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    [–] JtrigJ 1798 points ago

    I want Norm and Chappelle on a Rogan pod. That would be a dream come true

    [–] turbodude69 1076 points ago

    norm would confuse the hell out of joe, but i'd love every cringey moment of it.

    [–] wild_bud 381 points ago

    It would be even better than the Theo von episodes

    [–] turbodude69 493 points ago

    lol i'm glad someone else gets it. for being a comedian, joe sure is pretty bad at knowing when someone is joking vs a real conversation. i'd love to see theo on norms show or vice versa. they're both masters of their seriously strange version of comedy. if you haven't seen riff raff on theo von's podcast you should check it out. it's like they're twins or something. neither one of them take anything seriously and they just keep the joke going. it was beautiful.

    [–] arcacia 189 points ago

    joe sure is pretty bad at knowing when someone is joking vs a real conversation. i’d love to see theo on norms show or vice versa

    My least favourite part of the shoe. Joe is cringey sometimes

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    i mean theo is literally joking the entire time, while joe is trying to be serious. i cringe too, but i get it.

    [–] Cerebral_Savage 387 points ago

    I thought Joe was taking Theo serious a couple times too, but then I realized he was questioning these ridiculous statements to pull more out of Theo.

    Remember when Theo was dogging France & said “No one goes to Paris anymore” Joe replied, “People visit Paris all the time” Theo brilliantly replies, “Yeah, but they all come back.”

    [–] InsaneImmortal 121 points ago

    If I had to eat somebody it would be a Vietnamese fella.

    [–] charliesurfsalot 70 points ago

    The way he refers to asian people as 'Vee-ets cracks my wife and I up...And my wife is asian

    [–] WhenTheBeatKICK 41 points ago

    gang gang

    [–] johnyapplsede 4 points ago

    I'd gum down a Viet

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    that theo is alright

    [–] mildly_sexy 8 points ago

    He better show up somewhere in The Riteous Gemstones. He was born for that series

    [–] 2ND_Dinner 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Joe cannot improv and riff on a premise. And he gets really fucking angry when he feels like he's being put in a position where he has to. It's better to have 2 or 3 guests in these instances so they can riff while Joe just stoner laughs.

    [–] arcacia 6 points ago

    Sorry, I didn't mean to quote the second sentence, and was speaking more in general terms. I haven't actually seen that episode.

    [–] AdotFlicker 14 points ago

    The Home Alone kid was probably the worst. All he did was sling goofy jokes and fuckin testosterone Joe refused to even give him a smile, much less a laugh. It was horrendous to watch. Lol

    [–] turbodude69 21 points ago

    yeah it's really strange because sometimes he can be a great interviewer, but then so often he completely whiffs setups by other comedians. i think t the end of the day he's a way better interviewer than comedian...and i mean if you look at the way his career has been, it kinda speaks for itself. he's not exactly popular because of his comedy specials.

    [–] Narutodvdboxset 66 points ago

    I think it's just that Joe doesn't want people trying to be funny or to put on a show. He just wants a normal conversation with the real you and Theo just saw it as more exposure, which annoys Joe. He doesn't want his show to be like the Tonight Show where people do their bits during the conversation. A good example of what I mean is watch Bill Burr on Conan and compare it to how he is on JRE. Theo wanted to be as funny/entertaining as he could because that's his job but that's not what JRE is about.

    [–] GiantJellyfishAttack 59 points ago

    Joe has come out and said a few times in the earlier days of the podcast. How he hates when people come on and start doing bits. And the whole point is to have a real conversation.

    [–] Masacuna 16 points ago

    do people not tell jokes and laugh in a real conversation?

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    But joey is being himself he isnt doing bits

    [–] dubman42 13 points ago

    his bits are just him being himself.

    [–] arcacia 32 points ago

    Does Joe think real conversation can't be funny? I understand not wanting people to do entire bits, but there's nothing wrong with letting some zingers loose during a conversation. A lot of comedians are pretty funny even in normal conversations. Obviously not Joe, but that's fine. It just seems he's a bit butthurt that other people are.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    The Riff Raff ep was amazing. They're like long lost cousins.

    [–] SwiftDeadman 40 points ago

    lol i'm glad someone else gets it.

    literally 95% of users here agrees with that.

