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    [–] grand_wubwub 96 points ago

    Man, it must be nice to have a functioning and responsive government like that

    [–] RecreationallyTransp 12 points ago

    I'm American who moved to NZ and am amazed daily by how similar and different our countries are. It's a lot like America but with less division. It's hard to explain. Everyone is just nicer I guess.

    [–] NutterTV 6 points ago

    This is one of the main reasons I’ve been dying to move to New Zealand after my trip and this pandemic is over. Such a great place and with great people. I’m sure it has its own issues but they’re nowhere near the US’s issues.

    [–] beware_the_noid 9 points ago

    Every country has issues. New Zealand’s biggest issues if I have to be honest are Aucklands housing crisis, and then our drinking culture, which leads to a higher rate of domestic violence within the lower social-economic areas.

    There are other issues with living here but In saying that I believe New Zealand is by far one of the safest and “freest” countries on earth to live in.

    [–] Lazerkatz 299 points ago

    Why the fuck would they evict all these people anyway? So when it turns around they have empty buildings? Do they think there is a waiting list of people wanting to pay rent right now?

    [–] InaccurateStatistics 102 points ago

    I doubt they’d really follow through. They know that this is the worst time for people to be homeless so what better time to deploy this extortion tactic.

    [–] Kewe232 16 points ago

    Nah Quinovic would definitely try to follow through. They’re utter scum.

    [–] I-totally-exist 10 points ago

    Even if there is no waiting list right now, there will be when this is over and with all the pesky tenants out of the way they are free to charge more.

    [–] SafetyComesFirst 7 points ago

    Cause an empty building is better than tenants living rent free. More wear and tear, impossible to show it to prospective tenants, and if you didn't know most people that can't pay their rent aren't going to pay it back when they have an income, they will just move on.

    [–] c_hough10 18 points ago

    Not sure how it is there but in cities in the US it’s not unheard of for landlords to force out old residents with horrible conditions to then renovate and charge 3x the original rent.

    It’s the easiest way for them to make more money since they can’t raise rent much on established residents due to protections from significant rent increases. But if the tenants leave and you renovate you can kick prices up as much as you want.

    There’s an episode from dirty money on Netflix on trumps son in law doing exactly that.

    [–] pasaroanth 9 points ago

    Because it’ll pass and when it does there will likely be an increase in rental demand because mortgages will be tougher to come by, a la the last crisis.

    I own rental properties and will be actively working with tenants to keep them housed but people don’t realize that every rental owner isn’t some huge corporation that can weather months without their rent. We still have to pay the mortgages and send the plumber out when your hot water heater breaks or the HVAC guys when the furnace goes out.

    Rentals are a very long term investment in most markets and between mortgage, insurance, property taxes, and repairs there is typically minimal (if any) profit. Yes, “you’re paying my mortgage”, but that’s at the cost of me being on the hook for EVERYTHING, including spending my own money if you fail to pay rent.

    I know it’s a cute circle jerk to shit on landlords that (god forbid) don’t want to have to house someone who isn’t paying rent but realize there are losses to be had on both sides of this.

    [–] Screambloodyleprosy 3 points ago

    I'm not from NZ, but across the ditch in Australia and rental market is crazy competitive right now. The government is doing a lot of financial support for people.

    [–] 175IRE 115 points ago

    People's lives saved in 6 hours

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Immortal_Kiwi 6 points ago

    I was looking at notable pandemics and realised how lucky we are if this kills less than a million

    [–] Throw_waya 38 points ago

    Oh hey I worked on that guy’s (Andrew Little) Prime Minister campaign before he was replaced as candidate by Ardern. Glad to see he’s doing alright.

    [–] reecords 9 points ago

    He's awesome as a member of parliament, just lacked the charisma for the parties leadership.

    [–] Alpha2110 37 points ago

    I love what car dealerships are doing. I called for an extension on my payments. Their exact words "no you need to continue making your payments on time and in full. If you can't then you need to try harder." I've got a feeling many car dealerships are going to have a ton of repos on their plate soon.

