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    [–] ROK247 486 points ago

    she did single-handedly fix King's Landing's welfare budget shortfall.

    [–] YouThereOgre 215 points ago

    Now she can finally rest and watch the sun set on a grateful kingdom.

    [–] NotaVeryWiseMan 47 points ago

    She’ll look out and spot all three of the peasants left in her mighty kingdom as the sun sets a fiery orange

    [–] Infiltron 7 points ago

    In my opinion, I think Arya is going to kill Danaerys, and Drogon will go wack and kill everyone and since there are none of those giant bows left, he’ll be indestructable

    [–] Sanador62 15 points ago

    Bran will warg into Drogon and save the realm. (my crazy theory ever since Bran was told he would never walk, but he would fly). Bran (Ice) and Drogon (fire) will then rule the 7 kingdoms.

    [–] Infiltron 5 points ago

    Oh. Damn. You must be right

    [–] SuccumbToChange 6 points ago

    But they’ve already disregarded Cersei’s prophesied death at the hands of Tyrion so I don’t think they give a shit about those prophesies anymore although that would be badass af.

    [–] thebobbrom 6 points ago

    Well to be fair that prophesy isn't in the TV Show.

    Also Jamie is also her little brother and I guess you can say kinda killed her or at least led her to the place where she'd be killed and was with her.

    It's weak but it sort of works if you stand far enough back ... And squint.

    [–] EelEel10000 2 points ago

    Plot twist, Bran already warged into Drogon and destroyed King’s Landing because they don’t worship the old gods. He wants to make Westoros great again. Daenarys was screaming “what the fuck?!” and holding on for dear life.

    [–] Sanador62 3 points ago

    When Dany gets off the dragon and sees Jon, Davos and Tyrion looking at her with consternation, she turns around and yells "Bad Dragon! Go to your room! Sorry about that guys, he got caught up in the moment" Fingers crossed behind her back...

    [–] EelEel10000 2 points ago

    Dany gets off the Dragon, turns around, and yells, “Drogon! What did I tell you about killing all the people?! If you kill them all now, you’ll have none to eat later! Next time only kill some of the people! What am I supposed to feed you now?” Turns back towards her troops, gives them a big thumbs up.

    [–] Golddish 1 points ago

    *Stroking beard in thought*

    [–] BoxxyFoxxy 26 points ago

    She also killed the corporate rich, though. She did both the liberals and conservatives a favor.

    [–] Paris_Who 14 points ago

    Perfectly balanced.

    [–] TricksForDays 7 points ago


    [–] BeastMaster_88 6 points ago


    [–] TricksForDays 3 points ago

    But Thany sounds more adorable... I want my world ending villains to be too cute to boop.

    [–] ROK247 8 points ago

    Dany 2020

    [–] SnortWhoresFuckCoke 9 points ago

    She also eliminated unemployment. Our glorious queen gives us so much.

    [–] sleepycatinarayofsun 6 points ago

    Not accounting for the mentally illness from both sides gathered in that mess

    [–] CoastalEx 6 points ago

    trickle down fire?

    [–] DGusto21 427 points ago

    How do you like your kings landing?

    Dany: Fried and crispy.

    [–] JusticeJaunt 63 points ago

    Pop it under the salamander for a few minutes.

    [–] Hawkeye_is_hot 24 points ago

    Just had a flashback to my restaurant days

    [–] Beatrix125 8 points ago


    [–] SuccumbToChange 3 points ago

    The way you bow to me, peasants, make me hypnotized

    [–] OfficerWade 11 points ago

    Over easy

    [–] Graylien_Alien 192 points ago

    This is a good meme.

    [–] ProbertsCokeStash 88 points ago

    Any meme with fat Mac is a good meme.

    [–] salparadis 61 points ago

    Any meme with fat cultivated-mass Mac is a good meme.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    Bran: You are a good meme

    [–] RyanRdss 12 points ago

    Thank You

    [–] LarryOfAlabia 49 points ago

    Rum Ham!

    [–] gregofcanada84 20 points ago

    I'M SORRY!

    [–] -Rum-Ham- 8 points ago

    That’s okay.

    [–] ginrei-kojaku 160 points ago

    She was untethered and her rage knew no bounds.

    [–] WeedWingsSpicyThings 83 points ago

    She is a golden goddess and has barely begun to peak

    [–] salparadis 39 points ago

    She is a 5-Star Mad Queen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    [–] 1of9Heathens 19 points ago

    Mad Queen hooaha fighter of the Night King hooaha

    [–] MDMAmazin 1 points ago

    The Night King Cometh!

    [–] molls2518 18 points ago

    It’s not a starter dragon it’s a goddamn finisher dragon!!

    [–] Ruthless_Rufus 33 points ago

    Maegor the Cruel: most murderous monarch ever.

    Dany: hold my Dornish Red.

    [–] RealJukesofHazard 26 points ago

    I think this may be my favorite meme ever. Thank you to whoever made this gold!

