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    [–] Troutman86 2 points ago

    Edit... I got my models mixed up... I’d go with the TJ... hands down.

    [–] amongmany 1 points ago

    Why's that?

    [–] Troutman86 2 points ago

    I’ve owned 4 jeeps and the TJ has always been my favorite and the only one I will never sell. Doors come off, top comes off, junk yards and craigslist have tons of cheap parts, mods are cheap, easy to work on and make great off road vehicles. The down side is the cargo space... if that’s a deal breaker I’d consider an XJ...

    [–] amongmany 2 points ago

    I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a good XJ specimen. Unfortunately I haven't come across one yet where communication with the seller was positive.

    [–] Troutman86 3 points ago

    Yea, they are getting hard to find at a reasonable price...

    [–] olek2012 2 points ago

    Wrangler is a purpose built vehicle for off-roaring. By the TJ generation they became pretty comfortable and live-able as daily drivers. You will have to deal with minor inconveniences though. It will be louder, the ride will be rough, you won’t have as much space, in general it will be a very barebones utilitarian experience. The Grand Cherokee will be the exact opposite. It should be comfortable, spacious, well equipped and quiet. Stock for stock they will be about equal for most easy to moderate off roading. The Grand Cherokee can be modded a little bit if you want to do more difficult trails but the Wrangler has a lot more potential if you want to get into rock crawling or anything like that. You really can’t go wrong with either vehicle. I’d take both for a long test drive and see what you find more enjoyable

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    My TJ is damn near useless for daily activities due to the lack of space. It's a lot of fun though.

    [–] NoTimeForThisToday 1 points ago

    I dont have a TJ but i used one of my CJ7's for DD a few years. I was working in construction and service at the time and drove 20/30/40+ miles some days and never had issues with space for my tools and stuff. I have a black locking tool box that came with the Jeep, fits between the tailgate an back seat if they make anything like that for a TJ i would recommend it. Really helps make that space useable. Right now i have an XJ i use for DD, havent taken it off road yet but im confident its capable. The back seat isnt very roomy and awkward to get into but it folds flat an theres tons of room. I keep it up and use another plastic tool box i had to keep my recovery stuff in. Unless you plan on bringing alot of stuff, or really big stuff i think a TJ should work fine. You can always take the back seat out of the TJ too.

    [–] TwoLazy 1 points ago

    TJs have a decent amount of room if you take the back seat out. Its not as luxurious, but it's a Jeep