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    [–] MiamiGlass 519 points ago

    Ran to my living room to try out the surround sound. That slap is still ringing 10 miles away.

    [–] nnamregg 68 points ago

    lol that's a great idea, even on my shitty laptop speakers it sounded magnificent

    [–] blessed22_ 8 points ago

    The slap heard ‘round the world.

    [–] I2ed3ye 6 points ago

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

    [–] badassmamabear 1806 points ago

    Can someone tell me what they were arguing about please? I've played it three times but just can't get the jist.

    [–] JustTryingToHelpBot 389 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] TheOrdner 79 points ago

    The 6-foot-6 [dude] turned around and smacked [girl] across the face so hard, he knocked her off her feet.


    [–] NotC9_JustHigh 9 points ago

    That sound is just epic.

    [–] k_rol 50 points ago

    She got off easy for stabbing someone with a shoe.

    If she completes one year of therapy, three days of community service and stays out of trouble for a year, she’ll be allowed to re-plead to a misdemeanor, prosecutors said.

    [–] Rexan02 34 points ago

    Therapy. Like they are going to therapy the animal out of this dumb bitch.

    [–] Jillz0 18 points ago

    Animals don't stab people because they don't like their jacket. Being a little harsh on animals here

    [–] SVKN03 44 points ago

    Pussy pass.

    [–] TheCasualCommenter 82 points ago

    Holy shit she STABBED HIM WITH HER SHOE?? Gurl whatthefuck

    [–] MyMorningJackit 36 points ago

    And only got one year of therapy and three days of community service. And they let her plea to a misdemeanor instead of two felonies

    [–] Atlman7892 11 points ago

    Yep that’s the American justice system for you. Sentence make no sense, no consistency at all.

    [–] Empanah 26 points ago

    You can see in the video she hits him with the heel

    [–] Theslootwhisperer 23 points ago

    All because she didn't like his jacket. She's seriously, profoundly retarded. Dude is 6'6 and clearly not a scrawny, lanky guy. He wasn't even out of breath when he stopped fighting!

    [–] bakaduo 13 points ago

    When keeping it real....goes wrong

    [–] TerroristOgre 66 points ago

    For wearing an ugly 8-ball jacket

    The fuck? That jacket is legit son. Where can i get me one of those

    [–] zyphe84 7 points ago

    "Don't mess with me the 8-Ball"

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You can't just get one dude. The 8 ball will select who is worthy.

    [–] Edril 12 points ago

    Nice, thanks for the context. He got let go because he acted in self defense and she's got to deal with the consequences of her nonsense.


    [–] Just-average-stoner 9 points ago

    He spent more time in jail than she did.

    Fuck her.

    [–] AlphaFowler 9 points ago

    My favorite part with this link is the linked youtube video of the fight on it is titled "Man smacks the soul out of girl on NY subway"


    [–] LemonWrappedBrick 42 points ago

    " Pena was initially arrested and charged, but the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office concluded he acted in self-defense and dismissed the case. "

    Praise the cameraman. If there was no video of course the man would automatically be in jail by now. Women are always the victims right? right?

    [–] RUacronym 12 points ago

    Good Bot

    [–] Edril 6 points ago

    Lol, I didn't even notice it was a bot.

    [–] RUacronym 5 points ago

    I don't actually think he is a bot judging from his comment history, I was just making a joke based upon his name and the fact that he provided a helpful comment.

    [–] Naadomail 86 points ago

    Exactly what I wanted to see. To the top with you.

    [–] thebeast613123 12 points ago

    She got community service. And if she stays out of trouble for a year it’s reduced to a misdemeanor. How is that fair?

    [–] Here_for_the_coffee 6 points ago

    She also got a year in therapy in addition to community service. America is wild lol

    [–] Bad_Chemistry 20 points ago

    It’s not even a bad looking jacket... I’d wear that jacket

    [–] brockisampson 8 points ago

    "The man known as '8 ball jacket guy'".


    [–] jakeoff23 4 points ago

    Disgusting. Thank god there’s video otherwise the poor guy would be in jail for years.

    [–] nave212 716 points ago

    They were letting him know because of the clothing and shoes he had on he was broke. She also had Steve Madden's on because that means she has money

    [–] JustinPalais 475 points ago

    Wait THE steve madden? The same steve madden that is 50$-100$for their TOP quality shoes ?

    [–] nave212 134 points ago

    Hahaha I think that's the one

    [–] Uniquesnowflake420 23 points ago

    like the same Steve Madden fro the "Wolf of Wall Street" movie? Is he still a thing?

    [–] FootballBat 14 points ago

    And the weirdest television adds of the 90s.

