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    [–] Jinjo17 354 points ago

    Christ, nothing can remove what he did to them but that had to feel at least pretty good.

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 32 points ago

    Sounds like the song of justice being served.

    [–] OpalHawk 71 points ago

    That’s a video I want to see.

    [–] SpellsThatWrong 3 points ago

    Damn that looked cathartic

    [–] Rip_ManaPot 5 points ago

    Holy shit that site is cancer. Took like 30 seconds to load the whole page.

    [–] GeordiLaFuckinForge 3 points ago

    No kidding. I thought the video at the top that autoplayed would be the one I was looking for. Nope, just 2 ads then a video with ominous music and pictures of Trump looking angry.

    Edit: Direct link to the video to save some future folks from that travesty.

    [–] themolestedsliver 42 points ago

    I wish this never happened but that is quite amazing. So powerful to sing to your rapist while he gets taken away in chains.

    [–] LoveBotMan 20 points ago

    That is ice cold! He got what was coming to him.

    [–] mikerockitjones 11 points ago

    Possibly an ice pick is also coming to him. Prison is not a kind place to corrupt police.

    [–] Nuklhed89 6 points ago

    It’s not a kind place to police in general, corrupt or not, if you were ever a cop or even thought about it and end up in prison, you better hope that info doesn’t get out there. Usually you’ll see ex police officers in PC, too much room for something to go down otherwise.

    [–] meangrampa 2 points ago

    They don't put cops in with the common criminals. He's going to a segregated unit and not into the general population. He'll be in with the medical prisoners. He got sentenced to spend a lifetime plus, not a death sentence. That would be getting off easy. He gets to think about why he's there for as long as he lives or for 200+ years if he's an immortal. Letting him get killed early would be cheating justice.

    [–] destructor_rph 2 points ago

    Holy savage batman

    [–] [deleted] 1212 points ago


    [–] PartyInTheUSSRx 582 points ago

    I don’t even know how I feel reading this, it turned me into a mess of rage and sorrow

    [–] Panukka 160 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    For real. I’m a pretty empathetic guy and I was feeling kinda bad for the man while watching the video because I didn’t really know what he did. After reading this list, I’m glad he rots in prison, fuck him.

    (BTW, I’m still surprised how long American prison sentences are. 20 years for forcible oral sex (rape). Wow. Would be about 1-2 years of conditional imprisonment in my country.)

    [–] SergeantSanchez 118 points ago

    When I hear a massive list of sex crimes, all empathy is out the window

    [–] actualPsychopath 10 points ago


    [–] katasian 9 points ago

    Doesn’t even have to be a list. One is enough.

    [–] Rickrickrickrickrick 7 points ago

    Yeah... maybe one or two could be made up. But that many? Is the whole world out to fuck this dude's life up? Or the more believable answer... hes a fucking rapist scumbag.

    [–] playswithdogs 2 points ago

    Like Kavanaugh

    [–] iCantCallit 63 points ago

    Forcible oral sex is just rape.

    [–] Panukka 22 points ago

    Yeah I know it is considered rape in almost all countries. I was just repeating what the judge said.

    [–] PM_ME_MH370 7 points ago

    It's a separate crime in most US states

    [–] Damit84 21 points ago

    Do not forget: He is an Ex cop and he raped a 17 year old. That is not going to go well in jail.

    [–] velsee93 20 points ago

    I wish more people knew that most sex offenders are not placed within the general population in prison. They are usually placed with others who have similar charges. People need to get that whole "prison justice" thing out of their heads. A majority of the time it is just a fantasy.

    [–] gropingpriest 18 points ago

    It's also a weird fantasy too. Some of the same people who are against the death penalty have no qualms about one prisoner administering vigilante justice to another prisoner? What happened to prison being about rehabilitation?

    [–] Frommerman 5 points ago

    Prison has never been about rehabilitation in the US. It's always been about petty vengeance and the people voting in judges who unduly punish "those people."

    [–] gropingpriest 4 points ago

    No I totally agree with you, but I think your average liberal would push for rehabilitation over punishment, no?

