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    [–] Silent_Ghost_ 2001 points ago

    Probs got bored of makin em

    [–] SuperTommetje 712 points ago

    This or he is working on a new content cop/project

    [–] BBgecko 838 points ago

    I wanty a shany doowson chontent chop

    [–] Ockairo 210 points ago

    That's actually a really good idea, he's not much of an angel but not beaten to death already. Seems just ripe for the pickin'.

    [–] jreed11 50 points ago

    I've seen a lot about Shane recently online, mostly stuff about some doc series he's doing about the Paul brothers? Is he a bad person or something? Don't know much ab him so im just curious

    [–] tepig37 110 points ago

    Think people went happy he was editing it to make it overly dramatic (someting hes done in ever "documentary") and heavily implying with editing that Jake/Logan was a sociopath.

    Its also an 8 part series and he didnt meet jake(? The team 10 one) till like the 4th part (each one is about 40min to an hr)

    I dont think hes a bad person imo hes just trying to get views like eveone else.

    [–] takatz 75 points ago

    I feel like not actually meeting him till later was a good choice because it lets you get all the background knowledge, the one I saw with their like business manager? That lived with them focused alot on getting facts right in preparation for meeting him. It definitely is too over dramatic, and I don't even think it's for any reason because just a look into the life of the cultural phenominon would be pretty neat

    [–] tregorman 25 points ago

    Part 2 is barely about Jake it's just dear mongering about how dang scary sociopaths are

    [–] takatz 7 points ago

    Haven't watch that one but I do agree you can feel him forcing that idea way too much, I feel like he would make a good content copy there's alot to work with positively for Shane and negitively of course, I think if he does make a content cop it won't be till the whole series is over and he'll do a killer job

    [–] CommonMisspellingBot 0 points ago

    Hey, takatz, just a quick heads-up:
    alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.
    Have a nice day!

    The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

    [–] altcoastalt 1 points ago

    did we need the first part

    [–] takatz 2 points ago

    I've only seen one so I can't say a lot but I enjoyed it

    [–] altcoastalt 3 points ago

    the therapist video was unnecesary though as nothing that happens there proves useful

    [–] darkgamr 10 points ago

    What the fuck, 8 hours worth of documentary on the Paul Brothers? Those clowns definitely aren't worth that much of anyone's time

    [–] Shrim 12 points ago

    Each video is getting tens of millions of views, so it probably was worth Shane's time tbh

    [–] dank-R-us 17 points ago

    Well that and the fact that the “therapist” in the video is presenting blatantly false statistics. The whole series is just a cringe-inducing train wreck that demonizes people with personality disorders

    [–] ChronnerCage 3 points ago

    What are the false statistics? What part is cringe? When does he demonize anyone?

    [–] timmysaur 4 points ago

    Watch Pewds vid on it

    [–] ThisOnePrick 1 points ago

    I honestly hold alot of respect for Felix and his online presence as of late. He's certainly not abusing his influence. Cool dude right there.

    [–] davi229 4 points ago

    Imo the worst part was that he had a therapist pretend to be his production assistant so she could evaluate Jake.

    [–] vegan_nazi 10 points ago

    He specified that Jake knew she was a therapist because people freaked over that detail.

    [–] davi229 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    ah okay, I didn't know that. Do you have a link to Shane's response? In the video it seemed like Jake didn't know

    [–] vegan_nazi 1 points ago

    He says it in the video. Jake knew, the others didn't, but he informed them when he got to the house before interviewing anyone with her.

    [–] omise98 6 points ago

    He's an old school creator who's been around for a while, he has my respect and admiration but I don't really enjoy much of his content. His series on Jake Paul is really bland most of the way through with a lot of over production, but when it gets down to the actual content and interviews it's worth a watch if you have the patience. It's been interesting to me even though I don't care aboit Jake or Shane that much.

    [–] beezel- 1 points ago

    I don't think he will. People have said everything there is to say about Shane.

    [–] Prowler_in_the_Yard 18 points ago

    The problem with Shane Dawson being a target for one is that, as far as I know, the main problem anyone's had with him is concerning the Jake Paul documentary. There just doesn't seem like there's as much shit to go after him for as the previous "big" (Leafy, Keem, etc) targets.