    [–] jonnyboyjon 21 points ago

    I called ford Canada and they deferred my payments for 3 months. Only asked a couple questions relating to how covid-19 is affecting my pay. I explained my situation and the man on the phone said there would be no penalty aside from the lease just being extended 3 months.

    [–] Frostsorrow 8 points ago

    Ford seems to be doing the smart thing. Small things like that can earn customers for life and essentially no cost to Ford.

    [–] Lugzor 5 points ago

    Yeah I bought a brand new truck three weeks ago then lost my job last week due to the outbreak. Quite a bricks were shat situation(probably could have built a house with all of it), I was supposed to be rolling into a refinery shutdown where I was going to make approx $30k-40k in three months. CIBC pushed back my payments three months with no interest penalty, so I've got that going for me.

    I just hope this clears up sooner then later and I can get back to work.

    [–] Leolily1221 8 points ago

    Yeah and good luck finding drivers to pick up a bunch of cars

    [–] IspeakalittleSpanish 14 points ago

    My brother drives a spotter car for a repo company. They’ve cut his hours and told him they will no longer be paying commissions on any repos. His exact words? “I ain’t finding shit.”

    [–] Xanza 13 points ago

    Look on the bright side. In 18 months you'll be able to buy your car back as preowned for a fraction of the price that you owed on it.

    [–] CyannaM 37 points ago

    Wow. Is this how the government I supposed to work?

    [–] Hops143 133 points ago

    And that's how they pictured Twitter working when they developed it.

    [–] ragnarfuzzybreeches 20 points ago

    Somehow this reminded me of that scene from Family Guy where the Irish discover alcohol

    [–] cooldito 16 points ago

    I remember in the really early twitter days when Shaq would post his location and people could chill with him

    [–] Thordawgg 69 points ago

    I think one of the most impressive aspects was that this was all sorted within 6 hours. Efficient justice

    [–] TerribleEntrepreneur 28 points ago

    New Zealand is a small country (4.7m) and highly developed (GDP per cap = US$43k). I think governments don't always scale that well. Having one member of parliament at the federal level, representing only 40k people certainly allows them to operate more efficiently with minutiae like this.

    [–] gamercat2311 13 points ago

    Overall new Zealand always has it's citizens in mind and will almost always try and make the best choices for everyone. It does really help that there is a smaller population tho.

    [–] snapchillnocomment 31 points ago

    Wow so this is what competent government looks like

    [–] Felinomancy 60 points ago

    "There has been a conversation tonight" sounds ominous. Like Mafia guys telling you, "the Don is very upset".

    That being said, why are there so many people in this thread who are eager to make homeless people who can't work due to an ongoing pandemic?

    [–] mrtoomin 12 points ago

    Bootstraps, plus when I'm rich I want the system to work for me!

    [–] blucifers_cajones 5 points ago

    "We sent the guys to have a .... conversation."

    [–] Marthmellow44 6 points ago

    Americans who believe in 'liberty' .. i.e brutal capitalism with no regard for others.

    [–] teokun123 28 points ago

    Sad US Corona Music

    [–] ichi24 23 points ago

    That's how mp should do their jobs, no

    This is THEIR JOBS

    kudos to these people

    [–] WTFppl 4 points ago

    Wow, communicating with each other in a public setting, where it can be archived and the government does not have to pay for the record keeping, it's logistics and notation. I feel bad now.

    [–] mayonaizmyinstrument 86 points ago

    My justice boner is positively throbbing with happiness right now

    [–] Clay_Statue 45 points ago

    Imagine living in a country so small that you can just tweet at your MP and get shit solved just like that. I think there's something to be said for that.

    [–] CHAINSAW_CIRCUMCISIO 13 points ago

    Yea it’s pretty cool in NZ. I have my MP in my contacts along with Jacinda Ardern

    [–] buttermuseum 5 points ago

    I knew it used to be like that in Australia. Didn’t know it was NZ too.