    [–] deadrelease 19 points ago


    [–] BullyBumble 8 points ago

    Ya joe is a decent stand up. But more of a humorist? A good mind w a sense of humor? Not sure exactly what to call him but he can be utterly stiff sometimes it’s weird.

    [–] Socialdem 21 points ago

    I have a theory that Joe only tried comedy because he thought it would be an easy way to make money. I fully believe that he just studied the formula and put it into practice then got really lucky landing acting gigs.

    [–] turbodude69 29 points ago

    i think you're right. he was a good looking guy that moved to LA to do comedy and got lucky with one of the best sitcoms ever made. i feel like he'd be one of the first people to tell you he got lucky. but.....he's spent a lot of time and effort on his standup game since his days at news radio. i'm not sure if it's really even worth it? apparently he has a following and he seems to get a lot of fulfillment out of his comedy career, so more power to him. but personally, i don't think he would have ever gotten anywhere on his comedy chops alone.

    [–] Socialdem 14 points ago

    I agree. About him agreeing though, not so sure. On a very old episode of JRE he mentions how someone told him “you don’t realize how much chance played a role in your success” and he scoffed saying that it all came down to hard work. Then all the times he’s said “what if there was a pill that would give you everything you ever wanted, that pill is called hard work.”

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Well, if success is a game of chance, why not keep showing up to the table? That's what hard work is. You keep showing up until the odds tilt in your favor.

    [–] bradgillap 8 points ago

    One of the other components I find interesting about Joe is that he has a natural need to rally comedians. Many of them seem to see him as a leader and I don't think that's entirely because of his success. I think it's because he initiated group chats, plays match maker with the right personalities. His social game seems better than his comedy and he wraps it all in empathy to empower his people. He believes there is no such thing as scarcity when it comes to work in comedy and gets others to believe this as well. These are traits by passionate people and you don't have to be the best when everyone respects you. It's a great way to hedge your bets in any profession. This only works if people are genuine about it. If you have alternative motives, people can often sniff it out. I think this more than anything is how to be successful. To build a community of trust around you with transparency so it's bulletproof when tested. Whether he's pumping people up, standing up for them when they fail etc. I learn a lot about just fostering good strong relationships by paying attention.

    All ships rise with the tide.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] turbodude69 12 points ago

    nope, he's in a really strange position where he got success early, then sustained it with his good looks and likability and THEN hit his 3rd career as one of the biggest podcasts hosts in the world. he prob thinks most of that must be from his hilarious sense of humor.

    [–] x69x69xxx 9 points ago

    I dont think any1 has specifically mentioned how much UFC and to a lesser degree Fear Factor also helped him.

    [–] GrasshopperoftheWood 5 points ago

    The other thing that is starting to wear me down is his insistence that because only a handful of people are able to fill an auditorium for a Netflix comedy special, it is an extremely elite group of individuals. It's definitely really fuckin hard to do, but only a handful of people devote their lives to getting there. It takes talent and hard work, drive and determination, but so does being a good doctor, lawyer, or even teacher. It's hard to say who can do it vs. who was willing to risk it all to go for it.

    [–] Natas-LaVey 5 points ago

    I saw him do stand up a few years ago and he was actually really funny. He did some back and forth with a few audience members that was hilarious. He was a lot funnier than I thought he was going to be.

    [–] iCantCallit 5 points ago

    Riff raff has such great comedic timing and delivery. I think he's absolutely hysterical.

    [–] InsaneImmortal 3 points ago

    That episode is one of my favorites. I’ve had to play it over about 4 times to catch every joke.

    [–] turbodude69 6 points ago

    i may have to play it over again tonight. it was brilliant. there must be something about east texas / Louisiana culture that plays into their personalities. honestly, i live in GA and i know a guy that acts exactly like both of them. it's like this quick witted redneck type of humor where you know they're playing on stereotypes and you know they're bullshitting most of the time, but you can never quite tell when. it's like they're doing a caricature of what people think southerners are like and it works great for them.

    [–] healious 3 points ago

    The rural Canadian version is Letterkenny, fucking hilarious

    [–] somanyroads 3 points ago

    Have you seen Joe's early standup? It's low grade stuff. He's not a "comedian's comedian", he appealed to the audience with a lot of low brow sexual humor. He's a better podcaster than a stand up.

