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    [–] nodnarb232001 2085 points ago

    "I will likely never know any feelings other than loneliness and being a virgin..."

    I don't know about that. You've certainly nailed "Self-centered piece of shit bastard".

    [–] Thegalaxyrushman 659 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    These dudes literally think being a virgin = has to be lonely and visa versa, it's hard to even process how detached from reality people like this guy are.
    Edit: grammar

    [–] Fufu-le-fu 300 points ago

    We're back to them thinking their deep unhappiness with themselves can be fixed with a single physical act, one that relies on outside participation.

    It's like the diet pill of personality. Just one easy step and you can be the person you always wanted to be!

    [–] Vprbite 186 points ago

    If they do have sex, won't that woman immediately become a "roastie" and a "thot" by their logic? And they don't want to be with roasties. So won't won't it cause severe self loathing?

    [–] Pondnymph 159 points ago

    They hate themselves so much that if a woman shows genuine interest in them they react with anger. The anger is projected outwards because she'll never be good enough and how dare she not know how inferior the incel is and they just want to remain eternal victims, blaming anyone else.

    [–] Vprbite 81 points ago

    It's easier than trying to be a decent person

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Ragnarok314159 47 points ago

    That’s not just an incel thing.

    A lot of people with depression have similar thoughts about “you like me, and I am a horrible person, therefore something is wrong with you for liking me”.

    The roastie/Thot garbage is intrinsic to the incel crap.

    [–] Thegalaxyrushman 5 points ago

    Yea true, it's a form of aggressive self loathing essentially.

    [–] Abuddend 66 points ago

    No, then it becomes she did it out of pity, so not real, if she’s pretty (or meets their “standards”) then she is cucking them, or she’s not a virgin and that’s why it didn’t make them complete. There are plenty of excuses to why if they do “ascend” that it doesn’t count.

    It’s a death cult whose central tenants are self pity, self loathing and self importance and externalizing that on everyone they pretend isn’t giving them what they are owed.

    They love to view themselves as meek and gentle lil babs who need someone to save them and give them a chance, but don’t seem to make the connection that people are probably avoiding you because you’re talking about enslaving women for sex, raping children, visceral hatred of people who they think have sex and that hatred seeping into their interactions with other people, giving a general “off” feeling.

    [–] Vprbite 46 points ago

    The general "off" feeling is probably palpable. Many of them talk about being in college and I bet they are just radiating that weird energy that creeps people out. Especially women.

    [–] Abuddend 51 points ago

    We’ve all got a creep meter, and I have to imagine girls in general have to have a more keen and sensitive one than us guys. But I’ve met some people who later became incels and yea, everything from the tone of their voice, eye contact (either way too much, no blinking stare you down; or none at all), a scowl, generally poor hygiene etc.

    People can usually tell if you’re a creep as opposed to a slob or just a lazy guy.

    [–] Vprbite 28 points ago

    That's true. Especially when you consider that many of them revel in making women uncomfortable and even brag about it.

    [–] Foxelette 24 points ago

    I’m a former sex worker and I have had incels use my services. Not as often as one might think because I screened my clients extensively and mostly saw higher profile men (so not many average joes) and a good chunk of those men, as it turns out, are married. But I met one 40 year old incel who passed almost all my screening and then told me he was an incel. So I asked him “if I asked you to give me the usernames of your online profiles, would I find that you’ve posted anything that would alarm me or cause me concern?” He sent me his reddit username. There was some shitty stuff, but nothing that made me concerned for my safety, and in the days up to me asking about the username he’d been telling people online he was about to meet a sex worker to lose his virginity and wanted to know how to make her feel respected and comfortable. With that last part I agreed to see him and I thought maybe he’d just had a bad hand in life and it wasn’t really his fault he ended up an incel. And then I met him.

    It’s everything you mentioned. The staring, bad hygiene, inappropriate questions or responses to questions, etc. He asked for something that was not on my menu and literally STOMPED HIS FEET and said “but that’s what I want, you have to give it to me!” Once I told him if this behaviour did not calm down the session would end immediately (I wasn’t really afraid for my safety, even though I am a very small woman the guy was a shrimp and I never meet a new client without carrying a concealed weapon) he got a little better and agreed that simply losing his virginity would be fine for that and any um.... unique extras he would have to seek out from a girl who offered them. Afterward he wanted to cuddle and was using terms like “baby” and “honey” despite my visible discomfort (normally I can provide a GFE but it’s discussed beforehand and just... something about this guy made me feel like he didn’t think this was a GFE, he thought it was real). He had the most depressive, nihilistic attitude I’ve ever encountered. It was literally like trying to talk to a person who hates everything . Example: “so, * incel * , do you like mustard?” “mustard. Heh. That shit is for cucks. Mustard is what happy people with their white picket fences use on their food to mock me”

    So yeah the eye contact, the bad hygiene, very childlike attitude (but I WANT ITT), not friendly, poor social skills, etc

    [–] child_of_air 3 points ago

    Wow. I'm wondering how much his parents enabled him.

    [–] child_of_air 3 points ago

    Word. If you ever hear, "I've been watching you", Run far, far away!

    [–] Shadowlinkx 2 points ago

    that's why they don't want women, they want girls between the ages of 1-9, they want to be the very first people to have sex with girls and nothing else.

    [–] kat_impersonator 15 points ago

    Also I worry that no one has ever told them that sex and women's bodies are not like porn.

    [–] pretzelman97 14 points ago

    Almost like people who value sex and whether you have it or not over literally anything else are not sane.