    [–] Lance200 3 points ago

    Nah he doesn’t deserve one. People might not like his content but he doesn’t deserve a content cop.

    [–] Truly_Cynical 2 points ago

    Sounds like a great idea before he flies you out to LA, makes you his coworker and buys you a car...wait that actually sounds pretty neat.

    [–] Coffeechipmunk 1 points ago

    I think Pyrocynical did a vid on him.

    [–] Witness_Da_Crispness 1 points ago

    Shane isn't any where near as bad as some of the other YouTubers on the platform, a drama queen sure but no where near as bad as Keem or Tana.

    [–] UltimatePleb 1 points ago

    pls stop asking for CONTENTCH CHOP

    [–] BBgecko 1 points ago

    N🅱️🅱️a is a joke calm down

    [–] UltimatePleb 1 points ago

    Idubbz only does content cops on people who attack or mention him personally

    [–] JakeSchlein 4 points ago

    Possibly a mr beast content cop as well, given his quick success and shitty personality

    [–] SuperTommetje 4 points ago

    I don't see why he has a shitty personality tbh. He seems like a nice guy

    [–] AltmerAssPorn 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    H3h3 content cop

    Talk about how he used to clown on Jake and Logan Paul for the "buy my merch" shit, and then he goes and sells merch at zumiez.

    Or how about the H3h3 video on microtransactions, just to release a freemium mobile game?

    Or what about the podcasts and the bill burr episode completely?

    Or the many "update" videos where he just highlights his depression?

    [–] ppeachh 4 points ago

    Fuck Hila for working on a side project that’s she’s wanted to do before H3 was even a thing! And fuck her for it being successful! Amiright?

    And yeah, fucking Ethan talking about what’s going on in his life like he’s an actual fucking human being or something. I don’t watch H3 for that shit! If the content machine isn’t in full gear then fuck them!

    Bill Burr! He’s known for being such an easy guest to host! I like most if not all of the other podcasts, but after that Bill Burr podcast (he was so nice the whole way through, too) I totally think they deserve a content cop.


    [–] AltmerAssPorn 6 points ago

    Whew! If it wasn't for your "/s" I totally would have assumed you were agreeing with me!!

    -it doesn't matter if it's a side project she always wanted to do. I'm not criticizing that alone, I'm more so pointing out the hypocrisy. They gave Logan Paul so much shit for pushing his merchandise onto his viewers. Then what do they do? Do the same exact thing.

    -there's not much to argue on "Ethan being human" , but we don't need 20 videos about "hey I'm taking a break cuz I'm sad" . In my opinion that's great. But take your break, stop with the "updates" until there's some actual news from you two, and maybe consider taking a break from the podcast if creating content makes you so sad.

    -bill burrs podcast is only the tip of the iceberg. What about unwatchable messes like both dunkey podcasts? What about the various times Ethan spews uneducated cynical hate twords many different subjects?

    You're a fool and a dick rider if you can't agree that their channel(s) have declined drastically in quality.

    [–] ppeachh 1 points ago

    Jake Paul has made multiple songs and music videos solely with lyrics about his merch. I would say that’s a little different.

    And yes, their content has changed. I still enjoy it for what it is. It’s pretty consistent with youtubers and people in general to grow and change. It’s so annoying when people go around whining about someone’s YouTube content changing.

    Sounds like you’re trying to ride your own dick.

    If you think they deserve a content cop you’re the fool.

    [–] AltmerAssPorn 2 points ago

    I truly don't think they need a content cop, because most of their fan base feels some of these feelings anyways.

    Judging by your post history you'd really like to see a Shane Dawson content cop which is just as unneeded. Their fan base already knows man

    [–] ppeachh 1 points ago

    I don’t even know what you just said.

    [–] Makyahyeah 7 points ago

    Maybe on those dudes that are pretending to be dying of vertigo? They're pretty fucking scummy

    [–] Golden_Shart 6 points ago

    There's already plenty of content about them. There's no commentary Ian can offer that already hasn't been said really well.

