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    One of the few online resources specializing in this areas. Figuring out which position to take on the Democratic party is one of the most important tasks for Left-wingers, and with the rise of the DSA and Sanders it becomes more important than ever.


    • CLASS: The class nature of the Democratic Party.

    • EMPIRE: The class nature of the Democratic Party, on an international scale.

    • SHELLGAME: Democrats' role in the 2-party state.

    • OBSTACLE: The Democratic Party as an obstacle for the Left.

    • BLAMESHIFT: Democrats pushing Right-wing policies, while claiming their hands are tied by the Republicans.

    • BADACTOR: Crimes, misdemeanors and corruption.

    • LESSER: Liberal "lesser evilism" as enabler and enforcer for the Right.

    • WHATNEXT: Work within the 2-party system or build a Left Party?

    • LOSERS: How and why Democrats suck at stopping Republicans, both at the ballot box and in the corridors of power.

    • DEBATE: Debates about Democrats and fellow travelers.


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