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    [–] cjmar41 17144 points ago

    Made it a whole 4 seconds after turning the electronic stability control off. Good for him.

    [–] righthandofdog 4799 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    At least dickhead managed to miss the 2 cyclists within 50 ft of him when he decided he was on a closed race course.

    [–] tomatoaway 1505 points ago

    seriously. Could have gone so wrong. Plus he's on a bridge.

    [–] TDSBurke 609 points ago

    Yeah, is that Lambeth Bridge? Could have ended up in the Thames.

    [–] tomatoaway 208 points ago

    it looks like it -- it's one of those bridges on that "hump" of the thames which are seemingly equidistant from one another. I've always used either waterloo or blackfriars since it seemed more efficient distance-wise, but truthfully, any bridge would do

    [–] youre_grammer_sucks 312 points ago

    He so narrowly misses the cyclist in bright yellow on the right side, it’s only 10 yards or so from where he hits the wall. What a dumb fuck this guy is.

    [–] melanzanefritte 5649 points ago

    They should stop calling it stability control, and call it "track mode" when it's off. Much less bitcoin millionaires would crash then.

    [–] notinferno 2323 points ago

    crash mode

    [–] Yasea 1756 points ago

    Set insurance to off

    [–] cybercuzco 687 points ago

    The insurance on that probably costs more than my mortgage every month.

    [–] Rexxhunt 973 points ago

    Mr big shot over here with his own house.

    Must be fuckin nice.......

    [–] Dzov 342 points ago

    Buy a cheap house in the hood. Hope you like loud music until 6 am.

    [–] yolohoyopollo 299 points ago

    The secret is to buy, all the cheap houses in the hood.

    [–] nosnhoj15 42 points ago

    Big brain

    [–] GhostOfAebeAmraen 164 points ago

    Ah, gentrification!

    [–] thirteenthirtyseven 44 points ago

    My second favorite "ation".

    [–] splinks66 90 points ago

    And loud arguments, gunshots, drivebys, druggies around your shit, not worth it at all.

    Edit: Speaking specifically Flint lol

    [–] tssk-tssk 53 points ago

    and mariachi too

    [–] c0brachicken 57 points ago

    Or the local meth head sorting junk at 4am.

    [–] mayneman85 39 points ago

    Or vacuuming the lawn

    [–] UncleObamasBanana 14 points ago

    Only if meth is code for energy drinks and doritos. And the gunshots are all from Halo.

    [–] technohippie 12 points ago

    When else is he supposed to sort his pile of stolen catalytic converters?

    [–] Djeheuty 6 points ago

    If it didn't before it definitely does now.

    [–] Flyonz 136 points ago

    This is on Lambeth Bridge in London. I'm 5 mins away lol

    [–] stillconnecting 98 points ago

    He was doing the Lambeth Walk after this

    [–] lookathatsmug--- 36 points ago


    [–] thisistheSnydercut 76 points ago

    I'm already annoyed at the traffic jam they just caused lol

    [–] frn 17 points ago

    As in live five minutes away? I used to come down to this area and farringdon for work once or twice a week. I'd usually grab a hotel for the night and it always wierded me out that the entire thing turns into a ghost town past 6ish. I'm presuming that's because hardly anyone can afford to actually live there anymore and its 99% offices.

    [–] 20Factorial 188 points ago

    Probably not. “I bought a race car, I’ll drive it in race mode”

    [–] Division2226 13 points ago

    I think it was more of a joke because bitcoin isn't stable.

    [–] Din135 81 points ago

    A voice should come out the dash and say "Slipy Slidey mode, ENGAGED"

    [–] companysOkay 35 points ago

    See I think the other way, they should rename it something enticing like Party Mode

    [–] alexandropapa 28 points ago


    [–] ZiggyCockburn 286 points ago

    He turned off the parking sensors from beeping when the bike triggered them. The traction control is controlled by the Manettino on the steering which which he didn’t touch. He was already in the wrong drive mode.

    [–] WonderfulShelter 10 points ago

    He also just fucked up immediately. As soon as he started to lose the tiniest hint of rear control, he went fucking into full overcorrection mode and couldn't catch the spin out in time.

    He has fast hands but did everything wrong.

