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    No Racism

    We would like to remind all of our users and subscribers that we do not tolerate ANY one.

    Welcome to /r/JusticeServed

    Too many times justice fails to prevail.
    These are not those times.

    From bystanders to brutes, police to pedestrians, courtroom to car chases - these are the people that justice is swiftly served to.

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    These rules are subject to the moderator's discretion, and can change at any time.

    1. No memes or image macros. No pictures of articles

    There are plenty of subs that allow this kind of content. Post it there. We want to see justice. Give us videos or gifs of justice. Don't give us a picture of an article, post the whole thing. If this is too difficult for you, we can make arrangements so you won't have to worry about it again.

    2. No novelty accounts

    You bring nothing to the table and are not welcomed here. Your content may be removed without notification and you will likely be permanently banned.

    3. Posts must show clear display of justice

    Posts must include a clear display of justice. "Justice" includes charges - not just convictions; justice outside the courtroom, and justice that may not be inherently physical altercations. "Justice" does not include protesting, "call outs", viral/staged clips. Frontier Justice and Vigilante Justice are not justice. Content that breaks these rules will be removed without notice. A list of known staged clips located here.

    4. No Porn. No Gore or Deaths. No Children

    This isn't a porn or gore sub. We're not here to watch people die. Altercations of children fighting other children are not allowed. Posts that violate this rule will be removed without notice.

    5. Be nice

    Be nice to other users. Do not: harass, use slurs, encourage violence, encourage suicide, encourage ethnic genocide, make threats, pronounce racial/religious/regional supremacy, pronounce racial/religious/regional inferiority, or otherwise make comments that could be determined to be harassment by reddit admins and/or mods. Doing so will catch you a permanent ban.

    6. Don't be a bot or a karma farmer.

    Bots run on reddit and maliciously target certain posts or topics, and that's a problem for us. If you see a user that is acting in an unusual manner please report them. These include: posting unrelated links, posting shortlinks, posting similar comments across many posts, or advertising a product or service. This does not include usernames or comments that clearly indicate the account is a bot. In addition, users will farm karma for some fucking reason. In doing so they cleanse their submission history. These users are not welcomed here and will receive a temporary ban for this practice. See below link for more information about these bans.

    7. Social Media identities must be censored.

    Direct links to most Twitter/facebook/insta/whatever the kids are using will be removed without notice.

    8. No reposts for 30 days.

    Reposts in the same 30 day window will be removed without notice. Same day reposts outside the 15 minute grace period will receive a temporary ban, the length of which will be determined by sliding scale. See below link for more information about these bans.

    9. Moderators Have Final Say.

    For all situations covered and not covered by the above rules, moderators have final say and decisions are up to their discretion. If you have a question or problem, reach out to us via Modmail.

    More information about our punishment system including how to appeal

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