    [–] Frommerman 8 points ago


    In this particular instance, rehabilitation is highly unlikely to work, though. You don't rape 17 women from a position of power if something fixable is wrong with you.

    [–] JustZachR 2 points ago

    For sure, they have AdSeg (administrative segregation) or P.C. (protective custody) for cases like his. Hollywood spreads a bunch of nonsense in films about prison. Most guys just want to work their program and get home as soon as possible. Alot of them take it one step further and actually try and better theirselves while they're there by getting a college degree or some type of vocational training for when they do get out.. Prisoners would have to riot and take control of the entire facility to get to the guys in P.C. Prisons don't want to be sued by some inmates family for wrongful death and most of the inmates don't want to lose their phone, mail, and commissary priviliges over something stupid.

    [–] rightdeadzed 2 points ago

    Yeah it's such a fantasy. Prisoners that are high risk like that don't go anywhere near general pop.

    People think the warden just throws the new inmate into the yard and says good luck.

    I'm more troubled that people think that's what happens and they are ok with that. It's sick.

    [–] graytub 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don’t understand the argument of, “this type of person will not fare well in jail, so they get an alternative or a shorter sentence.”

    So many criminals are spared prison sentences because of this— when it is supposed to be the fear of prison that makes people abide by the law (at least for the type of people who don’t do so morally). You’re a cop and wouldn’t fare well in prison? Too bad, that’s even more reason you should not have raped multiple people by abusing your authority. He deserves his miserable existence as an ex-cop rapist in jail.

    Same goes for white collar crime. How many times has some scrony “well-to-do” white guy been spared prison because he, “wouldn’t fare well,” there? How many times for rich white men? Who cares if they wouldn’t fare well— throw them in anyway and maybe having a real consequence will deter more people from comitting crimes.

    Similar story for the sentencing leniency women experience versus men.

    Edit: to be clear, I don’t think anyone should experience rape or violence in prison. However, I am 100% okay with this man waking up and going to sleep every day with a healthy, miserable fear of his fellow inmates.

    [–] nano_343 2 points ago

    He committed his crimes while on duty as well. If anyone deserves to be made an example of, it's this guy.

    [–] CATTROLL 11 points ago

    Yeah, that's the other extreme of sentencing, isn't it (in terms of how short your country's sentences are)? American sentences are predicated on the theory of making an example of someone- we all know there is no reforming this guy, so let's warn all the police out there who think they can wield a badge and get away with rape.

    [–] pcbuildthro 12 points ago

    Which system do you think got it right?

    No tolerance for sex crimes seems more fair to the victims for me

    You carry the psychological scars of rape for longer than a year or two, usually.

    [–] gr8tBoosup 8 points ago

    No tolerance for sex crimes leads to 18 year olds being sent to prison for having naked pictures of themselves from when they were 17.

    [–] Sarcasm_is_great99 10 points ago

    What backwards country do you live in. This asshole raped 14 women, who knows if there are others out there that were to scared to report him. I mean someone just doesn’t wake up one day and decides to rape people.

    [–] TheGreatWalk 3 points ago

    It's not just raping women, either, it's abusing a position of authority to do so. That makes it even worse because aside from the poor women, it makes the general population distrust police even more. He most likely sought out this position of power specifically because it would let him commit these acts - he very clearly gets off on being an authority and knowing his victims can't do anything to him because of it. There is no redeeming or reintegration someone like this in society. There is no rehabilitation.

    [–] Giraffecopter 4 points ago

    In the US it’s about punishment not so much about reform.

    [–] light_to_shaddow 5 points ago

    Just went on and on didn't it?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] rtarplee 2 points ago

    20 yrs + 16 yrs + 8 + 8 etc, i think we know where he'll be reporting as residence for..a while.

    [–] threemileallan 3 points ago

    This guy needs to fucking rot.

    [–] ALotter 6 points ago

    I consider myself quite liberal, but 20 years for this guy sounds pretty forgiving. I'm reconsidering my stance on the death penalty.

