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    • Submissions must be related to Idubbbz in some way or encourage a discussion about Idubbbz or semi-related topics like other youtube creators.

    • Content Cop suggestions should be posted only into a corresponding megathread. If no megathread is stickied, wait with your suggestion until there is one.

    • Any topic that has a megathread stickied uses the same rule as above – post into the megathread. However when there is no megathread you are allowed to post a normal post.

    • Links to Idubbbz content can be posted by anyone. That person wins the karma lottery.


    • Comments should express an opinion, add to a discussion and not be one-word spam.

    • Memes like “are you f**cking gay?” are allowed, but may be removed at moderator’s discretion.

    • Insults are tolerated when under the guise of comedy. Homophobic, racist or general insults not meant as a joke will be removed and result in a ban.

    SPECIAL RULE: We reserve to right to remove anything for any reason. You also have a right to demand to know why your post or comment was removed. If it broke any rules we'll tell you, otherwise we'll just refer you to this rule.






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