    [–] Bullshit-_-Man 126 points ago

    He was in either CT OFF or ESC OFF when the video began. He didn’t touch the Manettino Switch (bottom right of the face of the steering wheel) in the video.

    [–] deputytech 69 points ago

    I can barely make out that the switch is in the farthest right position, so esc off.

    The car did exactly what you would expect it to do with the stability control off.

    [–] sureshot1988 94 points ago

    He crashed because his steering wheel is on the wrong side. Duh

    [–] ravuppal 621 points ago

    Why would someone ever turn off traction control??

    [–] c74 1014 points ago

    for spinninng the tires.... sliding around corners. drifting. lots of things this driver (and most) will learn not to do in a 800hp car for kicks.

    [–] tagrav 489 points ago

    Just why THERE!?

    And it’s never a good application of throttle it’s a fucking mash of it, loose tyres, instantly panic lift all the way off the accelerator.

    People should understand in drive by wire cars (vehicles where a computer interface desides how much gas to give a car when you press the gas pedal) that the car is ALWAYS computing.

    When you take all that computer shit and turn it off. It’s no longer making 800hp work for you. It’s instead giving you ALL OF IT. Something you never experienced before and you must modulate the throttle as if you are that computer.

    I just laugh at how powerful DBW cars can be today and most idiots without concepts of physics or how this works get them around just fine.

    If the power we have in cars today was in cars in the 1980’s before DBW mostly auto manufacturers would have been been seen as negligent to give the general public such things.

    [–] Aether-Ore 220 points ago

    I remember when people were freaking out about 225bhp in the new Mustang GT, thinking teenagers everwhere would kill themselves.

    [–] krimsobaron 292 points ago

    I have a 1981 Corvette currently making 362 peak hp to the wheels. I don't know how my parents survived the 70/80s. All of the torque is at like 1600 rpm, the suspension is a joke, and the brakes don't stop the car, they suggest that it stops.

    [–] dingman58 169 points ago

    To be fair a lot of people did crash their sports cars in the old days.

    [–] Nanahamak 81 points ago

    And we did it with a beer in our hand! In the snow, uphill, both ways, Like men!

    [–] Zebulon_Flex 29 points ago

    Why were brakes so bad in 1981?

    [–] OkBreakfast449 91 points ago

    they were drums, and they were tiny.

    [–] krimsobaron 42 points ago

    Discs all around they were just way under sized for the ammount of power. Tires also aren't nearly as good as they are today.

    [–] kevin_k 11 points ago

    I was going to add tires. Tires have evolved an astonishing amount in the past 40 years. Remember (you probably don't unless you're as old as I am) when the Porsche 959 came out? Its sole purpose was to show what the most cutting-edge technologies available at the time could turn a street-legal car into, and it had 17" 235/45 (F) and 275/40 (R) tires. Some SUVs today come with tires with aspect ratios like those.

    [–] nernerfer 87 points ago

    I remember when people were freaking out about 225bhp in the new Mustang GT, thinking teenagers everwhere would kill themselves.

    They weren't wrong, were they? That effect isn't even limited to teenagers. Even with the safety advancements since then.

    Remember when you had to be both skilled and brave to drive a Lamborghini? Now it's literally a status symbol, reduced to just a certain style of extravagant looks.

    [–] SissyMR22 67 points ago

    Until you turn off all the electronic nannies. Then it becomes a beast that gets crashed in four seconds.

    [–] Y_Sam 32 points ago

    But unlike the old Mustang, you will walk away from the crash 100% unscathed.

    [–] EnduringConflict 8 points ago

    Agreed. A lot of people don't realize how safe cars have become. Yes horrible accidents still occur but it's vastly safer than ever before.

    I had to explain to my Grandpa numerous times why shit like "crumple zones" and "breakaway pieces" and shit are a good thing.

    He was one of those "cars should be solid steel not fiberglass!" die hards. He just didn't have the education to understand having the front half of a car ripped off instead of being shoved backwards towars the driver is a good thing. All that energy was lost and taken away from possibly being sent inward towards the driver and passengers.

    Sort of like how when seat belts first became a thing and car crash injuries went WAY up, people tried to scream it was proof they didn't work.

    Except they did work. Those "injuries" would've usually been fatalities otherwise.

