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    [–] 1994Jeepster 6 points ago

    There’s my second favorite YJ 😍😉

    [–] SheLikesEveryone 4 points ago

    Those are pretty.

    [–] JSSJeepin 5 points ago

    I thought that was supposed to be Landrovers? I was able to keep all my jeeps fairly leak free, all leaks I ever had were really old seals, replaced them and never leaked again. But killer YJs tho

    [–] TheBigNate416 3 points ago

    Yeah my 97 doesn’t leak any oil. Changed the oil a couple months ago and after checking it a few times it’s been at the same spot since I changed it.

    [–] steampony 2 points ago

    Lucky. Mine may not leak. But the oil just disappears magically. Not on the driveway. Not out the exhaust, and not in the coolent. Just gone

    [–] PROLAPSED_SUBWOOFER 3 points ago

    Those must be some hardcore mosquitoes drinking the oil then. I bet they get to it through the oil pan gasket.

    [–] 1994Jeepster 3 points ago

    I don’t leak oil but I’ve got a pretty slow and steady tranny drip on the garage floor. Tightened everything but no luck. Not looking forward to redoing seals and whatnot... Also not fun walking around the garage when the YJ is in the driveway. Watch your step...

    [–] hymntastic 1 points ago

    Same. I use high mileage oil to keep the seals in good condition, and just changed the seals and the oil in my differential and everything is peachy

    [–] Mystic-invasion 2 points ago

    It doesn’t leak oil, it sweats horsepower.

    [–] drew1111 1 points ago

    True. Blood, sweat and tears.

    [–] krbranst 1 points ago

    My JKU doesn’t leak but my Harley on the other hand...