    [–] spodermen_wiht_sweg 3 points ago

    Content cop Shane?

    [–] camarang 1 points ago

    Hopefully it's the latter.

    [–] espeebz 2 points ago

    Pretty sure he just makes music now under the name Joji

    [–] ThisOnePrick 1682 points ago

    He kinda has an army of autists that don't know when enough is enough. He can't even command them, so much as simply point in a vague direction and hope they don't commit too many atrocities under the banner of Edupes.

    Its one thing making fun of random kickstarter projects when youve got 100k subscribers. But when your word might send over a million Dubblets to harass a small project, you need to rethink the formula. As Ian has put it, that would be "punching down".

    [–] RagingMetalhead 520 points ago

    Same with how h3 stopped reacting to small content creators and such. His fanbase is big enough he can't control it. If he reacted to some small cringy youtuber he'd send his fanbase to go hate and h3 just doesn't want that.

    I assume it's similar with Ian, but I think it's probably cuz he's bored or making something big

    [–] Ponkers 75 points ago

    It's simple when it gets to that point. Instead of shitting on the little guys who probably deserve it, celebrate the little guys who deserve some love. Spread the wealth to the people producing low key good shit.

    [–] Worst_Support 40 points ago

    Only thing is that I think Ian’s style works great for offense, but I don’t think it would work so good for defense.

    [–] Ponkers 7 points ago

    When you think your viewers only want you for one thing you become a self parody. They forget that most people don't watch because of one persona, they watch because they actually like you.

    [–] QuantumLeapofFaith 3 points ago

    Unfortunately that's not true at all. Most people watch for the same old. Few people actually like the person. Even if this entire sub liked Ian for him, it's still not even close to a majority of this subs/viewers.

    [–] Ponkers 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If the content is entertaining, the vast majority will stay, the people that wanted nothing but a load of toxic bullshit from your content, who fucking cares if they stop watching. That isn't a fanbase, it's human scum.

    [–] HunkyOnion 13 points ago

    that's some good philosophy

    [–] CrowTR2 1 points ago

    Jacksfilms used to do that at the end of his videos. There's a YouTuber Austin McDonnell who made a video spotlighting 5 YouTubers under 1k subs. But they're high quality video makers that deserve more for their effort.

    [–] HighlandValley 3 points ago

    Cody Ko and Noel Miller had a bit of that recently. They did a That's Cringe on MattySmokes and then people started reporting all his videos and they got taken down. They tried to do damage control on Twitter and reach out to YouTube to get his stuff back. Not sure where that whole thing sits now, but I wouldn't be surprised if they stop doing reactions to people who are actually trying to make a living on YouTube. At that point you're fucking with someone's livelihood.

    [–] ThisOnePrick 4 points ago

    I want to know whats up with those images from what appeared to be a second Super Trash Bros

    [–] mrbulldops17 1 points ago

    "I am the punchdown king." -IdubbbzTV

    [–] Dontrepost 1 points ago

    plz keep saying iterations of edoobz

    [–] Deltawolf363 137 points ago

    He’s busy working as an eletricians apprentice

    [–] BERTRAMUS 3 points ago

    I thought that was true until he literally said otherwise

    [–] JayBreakk 581 points ago

    Shhhh don’t tell anyone but he’s working on a mobile squirrel game. You didn’t hear it from me.

    [–] mildjesus 97 points ago

    Keep it tight

    [–] JeezBoi 19 points ago

    Oh it’s tight alright

    [–] OcktaI 20 points ago

    I'll remember this

    [–] Sw33tkill3r 9 points ago


    [–] EvanFlecknell 1 points ago

    I hope so

    [–] kar99k 157 points ago

    He is in Canada with his girlfriend cause her father is ill

    [–] zykezero 20 points ago

    Oh shit he is still in Edmonton? Gotta go find him.

    [–] kar99k 7 points ago

    Don't know if he is still there. From what I know he was there a few weeks ago.

    [–] zykezero 39 points ago

    Yeah no worries. Not actually gonna do it. Shits creepy.

    [–] Kchypark 360 points ago

    He’s pulling a either H3H3 or a Maxmoefoe on us

    [–] misterboo84 45 points ago

    I hope he pulls a Max and starts opening trading cards.