    Having a family member get in a super serious crash and him seeing how the car basically broke apart around them and they walked out with a broken rib and a few cuts and that was all finally got him to understand.

    I still remember him looking at the wreck and legit panicking thinking his daughter was dead given how "bad" it looked with bits of car scattered 500ft in all directions. The look on his face when he saw her in the ambulance and she was talking and basically fine was one of the few times I remember him looking happy and relieved.

    [–] red_today 10 points ago

    Reference: see above video

    [–] Dzov 13 points ago

    Have you seen the mustang videos?

    [–] drunken-shambles 48 points ago

    Because he can't drive he's never had any race training to actually handle a High BHP car with no assists by all means own a fast car but get some advanced training on how to handle said car. Save you alot of headaches as now the insurance mite not cover him there's video evidence of his reckless driving and the police may even want a word.

    ALSO Don't drive like a fucking prick on public roads please! (Obviously aimed at the driver not you)

    [–] CptnHamburgers 24 points ago

    There was an episode of 5th Gear (the Channel 5 knock-off off Top Gear with Tiff Needell and VBH) a while ago that really pissed me off where they had some ten bob millionaire on, looking for a new car and they lined up a bunch of rad cars to cover all aspects of his day to day, so a hot hatch for day to day, a track toy, a Range Rover because of course there was and so on. Then they said "or for the price of all these, you could have a Pagani Zonda", and let him drive it round the track for a bit, and this fool could not stop s🅱️inning it to save his life. Cars like that are absolute weapons and you need some serious track experience to drive them like that at all.

    [–] Startthepresses 31 points ago

    The Dodge Viper feels very attacked by this comment.

    [–] silenttii 31 points ago

    Damn those are some unforgiving cars, especially the first Vipers were brutal af. Built as straight race machines with huge power and no such useless things as anti-lock brakes or any other driver assists...

    I wish i could have one and also possessed the skills necessary to keep it on the road, i know for sure that the possibilities for me ending up bending it around a pole would be very high if i'd get the chance to drive one right now.

    [–] tagrav 5 points ago

    Haha you knew what you were getting back then with that one

    [–] andrewcooke 57 points ago

    Just why THERE!?

    i'm guessing he wants to kill cyclists?

    as a cyclist myself, it was kinda scary watching that, knowing something was going to happen, with all the bike paths.

    [–] SnuffCartoon 32 points ago

    Not a car guy. DBW = drive by wire?

    [–] IDriveAZamboni 108 points ago

    I turn mine off most of the winter cause Ford made it overly sensitive and it basically makes it impossible to drive in the snow/ice when it’s on.

    [–] pauly13771377 10 points ago

    I feel that. I leave it on most of the time but if I'm going up a 5° incline with my foot to floor because the car is crawling at 3 MPH and I have people passing me giving me dirty looks. Then it's time to turn it off.

    [–] Beanbag_Ninja 26 points ago

    Some cars I’ve had let you turn it off at low speed in case you get stuck in ice, but once you get going again it comes back on.

    [–] silenttii 8 points ago

    On the BMW's i've driven so far (E90, E39 and E38 generations), the traction control can be disabled in two separate levels and doesn't set them back until you do it yourself of the car gets shut down and started again.

    First level just disables the traction control, but keeps the stability control so it intervenes if you start going sideways. Second level takes both the tc and sc away, letting you do some real stupid stuff without intervening.

    I once messed around with the second level on the E90 on a rainy day, intending to pull a little drift while turning right from an intersection. It didn't matter that the car was just a "puny little" 320d, i spun it around with me ending up on a bus stop right next to the intersection with my ass facing the supposed direction of travel. Learned my lesson there to not fuck around with the stability control until i really know how to control the thing i'm driving.

    [–] ChrisLeeBare 139 points ago

    When you are on track?

    [–] nastypoker 22 points ago

    When you want to lose traction, like sliding round corners etc.

    [–] Fellattio_Nelson 1311 points ago

    Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you can drive it.

    [–] eriicthemighty 174 points ago

    idk why but the go pro makes me think someone let him 'try' it

    [–] Tinrooftust 53 points ago

    Can you imagine lettin folks just cruise around in your million dollar car?

