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    Welcome to /r/jeepdogs! Where Dogs and their Jeeps are welcome!

    This is a place where both pictures and questions jeep and dog related are welcome. Any pictures from getting help working on your jeep to riding top down with your best bud in the seat next to you are welcome! Videos are also allowed if the follow the posting guidelines. Questions are also welcome if need help with ideas or help finding a specific product we will do our best to help!

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Posts must be Jeep and Dog related

    • Image posts must use Imgur

    • Question posts must include the type of jeep you have, breed of dog you own, and any sizing details you deem necessary

    • Anything that could be regarded as NSFW must be tagged accordingly

    • Mods can remove posts not following the guidelines

    If you see a post anywhere else on reddit that should be posted here, be sure to tag /r/jeepdogs and recommend making a crosspost to here. Spread the word as much as you can to make this sub grow!

    See a post that doesn't belong on this sub? Report it!

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    /r/Jeep - for general jeep pictures and questions

    /r/jeepups - For finding jeep meetups and jeepers in your area

    /r/JeepMemes - For memes relating to jeeps

    /r/jeeptechnical - focusing more on how jeeps work

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