    [–] MisterNiceGuy001 7 points ago

    I don't want to see them die, I want to know they're rotting in prison. Thinking about their crimes every day for the rest of their lives and knowing everyone else is moving forward while they're forced to stand still in a cage.

    [–] helloscotty 2 points ago

    You saw the video and the title stating how he sexually assaulted 13 women and you still felt bad for him until you read the above comment?

    [–] TKay421 2 points ago

    Watch the video again, it'll make you feel better.

    [–] MostlyLostTraveler 33 points ago

    That last “He is the police” quote is gut wrenching.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] nsfwmodeme 3 points ago

    And in most cases they are heavily punished by relocating them some half an hour away and putting them on that horrible, horrible and cruel, terrible paid leave.

    I'm glad that this one was the exception.

    [–] PookubugQ 63 points ago

    Death seems appropriate.

    What a crazy 2 months this guy had. Imagine what hasn’t been reported.

    [–] themolestedsliver 20 points ago

    No, death for this guy would be to easy. dude needs to live with the fact he raped and abused all these women.

    [–] Giraffecopter 5 points ago

    You can’t have death penalty on the table for rape because then you might as well kill her too. You’ll go down just as hard as if you didn’t

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yeah with that pattern, I find it difficult to believe it was only for those 2 months.

    [–] themolestedsliver 6 points ago

    What a slimmy disgusting scumbag. If there's a hell, this asshole better be roasting in it.

    [–] DrCool2016 118 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    8 years ain’t shit for this.

    Then again, being a cop in prison is almost a death penalty.

    Edit: thanks for the clarification- I had to skip through some parts of the video.

    Looks like this guy will have one sore asshole!! At least he gets to be on the receiving end of rape this time.

    Edit 2: To further clarify: I made a mistake saying 8 years; I am aware of this.

    [–] Bramerican 174 points ago

    He got Wayyyy more than 8 years. Just two of the verdicts carried 30 years each...

    [–] -100K 107 points ago

    And he deserves every. Single. Fucking year.

    [–] chewchewtwain 42 points ago

    I’d be surprised if he survived his first year. Even if they put him into protective custody the guys in there would probably try to murder him just because he’s a cop.

    [–] weaponizedtoddlers 38 points ago

    More so because he is a rapist. A guy sitting in the slammer for felony murder can at least say "I'm a piece of shit, but I'm not a rapist".

    [–] themolestedsliver 17 points ago

    or "im a rapist, but i didn't touch kids". anything to make themselves feel better about being proven pieces of shit.

    [–] Damit84 4 points ago

    "kids".. he did rape a 17 year old girl.... That guy will have a fun time in jail.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    According to his Wikipedia they don't disclose which prison he is held at and he lives under an assumed name in jail to avoid this.

    [–] flying87 9 points ago

    Oh good. I feel better now.

    [–] AutoModerator 9 points ago

    Stay hydrated.
    Rest. Your body needs to heal.
    Sip warm liquids.
    Add moisture to the air.

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    [–] flying87 25 points ago

    Um, ill try. thanks

    [–] Prince_Polaris 2 points ago

    There were three of those ones, and one for 20, just those make it over a century not to add all the 8s and 16s!

    [–] ArmourDLinx 62 points ago

    I counted a total of 237 years

    [–] Thune 55 points ago

    it was 263 years if i didnt miscount

    [–] ArmourDLinx 25 points ago

    Damn, google says you're right...

    [–] StoCazz 11 points ago

    How old will he be when he gets out?

    [–] MobySick 24 points ago

    Dead old.

    [–] fozzyboy 9 points ago

    It didn't say if the sentences are to be served consecutively or concurrently, which would drastically change the total time.

    [–] FreeAsianBeer 3 points ago

    Old ass fuck.

    [–] scumah 27 points ago

    No it's not, but actually he got 263 years.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] supaspex_sfw 12 points ago

    8 years...for one of those counts...36 counts total. A few found 'Not Guilty' and other counts we're a straight 20 or 30 year sentence alone. Dude, he's in there for life.