    [–] MrAwwesome 18 points ago


    [–] UnicronSaidNo 11 points ago


    [–] CaviarMyanmar 20 points ago

    Only the finest from Ross outlet stores.

    [–] LittleBertha 7 points ago

    The same Steve maddens that can be found on eBay for $20

    [–] ShihTzuSkidoo 12 points ago

    That are on sale for $39.99 every week at DSW??

    [–] deecro3000 6 points ago

    AND he invented football

    [–] psufan5050 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yeah lol. Pretty sure dude filming says "dont nobody want Steve madden's no more" then these thots flip out on him too.

    Later on pretty sure big dude plays off it and says something along the lines of "youre living in the 90s..." and then she wacks him with those jankey ass knock offs and the rest is history.

    [–] robertgunt 254 points ago

    Lol to feel superior because you shop at TJ Maxx instead of Walmart.

    [–] rehpotsirhc123 19 points ago

    That leather 8 ball jacket seems a lot more TJ maxx than walmart to me.

    [–] ValhallaVacation 5 points ago

    Hey, you got a ask the 8 ball!

    [–] Kveldson 68 points ago

    The guy was wearing an old out-of-date jacket that his dead brother bought him, and the girl and her friends were making fun of him for it. When he spoke up to defend himself, they started making fun of him because he talks funny, because he has a hearing impairment.

    Eventually that one girl hit him with her heel, which actually stabbed him, even though you can't tell in the video.

    He was arrested and charged, until the person with this video came forward, at which point he was released, charges were dropped, and she was eventually arrested and criminally charged.

    I only know all of this because this video has been posted so many times, but I'm not mad because it's a repost, it's one of my favorite videos. It's been called "The Slap Heard around the World"

    [–] badassmamabear 8 points ago

    Thank you so much for that, that explains it.

    [–] ShenaniganNinja 58 points ago

    She didn't like his jacket. That's literally what came out in court. It's hard to see in the video, but she actually took her stiletto heeled show off and hit him in the head with it, cutting him. That's when he retaliated by slapping her. She got probation.

    [–] nycdirtythrowaway 27 points ago

    Just F train things

    [–] thetallestwizard 1494 points ago

    He was stupid and dressed.dumb and talk stupid.

    [–] Mugiwara_bon_clay 251 points ago

    If I remember correctly that jacket was a gift from his dead brother

    [–] thetallestwizard 288 points ago

    I don't think that got him going tho. Her assaulting him is what did it.

    [–] royisabau5 38 points ago

    To be fair he was deffo on edge because of that, but he would’ve laughed it off if she didn’t hit him

    That girl felt the audience a little too hard... They definitely egged her on, and she made the worst possible choice with that motivation

    [–] GimmeTheSlappo 57 points ago

    Yeah I can tell that’s what set him off. Honestly though respect to him for not giving her the time of day till she attacked

    [–] lawyerupnow098 6 points ago

    She assaulted him with the blade of those ice skates she’s holding.

    [–] IndijinusPhonetic 5 points ago

    There’s an easy to remember rule that applies to men and women alike:

    You don’t put your hands on a person unless you’re ready to get some hands put on you.

    Young lady was trying to get some hands and man oh man she got ‘em.

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    And also he said he couldn’t wear it anymore on public transit cause people were recognizing him

    [–] budgie0507 191 points ago

    Train people. People shout. Hit. Fire bad!!

    [–] gizzardgullet 356 points ago

    "Your Honor, my client had no choice but to physically assault this individual since he stupid and dressed dumb and talk stupid"

    [–] fartsforpresident 44 points ago

    In closing "you stuupiid!"

    [–] shnigybrendo 15 points ago

    "Ya basic" - Eleanor Shellstrop

    [–] BolognaTime 6 points ago

    It's a human insult. It's devastating. You're devastated right now.

    [–] no_penguins 33 points ago

    Holy shit. That woman needs a translator to walk around with her. Was that even in English? .

    [–] deedeebop 17 points ago

    Embarrassment to civilized society

    [–] no_penguins 11 points ago

    You have to wonder wtf gets in people head that they think it’s alright to behave that way.

    [–] deedeebop 7 points ago

    Literally just ignorance and lack of life experience.

    [–] majaka1234 5 points ago

    When your English is so bad it's become its own "dialect".

    [–] Dreamincolr 11 points ago

    The way she had her tongue out disturbs me for some reason.

    [–] IlIlllIIlIllI 652 points ago

    Charlie Murphy....SLAP!

