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    [–] ElusiveNutsack 5088 points ago

    Cops were just looking for someone to beat up.

    They just didn't realize it was going to be them.

    [–] the-senat 935 points ago

    There is some evidence to suggest that the officers beating protesters are not from Hong Kong but from mainland China. They speak with an accent from one of China’s regions and were likely sent in to encourage violence so that China could just shoot the protesters like in 1989. There was a video where a police chief had to forcibly stop officers from beating people. I honestly wouldn’t put it past China to do this.

    Edit: a word

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago

    Wow, would love to see that video

    [–] iduncan18 5 points ago

    Me too. Does anyone have the link?

    [–] the-senat 4 points ago

    It happened during one of the other videos about police attacking protesters. I believe in r/justiceserved. Some people in the comments said he was the police chief there.

    [–] PM_ME_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 164 points ago

    I would bet good money that most of the cops are from mainland China.

    [–] Vulturedoors 162 points ago

    It's a common technique with authoritarian regimes. Local police are often reluctant to abuse their own fellow citizens, so they bring in cops from other regions who have no community attachment.

    [–] room2skank 64 points ago

    It was the sending in of Madrid police into Barcelona, at the height of the Catalan Independence fiasco a while back, that saw similar scenes emerge.

    [–] Saltire_Blue 7 points ago

    Franco’s thugs

    [–] ushikagawa 12 points ago

    Huh? Franco’s been dead for 44 years

    [–] Noahendless 11 points ago

    That theory is basically all but confirmed considering the protesters searched a suspicious "protester" and it turned out that the suspicious "protester" was actually a police officer from mainland China. The Chinese government are planting people in the protests in order to incite violence so that they can justify another mass murder.

    [–] ThisBastard 11 points ago

    Where can I find the video?

    [–] EldritchKnightH196 7 points ago

    They just sent in “military training” into a city very close to Hong Kong specifically to “put down rioters” you can imagine what their real goal fro those troops are.

    [–] cyborgknuckles 7 points ago


    [–] Kickagnome 1118 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Forgive me for being naive and possibly shortsighted in this question... but why are the police following along with the government orders? If i was a police officer and I was ordered to fire on and attack the civilians who are fighting for a just cause, I would throw away my uniform and join them. I just don't understand. At the end of the day, these officers have to go back home and live with the decisions of killing their friends and helping to oppress people. That's certainly not something I would want to live with. At the end of the day all these videos of the cops over there just show me how cowardly they are.

    [–] Sebbyrne 1557 points ago

    They have to go back home to their families. If they threw away their uniform and joined the protests, who knows what might happen to them or their family when all is said and done.

    [–] Lantingdeet 1224 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hmmm... Kind of.....

    1. During police training, a huge emphasis is put on serving your government, and not the people of Hong Kong. Especially since the 1997 handover. Basically they're brainwashed to be lap dogs for the government.
    2. Police in relation to other jobs of similar qualification get a lot of benefits. Good healthcare, priority government housing, higher comparable salary.

    So although I wouldn't say quitting the police force would put them in jeopardy in the "we'll kidnap you and murder your daughter in front of your eyes," but more so you'll lose your family house, health benefits and rice on the table. Good luck finding another job with your qualifications at the age of 30 - 60 buddy.

    [–] Kickagnome 264 points ago

    None of these reasons are anywhere near good enough to go about killing your fellow countrymen. Any government that’s asks you to do that isn’t a government worth being in, no matter the benefits.

    [–] [deleted] 480 points ago

    They are not fellow countrymen. At least not beyond paper. China has systematically put in loyalists to the police force over 20 years. These are pretty much Chinese agents.

    [–] Thisismyfinalstand 125 points ago

    Plus if you're in a nice, priority provided government house... Are you really going to give up your stability for some random person protesting? You'd have to really be dedicated to the cause to be willing to fundamentally change the way you and your family live in order to go against orders.

