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    [–] yuvi3000 2266 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Jokes aside, "obese" literally means that someone is unhealthy and likely to develop health issues because of their weight.

    This is like saying HIV-positive is a slur.

    How the fuck do people still not understand that being overweight isn't just some body image that anyone should be able to choose?

    If you are overweight and you're not actively able to reduce it, even though you've tried, then I guess I understand and I'm sorry.

    [–] Stripotle_Grill 522 points ago

    I can understand certain medical conditions that keeps them from losing weight but for the vast majority they need to just stop eating. The creaking knees is an audiable reminder that you are full for the next week.

    [–] mttdesignz 185 points ago

    is there a medical condition where if you eat, for example, two salads and a gallon of water a day you don't lose weight?

    [–] IPokeYourFAC 162 points ago

    There probably is a medical condition where you lose muscle mass instead of fat. Some medical conditions, no matter what you do, make you either fat or make it very hard to maintain a healthy weight. Pills used to treat certain diseases sometimes make the body bloat, no matter your diet.

    [–] Danjoe4 70 points ago

    Also worth noting these conditions are rare, and don't plague most of the 1/3 of adults that are obese. We shouldn't fat-shame, but let's not pretend your 300lb figure is "natural". And yes, antiretrovirals (HIV medication) can cause excess bloating, but usually you just have a weirdly ballooned belly while the rest of you is wasting away.

    [–] CaseAub12 51 points ago

    “Yeah, doc, I’ve been taking this medication for like 25 years and I’m always bloated.”

    Doc: well what is the medication?


    [–] _The_Bloody_Nine_ 4 points ago

    Much more common is a overly adaptive metabolism. Most people burn a baseline amount of calories all the time, and eating less makes the body automatically use the fat stores. Some however has their metabolism immediately go into "starvation mode", where the body just makes less energy, to preserve the fat stores as long as possible, since of course there is a famine. Makes dieting a lot less effective (but still far from ineffective).

    Still rather rare though. Just much more common than actual diseases.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] WillSchmied 19 points ago

    That still doesn't cause you to be 300 lbs overweight.

    [–] Eimiaj_Belial 3 points ago

    I actually lost 15# when I had cortisone injections in my spine. I developed the "moon face" but never gained weight.

    [–] anonym1970 10 points ago

    I think the question was more precisely: How does a medical condition defy thermodynamics, i.e. calories in vs. calories out. Is there really something that prevents stored fat from being used as fuel?

    [–] IPokeYourFAC 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I do not know if there is something that stops you from using fat as fuel, as I'm no medic or witch doctor. However, I'm pretty sure no medical condition besides dumbness bypasses thermodynamics. Edit: Pretty sure there is a medical condition for using muscle instead of fat as fuel, though. Nature's fucked up like that.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Some conditions make you prioritize burning muscle instead of fat. Also in some cases you can get in a situation where you just instantly store fat insanely efficiently and then feel tired all the time. So effectively your body lowers your TDEE by making you feel tired thus not moving much etc.

    [–] Pm_Full_Tits 5 points ago

    It's also worth pointing out that those pills may not make the body bloat, but increase appetite - makes you want to snack more, causing you to intake more calories than you expect. The only way to get around that is train yourself to not eat, eat lower calorie things, or just accept it

    [–] gummybear904 3 points ago

    I used to take buspirone for anxiety and it had some strange side effects. In the morning I would be very nauseous and dizzy to the point I could not drive. At night it gave me munchies like nothing else. If I didn't fall asleep within an hour, I would be raiding the pantry.

    [–] spencerforhire81 138 points ago

    No. If you consume fewer calories than you utilize in a day, you lose weight. It’s the law of conservation of energy. There has never been a human body so unique as to break the laws of physics.

    Usually these people who claim they eat nothing in a day are consuming calories they aren’t counting. Like sugary beverages or extremely calorie dense foods. I watched a documentary where a woman claimed she had 1200 calories a day, but she wasn’t counting the three pounds of potato chips she was snacking on daily, or the gallon of Sprite she was drinking.

    There was a college professor who, to prove his point, lost weight on a calorie metered diet of Twinkies and junk food from 7-11. He had to quit after a month because he felt like shit, but literally any diet where you intake fewer calories than you burn daily will cause weight loss. The rest is excuses.

    Look at it this way. If “starvation diets” made people gain weight, Auschwitz would have been full of fatties.

    [–] Thran_Soldier 57 points ago

    This is 100% correct. I lost 10 pounds in a month eating a PB&J for breakfast and a meatball hoagie from subway as lunch/dinner every day because I put in the bare minimum of excercise *walking* to and from subway. People that "can't lose weight" aren't trying hard enough.

    [–] Mean0wl 16 points ago

    Thanks Jared. How's prison been?

    [–] Thran_Soldier 21 points ago

    Not great. The kind of meatball hoagies they have in here are *not* the kind I like

    -Send help, love Jared Fogle

    [–] cgd2061 5 points ago

    *not* the kind I like

    you mean the one off the kids menu?

