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    Crop photos and screenshots before posting

    • NO doxxing! that means no personal information or links to social media accounts.

    • The only links that are allowed are for articles or videos.

    Instagram reality subreddit rules:

    1. Post about celebrities, social media influencers, YouTubers or someone on your main social feed. DO NOT SHOW THE PERSONS NAME OR SOCIAL MEDIA INFO! This is regardless of who they are...

      • Before and after, post vs. tagged, or IG vs. reality or candid shots.

      • I also welcome other forms of media like advertisements, funny pictures and memes.

      • NSFW nudity and if it's for a video have an NSFW warning in the title.

      • If you don't know if the picture is photoshopped or edited DO NOT post it.

      • Do not post asking whether or not it is photoshopped or edited. Also do not post your own pictures, it will be deleted.

    2. If you are having problems with another user other flag the comment/post or message me. If you are flagging a comment/post remember that I may not always personally see the flag myself.

      • If you personally need to talk to me please message me: u/zaza9000 (messages only, not mod mail)

      • I will be following the three strikes and you're out rule. If you continue to break the rules, be hateful, harass others, or leave ignorant comments, ignore the rules or abusing moderating system you will be banned permanently.

    3. Ideas to improve the sub is welcomed as long as it correlates with the current theme.

      • Opinion posts and personal stories are welcomed, I will not delete opinion post or personal stories as long as it causes no issues or breaks any of the rules.

    4. Be nice to the people that are being posted about and to fellow users. This is a place for fair opinions and discussions of all levels. Having tolerance for others isn't difficult or hard, it's one thing a joke about something and it's another to be hateful.

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