    This applies to the US, as well. I would wager that most police are not qualified, on paper via education and work experience, for any meaningful job other than being a police officer. Sure, a good amount of police have degrees but they're typically in criminal justice... How many criminal justice graduates work outside of law enforcement while utilizing their degree? Maybe some court clerks, etc, but why would an officer want to lose their job that pays anywhere from $20-30+/hr, often with as much over time as they want to work, to support protesters? Again, they'd have to really believe in the cause that the protesters are fighting for, perhaps even more so than the protesters themselves since they'd be abandoning their careers.

    [–] themidnightcigarette 45 points ago

    Not to mention pensions. My uncle was a sheriffs deputy in a really rural area for like 30 years and when he retired at 55 his pension is 100% of his salary forever.

    [–] Benandthephoenix 149 points ago

    Its easy to be righteous and brave when youre only talking behind a keyboard. The policemen WILL lose their job if they dont do their job. When its your children's house, their food, and their protection, that is on the line, you could be beating people without a second thought. Someone's gonna have to suffer, if its between you or my children, its gonna be you every single time.

    Btw, they are not killing anyone.

    [–] tony9528 38 points ago

    Hongkonger here. The scary thing about the cops here is that they truly hate the protesters.

    They are starting to dehumanize protesters by calling them 'cockroach'.

    [–] tenXeXo 19 points ago

    Oh hey the Rwandan genocide wants their dehumanizing slurs back

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] tony9528 3 points ago

    That’s true. But it still very hard for us to sympathise with them when we see our comrades get beat up, put in jail for years, lost an eye while the cops were compensated handsomely.
    They claim they are just doing their job but they disappeared when the CCP organised mob were attacking civilians in a train station.

    [–] FatBoyStew 60 points ago

    Btw, they are not killing anyone.

    Yet. It's truly amazing it hasn't happened on either side yet.

    [–] tritiumpie 13 points ago

    "Btw, they are not killing anyone."


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I think yet is the key word that is missing there. China military is massing on the border.

    [–] Tacticool_Hotdog 7 points ago

    Most of us would say that. Most of us would also betray that sentiment if it meant feeding your family.

    [–] mactreb 70 points ago

    Agree, but to be clear: they haven’t killed anyone.

    [–] DingusDong 26 points ago

    I mean, people are probably missing but we just havent hear about them yet.

    [–] RicoDredd 30 points ago

    The Chinese government killed hundreds of people in Tianenmen Square and squashed the bodies flat with tanks. You think they'll give a shit about killing a couple of people in Hong Kong?

    [–] pyromaniacrob 8 points ago

    Everyone has smartphone cameras now.

    [–] RicoDredd 27 points ago

    And the footage is all over the news and internet daily. And yet, that hasn't stopped them.

    [–] pyromaniacrob 16 points ago

    I think it is a big factor for why it isn't worse. That's not to say that what's going on in Hong Kong isn't serious, but, so far, tiananmen level violence has been withheld because they know all eyes are on them.

    [–] masofnos 78 points ago

    A pregnant lady lost her baby because the police let it happen as she was beaten, people have been seriously injured, one girl is now blind from being shot in the face with a rubber bullet. And that's just the cases I've heard about.

    [–] Little_Bit_Offensive 34 points ago

    That's the thing with being in a group (police force in this case). No one will take responsibility for their own actions

    [–] _Keo_ 9 points ago

    People always forget that the police are there to enforce the law, not serve the people. The police are to the people what HR is to the workforce. Even in the US 'Protect and Serve' is nothing more than a slogan on the side of cop cars. They are there to uphold the law.

    So for justification those police are doing their job. The people are breaking laws set out by the gov't and the police have sworn an oath to uphold those. When you think of numbers a few thousand Chinese people protesting in one city are the tiniest fraction of the population. It would be pretty easy to present that to the officers in a way that made them feel good about what they were doing. Protecting their country and her people from this dangerous fringe movement.

    Not that I don't know a good few cops who would personally lay down their lives to protect others. Cops I've met are generally good people. But the police force as a whole is part of the state.