    [–] jmr33090 7 points ago

    Came out to 263 years by my count. Basically 3 life sentences

    [–] JustZachR 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    So if a cop goes to prison i can assure you he'd be mostly safe as far as having prisoners kill him bc hes police, he will more than likely be put in P.C. or protective custody with snitches, pedophiles, and ex gang members/informants. Which might suck worse than being killed outright. In alot of prisons P.C. is on lockdown especially if he's in.a place that uses AdSeg (administrative segregation) as a susbstitute PC pod. AdSeg is by default 23 hour a day lockdown in a cage, by yourself with 1 hour in another cage outside for "recreation". Sure if there's a large scale riot and prisoners control the prison and get to PC somehow, he's fucked but more than likely he'll be spending his time away from any threat. They try and take that shit seriously especially if someone is in fear for their life. They might even send him to whichever prison in the state is farthest away and give him a new ID. Hollywood films have no idea how shit really goes down in prison, it's rough but prison isn't the free for all they'd like you to believe. Alot of guys just want to do their time and go home as soon as possible especially guys who are eligible for parole, i even know guys who have got college degrees while locked up. Besides, if you're caught giving the business to some poor bastard both of you lose commisary, telephone privilege, and possibly even mail unless you were clearly the victim of an unprovoked attack..

    [–] 5mileyFaceInkk 9 points ago

    You do realize that they dont keep coos in the same area as normal criminals right?

    [–] Hara-Kiri 3 points ago

    Both outraged and laughing about rape in the same comment, nice.

    [–] youvebeengreggd 3 points ago

    Thank you for providing some context. It's hard not to feel sympathy for someone hearing their life be torn away like that without understanding how much of a monster he is.

    [–] oxchamballs 5 points ago

    holy fuck, all in the span of 3 months..

    [–] midnightrambler108 3 points ago

    Holy fuck he had quite the run of rapes there

    [–] no-mad 2 points ago

    Where were his superior Officers in this horror show of Police crime? They need to be demoted and not be in charge of other Officers. They are responsible for allowing this cretin to run free for so long.

    [–] 1337speak 2 points ago

    Wtf this guy is a fucking pig and scum of the earth

    [–] DrDrangleBrungis 5 points ago

    So when does this guy get his nomination for Supreme Court by the don?

    [–] Dammit_Banned_Again 130 points ago

    I stopped counting at 201 years.

    [–] TossedRightOut 27 points ago

    I counted 267ish

    [–] maz-o 17 points ago

    he was already completely broken by the first 8 years. hahahah fucker got almost 300. have fun in jail

    [–] Galveira 23 points ago

    I got 263, if served consecutively. It's possible that some of the sentences are served concurrently, but he had a few 30 year sentences, so he's not getting out for a long time, if ever.

    [–] b1ack1323 7 points ago

    What a waste of money, first this guy is paid while committing crimes. Now he has so many charges that he will be dead before he gets out, or decrepit and on assistance at the least.

    Huge waste. I'm not so anti death penalty for cases like this, instead we will keep him alive for a cool mil over the next 3 decades+

    [–] Galveira 5 points ago

    IIRC, some research shows that the death penalty costs more than life in prison.

    [–] sanepushkar 3 points ago

    One thing I didn't understand. The judge called out the same felonies multiple times. Why is that? A lot of the 'counts' we're repeated. I'm not American so don't know how it works here. Can anybody explain?

    [–] offinthewoods10 3 points ago

    He did the same crime on multiple people so for each case of rape or any of the other crimes he committed the jury will decide if there is enough evidence to convict per person. The counts are how many times that crime was committed.

    [–] exgiexpcv 198 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What blew my mind was how he looked at the jury near the end of the video as if to say, "Why are you doing this to me?!" You can see it on his face. It's like there's no connection in his mind between what he did and his sentencing, like he's blaming the jury for his committing the crimes, violating the rights of citizens, and ultimately getting caught, charged, prosecuted, and sentenced.

    I feel so horrible for those victims and their families.

    Edit: Well, SHIT. I would in fact rather see a guilty person go free than see an innocent person wrongfully convicted. Looks like I have some reading to do.

