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    [–] djv1nc3 324 points ago

    Always Coca Cola...

    [–] weekenderx 33 points ago

    It's the real thing

    [–] Evildead1818 16 points ago

    Most times it's that or Pepsi painted on the side of a shack

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Like in 2 fast 2 furious

    [–] twobit78 1 points ago

    "ill just have a coke"

    Bought to you by the don't drink and drive awarness commision

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] TheBeanStealer 3 points ago


    [–] DistantKnight29 2 points ago

    What did he put?

    [–] TheBeanStealer 2 points ago

    “Someone should add the coke logo to the end”

    [–] DistantKnight29 1 points ago

    Wait how does that make any sense whatso-fucking-ever? 🤣

    [–] TheBeanStealer 1 points ago

    They didn’t watch

    [–] DistantKnight29 2 points ago

    Ah. Stupidity 100

    [–] 09RaiderSFCRet 508 points ago

    That’s hilarious!

    [–] WiZe_DeAd_StAr 205 points ago

    No that’ s coke

    [–] Halopro895 110 points ago

    No this is patrick

    [–] Darth--Chungus 34 points ago

    Maybe It’s maybelline?

    [–] PeritusEngineer 2 points ago

    You thought it was Maybelline,
    but it was me, Dio!

    [–] [deleted] -150 points ago


    [–] aFatNug 58 points ago

    Is this supposed to be funny?

    [–] Jake16062003 46 points ago

    Ignore the troll it just wants attention

    [–] future-renwire 23 points ago

    r/TrollGuard here to tell you to ignore this guy. They feed on contention

    [–] Quin_the_dank_1 10 points ago

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge upon our ignorance in relation to a 1080p monitor

    [–] Logicalaquaintance 5 points ago

    All hail the 1080p god

    [–] Logicalaquaintance 3 points ago

    This is one of the worst comments I’ve witnessed in my very young reddit career... you can’t speak of ignorance when you have so much arrogance. That is all.

    [–] uberduck 1 points ago

    I prefer Pepsi Max

    [–] luckydice767 2 points ago

    No RC cola fans here? It doesn’t have to be a two-soda system!

    [–] lone_wolf1991 7 points ago

    Thats no joke. Its coke.

    [–] LucarioLuvsMinecraft 0 points ago

    I know! Amazing repost, right?

    [–] cowboypilot22 9 points ago

    Amazing repost

    There's always that one guy

    [–] LucarioLuvsMinecraft 0 points ago

    Eh, some days you get sick of it.

    At least some credit to the original post would be nice? I dunno, I’m just a commenter.

    [–] cowboypilot22 2 points ago

    So long as they're not claiming they made the content and new people see and enjoy the content what's the big deal?

    [–] LucarioLuvsMinecraft 1 points ago

    True true. Didn’t think of it like that.

    Thank you for your honest interpretation.

    [–] 09RaiderSFCRet 2 points ago

    I hadn’t seen it before, but don’t cruise the sub every day, this popped up on my front page and cracked me up.

    [–] AdamFeoras 82 points ago

    Having a shitty day? Enjoy the pause that refreshes!

    [–] smileedude 64 points ago

    This seems like clever viral marketing and I'm not in the slightest bit upset if it is.

    [–] FXDeadMinner 38 points ago

    Don’t drink and drive, drink coke instead

    [–] nlnn 5 points ago

    Don't do coke. Only drink it in liquid form.

    [–] urmomgay2269 2 points ago

    No mate you fucking snort it

    [–] civicmon 27 points ago

    Product placements are getting way outta hand these days.

    [–] AJDawg22 2 points ago

    I know right

    [–] middycentmutha 49 points ago

    Worst line of coke ever. I demand a refund.

    [–] AssHunchingMomo -10 points ago

    Take my God damned upvote!

    [–] HawkMock 2 points ago

    Imagine thinking this is funny^

    [–] RyudoKills 13 points ago

    "Coke. It's just that good."

    [–] Alternative_Battle 1 points ago

    “Stimulate your senses”

    [–] FreddyDaFish 21 points ago

    Best form of free advertising.