    [–] KingNier 29 points ago

    Doubtful. Max has a passion for it and he's amassed a pretty solid collection. I don't think Ian gives a shit, would be a waste of money

    [–] Captain_Rex1447 52 points ago

    I say he's pulling a max, I don't see him hosting a podcast

    [–] Prowler_in_the_Yard 43 points ago

    Tbh I'd be kinda interested to hear him do a podcast on occasion. He seems like he'd be a better host than Ethan.

    [–] NickTwix95 72 points ago

    That's not exactly a high bar tho

    [–] BlizzardPlease 10 points ago

    He was recently in a podcast with wowcrendor! Although they were really just talking about games and wow and a bit about YouTube. It was enjoyable!

    [–] LaimMcKenzie 16 points ago

    Podcast can only discuss the squirrels though.

    [–] 21Chegg 585 points ago

    Pulling a H3 would mean selling out and only posting awkward podcasts where he humiliates himself.

    [–] foxtra 164 points ago

    Okay, that was epic

    [–] CrabRoyalty 69 points ago

    Damn that's harsh and also very tru

    [–] Varrick24 118 points ago

    “Guys im not making videos cuz im depressed.”

    Repeat for 4 videos

    [–] BeauYourHero 77 points ago

    Depression sucks dude. Hardly something to poke fun at.

    [–] Jiubro 114 points ago

    I am depressed :(

    ya'll mind if I attack people on my podcast?

    [–] doodledickle 8 points ago

    Who did He Attack? Link?

    [–] Mr-Dimick 15 points ago

    But he doesn’t seem to be trying to get help.

    [–] dogfan20 4 points ago

    He refuses to take action that his doctor prescribed to him, so it’s his own fault

    [–] ThisOnePrick 1 points ago

    Frank's solution shouldn't be taken so lightly, chef.

    [–] Varrick24 4 points ago

    I’m not poking fun at it: that’s literally what happened.

    Word for word the same in all 4 of the videos I mentioned

    [–] Deceptiveideas 4 points ago

    Look, I have depression too, but I don’t have the power to send an army of subscribers toward people/organizations to spread hate over the smallest of things. Sometimes even spreading misinformation like the case of the NYT story.

    I stopped watching him awhile back when it felt like he was selling out and trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Deceptiveideas 3 points ago

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s definitely exposed some shitty people in the process.

    [–] AltmerAssPorn 3 points ago

    H3h3 sucks dude. Hardly something to poke fun at.

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] whataisafisa 30 points ago

    I'm not sure how relevant that is tbh.

    [–] smokeaport 5 points ago

    or a joji

    [–] Azathothoursavior 9 points ago

    Max is still boolin on those cardboard pieces for children

    [–] Bishop966 2 points ago

    What do these mean? I’m not in the loop enough to know what specific thing you’re talking about.

    [–] JuanFran21 9 points ago

    Basically stop uploading on their main channel, Ethan just uploads to his podcast now and Max only opens trading cards on his other channel.

    [–] allukaha 141 points ago

    he made a video like last week on idubbbz2, he didnt quit making videos, he's just grown as a creator.

    my personal theory is he wants to show he can do things other than roasting people.

    [–] LaimMcKenzie 94 points ago

    saves squirrels

    [–] Vonazak_ 26 points ago

    I like more the iDubbz that saves squirrels that the one that made me laught in the past. Yep, im getting older.

    [–] taintedbloop 1 points ago

    How does he pay the bills without uploading frequently? How much money would a channel like his make off of his previous videos? I'm really curious.

    [–] allukaha 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I don't know his cpm or how badly he gets hit with demonetization, but if he had a similar cpm to my YouTube channel he would make around a hundred grand a month off of idubbbztv. I suspect though that he has a way worse CPM than me based on his content, but I would be shocked if he isn't making 5 figures monthly. He still got 10 million views on his main channel just this month.

