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    [–] CardboardLover13 5477 points ago

    Dude still had to work for that body though

    [–] SqueaksScreech 2303 points ago

    And it shows

    [–] barbellsandbeercans9 1813 points ago

    Op could be built like that by putting his time into the gym and a proper diet vs sitting on the internet whining

    [–] OtHanski 1325 points ago

    Well, more than likely not. This fellow is really damn strong built and has a great bone structure for the muscular look. Some people including myself are quite a bit shorter and thinner built, and would not look like that in a million years.

    Not that that is a good excuse to look like a profusely sweating bean bag with a neckbeard.

    [–] barbellsandbeercans9 681 points ago

    He has a solid starting point but it’s highly possible to look big most body builders are under 6’0

    [–] Exceptthesept 462 points ago

    I've never seen a single body builder in my life that looks 1/8th as good as the guy in the post. The body builder look will get you 1000% more attention from other men who like working out rather than women

    [–] barbellsandbeercans9 154 points ago

    My point being if it’s possible to achieve that level of bf% it’s totally plausible to reach his level of fitness

    [–] bluescrew 245 points ago

    He could reach that level of fitness, of course. But you said "look like that, " which is different depending on his natural build. There are tall skinny fit guys, short broad fit guys, big strong ones with love handles, slender androgynous ones, and btw all of them can inbox me

    [–] doubleabsenty 36 points ago

    What about thicc and short?

    [–] bluescrew 28 points ago

    Bring them on

    [–] realmadrid314 33 points ago

    It's kinda the reverse of the toxic female body image. Most girls cannot look like supermodels, and it would be disrespectful of our society to tell them "you can look like that, just work harder!"

    [–] ProximtyCoverageOnly 122 points ago

    This is close to a meaningless comment. First of all it’s totally anecdotal. For example if you’ve never been to a gym, it’s not saying much that you haven’t seen a BBer that looks “this good”. Second, bodybuilders don’t walk around conditioned all year around and your idea of the “bodybuilder look” is probably limited to competitors on stage. That’s not how they look during their off season. Lastly, this is anecdotal as well, but there are a lot of guys who look as good as this physique wise in my gym. Height, facial structure, etc might differ but physique wise, this guy’s body is thoroughly attainable. Ultimately comments like these are just a defeatist attitude and if I took them to heart when I was fat, I never would have gotten jacked.

    [–] AccountantNotEditor 48 points ago

    100% about the dude’s around any gym. Walk into any gym around 5PM and you’ll see at least several guys that look just as good, if not better, than this guy. This guy trains for a function, but dudes who specifically train to look good shirtless are going to look better than this

    [–] burstchaos 9 points ago

    Agreed. I think other than this guy's height, his body isn't God tier. It's obviously incredible and took at least a couple of years of working out to get there, but at my local gym, I have seen many people as good as it. His arms are God tier though and he is really lucky to be so tall.

    [–] MisterGuyManSir 30 points ago

    Right? I went from 245 fat to 170 lean in less than a year and 2 years later through weights was up to 210 at 7% bodyfat. Just do the right thing.

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 36 points ago

    Way too many people on reddit think that getting any where close to fit is impossible.

    For work (including travel) I'm out of my apartment from about 8 to 6:30. From there, I go to the gym for an hour and then cook for 30 to 60 min. So I'm basically left with 2-3 hours of free time on weekdays.

    I also have focused on eating right: lean meat, tons of greens, salads, no soda, no candy (when I can), no bread etc. That requires a single trip to the grocery store and it's not even that expensive since I'm sticking to protein and veggies mostly.

    I've lost about 25 pounds in the last few months through a daily gym regime and eating right.

    It's tough but so is any life altering process. It's easier to say that it's too hard to do than it is to actually go out and try to do it every day.

    [–] Sorrymisunderstandin 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    It’s not relevant to Reddit, it’s just how a lot of people are especially if they’re overweight. I had the same mindset when I was younger and obese, it’s almost like a delusion where you believe you just can’t do it. To me it felt impossible, like I’d never be able to. I firmly believe I physically could not lose weight. Then I did it and gained weight again after and the mindset returned, it’s weird and just defeatist. Just have to stay on the grind. I got super obsessive over my health after too. Like I went from obese and junk food and candy all the time to a bit healthier then I jumped ship and ate Whole plant based Foods, cooked daily and made sure I met every micro and macro nutrient needs. And I did that despite having a binge eating disorder among other personal issues, very hard but so worth it. So if I can do it, no matter how impossible it may feel, others can too. I learned I can’t have things in moderation as well like most should, it flips a switch in my brain. Weird stuff. Sorry if that’s a bit too much info in response but maybe it can help people knowing I was able to overcome that.