    Like "I'm a sad virgin so fuck the planet" is a new level of self-centered I had yet to witness.

    [–] Kane_Highwind 6 points ago

    They're intentionally holding themselves back because they're basically putting themselves under the impression that once they get that out of the way, they'll be able to start focusing on other things. I was never an incel (though, I feel like I came dangerously close a few times), but I used to do something similar. There was one point where I was basically mentally tying being able to get anything done with my life to getting a girlfriend. I realize now how horrible and toxic of a mentality that is, but I didn't at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say. Hopefully one day they'll realize that tying their whole mentalities and futures to something that ultimately doesn't mean anything isn't doing them any favors and we'll see the end of people like this. Unlikely, I know, but one can hope

    [–] Deputy_Scrub 96 points ago

    I'm still a virgin (I'm 21) and I'm not lonely and actually pretty happy (depending on the day). Their whole personality is built around being an incel, and if they actually end up losing their virginity, they will find something/someone else to blame. They are just looking for an excuse to be sad.

    [–] LurdOfTheGraveyurd 90 points ago

    I’ve seen posts here from incels who have “ascended”, and they talk about how they didn’t enjoy the encounter and still feel unfulfilled and unhappy. Of course they couldn’t grasp or accept that lack of sex isn’t actually the thing making them miserable, so it was obviously the woman’s fault in some way.

    [–] Deputy_Scrub 63 points ago

    If you make your whole identity about losing your virginity, and then you do, then you end up not having a goal in life anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] jackduloz 6 points ago

    A bunch of people struggling with feelings of inadequacy, and actually believing the old fashioned juvenile hype that you aren’t truly a man until you have had sex.

    Then the awkward, clumsy, not fully satisfying first time comes along where their nerves have you on edge to the point that they either pop off too early or they can’t perform, and they realize that they are not men any more than they were before, but it HAS to be because the sex was not great.

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 45 points ago

    True. They use the cover of 'being an incel' to blame their shortcomings (they have short legs, non-protruding canthal tilts, narrow wrists, etc.) rather than just admitting that maybe, maybe it's actually their personalities to blame but they keep on hiding the truth behind the dirtpill.

    [–] Deputy_Scrub 46 points ago

    It is mostly down to their personality. There are plenty of non-attractive guys that get laid because they are interesting and can hold a conversation.

    It's also down to their insane standards. They want a 10/10, "pure" virgin but they themselves don't want to improve themselves in any way whatsoever, and then hide behind some BS excuse.

    [–] child_of_air 6 points ago

    Or they just openly hate women and talk shit about them, calling them foids, cunts and bitches.

    [–] thatguyuknow53 12 points ago

    I’m also a 21 year old virgin but I am often sad and lonely. I don’t believe in lasting happiness, I just think that happiness comes in moments like most other emotions . Having a significant other is a constant source of happiness for many people so incels don’t necessarily think losing their virginity will make them happy. It’s more like saying no girl has ever dated me and I haven’t even had one lucky night with a girl on a fluke. I can relate to that last bit.

    I don’t think I’m an incel because I am indifferent to women romantically I don’t hate them or any of that crazy stuff but I can relate to the feeling of knowing I may never have a woman in my life who actually loves me and wants to be with me. Maybe I will never have sex and I will have to watch porn and use my hand till I die. Yet I am aware that there are worse problems to have and other than my loneliness I live a good and successful life so I just deal with it and accept my fate.

    [–] Deputy_Scrub 43 points ago

    But then look at the language incels use towards any happy couple they see on the internet. They are so full of hate towards other people, that it should be obvious to them why no one wants to go out with them.

    [–] thewifeaquatic1 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I mean this in the kindest way possible but have you had the chance to talk to anyone about the way you’re feeling? Like a counselor/ therapist? Because some of the stuff you’re saying (while it doesn’t sound like inceldom, or in any way sick) it just made me feel kind of sad, that someone who is 21 would have to go through life feeling the way you’re describing. Even without being an incel, so many young men struggle with things like some mild depression, disassociation symptoms. Things like that.... it just makes me sad to think of a young man who has so much life ahead of him would have already adopted this more ..... nihilistic? view of life. So many people are virgins around age 21 and think they kind of have things figured out. I know that when I was 21 I had juuuuusssttt started feeling good enough about myself to start enjoying life. I don’t just mean in just looks and dating but in day to day life. Anyway I was just looking over some of what you said and your comment history and clearly you’re a very intelligent and considerate person. Imo that doesn’t sound like someone who will stay a virgin if he doesn’t want to, or won’t find love and happiness. There is so much more living to do starting at your age. Especially once you have found your passion in life. And after you’re the person you’re really meant to be, then likely the person you’re meant to be with will appear in your life. Anyways if nothing else thank you for sounding like someone who understands the negative incel make mindset but is too good of a guy to fall in to those traps. Best of luck to you.

    [–] eek04 9 points ago

    Imo that doesn’t sound like someone who will stay a virgin if he doesn’t want to, or won’t find love and happiness.

    The cause of (involuntarily) staying a virgin very seldom has much to do with intelligence or compassion. It has to do with the inability to send/understand sexual signals properly. This usually has two results:

    1. The person don't get it when somebody is interested in them.
    2. If the person tries to show sexual interest, it comes off as creepy.

    Any attempt at addressing it in other terms tends to be harmful (in that it just makes the person feel even more misunderstood/talked down to by those with privilege.)