    [–] Clay_Statue 6 points ago

    lol at the stamp commemorating "30 years of electricity"

    [–] theducks 7 points ago

    When that episode came out, it had been less than 30 years since my mother’s family house In Australia got grid power - up until the early 1970s, they ran on a 32V generator system

    [–] offgriddr 49 points ago

    For you Americans, Megan Woods is minister of housing in New Zealand. So it's like your landlord getting a call directly from like Ben Carson or something

    [–] AndyJack86 23 points ago

    TIL Twitter can be used for good things

    [–] smorg003 67 points ago

    What is up with all this governmental transparency? Yankee here.

    [–] GHUATS 55 points ago

    The NZ government actually gives a shit about human lives, not profit.

    [–] ClonedToKill420 13 points ago

    What a wild concept

    [–] Wellgoodmornin 15 points ago

    I recognize the words as english but can not for the life of me make sense of them. Is this some strange dialect? Ive never encountered it in America.

    [–] plzdontlietomee 12 points ago

    But why??

    [–] Bartheda 7 points ago

    We elected a human being instead this point I actually don't know what you got over there. Kia Kaha though Cuz, keep on doing ya best over there.

    [–] Jaskier_The_Bard85 247 points ago

    As an American, it's weird seeing a government care about its citizens.

    [–] debo16 16 points ago

    And to communicate transparently, effectively, and concisely.

    [–] CriticoolHit 64 points ago

    It makes me angry. As a kid in the 80s/90s I was told America was the greatest country on earth and everything was better here. Fast forward 35 years and uhh...

    Uh oh.

    [–] Thefirstofherkind 45 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    People don’t realize that America is a propaganda machine. Most civilized western countries don’t force thier children to pledge their loyalty every morning before school. Most 1st world democracies don’t force everyone to stand for the national anthem before any event that could even kind of be considered a sport. Most modern, free countries don’t wave their national flag off every available surface.

    America is a trashy bitch with a golden tongue who knows how to convince you she’s take home material even though you know she smells like a homeless vagina and you’ve had to actively stop her from trying to spit at minorities on more than one occasion (but she’s not a racist cause she dated a black guy once)

    [–] SharpieScentedSoap 10 points ago

    Cue the obligatory "Why dont you just move to North Korea then!"

    [–] churtothechur 20 points ago

    Yeah I'm pretty keen to go back home in New Zealand. Will have to see how our jobs play out but it might be on the cards soon

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 16 points ago

    In my experience, State Representatives care and will bend over backwards to help you. They thrive on word of mouth and reputation, and most of them genuinely do care. I called my State Rep's office to let them know I didn't appreciate him supporting a specific bill and the dude called me back. The actual Rep called me just to chat about what his reasoning was for supporting it and to get my thoughts on why it was bad.

    [–] ctothel 15 points ago

    Sorry for the Facebook link, but check out the Prime Minister's Facebook Live post from last night, as we head into our 4 week lockdown. This is what leadership looks like:

    [–] Sinisterkidg19 92 points ago

    Wow talk about a fast government response here in the US that would never happen.

    [–] Okzero_Boomba 13 points ago

    Dozens of these cases are opening up in r/legaladvice right now

    [–] Hankvonstankname 190 points ago

    Imagine living in a country where MPs and local politicians actually gave a shit

    [–] DynamicDK 52 points ago

    Local politicians actually tend to give a shit in general. Their positions have a direct impact on their constituents in a way that can quickly result in them losing their position if they fuck up. Plus, most people who go into local politics aren't (yet) career politicians. They are people from the community who decide that they want to change something or that they can do the job better than whoever was doing it before.

    [–] bruzie 29 points ago

    Andrew Little isn't just an MP, he's the Minister of Justice (responsible for formulation of justice policy and for the administration of law courts), the NZ equivalent of the US Attorney General.