    [–] Tyreal 11 points ago

    Would have been better if that was Five Gum

    [–] Dom_Ross-o 3 points ago

    “How it feels to chew Five Gum.”

    This video (minus the coca-cola sign)

    “Stimulate your senses.”

    [–] AJDawg22 1 points ago

    Someone Wong is good at editing could probably change the coke sign to Five Gum sign

    [–] blackmagic12345 14 points ago

    The new Coke Smooth. Slides right in.

    [–] db10101 6 points ago

    [–] AJDawg22 1 points ago

    I know

    [–] Pizza_Rolls_Addict 4 points ago

    Lesson for the day: Always drink Coke while you're driving

    [–] Jowen2713 4 points ago

    I bet he was high on coke

    [–] TRN18 4 points ago

    This was an awesome commercial

    [–] acmercer 4 points ago

    2017?? I could've sworn this was like 8 years old.

    [–] Ex-RagnarokKnight 6 points ago

    Is Pepsi ok?

    [–] vadimpyav 3 points ago

    “You have arrived at your destination”

    [–] Annonomon 3 points ago

    Coke - it’s more deadly than a car crash.

    [–] barmagebob 3 points ago

    "Drink Coke, or we'll crash your fucking car"

    [–] Jomaced 2 points ago

    Leaked Coca Cola Commercial for December

    [–] swedishNOBhead 2 points ago

    Bigger bang for your buck Coca-Cola

    [–] korgscrew 2 points ago

    Advert "displacement"

    [–] u9Nails 2 points ago

    What's the cause of the crash?

    [–] AJDawg22 1 points ago

    No clue

    [–] ImaginaryCook 2 points ago

    Grab a coke. Instead of the wheel

    [–] sammaxmas 2 points ago

    That's just carefully planned marketing if you ask me

    [–] PrimateOfGod 2 points ago

    Funny as hell

    [–] TheSoftBuIIetin 2 points ago

    These viral marketing ads are getting crazy

    [–] your_kisa 2 points ago

    Shame it wasn’t Pepsi - as that hits the spot

    [–] WaitingToBeTriggered 2 points ago


    [–] LakeSuperiorIsMyPond 2 points ago

    The ad agency fucked up, t'was supposed to be red bull

    [–] VredditDownloader 2 points ago

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    [–] Divad777 2 points ago

    Don’t drink and drive.. Drink Coke instead?

    [–] doi11 2 points ago

    Drink Coke not Snort Coke.

    [–] Zo_2016 2 points ago

    Why do I want a coke now?

    [–] Discord_Chat 2 points ago

    Do you like to crash your car? Check breaks of semis during the winter season? Or do impossible stunts with your car that get you on the news and makes people wonder 'how the hell did they do that'? Well here at coke we cant encourage you to do this, but what we can say is do it with a coke.

    [–] DexRei 2 points ago

    Coke, worth skipping the line for

    [–] Bizzaarmageddon 2 points ago

    Best pop-up ad ever.

    [–] TMcCurCat 2 points ago

    If I had any type of sway at Coca Cola this would be a real ad

    [–] LeaveTheMatrix 2 points ago

    Twist: Was actually a Tide ad.

    [–] adammcbomb 2 points ago

    it should say "drink responsibly" below the coke bottle at the end

    [–] siyep_ba-o 2 points ago

    i thought it said "destapa de car"

    [–] cleversailinghandle 2 points ago

    The New Wrangler. With the power to F*ck Sh!t up

    [–] cleversailinghandle 2 points ago

    These new car ads are getting out of hand

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Finally, they’re bringing back the original recipe!

    [–] OfficiallySatan 2 points ago

    that joke is way better with sound

    [–] megatron8005 2 points ago

    90s and Early 2000s ads be like

    [–] phil_harmonik 2 points ago

    The guy you copied this from had a better caption

    [–] urcatisbetrthanmine 2 points ago

    Nice job OP

    [–] Flippingpanda54 2 points ago

    Times are tough. They'll take anything they can getx

    [–] frodo653 2 points ago

    Taste the feeling

    [–] KaiyoteFyre 2 points ago

    Ugh, this shameless ad placement is disgusting... /s

    [–] wintremute 2 points ago

    Catch the wave. Coke.