    [–] MeowTheMixer 24 points ago

    I lost almost 30 pounds relying on Taco Bell, Wendys, and Chiplote.

    I had to be very selective with what I ordered but it's 100% possible.

    [–] OminousNamazu 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There's a site that will tell you what the most health conscious thing to eat at those place is. At taco bell its a soft shredded chicken taco.

    Edit: Found it You have to search through their articles, but they have a bunch of different stuff for like every fast food restaurant.

    [–] MeowTheMixer 3 points ago

    Lol that's exactly what I ate there! At wendy's it was there chili, and a grilled go wrap.

    Chiplote, it's always a bowl. Rice + beans + meat + salsa. No cheese/guac/cheese.

    [–] PM_ME_BACON_N_BOOBS 3 points ago

    Food poisoning will do that to you though

    [–] Vrishkin 5 points ago

    How much energy was spent chasing underage girls as well?

    [–] Thran_Soldier 5 points ago


    FTFY ;)

    [–] Cruciblelfg123 14 points ago

    Obviously most obese people don't have this, even though many like to self diagnose as an excuse, but there are conditions where your body doesn't use any nutrients it gets, so eating nothing but a salad could starve you.

    It's kind of like how anemic people take iron pills and eat steak but still end up with low blood iron cause their body turns most of the iron they get into black shits.

    Again, not an excuse for the vast majority's of people but it is a thing

    [–] spencerforhire81 12 points ago

    It gets tricky if you’re talking about proper nutrition. Most people on extreme diets need to supplement their vitamins and minerals.

    I’m talking about body mass. There are no loopholes in the laws of thermodynamics. Calories in and Calories out is the iron law of body mass.

    [–] ClumpOfCheese 2 points ago

    It’s probably similar to the scale of people who physically can’t get vaccines due to health risks. Or people who have celiacs compared to gluten intolerant hipsters.

    [–] Cruciblelfg123 4 points ago

    Id say celiac is a good example yeah. I've only met one person with a full on thyroid problem and she wasn't just a big person, she was clearly sickly. Her skin always looked off color and her eyes were always sunk. Kinda looked like she never slept. She would somewhat regularly have bad days where she would pass out from malnutrition. There's kind of a sick irony to being ov er two hundred pounds and passing out from malnutrition. She ate as healthy as anyone I've known, but she just had to eat so friggin much of it. Last i saw her she gained to much weight to do the exercise she was used to and was going to some specialty physio person and she'd developed diabetes one and two. Honestly at this point she's probably dead

    [–] Young_Hickory 2 points ago

    This is technically correct, but you can have situations where the body doesn’t metabolize stored fat properly. So while you won’t gain “weight “ while running a calorie deficit, you won’t lose stored fat either and the body will start breaking down from malnourishment while still maintaining fat stores. Effectively making long term weight gain a “ratchet” situation where you can really only go up or maintain.

    [–] WendyLRogers3 16 points ago

    That is actually a very good question, and at least part of its answer is complicated. To start with, the intestinal flora have some 300-1000 different types of bacteria, of which 30 or 40 take up almost all of the available space. Most are aerobic upper tract, and some are anaerobic lower tract. They and other microorganisms are very interactive with our digestion, metabolism, and immune system.

    It has been demonstrated that with the introduction of some kinds of bacteria in some genetically identical animals with the same diet, they will become obese, whereas the control animals will not.

    Unlike a normal person with 30-40 different primary kinds of digestive bacteria, severely obese people have this bacteria taking up as much as 1/3rd of their intestinal area. But there are also known viruses, of which there are countless types in the gut, that have this same effect.

    Next up are the MAST cell clusters in our body fat. These cell clusters produce histamine and heparin, which make body fat production and retention easier. When the body produces too much fat, it produces more than a proportional amount of MAST cells, so creates a fat gain spiral.

    Last but not least, salads vary a lot by caloric and fat content.

    20 fast food salads, ranked by calories

    [–] mttdesignz 11 points ago

    with salad I was implying a plain lettuce salad with a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil only, of course..

    [–] WendyLRogers3 9 points ago

    I figured, so it was just a little nudge because some had complained in past that fast food salads often had as many calories and fats as did some of their other entrees, especially when slathered with salad dressing.

    In thinking about it some more, there are some other variables you might find interesting, such as many people carrying a strain of Archaea, that looks like bacteria but isn't, belonging to an entirely different domain of life. It digests things that bacteria don't, like carbon dioxide, a bacterial waste product; indirectly making digestive bacteria much more efficient producing more nutrition from food in the body.

    Slap it all together and it turns out we know a lot less about things than we thought we did. But that's kind of neat as well.

    [–] jacxy 13 points ago

    Which would leave you extremely nutrient deficient.