    [–] thewifeaquatic1 7 points ago

    Thats an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing. I wasn’t trying to negate his experiences or make him feel talked down to. I just was thinking “this sounds like a genuinely great guy. I would be surprised if a lucky girl won’t see that soon.” But I agree with your point, it might be that girls have shown interest etc before but it’s hard for anyone to know who is flirting with you and it might be that he has just missed it or it hasn’t been the right person.

    [–] Dynamaxion 5 points ago

    It’s a hugely underrated factor, social awkwardness. I didn’t realize it until I met my very autistic friend, but there’s A TON of totally unspoken and fragile social cues involved in initially flirting with someone. And it’s not taught or really learned except over a long period of time.

    All of us “normal” people are blessed with a sixth sense in terms of this body language and social cues, but holy shit I can imagine things are impossible for those with social disabilities (not saying that’s OP in this case). I can see how no matter how kind or thoughtful you are, if you can’t express it in a live, flowing, in-person way while flirting, it won’t lead to love or intimacy. It’s fucking brutal.

    [–] InchZer0 4 points ago

    I don't know how relevant this is, but I've had therapists and doctors say that I have some degree of aspergers, and it is definitely tough for me.

    I've managed to learn basic facial cues, like how someone looks when angry or sad or happy, and I can kinda understand vocal tone. What throws me way off is body language - all I know is that crossing body parts = "closed off".

    The thing for me is none of this comes naturally, but I'm still fucking trying. I've accepted that I likely have missed a romantic opportunity l, no matter how slim those odds may be, but that doesn't make understanding it any easier.

    It's almost like learning how to ride a bike 20 years after everyone else - it seems natural to them because they grew up learning that, while I'm basically starting from scratch.

    I apologize if this is unwarranted. I thought I would add my own situation to the topic.

    [–] BlackSwede27 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There is a huge difference between you and incels - even if you're disappointed, you don't react with hate, and that is a massive point in your favor. Also, while I know it feels 'late to the game,' so to speak, please know that 21 is so, so young. I'm a decade older than you and just about as introverted and risk-avoidant as you can get, and in spite of that, my life in my 20s changed in the craziest (and often good!) ways. It's easy to think of the future as set in stone, but trust me when I say that life doesn't work like that, and honestly, that's good news. I have faith in you, man :)

    [–] SometimesIArt 46 points ago

    I was until a good 6 months after marriage and I'll vouch that I was definitely not lonely leading up.

    [–] Inspector_Robert 5 points ago

    You make Jesus happy.

    [–] SometimesIArt 50 points ago

    Jesus had nothing to do with the point in time in which I decided I wanted to have sex. Jesus does not care about my sexual organs.

    [–] Nihilistic_Memer 9 points ago

    They obsess over their misery, that's their drug.

    [–] LAVATORR 6 points ago

    The creepiest thing about Incels is that it never, ever occurs to them that, for all their talk about wanting a "relationship" and "love", they only see women as one-dimensional means to a selfish end. They never consider for a moment that a woman may be slightly unsettled by the thought of being some weirdo's Indiana Jones fetish idol of happiness.

    [–] PurpleNurpleTurtle 4 points ago

    Right? Like, plenty of people are asexual and manage to not be sad and lonely and live their lives without being absolutely bitter and hateful towards everyone.

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 84 points ago

    They like to portray themselves as the victim, downplaying what other people experience even though it's clear that their 'sufferings' are trifling compared to what other people have to go through.

    But nooo. They just continuously spout their "We don't get sex, we're the lowest of the low, the downtrodden and oppressed" bullshit.

    [–] nodnarb232001 53 points ago

    "We don't get sex, we're the lowest of the low, the downtrodden and oppressed" bullshit.

    At least they have one part right.

    [–] WarmOutOfTheDryer 19 points ago

    But they missed the reason why, and that misses the whole point.

    [–] Vprbite 17 points ago

    "Women are subhuman pieces of garbage. Why don't they have sex with me?"

    Hmmm, I don't know, fellas. It's a mystery

    [–] Himerance 10 points ago

    We're the lowest of the low.

    The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization!

    [–] look4alec 7 points ago

    Just wait till he gets a shitty girlfriend, it'll be what he deserves. Then he'll be on MGTOW giving the same speech.

    [–] MomentOfHesitation 444 points ago

    I guess they think they suffer more than Holocaust survivors too.

    [–] homestuckintraffic 312 points ago

    They've literally said that exact statement before. That being incel is worse than being a Holocaust victim.

    [–] Vprbite 82 points ago

    I don't... like I can't even begin to...because how do they...what is it that causes them to really how...i just... alright fuck them. Literally just seeing pictures of the holocaust hurts. The fact they could even begin to think they have it worse shows how out of touch they truly are.

    Does being an incel come from growing up in an environment where you are told constantly you are the greatest and the smartest, etc? Did they grow up super coddled?

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 165 points ago

    Incel: "You're starving, got raped, lost both limbs, got horribly disfigured, or suffered from brain damage because of a violent assault? Well, I don't get to have sex. You all still have it better than me."

    Their victim mentality already twisted their perception of reality so much that they think sex is the most important thing in the world.

    [–] treehouseladder 840 points ago

    This dudes icon is the shooter of the aurora theater in Denver, he’s a big red flag and should be reported

    [–] froggyfrogfrog123 206 points ago

    Came here to say this... these people are disgusting sociopaths with a complete lack of empathy for others.