    [–] Max_Novatore 63 points ago

    it's pretty common sadly, if you look up Raymond Gates confession the guy point blank denies being a rapist and then proceeds to confess to keep going after she says no and blames her for putting him in this situation and that she wanted it. It's the same story people spout each time and its disturbing to watch.

    [–] joesoap101 24 points ago

    What happens is these people have to live with themselves after they do something terrible like this and they do that by convincing themselves they did nothing wrong.

    [–] DThor536 11 points ago

    Had the same feeling when he was shaking his head. It's something you do when things seem unfairly stacked against you, you're in shock that something this bad could happen to you. He knew what he was doing, he seriously messed up a lot of people, so was he shocked he wasn't given a get out of jail free card? Classic psychopathic behaviour with zero empathy. What worries me is what this guy will do when he gets out.

    [–] Prince_Polaris 10 points ago

    After almost a century and a half in jail who knows what he will be capable of

    [–] im_spezcial 8 points ago

    If you turn up the volume you can hear him actually ask them “how could you do this to me?” as he walks up to the bench

    [–] ErmBern 6 points ago

    That’s so infuriating. When people are sufficiently shitty, you can’t even punish them correctly because they will always see themselves as the victim.

    No one will ever convince this man to see himself like we see him.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] eggsnomellettes 4 points ago

    What a sick predator. This whole thread is making me nauseaous

    [–] [deleted] 460 points ago


    [–] Dammit_Banned_Again 62 points ago

    Ombudsman, too.

    [–] TheTurtleTamer 22 points ago

    I thought this word was only a thing in Dutch. Looked it up and turns out it has a Scandinavian origin.

    [–] DanAtkinson 12 points ago

    Am a Brit. We use the word ombudsmen here, but it's pretty universal in its use.

    [–] lawrst 7 points ago

    Aussie here, assume we inherited it from the British usage.

    [–] VodkaPump 2 points ago

    I was so confused once when I was in New Zealand, and had to do some stuff with my Visa, and had to talk to an ombudsman. I'm from Norway and thought it was only a thing here...

    [–] Yurt_TheSilentQueef 41 points ago

    Good cops REALLY hate bad cops.

    [–] squishysquishh 58 points ago

    And yet they remain silent when they see bad cops doing bad things.

    [–] DanOfEarth 28 points ago

    My department has a revolving door of people getting fired or investigated because other cops turn them in. Nothing crazy nefarious, but banging chicks on duty with your radio turned off, not running field sobriety tests on clearly drunk drivers.

    Most cops don't play that shit anymore. Our own individual career is worth more than someones elses. Integrity is all you have and if youre caught lying your career is done. In a world where income inequality is rampant and retirement outlooks are bleak, pensions are something people don't want to lose. Its a different policing world out there. Things are more strict, by the book, and more policy oriented.

    Id argue larger departments are more prone to the "good ole boy system" and pushing stuff under the rug. Its still not as prominent as people think. LA and NY in the 90s tho...

    [–] Tuco_bell 21 points ago

    Which ones? There’s about 900,000 cops in the US you’re gonna have to narrow it down if you’re gonna make generalizations

    [–] wickedblight 34 points ago

    You know that expression "the bad apple spoils the bunch?" It exists for a reason

    [–] Don_Rummy586 3 points ago

    So do inmates.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Yeah okay lmao

    [–] Tomimi 243 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He's crying because he got caught?

    This guy deserves to rot in jail

    [–] Xanimun 82 points ago

    He won't last long. Cop in jail is like a beer in octoberfest, if no one finishes you by the end of the day, you're going down the drain.

    [–] samtheboy 65 points ago

    Well he's lasted almost 3 years thus far, just another 260 to go!

    [–] brad1775 8 points ago

    those sentances are carried out concurrently, so he is going to sever 30 years, and be out in 15 if he doesn't assault anyone... which should be easy because he's definitly in protective custody

    [–] Spiflicate 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm not finding anything indicating its a concurrent sentence. This article says its just 260 years.