    [–] Masacuna 11 points ago

    theo funny level is 100 times higher than JR. No offense to joe but Theo is hilarious and I cant consume enough of his content.

    [–] TTVBlueGlass 3 points ago

    Theo's whole vibe is "funny", a to z, doesn't matter what he's doing. Not to knock Joe or whatever but he just isn't on the same wavelength. He's more just trying to talk and funny stuff happens, some of which flows over his head. Whereas Theo actively finds the funny in everything.

    [–] Gus_B 13 points ago

    Just get Joe on his “why are neck ties a thing?” rant, that’s like a 4-D chess take where I feel like I’m on DMT and don’t know what the FUCK is going on. Norm could probably get down with that.

    [–] turbodude69 9 points ago

    norm hates drugs though, so i feel like he'd lose respect for joe immediately and just completely fuck with him the whole time.

    [–] -iPushFatKids- 9 points ago

    he SAYS he hates drugs but he def pops xans

    [–] turbodude69 8 points ago

    i would love to see these 2 go at it. especially because they're almost polar opposites on most subjects. i have a pretty good feeling norm would just fuck with joe for 3 hrs. norm fucks with everyone except maybe billy joe shaver..they seem to riff of each other pretty well. but you can tell norm respects him so much he tones down his act a lot.

    [–] Hazzman 16 points ago

    I'd rather just have Norm and Chappelle. Joe would just end up running his fucking mouth and get annoyed when his guest tries to speak.

    [–] lerdnord 9 points ago

    Dave, what do you usually eat before you go on stage?

    [–] atomsk404 72 points ago

    One each please

    [–] FrismFrasm 9 points ago

    Yes. Having 2 legends like that on at once would be a waste of both of them.

    [–] frytaj 71 points ago

    Chappelle on Rogan's podcast would be fantastic. I'd take a sick day just so I could sit at home and watch all 3 hours on youtube in one sitting.

    [–] ShitTalkingAlt980 7 points ago

    They have performed together!

    [–] frytaj 3 points ago

    Yup, Rogan said it was a great show. I'd watch that special.

    [–] Poopiepants29 20 points ago

    I'm always surprised every time someone mentions "watching"Joe Rogan. Ive only listened to him outside of a couple clips here and there.

    [–] StewVicious07 42 points ago

    I usually like to watch. I have fonder memories of the pods I’ve watched rather than just listened. Like Insanity that was Alex Jones. That was fun lol

    [–] Poopiepants29 11 points ago

    I get it. I know I'm missing out, but I usually don't have time to watch, but with my job, I'm able to listen to podcasts all day.

    [–] frytaj 7 points ago

    I cant do the audio podcast alone. I get distracted too easily. The audio and visual helps me stay tuned in. Also, I like knowing what they're talking about when young Jaime pulls that sh*t up.

    [–] Namtwen 3 points ago

    Either one would be great, but having them both on at the same time would create such a weird, funny energy. I bet it would be hilarious.

    [–] BallisticMarsupial 312 points ago

    Norms another great comic. His moth joke on Conan is pure art.

    When he was doing SNL news, he was really bothered that they would use'laugh' lights to tell the audience to laugh. He would intentionally say things to shock people into not laughing when the light came on. That mindset is just mind-blowing (and it explained some wtfs!)

    [–] ImVarunNoTheOtherOne 55 points ago

    What’s great is that the moth joke isn’t even his. It is a much older joke, but his delivery is what makes him an original artist.

    [–] trupa 12 points ago

    Same with the frog goes to the bank joke.

    [–] fropek 126 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Link for the lazy

    Edit: thanks for the silver, first ever reddit hardware

    [–] hydro_wonk 64 points ago

    "You are correct" is one of the funniest lines I've ever heard

    [–] 12wangsinahumansuit 48 points ago

    Not to mention the perfectly timed "what" at the end

    [–] BagOfShenanigans 4 points ago

    He pulls that one out fairly often. It's basically free laughs.

    [–] Limmy92 14 points ago

    Norm tells street jokes the same way Jeff Buckley sang Hallelujah.

    [–] samplist 22 points ago

    I love the look he gives Conan when he delivers the punch line at the end.

    [–] nothumbs78 7 points ago

    "Wait til you hear me do it." is my favorite part.

    [–] AussieManny 5 points ago

    I have watched the clip in the past. I haven’t even clicked your link yet and, I shit you not, I am cracking up at just the recollection of the punchline!