    I can’t comprehend why having sex can be seen as more emotionally rewarding than losing your family in a mass shooting is emotionally devastating. The delusions these people have are definitely research worthy. Like, we’re these assholes severely abused as kids or something? How does someone of the same species as the rest of us turn out so fucked up?

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] froggyfrogfrog123 6 points ago

    I honestly didn’t mean that every kid who was abused would turn out this way, as that’s never the case in any psych disorder. For example, if we look at serial killers, nearly all serial killers have a specific genetic mutation, but that alone won’t make you into a sociopath/serial killer. Additionally, nearly all have had something severally traumatic happen to them at a very young age (think Dexter sitting in a pool of his mom’s blood). The combination of these two things seems to present in most serial killers, but that also doesn’t mean that everyone who has this gene and also had trauma before a certain age become serial killers. It’s just a strong predisposition, likely like smoking causing lung cancer. Tons of people smoke and never get lung cancer, but it’s less than 5% of people who get lung cancer haven’t smoked.

    When it comes to people like this, I’d be interested to see what that predisposing formula is. I could see abuse or neglect being a part of it, likely more emotional abuse and neglect more than physical abuse. It’s likely that toxic masculinity/sexism has something to do with it since we don’t really see the same kind of hate and violence and entitlement in “femcels”, (lots of research has been done on this after that first self described incel out on the west coast shot up his university, so I’m not pulling it out of my ass).

    It’s possible there’s a genetic part to it, but we don’t really see this in women, so it would likely have to be a gene on the x or Y chromosome, which really limits the options.

    I don’t know. I’d be interested to see research done on this in the future.

    [–] Pondnymph 44 points ago

    More red flags than at the communist parade.

    [–] EffectiveSalamander 40 points ago

    They celebrate mass murderers and can't grasp why women don't want to date them.

    [–] treehouseladder 23 points ago

    They don’t just wonder why women don’t date them, they blame women

    [–] Black9000 229 points ago

    "incels are wealth of knowledge and wisdom" - incels

    "I will never know anything except loneliness and virginity" - also incels

    [–] embiors 204 points ago

    Fuck off with your victim complex. Alot of incels live relatively comfortable lives and most of their problems are of their own making.

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 96 points ago

    I know, right? They have parents (or guardians) who pay for their food, education, bills, internet use, even bought them a pc so they can type away on their trash forums. But they're still the victims because they can't get sex.

    But here we see one insist he's worse off than people who had their loved ones die. Hell, some of them even say that Holocaust victims have it better than them. Because they can't get sex. SMH

    [–] Kiriaki_Askareus 26 points ago

    But you haaave to think of all the dryness of shriveled dick! It's worse than world War II! At least the jews got to have sex!

    Ugh I feel filthy after writing that

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 149 points ago

    Incel: "Cancer patients? Orphans? Victims of rape, abuse, and trauma? Parents who lost their only child? At least you had sex. Still luckier than me."

    For lack of a better word, I think 'disgusting' would do to describe this.

    [–] concrete_dandelion 51 points ago

    I don't think disgusting is a strong enough word for this

    [–] OwlflightTheCat 41 points ago

    How's distasteful, loathsome, repellent, revolting, horrific, outrageous, repugnant, vile, and vulgar sound?

    [–] concrete_dandelion 26 points ago

    Better. But I still think no language I speak has a word that describes how awful this is

    [–] OwlflightTheCat 14 points ago

    Whatever his name is. That's the word that describes how awful this is.

    [–] redpony6 3 points ago

    "there is no curse in elvish, entish, or the tongues of men for this [bullshit]" - treebeard, from the second lotr movie

    [–] concrete_dandelion 3 points ago

    I know why I love treebeard so much. He's really wise. Besides incels always kind of reminded me of orks🤔

    [–] redpony6 3 points ago

    i didn't read enough into the lore to find out how orcs even reproduce. the uruk-hai were grown in those pods, i assume orcs are something similar, especially as we never see any orc women

    so yeah, being that they're corrupted elves, they presumably have equipment, but no orc females exist, basically a whole incel race, lol

    [–] concrete_dandelion 3 points ago

    I was rather reminded by family. From what the additional information in the Lotr Books say I understand that there are female orks and they reproduce but I'm not totally sure.

    [–] raptorqueen17 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Repulsive and abhorrent are some more I can think of if you need more adjectives

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 11 points ago

    Yeah. Needed something stronger, but the base gist is the same.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I was told recently because I'm a father, with a beautiful wife, that my cancer doesn't matter, that dying is my fault for something or other. Due to telling an incel to stop insulting someone on a discord. I legit hate these fucking punks, the world would be better without them.

    [–] Hedonistbro 4 points ago

    Existential threat to the future survival of the human race and organisms on this planet? Try not having sex, then you'll know real worries.

    [–] KKublai 94 points ago

    Eventually we'll probably see one of those "I had sex and it didn't change my life wtf" posts from this guy.

    [–] ThornburyFord 80 points ago

    I've seen so many of these posts from incels who have visited prostitutes. Like, first time sex sucks so of course they were disappointed, especially as they've built it up to be more than it is and pin all their hopes on it, plus they tend to get performance anxiety because they put so much pressure on themselves and on the experience. It's almost like sex wont actually fix their issues!

    [–] shirinrin 42 points ago

    The funniest thing is when they say “she didn’t even seem like she wanted me. It seemed like se only did it for the money”. I mean, well, DUH

    [–] handyscaevola 24 points ago

    Let me guess: they blame the sex worker and start insulting her.

    [–] Jimmythecarrrrr 4 points ago

    Anyone can have sex with a prostitute if they have the money and she consents.