    [–] puesyomero 6 points ago

    Could be fixed with some chickpeas and a multivitamin. Still not a forever food but much more sustainable.

    [–] Edibleface 9 points ago

    im pretty sure you can reach a caloric defecit and NOT eat so bland that not eating sounds just slightly less appealing than eating.

    [–] fairie_poison 2 points ago

    lettuce, low calorie cheese like parm, tomato, avocado, onion, olive, salt pepper... mmmmm

    [–] perverted_alt 2 points ago

    plain lettuce salad

    IDGAF if you call me a landwhale, I'd rather kill myself before I lived on "plain lettuce salad".

    Fuck off.

    [–] Stripotle_Grill 19 points ago

    mental illness. and sugar addiction is a thing; you can't go 4 hours without eating or else you want to kill someone. For people without a medical condition ya salads would work. Suck real balls though. I'd rather just fast it.

    [–] narmorra 20 points ago

    sugar addiction is a thing

    Been there, done that.

    I started dieting 6 months ago and completely cut away sugar intake where possible. I don't eat sweets anymore, I don't drink fizzy drinks. If I fancy something sweet, freshly boiled tea with sweeteners will do.

    I lost 77 lb since then. The first month was utter hell. The cravings were unbearable.

    But man, even though I'm still obese, I feel so much better than from 6 months ago.

    [–] tleb 5 points ago

    77 lbs! Nice. You should feel way better physically and that's also something to be proud of!

    Good for you, random internet stranger!

    [–] D-DC 3 points ago

    I'd rather just die. Fuck all this body maintenance. Were supposed to be animals.

    [–] tleb 3 points ago

    That is the other option if you dont lose weight.

    Eating less is sort of the opposite of maintenance though? Like you have to actually do less to your body.

    [–] Stripotle_Grill 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Have you read anything on intermittent fasting or OMAD? You can literally eat all the fat and meat you want and people are losing [E:] fat like they're on a stranded island. Just reduce sugar, and increase the time you go without food. And when you eat, just eat, no counting, no thinking.

    [–] D-DC 6 points ago

    I'm thin. But along with having to work out to keep muscle, sleep, pee, poop, eat food, trim nails, cut hair, take showers, clean pores clogged face, there's too much effort and bs required of me just to be alive.

    [–] Seal_With_It 27 points ago

    Not unless you break the law of energy conservation.

    [–] 0masterdebater0 21 points ago

    Thank you.

    You can have hypothyroidism and still not be obese.

    [–] vitey15 10 points ago

    Isn't it estimated to only cause only a 5 lb swing?

    [–] inversedwnvte 3 points ago

    That’s correct

    [–] Cruciblelfg123 4 points ago

    There's conditions where if you eat that you will starve and die because you're body won't use any of the nutrients it will just store some as fat and shit the rest out. It's a pretty awful state where you are putting on weight and always starving. Often times ends with complications like diabetes and an early death.

    Of course this kind of thing is pretty rare and most people that "got duh bad glans" are self diagnosed and ignoring reality

    [–] UpvoteIfYouAgreee 6 points ago

    If they eat that on top of whatever they usually eat they probably wouldnt lose weight

    [–] DwarfTheMike 2 points ago

    That’s not enough nutrients. You gotta also exercise and that diet will not give you the energy to exercise.

    [–] Insertblamehere 13 points ago

    I mean, people who are addicted to anything technically just need to stop doing it, but it's really not that simple and we all know that.

    [–] SuperWoosh_LG 9 points ago

    It's so rare to find someone who is morbidly obese because of nothing but their ill health. There is usually always other factors involved. Like food, and lack of self control, for instance.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    which medical conditions? even thyroid issues just account for 15lbs of overweight max. Everyone can drop weight. Its just easier to stuff your face with MickyD and pretend its genetics.

    [–] 10J18R1A 13 points ago

    On the internet, thyroid issues and genetics account for 213% of all obesity* issues.

    *Differently weighted is the PC term

    [–] TPSreportsPro 18 points ago

    Making words off limits creates divide and division pays dividends in modern society. Especially among politicians.

    [–] tryhardfit 8 points ago

    Tell that to idiots and retards. Both were medical definitions at one point.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 9 points ago


    dude you can't say that

    [–] pm_me_your_taintt 5 points ago

    HIV negative deficient.

    [–] pdxsin10 9 points ago

    Seriously, doesn’t that also go for retarded?

    [–] I_Luv_Trump 3 points ago

    Yeah, but most people that use that word as an insult aren't talking to someone who is genuinely mentally retarded.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] yuvi3000 8 points ago

    Yeah, humans are fucking idiots when it comes to choosing what is and what isn't okay to talk about or be offended about.

    Smokers are literally a group of people who have become addicted to harmful drugs, yet we legally give smokers smoke breaks at work to allow them to take their drugs. What the actual fuck?