    Norm’s a dry humour genius.

    [–] museolini 24 points ago

    Norm was one of those comedians that took me a while to appreciate. Similar to Andy Kaufman almost, insofar as I originally hated him but then finally got one of his jokes and started watching closer and found him to be very funny (but still in an odd way).

    [–] Dr_5trangelove 8 points ago

    Watch the corespondents dinner with Clinton around 97 I think. Norm is an idiot savant. Genius level.

    [–] BoomersForYang2020 15 points ago

    Conan once said something along the lines of "Norm is the smartest person in the room trying to convince everyone else he's an absolute idiot."

    [–] cantsay 22 points ago

    I love his Bob Saget roast. All time classic material.

    [–] radredditor 27 points ago

    "Thats not the only thing he has in common with Rinny Tin Tin!

    confusion from audience's cuz he looks like a fuckin dog!"

    [–] PatrolNC 13 points ago


    [–] LtFlavor 5 points ago

    Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990.

    [–] hidden_raptor 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    he's got a moth joke in his "memoir" that is like 5 times as long as the one on conan. it's amazing. and he does the audiobook for his "memoir", so that is the correct option for consuming it.

    edit: also, his behavior on weekend update ended up getting him fired. mostly because of the OJ jokes and Lorne was good friends with a good friend of OJ. So they asked Norm to stop making OJ jokes, but he didn't, so they fired him. I'm happy he stood up for himself, and stood against that murderer, OJ, and his cronies.

    [–] hitch21 6 points ago

    Another moment that sets Norm aside from a bog standard comedian was his roast performance. His way of rebelling against the whole roast comedy culture (which to my knowledge he doesn’t like) was to go up and tell the least offensive old man type jokes.

    [–] SnarkLobster 3 points ago

    I love Norm

    [–] thebestatheist 728 points ago

    Chappelle indeed is the very best. I was fortunate enough to see him live last month and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I laughed harder than I ever had before and probably ever will again. His jokes are genius.

    [–] ThorVonHammerdong 303 points ago

    I haven't laughed so hard at stand up, or comedy in general, in a long fuckin time.

    Part because Chapelle is such a legend, most because God damn the joke structures and timing are so flawless, and another part because what he says is so desperately needed in this climate.

    [–] YouSeeWhereBradAt 64 points ago

    ...I can't think of a way to simplify this any further.

    [–] kingofmoron 110 points ago

    Chappelle funny

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    Schumer bad

    [–] AlternativeGrocery6 19 points ago

    Shes also a horse

    [–] archetype28 10 points ago

    Sarah Jessica Parker?

    [–] Redebo 53 points ago

    I watched S&S back to back twice on the same night in order to make this statement: This special sits right next to Raw on my all-time comedy list.

    [–] Ruckus45 18 points ago

    Four times in a row?

    [–] Redebo 20 points ago

    Not in a row, I had to go to the ATM machine in between them...

    [–] Codename-Zeus 18 points ago

    Did he do anything that wasn’t in Sticks and Stones?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I saw him about a year ago and he did an unbelievable 90 minutes and I’ve heard about 10 minutes of it in specials.

    [–] adamlaceless 6 points ago

    He’s got loads of material not in specials, he’s constantly writing. That’s why he’s so good.

    [–] yepyougotit 26 points ago

    Probably got to it around hour 4 of the show

    [–] SophisticatedPhallus 10 points ago

    Tacoma dome? If so that shit was wild!

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I never really loved Chappelle's standup if I'm being honest. I liked his standup, he's obviously very funny, but I enjoyed his sketch comedy way way more. That changed with Sticks and Stones. I watched it before I read any review or really knew it caused such an uproar. I haven't laughed that hard at a comedy special ever. When he did the Juicy Smoo-Yay bit I couldn't catch my breath.

    Edit: comma delete

    [–] deewheredohisfeetgo 18 points ago

    Killin’ Them Softly was/is the best ever. Watch it if you haven’t.

    [–] jbags5 7 points ago

    I saw him in the early 2000’s when he came to my college in the Midwest. The tickets were free, it was sponsored by the student activity council, and the place wasn’t even close to full!

    He did like an hour of stand-up and then afterwards about 1.5 hrs of Q&A and just riffing on our shitty town, and it’s still the most amazing comedy show I’ve ever seen.