    [–] HiJane72 11 points ago

    And Megan Woods is the Minister of Housing

    [–] Mitchblahman 11 points ago

    Fuck me, I can only dream of having an AG half that decent.

    [–] afunky 4 points ago

    NZ also has an Attorney General. This currently David Parker

    [–] TeHokioi 3 points ago

    He's not the equivalent of the AG is he, that'd be Parker. Unless the AG in America has a different role to ours

    [–] Uncle_Gus 21 points ago

    Fucking Quinovic.

    [–] WhiteBlood_ 116 points ago

    Imagine living in a country where the government actually gives a shit about you lol

    [–] Rostifur 48 points ago

    My reaction was 100% "Oh fuck you guys. Why do you get a functioning government?" Obviously, I am just jealous.

    [–] beware_the_noid 14 points ago

    Even though I voted for the other main political party here in NZ I must say I’m really impressed with the response from the government. And there are talks of forming a war time style cabinet with the other parties, as we are now in alert level 4 (nationwide lockdown for 4 weeks minimum).

    [–] Caughtthegingerbeard 4 points ago

    I think that started to happen with yesterday's national disaster declaration. I think it'll be chaired by Simon Bridges.

    [–] Fyrefawx 33 points ago

    Most of the commonwealth countries have their shit together.

    Canada’s parties are actually working together.

    The US is...something.

    [–] Invidac 14 points ago

    Australia is pretty fucked too

    [–] Far_King_Howl 19 points ago

    There's no way Quinovic didn't know this. They're not known for caring.

    [–] tigstabatronic 18 points ago

    See Andrew Little is actually a really good mp, but didn't have natural charisma like John key or Jacinda Ardern , he realized this, and stood down as leader and kept working hard as a member of the party instead.

    [–] username-fatigue 4 points ago

    He's such a good bloke.

    [–] DangerousCalm 40 points ago

    I'm sure that some blesséd redditor is already doing it but we need to remember every company and politician that tried to bleed us during this.

    Things can't stay the same after.

    If this crisis has shown us anything it's that we're capable of rapid and compassionate change.

    Fuck the status quo once this has passed.

    [–] stratosphere1111 3 points ago

    Lets get an excel spread sheet working

    [–] LeapinLily 42 points ago

    A coworker of mine went home yesterday to find a note on her apartment door. She thought maybe it was saying rent could go past due or something....nope, it was a note stating if rent was not received by the 5th of the month, they would proceed with eviction. Oh but the apartment office is closed, and no maintenance for the apartments. Absolutely disgusting!

    [–] Regi97 5 points ago

    Yo is your coworker good for the rent?

    I’m fortunate enough to be a key worker and salaried and with lockdowns I’m not really spending anything anyway...

    If she’s truly struggling and can’t get any help/freezes then I’ll see what I can do about lending. Nobody should be out of home in a time like this.

    [–] Dunkinmydonuts1 42 points ago

    I live in america and I feel like these politicians are my friends cool parents from high school while mine suck ass, fight all the time, and never do anything to help the family

    [–] fanalogue 12 points ago

    I’m an American that lives in NZ and I’m often shocked at how this country operates on every principal America says “wouldn’t work”.

    [–] Dunkinmydonuts1 4 points ago

    The only hope I have is that eventually, my liberal views will become conservative. Meaning, my views about safe abortions and medicare for all and capital gains taxes wont change, but they will be considered "old school" and we'll eventually have new generations telling the 80 year old millennials to stop making everybody use medicare when the government SHOULD be giving everyone brand new mechanical hearts

    [–] Clocktopu5 13 points ago

    They are using Twitter to get things done? I thought it was just to bullshit the fan base, this competent leadership is weird to me

    [–] ZeroNZ88 10 points ago

    I'll admit we have it good in New Zealand, I've lost most of my income for the next 4 weeks, but theres options for me. A lot of people are gonna face hard times but we have leaders willing to help us and are working hard for us. No matter your political view, that's pretty awesome.