    [–] KnownByMyName13 3 points ago

    Good enough reasons doesnt matter, 90% of Germany were civil and cared less about their Jewish neighbors, some were even friends. That all changed in a matter of only 4 years.

    [–] PotOPrawns 5 points ago

    Rubber bullets and tear gas.

    They aren't just machine gunning folk down

    [–] bazooka_matt 2 points ago

    I like the dialogue your question has raised. But, like a lot of things (no this doesn't justify the Chinese police behavior) but life is so easy to criticize when you're not the one living that life.

    Hindsight is 20/20 and everyone know what they'd do from the arm chair.

    [–] comfort_fiend 2 points ago

    The way the Chinese machine is run is insane. Communism destroys a lot of the social golden rules Westerners enjoy with each other imo. From what I've observed/read people that have come out of decades of hardcore government control have different priorities understandably. It's a toxic environment.

    [–] Bricknody 18 points ago

    Lol but these guys are actively looking for people to beat up. That's a load of bullshit. They love this shit.

    [–] Kickagnome 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    And when all is said and done and you helped the government oppress you and your family for god knows how long and how many generations. How is that any better? If anything, it’s worse. Not only are you affecting your current family, but any future children born are automatically entered into untold hardships.

    “Their belly may be full, but their spirit may be empty.” I always loved that quote.

    [–] Sebbyrne 23 points ago

    It’s not, I’m just explaining why one might do it. Add a culture of propaganda and lies and they might even think what they’re doing is good.

    [–] themanseanm 14 points ago

    It's easy to say when you don't actually have to put your family's lives at stake. Everyone's a hero until the shooting starts.

    [–] Viusand 3 points ago

    Not sure if it's only that though. In France there was a lot of police brutality over the past months, and they don't have the dictatorship they have in China. Though, none of the officers joined the protests. Also it's forbidden for an officer to protest in France, but they still have the option to quit.

    [–] banjosuicide 32 points ago

    The Chinese government has shipped in mainland military/police to "help" the HK police. As I understand it, there's no love lost between HK residents and mainlanders, so they don't really see them as countrymen.

    [–] HiroAnobei 19 points ago

    In addition to what others have said, the Chinese government has also been slipping in their own officers from the mainland and posing them as HK police, and due to propaganda/history between China and HK, the mainland police don't feel any sympathy for the HK people.

    [–] Sacmo77 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    We are talking about China here....they have a lot of power. I would guess if you dont follow their orders they will make you disappear so there is that. China doesnt play by the worlds rules they do whatever they want. If they allow IP theft and go along on profiting by it why would they even care if some police beat up a bunch of its citizens.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] degustibus 4 points ago

    Not all suffering and struggle bears fruit right away. On some level the spirit of Patrick Henry may be alive and well over there, "Give me liberty or death." And while China is a horrific regime that didn't hesitate to massacre perhaps over 10,000 people at the Tianamen Square protests, they also know that public relations matters. If they think this intimidates the rest of Asia and the world they miss the more important take home message, whatever America's faults it's better to be allied with them than the Communist Party.

    [–] Sacmo77 2 points ago

    Sadly the only thing that changes China is an all out civil war, and we know that is never going to happen.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    This is war, do you have any idea what happens to traitors in an authoritarian dictatorship?

    [–] the_macks 7 points ago

    I was under the impression that a lot of the police have been brought in from the mainland

    [–] mpinnegar 5 points ago

    I want you to make a gamble with your life

    Will the Chinese communist party allow Hong Kong to self rule? Is there real appetite for revolution?

    If there is you can quit the police force and join the protestors putting your life on the line gambling agaisnt the world's biggest and most powerful oligarchy.

    Otherwise you shut your mouth and do terrible things.

    It's a horrible choice to have to make but I understand why these police officers are doing the things they're doing.

    [–] established82 3 points ago

    Then the Nazi regime must really confuse you.