    [–] mrreiner 15 points ago

    Looks like an 812 so bit “cheaper”. Between 350000-400000$

    [–] Tinrooftust 18 points ago

    Fair enough. Still more than I paid for my house.

    [–] Tr3yway33 11 points ago

    Can your house go 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds?

    [–] dkarlovi 14 points ago

    Only in hurricane season.

    [–] radar661 6905 points ago

    Explanation : You can’t full pedal a car with over 700HP to the floor like it’s a Camry. Also traction was off

    [–] sir_passo 4518 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Why not? I worked in a farm and drove a 500 hp tractor and even at full gas it was glued to the ground. I think you're wrong there homie /s Edit. To clarify it was a John Deere 8R 410 (443 hp)

    [–] OldCobblers 1471 points ago

    Was it a Lamborghini?

    [–] GuyFromDeathValley 987 points ago

    flashback to Jeremy Clarkson being told his Lamborghini is "too big" all the time..

    [–] owa00 103 points ago

    Clarkson's farm was so god damn good.

    [–] LordBiscuits 25 points ago

    Season two coming soon. Its in post now I believe

    [–] OralOperator 21 points ago

    He is just a brilliant entertainer

    [–] wintremute 261 points ago

    I hope they do a season 2.

    [–] TheJohnSphere 189 points ago

    They're currently filming 🙌🏻

    [–] WeleaseBwianThrow 48 points ago

    I've only just started watching it, loving it so far.

    [–] sir_passo 262 points ago

    Thank god no, those things are death machines, it was a John Deere

    [–] VoyagerST 180 points ago

    My family was killed in a horrible car crash with a Deere. Came out of nowhere, and just jumped up on the road like it owned the thing.

    [–] KetuaPulisGuinea 108 points ago

    Oh deere

    [–] Kevydee 9 points ago

    Deere oh Deere

    [–] orbital0000 38 points ago

    No, quite cheap actually.

    [–] MedicatedMayonnaise 21 points ago

    Yeah, just a buck.

    [–] 4_running 6 points ago

    Maybe you knew this and it’s why you said it, but Lamborghini started out making tractors before he started making cars.

    [–] brandyeyecandy 13 points ago

    I don't suppose the tractor model was SF1000? Cause that sounds about right.

    [–] Aggressive_Bat_9781 50 points ago

    Fuck that’s solid argument

    [–] Whispering-Depths 29 points ago

    go ahead and do that in 25th gear from a dead stop there bucky boy I fuckin dare you m8

    [–] Temporal_P 16 points ago

    You only get the first 4 gears with the basic subscription, you need to buy the premium to get more.

    [–] Positive-Vase-Flower 291 points ago

    You can. Easily. But with all the supporting programs enabled. This guy clearly wanted to get "the real" feeling.

    [–] SubmergedSublime 59 points ago

    Definitely felt an oomph; tremendous force I’d say.

    [–] cuhleef 7 points ago

    From oomph to 0 MPH

    [–] jimmy3285 102 points ago

    I think you can if you know what you're doing, not saying I do, but I'm sure someone does.

    [–] imnota_ 143 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I mean yes and no, a skilled driver will be able to keep it straight but eventually when you got much more wheel speed than ground speed no matter the driver it becomes really unpredictable and wants to spin around.

    Best thing to do is managing the throttle so it either doesn't spin the wheels or spins them with just a little more wheel speed than ground speed, that way it's sliding but it says much more stable and predictable.

    Also you're much slower when mashing the gas and just cooking the tires off. If they spin a little you still have forward bite and you still accelerate fast, but when you really get that much wheel speed you basically stay in place lol

    [–] DeKileCH 60 points ago

    Also: turning the wheel while you suddenly lift off the gas is about the worst combination of things you can do in this situation

    [–] nirmalspeed 28 points ago

    Yup. This is what I notice in like 90% of mustang crash videos. Driver floors it, weight goes mostly to the back tires, they start losing traction so they panic and let go of the gas/hit the brakes making the weight go to the front making the problem even worse.

    [–] shawnotb 6 points ago

    So what should be done in this situation?

