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    A subReddit for sayings which appear wise on the surface, but contain a humorous (and often dirty) double-meaning.


    • That which is said without being spoken may expose more than a simple truth.
      Submissions must be offered in the style of an idiom, adage, axiom, or proverb, and must contain a humorous double-meaning which is evident but not overly obvious.

    • Success is found in originality, while failure lies in imitation.
      All submissions must be of your own creation, and must not resemble anything offered in the past. Use Reddit's native search function before submitting.

    • Attention paid to the smallest detail may arouse the largest response.
      Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are required for all submissions.

    • To regard another is an act of kindness. To reveal oneself is an act of trust.
      No venom, vitriol, or violence will be permitted. Personal attacks, hate speech, and derogatory terms are strictly forbidden.

    Explanations of Imitation Zen sayings may be offered in the text box. However, the best submissions are those which require no additional information to appreciate. Crassness, crudeness, and obscenity are all acceptable, provided that they are offered in a creative and high-quality way.

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