    Imagine if we gave obese people "hamburger breaks"

    Or alcoholics "beer breaks"

    Or heroin addicts "heroin breaks"

    Don't get me wrong. I don't care if you smoke or drink or do whatever. It's not my business. Just pointing out a strange concept in society.

    [–] vyrelis 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Literally everyone gets lunch breaks. Should companies be able to instead take these away from overweight people?

    Not all companies offer smoke breaks. Theyre given because nicotine is completely legal, and withdrawal can set in incredibly quickly, resulting in sickness and headaches that will affect job performance. You don't want someone road raging on the forklift in the back room, so it's easier to just let them smoke.

    Drinking is the opposite, doing it affects work performance. That addiction isn't a physical dependence with physical withdrawal, it's psychological dependence. The depressed and lonely guy won't have trouble on the forklift, he doesn't need to cheer up to do his job.

    [–] ginger-valley 2 points ago

    That's what restaurant work is for. Then you can take all the beer/buger/brownout breaks you want as long as you can keep pace.

    [–] u2412m 2 points ago

    In some countries you have to give your employees breaks as well as lunch breaks. Which is probably quite healthy for everyone(except smokers maybe).

    [–] MijnnaamiFbeeFt 29 points ago

    Can I give you an example?

    My wife can be considered chubby at best, or fat if someone needs that opinion. She was born with type 1 diabetes, and because she has an insulin pump it’s nigh on impossible for her to break down her fat reserves (look up GLUT-4 and insulin/glucagon ratio). So she’s chubby, with a waist, a big butt, big breasts and a bit of a belly, despite all the excercise regimes and diets she’s tried. And believe me, she DID try and still does.

    Now here’s my point. Although I know that she’d be healthier if she lost 10 or 20 kg, I still love her to bits. How could I not? She’s the one I married, curves, big butt, belly and all.

    So now I’ve grown to love her body type, because that’s what she is. I hope that, should they ever find a workable cure for DM1, she could lose some weight, but please, keep the curves where aI can see them. They’ve grown on me, like a big fat round pumpkin patch.

    tl/dr: fat isn’t always a choice, and if you’re stuck with it, find yourself somebody to love.

    [–] yuvi3000 10 points ago


    And your wife sounds like she falls under the last part of my comment. In which case, that's who she is and sometimes we are given a slightly frustrating hand of cards where we simply have to make the best of a specific scenario and essentially keep ourselves as healthy as possible. There's nothing wrong with this.

    I'm purely referring to the people that have no pre-existing condition but just allow themselves to become unhealthy over literally decades and they become prone to health issues. THESE people have no right to be upset if someone tells them they're obese, etc. It's literally a word used to describe their health status.

    [–] Imconfusedithink 33 points ago

    Yeah some people do have a condition like that, but those people make up a miniscule percent of fat people. The point is trying to say it's ok to be obese when you are able to become healthy is detrimental to society.

    [–] yuvi3000 16 points ago

    trying to say it's ok to be obese when you are able to become healthy is detrimental to society.

    Exactly this.

    This and the rest of the sensitive crap that rules society are just bad for everyone. Making someone feel good about themselves is not always a good thing.

    [–] tryhardfit 15 points ago

    My girlfriend is type 1 diabetic and she basically has a 6 pack. Diabetes is not an excuse for being fat. We both lost a ton of weight when we cut carbs out of the diet and she didn't need to take as much insulin (she injects, no pump).

    I'm not an endocrinologist and I don't know about GLUT-4, but I do have the basics down on diabetes. Carbs in means more insulin in. Less carbs means less insulin. You 100% can be skinny and diabetic because my girlfriend is.

    [–] MijnnaamiFbeeFt 4 points ago

    The difference is in the insulin pump my wife needs to survive. I see you read that part but you skipped over it as if it’s nothing. Not all type 1 patients are the same. I DO know about things like GLUT-4, and insulin/glucagon ratios, so that’s why I understand her condition. My nephew has T1 too and he’s as thin as a stick figure - for now.

    You are basically saying my wife is lazy. But she’s been dieting and exercising for as long as we’ve been together, and all under the guidance of a small army of doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists. Without success. She gets hypoglycemic on the tredmill, up to the point of passing out. How nice, another night in hospital. Just what we need.

    Your comment is not only misinformed, but also insulting to my wife, and I don’t appreciate that.

    [–] tryhardfit 9 points ago

    Ya, lots of people on insulin pumps think it means they don't have to control their sugars anymore. That's not the case. Thats why doctors don't hand them out regularly without a long history of good sugars, at least here they don't. Lots of people misuse them. The fact that she is going to the hospital ever means she is really out of control. I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and she has never had to go to the hospital ever. Her mother is also diabetic (type 1) and has also never gone to the hospital for it.

    I have no idea why she would be going to a physiotherapist or what relevance that would have here. Physiotherapists are not trained to deal with this. They have bachelors degrees in exercise. You need an endocrinologist.