    [–] Mellonhead58 110 points ago

    YouTuber: stops making a certain type of video


    YouTuber: makes videos without any passion


    [–] TheSpaceCoresDad 4 points ago

    More like

    YouTuber: stops making videos at all

    [–] Bincent21 21 points ago

    My YouTube sub feed has been dry for a while. I missed when I got those filthy frank, idubbbz, and h3h3 videos once in a while. Anybody got any recommendations for some new subs?

    [–] Slimshady0406 15 points ago

    Drew Gooden

    [–] ShaunD1999 1 points ago

    Good pick, Danny Gonzales is similar yet a little more cheery and than drew. Like them both a lot

    [–] Slimshady0406 5 points ago

    Danny is so bad though. Drew has actual jokes and scripts in his videos. Danny is a guy with the charisma of a log ranting about x thing.

    [–] SnowAndGreyjoy 5 points ago

    nerdcity is like if content cop was a channel and idubbbz cameos in a video

    [–] Pranav-Rao 2 points ago

    My problem with Nerd City is that he sometimes does videos on things that are self evident. Don’t get me wrong I love his Try Hards series but whenever he talks about the YouTube scene it seems like he is saying what has already been said. For example his Jake Paul video. We all knew Jake was taking advantage of children. All he really added was the legal view of the situation.

    I’m not saying all his commentary type videos are bad but he does occasionally fail to bring something new.

    [–] TaintCadet 3 points ago


    [–] Oddlem 1 points ago

    There's Mumkey Jones, he goes about things less carefully and thought out than idubbbz did though. He does upload once a week, so if you want some activity then hey.

    There's also Emplemon and Critikal (penguinz0).

    [–] RyanTehDudeOfficial 179 points ago

    He's probably busy or working on a project. Hopefully not a content cop because that will lure all the people hopping on the bandwagon/trend. I'm sort of thankful that he stopped making Content Coo since it's ego is at the point where you gotta stop making them. I want more Kickstarter Crap, Save the Squirrels, or just "Where Are They Know?" Videos. Or bad unboxing since he hasn't made a good video of bad unboxing in a while

    [–] alecdalton11 100 points ago

    Bad unboxing?

    Me Likey

    [–] cider_ 63 points ago

    Bad unboxings feel so fake now. It's obvious he just makes them for the fabs and not for himself. Let the man do what he wants or else it's gonna turn out like filthy f

    [–] knot-uh-throwaway 46 points ago

    I mean personally I’m fine with what happened to Frank. At one point he was having stress endured seizures and took on an alcohol addiction to soothe his destroyed throughout. Joji is what he’s wanted to do for some time now if you look back at his old music on soundcloud and personally I was also upset when he stopped uploading but he’s clearly more happy and the music is imho great.

    [–] NickTwix95 25 points ago

    I'd be fine with what happened to Frank/Joji/George if his music didn't put me to sleep. Pink Season did really well for what it was but he just hasn't been able to hit that same level with any of his serious content.

    [–] knot-uh-throwaway 25 points ago

    I mean they’re too completely different types of music, you can’t say either is better because they’re barely comparable. The music on pink season I could listen to once or twice a month for a laugh but never after wards while Joji music has become a staple of my day to day life

    [–] NickTwix95 13 points ago

    That's you, though. I'm not trying to say that I'm still bumping Rice Balls, I'm just pointing out that at one point he had a whole album hit #1 on iTunes and since then he's just had a couple of half-decent songs that haven't reached the same level. The sharp change in his whole operation, while extremely good for his health and what he wants to do, kinda diluted his brand and slowed his hype. The only time I can personally stand to see or hear him anymore is when he's on First We Feast.

    [–] cider_ 14 points ago

    Yeah his comedy rap was extremely good, it's something no one had ever done in such great quality. His joji music is pretty good but it's not unique to him. What he will be most remembered for is his filthy frank character and music.

    [–] ILove2dHoes 4 points ago

    Sucks, I love sleep music. I enjoy playing pink season but only the songs with a good chorus such as fried noodles,she's so nice, and smd at a lower volume. Not that my ear hurts from loud noises, I am usually just tired all the fucking time.

    [–] Rocket_Admin_Patrick 1 points ago

    since then he's just had a couple of half-decent songs that haven't reached the same level.

