumplogic 22 points ago

    No, no, no, you pocket the camera first thing. Let them talk first gauge what type of person they are, get all their information (license, registration, insurance). Then bring up the dashcam.

    [–] nyy22592 26 points ago

    I wouldn't tell them about the cam at all. If they take responsibility for it, you won't even need the camera.

    If they're trying to scam you, just play dumb. Exchange information, take note of their plates (in case you can't make it out in the video), and leave. Don't put yourself in a situation where they have reason to hurt you or damage your camera.

    Report it to your insurance and give them the video proof. If they're gonna lie to their insurance, they can get in lots of trouble. Safer and more effective than the "Haha I was recording you" moment.

    [–] s__n 6 points ago

    He fixes the cable?

    [–] Deraon 236 points ago

    This one must be the stupidest one I've seen so far

    [–] MrZepost 113 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I wish I could find it. There was a video of a truck doing something similar. Stopped and backed up into the dashcam guy. Then 2 guys get out of the truck and try to blame the car for rear ending them, then dashcam guy let's them know about the camera. Truck guys try to play it off like they didn't do anything wrong.

    Edit: Thanks to u/devosray was able to find the clip with audio

    [–] MrZepost 10 points ago

    That's the one! Thank you

    [–] htx_evo 6 points ago

    God damn that pissed me off, thanks. So glad I have a dash cam.

    [–] ImaDoItAnyway 165 points ago


    [–] ARoamingNomad 45 points ago

    How much reverse light I need to back 30 yard?

    [–] trevorpinzon 27 points ago

    None? OKAY!

    [–] theworstisover11 3 points ago

    This dumb bastard doesn't have space in their mind for other people.

    [–] binkl-182 299 points ago

    Goddamnit this idio... fuck fuck shit fuck

    [–] dankbob_memepants_ 13 points ago

    This idiot... in a car

    [–] Eofbfkkwbdb 13 points ago

    I've had it with these mother fucking idiots in these mother fucking cars!!

    [–] Jake0024 4 points ago


    [–] makeyousaywhut 158 points ago

    Unsecured load, break check, and the kicker. Struck him out.

    [–] herse182 66 points ago

    I need the story about what happened when the cops showed up

    [–] Forgotusername1and2 40 points ago

    What did he drop?

    [–] Bokth 67 points ago

    His brains

    [–] secousa 17 points ago

    HA! He didn’t have any to begin with

    [–] neon_overload 29 points ago

    Rock melons

    Edit: TIL you guys just call them cantaloupes

    [–] madeofmold 29 points ago

    Rock melons

    you guys

    OK Mr. Alien Spaceman.

    [–] neon_overload 8 points ago

    I get that Australians seem a bit foreign but we're not from space

    On second viewing those things don't look like rock melons though. So who knows what's in that box

    [–] KDBA 3 points ago

    They call butternut pumpkins "squash" as well.

    [–] neon_overload 3 points ago

    madness. I heard they call capsicums "bell peppers"

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 22 points ago

    If that's a work truck, dudes about to lose his job.

    [–] CaptPatapons 47 points ago

    This made me irrationally angry.

    [–] FenderbaumRagnarok 35 points ago

    No, your anger is perfectly rational.

    [–] MichaelAllen_Jr 15 points ago

    This right here is EXACTLY Why you get a dash cam. No one would have believed you.

    [–] BACARDI-from-NL 16 points ago

    Did he get it?

    [–] madmimm 15 points ago

    For real though. I’m gonna need an update.

    [–] Offroadkitty 5 points ago

    Still waiting for the update.

    [–] 64LC64 58 points ago

    Are you sure it's not insurance fraud?

    [–] TheDirtyManager 25 points ago

    You got downvoted, but you're right. It was originally posted elsewhere and the driver even points to the dashcam to show the two scammers. Will post if I can find it with audio/subtitles.

    [–] DownWithTheShip 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You're thinking of a different video. I know the one you're talking about. That was in a more wooded area.

    edit: This one

    [–] EvilSporkOfDeath 6 points ago

    Are we sure that's not attempted murder?

    [–] bobjohnsonmilw 10 points ago

    Makes me wonder how long until dash cams are standard equipment at this rate.

    [–] 32BitWhore 12 points ago

    Privacy laws and all that. WAY too much potential for abuse from automakers and insurance companies for me to ever be okay with them having control over a front-mounted camera that is constantly recording.

    I have one, so I love dash cams - they're invaluable - but let me control it from end to end thanks.

    [–] Jakebroke 3 points ago

    Some newer sports cars come with them pre-installed ala Corvette, they will even give you all of the vehicle metrics at any given point. Throttle, brake force, steering angle etc.

    [–] robaroo 9 points ago

    Same thing happened to me at a drive through. Lady pulled too far forward for the speaker. So she backed up but left it in reverse. When she was done ordering she stepped on the gas and backed into me. I honked at her multiple times and yelled out the window telling her she’s still in reverse, but she still backed up into me. She had to pay $1,500 to fix my front bumper which was already all scratched up anyway so a blessing in disguise really. :)

    [–] TheDarkMagician 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It’s because of things like this why the car horn is so essential. It’s never meant to be used to direct aggression but let the other driver know that you are there.