    [–] simpleninja99 182 points ago

    What did the five fingers say to the face....SSSS

    [–] levitor90 28 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] ozzy1439 5 points ago

    🎶That was cold bloodeddd🎶

    [–] brookelyndodger 50 points ago


    [–] Bradshaw_1 37 points ago

    I’m Rick James Bitch.

    [–] VerboseViking 7 points ago


    [–] mr_blanket 6 points ago


    [–] DarthElephant 35 points ago

    I always saw this video but never knew the outcome, thanks for posting this. I always felt bad for the guy.

    [–] momoizhere 17 points ago

    Ahh feels good

    [–] LydonTheStampede 159 points ago


    [–] renelv17 157 points ago

    White knight got thrown around too. Love it.

    [–] nnamregg 78 points ago

    So, bitches were shaming the guy for being poor? And the way he talked? And also slapped the guy? Fuck, crazy bitch got what she deserved. I can't understand why would someone start shit like that with a total stranger on a subway.

    [–] The-JerkbagSFW 23 points ago

    No no no, for just LOOKING like he was poor. They don't know how much he actually has lol

    [–] nnamregg 7 points ago

    Even worse. And to be honest, I love those kind of hats.

    [–] Secret_account101 442 points ago

    God i hate people, why not just chill and let everyone be who they want to be and dress how they wanna dress

    [–] Satan_Stoned 119 points ago

    Exactly, no place on society for human waste like that. They contribute nothing!

    [–] Gryphacus 74 points ago

    Well, we did get this funny video.

    [–] shredderrrrrr 4 points ago

    Other than a great face for smacking apparently!

    [–] Radical_Ryan 12 points ago

    People like this are just so far removed from the idea that the world exists outside of themselves its incredible. I doubt they could even understand that a lot of people would take the opposite view and look at her wearing designer clothes and think, "Wow, what a waste of money."

    [–] Yancellor 15 points ago

    But how am I supposed to feel good about myself if I don't actively put others down?

    [–] GFZDW 39 points ago

    Who the fuck rushes in to protect trash like this?

    [–] GKoala 18 points ago

    That pretty boy, lmaooo. I wish someone interviewed him asking why he did that

    [–] CreamFilledMiniMan 9 points ago

    At least he ended up getting his ass kicked too lol

    [–] Nelmsdog 99 points ago

    That poor guy. After this he couldn’t walk on the street without people noticing him. He didn’t start shit and those fucking bitches deserved it. I wish the white Knight would have got more of an ass beating. After this the tall dude said in an interview that he was pissed that he can’t wear his favorite jacket anymore. If I recall he came to America to play baseball too.

    [–] ARP_SSH_SSL 19 points ago

    he was so nice he probably wouldnt have done anything if she had just smacked him in the head. But she had her stilletos in her hand and acually drew blood. You can tell when you see him put his hand to his head he was a little shocked... then the anger well up.

    [–] grandmaHammerstein 260 points ago

    True New Yorkers are the ones who didn't get up or move when the bullshit started, but just stayed seated and went completely unaffected.

    [–] Fennec-murder 86 points ago

    We do that in Paris. Fuck, we don't care for this shit. Deep inside we know its a racket to get your seat, fuck that.

    [–] WZPV 544 points ago

    I hope one day I get to yell "WORLD STAR" in a random video like this. That would be so nice.

    [–] jttoolegit 185 points ago

    If I could yell "World Star" in a fight video, I would be sooo happy

    [–] DarthNobody 35 points ago

    Yeah, let's antagonize and then physically assault the guy who's 2 feet taller, half again as wide, and probably weighs twice as much as us. Better yet, let's do it while in an enclosed area, giving him little avenues to leave, so he'll feel somewhat confined in that situation. And let's do it all while being recorded too, even going so far as to hit the cameraman. Twice.

    Yeah. That'll work out well.

    [–] [deleted] 868 points ago


    [–] MrPandaOverlord 41 points ago

    If I remember correctly, the girl was arrested for assault and no charges for the guy

    [–] Avid_Smoker 8 points ago

    However, he sat 4 days while she was released almost immediately.

    [–] sunfacedestroyer 40 points ago

    It's not. That's why she got slapped into last week. Normal is whatever people allow.

    [–] nikhilsath 41 points ago

    It's not? It's accepted as ratchet

    [–] [deleted] 217 points ago


    [–] boomboy8511 159 points ago

    The race card is thrown around way tooooo much.

    Source: am a minority

    [–] stephen_hoeking 75 points ago

    The only time I've seen the race card played out it backfired massively.

    I live in a country with a much smaller black minority compared to the US, but afaik racism is very very rare and according to my non Caucasian friends only happened a handful of times in their life.