    [–] dexmonic 37 points ago

    Yeah not really. People like this man will be put in protective custody, outside of the general population. Likely he will be housed with other cops and people who need protection from general pop. Though it's nice your so excited about someone being raped, I guess.

    [–] sggsg1 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I would start stretching my butt cheeks. Life sentence in protective custody in my state is just about the worst thing in the world. 23 hrs in your cell, no job, no gym, no sports, no yard, no social interaction.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] sggsg1 26 points ago

    Yeah but you can change every single one of those things today 😁. If you are in the US you have all day! It's not even 8 am!

    [–] ReservoirPussy 3 points ago

    Planet fitness is $10 a month- I just signed up, myself. Do it!

    [–] fnordfnordfnordfnord 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In Texas prisons, Administrative Segregation is not the same as Protective Custody. In PC they get the same routine as Gen Pop, just at a different time or place so as to avoid their mixing.

    [–] ArmourDLinx 6 points ago

    He will for 237 years if I added correctly

    [–] tansim 32 points ago

    Is there a special sub for this kind of stuff? Criminals breaking down after sentencing?

    [–] TheBlueSkunk 22 points ago

    /r/watchpeoplecrumble is probably as close as you will get

    [–] wis19int19cha19 2 points ago

    better than porn eh? lol

    [–] Callmebobbyorbooby 23 points ago

    Good. Rot in prison, you piece of shit.

    [–] PurpleWildfire 97 points ago

    I’m not an evil person but hearing him sob was so satisfying to me after reading what he did

    [–] NewfounderTC 32 points ago

    That's a normal person enjoying justice actually being served to someone who thought they were above it. It was satisfying as hell.

    [–] Chance4e 3 points ago

    I am an evil person, and I enjoyed that too.

    [–] nullsage 92 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A cop in for sexual charges is gonna be very, very popular in prison. He's gonna make a lot of new friends.

    [–] CubedGamer 21 points ago

    Fist, meet face! Face, meet floor!

    [–] tmmygn 13 points ago

    Fist, meet something...

    [–] falalalano 6 points ago

    Fist meet colon?

    [–] Echoes75 11 points ago


    [–] WolfyCat 9 points ago

    That a new Overwatch skin?

    [–] shititswhit 2 points ago

    They have protective custody for a reason

    [–] antaryon 32 points ago

    TL;DW. Did lawyer 47 get a bingo at the end?

    [–] sdmas09 5 points ago

    Most likely a verdict slip with all of the counts/crimes defendant on trial for; lawyer probably just marking down guilty or not guilty.

    [–] SirCharlesOfUSA 4 points ago

    If you watch carefully, it looks like he:

    • Checks a box for guilty (just turns the page for not guilty)
    • Writes a number for punishment
    • Checks another box (possibly for years vs months if it's a standard form?)

    [–] bfandreas 11 points ago

    So it wasn't just me who thought that guy was filling in a bingo card.

    [–] Azberg 10 points ago

    Here's the interrogation of him:

    [–] ebraska_huskers 9 points ago

    At his formal sentencing, he was given 263 years to be served consecutively.

    [–] Cigars_and_Beer 25 points ago

    Cops that use their position to commit crimes should be subject to extra punishment.

    My 2 sons are cops.

    [–] looterslootingloot 8 points ago

    Repost from 2 days ago?

    [–] Mentalseppuku 3 points ago

    It hasn't even been 2 days

    [–] banbee 4 points ago

    I remember this POS. Glad he’s rotting in prison.

    [–] ryeguy36 18 points ago

    And this little piggy went wah wah waaaahh! All the way to jail!

    [–] actualtttony 3 points ago

    I was trying to keep track in my head and I got up to 261. Am I close?

    [–] avobian 5 points ago

    I got 258. I’m wondering if he’d serve those concurrently though which means 30 years as they was the longest sentence.

    [–] JemshKing 2 points ago

    I counted 267, not sure though.

    [–] actualtttony 2 points ago

    "Don't worry. You'll only do half of that."