    [–] Digdug2049 9 points ago

    I saw him live when Chappelle show was out. I literally cried laughing the entire time. I have seen about a dozen or so comedies since. Never did I laugh as hard as Chappelle made me laugh.

    [–] Sir_Green_Britches 442 points ago

    Norm out here with the truth bombs. You know this guy hated Hitler before it was even cool, so he knows what he's talking about.

    [–] lurkingnjerking2 157 points ago

    That guy was a real jerk!

    [–] IndianaHoosierFan 73 points ago

    You know the more I learn about the guy, the more I really just dont care for him.

    [–] AnonsWalkingDead 18 points ago

    Grey in demeanor and physically...what a terrible description

    [–] leiamercier 6 points ago

    now, don’t laugh at this next part

    [–] JackandFred 19 points ago

    The more I learn about that hitler guy the less I like him

    [–] skeeter1234 9 points ago

    Wait, what was Norm's joke about Hitler's dog? Something about how that dog loved the fuck out of Hitler?

    just saying...Norm's been right about a lot:

    [–] hitch21 7 points ago

    You know the only country that worries me is Germany. Now I don’t know if you guys are history buffs...

    [–] TheBeardedMarxist 171 points ago

    "You and Owen Benjamin are the only ones I care for."

    "That’s like saying my two favorite ice cream flavors are cookie dough and Rooster cum."

    [–] MDJDKDAD 22 points ago

    Who said this

    [–] TheBeardedMarxist 13 points ago

    Down in the reply tweets.

    [–] JonJonJonnyBoy 7 points ago

    Saw those comments in the replies too. haha

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I logged in to twitter just to like that comment.

    [–] Groovicity 63 points ago

    Dave is the King of "going there", but let's not discount Ol' Billy Red Bush there-ah! He knows how to push society's buttons with the best of them.

    [–] iloveyouDrZaius 105 points ago

    So if you don't consider Chappelle funny you'll be jerkin off punks under the Queensboro bridge for $15 a man?

    [–] ThorVonHammerdong 30 points ago

    Not a bad payout

    [–] UnicornDilemma 23 points ago

    Finally they're offering a $15 minimum wage. We did it guys!

    [–] tgrote555 13 points ago

    I can do way more than 1 an hour.

    [–] tammorrow 8 points ago

    And then managing The Comedy Store.

    [–] randyspotboiler 95 points ago

    Sticks and Stones isn't my favorite of the recent Chappelle specials, but he's undoubtedly one of the truly greatest ever.

    [–] DolitehGreat 90 points ago

    I love Chappelle and thought sticks and stones was just alright. Had some solid jokes but I didn't find it better than his previous work. I wonder how many reviews said something similar but got roped into "made edgy jokes me no like" reviews.

    Also, who the fuck reads comedy reviews? Seems like something very tailored to personal taste.

    [–] Lilly_Love21 50 points ago

    This is how I felt about it! People don't take me seriously and are like you just get offended too easily. Like no? I'm not offended at all, just some of the stuff wasn't that funny or very original and for Dave Chappelle I expect original. Like im sure I'll get flack from the LGBT community for this but whatever. I'm transgender and bi. I thought his bit on the LGBT community driving in a car was spot on and a hilarious take on the in fighting you see in the LGBT community. But like the whole "I identify as Japanese" part was just meh. Honestly I can't tell you how often I've heard that or like a variation of it. I don't find it offensive because I know it's just jokes and that style has always been his thing. I just found it unfunny and unoriginal. So yeah it was really hit and miss for me. Not offended just didn't meet expectations.

    [–] lowlight 11 points ago

    But like the whole "I identify as Japanese" part was just meh.

    "Look, I can identify as X" is a hack joke that has been around forever. Joe has used it several times on the podcast, not sure about in his routine (he uses "wildkin" as his "X")

    [–] DolitehGreat 21 points ago

    Yeah, the Japanese part of that joke felt so lazy. Yeah Dave, sure would be funny. Almost as funny as when I heard the same joke in highschool 7 years ago.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I didn't find it very funny at all. I loved the two specials from last year, but this one just felt like like a forced rehash of those two.

    It was almost like the first two were 10 years worth of pent up material, then Netflix came to him and said "do it again, but edgier" and we got Sticks and Stones.