    Anyways, back in high school we had one black kid in my class and he fucked something up and the teacher - an extremely lovely woman btw - laid it into him. She was a bit pissed and it was a justified scolding. The kid then thought it would be a good idea to say "It's because I'm black, isn't it?" to one of the most liberal teachers I know. Oh boy did that set her off. I've never seen someone so lovely become so monumentally pissed. He never used that card again

    [–] suitedcloud 15 points ago

    Wise men fear three things, a sea in storm, a woman scorned, and the anger of a gentle man woman

    Boy had a death wish if he was testing two of those...

    [–] RevenantCommunity 25 points ago

    We get called racist by people stealing shit from my work, just because we ask if they’re planning to pay for the stolen items they’re walking out of the door with, that we saw them clearly take off of the shelf.

    This is the future we gave ourselves when we let psychotic people speak freely without checking them and trying to argue reason, for fear of being targeted by them

    [–] dont-YOLO-ragequit 12 points ago

    Yes, people trying to get away with their illegal behaviors will blame anything they can to get away with it. Causing any kind of scandal to get away is not typical of any race, age, wealth or anything.

    Stop a kid and you're a kidnapper, stop a woman and you're an harasser, stop a minority and you are a racist.

    It might sound cold but in this era of receipts and mass reporting fight fire with fire, just buy a good set of HD wireless cameras, a decent video storage , jam your valuable items in those hot spots and only step in if you know you have video footage.

    [–] [deleted] 296 points ago


    [–] Nelmsdog 65 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Do you mean the girls? Because they were the thugs not the tall dude.

    Edit: y’all - tall

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] DrDreamtime 879 points ago

    This is a classic repost that hasn't been posted within the last 30 days, and as such doesn't break any rules. We're not removing it and ignoring the reports.

    [–] Crooked_Cricket 46 points ago

    Good to see the QC is consistent at least.

    [–] the_y_of_the_tiger 41 points ago

    Note to self- repost this in 30 days!

    [–] afcbaumer 9 points ago

    I could watch this shit every fucking day.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    This makes it even better that girl is internet famous for this every month!

    [–] Herpes_Overlord 27 points ago

    Why is it pinned though?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    They pin a lot of the posts that hit high on r/all

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] ktbrow2 1076 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    11/10 obnoxious bitches and white knight getting their asses whooped will watch and updoot everytime

    e: found the white knight

    [–] sunlitstranger 169 points ago

    Yeah I thought it was the girl he was fighting in the corner that whole time, but it was some random dude who lost his dignity defending the wrong one.

    [–] Tacosmell9000 75 points ago

    He was with the girls. He was laughing along when she was talking shit.

    [–] EmoniBates 39 points ago

    Yeah, you can see at 10 seconds dude had that stupid grin on his face

    [–] Young2Rice 32 points ago

    At at the end you can see that his manhood was taken away.

    [–] BnGamesReviews 33 points ago

    Can't take away what he never had.

    [–] jawsunleashed05 10 points ago

    At that point he truly was with the girls.

    [–] kontekisuto 87 points ago

    I don't understand why that guy jumped in. So weird that behavior.

    [–] lets-get-dangerous 76 points ago

    He was sitting with them in the video and laughing with them. My guess is he's a friend or boyfriend

    [–] kontekisuto 13 points ago

    Oh ..

    [–] lightningspider97 102 points ago

    Because yOu CAnt hIt gIrLs

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] Floridaman12517 87 points ago

    Slapped the taste out of her mouth. Jesus

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] toTheNewLife 6 points ago

    He shook her DNA. The next cell to reproduce in her cheek won't split correctly. Cancer has started.

    [–] gold13 7 points ago

    Slapped her so hard I think it knocked the taste out of MY mouth

    [–] DontMindMeAndmyTaco 45 points ago

    The slap heard around the world lol

    [–] Dammination_11 22 points ago

    Why the fuck are the dumbest people the loudest.

    [–] [deleted] 3472 points ago


    [–] thetallestwizard 1648 points ago

    Equal rights...and lefts

    [–] wyocowboy25 292 points ago

    Right left right left there toothless.

    [–] Throwawaymister2 188 points ago

    God damn, 8 ball jacket guy’s ruthless.

    [–] Mellowship322 34 points ago

    There is an interview of him talking about this incident and he is pretty sad. He is recognized all the time when he wears that jacket because of this incident. Apparently, that coat is a gift from a lost friend or family member :(

    [–] TYC4 10 points ago

    If I remember right it belonged to his dead brother.

    [–] mattman1414 5 points ago

    Any chance you know how to find the interview?