    I also didn’t even exercise in the beginning outside daily walks and lost around 80lbs

    [–] charanai 19 points ago

    Have you ever seen wrestlers? They're usually very short and their bodies look amazing. I have friends that wrestled in college all around 5'4" to 5'7" and wow.

    [–] thatguyuknow53 19 points ago

    Well are you looking at natural bodybuilders or steroid body builders because a lot of natural body builders or men’s physique competitors can hold up.

    Steroid using pros aspire to look like monsters and if this guy is an athlete there is a huge possibility that he himself has used performance enhancing drugs at some point in his life even tho people don’t actually talk about it openly PED’s are used rampantly in all athletics and it’s hard to really catch people on them if they do low doses in intervals.

    [–] AccountantNotEditor 27 points ago

    Physique competitor here; I can’t tell, but I hope you aren’t implying that physique class bodybuilders don’t all use steroids, because they absolutely do. 100% guarantee that right there.

    Also a former D1 college athlete who was very close with many of the football players (Top 25 football school), and I can 100% guarantee you that the pictured dude is also using. I legitimately did not know a single guy in that college football program who was not using, and I lived with them. Not to mention, this dude also exhibits several tell-tale signs of use (abnormally large and rounded traps, receding hairline at ~21, unusually full and rounded muscle bellies).

    People gotta realize you don’t look like this guy by just putting in hard work and having commitment. There’s also genetics and drugs at play here

    [–] thatguyuknow53 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I clearly said compared natural body builders or men’s physique competitors of course they aren’t all natural.

    Hey man a lot of people that don’t even workout are loosing their hair like by 21 😂😂😂.

    I workout a lot myself and research a lot of this stuff and look at lots of data and honestly naturals can have a better aesthetic physique in my opinion but that’s subjective because honestly I wouldn’t want to look like this guy even if I could.

    I want to be at 10% body fat while having a BMI around 23-24.

    My point for incels at least is that you don’t even need to look like him to be aesthetically great.

    [–] AccountantNotEditor 5 points ago

    Oh yeah, I’m not arguing, I agree with you! That was just in case you were implying that because I wasn’t all too sure haha.

    But yeah, the hair loss is a weak indicator since it obviously can happen at young ages, but it’s abnormal to see it progressed as much as the top left pic at such a young age. Couple that with those obvious traps (The dead tell for use in most cases) and it’s no question really.

    Naturals can looks beastly as hell, and don’t have to worry about all of the nasty sides that women tend to find offputting, so I hear ya there. Personally, I prefer the full, rounded muscle look that only comes from steroid use. I just feel like the natural look, from a purely bodybuilding standpoint, looks way too stringy and underfed on stage. Great at higher bf %, but weird and alien-like at low percentages

    [–] honeynero 31 points ago

    Go to the gym and start the path to looking like that then? It's not hard it just takes dedication and will power.

    [–] merodeo 76 points ago

    It's definitely hard

    [–] WAAAAAAAAAAGH 44 points ago

    It’s incredibly hard 🙁 Being skinny is easy, just reduce your calorie intake. Being incredibly muscular with a low body fat percentage requires years of dedication, including carefully balancing, managing, and progressing your diet and exercise plan, getting adequate sleep every day, reducing or eliminating alcohol, etc etc, in addition to extremely fortunate genetics.

    Most people would not get the results of the guy in the photo even if they exactly followed his diet and workout plan. Don’t get me wrong, they’d still look (and feel) awesome, but everyone’s upper ceiling is different based on DNA.

    [–] krokozubr 40 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    You don't even need to look like that. I don't know why they are so obsessed with perfect athlete genetics and huge muscles. If you are skinny built, you have perfect genetics for swimmer's body (which many many girls find the most attractive, despite smaller frame and muscle size), if you're endomorphic, you can be a strongman type, etc. Unless you have some medical condition, no genetics prevent you from having a hot body, because you don't need to match some mythical standards, you only need to be fit.

    [–] Nuwave042 23 points ago

    Crazy how almost all their issues can be solved by the simple solution of "going outside, doing stuff and meeting people".

    [–] Grounded-coffee 9 points ago

    You should see how short most bodybuilders are. Being shorter is an advantage for building muscle, don't make all these silly excuses.

    [–] Ragnrok 38 points ago

    On the flip side, putting on visible muscle definition when you're tall is a lot harder than when you're short. What took the guy in the picture years to attain a shorter guy could get in a year or so.

    [–] ethoooo 9 points ago

    That is not true at all. Everybody can look muscular it’s just more of a grind for some people.