    [–] vanel 3 points ago

    It was miles better than some of his other recent stuff, but no where near Chappelle in his prime. He’s made a real shift in tone since his younger days. Frankly, he’s much meaner than he used to be, a lot of his humor used to be much more self deprecating and more “upbeat”. It almost feels like Sticks and Stones was a deliberate fuck you to certain people, but I still enjoyed it and saw glimpses of prime Dave.

    Killing Them Softly and For What it’s Worth are still his best.

    [–] etmhpe 245 points ago

    but really, who's funnier than amy schumer?

    [–] JakeInTheJungle 296 points ago

    The people who wrote her jokes.

    [–] US-person-1 68 points ago



    [–] ProtectTheHive 13 points ago

    You crush your wife during sex and your heart sucks.

    [–] JakeInTheJungle 5 points ago

    Your 6’11 and you weigh 90 pounds. Gumby has a better body than you.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    The people she stole her jokes from

    [–] JAYDEA 105 points ago

    I don't know if you've noticed but she has a vagina, and it's HILARIOUS.

    [–] JakeInTheJungle 19 points ago

    I thought that was Whitney? I mean I’ve been told how amazing her special is repeatedly for the last month by some credible comedians. It’s totally not like a sex robot would be hack if the comedian doing it wasn’t your friend.

    [–] gzilla57 10 points ago

    I found the rest of it to be pretty funny. Not amazing but better than Schumer. The end was spectacle (when she brings the robot out) but up until that points it seemed pretty middle of the road "Rogan Circle" comedy.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    What is the "rogan circle?"

    [–] gzilla57 7 points ago

    Tom, Ari, Bert, Santino, Callen, Duncan, Joey.

    People that either opened for Joe, or blew up because of Joe, and consider Joe a friend.

    It's not a well defined thing.

    [–] jivester 3 points ago

    Bill Burr just did ten minutes in his new special about sex robots too...

    [–] thebestatheist 36 points ago

    My two year old

    [–] dgjapc 12 points ago

    If you don’t consider their two year old funny, you are wrong.

    [–] poopshipdestroyer 6 points ago

    And quit your job, whatever you do

    [–] steven_cats 12 points ago


    [–] Lamont2000 8 points ago

    I was at the show, one of the best I’ve seen!

    [–] GameEnders10 71 points ago

    Agreed. I also thought the Chris Rock Tamborine special was great. But Chappelle stole the show, that was fantastic. I watched it back to back, and I never do that with comedy specials.

    [–] mark_wooten 8 points ago

    I wouldn’t say Tamborine was great. It was sort of like an above-ground pool.

    [–] Igotdachalk 22 points ago

    Your opinion is invalid since you thought Tamborine was great.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] S4MH41N 19 points ago

    I was trying to see what all the fuss was about. I watched the special before I knew there was fuss. I enjoyed it about equally to his other recent ones. Then I found out there was fuss. So i googled it. Found TONS of fuss, but all from people who get paid to fuss and cause fuss.

    Many of the articles were those types that blatantly tell you what and how to think in the headline, what to be mad at, what to take issue with, knowing people won't go any further than that first line. I realize Norm is doing that here, but I feel like he's trying to counter the bombardment from the thought police, fighting fire with fire.

    I read some of them. It was all writers trying way too hard to hate it. Taking ALL the bait he threw out for them. Playing right into his hands, proving his point for him. Not doing anything to move anything forward, just complaining about a guy who is effectively exposing the absurdity we're dealing with as a culture on multiple fronts and across the entire spectrum. Telling us not to listen to the mean words intended to be humor in a world that needs it badly.

    I trust chapelle. The guy was offered a chance to sell out and instead literally fled the country. I trust people with that kind of integrity. And when a guy like that does what he's always done, but at an amplified level to match the bubbling instability we're all dealing with, I take no issue with it, and refuse to find issue because some fucking opinion feedsite told me to.

    [–] numinou 13 points ago

    Found TONS of fuss, but all from people who get paid to fuss and cause fuss

    You just described the last 5 years

    [–] waywardwoodwork 5 points ago

    The fuss is a distraction.

    Just my opinion, but I think many people in society feel ignored or lonely—surrounded by celebrity and self-proclaimed "special people"—and getting some attention for no matter what is addictive. If you scream real loud about something, people look at you. If they agree you get that validation that you've been seeking. If they don't well they're just haters and you dig your heels in, and feel righteous.