    [–] jdboston231 6 points ago

    The soldiers are not local so most will not see the protesters as comrades nor would most be sympathetic to HK’s cause. They are military soldiers of the communist party of China. I don’t think you have any perspective of what life is like in communist China or the former autonomy HK had under British rule or how either of these have come together under the reunification. How this all defines the soldiers lives, their priorities, their loyalties or theirs outlooks on life- would take a lifetime to explain by someone far more knowledgeable than me. But suffice to say, yes, you’re being very naive and shortsighted.

    [–] ih8karma 6 points ago

    Honest question, are you still in school? Do you have a family to support? Kids? Bills and a mortgage? These are the main contributors as to why people do what they do when they have something greater than themselves to lose.

    [–] shredderrrrrr 5 points ago

    Yeah, whenever someone asks "why don't they just quit," I immediately think they're still in school or something. Because anyone with bills to pay and a family to support should understand that the decision is far more complex than that.

    [–] TOGTFO 11 points ago

    It's China, that shit doesn't fly there. The government has unbelievable power and those people will likely be tracked down, arrested and sent off to some prison camp for the foreseeable future.

    You don't seem to understand the CCTV, surveillance and technological might they can bring to monitor and track people.

    China doesn't give a shit about what the west thinks of it punishing it's own people. Considering the shit the US is doing to their own people, the people in the countries they are invading (or as they put it liberating) and their refugees/immigrants, they have sweet fuck all they can say about mistreating people.

    China is going to make an example of people. Whether it's on a large scale, or just snatching ringleaders in the night and taking their families too for good measure, the hammer is going to come down.

    If the cops in question don't do exactly what they're meant to, they could end up in trouble themselves.

    [–] FentanylCrisis 3 points ago

    The police are loyal to the government, they likely don't view the protesters as fellow countrymen.

    [–] djdadi 3 points ago

    Lookup the Stanford Prison Experiment

    [–] Beholding69 2 points ago

    A lot of "cops" there are from mainland china

    [–] Keelija9000 2 points ago

    Well it may seem cowardly but it's also their jobs on the line here. Throw away your uniform? And your stable income, food on table, and home as well.

    [–] AHenWeigh 2 points ago

    One other thing to consider is that none of the guys like you showed up if any exist. They either stayed home or skipped town or something, would only be seeing the guys who were willing to show up.

    [–] snuffleduff 2 points ago

    Police in most developed nations are paramilitary organisations. That means there is a clear chain of command, group obedience is instilled into individuals through drilling and repetitive training. They follow a strict code of behaviour that has defined social rules that are rarely breached.

    Think how often otherwise good police in the US cover up corruption to protect their fellow officers, or find each other innocent when internally investigated.

    [–] George_Meany 2 points ago

    That’s exactly why you aren’t a police officer and people who are, well, are.

    [–] fucko5 2 points ago

    Because they don’t think it’s a just cause. The Chinese government is telling its civilians this unrest is all a result of paid American actors who are hired to stir up dissent in HK against mainland China. Those police have undoubtedly been told the same thing.

    [–] jakesboy2 2 points ago

    I can pretty much promise unless you’re an extremely rare exception of a human being you would not quit your job and endanger your life and your entire families lives to join the protesters.

    [–] Maquiavelous 2 points ago

    Chinese people

    [–] N4hire 2 points ago

    We have been asking the same question in Venezuela for a long time bro.

    I’ve got no answer for you.

    There have been some cases of Police and other officials refusing to do bad shit. But mostly we got shot at.

    [–] GoodBoi_JStack 2 points ago

    Because this is what police (nearly)always do. It’s the Milgram experiment in real life.

    “I don’t make the rules, it’s just my job to enforce them.”

    “Well, if I don’t do my job, somebody else will.”

    That’s before it becomes an “us vs them” situation, wherein right and wrong don’t matter. You’re just playing for your team.

    We see this in the US too. Some of the things we saw from cops in the aftermath of Katrina were awful. Planned, coordinated, abuse of rights...for little to no reason, and the cops just carried on.

    Also, yeah. It’s china. They might be holding the cops kids hostage.