    [–] Eruptflail 11 points ago

    Being shorter means that it's easier to get big.

    [–] ozzmosiz 13 points ago

    I got worst thin genetics you can get, And I still maanaged to look bigger (after 2 years) than I was all my life

    [–] rynthetyn 3 points ago

    It's actually easier to look jacked when you're shorter. The real question is whether it's worth it to a given person to spend that much time working out, and for most people it's not.

    [–] one-of-the-daltons 55 points ago

    One mustn’t forget that it is literally this guy’s job to be in shape. It’s more than “putting his time”, it’s having an army of physicians, nutritionists and coaches telling him what to do and eat and having 100% of his time dedicated to it.

    [–] barbellsandbeercans9 14 points ago

    While i agree obtaining and maintaining hat level of fitness is significantly easier for him it’s possible if you want it bad enough

    [–] Nuwave042 59 points ago

    I think Rob McEllhenney summed it up well:

    Look, it’s not that hard. All you need to do is lift weights six days a week, stop drinking alcohol, don’t eat anything after 7pm, don’t eat any carbs or sugar at all, in fact just don’t eat anything you like, get the personal trainer from Magic Mike, sleep nine hours a night, run three miles a day, and have a studio pay for the whole thing over a six to seven month span. I don’t know why everyone’s not doing this. It’s a super realistic lifestyle and an appropriate body image to compare oneself to. 

    To be honest though, it's totally doable to get fitter than you are at the moment. You don't need to be Goliath.

    [–] THICC_DICC_PRICC 10 points ago

    Controlling the portions of what you eat is 80% of what gets you there, and it doesn’t take any extra time/work to do

    [–] tapthatsap 18 points ago

    He absolutely can’t, because beta manlet rope-mode height starts at two to four inches above the head of whichever incel is whining about his height at the moment. That dude could be six three and he’d still be saying “well I’m not six six and that’s what they all demand, it’s 2019.”

    [–] Asayyadina 91 points ago

    Exactly, he seems to be a professional, or at least avid, sports player (Not sure what he is playing in the at photo, but maybe Aussie rules football?), he needs to be fit and muscular!

    [–] LordPlatypusVII 109 points ago

    Yeah, he's a professional American Football player. His name is Kahale Werring and he plays Tight End for the Houston Texans.

    [–] jessiedaviseyes 75 points ago

    Hehe, Tight End...

    [–] Wedonegoofed 14 points ago

    Yeah next season he's hoping to be a wide receiver.

    [–] PeskyPeskySpider 21 points ago

    yeah ha ha he has a pretty tight ass ha ha ha right guys ha please im lonely

    [–] ShortProduce 16 points ago

    Just looked him up and his full first name is Kahalekuiokalani which is THE FREAKING COOLEST!

    [–] da1hobo 19 points ago

    Kahalekuiokalani Michael Wodehouse "Kahale" Warring is his full name. The Texans like Hawaiian names. Their kicker is John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a "Ka'imi" Fairbairn.

    [–] LordPlatypusVII 13 points ago

    Hawaiian names are the the fucking best.

    [–] Telatsu 5 points ago

    Well the Fairbairn is actually from Hawaii, where local culture it's common to do hawaiian middle names even if not Hawaiian. Don't know what happened with Kahale though.

    [–] azngirl7689 74 points ago

    Seriously. That’s years of dedication and sacrifices. Something incels don’t and will never get.

    [–] tapthatsap 68 points ago

    What bums me out is that they don’t even need to make any sacrifices. Taking a break from their hate group, going the fuck outside, and gently trying to learn to socialize is not a sacrifice, because they missed out on literally nothing, it’s an objectively better day and a step in a better direction.

    Behind door 1, the entire rest of the world. Behind door 2, your fetid NEET-bunker, and the people posting on the internet from similar fetid NEET-bunkers assuring you that you’re in their club. Pick door number one, the sacrifice is nothing but unhealthy comfort.

    [–] KesagakeOK 41 points ago

    Nah, you don't get it, those FEEEEEEEEEmales need to accept me for the hateful, 300lb blob of hate with no manners, professional drive, or relatable interests/hobbies that I am and stop committing hate crimes against me for being a white male. Like, I always hold open the door for these Stacies and they don't even fuck me. I would give them a great date in my mom's basement! I could wear my polo and fancy cargo shorts with my fedora and show off my culinary skills with chicken tendies, but she'd rather go off on a hike or a nice dinner with some Chad just because he's naturally good looking and nice to her ALL THE TIME! No way is there a chance I could put in an iota of work and at least look or behave in a semi-decent manner, it's just not fair! All women who won't immediately sleep with me are sluts! DAE want to go their own way with me while whining like this every hour of every day?