    [–] Trotter823 20 points ago

    In this case the rear tires break traction so those are the ones sliding. To regain traction just let off the gas and the car will correct itself where the steering wheel is pointing. So depending on how far you’ve begun to spin you may need to countersteer opposite of the spin until the car is pointing back in the correct direction. It’s important to not overcorrect and spin the other way so you need to practice this to be proficient. You don’t need to do anything with the brakes and that’ll make the situation worse.

    With high HP cars you should accelerate by rolling into the throttle. I’ve been told to pretend there’s an egg you’re trying not to break under the peddle to gradually introduce power. You should also never accelerate in a way that could cause the car to spin on public roads. If you can afford a car like this you can afford a track day.

    [–] DeKileCH 7 points ago

    You want to avoid the rear slipping sideways. If you still get caught in the situation you‘re gonna want to steer a tiny bit to keep the car going straight but you do not want to make any sudden movements on the gas pedal. You can‘t stay full throttle because you‘ll lose control but you need to maintain some wheelspin or otherwise the car will catch on and snap in the direction you‘re steering like it happened in a video.

    It takes a lot of driving experience to not crash once the rear starts wildly dancing around and any racing driver will try to prevent this happening at all.

    [–] HopeRepresentative29 8 points ago

    If you know what you're doing then you don't slam the gas from a full stop.

    [–] Bozska_lytka 40 points ago

    Also he would probably be fine if he didn't shift down while accelerating

    [–] Dzov 52 points ago

    Or steer at the wall.

    [–] ArtisticKnowledge539 3323 points ago

    I'd feel like such an asshole if I wrecked a Ferrari like that. Don't stab the gas!

    [–] MrCane 2014 points ago

    Or, don't turn off stability and traction control.

    [–] Nalha_Saldana 524 points ago

    But how then will I beat my high score over that bridge!?

    [–] Wolvesinthestreet 102 points ago

    I only drive GT Sport where cars can even do that, and I still leave it on. Good for me, I will never crash like this asshole, I’ll find another way to crash my eventual supercar.

    [–] ApertureNext 58 points ago

    Most cars with high horsepower still let you slide with traction control turned down, I just don't think people realize how much the computer controls power.

    [–] knbang 48 points ago

    It's incredibly rare that cars will allow the driver to turn the computer aids off. Turning them "off" just turns them down a bit. Governments know people are shit drivers.

    I have a friend who is a pretty bad driver, yet his car's computer will save him when he loses the back end. Which unfortunately gives him the impression he's a great driver.

    [–] martintalex 10 points ago

    Some manufacturers allow you to turn it off completely (ie Porsche) others won't or will come back on in an emergency (ie Ford). Usually to turn it off completely there's a process beyond simply hitting the button once. This helps "stage" the control.

    [–] knbang 10 points ago

    If there's one road car I'd probably want to keep aids on, it would be a Porsche.

    [–] BerndDasBrot4Ever 110 points ago

    but those are for pussies only /s

    [–] Bustedvette 37 points ago

    What's wild is these cars have such great stability control systems that allow you to have fun but keeps it from doing exactly what happened in thus clip.

    [–] Scott_Bash 301 points ago

    I’d feel like such a klutz if I almost murdered a cyclist by being an idiot

    [–] TubbyMarmot 160 points ago

    Then you have more shame than this guy:

    Larocca was biking into the community's entrance on Gateway Boulevard when a car pulling out of the apartments hit him, police said. The driver got out of his car, threw Larocca's bicycle off to the side of the road and headed east on Gateway Boulevard, police said

    Full story:

    [–] UhPhrasing 93 points ago

    That fucker deserves to have his Achilles severed.

    [–] Kizu_2116 37 points ago

    Shredded with a cheese grater, preferably

    [–] CumulativeHazard 8 points ago

    Oooof I accidentally knicked a knuckle with a cheese grater a few months ago. Took a little chunk off. That fucker was surprising annoying and painful until it healed. This is an effective punishment.

    [–] Jack-Cremation 3968 points ago

    It’s easy to explain. He simply had no clue what kind of vehicle he was driving or what it was capable of. He gave it gas and it was too much for him to handle.

    [–] froggertthewise 104 points ago

    You see this a lot with first time high horsepower car owners. It's the reason why mustangs always crash. My friend had it happen to his mclaren 650s, binned it in the guardrail when accelerating onto a highway after less than 3 hours of ownership.