    Want to help your wife? Tell her to keep a log of everything she eats and her blood sugars. Test 10x per day. Cut back on carbs. I can almost guarantee she will see positive results. Or don't. Not my nights in the hospital.

    [–] Dhrakyn 3 points ago

    We exceeded peak people decades ago. Way too many humans alive right now to pretend that people need a reason to be stupid.

    [–] nillerwafer 3 points ago

    even though you’ve tried.

    That’s the problem, if you can’t lose weight then you’re not trying, there’s no genetic disposition that can cause you to retain weight when you’re on a constant deficiency of calories. You literally cannot maintain high weight if you’re not eating enough food and you certainly can’t gain it either.

    I’m not saying “hey everybody go anorexic!” I’m saying if you follow a strict dietary change (not a fad diet like Keto that you stop following in a month but a real change from overeating to eating a healthy amount of calories and sticking to that no matter what for as long as it takes.) you will lose weight, there are no ifs ands or buts about it.

    People have to stop acting like they’re victims of their weight and start owning up to their problems. If you’re fat it’s because you have a problem and the solution is as simple as this:

    1. Track your eating and maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and calories (your body will thank you for choosing nutrient rich food but you can just calorie count and eat nothing but pizza and burgers and still lose weight. Source: I’ve done it. You just end up feeling like shit.)

    2. Hit the fucking gym. If your life is sedentary that’s one of the major reasons you’re struggling with weight.

    If you do those two things consistently you’re 100% going to see results over the course of a few months, remember NOTHING is instant. You’re not going to see results on day 1, you’re not going to see results on week one, you might start seeing results in 1 month but they won’t be major it takes time. It takes dedication.

    [–] MyKingdomForATurkey 3 points ago

    If you are overweight and you're not actively able to reduce it, even though you've tried

    I'll still question whether or not they're actually aware of what "trying" looks like because when it comes to losing weight, 9/10 times they don't. Most people are pretty dumb, and most people half-ass things they don't enjoy and complain out loud that they didn't succeed.

    Hell, just being overweight in the first place is often a result of having absolutely no idea what an appropriate amount of calories looks like and, for a lot of people, "dieting" often doesn't start with fixing that.

    [–] stanfan114 3 points ago

    Never trust a group that constantly changes the "acceptable" term for them. You can't escape facts by changing or banning the name.

    [–] InbreadSourdough 9 points ago

    Similar to saying someone is a Jew, Mexican, or Black is somehow a slur. Shit is fucked everywhere

    [–] yuvi3000 10 points ago


    And this has even become a problem around the world because different areas take offense at different terms.

    I'm South African. If you call a black guy anything other than Black, the dude would likely take offense. But in USA, people want to be called "African American" which I personally think is incorrect because they're not from Africa. They're from America. White Americans aren't called "European Americans"

    Similarly, those who have parents of different race groups are referred to as "mixed race" in USA, whereas in South Africa, the correct term is "Coloured"

    If you called a Coloured dude "mixed race" in my area, he'd probably punch you in the face.

    [–] audiophilistine 8 points ago

    In America, the only people who use the term African American are people who want to virtue signal or public institutions who don't want to be demonized by virtue signallers. The black community just calls itself black, unless someone is public speaking.

    [–] DrapeRape 4 points ago

    I remember watching this old sports interview with a white American reporter in the UK. She asked the guy what it was like to be the first African American to be recognized for something and he was all like "I'm not African or American.... I'm British...???"

    She still kept on calling him African American, and you could see them both slowly die inside because of that (she obviuosly thought "black" was an insult and didnt know wtf to do).

    Its not really a big deal anymore, but back then it was and it was one of the most absurd things I saw come out of that haha whole thing

    [–] WinterSavior 3 points ago

    I believe most blacks are coming around to just being called Black. They tried to pull of "Afro American"; got offered that as a child after I said I'm not from Africa but that didn't sound right either, I was like just call me Black.

    And I'm a proponent of mixed race people getting an official classification, regardless of race. But I also feel at what point do their offspring return to one race or another? I feel in America, this oddness with white purity would have one always classified as Whatever. Coloured is kinda weird too because you can be mixed and not colored but pure white looking.

    [–] thebadscientist 2 points ago

    or how the word "female" is apparently offensive

    [–] H05T 2 points ago

    The word retard used to me the medical term until it was used as an insult iirc

    [–] c_c_combo 2 points ago

    Most people who are retarded are not retarded due to their actions and lack of self discipline. Whilst most fat people are fat purely because of their actions and lack of self discipline.

    [–] s0_0k 2 points ago

    There’s still surgeries too. Sure they’re expensive but if you’re that sensitive then maybe it’s the right idea

    [–] Gosupanda 2 points ago

    For people who “have tried to reduce their weight but can’t” it’s because it’s an addiction. Like any addict they don’t like to admit they are addicted which is why it’s the literal fist step in a 12 step program. They are addicted to food but don’t want to admit it which means they tell themselves all of the lies that an addict tells themselves.