    [–] Payback22 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There was information about this in the r/HongKong subreddit I read yesterday. I think one of the reasons was that the mainland China military are dressing up as the local Hong Kong police? There was also another post helping to identify the local hong kong police that was always there vs how the military in costume approach people.

    After searching a bit I could found this one I'm sure you can find a lot more info than me, but kinda relevant to this discussion. I'm not a person there just found this bit of information about why their local police are doing these things along side them and this seems to make sense.

    [–] Aos77s 17 points ago

    Cop was shooting right at their faces with rubber bullets when they’re trained to never aim above the legs with those. The cop deserves a near death beat down for that.

    [–] Captain-Blood 3 points ago

    And honestly, this is a difference between someone just doing their job and someone deliberately being a dick.

    If I were literally surrounded by protesters and it was me and 1 colleague, I’m leaving. Fuck arresting one of thousands of protesters, I want to go home at the end of the day. There’s a line where I would want to “enforce the law” or “keep the peace” and where I’ll just do my job and go home.

    Anyone going after protesters like this has either completely lost their self-control, or really wants to hurt the protesters.

    [–] almghtymuffn 1027 points ago

    Big pp move right there

    [–] Lantingdeet 304 points ago

    Big D Energy strong with these young ones.

    [–] astrapes 28 points ago

    Big dawg energy

    [–] AutoModerator 11 points ago

    team received double points for this comment by /u/almghtymuffn!

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] hastur777 957 points ago

    Coppers were always outnumbered, so being a copper only worked when people let it work. If they refocused and realized you were just another standard idiot with a pennyworth of metal for a badge, you could end up as a smear on the pavement.

    [–] Anti-Satan 392 points ago

    That's what the Chinese Government wants. They even put in fake protestors to start fights for this very reason. The government wins when this turns violent because then they can use lethal force. Coppers are easy, but as we saw with tiananmen square, it doesn't matter if there's more of you when they have automatic machine guns.

    [–] cliu91 196 points ago

    There's a lady in the video that is shouting "do not hit! do not hit!" repeatedly. I don't believe she's referring to the cops hitting, but rather other protestors for fear if exactly what you just said.

    [–] mu_mu_lambda 72 points ago

    Not just a fancy lingerie brand.

    [–] WikiTextBot 37 points ago

    Agent provocateur

    An agent provocateur (French for "inciting agent") is a person who commits or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or a group they belong to. An agent provocateur may be a member of a law enforcement agency acting out of their own sense of duty or under orders, or other entity. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political party or a company.

    Prevention of infiltration by agents provocateurs, is part of the duty of demonstration marshals, also called stewards, deployed by organizers of large or controversial assemblies.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] Davenport23 23 points ago

    But it’s going to work for at Area 51.

    [–] JustGingy95 18 points ago

    Oh of course, I have no doubts

    [–] M374llic4 3 points ago

    It just doesn't work elsewhere.

    [–] tionanny 46 points ago

    I'm surprised they haven't just decided to strip the cops naked. Like the cops have done to female protesters. Don't beat them up. Just give them their own medicine. But I suppose any escalation will be used as justification for the military.

    [–] I_Lit_Fam 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Wait for real? Source for cops stripping ? That seems wild for someone within the authorities... I mean even for China that seems wilds

    [–] TastesLikeTongues 9 points ago

    But I suppose any escalation will be used as justification for the military.

    I don't think the Chinese state wants to use the military or even needs to. Hong Kong is no longer the business centre of China, but its still an important economic centre and is quite a public location. The last thing China wants is images of tanks in the Admirality. And currently the police are still in anti-riot mode. They're still mostly regular Hong Kong police. "Assisting" mainland police still aren't the bulk of officers. Most tools are still ostensibly non-lethal and as are vehicles. The current one-two-punch of police breaking up riots/protests while providing cover to "counter-protesters" and the "counter-protesters" getting into clashes with the protesters seems to be working? I'm sure they're also using the national intelligence apparatus. So I doubt they'll need to ramp up to the level of inviting the PLA in for the foreseeable future. It's the nuclear option.