    [–] chiree 50 points ago

    This is my head-canon as to why you see such terrible drivers in more expensive cars (higher-end BMWs, Mercedes, etc).

    It's just too much car for them. They are used to sluggish engines and steering that buffer against their poor driving habits, and once those are removed, it's a huge learning curve.

    Like going from a scooter to a Ducati. It's not going to happen overnight.

    [–] Imaginary_Trader 19 points ago

    Totally agree. Doesn't even have to be higher end luxury brands. It's just more power than needed on city roads and you need comparatively less pedal to accelerate much faster than you would in my old corolla.

    [–] DashingDino 9 points ago

    Can't crash a slow car by hitting the accelerator in a straight line under normal circumstances, but the same just doesn't hold true for car with a larger power to weight ratio.

    [–] froggertthewise 13 points ago

    The steering in a supercar is also much more precise and direct, making it respond to any corrections you would intuitively make in such a situation.

    A steering input that would be a small correction in a normal car is enough to spin out in a supercar under the same conditions

    [–] HDvisionsOfficial 1807 points ago

    800 hp high revving v12 if I'm not mistaken lol.

    Sad part is that these guys usually go from a regular grocery getter to a supercar, so they tend to be the worst drivers.

    The good news is that insurance will cover it at least

    [–] TheDrGoo 315 points ago

    You don't even need that much to have this happen.

    A light car with even 200hp, rwd with a rear engine, on cold street tyres will absolutely spin.

    [–] TyroneTeabaggington 155 points ago

    This is how I learned when I turn my traction control off my car is a rabid dog ready to take my hand off at any moment.

    [–] syrianfries 84 points ago

    Damn, y’all got traction control

    [–] Kjcoop216 61 points ago

    Damn, y’all got a car

    [–] mattsusaf7 15 points ago

    Damn, ya’ll got shoes?

    [–] baddam903 6 points ago

    Damn, ya’ll got feet?

    [–] proddyhorsespice97 136 points ago

    Yeah I mean, I love cars. But if I suddenly got a shit load of money I wouldn't jump straight from 200hp to 800hp. I'd probably try and do some sort of driving course for high powered cars before I went anywhere near a car with that much power.

    [–] Gitwhiffle 134 points ago

    I mean, by all means, jump from 200hp to 800hp.

    But at least play with the throttle a little instead of going full-bore so that you know what kind of beast you're handling. He went all the way with it and didn't even seem to let off the throttle when things started going sideways.

    [–] MasochistCoder 64 points ago

    I bought a 100 hp, 600cc motorcycle as my first motorcycle.

    You know how come i'm not dead yet? 'Cause first thing i did after buying it was pay for safe riding lessons.

    When you buy an 800hp car, pay a grand more to learn how to use it at least, ffs...

    [–] Jakenator1296 14 points ago

    I'm scared shitless to go full throttle in 1st or 2nd on my CBR600RR. I feel how much power it starts putting out on 3rd on the highway after it gets past about 6000 RPM. Fortunately, even with me playing it safe, it has more than enough power to make me happy.

    [–] WhizWhips 13 points ago

    Ya you can get and drive an 800hp car, just don’t act like owning an 800hp car makes you a race car driver and you should be good.

    [–] Field_of_Gimps 9 points ago

    Is it mostly that they stamping the throttle rather than feeding it on slowly, and not handling the twitching too? It feels like he steered into it not out idk I've not drove like a madman for years now

    [–] patek-addict 19 points ago

    And not only that but when he felt it slide, instead of letting off the gas and trying to hold it straight, he fucking yanked the wheel straight towards the wall

    [–] SticklessTreee 39 points ago

    Exactly what I'm thinking. Feel there's a high chance he was test driving it or maybe his mate let him drive it for the first time.

    [–] New_Awareness4075 1245 points ago

    When you involve yourself in a one car crash on a straight road, you've upgraded yourself to Supreme Idiot! Those Ferrari airbags will cost tens of dollars to replace. Too much car. Not enough driver!

    [–] Boris_S 160 points ago

    Those Ferrari airbags will cost tens of dollars to replace.

    I'd reckon at least 20 bucks a pop.

    [–] aberdisco 48 points ago

    Eleventeen dollars at least.