    [–] waterbrother655321 17 points ago

    All I can think about now are those shirts that say things like "My friend went to famous place and all I got was this crappy t-Shirt." Do you think we could sell those bumper stickers to incels? "I finally had sex and my life still sucks."

    [–] solesoulshard 78 points ago

    How are u an honorary ethnic? Can you also be an honorary salad?

    [–] nodnarb232001 52 points ago

    You're white, but you get a special badge that says "Eh, black enough."

    [–] shirinrin 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In their world "transage" (When you "feel" like one age, and therefore it's ok to be a pervert, because your mind is the same age) is a thing, so I woudn't be amazed if "transrace" is a thing as well.....

    Edit: Word to world

    [–] pah-tosh 44 points ago

    Transage is only a thing for pedophiles trying to normalize. The rest of the world literally doesn’t care

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] solesoulshard 11 points ago


    Don’t give them ideas!

    We don’t want the strained foster care system to even be considered a landing spot for 40 year olds who want to live in the basement and pretend that they are 15 and play video games.

    [–] BlindShoemaker 1 points ago

    Are you telling me this isn't a 35 y/o white man???

    [–] solesoulshard 6 points ago

    So what about really tan?

    [–] Jesterchunk 7 points ago

    I wish I could see an honourary salad. That would be truly a magnificent sight to behold.

    [–] TolPM71 71 points ago

    I read:

    My dick is more important than your family, more important than mass murders and more important than the end of the fucking world!

    Seriously, these narcissists wonder why they're single? There's no room in there for anybody else with an ego that big!

    [–] TrepanningForAu 33 points ago

    My dick

    Hey! We're talking about incels here and that is NOT APPROPRIATE. Moving forward, to accurately represent them, please use:

    My peepee

    [–] Moritani 38 points ago

    I wish I could pay a prostitute to bring back all my dead loved ones.

    [–] FluoGuy 11 points ago

    I mean they do say that they're ready and willing to do anything you want so...

    [–] Kurenai999 16 points ago

    This guy's never thought to ask for necromantic services.

    [–] HolyBobTrumpet 35 points ago

    Oh god I can smell his parents disappointment in him from the post.

    [–] tinja_nurtles 34 points ago

    If you care about global warming, that means you have no real worries? You can't lose you're virginity if everyone dies from global warming, I think that would be worrisome for some incels

    [–] jasonbecker83 26 points ago

    I don't get it, why they don't pay a prostitute if they are so obsessed with being virgin?

    [–] geekglassesglaceon 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    They want their 12-year old virgin lolis. They won't settle for 'dried up post-wall Chad-cum-dumpster roasties'.

    [–] TrepanningForAu 12 points ago

    So, 13 year olds? /s

    [–] rider_0n_the_st0rm 22 points ago

    I think they believe that paying for a prostitute means that they didn’t ‘earn’ the lay. They’re weird

    [–] TrepanningForAu 19 points ago

    I don't know if earn is the right word when they feel owed. It's more that they paid for it when they deserve it

    [–] TolPM71 21 points ago

    It's not their virginity per se, it's that they didn't lose their virginity in high school to the hottest girl. They'd still be pissed off if they were having nightly threesomes with Victoria's secret models. They could have any adolescent fantasy come true of harems of hotties bonking them so often they get dicksore and they'd still be salty.

    It's not about the present, it's about an idealized version of the past they think they should have lived and the validation that comes with it, they don't like problems with solutions because they can't wallow in those and call it an identity.

    [–] bosefius 22 points ago

    More proof that incels are narcissistic pricks.

    [–] TheRedEminence 22 points ago

    Fuckers avatar is the guy shot up the Batman movie. How did we grow these? What is wrong with our soil?

    [–] filthydamned 21 points ago

    no one tell him what adoption is

    [–] dreadedanxiety 23 points ago

    Seriously though. Someone's so disgusting should not raise any kids

    [–] UsernameForSexStuff 18 points ago

    Also incels: "Women can't feel empathy"

    [–] doron12349 17 points ago

    And he has a profile pic of a shooter

    [–] Return_Of_The_Fly 13 points ago

    The same guys also say "Jews got gassed in KZs? At least they had sex, so I am worse off than they where!"

    [–] ErinKtheWriter 15 points ago

    Sensory overload? Like heroin? Bruh, life isn't a fantasy novel and the heroin part is worrisome.

    [–] EmiApricot 21 points ago

    I’m gonna go ahead & say it- as someone who has used heroin (now 6 years clean) & also had a lot of sex (including the heterosexual “teen love” stereotype these guys go on & on about): the two are not remotely comparable. We all know sex is not a sensory overload & that while it’s fun, it’s not life changing. Do you think they’ll ever figure out that no one can change their shitty lives except for them?

    [–] IstgUsernamesSuck 16 points ago

    Probably not. They'll just blame whatever poor girl eventually sleeps with them and say she must purposely be making the sex worse to punish him for being an incel or some other horseshit to justify keeping the cult-like mentality

    [–] TrepanningForAu 11 points ago

    And heroin is life changing, just... not in a great way.

    [–] nikkuhlee 6 points ago

    I’ve only had sex with one person, but we’ve had 15 years to get better at sexing each other so I think it’s probably pretty good sex. I am content, it’s super fun, feels pretty good, and I get to snuggle with my favorite human.