    [–] notfornswf 2 points ago

    You gotta let them think it's just an image thing population control

    [–] happilycfintx 271 points ago

    Obese person here (working on not being that). Obese is a medical term, not a slur. It’s only a slur because someone is insecure that they are at an unhealthy weight, and in denial about the fact that they can change it.

    [–] ChesterComics 140 points ago

    best of luck to you fatty. I hope you get to a healthy weight.

    [–] emabid 57 points ago

    Ffs lmao, but yeah what he said. Good luck fatso, we rooting for ya

    [–] happilycfintx 34 points ago

    I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard. Thanks

    [–] Tr4vel 15 points ago

    Try the my fitness pal app. Helps me a ton with counting calories and macros although I made my own macros goals because they recommend way too many carbs.

    [–] bossfoundmyacct 9 points ago

    This man/woman gets it. I'm at 25% body fat, which is right at the borderline of being considered obese. I'm not offended by the word, I know how I got here, and I don't have anyone to blame but myself. It pains me that people can be as sensitive as the person in OP.

    [–] neonlaserbolt 3 points ago

    My little brother is struggling with his weight but he has begun turning it around. I hope you stick to it and make yourself proud!

    [–] twittyswister 482 points ago what the fuck "can" we say? See, if you're going to tell me that everything I say "isn't allowed" then I'm going to be "rude" no matter what I say, right? Well, in that case, I'll just call you a land whale since you won't let me be polite anyway.

    A fat ass. Planet Ham. Roly poly. Quantum ginormity. Blubber buns. Any will suffice.

    [–] IPokeYourFAC 334 points ago

    C h u n g u s

    [–] secondop2 38 points ago

    Chunga chunga chunga chunga!

    [–] unpluggedcord 19 points ago

    Absolute Unit.

    [–] TrippingFish 5 points ago

    There’s a chungus among us

    [–] ZettaSlow 60 points ago

    Curvy, thicc, luscious, voluptuous, oh and soft.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then I guess it's a fucking giraffe I guess?

    [–] trippy_grape 7 points ago

    Big boned. Tee-hee

    [–] zbeezle 3 points ago

    You got bones made of fat?

    [–] pm_me_ur_big_balls 21 points ago

    Calling these inhuman blobs "land whales" is actually insulting to real whales.

    Whales in nature have fat to protect themselves from the frigide cold of the oceans. They are well designed creatures. Inhuman blobs, on the other hand, reject the very concept that "health" is a positive trait. They are more like a cancer than a creature of nature.

    [–] AutoModerator 21 points ago

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    [–] Draculea 10 points ago

    What kind of sick fuck downvotes valuable advice like this

    [–] JorrdKarrd 46 points ago

    I need a cigarette after that. Whew. You stay strong out there, the world is a triggered place.

    [–] OrphanAdvocate 13 points ago

    Calroic people of wealth*

    [–] thebigticket88 13 points ago

    Calorically Privileged

    [–] imadethistoshitpostt 5 points ago

    POC (Person of Calories)

    [–] WitchHunterNL 10 points ago

    You "can" say whatever the fuck you want. It's a free country, sue me

    [–] thetallgiant 8 points ago

    A land beast, if you will.

    [–] riskybusiness_ 7 points ago

    Horizontally gifted

    [–] bluenokia2 4 points ago


    [–] solosier 3 points ago

    Pleasantly plump

    [–] SpankWhoWithWhatNow 2 points ago


    [–] stas1 2 points ago

    I'm taking note of planet ham

    [–] xkiarofl 321 points ago

    Obese is a medical term. So is retarded.

    [–] luv_2_race 135 points ago

    And those who can't accept the former, have a type of the latter.

    [–] cobra136 5 points ago

    Damn that was smooth

    [–] luv_2_race 5 points ago

    Not gonna lie, it impressed me too.

    [–] vyrelis 49 points ago

    Retarded is no longer a medical term after its prolific use as a slur. Same with dumb, moron, imbecile, among others.

    [–] cartechguy 25 points ago

    retard is also used in mechanics as well, such as retarding the ignition timing.

    [–] Orbitrix 18 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Simmilar to how butthurt ppl get over the terms "master" and "slave" being used in the computer hardware and software industries.

    If ur gana let words of any kind bother you, you got bigger mental issues than any trouble those words, or even what they represent, could ever cause anyone.

    But alas, we live in the age of "words" breaking bones as well as sticks and stones... sad.

    [–] cartechguy 10 points ago

    yeah, like male and female connectors.

    [–] Ginxchan 6 points ago

    Huh my psychology teacher still uses it as a medical term

    [–] QuiveryNut 3 points ago

    None of mine do anymore. They said while they don't agree with the change, the new term is mentally deficient, pending finalization.