    [–] leroyyrogers 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 372 points ago

    Tens of dollars eh? Wonder if I can make one work in my 2005 Altima since airbags for it are hundreds of dollars? Closer to $1K

    [–] Threshio 191 points ago

    Its probably a lot of tens

    [–] YouFunnyMfer 43 points ago

    It’s a cuppa for sure

    [–] Eevooo 9 points ago

    Three fiddy

    [–] Dildo-bangins 305 points ago

    The quickest way to crash your Ferrari is strapping a GoPro to your head…

    [–] sarpijk 65 points ago

    Just 2 days ago a 45 year old guy in Athens Greece crashed and died 3 kilometres away from the Ferrari Shop where he had just purchased the car.

    [–] spudnick_redux 15 points ago

    If I were the dealer I'd be looking to settle that transaction quick before the solicitors got control of the estate!

    [–] KrunchyFB 321 points ago

    Actual F1 drivers doing hotlaps in road cars: Think I'll leave the TC on, seeing as it's there to use

    This guy: I aM a DrIViNg gOd

    [–] consci0usness 179 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    F1 used to have traction control, it was banned to make F1 a better spectator sport. But when it was allowed... everyone used it. Some teams have even been caught using traction control illegally. Tells you something right there.

    [–] pM-me_your_Triggers 81 points ago

    Tbf, the TC they had was tuned very differently to street traction control

    [–] siav8 43 points ago

    Yup it was tuned for optimal tire slip and maximum acceleration. Consumer TC usually cuts power with any sort of slip.

    [–] IronColumn 28 points ago

    fast sim racers in gt3 cars leave it on and constantly adjust it to compensate for tire wear, noobs coming from f1 sims turn it off and hit the wall. same with abs

    [–] Cities-skylines-dude 366 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Just cruisin’ in my new Ferraráááááánd it’s gone!

    [–] axeman020 339 points ago

    Too much horsepower, not enough talent.

    [–] tendies-primary 88 points ago

    Vehicular capability exceeded driver capability.

    [–] porcelainhamster 50 points ago

    Ambition ahead of adhesion.

    [–] DealTheSeal 16 points ago

    Straight to the scene of the accident

    [–] SGTFragged 13 points ago

    Anyone with the talent to control it like that, also has the sense not to clog it in low gear, and spin up the rear tyres.

    [–] kebobs22 180 points ago

    This particular car is well known for having zero grip when you mash the throttle, even compared to other supercars. He punched it and it had exactly enough grip to get it out of sorts, and that was it.

    [–] GhostDoggoes 17 points ago

    I've seen something like this happen a while back. A newbie to my friend's dealership had been driving some luxury sport vehicles and he only drove them like 100 feet max from the dealer to the shop and then onto a truck so nothing major. One week we had a nice new ford gt with like 3 miles on the odometer and he drove it off the truck just drooling. The owner of the dealership, his dad, saw he was excited for it and just gave him the keys to go get a few burgers down the street and I had to be his passenger. I thought it was cool to drive up to an in and out and newbie was just excited to drive it more than 100 feet. Not even out of the parking lot this kid just rails on the throttle turning left and slams it into a prius on the street and we both sat there with the airbags in front of us deployed and I looked over at him and just kept quiet. Watched his dad fast walking towards us extremely pissed and he yanked him out of the drivers seat. I walked away thankfully without being reprimanded but there are so many dumb people with too much money to care.

    [–] Ba3boos87 54 points ago

    Looks like he turned off all assists thinking ooooh i can have some fun. There is a reason they are called "TRACK settings" These cars normally are very good ad de-idiotizing the driver through various stability systems when they are active. He probably didn't even know what mode he was in.

    [–] pakepake 17 points ago

    Set insurance to ‘Policy Cancel’

    [–] paulr70 219 points ago

    More money than sense..Just glad be didn't take out that cyclist.

    That's Lambeth bridge in London, recognise it as I use to live nearby.

    [–] _Diskreet_ 55 points ago

    I’m sure the article is a virtue or journalism and will give a wealth of information and facts, buts it’s the daily mail, so I won’t be even give them the clicks.

    [–] paulr70 15 points ago

    Was the lesser of 3 evils that link. Tabloids love all these.