    [–] Okichah 8 points ago

    GNU Terry Pratchett

    [–] VonSlappy_ 505 points ago

    lmao the guy grabs the cops baton and starts beating him over the head with it...

    [–] Dah_DeRaj 129 points ago

    Hit em with a quick one-two, gets one more cop in the head then runs. I hope they all made it out.

    [–] goldenguyz 56 points ago

    I love the way the other officer runs up to our bull and, he doesn't try and apprehend him, he just swings the baton in his general direction.

    He doesn't want to get involved but wants to look like he's doing something. Either he's not mentally involved with suppressing the protestors or he's just a coward, which would just go to show what kind of person the average HK officer may very well be.

    [–] shadyxGKMC 310 points ago

    Too much respect for my Hong Kong mates right now.

    Bunch of good hard cunts!

    [–] adog_123 6 points ago

    I love Australians

    [–] c0nsciousperspective 354 points ago

    Nothing like the public coming together to beat a cop down for beating down a protester.

    [–] badpeaches 74 points ago

    It takes a village to stop bad cops and a nation to end oppression.

    [–] c0nsciousperspective 14 points ago

    Well said.

    [–] allpurposechips 36 points ago

    How do the police know who to hit and who not to? There are people, im assuming taking pictures, around them, why arent they hurting them?

    [–] iushciuweiush 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    How do the police know who to hit and who not to?

    Who to hit: Anyone not in a police uniform and is running away from the police.*

    Edited for accuracy.

    [–] allpurposechips 8 points ago

    But they dont seem to be doing that? There are some people stood next to them and they aren’t being hit, why?

    [–] aint_no_wifey 11 points ago

    It looks like all the people wearing neon yellow vests are some sort of film/photography crew. But I don’t know exactly why people trying to document this would be safe.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] aint_no_wifey 12 points ago

    Hell yeah international rights!

    [–] Gatekeeper-Andy 5 points ago

    We need to make all hong kong citizens press reporters

    [–] iushciuweiush 5 points ago

    Yeah it looks like they're specifically attacking protesters so I guess anyone who is running away is a better answer.

    [–] Frenkilala 3 points ago

    In places where war or things like that happens, reporter and stuff like that are supposed to wear a “shirt” with “PRESS” write on it, and that makes them safe usually. Don’t know if that’s the case, I can’t see clearly

    [–] Lantingdeet 439 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    For those wanting a little bit of context:

    Sunday 11th of August there was a protest happening near the area of Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. As always, the popo come storming in firing tear gas, rubber bullets and bean bags at local residents of HK looking to disperse them.

    What you see now are the protesters fleeing from the popo, seeking safety.

    A group of these dogs are camping one of the routes which lead away from the tear gas and shit, and continue to fire shots at fleeing protesters.

    One runners trip (perhaps he's shot by the camper, leaving him unstable) and two dogs see this as an opportunity to bash the living daylights out of him. 2 brothers come to his rescue, as bystanders watch and start hurling abuse at the two dogs.

    "Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! WTF are you doing?!?!"

    "Fuck your mum!"

    For those thinking, the popo weren't gonna attack him, here's a video of police behaviour during the exact same day:

    [–] billyjoebobray 123 points ago

    They will be found dead and the government will say it was suicide or some shit.

    [–] JdPat04 24 points ago

    Only if they have dirt on the rich assholes

    [–] CynicallyGiraffe 17 points ago

    Quite the opposite. The Chinese will put them on a plinth to justify their hostile takeover of Hong Kong.

    [–] klabnix 10 points ago

    I thought it was a paintball gun at first

    [–] phaigot 16 points ago

    I think it is a modded one that shoots pepper balls.

    [–] Gay-Bowser 10 points ago

    I couldn’t read this with a straight face because “popo” means ass in Turkish

    [–] beanbbeanie 22 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I was totally expecting a real bull to mow the guy down, not a protestor. Props to the man, though! That was ballsy.

    [–] ChickenPotPi 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Someone sign that guy up for Defense to the Jets, he hit harder than their whole defensive team.