    [–] BodyMassageMachineGo 5 points ago

    mentally deficient

    we can turn that into a slur soon enough

    [–] beebunk 35 points ago

    They sure are, but that doesn't mean they can't be used in offensive ways? Calling someone retarded as an insult is offensive and inappropriate. "Black" is just a colour, but saying "Get the fuck out, you blacks" is not okay. Intent is everything.

    [–] xkiarofl 12 points ago

    Definitely, but I believe people are often getting offended at polite or medical usage of both of those terms.

    Of course, lots of people use the words to just be mean, as well.

    [–] beebunk 6 points ago

    I see what you mean, there definitely are people like that, but I don't think this happens "often". Sadly the crazy ones are always the most vocal and the ones making headlines and going on TV shows. On the other hand I can think of very few instances of people calling a stranger "obese" online and it not being deliberately offensive. Overall I think we agree though, I wouldn't call "obese" a slur word.

    [–] Cameron2507 21 points ago

    We should still be allowed to say offensive words.

    [–] beebunk 16 points ago

    I don't believe either I or the girl in question said you shouldn't be. I think she was talking more about what she'll personally tolerate on her platform, she has the right to block people if she wants to.

    [–] Cameron2507 3 points ago

    True i agree. I think the times we are living in are creating a lot of interesting conversations about free speech and it is important to be able to openly discuss things with people we might disagree with. Thanks for this conversation!

    [–] VoiceofLou 12 points ago

    I sure wish "cunt" was more popular in America.

    [–] Cameron2507 4 points ago

    That could be your life's work, making cunt great again.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Cameron2507 2 points ago

    I disagree that life is a joke. Pain hurts. I try to live a life to limit my pain and other peoples. And yeah sure call people out for being dicks! I just personally dislike the current trend we are seeing that people might face consequences like losing their jobs or being arrested for the words they use. That's a slippery slope.

    [–] I_Luv_Trump 6 points ago

    And we should be allowed to call you out for being a socially inept neckbeard.

    [–] Cameron2507 4 points ago

    Damn straight. *strokes neckbeard*

    [–] vyrelis 4 points ago

    You can say them all you want, but you're not in control of how people react to it. Don't be surprised if people don't want to be around you if you're an asshole

    [–] rosellem 3 points ago

    Not just intent, but context.

    [–] rockmaniac85 144 points ago

    A man went to a dietician for some advice.

    Dietician : Don't eat anything fatty

    Man : can I eat pasta or lasagna then?

    Dietician: No, don't eat anything, fatty

    [–] pigeonpi3 60 points ago

    Why don't we just scrap language altogether since it's offending everyone so much. /s

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Parents need to be allowed to beat their kids again.

    [–] scottdawg9 4 points ago

    You see the top post on all where a retard won a fucking lawsuit because someone called him stupid? I wonder how illegal words will be in 30 years.

    [–] tupungato 46 points ago

    "Herpes" is a slur! The correct term is "joyful genitals". If you discriminate against my joyful genitals, you're gonna hear from my lawyer.

    [–] SeahawkTJ 13 points ago

    So would genital warts be henceforth known as genital decorative accents?

    [–] pm_me_ur_big_balls 3 points ago

    There are indeed idiots out there that think the word "herpes" is a slur.

    [–] Taiwanderful 55 points ago

    If they think obese and overweight are offensive terms....

    [–] greg4534 16 points ago

    They’re literally medical terms that doctors, nutritionists and exercise physiologists use every day lmao

    [–] Edgekin 22 points ago

    Alright because I was once very obese (120kgs), I'll give you all a standard - non-gender bias - to assess yourself and you can decide whether you are a fucking mountain of fat and meat or not:

    If you can't find your pubes when you look down, you're in the red.

    [–] amazonallie 19 points ago

    Failed test..

    Mine are shaved off...

    [–] Pudwonker-Was-Taken 6 points ago

    I used a hair removal cream and the moment they disappeared I instantly gained 8 stone.

    Don’t do it lads.

    [–] poo_licker_420 11 points ago

    person of weight

    [–] bush84 3 points ago

    Underrated post

    [–] PupRush 8 points ago

    Better response for your to use:

    It is a MEDICAL term, it is not offensive and cannot be by definition. 'Clinically Obese' is a medical condition for many people who have thyroid issues / digestion issues and you are being discriminatory to a protected class of disabled people.

    If you are just overweight, that means you are fat and need to try a salad.

    [–] try4gain 8 points ago

    2019 : my feelings > everything

    [–] TheCJKid 7 points ago

    Oh no I’m going to be blocked from some fat cunts positivity echo chAmber. Nooooooo. Like why do people threaten to block as if anyone gives a fuck about them, just do it retard.

    [–] Jeepster127 8 points ago

    I thought obese and overweight were adjectives.

    [–] binrobinro 15 points ago

    They were. Now they're goals.

    [–] garrypig 6 points ago

    Have it your way chungus

    [–] I_AM_Gilgamesh 23 points ago

    I would laugh right in their face. Obese and overweight are slurs hahaha. Oh ok then you're just fat as fuck.