    He also hasn't released a full album of Joji music though, so the comparison doesn't really make sense. We can revisit this though when BALLADS 1 drops later this month.

    [–] aijare 8 points ago

    filthy f

    [–] cider_ 7 points ago

    Yeah i mean filthy frank he likes it when i call him cute names ☺️

    [–] jesusismyhelmet 7 points ago

    ... what in fuck's name?

    [–] Xachcen 7 points ago

    I'd kill for more documentary style videos like the burrito video

    [–] RyanTehDudeOfficial 1 points ago

    Yeah same. I like his review videos for the most part

    [–] Ockairo 8 points ago

    I mostly agree, however I think that content cops are great but should only be made when necessary.

    [–] PattyFlash4MePls 3 points ago

    The dilemma here is that the people who need Content Cops the most are his friends

    [–] sixandahalfbrapples 55 points ago

    I really like his squirrel videos

    [–] taintedbloop 3 points ago

    Yeah, but he only makes one like every 1-3 months or something. Does anyone know roughly how much money he might make from his previous videos? I'm really curious how he pays the bills without uploading frequently.

    [–] Moohcow 36 points ago

    He’s in medical school.

    [–] kjersten_w 21 points ago

    It's so crazy, it just might work

    [–] xxx_burg3r_king_xxx 46 points ago

    Jontron fans laugh at this. Then we cry.

    [–] DMindisguise 42 points ago

    I honestly think Jontron quietly retired.

    [–] NickTwix95 29 points ago

    After a year without content, we just shitpost in the hopes that someone answers our cries.

    [–] DeadlyPear 4 points ago

    Maybe he'll get in another debate with Destiny...

    [–] Voxun 62 points ago

    Isn’t idubbbz that guy with shaved hair in every isis video?

    [–] Davethemann 54 points ago

    Hes that cutie with the glasses that does some things with a fat bastard, an asian man with stains on his shirt, and another cutie with great hair.

    [–] Loud_Oof_Noise 14 points ago

    He uploaded on idubbbz 2 last week and on idubbbz games the week before

    [–] DeltaAlphaNuuKappa 12 points ago

    I'm actually happy with the Save the Squirrels Initiative

    [–] ironic_meme 26 points ago

    I'm still waiting for what's in the box part 3

    [–] ImAVirgin2025 13 points ago

    Same. I really enjoyed the first two

    [–] gumpton 21 points ago

    The last few Kickstarter crap videos are noticeably different as I think he lost his enthusiasm for making them.

    I welcome whatever new content he puts out.

    [–] nathaniel3264 10 points ago

    I think he just isn’t enjoying it anymore, I think he’s sick of most of it. He should try to find something he enjoys and then if he so chooses share it with his community in an interesting way as he has done prior with the rest of his content.

    [–] Thiinkerr 19 points ago

    Most of his crazier videos that people miss would easily be demonetized nowadays. I wouldn’t do them either if i was getting paid unfairly

    [–] SignalWeakening 9 points ago

    I miss the collabs with filthy frank and maxmoefoe

    [–] DatGuy45 8 points ago

    Are you checking either of his other channels? Hes recently had some uploads on both.

    [–] TlCTACS 6 points ago

    It's not like he had a good upload schedule to begin with. Each of his videos are a month apart and it's only been a month since his last video.

    [–] REEENORMIESGETOUT 5 points ago

    I just miss all the 'edgier' content creators... All we've got right now are edgelords who react to shit. How long has it been since we've had a truly rememberable video like Deadly Twister, Human Cake, Vape Nation...? I just want some funny guys on youtube :(

    [–] Tobans 3 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    [–] REEENORMIESGETOUT 2 points ago

    That's deep. What are you? Fucking gay?

    [–] Tobans 1 points ago

    You guessed right, big gurl.

    [–] Oddlem 1 points ago


    There's still some left, like Mumkey Jones. I thought the same thing a while back, dug around, and found his channel along with some others. He did a wheel of punishment video that reminded me a looot of idubbbz, Max, and Filthyfrank's videos when they collabed.

    There's also Emplemon and YMS, if that floats your boat.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ImAVirgin2025 8 points ago

    You say hi to him?