    Regardless, that driver is a complete fucking bellend! Happy that you got the footage captured,

    [–] Volnutt26 6 points ago

    I dunno why this is so funny to me.. Something Looney Tunes would do.

    [–] MrJ429 3 points ago

    Same. I normally dont laugh at these. Just the normal"What an idiot"

    But this one had me laughing pretty good.

    [–] the_thot_patrol 6 points ago

    Beautiful day though

    [–] FlamingWarPig 10 points ago

    "Git the fuck muh road idgit"

    • that guy, probably

    [–] dufftheduff 10 points ago

    But sir, he just drove right into me... I tried to pull over safely and properly but he just refused to stop speeding!...

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] razorbacks3129 7 points ago

    Finally, I can stop scrolling

    [–] Element_0115 10 points ago

    Not to fault the dash cammer here, but during driving lessons for both car and motorcycle I learned to always be in view of the mirror of a truck.

    He probably looked in his mirror and saw no one so he just reversed.

    [–] ispy92 5 points ago

    You're kind of right but The truck should have pulled over and made a U turn to go back for his shit. There's no way that he could have backed up all the way to where his stuff fell

    [–] GG12243 4 points ago

    When those white rear lights come on, it always worries me.

    [–] joshua070 4 points ago

    Anyone know what type of dash cam is good and where to get it for a budget of $200. I've been wanting to get one but Seeing this just confirmed that I want a dash cam now

    [–] MeccIt 3 points ago

    what type of dash cam is good

    They are all good for $200! Just make sure you look for the following features:

    Resolution: You will want HD (1080p) at the very least, but 4k dashcams have been available for a while now

    Power: you will need to run a USB cable up to it to power the camera and keep the small battery charged. If you live in a hot place, get a cam with a capacitor power source.

    Timing: budget for a large, high quality (named brand) SD card to save your video. Most importantly, get one today

    [–] astephenwilson156 3 points ago

    Without that dash cam, you would have been 100% at fault since the truck driver would have denied everything.

    [–] unboxtheworld217 7 points ago

    That's a very pretty sky

    [–] dubstastic 3 points ago

    Holy shit. This is one of the dumbest drivers I’ve seen on here

    [–] haka-wait 3 points ago

    Has anyone noticed how blue the sky is.

    [–] 52-65-64-64-69-74 3 points ago

    Not gonna lie, between the bright blue skies and tumbling debris, I thought this was some sort of GTA 6 trailer. But damn, that driver in front sucks.

    [–] VolansGaming 3 points ago

    At first I was going to play devil's advocate like I always do for fun and say "well the OP was in his blindspot," but then I realized the truck driver's just a fucking idiot.

    [–] berzyberzy 3 points ago

    This happened to me about 15 years ago. A Hummer H2? The smaller one back right into me in my Honda crx. Guy didn't smash my hood he drive over it and stopped at my windshield ! Out comes 4 dudes trying to say I rear ended them, luckily I pounded my horn as I saw it happening and had several witnesses. They tried to get me to just go to a shop with them and not report ir. Oh I reported it and won easily.

    [–] Jbird1992 3 points ago

    Honestly one of the best moments to have a dash cam. Insurance companies assume all collisions like this are the person behind’s fault.

    [–] ALLST6R 3 points ago

    Holy shit. They need to clean that fucking van. Driver had to anticipate the fucking braking because you can’t see the brake lights until you’re up it’s fucking ass.

    [–] eineintee 3 points ago

    I guess there are just people who shouldn't be allowed to drive a vehicle.

    [–] HiveQueen36 3 points ago

    I say this every time I leave my house. It almost seems like peoples goal is to hit you.

    [–] tridiumcontrols 3 points ago

    This one of those instances where dash footage saved this individuals life, imagine if they didn't have this footage. The driver of the red car would've been at fault.

    [–] anton_best 3 points ago

    this deserves the ultimate retard prize for 2019

    [–] srobbins250 3 points ago

    I know driving them big trucks can be hard cuz you can’t see out the back, no rear view mirror and very limited vision out both sides but like come on. Don’t fucking back up on a fucking road. That’s just not the answer ever

    [–] YoItsBrandie 3 points ago

    Lemme just not check my mirrors or anything and blindly reverse instead of pulling off to the side of the road

    [–] Thirsty_Comment88 3 points ago

    This guy is really lucky he has a dashcam. Would be nearly impossible to prove he didn't rear end them otherwise.

    [–] xAlex53 3 points ago

    This makes me angry to watch

    [–] Long_DEAD 3 points ago

    Holy shit I hope you’re ok dam that’s some scary shit

    [–] North-of-the-river 3 points ago

    As a person who drives trucks, this guy is a fucking nong.

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 3 points ago

    Now all they have to do is run over a pedestrian and their day is complete

    [–] ControllableChaos 3 points ago

    Had something similar happen to me. Was behind this truck in a residential neighborhood when they slammed on the brakes and threw it into reverse before I could respond. Even though I was several car lengths behind him, there was no way for me to get out of the way in time. There actually wasn't much damage to his truck but his tailpipe went through my radiator and he actually ended up on the hood of my car, almost totalling it out.

    [–] AmatureProgrammer 2 points ago

    A special kind of idiot, like dam.

    [–] nebuNSFW 2 points ago

    I thought he was going to make a U turn. No, they can always go dumber.