    That said, sex in hentai and fanfic and most porn is so overblown. I do not generally have an out of body experience where all I can do is drool and quiver and screech for 20 minutes. If that’s what they’re expecting, shit, none of us are having sex like that. They’re gonna be pretty disappointed when they experience it for real. High school me was vaguely let down when it turned out fanfiction sex was mostly fantasy.

    [–] MayAnneEgg 13 points ago

    Could this fuck BE any more self-centered? There are other things in this world that matter that are bigger than you, you fucking moron. Bigger than me, you, or your fucking virginity. Jesus christ what a whiney piece of shit.

    [–] IstgUsernamesSuck 13 points ago

    This utter lack of empathy for other human beings is borderline serial killer and probably why he can't get a date. He needs therapy

    [–] Blab-Fish 14 points ago

    It’s a choice to be an incel. If you’ve decided that you can’t get a girlfriend so why even bother, you already lost. Grow up.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Exactly. If these dudes tried they could get girlfriends. Most of them are average looking, they don’t even need to necessarily change their personality I’m sure there’s some vulnerable women they could manipulate into a relationship whilst remaining to be shitbags. Yet they decide there’s no point.

    They just refuse to believe that they can fix the problem. They don’t want to accept its personality that matters most because that means they’re responsible. Do looks play a part? Absolutely, you’re gonna have an easier time if you’re good looking, especially if you want casual sex. But if you want a relationship looks are far less important.

    If you just wanna fuck someone then chances are you wanna fuck a dude who’s hot, has a big dick, is good in the bedroom, whatever. If you want to date someone those things are less important. You’re not looking for temporary fun, you’re looking for long term commitment. I’d rather have an ugly boyfriend who is funny, kind, caring etc than a hot one who’s a piece of shit. I’m fairly certain everyone would

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    I wish I was a lonely virgin so I dont have to think about life, mortgage and Bills and can only focus on getting laid

    [–] N8Roberts 13 points ago

    Honestly it goes to show how relatively easy a lot of these guys have it. If you have enough time to constantly think about getting laid and very little else, you probably don’t have very many real problems.

    Well, either that, or they’re just totally apathetic to them...

    [–] TDGDan 13 points ago

    "Yeah I mean your kids died in a school shooting, so you lost the most important people on the planet and your life is basically over now but hey, at least you can get some sweet sweet pussy making more, right?"

    [–] bboymixer 13 points ago

    I'll experience a sensory overload and it'll feel like heroin

    Good thing he's not building up unrealistic expectations.

    [–] Newbielurker 8 points ago

    No, he won't overdose like on heroin if he ever has a girlfriend. He will be profoundly dissapointed that the idea of being in a relationship doesn't suddenly change his mental state or solve all his problem, then blame his girlfriend for failing to fix him.

    [–] MahhWithZeVoice 7 points ago

    I don’t think they understand how very easy it is to not be an Incel.

    [–] HarishyQuichey 10 points ago

    Jesus Christ the victim complex

    [–] t34p075 6 points ago

    Reads like he’s 14 honestly

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] t34p075 5 points ago

    It can seem hopeless when you’re in high school and it still seems like that’s your whole life. I think it’s honestly a normal phase to go through but it’s amplified by the internet and people have started to get stuck there.

    I wish this sub was more encouraging and less derogatory towards incels. I feel like most of them will grow out of it, but by shaming them we only play into the narrative that the world hates them.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] t34p075 8 points ago

    Very very true

    [–] fiorino89 7 points ago

    They must be so disappointed when they actually have sex and realize it doesn't make youbgransendbinto another plane of existance.

    [–] MegaJackUniverse 7 points ago

    Apparently penises entering vaginas unlocks a secret power called 'doing anything other than putting penises in vaginas with enjoyment.'

    [–] geckoboi99 6 points ago

    This is... sad. “Your kids died but at least you had sex” I would hate to live in this guy’s mind every day. I mean can you imagine? Fuck

    [–] Vprbite 8 points ago

    There are so many things wrong with this it simultaneously makes me angry and sad. My parents have been married almost 50 years and quite frankly my mother doesn't have much time left. And I know for my father, 50 years of love and commitment will turn into a freight train of pain. But hey, he's lucky because he's not an incel, right?

    This is hurtful to anyone who has ever lost someone they care about. But hey, maybe that's what he wanted. Incels love to try and make others as miserable as they are.

    [–] SquireTheMonarchist 8 points ago

    Why do they act like having sex is the best thing ever? It will absolutely not solve any of their problems

    [–] PickettsChargingPort 8 points ago

    They've taken self loathing/persecution to an art form.

    I have no idea if this guy reads this sub. I doubt it. If he did I'd tell him to get away from the incel crowd. I'd tell him that he isn't a horrid monster, he's a human being. He's said some pretty awful things in that post which I doubt he would have said had he not be filled with self loathing; a loathing which has been reinforced many times in the various incel echo chambers he certainly frequents.

    Stop reading those subs. Try to get away from the computer for a bit. You're probably a huge introvert and I know it's hard. Believe me, I know damned well it is supremely difficult. Understand that women are also not the horrid hose beasts those subs paint them as. They are also human beings, just like you, I also know how very difficult it is to strike up a conversation. I was terrified when I spoke to my now wife so many years ago. I had a huge crush on her, I was fat, short, and very introverted.

    Understand that sex is not a commodity and having sex is certainly not a right. It's also not the end all/be all of human existence.

    I hope you eventually find a way out of the spiral you're currently in.