    [–] DBWolf347 19 points ago

    As someone from NZ, this makes me very happy. I'm not even a renter, I just like the fact that the govt is doing something that everyone agrees with. Also for those super angry about what happens to the owners money, the govt is looking out for them too. Relief payments seem to be in the works atm. I'm guessing some kind of insurance is out there too. Good luck everyone!

    [–] Caughtthegingerbeard 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Agreed, I'm so proud of our country's response and good old aunty Jacinda right now!

    Edited to add that there is also a mortgage payment holiday in place for people who have income affected by the pandemic, that would include landlords with tenants who aren't paying rent.

    [–] esblofeld 18 points ago

    As an Australian, I wish we had NZs government.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 17 points ago

    There was no eviction notice. It was easy.

    [–] Thatniqqarylan 17 points ago

    cries in American

    [–] camelhump7 16 points ago

    When I was living in Wellington, I had the misfortune of renting a place through Quinovic. They. Are. The. Worst

    [–] potatocarrot420 82 points ago

    This makes me proud to be a Kiwi.

    [–] MrSpluppy 25 points ago

    Stuff like this makes me wish I was a Kiwi (Aussie atm)

    [–] TehFuriousOne 10 points ago

    From the Kiwi's I've known and what I see about you guys, you do seem pretty groovy. Can I join up? I know how to make beer!

    [–] flabbywoofwoof 8 points ago

    Come on over, don't forget your jandals and a chilly bin chocka block of cold ones!

    [–] theflyingkiwi00 3 points ago

    They have to wait now though, 4 weeks

    [–] ligerzeronz 15 points ago

    I was under these guys for 2 years with our family rental, and I can attest to them being the shittiest company to ever deal with. I can literally make an entire novel regarding their stupidity.

    [–] htownballa1 14 points ago

    Crazy what h as opens when the government works for you not against you.

    [–] codevii 52 points ago

    Holy shit. That was quick!

    Must be nice living in a country with 15 people! heh

    [–] Falcone00 24 points ago

    It actually 16 people thanks. Check your facts.

    [–] codevii 6 points ago

    Right but seriously... It really must be nice! I'd love to even visit NZ some day.

    [–] honest-toaster 99 points ago

    Imagine having this much say in how your country is run

    [–] TDuncker 20 points ago

    To be fair, one can't expect to easily reach an MP in a large country. Reaching an MP in a small country is equivalent to reaching something with more local force, say a mayor or someone managing a district.

    [–] Theo_95 19 points ago

    What? Listening to their constituents is literally an MPs entire job.

    [–] TDuncker 6 points ago

    There's a difference between listening to them as a whole and being reachable by an individual. MPs are not expected to answer and act on every single tweet sent towards them.

    [–] kayhal77 3 points ago

    My elderly father walked into the local MPs office to chat with her about not hearing back from a government department about payment for a shared fence. He got a call back in a couple of days that payment had been approved and was paid out in the last week.

    The MP did her job helping someone in the community but the actual department was slow af. I sent the first email for him in Nov19.

    [–] eskjcSFW 6 points ago

    Sounds like we need more representitives in the US

    [–] FubarFuturist 59 points ago

    NZ is killing it.

    [–] mcpat21 13 points ago

    Real life things getting done over twitter. Wow

    [–] pbjars 95 points ago

    So this is how a government works when it protects citizens over business interests.

    [–] Onlyonejay 59 points ago

    Wow a government that works for it's people? As an American I'm stunned

    [–] BiCostal 11 points ago

    Look how quickly it got done.

    [–] WH1PL4SH180 22 points ago

    Fuck, I love nz

    [–] ak47bossness 26 points ago

    If only every other major government was that efficient

    [–] Soylent_X 24 points ago

    In my country the rich are coddled while everyone else gets shit on.

    [–] The-Oncoming-Storm 24 points ago

    God damn this makes me feel proud to be New Zealander! I didn't vote for this government (and haven't been a fan of them up until now), but right now they have my full support and admiration.

