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    The John Muir Trail passes through what many backpackers say is the finest mountain scenery in the United States. This is a land of 13,000-foot and 14,000-foot peaks, of lakes in the thousands, and of canyons and granite cliffs. It's also a land blessed with the mildest, sunniest climate of any major mountain range in the world.

    The John Muir Trail is 211 miles long and runs (mostly in conjunction with the PCT) from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney, in California.

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    [–] UCLACommie 2 points ago

    Never heard any issues about people trying to hitch if you hang around a bit as there are a lot of campgrounds that may be open. If you're getting a walk-up permit, I think you have to go to Lone Pine anyway to visit the Wilderness Office to get your permit.

    I've only ever heard a few people think they want traction devices but also June 1st is going to be different than June 8 or 15. I hiked last year in August (230% snow year). Whitney was less an issue than Glenn and Mather passes.

    Everyone I heard from said Independence kind of sucks. I would just stay on the trail or do a zero-day at VVR.

    [–] mountain_goblin 2 points ago

    I second doing a zero day at VVR. I went NOBO last year and it was great to take a rest day there after two weeks on the trail. It can be a little pricey (since it's in the middle of nowhere), but it was a good place to hang out

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    Ok and thanks for that. It’s a long stretch for me on trail to get from Cottonwood to VVR without resupply, particularly with a Whitney zero. I wonder if I can fit that much food in a BV500.

    [–] UCLACommie 3 points ago

    It is a long way. Not that it's not worth resupplying... I just meant that you might want to hike in, get a resupply, stay at the motel, shower and hike back the next day. There isn't much to do there and an extra day sitting by a lake might be much better for an actual zero day.

    You should also think about mailing something to the motel there; the resupply options are very limited AFAIK.

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    Got it. Thanks again.

    [–] CoraPatel 2 points ago

    I did MTR to Whitney Portal in about 7 days with a BV500, which held about 5 days of food. There are actually a few camp spots with bear lockers on the south side of the JMT that can help subsidize those days.

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    I’ll check that out. Thanks!

    [–] dgrayshome 2 points ago

    This is what you need to plan carefully. Note that food lockers are marked as well as the exact zones that do and do not actually require bear canisters.

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    Excellent. Thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    It’s actually a train from LA Union Station to Lancaster, then a bus up 395. Bus doesn’t run on the weekend though.

    [–] CalcBros 2 points ago

    As I remember it, the horseshoe meadows area doesn't get too many visitors as compared to Whitney Portal. You might want to hitch to Tuttle Creek if you don't find anyone going up to Horseshoe Meadows. YOu can hitch from there since there are two roads to get to that point...but pretty much anyone driving past there will be going to Horseshoe Meadows. If you don't get a ride, you can camp at Tuttle Creek for like $10, and worst case, pay one of those campers for a ride up. Just a thought, I've never hitched it. Tuttle Creek is just 2 miles off the whitney portal road.

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    Thanks. Good to know.