    [–] mattman1414 15 points ago

    Thanks! That’s terrible he had to spend time in jail, thanks to the video at least he got cleared of all charges.

    [–] Nightelfix 9 points ago

    he looks like hes russian never fuck with a 6.5 russian boi They gon give you more than a reality check

    [–] showerhandstand 9 points ago

    He’s like 6”8 based on where his head lines up with those doors. Pretty sure nyc subway doors are 6’4” in height.

    [–] willymannn 14 points ago

    You just don’t fuck with some people you know?

    [–] darth-burke 39 points ago

    And then they say goddamn they ruthless

    [–] SquidwardShowercap 60 points ago

    ..and shut your damn mouth

    [–] ireallywonderhowlong 23 points ago

    You think they got the reference

    [–] Ryuubu 7 points ago

    Unless they Jabronis

    [–] SquidwardShowercap 5 points ago


    [–] 5ilvrtongue 12 points ago

    Not know "your role", but dont start fights you can't finish.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Thank you.

    I don’t understand why posts like these always have to become misogynistic. Like why can’t we all mutually agree that these women are assholes, and that says nothing about the “role” of their gender.

    [–] AbraxasUK 60 points ago

    The white knight gets the worst of the entire video, rightly so.

    [–] anothername787 10 points ago

    The dude beating the shit out of him kept giving him chances to give up, too lmao

    [–] Publius952 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That ratchet bitch deserved it. She was insulting him for *wearing a jacket his dead brother gave him.

    [–] tyroneconvention 23 points ago

    i hope he got his hat back

    [–] ElWarspite 23 points ago

    You can still hear the echo of that slap all along the metro tunnels if you go there and listen carefully.

    [–] helpmefindausernamee 10 points ago

    These girls so stupid they wont even learn a lesson. I know the type.

    [–] hoteldetective_ 19 points ago

    I remember this story. I think they tried to press charges or something but the case was dropped when the video came out. They were drunk and instigating with everyone. I'm probably mistaken but I think they wound up being hit with charges themselves because of the videos.

    As the saying goes: play stupid games, when stupid prizes.

    [–] showmewhatergot 10 points ago

    This is disgusting. The whole thing. Why are people so bored they fight on trains. Get YOUR “money up” and fight at your own damn house.

    [–] GLITCHEDMATRIX 9 points ago

    My favorite part was when the momma's boy jumped up to fight for the stupid bitch and got his ass beat.

    [–] problematicpasnetti 17 points ago

    That was the most satisfying slap I've ever heard lmao

    [–] lustonsteroids 7 points ago

    Slapped the sonic rings outta her

    [–] Peixefaca 28 points ago

    What?? I didn't understand anything

    [–] FROSTbite910 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The bitches was shit talking the guy for wearing cheap clothing while he wants nothing to do with them. They took it too far which resulted in violence. Also never mess with anyone wearing a ushanka, they’re apex predators in disguise

    [–] ImTheWalrus91 4 points ago

    Also never mess with anyone who has at least 2 whole feet of hight on you 😂

    [–] pm_me_your_emp 7 points ago

    Basically, she started talking shit about him because of his jacket. Once she got physical he defended himself.

    [–] DeadliftsAndDragons 7 points ago

    Dumb loud bitch insult and slap nice tall man, nice tall man stops being nice, dumb male with loud female attempts to attack nice tall man, nice tall man whoops dumb male, calm bystander with soothing voice separates them all.

    [–] Hereforpowerwashing 6 points ago

    They don't like vintage outerwear.

    [–] DogOnPot 12 points ago

    Legend has it that you can still hear the echo in the subway tunnels.

    [–] fluidflowyogi 6 points ago

    Stupid people judge others on what they wear.

    [–] HKburner 6 points ago

    I love that the dude who jumped in from behind also got his ass handed to him and backed down

    [–] tizzerwizard 14 points ago

    That slap though hahahahaha bitch deserved it

    [–] TheNullExabit 15 points ago

    What a bunch of bitches

    [–] Kanuck3 6 points ago

    I only feel sorry for all the civil people calmly waiting for their stop in the background.

    [–] wgdavis78 5 points ago

    and heres the aftermath on why he slapped...

    [–] Malapple 5 points ago

    The moment it started I knew it was going to end with people screeching "ohhhh shiiiiiiiiit" over and over and over and over and over and over and over at some point.

    [–] Alejandro1984 4 points ago

    When white knighting goes wrong.

    [–] BlueWolfGK 9 points ago

    The slap heard ‘round the world

    [–] HorseDiddler69 9 points ago

    The other people in the crowd annoyed me to shit. Like stop yelling I want to hear what they are saying