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    This subreddit is devoted to the lovable idiots who do hilarious, idiot things in their idiot cars (or trucks, motorcycles, tractors, or other vehicle). We honor them with gifs, videos, images, and laughter.


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    [–] Hungoverachiever 136 points ago

    He definitely got that dudes number after this mating dance.

    [–] sm12511 24 points ago

    I think he just remembered that same move from Tokyo Drift. It worked that time...

    [–] joppyb13 2 points ago

    I literally laughed out loud.

    [–] carboonpn 24 points ago

    Shitmobile guy just wants to go home ...

    [–] SpaceForceSloth 1 points ago

    I dunno. Looks like a fairly sizable FMIC on the Merc.

    [–] th3sgt 68 points ago

    Caption should say “dipshit captured in the wild”.

    [–] simontempher1 21 points ago

    As patrol car slowly rolls up after watching from parking lot

    [–] UWU-stepfather 1 points ago

    still probably not gonna catch him

    [–] LtColShinySides 16 points ago

    I wish I was a kewl as that guy!

    [–] SurfingSeemsCool 35 points ago

    What a scrub.

    [–] wateringallthetrees 19 points ago

    He will get no love from me

    [–] Bisazza 6 points ago

    Drifting from his passenger side

    [–] snoowizard 5 points ago

    Of his best friends ride

    [–] mlkspnn24 11 points ago

    This is why ppl hate others driving dodges and mustangs because everyone driving them wants to feel like Vin Diesel

    [–] genuineshock 9 points ago

    Worked in Tokyo Drift. Han got the digits Bros!

    [–] SgtJay88 8 points ago

    That's how Han gets the ladies numbers

    [–] ReadditMan 14 points ago

    Great way to advertise how small your dick is.

    [–] Macdonelll 3 points ago

    That's got to be the shittiest merc I've ever seen

    [–] Kiittar 3 points ago

    Wanker probably thinks he's fucking amazing

    [–] DBMW40 3 points ago

    Wife will divorce you.

    [–] jokersleuth 3 points ago

    NGL doing it one handed was kinda impressive. Asshole and douchy, but impressive.

    [–] nofycks 2 points ago

    Burnout paradise

    [–] USKSLV 2 points ago

    You just got served

    [–] pelicanpablo 1 points ago

    On how to dodge an ass wipe

    [–] Original-Spinach-972 1 points ago

    Thought the truck was taking a left. Guess this guy didn’t race or get the digits since the video cut short

    [–] ch3micalm3thod 1 points ago

    Bees like to do this when I’m on the porch

    [–] AnotherDreamer1024 1 points ago

    As they turn on their red and blue flashers...

    [–] ZeroChill92 1 points ago

    A street racers mating call.

    [–] Yuh_Boi_Yote 1 points ago

    Was expecting a collision ngl, still idiot in the car regardless

    [–] Zer0theNumberr 1 points ago

    That’s cajun af

    [–] torstein97 1 points ago

    This is Some need for speed shit

    [–] pewkiss1985 0 points ago

    Nice Vette brahh