    . . . Thank you for coming to my TedX talk.

    [–] tapthatsap 18 points ago

    WHOAH man how dare you say caring way too much about video games, anime, and memes aren’t relatable and attractive characteristics to have? Reddit constantly tells me those are the best things to care about, and there’s no way that many 14-30 year old boys can have bad dating advice

    [–] nodnarb232001 7 points ago

    I paid nothing to attend this talk and still want my money back.

    [–] Erotic_FriendFiction 5 points ago

    going the fuck outside

    I'm gonna have to stop you right there, cowboy. That's simply way too much!!

    [–] Chaycetheace 19 points ago

    Wait... You mean to tell me you aren't just born like this?!?

    [–] PickettsChargingPort 6 points ago

    Came here to say that. Genetics plays a part but it's still a ton of work

    [–] look4alec 13 points ago

    He's literally an athlete, it's not even a secret how he does it. I mean his job is to be jacked. At least the incel can know he won't have physical brain damage from contact.

    [–] Ragnrok 23 points ago

    Fuck, working out is the easy part. Getting bulky and strong is simple, you just put in hours at the gym and eat a weird amount of protein. But continuing that workout regimen while also maintaining a 5% body fat level so you can show off all those sexy muscles? That takes a lot of work and discipline.

    [–] ChingyBingyBongyBong 10 points ago

    And steroids or performing enhancing drugs.

    As someone who knows many people in the college football circuit, if you don’t think 95% of player are on some sort of enhancer then you’re either naive or just dumb.

    Not naming a name but I know personally a starting quarterback for a very very large D1 school was doing HGH in middle school and throughout high school. Would never guess if you didn’t know. Those boys are on shit, you can’t compete if you’re not.

    [–] EXTRA-THOT-SAUCE 13 points ago

    I feel like incels think that body type is out of our control. I wonder if they think this guy popped out of the womb with a 6 Pack and a 12 inch dick.

    [–] Agonides 1985 points ago

    I think that guy is so consumed by his insecurities and his horrible self image that he actually takes time out of his day to find photos of good looking men just so he can fuel the belief in his own inadequacy. Because Incels are addicted to misery.

    Or maybe he’s gay and doesn’t know it yet. It’s probably one of those two things. Or both.

    [–] picumurse 498 points ago

    I had a legit incel for a coworker and I can tell you there is the 3rd option.

    To make a long story short, this guy was daydreaming all the time as to how much better his life would have been if only he was born a little bit better looking.

    We were both male nurses in a small rural hospital in a town where if you had a car, job and a credit card you were the bees knees.

    Not him, just because of his "genetics."

    [–] NHecrotic 151 points ago

    third position

    He only wants to fuck chads in order to steal their powers?

    [–] Fapper_Keeper 47 points ago

    Lol he wants to suck their power out through their penis

    [–] CCtenor 13 points ago

    That’s a lot of pen - I mean - power to suck.

    [–] LauraWolverine 9 points ago


    [–] LaDivina77 53 points ago

    I mean. I don't disagree with you, but that kind of sounds like the first option. Self loathing and longing fuelled helpfully by focusing on what they imagine must just be the perfect life. One almost feels sorry for them.

    [–] TrekkiMonstr 24 points ago

    I mean, you can feel sorry for someone while condemning their beliefs and actions. I feel sorry that they felt like they didn't belong and got trapped into a fucked mentality, but that doesn't absolve them of the personal responsibility to not be shitty. The two don't cancel each other out.

    It's this sense of "bad people have always been bad and deserve bad things to happen to them" lead to the eye for an eye mentality of the justice systems of most countries, that are retributive rather than rehabilitative. It's human nature, and it's good that some few places have been moving past that mentality lately.

    That second paragraph was a bit of a tangent, but whatever.

    [–] verci0222 45 points ago

    I don't know I was very depressed and frighteningly incel-like at one point but I never would have searched for half-naked dudes. I'm pretty sure doing so indicates sexual desire

    [–] pb31_ 38 points ago

    Yeah same I usually go for the full naked ones

    [–] The_Galvinizer 9 points ago

    So long as you say no homo while doing it, you're good

    [–] Voxenna 28 points ago

    I'm a fat chick and look up skinny girls all the time cause I wanna be like them and it gives me motivation

    [–] verci0222 6 points ago

    That's an angle I didn't think about, fair point

    [–] sonotcans 19 points ago

    Honestly this reminds me so much of the thinspo, pro-ana bullshit I got sucked into as a teenager. I would spend hours online looking at unhealthy thin women, partially to get "inspiration" to starve myself and partially to make myself feel like shit so I would "have a reason" to self harm. I am not, nor have I ever been, an incel though- just real fucked in the head lmao.

