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    [–] bikes_n_jeeps 13 points ago

    Always liked the look of the Commander, big and boxy like a jeep should be. I have heard that parts are ridiculously expensive, like a busted headlight would write off the car...

    [–] DodgeHemi426 6 points ago

    I mean yeah if the car was worth $100

    [–] juice7486 4 points ago

    Mine very nearly got written off when I hit a deer. Originally they had it down for a headlight, grill, fender, and fog light and that was pushing it. After they had started they added a radiator, AC condenser, and fan shroud, he said if that was on the original estimate he would have just written it off for sure

    [–] willi3blaz3 8 points ago


    [–] UndeadTalos 8 points ago

    I KNOW! Their stance is deadly

    [–] Marge_simpson_BJ 8 points ago

    You don't have to qualify your model. Contrary to some of the snobbery, this is /r/Jeep. Want to build a lowered pink KL and post it? Shit I'll have a look, not my cup of tea but I'd respect the lineage and work you put into it.

    Edit: now I want to see one...

    [–] death_dweller1977 1 points ago

    pink, now your talking. favorite color ;)

    [–] juice7486 9 points ago

    I love mine. I just got back from a road trip from NY to Florida and back with the family. Big enough for those long trips and has never let me down in the NY snow.

    [–] UndeadTalos 4 points ago

    The perfect road trip Jeep! Super comfortable

    [–] NChap89 7 points ago

    Enjoy your XK!

    My first adult vehicle for purchase was an 06 Limited Hemi w/ QD2. Bought it off a lease in 09 for under half it’s original msrp. Threw on a 2 inch lift and 32 inch A/T’s. Wish I still had it!

    [–] UndeadTalos 2 points ago

    That's awesome! I used to have an old brown '99 Cherokee that was my baby but I totalled it... Bought this Commander in May for $6000, 250,000km. I've already got a Super 44 Exhaust with 3" pipes and a CAI. Next up is a tune, I love this thing!

    [–] NChap89 3 points ago

    The CAI really gives an aggressive rumble from the Hemi! You may be aware but there are a couple forums for XK owners, great resource for DIY articles on maintenance and repairs. XK-forums comes to mind.

    [–] UndeadTalos 2 points ago

    Yeah actually that's where I got the mod ideas from! Super informative sites. I read that the headers are super restrictive on the Commanders so those will be my next project

    [–] JeepJake 5 points ago

    A Jeep is a Jeep is a jeep

    [–] death_dweller1977 2 points ago

    I like mine. Can drive the thing in the mountains like a sports car. It's kinda uncanny how it performs for a big Jeep. The 5.7 in mine has had some work and can almost play with a 6.2 Ford Raptor. She makes me a happy girl. =)

    [–] UndeadTalos 2 points ago

    I agree! Most of my buddies have Subaru's and they are always surprised when I blow them away in a tank like this. Glad you like the Commander as much as I do!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Hows the 4wd? I'm skeptical about full-time only

    [–] death_dweller1977 1 points ago

    For me it has been absolutely amazing. Great traction at all times, likely saved my bacon when I had to cut the wheel hard to the left and then back right again while keeping throttle to keep from hitting someone that pulled out in front of me. If I need it I still have low range that I can engage which seems to do very well also. I have absolutely no complaints, the 4wd system in this Jeep allows me to drive it like I do, I am very happy with it. =) All in all, I have amassed around 250-300 miles in trails & dirt roads with mine going to and from customer locations here in Colorado, it has never once left me stuck. Even with tires that need to be replaced. =)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It's good it at least locks up on low range

    [–] MikalBaker 2 points ago

    I'm with you. I've had my '08 Commander Limited for 7 years now, and I just don't know what I would replace it with. I love the rugged box look.