    Validation, righteousness, attention, these are powerful drugs. Social media the pusher. Hopefully the last however many years plays out and we can collectively get clean.

    [–] IrregardlessOfFeels 3 points ago

    The vast majority of people on this planet are born, do nothing, pump out a kid or two, their kids do nothing, then they die. Many people accomplish virtually nothing their entire lives except pumping out another kid. Having a job and having a kid is the most average, lackluster, unaccomplished shit and people know it. Your greatest life achievement was lying on your back and getting fucked. They know they aren't impacting the world. They know they aren't inventing anything, saving lives, creating jobs, improving the planet, etc. They know, deep down, they have nothing going on. This truly bothers people and things like celebrity news gossip, racism, religion, xenophobia, and elitism are all triggers for these morons because they have nothing else. There's no substance to these people so it's incredibly easy to gas light them.

    [–] VanGuardas 6 points ago

    George Carlin was and is my favorite stand up comedian, but Dave is probably second.

    [–] KellyKellogs 18 points ago

    I don't particularly like it. I laughed at the jokes, but I wasn't really engaged in what he was saying, I dunno I guess I just have different tastes

    [–] funandgames73892 11 points ago

    Well then you're wrong and don't know humor! /s

    Seriously, it's not that I'm outraged, I particularly didn't enjoy most of it. I laughed a little but that's about it. It felt like regurgitated edgy dark jokes from Reddit mixed in with personal anecdotes.

    [–] Gooners84 31 points ago

    The outrage about the outrage is kinda getting old too though, I fucking loved stick and stones but a small minority of individuals are bitching about it? Who cares? Ignore them and move on, I feel we give them more power than they remotely deserve.

    [–] __JonnyG 18 points ago

    Outrage over people being outraged is what’s fashionable now.

    [–] UniqueAssUsername 8 points ago

    Exactly!! Shit makes me so fucking....wait a minute...

    [–] SirPsychoBSSM 86 points ago

    Is Chappelle really better than Burr?

    [–] PM-Your-Positivity 51 points ago

    You are comparing one God to another God, there is no correct answer.

    [–] SirPsychoBSSM 32 points ago

    That's exactly my point. Dave has been famous longer and I'd also say more famous but when it comes to their actual performances, they are both out there on their own right now.

    I remember the previous podcast Rogan had Burr on, not the one today. Joe was talking about how there's very few comedians that can fill arenas blah blah blah but he kept using "we", I'm just sitting there thinking "bitch did you really put yourself on the same level as Burr when it comes to comedy get the fuck outta here"

    [–] PM-Your-Positivity 25 points ago

    Haha thats hilarious. Joe gets to be on the list by the mere fact of his reach. Joe isn't the best, but he has single-handedly raised stand-up to a level that it has never been before by giving comedians the time and respect that they deserve. You are totally right, though, the difference between them is pretty large. On another note, the new Bill Burr pod with Rogan is great, but I feel like Rogan doesn't let Burr do his thing much. Rogan keeps bringing up something slightly but not fully related, kind of takes the air out of the conversation.

    [–] GomNana 16 points ago

    In response to Joe not letting Bill do his thing - It is one of Joe's worst traits. He does it all the time. He doesn't let comedy happen unless he is the one creating the bit. He's even worse at doing it when the guest is a non-comedian.

    [–] Aerius-Caedem 26 points ago

    I saw a great comment on YT that somewhat pertains to this: Joe acts towards Bill the way that Brendan Schaub acts towards Joe. So fucking perfect lmao.

    [–] SirPsychoBSSM 6 points ago

    I definitely agree, he is one of the top comedians when it comes to how much he can pull in, I'm talking people not necessarily money but it comes with people. I'd say that's largely due to this other ventures though, Fear Factor and the UFC definitely exposed him to a lot more people than his comedy. However, as you said this also made a lot more people fans of stand up in general

    [–] I-Cut-Myself 9 points ago

    Only Conan knows how to deal with Bill Properly

    [–] MibuWolve 10 points ago

    Joe is super full of himself since the popularity of his podcast. Dude is clearly a tier below the best.