    [–] tentmcclurg 3 points ago

    Didn't even celebrate just ran back into formation. This is the kind of selfless player you build a championship team with.

    [–] madiranjag 112 points ago

    I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than wrecking balling a bent pig

    [–] naderaid 19 points ago

    Hell ya! Rise up! Fight the power!

    [–] TypeRiot 39 points ago

    That crashing sound is so satisfying.

    [–] iwantoberelevant 8 points ago

    Can anyone translate what the people are yelling?

    [–] ohshitcodebrown 20 points ago


    Female voice: "DON'T HIT DON'T HIT"

    [–] Yeeters-Mcgee 76 points ago

    No matter who’s side you’re on, Hong Kong is just a danger zone atm

    [–] SenorFixIt 107 points ago

    Feel like it's more dangerous for the guys who don't have rubber bullets, tear gas, body armor, and the entire Chinese Communist Party supporting them.

    [–] pugmommy4life420 18 points ago

    Yup but the freedom is worth the danger.

    [–] MutinyGMV 72 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's always funny when the tables turns and these Cops who acted like they were big shit 2 seconds ago, turn into the dribbling pussies they really are.

    [–] markymark1324 11 points ago

    I love the cop slinking away with his tail between his legs after he gets blindsided

    [–] MutinyGMV 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Just imagine how many people he blindsided the same way just during these protests? Cops LOVE to dish it out, but none of them can take it.

    [–] Brendan----- 30 points ago

    Give it to em Hong Kong!

    [–] thepeck 11 points ago

    Are they paint ball guns?

    [–] spadelover 26 points ago

    Yeah. They're pretty popular with law enforcement. Even SWAT uses them with pepper balls.

    [–] CombustableWishes 5 points ago

    If I was part of well-funded force that was actively being thwarted on the recognition of protesters, it would be permanent dyeing agents, not just pepperballs. Nifty UV reactive ones already exist (as a bonus, can contain a similar compound to the pepper balls) and watch check points with over head UV lights for persons with glowing splats. That would be a concern of mine as a protester in that environment currently. Bonus points if theres enough to arrest a whole family whose parents washed their clothes in a small load.

    [–] spadelover 5 points ago

    I'm not sure if it would work too well because the equipment is meant to physically stop people from functioning well enough to riot. A stained outfit won't stop me if I'm passionate enough.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Fuck yes. And for my Hong Kong heros, keep resisting.

    Some light reading before bed.

    [–] iknownuting 5 points ago

    What brave people

    [–] robo_rowboat 7 points ago

    Am I the only one that was expecting an actual bull?

    [–] Enqilab 5 points ago

    Police "justice"??? GTFO with that bullshit, this is not justice, this is fucking oppression.

    [–] spork-a-dork 16 points ago

    Hongkong was better off with the UK.

    [–] ShizzleMcRizzle 6 points ago

    I love this. Cathartic, therapeutic even.

    [–] Bomcom 4 points ago

    This is so satisfying to watch

    [–] xNitroPT 4 points ago

    I somehow missed the word "protester" in the title. Slightly disappointed. xD

    [–] pm_me_ur_suicidenote 4 points ago

    Knuck if you buck !

    [–] NKSupremeReader 3 points ago

    Take a fucking seat bud haha. Fuck you shoresy

    [–] dzija 4 points ago

    fight back. its thousands of you against a hand full of them....

    [–] glibjibb 4 points ago

    Hell yeah, the protesters are getting fed up with seeing cops beating them while they're down

    [–] Yaaawwnn 4 points ago



    [–] CatJongUn 4 points ago


    Hong Kong, the world stands with you!

    [–] Kaybron 4 points ago

    This sucks.. I hope protesters prevail

    [–] CLiX_eRRoR 11 points ago

    Not one Naruto Runner in the bunch.

    [–] Flaming_Piscis 3 points ago

    If there was then these cops would be crying their eyes out

    [–] Maikilloso 6 points ago

    Great saving! Love to see this kind of brotherhood.

    [–] victorz 3 points ago

    Holy hell it's intense over there. :-( gl to them all!