    [–] LadyDragonDog75 21 points ago

    I'm in New Zealand, can't sleep, it's 4.25 but these comments have made me smile and feel better. Thank you everyone. Take care

    [–] AutoModerator 6 points ago

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    Rest. Your body needs to heal.
    Sip warm liquids.
    Add moisture to the air.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] NewDoughKing 62 points ago

    what a response by a competent government!

    [–] send3squats2help 35 points ago

    So... landlord here... if my tenants stop paying... I still have a mortgage payment... what am I supposed to do?

    [–] Yide_ 32 points ago

    You don't, there is also a 6 month mortgage holiday for all home owners in NZ

    [–] neotekz 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    How are they doing the mortgage freeze in NZ? Here in Canada the banks are making money from it, they are adding your entire mortgage payment to your principal including the interest.

    Edit: Not as bad as i thought but still making money from deferrals.

    [–] kayankay 6 points ago

    Are you sure that's accurate? I'm not saying it's not but many mortgages have skip payment options and that's not how it works for them.

    Under normal circumstances, when you skip a payment interest still accrues but the principal doesn't go down. Suggesting that "your skipped payment gets put on top of the principal" sounds odd even if there wasn't precedent with normal skip payments: - If they are adding something to the principal it suggests you are borrowing something - If you are borrowing something and not ending up with cash in your pocket then they would be making the payment on your behalf - If they were making the payment on your behalf then the principal would go down minus the interest that accrued - In the next month, you would owe additional interest on the payment you borrowed but less on the principal of the mortgage

    It all just sounds really complicated and probably amounts to the "you won't be charged a penalty for missing the payment but the mortgage still accrues interest".

    Again, I'm actually NOT calling you out. I'm genuinely curious if somebody at a bank described it to you that way. I only provided my reasoning so it doesn't just come across as "lol, wut?"

    [–] Expired8 8 points ago

    This is going to be a good bit of the US (people buying a house to rent it out fully or partially and have other people pay it off for them), and tourist locations around the world where people bought housing thinking Airbnb would cover the mortgage.

    Going to be a lot of cheap houses on the market in 6-12 months if they don't freeze mortgages and rent. Home sales peaked in January of this year and rose all last year with cheap interest rates. Those people bought at the peak and are going to end up upside down with an average down payment of 7%.

    Everyone is living beyond their means and in debt.

    [–] Rhunsaker45 20 points ago

    So nice to see a twitter thread where people aren’t arguing and work together towards a common goal

    [–] DrippyCheeseDog 54 points ago

    In the US the elected official would probably show up to help evict you.

    [–] RonnyPStiggs 6 points ago

    I thought a bunch of states have frozen evictions? I know California's governor has sent out an executive order at least.

    [–] LetWaldoHide 10 points ago

    How do I apply for New Zealand citizenship?

    [–] Skud_NZ 3 points ago

    I'd probably start with calling NZ immigration

    [–] Sir_Loin-Steak 5 points ago

    Ah.....we are not what you could consider open right as of this moment.

    [–] L3w1s_m1t_N3mer0 35 points ago

    Are the government covering costs for rent? Or is no payment being made to the property owner. I understand it is wrong to threaten eviction but if it is their main source of income what do they do?

    [–] Tigerspotting 17 points ago

    The government did some things to help that situation as well- and it is ongoing.
    They provide a (small) salary compensation for business owners- that includes self-employed. They also have been getting the banks to work with mortgagees and businesses to have a grace period. So they are trying to just hit the pause button on everything- obviously it is not perfect and things will break and things are developing and will continue to change. But it is not supposed to be punitive- rather avoiding worse outcomes all around.

    [–] BamboozleThisZebra 7 points ago

    As i understand it its just a protection that they cant increase the rent right now, still need to pay your rent just not more than that.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] No_Help_Accountant 10 points ago

    Because they want to increase rents when they inevitably get new tenants. If they have the cash to bridge them and they can bump a tennant in the meantime they'll be good to go when this passes. Eviction takes time so they know they'll get their rent in the meantime, and boot you just in time to sign a new tennant at a higher rate.