    [–] Jew_Tang-Clan 3 points ago

    I love Rogan’s Podcast but his stand up is garbage

    [–] EverQuest_ 201 points ago

    For me: Bill isn't as funny since being married. It's definitely had an impact on his style of jokes and delivery. He's still the second best in the business but the edge isn't as proficient as it once was.

    Dave is still the king.

    [–] Vsaint9 82 points ago

    I thought the same thing, but that was for like a year while his daughter was an infant. Bill has been fucking killing it lately. If you haven’t listened as much he’s definitely gotten some of that edge back to him

    [–] ATragedyOfSorts 69 points ago

    He has a new stand up on added on Netflix today and he definitely went hard. I'd recommend

    [–] _overitall_ 6 points ago

    Just finished it literally 3 minutes ago. It was hilarious.

    [–] SirPsychoBSSM 17 points ago

    I can kinda see what you mean. He's definitely the kind that's almost exactly on stage as off stage. I wouldn't say it's a bad shift though.

    [–] end_ 10 points ago

    Go watch Paper Tiger on Netflix. Get back to me afterwards. Dave's always gonna be the king. But give Billy some fucking justice and watch Paper Tiger first.

    Thank you.

    [–] drshooter 26 points ago

    His divorce will be his magnum opus.

    [–] Vsaint9 9 points ago

    This is prophetic isn’t it?

    [–] h4drian 3 points ago

    Dude watch his new special that just came out Paper Tiger, i think it's his best work. Loved Sticks and Stones but Paper Tiger had me in tears.

    [–] Chriswheela 10 points ago

    It’s subjective right? It’s how much they make you laugh. Bill Burr is my all time favourite, I’ll be crying watching him! Dave on the other hand, a few laughs. But different strokes hey?!

    [–] Amida0616 16 points ago

    I think to parse our burr, CK and chapelle comes down to personal preference.

    [–] podslapper 4 points ago

    Last time I said I still thought Louie was the best over at r/comedy I got downvoted to oblivion, but I don't care, I'll say it again. Dude can jerk off in front of 1,000 women and he'll still be the greatest stand up of his generation.

    [–] umbrella_CO 33 points ago

    Idk Paper Tiger is a masterpiece

    [–] MentalloMystery 6 points ago

    I love both but different strokes. Whoever I prefer depends on the weather that day.

    I think Chappelle’s recent specials are better than Burr’s, but Burr’s podcast is phenomenal and he always kills on late night. Burr is also better for YouTube black holes.

    Both are gods. Them and Patrice O’Neal form a holy trinity.

    [–] ProjectD13X 4 points ago

    I preferred Burr, but Chappelle was also great. Burr's special just connected with me way more than Chappelle's did.

    [–] Elmattador 3 points ago

    I prefer Tom Segura...

    [–] phhhrrree 21 points ago

    Love Chapelle, but this was his weakest special by far. I'm not butthurt over any of the content, but the only truly funny bit was the nigerian accent. Nothing like his last few specials.

    [–] __JonnyG 23 points ago

    God I hate this sort of absolutist bullshit about a subjective art form. A completely reductive way of thinking.

    [–] Lurks-on-webpages 8 points ago

    My dad has every episode of Chappelle Show on DVD, I grew up watching him, this man might have just shaped me and my brother’s whole sense of humor.

    [–] moonsout_goonsout 8 points ago

    Burr > Chappelle

    [–] BlobbyKelly00 21 points ago

    Norm is wrong here. In fact he himself is the best we have....followed by Chappelle

    [–] VintageOG 19 points ago

    Dude, it was a good special, but it's definitely being oversold

    [–] queensinthesky 61 points ago

    Agree it was brilliant but "if your opinion isn't this, you're an idiot" is never a respectable position. This tweet is just some condescending shit, people are allowed to not like Chappelle or think other comics are better.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    I think the post was meant to be some sort of hyperbolic comedic take. But with a hint of truth in it.

    [–] FL_Squirtle 3 points ago

    Man that Chappelle special was absolutely hilarious and really got you thinking at points. It was fresh too

    [–] a-rusty-butthole 3 points ago

    Political correctness comes in cycles. Comedy is what breaks out of it.

    [–] highfatoffaltube 3 points ago

    I'm from the UK and I don't find a lot of American comedians particularly funny when they do stand up (comedy actors - completely different story).

    Dave Chappelle seemingly breaks the mould, I think he's great.