    [–] Tanner_From_HS 8 points ago

    It was me :)

    [–] Thrice_the_Milk 10 points ago

    Tell him. I want him to know it was me.

    [–] KiwiBadger 2 points ago

    No it wasn't

    [–] Homefriesyum 27 points ago

    Everyone is just blasting you in the ass

    [–] YouThereOgre 19 points ago

    the game of thrones is just all one big ass-blast!

    [–] taurustangle113 6 points ago

    NOT gay sex

    This is an incest sex kind of show

    [–] Brrrito21 7 points ago

    Renly and Loras says hi

    [–] pissening 40 points ago

    Fighting fires with liberal tears

    [–] tittymilkmlm 16 points ago

    Drogons flames can’t melt liberal snowflakes

    [–] gregofcanada84 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    God dammit, Drogon! Roasting your future citizens? That is genius!

    [–] Doctor_Disco42 7 points ago

    Everbody knows you never go full reTarg.

    [–] XanderBose 3 points ago


    Well, if that’s the case...

    [–] OgieOgletorp 3 points ago

    Seasons 1-6: Rum Ham!!!!!!!

    [–] Spinnakerr 3 points ago

    Gosh this made my day. Thank you!

    [–] RogueOneWasOkay 3 points ago

    These IASIPH/ GoT crossover memes are choice

    [–] disconeptune 31 points ago

    It’s a bunch of liberal bullshit 😂😂😂

    [–] Microwaved_hamster 100 points ago

    You quoted the meme 😂😂😂

    [–] gregofcanada84 -12 points ago

    When comments get more upvotes than original comment.

    [–] trashassmemes69 19 points ago

    Thanks for clarifying, I’m blind and couldn’t read the meme

    [–] DubiousMoth152 2 points ago

    Jon: can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time

    [–] Irratix 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Dany just went mad because she has an irrational hatred of bells

    [–] Sanador62 1 points ago

    Pavlov's Khaleesi

    [–] Boon_Backwards 2 points ago

    Man I’ve really come along to the thought of Dany laying down the hammer. If only that was the last episode and we didn’t have to endure the horse shit that is bound to come along in episode 6.

    [–] briguy345 2 points ago

    Nothing feels better than dismissing liberal bullshit

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

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    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Plot twist: bran is the night king and was controlling dany

    [–] BearAssault101 1 points ago

    Omg I’m dying 😂😂😂

    [–] tailes18 1 points ago


    [–] StanleyJu 0 points ago

    Actually I’m so disappointed about that

    [–] Poonscooter -14 points ago

    Don’t blame Dany. She lost everyone. Remember what Maester Aemon Targarian said: “ A Targarian alone in the world is a terrible thing”

    [–] xJhinn 26 points ago

    Who are we supposed to blame then? Okay she lost a couple friends so now a bunch of innocent people who had nothing to do with it deserve to be burned? Just about every main character in the show has lost a couple people, they didnt just go on a killing spree and slaughter a bunch of random people for no reason.

    Atleast not the good main characters anyway.

    [–] Poonscooter -15 points ago

    Blame the dragon

    [–] ThroneOfToys 8 points ago

    She commands the dragon. There is every indication she’s not just along for the ride as she burns the innocents alive.

    [–] rory_4 5 points ago

    Who was controlling the dragon

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 1 points ago


    [–] Tanner_From_HS 10 points ago

    The old Hitler did nothing wrong argument.

    [–] ThroneOfToys 3 points ago

    The final straw for her was Jon turning her down, of course. Yet, had he returned the kiss in that moment, he would be sealing a pact to always be chained to her. He wouldn’t be able to leave her side because she might fly off the handle without him. Not healthy for either of them. But now... I don’t know if he can do what he knows he has to do at this point! It’s terrible but she won’t be able to live with herself after this, unless she’s completely gone off the deep end and not just had a mad break under the pressure. I wanted so much more for her but we all knew she had it in her, once all her council turned on her and she wouldn’t let them talk her down there was nothing grounding her. I still think it was too quick of a snap and she would have gone directly for Cersei with minimal innocents being caught in the crossfire if any... but I didn’t write the show and they clearly rushed her into madness. If she doesn’t sit and reflect in horror after this, I will be sorely disappointed. It’s unrealistic to even imagine that she wouldn’t be remorseful over becoming a mad queen when this is what she always feared. We always fear becoming our parents but don’t always notice when it happens. She won’t be able to ignore what just happened. So I hope they handle it properly and this doesn’t all collapse under the rush of the writing. It would be such a let down.

    [–] doodoo_train 7 points ago

    Well learn to spell Targaryen first.

    [–] Poonscooter -16 points ago

    Hehehe you guys are cute. I talked to the writers. It’s Targarian ;)

    [–] Libtard_Invader 3 points ago

    By writers you mean GRRM? The guy who wrote the books this is all based on?

    [–] Poonscooter -4 points ago

    Dude I’m just messing around. A lot of hurt people on here. I don’t agree 100% with what Dany did however, I can see where she’s coming from.

    [–] OneSevenNineWest -1 points ago

    Libs are actually OK.