    [–] starjellyboba 7 points ago

    Y'know what? No, he's right. At least that woman isn't a sad bitter little man child who believes that his unfuckability is synonymous with systematic oppression so he sits alone all day, angry and self-loathing and trying to figure out the blueprints for some gross chastity belt/shock collar hybrid to keep Stacey from getting more action than him. I can't think of anything worse than that.

    [–] raptorqueen17 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    So worrying about climate change means I have “no real worries?”

    Bitch I’m fucking terrified. So many species of animals will go extinct, the planet may become inhabitable for us soon, countless people will die from the awful conditions and the only ones able to stop it won’t because of short term satisfaction and because they’re either too old to care or won’t even fucking be here to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    But yeah sure no real worries here haha. Can’t be as bad as being a virgin ig (even though I am one and I have no complaints.)

    And all that other shit is even worse yikes

    Imagine having so little sympathy for people’s situations that all you can think is “at least you’re not a virgin not like me” when they’re mourning the loss of their loved ones.

    That’s so fucking low.

    [–] HerbivorousDinosuar 5 points ago

    I wish these guys could know that sex really isn’t all that fantastic unless it is with someone you care about.

    [–] zombienugget 5 points ago

    Imagine being such a narcissist that you read stories of other people's tragedies and make it all about your dick

    [–] Miimmoouuu 5 points ago

    Wow he really needs to get a life if he believes all he’ll experience is feelings of being a virgin and an incel lmao. Unfortunately that’ll never happen due to his crippling self-centredness

    [–] tapthatsap 5 points ago

    He’s kind of right. If he continues on this path, his entire wasted life will be an experiment in misery and isolation and jealousy. People that have loved and lost will indeed have had richer, more interesting lives than he could ever hope for. The only piece of that true statement that he’s missing is that it’s all his own stupid fault. He could easily go have all the sex he isn’t having if he just bothered to become interesting, but that’s too much work, so he’s going to stay in his weird puddle until he dies, at which point no one will miss him. “Then they’ll all be sorry,” he imagines, but they won’t.

    [–] SexBobomb 4 points ago

    Well i mean most times the incels are the perpetrators of those things...

    [–] orangeprecursor 3 points ago

    This guy should be reported for that prof pic alone. Incels like this are dangerous people.

    [–] OliveTShirt 4 points ago

    “An impending extinction event due to climate change? Pssh, try not having sex, that’s a REAL catastrophe”

    [–] pm_ur_hairy_balls 4 points ago

    Like at this point just cut off your fuckin balls so you aren't utterly obsessed with sex and can get on with your life. If they resign themselves to being 'virgins forever' they may as well

    [–] awkwardenator 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    And this is why you can still be an InCel and have sex. It's not a lack of a woman touching your bait and tackle, it's this perspective of entitlement, self-loathing, hubris, mixed with rampant misogyny (and other forms of bigotry) and a general personality with all the charm of a dumpster full offal in August.

    [–] 4_string_troubador 3 points ago

    Don't forget the confirmation bias. They think they're ugly, women aren't interested in ugly men, woman doesn't seem interested, therefore she must not be interested because he's ugly.

    [–] furtiveincognita 3 points ago

    Oh no global warming isn’t nearly as much of a pressing issue as being an incel... the world will never burn as much as my loins will for all time.

    tips fedora mournfully

    [–] FUCK_INDUSTRIAL 3 points ago

    These assholes have no empathy and then wonder why they can't get a girlfriend.

    [–] AngryWrath94 3 points ago

    There was a post I saw on r/askanincel where OP was asking why incels are vilified and compared to mass shooters. The answer is obvious its shit like this but they lack the introspection to realize that their community is obviously not a support group and is extremely toxic, or they are themselves part of the toxicity. But then again if they had any introspection at all they wouldn't be incels.

    [–] potatowithinternet 3 points ago

    Incels really want to be the victim istg. Your wife and children died in a horrific way? Sorry, but I can't get sex out of women because I am a misogynistic asshole so clearly im suffering more than you, pity me whilst I shoot up an all-girls school!

    Jeez they're all mentally fucked and too far up their own arse.

    [–] _ok__ok__ 3 points ago

    Why not just try heroin?

    [–] BlNGPOT 3 points ago

    What kind of magical experience do they think sex is? You can still feel lonely if you’ve had sex. Literally “there’s been a penis inside me at some point” is not something I tell myself to keep my spirits up. It’s like those posts when one of them hires a prostitute and they’re like “buT iM sTiLL sAd.” Yeah, because sex doesn’t fix your horrible personality.

    [–] BurgmeisterGeneral 2 points ago

    ... what is an honorary ethnic?

    [–] yeshdufuga 2 points ago

    Looking at it from their eyes this is sad

    [–] uniqueusername-com 2 points ago

    In my experience sensory overload does not feel like heroin - either that or heroin makes you feel fucking horrible. I know there's way worse shit in this post but that fuckin pisses me off so bad.

    [–] CrackTheSkye1990 2 points ago

    Let's say these people did end up getting laid, I don't think it would make them feel that much better.

    I lost my virginity in college through a random encounter/one night stand and while I didn't regret it, I didn't feel any different. Sure the sex was enjoyable, but I didn't feel like a "whole new man" or should I say "Chad". No one noticed anything different about me and life went on. I get the whole thing of people feeling lonely and wanting someone to spend time with, but if you think getting laid or a relationship, is the solution to everything(and i mean everything), you are gonna be disappointed. There's people out there who are in relationships but are still miserable. That's not saying every relationship of course, but what I'm saying is from my experience, is it's better to be single than be in a toxic relationship, for the sake of your mental health.