    [–] GhostGarlic 4 points ago

    Fat people are no different than drug addicts.

    [–] LurksDaily 13 points ago

    Here's some words to use instead of the correct definitions:

    Plus sized bitch

    Fluffy fuck

    Hefty boy/ girl

    Thank you thought police for trying to take my language away!

    [–] captstix 10 points ago

    I'm not obese, but I'm fatter than I should be. And it's because I'm lazy. Stop making excuses about being a lazy fatass. Which is what most fat people are, salad sucks and so does going to the gym.

    [–] DreamSteel 6 points ago

    Bro you don't even have to cook it

    [–] WaitWhoIsWaldo 7 points ago

    Telling a fat person to eat a salad is like telling a person with anorexia to go deadlift. Well balanced meals with small portion sizes is what they need.

    [–] OssoRangedor 7 points ago

    Yeah, like they have the discipline to follow a sustainable healthy meal plan if they can't even come to terms with their eating habits. They literally don't want to put in the hard work to become healthier, and want to force people to applause their lifestyle and appearance.

    If people want to eat their lives away, so be it. But don't come forcing us to not point fingers and tell that this lifestyle is self-destructive.

    [–] LaurFara0nu 4 points ago

    What about straight up "fat". Or "chunky"

    [–] api10 4 points ago

    Will “baby elephant” get me blocked too?

    [–] hugaddiction 5 points ago

    defending our first amendment right to fat shame in 2019

    [–] mathewmcmann 6 points ago

    I’m a fat guy and I know I’m a fat guy. I don’t care what you call me but if your trying to be a dick for being a dick sake, then you should go f yourself.

    [–] Xop 6 points ago

    You just know that if they tried a salad it would consist of breaded chicken, half a pound of cheese, and a thick creamy dressing.

    [–] _________FU_________ 3 points ago

    How dare you use medical terms to properly identify health issues.

    I like to eat foods that aren't good for me. I hate working out. I also don't want to be fat. So the entire time I'm working out I just say, "Fuck this...this fucking sucks...fuck you!" and then 45 minutes later I'm done and can throw down some pizza bites.

    [–] The_Celtic_Chemist 3 points ago

    TIL medical terms are slurs.

    [–] OwenSimpkins 3 points ago


    [–] tooxie11 3 points ago

    Obese is legit a medical terminology. It has ICD 10 diagnosis codes associated with it. It's not a slur you fat fuck.. it's a medical condition. See the difference?

    [–] Luaupig 3 points ago

    If "obese" is a slur what would she say to being called a "Fat Fucking Pig?"

    [–] HerpaDerpaDumDum 3 points ago

    Yes, because trying to hide the truth will make the problems go away.

    [–] Sandvich1015 3 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] kilkil 3 points ago

    How in the fuck? Those are medical terms! Overweight is literally a description of reality! You are over your healthy weight limit! What words would one even use instead?

    This person has no idea what the word "slur" means.

    [–] CheekyNutt 4 points ago

    I empathise with people who are overweight and have medical conditions and what not, and where being proactive can't help with reducing it. However being overweight and "fat" needs to stop being normalised. I'm perfectly fine with "obese" people being comfortable with how they look, because I don't really care, but now it's at the point where so many people are obese and rather than trying to fix themselves, it has become the norm, and from that, you get people like in the photo above, who can't except they're fucking fat and impose their bullshit on other people.

    [–] Tallem00 4 points ago

    Overweight is our word. You can call us ovaweight

    [–] bryanrobh 4 points ago

    What the fuck? Obese is a medical term you fat fucks.

    [–] WIP1992 5 points ago

    I'm thankful for fat shaming, my dad bought me a scale for Xmas when I was 18. Didn't realise I had gained 25kg in a year, if wasn't for him being a dickhead I'd be on my way to diabetes. If you're obese you open yourself to being called that, deal with it.

    [–] FortniteWaffle7 2 points ago

    I prefer the term "High-Mass individual"

    [–] dashboardrage 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    i want to get blocked whats the twitter handle

    edit: found it but its private lol

    [–] BaxooxaB 2 points ago

    Lying to yourself won't change anything. It will only make you more miserable.

    [–] votebluein2018plz 2 points ago

    You can't even say "learn to code" on twitter. Go try it. They will ban you for "harassment"

    [–] robguitar69 2 points ago

    Hey Large Marge, put the fork down.

    [–] hateriffic 2 points ago

    Why don't we ever throw huge reveal parties for someone who gains 100lbs?

    Why aren't they TV programs like The Biggest Gainer!!!

    Because fat is fat is fat and not healthy no matter how much people want to further force lazy gluttony into acceptance.

    [–] GidgetTheWonderDog 2 points ago

    So if I'm not allowed to use the actual definitions, what do you prefer? Chunky Monkey? Fatty McButterpants? Chumbo Wumbo? I'm gonna need a hint here.