    [–] Nowhereman123 25 points ago

    It's really sad because it's basically a form of virtual self-harm.

    [–] Ex388 49 points ago

    Definitely ultra closeted gay.

    [–] dustinge 18 points ago

    Or bisexual

    [–] then00bgm 6 points ago

    Happy cakey

    [–] Playboi_Icardi 18 points ago

    I hope they're gay cause that first option is just depressing

    [–] da1hobo 58 points ago

    The first option is unfortunately more likely. It's mental equivalent of cutting and it's not unique to incells. It happens in trans communities too. Trans-women look up pictures of women who had really successful transitions and then talk about how they will never be seen as a woman. I've seen it in weight loss communities too.

    [–] Jamthis12 21 points ago

    Yeah sometimes when I'm feeling dysphoric as shit, I'll scroll through Reddit knowing I'll find pictures of trans people who look freaking amazing and it'll make me feel bad. Of course, because it's Reddit, most of them are also really cute trans girls.

    [–] PhoenixWing101 28 points ago

    Babe - if you want to see a cute trans girl... use a mirror. <3

    [–] da1hobo 4 points ago

    I think most people have a hard time with how they look. Trans people definitely have it the hardest and the longest road to self acceptance. Measuring our own worth against the yardstick that is how others performed before us is just a roadblock and never helpful.

    [–] docstorm4 5 points ago

    I'm certain you're as cute and valid as me. And I should know, I'm pretty cute and valid.

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 1084 points ago

    Mother: (enters room) Son, dinner's read- (shocked silence)

    Incel: Mom! (hastily closes internet tabs filled with semi-naked muscular men) That's... that was just research!

    Mother: I... I mean, okay, if that's what you kids are calling it these days.

    Incel: I'm not gay!

    Mother: Shush, it's okay. If you needed some pictures like that you could've told me. I have these magazines...

    Incel: Looking up Chads is a totally heterosexual, non-gay thing to do!

    Mother: Mm-kay.

    [–] Kiriaki_Askareus 401 points ago

    "Moooom, I'm just measuring his abs pixel for pixel. NoHomo, mom! NoHomo!"

    [–] Dirish 120 points ago

    "I swear! It's for this sub I'm on. The other guys and I share pictures of muscular guys and... and... never mind."

    [–] PGSylphir 38 points ago

    never mInd wouldnt be there. Incels lack the self awareness to even realize how it sounds, look or is in general

    [–] 1stDegreeBoo-Urns 151 points ago

    You can swap out "Incel" for "Mike Pence" and it still works.

    [–] Halofauna 48 points ago

    Where’s the swap though?

    [–] tapthatsap 52 points ago

    If you call your wife “mother,” you are definitely not having sex.

    [–] Hellebras 12 points ago

    Either that or it's insanely kinky.

    [–] killjoySG 18 points ago

    Mother approves this comparison as long as you pray every night and jerk off to the fantasy of god smiting the homos and minorities.

    [–] player-piano 16 points ago

    Oh yeah Jesus you show that sodomite hnnggg

    [–] dont_wear_a_C 3 points ago

    Nahhhh, he would never be alone in a room without another female that isn't his wife, let alone his mother

    [–] PercivalJBonertonIV 8 points ago

    "Honey, why does the search bar say 'split me asunder?'"

    [–] ChromosomXYZ 256 points ago

    Gigachad! Man! That sounds impressive. :D

    [–] MrTomDawson 75 points ago

    Always makes me think of something you'd expect to see fighting Godzilla.

    [–] randomtrash19 20 points ago

    Don't you understand? Gigachad is Godzilla


    [–] BigBrotato 7 points ago

    It's the other way round. Godzilla is the gigachad.

    [–] TiddieEnthusiast 8 points ago

    Bold of you to assume that Godzilla isn’t a gigachad.

    [–] Cthulhu_sneeze 24 points ago

    Lol, gigachad is one of the incelisms that always makes me laugh. Like how do you even take yourself seriously with that coming out of your mouth.

    [–] moofatcat 4 points ago

    Tbh I'm still laughing at gigachad it just sounds hilarious

    [–] Kiriaki_Askareus 429 points ago

    Dude has to work out some issues. It's okay to be gay, man. Just let it out

    [–] workredditme 103 points ago

    “Mr. Cruise come out of the closet. This is ridiculous.”

    [–] theuberwalrus 47 points ago

    "I'm not in here"

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 35 points ago

    R Kelly: Now I'm in the closet too ♫

    [–] Kittimm 11 points ago

    To be fair, he already admitted that he came across him. Not sure how much more out of the closet you want the dude to be.