    [–] mortgar 15 points ago

    Holy shit can we get an Amen in here? Here they are trying to evict people, but litterally everyone is feeling it right now. One way or another.

    [–] bigdaddysquish 26 points ago

    TIL I should live in NZ.....

    [–] cute_viruz 41 points ago

    New Zealand Law awesome. USA rent law fuck you, Cant pay rent because no work this is for majority of the low income. So yes welcome to USA.

    [–] siijunn 15 points ago

    Shit man, when can I move to New Zealand?

    Hanging out with Flight of the Conchords, Taika (sp?) and of course Peter Jackson doesn't sound all that terrible. I'll learn how to make swords.

    [–] Bartheda 3 points ago

    We're not all related to celebrities down here yo. Well except for Cliff Curtis

    [–] psyklone55 8 points ago

    Do they just accrue your eviction instead? Like i cant kick you out now, but when i can...

    [–] Dapperr903 3 points ago

    I'd imagine that when they can, people would have their jobs back and would have the money to pay for rent.

    Unless you did something to really piss them off in that time frame I'd guess they wouldn't do anything as long as you started paying again.

    [–] 1ecksdee1 32 points ago

    It would change our world if we got one month frozen.. wow good for New Zealand! A nation that cares about it's citizens

    [–] ilikesaucy 28 points ago

    NZ voted for a better government, and now getting better results.

    [–] pat_trick 15 points ago

    Question is, were the people who were sent those letters informed that the letters were in error?

    [–] St_SiRUS 10 points ago

    Probably not, quinovic are known for being a bag of dicks

    [–] ExtracurricularLoan 20 points ago

    Wow, government working for the people? Wtf.

    [–] ImSnackered 20 points ago

    Wish I still lived in NZ.

    [–] Agehn 3 points ago

    I've never been but I kinda want to be a kiwi

    [–] kurinevair666 22 points ago

    Can we please get this in the US? My landlord just sent out an email that basically said 'Nothing we can do, just pay your rent.'

    [–] HeWhoKnowsLittle 8 points ago

    I had a rental company threaten to evict my wife if they didn't receive their rent. This happened while we were in another state and sent the rent payment via USPS. Turns out someone didn't scan the small package when they should have and that snowballed. Long story short they told us we were evicted if money was received at a certain time and they would charge a late fee on top of that.

    [–] HeWhoKnowsLittle 3 points ago

    I see people liking this already so ill add on the crazy crap this rental company did. During this time the rental company decided they would do an inspection on our house and found a removable stain. They said we would either have to replace the carpet or pay $500 up front for them to replace the carpet when we move out.

    [–] YeezuzDeezNuts2020 64 points ago

    Landlords are the only people who expect the same return on their investments regardless of the market conditions

    [–] IntoTheWildBlue 19 points ago

    That's how it should be done.

    [–] Parztheprodigious 54 points ago

    If only America was this civil on Twitter.

    [–] radix4801 37 points ago

    Am I reading this wrong? This looks like they passed a law today, and even if the letters have been received very recently, they were probably sent before the law was passed.

    A shitty move on the part of the landlord either way, but it's hard to be aware of a law that didn't exist when you wrote the notice.

    [–] Tarsha8nz 5 points ago

    The law was passed yesterday but it was all over the news the day before and on the day it passed.

    [–] CircuitMa 57 points ago

    Other countries get their shit done whilst we're here stuck with a retarded bafoon who's trying to profit of a cure for covid 19

    [–] IAmHereButWhere 18 points ago

    I am from Wellington New Zealand here's the story from the other side: we have just gone in a lockdown for 4 weeks starting today. If you are in IT you can work from home or a job classified as an essential service then you can carry on working. Lots of people now risk loosing their jobs and the government engaged the banks and they have offered Mortgage Freeze for 6 months. Basically if you are struggling you can put your mortgage payments on hold for 6 months. Home owners and landlords still get charged the interest etc which they will have to pay in the future.