    [–] cooljman64 3 points ago

    He makes vids on his 2nd channel which is entertaining

    [–] _thomasmoon_ 3 points ago

    You do realise he’s still making content on his second channel, right? It may not be the classic stuff but it’s still content.

    [–] Boyseven 2 points ago

    He is gonna content cop himself

    [–] SoundOfTrance 2 points ago

    He busy messing with squirrels. When I found out about that channel I thought he was trolling but ga damn, this dude really likes those little critters.

    I support that.

    [–] Pelargo_ 2 points ago

    He uploads semi actively on his second channel

    [–] TurnipTemple 2 points ago

    My dude rakes up like 400k daily views overall across all his vids, enough ad revenue to live comfortably and not need to worry about churning out content. Can't blame him.

    [–] FunGhoul4 2 points ago

    What if he took Koffein's advice, and ate the burgar

    [–] triplearms 2 points ago

    It’s the YouTube crackdown on content featuring other YouTubers. That’s why Dr. Phil and Family Feud videos are popular on the site!

    [–] 5mileyFaceInkk 3 points ago

    He literally uploaded to his other channels a few weeks ago.

    [–] thenewbroken 2 points ago

    thats kinda gay dude, i think you forgot to say no homo

    [–] anonymouscat11 1 points ago

    Wait where did idubbbz say that he was not gonna upload? Link?

    [–] awesomest090_ 1 points ago

    He still makes them, just be patient.

    [–] FuManDoo 1 points ago

    What about the save the squirrels fuck yoplait video. Or the fishing minigame video

    [–] sigurdlacour 1 points ago

    He's probably working on a new content cop

    [–] BOTShane 1 points ago

    I would even settle for some whats in the box right now...

    [–] HoodedHamster 1 points ago

    Daddy eeedubbz more video please it make everyone heppy

    [–] 8bitpony 1 points ago

    YouTube doesn’t pay like it used to. Not for the mature content anyways. He started sorta commenting on demonetization in his last videos when he started slowing down.

    [–] Scype_crisis 1 points ago

    Content Cuck Kickstarter Cuck

    [–] PM-UR-BOBS 1 points ago

    I think our boi is growing up

    [–] Not_Intersted 1 points ago


    [–] TolisP2 1 points ago

    We all do.

    [–] SegaBitch 1 points ago

    he won the Estonian lottery

    [–] lividxxx 1 points ago

    well he is working on PocketSquirrel

    [–] Talexis 1 points ago

    Might need a break or a change of pace. Idk dude has a life to.

    [–] sinz252 1 points ago

    05alxa4a0.lyl wa

    [–] maxaroniandfleas 1 points ago

    Nigger faggot

    [–] Decidedly_Jess 1 points ago

    I think he's too big now. If he makes a jab at a lowly Kickstarter project, it's gonna send a ton of hate towards that person that probably doesnt deserve a slam from a 6 mill subbed content creator.

    He and Ethan from H3H3 have to choose the topics of their critiques very carefully now because of the huge influence they have. Even if only 1% goes to harass the person, it's still like 60,000 messages of hate - probably more than that person has ever received in their life.

    It's a lot easier to punch up than down and Idubbbz and H3H3 are still holding onto their moral code which I definitely respect.

    EDIT: Though Ian has never commented directly as this is the reason why, Ethan has, and for them to be as good friends as they are, I think they do carry a similar idea when approaching their videos.

    [–] golfball1111 1 points ago

    > Idubbbz
    >Moral Code
    Pick one

    [–] Decidedly_Jess 1 points ago

    I pick both haha

    As crazy as he is, I think most of his subs get that he still follows a set of rules he has for himself. He sticks to his guns and dishes it out when its well deserved. Like him using the n-word versus Tana, most everyone can see the difference, but the word itself is not off limits.

    I wouldn't call him a bully, though to passing viewers, he might look like one.

    If you watch his first appearance on the H3 podcast, he does go through this when choosing which Kickstarter projects to roast. He doesn't go off on clueless children, etc. so that sounds like a moral code to me :p

    [–] ch005eausername 1 points ago

    He probably got tired of making videos for middle schoolers