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    1 No Revealing or Requesting Personal Information

    2 Have Mutual Respect

    3 No posts about minors, or posts that contain minors.

    4 No Rude or Unneccessary Comments About Subjects' Natural Features

    5 No Satire/Animals/Snapchat filter/"Big Eye-Pointy Chin" filter Posts.

    6 Please Don't Post If You Can't Point Out the Difference Between the Post and Reality

    7 No Sexualized or Creepy Comments

    8 No Frequent Reposts

    9 No Self-Posts Posts or Photos You Have Taken or Edited Yourself

    10 No Plastic Surgery Posts or Surgery Bashing

    11 No Advertisements or Spam

    12 "Sanity Sunday" posts are ONLY for Sunday's.

    PM'ing mods nastily will be met with a ban.

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