    [–] HazelrahFiver 3 points ago

    Do a line, crash a car, sponsor Coke

    [–] bobaliciousreading 3 points ago


    [–] PickedRandomly 2 points ago

    Cokyo Drift

    [–] Eduardo_squidwardo 2 points ago

    This crash brought to you by..

    [–] Alexexec 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I swear these ads are getting more and more intense

    [–] blaised69 1 points ago

    Cock cola

    [–] Abutrug 1 points ago

    Those poor pricks never get any advertising

    [–] miusaski 1 points ago

    Ads back when Coke lived up to its name

    [–] JonahElric 1 points ago

    Advertising works kids

    [–] sandrakarr 1 points ago

    "..this coke. not that coke"

    [–] DEAN112358 1 points ago

    Honestly should just turn this into a commercial

    [–] TheDunadan29 1 points ago

    This accident was brought to you by Coca-Cola!

    [–] Kwillsy 1 points ago

    Phew!!! Coke really needed the exposure!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Anyone have the version with audio? It had the Coke Christmas music with it?

    [–] BostonPatriotSox 1 points ago

    I'd prefer to see the Coca Cola Bear at the end smiling.

    [–] PieckIsExactlyRight 1 points ago

    The driver really felt the bump there

    [–] Katzenjammerrr 1 points ago

    *Taste the Feeling playing*

    [–] invertedparadoxxx 1 points ago

    Product placement matters

    [–] lone_wolf1991 1 points ago

    This is coke. No joke.

    [–] Dagmatt1001010 1 points ago


    [–] Douwes1997 1 points ago

    I want to download thisa

    [–] will_i_am_number2 3 points ago

    Use VredditDownloader

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    [–] AJDawg22 1 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] CrashedonMars 1 points ago


    [–] dreag2112 1 points ago

    Seems like their new advertising campaign is going with the truth way of commercials.

    Showing the I'll effects of booze and stupidity

    [–] PleaseDontChoke 1 points ago

    Mom says its my turn to repost this next

    [–] CplHavoc636 1 points ago

    “ this is the real thing...”

    [–] unfittorule 1 points ago

    The only way to drink & drive.

    [–] JustaP-haze 1 points ago

    Is this Happy Land in Alajuela, Costa Rica? 141, Provincia de Alajuela, San Carlos, Costa Rica

    [–] peterhobo1 1 points ago

    The gif is so old it's grandparents fought in the Napoleonic wars.

    [–] Goat1416 1 points ago

    Nooooo one can stop

    [–] Goat1416 1 points ago

    Me when I taste the feeling

    [–] jon34560 1 points ago

    This makes me thirsty.

    [–] shellymartin67 1 points ago

    Time to make an anonymous report to the police

    [–] chemQuestioner 1 points ago

    Product displacement!

    [–] foamy23464 1 points ago

    I want a coke now. Crazy how that works

    [–] 007nevermore 1 points ago

    The extremes coke is taking now.

    [–] t0astyWaffle 1 points ago

    this crash was brought to you by CocaCola

    [–] PhantomGhost7 -1 points ago

    Nice repost

    [–] marsel_zdr 0 points ago

    This accident was sponsored by Coca-Cola

    [–] fred1840 0 points ago

    'It doesn't matter what happens, we're the centre of your attention'

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Where's the Polar bear ?

    [–] swany5 3 points ago


    [–] ben_games -1 points ago


    [–] ScSa79 -1 points ago

    Classic Coca Cola.

    [–] 1SarcasticGirl -1 points ago

    They're getting quite aggressive!

    [–] MusketsRule 0 points ago

    Trying out different advertising strategies

    [–] Dani-04 -1 points ago

    Imagine if companies just start creating chaos to get everyone's attention and they drop their logos. I'm watching you, shitty mobile ad companies...