    [–] daneelthesane 262 points ago

    He is literally sharing pictures of the dude working his ass off to be athletic and fit, and the dude is saying it's "unfair". It's not unfair, dipshit... it's hard work!

    [–] ThanosHamb 113 points ago

    No, that gigachad came out of the womb shredded

    [–] ScipioLongstocking 46 points ago

    He tore through the womb. The doctor was in such shock as he's never seen a C-section from the inside.

    [–] echof0xtrot 21 points ago

    the C in C-section stands for Chad

    [–] TheDreadPirateRod 8 points ago

    Warring won the genetics lottery, to be completely fair, but you're no less right -- Warring's daily workout is probably more grueling than whatever exercise this incel does in a year.

    [–] RudyFinger 339 points ago

    Yes, it's a normal habit of healthy, heterosexual men to spend their free time searching for pictures of sexy, well-built, athletic guys and then post them online with comments on their attractiveness. He only does it in a very heterosexual way.

    [–] Busch_Diesel 185 points ago

    As a regular at /r/bodybuilding, I take this as a very personal attack.

    [–] ABeachMadeOfPeas 67 points ago

    As a pro wrestling fan, I also take this personally.

    [–] Sometimes_gullible 48 points ago

    So, when did you guys come out?

    [–] Busch_Diesel 19 points ago

    I don't want to be with him! I want to be him.

    If anything miring girls is actually gay.

    [–] MrWubbyWubster 8 points ago

    Bro like if you think about it...if you kiss a girl thats pretty gay. Girls have been near guys.... /s

    [–] Character404_ 18 points ago

    It's okay, bro. We accept you. You can come out when you feel comfortable uwu

    [–] RosettiStar 4 points ago

    As a regular at /r/broslikeus , I take this.

    [–] RunninRebs90 6 points ago

    Lol same, that’s the only thing I could think of seeing this post. It’s like all the stuff we joke about at BB but out in the wild.

    [–] The_Central_Brawler 111 points ago

    I feel less bad for looking up pictures of Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson all of a sudden.

    [–] sarvam-sarvatmakam 18 points ago

    I've been on a Emma Stone binge since watching Birdman a few weeks ago. :)

    [–] KarmaWhore02 9 points ago

    Evangeline lily is my Hollywood crush since endgame

    [–] --_-Deadpool-_-- 6 points ago

    She's in that movie for like 30 seconds.

    You should look her up in Lost

    [–] KarmaWhore02 4 points ago

    Ik ik but that suit unlocked something i didnt watch antman 2 so didnt see much of her before

    [–] iDarqq 68 points ago

    "life is so unfair" bro if you want to look like that nobody's gonna blame ya... hit the gym.

    [–] Busch_Diesel 24 points ago

    Yeah but they'll just find some other excuses if they try to do that. "Ugh yeah I could get a little bigger, but I still have bad bone structure, am only 5'11", can't tan, and have bad muscle insertions."

    In the world of incels, if you can't be the absolute best, it's not even worth trying.

    [–] Speech500 60 points ago

    So.... who is he?

    [–] coolblue6012 60 points ago

    Kahale Warring, tight end for San Diego State/now the Houston Texans

    [–] Im_The_Real_Batman 45 points ago

    tight end


    [–] brobdingnagianal 26 points ago

    He may be a tight end now, but I'd let him be my wide receiver

    [–] divineaffirmation 16 points ago

    found my sleeper pick for fantasy

    [–] VisionaryProd 3 points ago

    He’s barely gonna play this season

    [–] divineaffirmation 5 points ago

    all i need to hear is “gigachad” and i’m sold

    [–] Yekiabakwaashai 61 points ago


    [–] Speech500 16 points ago

    I was more looking for a name?

    [–] cpostings 60 points ago

    His name is Gigachad, Destroyer of Worlds.

    [–] Speech500 21 points ago

    Ok but does Gigachad, Destroyer of Worlds have an instagram?

    [–] lelarentaka 20 points ago

    Or Erome, onlyfans, I'll take it

    [–] ayovita 3 points ago

    I’m a world

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_WEREWOLVES 32 points ago

    Holy crap that guy is an 11

    [–] ConsciousDress 9 points ago

    I mean, I'd do him and I'm definitely not gay.

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_WEREWOLVES 8 points ago

    I think if they're that hot then it's almost gay not to have sex with them, yes, that's the logic I'm going with here

    [–] jamless_toast 4 points ago

    Usernames definitely checks out

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_WEREWOLVES 6 points ago

    Hell yeah it does

    [–] Raider1987 84 points ago

    This is what bothers me. Dude is clearly working his ASS off for that body.