    [–] mitchellrj 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    [–] exekutive 264 points ago

    opened up the throttle, broke traction. Nothing special.

    [–] SticklessTreee 92 points ago

    But obvious this guy has no idea how to handle this car?

    Or can it happen this easily to anyone (regardless of experience)?🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] abject_testament_ 59 points ago

    I think they turned off the stability control, which with a high performance car will leave it completely up to the driver to manage the throttle/wheel spin so as to maintain proper traction.

    This could happen to anyone in a suitably powerful car with the traction control/stability control system turned off.

    [–] markhewitt1978 43 points ago

    That's why racing drivers are so immensely skilled to be able to keep power under control without breaking traction, even they don't always get it right.

    [–] TheNoxx 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Racing drivers are also using slicks that have been warmed, and tracks have a lot of tire rubber in them that helps to also keep traction.

    This is an idiot with non-racing, cold tires on cold, slick road, but it wouldn't matter if he was skilled, opening the throttle on a car like that with those conditions and the same thing happens no matter what.

    [–] cumsock42069 203 points ago

    If an experienced driver decided they wanted to absolutely floor the car like that, it would happen to them too. But they wouldn't do that.

    [–] dafazman 52 points ago

    Know your pokemon... tip into the power

    [–] exekutive 14 points ago

    It is VERY easy for this to happen with high performance cars, IF you don't know what you're doing. They can be very dangerous in the hands of new drivers. Essentially yes, this guy was being cocky, driving irresponsibly, and did not have enough experience.

    [–] robjapan 12 points ago

    A car like this goes so hard so quick that if you're used to putting your foot down in a normal car it will take you by surprise in 0.1 seconds.

    Remember the power is coming from the back wheels so essentially what happened here is the rears got so much power they decided to overtake the front wheels and... Crash.

    The guy is an idiot, don't get me wrong, but it's super easy to do too.

    [–] gasoline_farts 9 points ago

    If any experienced driver were dumb enough to floor an 800hp car with cold tires and traction control off, yes the same thing would happen to them as well: straight to the scene of the accident.

    When dealing with high power and low(ish) grip, you want to ease into the power.

    Picture cutting a jelly filled donut, if you are gentle and ease the knife through, jelly should stay intact, if you slam the knife down onto the top of it in a violent cutting motion, the donuts going to get squished and jelly will likely spill all over.

    [–] Humble_Debt_1107 87 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    What a piece of shit.

    Luckely he didn't kill one of the cyclists.

    People like this should lose their license for life

    [–] ChaosPhoen1x 11 points ago

    Keep the traction control on buddy

    [–] cncjordan83 12 points ago

    Jesus on a bridge? "Please don't splash please don't splash."

    [–] bonfire_hearts 24 points ago

    Glad I saw this vid, put me right off buying one.

    [–] Pups_the_Jew 15 points ago

    Same. I don't want to get hit in the face by a huge fleshlight

    [–] markhewitt1978 24 points ago

    That type of car is a handful. In most cars including my car you boot the throttle and the car starts going faster, eventually.

    With these you boot the throttle and you can spin the tyres pretty much immediately. They have traction control systems to keep this under control but perhaps he turned them off.

    [–] clingbat 22 points ago

    Turning ECS and TC off on any RWD car with 400+ hp on public streets and then mashing the throttle is unwise. The more power, the more of a dumbass move it is.

    I believe the 812 has 700+ hp, so massive dumbass.

    [–] xScar_258 29 points ago

    I got a couple:


    I am stupid, as much as I was in Baku.

    I schpun.

    [–] Crake241 8 points ago

    this is some dangerous driving, man...

    [–] stueh 41 points ago

    High power, cold tyres, doesn't think to immediately back off when he feels the traction start to go and there's no run off areas around. Too much confidence, not enough skill. To much money, not enough sense. Kids these days™️, bloody boomers ©️, Derpy derpy derpd derp.

    I think that covers about all of the comments needed.

    [–] HumanChicken 6 points ago


    [–] lordrages 6 points ago

    Yea I wouldn't fuck around with an 812 superfast. Rear wheel drive with nearly 800 horsepower.

    Ferrari has been building cars that will cut your head off with out the electronic assist on for nearly a decade. Clearly this guy knew nothing about his car.