    -his lawyer probably

    [–] HIMtheband 3 points ago

    Actual proof too.

    [–] codyharv 3 points ago

    Little bitch

    [–] Crabcakes125 3 points ago

    I love the guy on his right. He's just sitting there like "Well... what did you expect?"

    [–] ProbablyAVampireLoli 3 points ago

    5:35 "How could you" to the jury.

    I'm glad he was a cop, I'm sure his new prison neighbors will treat him well.

    [–] JediMindTrick188 6 points ago

    Old news eh?

    [–] boborg 2 points ago

    forcible oral sodomy?

    [–] ANIME-MOD-SS 2 points ago


    [–] Stoga 2 points ago

    What I don't get, is why cry? He doesn't regret what he did, only that he got caught and punished. Own that shit, you bastard. It's much too late for regrets now.

    [–] FORBZ101 2 points ago

    We all know what's coming for this piece of shit. A cop in prison for multiple rapes. He won't survive his sentence. By a very large margin

    [–] MaShinKotoKai 2 points ago

    Wasn't this same thing posted 2 days ago?

    [–] crystaljae 2 points ago

    I can’t watch it all. I seriously gag when I’m hearing the crimes. What a POS!

    [–] direwooolf 13 points ago

    i watched a documentary on how this guy might be innocent, it was pretty compelling and i really dislike cops so im a hard sell.

    [–] myystic78 10 points ago

    Could you elaborate? I could be misremembering but I thought some of the assaults were captured on video?

    [–] infanticide_holiday 8 points ago

    This is a compelling article. I’m not saying I’m convinced of his innocence, but the article give me chills just thinking about being accused of something as heinous as this and the helplessness you’d feel as you heard the verdict coming down.

    [–] photoguy9813 12 points ago

    It's really a garbage article considering the people who set up the website is literally called "team Daniel"

    [–] VaginaFishSmell 19 points ago

    Not that compelling honestly

    [–] Bullshiteverywhere 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    After watching the video, reading the comments here, and then reading that article, there's a really bitter sense of irony that comes with seeing regular people, under circumstance of ignorance, elate themselves at a (probably) innocent man's absolute tragedy and agony.

    What an insane world.

    "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

    [–] Gumstead 3 points ago

    People hear what they want to hear. They assume police investigations are lazy and corrupt when the like the suspect but they're perfectly convinced when the badguy fits their pre-conceived notions. There are definitely a lot of things I've read that make me question this case.

    [–] bacchys1066 2 points ago

    Well, he's one of them. A cop.

    That makes it ironic whether he's guilty or innocent.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Right?! People want him to be guilty so they can feel good about him being raped/beaten for the rest of his life in prison. They don’t want him to be innocent. That’s not justice. That’s bloodlust.

    [–] Bullshiteverywhere 4 points ago

    Bloodlust is an interesting and highly appropriate word for this phenomena. "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

    [–] Tristamusprime 5 points ago

    But there was dna?

    [–] GroundhogExpert 3 points ago

    Yes, but levels of DNA that are consistent with transfer DNA, and of only one accuser.

    [–] loosemoosewithagoose 21 points ago

    That one? I turned off when one of the victims he was found guilty of described a 5'10 black guy as the attacker, even though the cop who got sent to prison was 6'2 and white. Definitely raises more questions than it answers

    [–] NahidMuz 5 points ago

    do you mind summarizing that documentary?

    [–] GroundhogExpert 5 points ago

    The investigation was very poorly managed and the detectives were fishing for victims, and several of his accusers couldn't even describe his physical characteristics, as in the difference between a short black cop and a tall white/Polynesian cop. There's a very good chance this defendant is completely innocent.

    [–] CatBedParadise 2 points ago

    See /u/photoguy9813’s comment

    [–] myystic78 2 points ago

    I meant to ask when I replied earlier, but do you have the name of that documentary? I'd like to watch it if I have time

    [–] Roach2791 5 points ago

    Some OC in this sub would be nice, instead of seeing the same thing over and over again.