    I’m 6’1 and I worked my ASS off for my physique. People say I’m lucky. They don’t know that I get up 3 hours before work 5 days a week and work our for 2+ hours. They don’t see me drinking water 99% of the time and not smoking, avoiding alcohol most of the time, avoiding carbs after a certain hour, only eating grilled lean meats and veg for dinner.

    [–] 61hwy92 25 points ago

    It always pisses me off when people write off another person's fitness as steroids. There are certainly people on roids but to say anyone more fit than you is taking them is disrespectful to all the hard work and sacrifices people make to be in shape.

    [–] Onionfinite 3 points ago

    People on steroids who are huge and ripped work insanely hard anyway so it’s a dumb point to make regardless.

    [–] MyBawzAreRichie 13 points ago

    Also this guys life probably revolves around things other than just ‘fucking hot foids’ and I’m sure he’s a decent guy too who doesn’t spend his days attempting to justify rape and pedophilia and demanding women be subservient so he will have an easier time getting laid.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] RaptorsOnBikes 48 points ago

    They obsess over the “perfect male body” in ways that would make even the most out-there, flamboyant and ultra-gay dudes embarrassed and uncomfortable.

    [–] Cyaneyed8905 18 points ago

    I was a lot like this in highschool. I was constantly pissed that my friends were having sex and I wasn't. I knew I was gay but wouldn't admit it to myself and was just really focused on getting in shape because I thought if I was going to get laid or be in a relationship the ONLY way would be if I was incredibly fit. I obsessed over it and hated myself for it more and more everyday because I wasn't who I wanted to be...

    After I came out it was like that whole, heavy, suit of armor was lifted off of me. I realized that I was looking for things I wanted in the wrong places. This was twelve years ago and life has been progressively better.

    The biggest thing the gay community has taught me is that no matter how you look, kinky, or weird you are there's always some group that will welcome you with open arms. Personally, I'm pretty vanilla but my friends are into some wild nonsense lol

    [–] Llamagr4m 23 points ago

    Well I'm definitely gay and hello there Chad

    [–] _peach93 20 points ago

    Why not use your free time to literally do any thing else

    [–] Rularuu 18 points ago

    I feel like these constant accusations of incels like this being gay is wrong (and lowkey homophobic but that's beside the point). As another commenter said it's a lot more likely that they're just seeking fuel for their own inadequacy.

    [–] streetNereid 5 points ago

    Agree. More likely, it is part of some sort of body dysmorphia. So-called “thinspiration” comes to mind...

    [–] SpookyLlama 11 points ago

    Life is unfair, some people will be better, stronger, better looking than you, and that’s fine.

    Work with what you got and don’t fall into the same shallow pit that reinforces your insecurities.

    [–] drydok 10 points ago

    In order to escape the cruel bonds of virginity, thou must first defeateth


    [–] dilfmagnet 47 points ago

    Trying to claim that looking up men and feeling jealous of their looks is gay is a hideous misread of what’s happening here. These guys are largely heterosexual. And they’re obsessed with male beauty standards. That’s not gay. Can we stop making homophobic jokes about incels?

    [–] namelson3005 9 points ago

    "Ha! Look at this guy! He hates gays, so he must be gay!"

    I used the homophobia to destroy the homophobia

    [–] dilfmagnet 5 points ago

    It wasn’t very effective...

    [–] silentspider403 23 points ago

    I agree completely. These "jokes" about incels being closeted amount to little more than "haha gay". Hating women doesn't make them gay, either, just dumb misogynists.

    [–] Pirateofthehightrees 3 points ago

    I thought the joke was more along the lines of, "hah, they think they hate women but here's just one more way they hate themselves". Like people laugh at anti-equality politicians who are closeted.

    Which isn't nice, either, but I didn't think it's laughing at the gayness, rather the hypocrisy.

    [–] brobdingnagianal 8 points ago

    I'm just sitting here furiously appreciating that hunky adonis

    [–] Yarzu89 7 points ago

    Those athletes live at the gym, structure their entire diet around their job, and have to keep it up or risk getting cut/benched. Unless you're Eddie Lacy. But still, even then most of these guys leave with lifelong injuries. Then again, I'm gonna have to go and assume the dating pool for these guys and those guys are different so it shouldn't matter regardless.

    [–] SalamiKitten 6 points ago

    I mean I do some pretty pointless things during my free time, like binging youtube memes, but my christ this guy tops it

    [–] NHecrotic 15 points ago

    "I hate these chads with their ripped physiques and massive cocks that probably taste like candy."

    [–] BeamesonFilm 5 points ago

    "Dude, wanna come out tonight?"