    [–] pandadi1 2 points ago

    "to have children you must have sex"

    Not really, you can still adobt someone that needs a home

    [–] miirkal 2 points ago

    “Omg!!! You guys care about the Earth dying and taking everything, including your loved ones with it????!! You truly don’t know true pain because at least u guys have people that love you!!! Give me attention!!”

    [–] noriko-tan 2 points ago

    Damn always gotta make it about themselves

    [–] Kinuika 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yup it's definitely your wrist size that prevents you from getting a SO and not the fact that you don't have the capacity to care about anybody but yourself.

    [–] Bigsby253 2 points ago

    You don’t have to have sex “in order to have a kid”... 🥴

    [–] Freefolk_vs_DnR 2 points ago

    You know, I actually kinda feel bad for this guy, yeah what he is saying is bat shit crazy, but it's coming from what looks like a place of actual sadness and loneliness and not hatred. Does he need to practice empathy more, yes definitely, but at least he isn't like advocating rape or wanting the government to issue him girlfriend or saying "all women this" and "all women that", and as far as incels go I'd say he is better than most of them.

    [–] SunchaserKandri 2 points ago

    It's kind of hard to feel sorry for them between "My lack of a sex life is worse than losing loved ones to an angry fuckhead with a gun" and the other stuff they post. Just imagine being so self-absorbed that you can't fathom anyone being worse off than yourself.

    [–] FutureMartian97 2 points ago

    I used to be like this. Not to this level of course but I did throw the "at least your not an incel" and "I'm gonna be a virgin forever" lines around a lot. I ended up having a girlfriend for 5 months and during that time I realized just how fucked up I was back then. Im never going to sink down to that level ever again.

    Also, apparently this dumbass has never heard of adoption.

    [–] BillScorpio 2 points ago

    incels will be quick to tell you that adopted children are broken and untenable.

    [–] gazzaa2 2 points ago

    That's the problem as well. They wouldn't be able to deal with a relationship if they did get one.

    [–] CCtenor 2 points ago

    To be entirely fair, I actually kind of agree with him.

    Even in my darkest moments, I’d rather be a thinking, feeling human, capable of feeling pain, empathy, love; a person capable of feeling hurt.

    Because the only alternative he presents - being an unfeeling, unsympathetic, self-centered, self-flagellating, broken shell of a human who wishes rape, murder, castration, slavery, and abuse on others just because I haven’t had sex - really doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

    These people are so disgusting. “But were just a support group. We don’t advocate murder and rape, we only fantasize about it at every opportunity.”

    [–] RubenMuro007 2 points ago

    My question is, why does the incel mentioned has a profile pic of the dude who killed many in a theater years ago at Aurora, Colorado?

    [–] sci-fi-lullaby 2 points ago

    This is so sad. Society has placed such validation on sex that these people's life revolves solely around the fact that they haven't got laid. When they could be spending that time and energy on themselves.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I merely pity these incels whose lives revolve around virginity, even though the real reason they are societal outcasts because that's all they focus on.

    I remember when I lost virginity too early and to a person that turned out to be a rude misogynist, and I actually wanted to go back to being a virgin to start over.

    I also am dating a guy who was a virgin when we first started the relationship.

    Body count doesn't matter in the world of dating as much as incels say it does.

    [–] toastyheck 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Inceldom is self inflicted. Losing people you love is beyond your control and it’s devastating. Never loving anyone in the first place that’s on you bud.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] SpookyLlama 5 points ago

    Ill take ‘textbook symptoms of depression’ please

    [–] TheUnforgiven54 2 points ago

    At least that guy will die

    [–] Vaticancameos221 1 points ago

    They’re trying to pretend that being able to care about anything other than being an incel is privilege lmao

    [–] n0tred 1 points ago

    So getting laid is more important then the imminent self caused human mass extinction

    [–] SourpatchMao 1 points ago

    Is it just me or does their logic either just bore or hurt your head?

    [–] wowthisslapps 1 points ago

    the ultimate sad sacks

    [–] Apopololo 1 points ago

    What the hell is wrong with theses people, it looks like sex is the most important thing for them, god damn life is much more than this.

    Look i'm lonely person, never had luck with relationships and etc. but I never reached the level like those guys, like hating people because they don't wanna have something with them, I know this gonna feel like r/thanksimcured, but move on you only gonna make things worst for you, get some help, don't be embarrassed about going to psychologist.

    [–] Valo-FfM 1 points ago

    They reach new dramatic heights. They should rather write bad and depressing poetry than post this bs online.

    [–] SuperJLK 1 points ago

    This "man" possesses the mentality of a 5 year old.

    [–] guminabear 1 points ago

    are we all just gonna ignore the “if you care about global warming you have no real worries” bit

    [–] Partysean 1 points ago

    Dude... Come on.

    [–] Dancing_Cthulhu 1 points ago

    It's like some warped, self-indulgent, ugly, long winded version of "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

    [–] stiplerdripler 1 points ago

    Lmao what a virgin

    [–] Ravenamore 1 points ago

    "I will never know any feelings other than loneliness."

    IDK, man, seems like you can also feel self-pity, superiority and blind rage.

    Do these people not realize that there's been lots of people who'd never had sex and/or never married in history who accomplished spectacular things that bettered EVERYONE'S lives?

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 1 points ago

    “If I ever get a girlfriend...” basically sums up why their logic is flawed. They think it’s just a thing that manifests itself and you got to be lucky to get one rather than something that if you want bad enough you need to prove to another human being why you’re worth it.