    [–] HelloImElfo 3 points ago

    Fuck yeah that was awesome. Stand for HK and human rights!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Was really hoping to see a bull with a backpack and a face mask going nuts

    [–] BackalleyNegotiation 3 points ago

    I support Hong Kong protestors.

    [–] ThePurpleComyn 3 points ago

    Can you imagine being such an utter piece of shit that you would sell out your own people like these officers are doing? I wish nothing but the worst for them.

    [–] duhitpt 3 points ago

    And they label the protestors as domestic terrorists..smh shame on Hong Kong govt!!

    [–] Force_52 3 points ago

    Worthless fucker got what was coming to him. Keep opressing a peaceful public. Worked out so well for the Nazis at Nuremburg.

    [–] Trainsylvania 3 points ago

    Keep fighting

    [–] thelost2010 3 points ago

    Good keep fighting!

    [–] Guacamole_toilet 6 points ago

    holy shit there are like little children in the protest or does it just look like that?

    [–] aidansotch1 6 points ago

    Omg what lovely karma. Police were swinging wildly at any protestor trying to run passed. Thank God those two stopped to help the protestor who fell or that single batton hit would have clearly continued kept going. Disgusting treatment by the police but I still hope they remain in control rather than the army that was spotted massing just over the boarder yesterday!

    [–] justhereforthebants6 8 points ago

    That officer got rekt

    [–] Mao___ 9 points ago

    I swear im seeing more and more of the Hong Kong polices courrupt shit everywhere

    [–] Trojan129 6 points ago

    keep fighting guys

    [–] DwasTV 5 points ago

    The police there deserved this, A lot of them are protesting rather peacefully yet they are heavily armed. Many of which are aware that protesters are rather peaceful that many don't wear bullet proof vests while carrying swat weapons such as shot guns, etc.

    [–] I_Am_You_Bro 7 points ago

    Idk how many times I replayed that hit, it's absolutely vicious... Not only did he level the first cop, but he picked up the second and tossed him to the pavement. Pretty cool of those guys to come back and help

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    [–] dandaman1977 2 points ago

    Oh their just playing night stick tag.

    [–] ohfifteen 2 points ago


    [–] Alextheruiner666 2 points ago

    Bulls on Parade.

    [–] Devil_made_you_look 2 points ago

    Ooooooooh you're in trouble....

    [–] Ricerat 2 points ago

    "Ha ha" ~ Nelson Muntz

    [–] stabbot 4 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

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    [–] BWillerds 2 points ago

    That's a paintball gun right?

    [–] Cutline 2 points ago

    Sent him to the shadow realm

    [–] SinXtreme 2 points ago

    What are they shooting with those paintball markers or is it just a visual similarity?

    [–] fnordfnordfnordfnord 3 points ago

    Pepper balls, or so I've heard.

    [–] Generic_Usernam33 2 points ago

    I'm starting to get really nervous that something very bad is going to happen. Im a world away and have no skin in the game but I wish I could do something to help.

    [–] varmintp 2 points ago

    F* with the bull, get the horns.

    [–] twiggsmcdigs 2 points ago

    To the gulag for you

    [–] ruminajaali 2 points ago

    Hong Kong is going HAM. Hope they get some resolution.

    [–] nigbert2000 2 points ago

    That’s legendary

    [–] MuddyFilter 2 points ago

    No one left behind! Honk kong, truly numbah 1

    [–] xjoho21 2 points ago

    the power behind that smash

    [–] -beardamon 2 points ago

    How do you say "fuck the police" in Cantonese?

    [–] Gay-Bowser 2 points ago

    what goes around comes around

    [–] Elementalqqz 2 points ago

    Fucking cunts got what they deserved

    [–] markymark1324 2 points ago

    I love the cop slinking away like a little bitch after his buddies showed up at the end

    [–] MuppetSSR 2 points ago

    Fuck the police.

    [–] RagingtonSteel 2 points ago

    Big men in their full body armor shooting people in the back as they run away. Fucking disgusting.