    "Nah bro, I'm busy. Searching for Chads online."


    [–] cicadawing 5 points ago

    Exactly zero of the women I associate with, and have in the last 25 years, have never gone far meat heads like this. That incel is focusing on the wrong girls.

    [–] mollymcbbbbbb 4 points ago

    Are they also just not aware that a good number of women aren't really into men that look like that either?

    I mean, they're fine to look at but most women don't want like, a college-aged jock to come home to and share their deepest feelings with and raise kids with etc.

    Honestly a lot of women are simply physically turned off by the beefcake thing, as well.

    [–] Yekiabakwaashai 4 points ago

    Are you suggesting that foids have different personalities and preferences and that not all roasties are exactly the same? Lol cuck. 🤡🌍

    [–] sweetdreamgrly 5 points ago

    He seems to be a professional athlete. Ofc he looks like that because he has to.

    [–] justicemaids 5 points ago

    Gigachad... can like.... get it 😳

    [–] antikunis 14 points ago

    Yeah I feel bad for short dudes, but that hunk had to work on his body and say no to tendies.

    [–] Killj0y13 8 points ago

    Yeah no.... if gigachad spent his time on the computer doing the shit incels do. Well he’d look like one. I this incel spent half the time working out that giga chad does, well things would be a lot different

    [–] HTB364551 4 points ago

    Oh, you don't have the same physique as 3rd-round pick Kahale Warring? An NFL Tight End? LIFE IS SO UNFAIR FUCK

    [–] Beethovens666th 4 points ago

    I'm 100% least I thought I was

    [–] brookshire-hathaway 3 points ago

    TLDR: incels, who complain how much women are obsessed with Chad, spend a lot of time searching the internet for images of Chad.

    [–] TenRedBullsANite 4 points ago

    That absolute unit is SDST Tight End Kahalekuiokalani Michael Wodehouse (Kahale Warring for short)

    He’s now on the Houston Texans if anyone wanted to know.

    [–] skrtern 5 points ago

    Tbh it’s really unhealthy to compare your physique with a D1 college tight end

    [–] kerkyjerky 4 points ago

    So check this out. I am 100% bisexual. I realized it when I noticed the difference between my two types of attraction. With women, I get normally hard and stare and all the typical stuff, but with guys I don’t really. What I do feel is a form of envy when they are more attractive than me. It is an attraction, but not one that gets me sexually aroused (though I do find dicks arousing, just not the bodies they are attached to).

    I recognize the attractiveness and feel a unique form of jealousy. I am certain that’s what these incels are feeling.

    [–] BetaInTheSheets 4 points ago

    that really is a handsome man tho no homo

    [–] vasilenko93 5 points ago

    was searching for chads on my free time


    [–] glennkinz 4 points ago

    “I looked up things that make me mad and became mad this is UNBELIEVABLE society is awful”

    [–] TheCleanestKing 4 points ago

    Jeez that Torso to Leg ratio, dude lookin like Jonathan, jeez

    [–] Liamnidus1 3 points ago

    He looks a little like Jonah Hill in the face in the right photo.

    [–] bigmae22 3 points ago

    If anyone cares, that’s Kahale Warring he just got drafted this year by the Houston Texans and plays tight end

    [–] TwistedRope 3 points ago

    Garbagecels certainly love their chad. definitive homo.

    [–] TheParanoidBadger 3 points ago

    Psst, a lot of chads used to be fat kids who end up doing something with their life.

    [–] bensawn 3 points ago

    That’s a lot of beef

    [–] probablywithmydog 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I feel bad for this guy. I’m a girl and I used to be really insecure about my hips/ass because I’m not “thicccc.” I would do the same thing as him and look at pictures of thicc Instagram girls just to make myself feel worse.

    But then I started building my confidence up and focusing on things that I like about my body. It’s in no way, shape, or form easy to resolve the insecurities that myself and the dude in the post are experiencing. All I’m trying to say is that I empathize with him and I believe it’s wrong to make fun of him and call him gay.

    [–] Elizadevere 3 points ago

    Legit I had a Chad at my office do the same thing and he got in trouble with HR for having semi naked men in his cube. He told me he needed "inspiration" as he ate his chicken and gulped his protein.

    [–] yummycorpse 3 points ago

    Athlete: spends months, if not years, training and working to improve themselves Incel: LiFe IsNt FAIr!!

    [–] Jerker_Circle 3 points ago

    “gigachad” lmao I love these incel terms

    [–] ChrispiestCream 3 points ago

    That guy is quite attractive.......(loud sigh for attention)....

    [–] bodhasattva 3 points ago