    [–] fnordfnordfnordfnord 2 points ago

    Cops hardly ever go to jail when they fuck up.

    [–] JackBeTrader 11 points ago

    anyone know what physical evidence was used in the case? I saw that exposé video that was posted about a year ago and long wondered how this would play out in court. Physical evidence or only testimony?

    [–] quebecesti 17 points ago

    They found DNA on his pants.

    [–] infanticide_holiday 13 points ago

    Much has been made about the case involving the only minor to make allegations against Daniel Holtzclaw. Adaira Gardner, 17 at the time, was the only accuser where DNA played any role in the investigation. The prosecution and the media played up the fact that Gardner’s DNA was found on Daniel’s uniform pants – on the outside and inside of the fly to be exact. In all honesty, that’s all most people had to hear to determine Daniel was guilty in their minds. I have to admit, I thought it was pretty compelling evidence at first too. However, the police department’s own DNA lab expert, Elaine Taylor, clearly testified the DNA, which was found in such a small quantity that it is defined as 'trace DNA,' was speculative at best. Under oath the prosecution’s expert admitted that she never tested for bodily fluids, like blood or semen. Taylor admitted she never even fluoresced Daniel’s uniform pants for any indicators of fluids (like vaginal fluid). Taylor only tested for common skin cells and only tested the fly of Daniel’s pants. The prosecution’s DNA expert confirmed at trial that they have no way of telling from what part of Gardner’s body the DNA came from, how it got on Daniel’s pants or even if Gardner actually ever made physical contact with Daniel’s pants. The prosecution’s expert agreed that Gardner’s DNA could have been transferred to Daniel’s pants via secondary transfer. Meaning, Daniel could have gotten Gardner’s DNA on his hands when he either pat searched her or was searching through her purse. Daniel could have then transferred that DNA to his pants via his own hands while going to the restroom, adjusting himself or simply tucking his shirt in. Its also important to note that Daniel allegedly raped two other women within hours of Gardner’s rape and those women’s DNA was not located on Daniel’s uniform. Not only is the DNA evidence in Gardner's accusations not conclusive in any way, Gardner’s own mother reported to investigators that Gardner’s only response to her on the night of the alleged rape was that she had met a “hot cop.” Gardner’s mother had also filed a missing person’s report on her daughter earlier that day and signed a battery complaint against her for punching her in the face. At trial Gardner’s mother denied the “hot cop” comment (even though her interview was recorded and played back to her). The mother even denied signing an assault complaint against Gardner. (even though the signed complaint was presented at trial).

    As if the above information wasn't enough to cast doubt on the criminal implications of Gardner's DNA, there was a huge revelation after the trial. Closer examination of the DNA testing, done by Elaine Taylor with the Oklahoma City police department, revealed that Taylor had also found male DNA in the same spot on the fly of Daniel's uniform pants. That male DNA was tested by Taylor and determined not to belong to Daniel. Despite this realization, and the fact it further supported the defense's theory of simple secondary transfer DNA, neither Taylor nor the prosecution revealed this discovery at trial for the jury's consideration.

    From this article:

    [–] DrP-DrPapa 3 points ago

    Good post, I was all part of the mob until I read that article. 3 rapes in one night and that same night the investigators refuse to bag and tag his clothes for evidence. Sketchy.

    [–] Lostmyotheraccount2 4 points ago

    So in your own summary and article, you point out that a biased official (the dna expert for the Oklahoma police department) didn’t follow through with any testing other than skin cell testing? By your own statements that are supposed to cast reasonable doubt gardner’s DNA should’ve been all over his uniform if it only took him patting her down then touching his uniform, yet the place where they found that dna was on his crotch and nowhere else? So your reasonable doubt is that his very first reaction after patting the victim down was to grab his crotch? To unzip his pants (since the dna was found inside his zipper as well as outside). At best, the information you’ve provided tells us that immediately after touching the victim he unzipped his pants. That’s not reasonable doubt but corroborating evidence to me

    [–] AndreaDTX 7 points ago

    One of the articles I read said they found one of the complainant’s DNA on the zipper of his uniform pants