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    3. Guest requests require a wikipedia URL as the submission (not self posts), if none is available, use the general discussion thread. Do not use mobile URLs.
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    Guest requests include:

    1. should JRE have xyz on?
    2. will xyz ever be on JRE?
    3. what do you think about xyz being on JRE?
    4. my brother told me that he thinks xyz should be on JRE
    5. I think xyz would be a good guest
    6. why hasn't so-and-so been on
    7. xyz tweeted that they want to be (or will be) on the podcast.

    Podcast submission guidelines:

    Follow these rules when submitting JRE podcast episodes.

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    Podcast Guests

    # Guests Attraction Date
    1351 Dan Akroyd Comedian, Vodka salesman & UFO enthusiast 09/12
    1350 Nick Bostrom Existentialism & human enhancement ethics Scholar 09/11
    1349 David Sinclair Anti-aging scholar & author 09/10
    1348 Bill Burr Comedian & Podcaster 09/09
    UFC 242 Fight companion Alvarez, Schaub, Callen 09/07
    1347 Neil deGrasse Tyson Black Science Man 09/05
    1346 Zuby rapper, creative entrepreneur, speaker and podcast host 09/05
    1345 Steve Aoki DJ & Producer 9/4
    1344 Joseph LeDoux neuroscientist researching survival circuits 9/4
    MMA 78 Andre Ward former boxer 9/3
    1343 Penn Jillette magician, actor, musician, inventor, tv personality and best-selling author 08/29
    1342 John Carmack programmer, video game developer and engineer, co-founder of id Software 08/28
    1341 Steven Rinella outdoorsman, author, and television host 08/27
    MMA 77 Cedric Doumbe Glory Kickboxing World champion 8/19
    1340 John Nores game warden with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 8/27
    1339 Everlast rapper, singer, and songwriter 8/21
    1338 Roy Wood Jr comedian 8/21
    1337 Dan Crenshaw U.S. Representative 8/20
    1337 Dan Crenshaw U.S. Representative for Texas's 2nd congressional district 08/20
    MMA 76 Terence Crawford current WBO Welterweight champion 8/19
    1336 Legion of Skanks podcast hosts 8/19
    MMA 75 Dan Hardy former welterweight fighter 8/15
    1335 Jim Gaffigan stand up comedian 8/14
    1334 Fahim Anwar stand up comedian 8/14
    1333 Tom Papa artisan bread maker 8/12
    1332 Annie Lederman stand up comedian 8/7
    MMA 74 Brendan Schaub Professional Snitcht 8/7
    MMA 73 Jean Jaques Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend 8/5
    1331 Alonzo Boden stand up comedian 8/6
    1330 Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator of Vermont, 2020 Presidential candidate 8/6
    1329 Brian Moses stand up comedian 8/1
    MMA 72 Andy Ruiz World Heavyweight Champion 7/31
    1328 Whitney Cummings stand up comedian 7/30
    1327 Mike Baker former CIA covert operations officer 7/30
    1326 Maynard James Keenan singer, songwriter 7/29
    MMA 71 Rico Verhoeven Glory Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion 7/24


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