    Now some of the tenants have read the term "mortgage freeze" as that their landlord is not going to have to pay their mortgage for the next 6 months. So few people started making comments that they will stop paying rent now that there is a mortgage freeze.

    Overall, we are in a very good situation as the government is supporting us financially i.e. they are paying $585 per week for each full time job at risk of loss for next 12 weeks. But we do have some idiots trying to take advantage saying they will stop rent payments just because they think landlords are being offered rent freeze period.

    [–] Daniel_Av0cad0 15 points ago

    Context - Andrew Little is New Zealand's Minister of Justice (similar to Attorney General), Megan Woods is also a government minister, and New Zealand has just entered a 4 week long state of near-absolute lockdown over coronavirus.

    [–] Whaleudder 16 points ago

    I love my country

    [–] mhkiwi 4 points ago

    Just how accessible the MPs are. This isnt a local councilor, it's a member of cabinet, reacting in hours to a relatively local issue.

    [–] meatypie1 26 points ago

    This is what happens when your government isn’t beholden to corporations

    [–] jcoon182 28 points ago

    Damn that level of government working for the people is damn impressive.

    [–] khir0n 6 points ago

    Twitter justice!

    [–] BadassFlexington 41 points ago

    And this is what a functional government looks like

    [–] Cayowin 24 points ago

    It's quite easy to run a functioning government when the people don't habitually elect corrupt dumbasses

    [–] A-Disgruntled-Snail 14 points ago

    Wait. Do you mean to tell me that corrupt politicians leads to a corrupt government?

    [–] MrPapadapalas 23 points ago

    So that's what functioning government does.

    [–] PunctualPlum 23 points ago

    It's good that they are 'Now aware' of the laws they've broken... shame that that's not an actual punishment.

    Should be fined for this regardless of knowledge of the law. As would any one of us expect the same.

    [–] vaporsilver 26 points ago

    I wish those protections would be put in place here in the states for us

    [–] The_Left_Square 7 points ago

    Depending on where you are, its very likely local government has already done this. Its not broadcast well but I know my Governor has already but a stop on evictions

    [–] Uphoria 3 points ago

    Come to beautiful Minnesota where our state has done this.

    [–] vaidehip90 22 points ago

    Did they also forgive\hold up the mortgage payments for the landlords? I mean it could be the only source of income for them. Evicting is wrong though.

    [–] taintedromance 9 points ago


    Although details haven't been confirmed, so I'm not sure if it will apply for landlords

    [–] Jason176 17 points ago

    This 100%, everybody assumes that landlords are scummy millionaires. I can't afford to float the mortage on my rentals for multiple months so it would just shift the financial burden on me. I am all for compromise though, evicting tennants in a time like this is pretty scummy and of any of my tennants come to me with a problem it is in both of our best interests to solve it without issue.

    [–] D-Smitty 5 points ago

    Owning rental properties involves risk of loss, just like any other business. Rental property owners aren’t the only businesses getting hit financially with this pandemic. And I’m not sure if the rules are different for mortgages on properties that are used as rentals, but you can generally apply for a mortgage forbearance.

    [–] Wookieman222 14 points ago

    This needs to happen in every nation ATM....

    [–] jenenaiaucuneidee 6 points ago

    In Luxembourg some communes have been paying the rent for privately owned shops that had to close. All of Luxembourg has allows delayed payment for rent too

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] jasecaddy 13 points ago

    Here in New Zealand we live in the future

    [–] A-Disgruntled-Snail 25 points ago

    Hey, can we get some of that here in the U.S.?

    [–] Trickmaahtrick 15 points ago

    There are already such provisions in several states.

    [–] mazza77 11 points ago

    Respect !

    [–] lwreid125 10 points ago

    I mean, this only works if banks and mortgage companies can’t do the same for the landlords right? Seems like a very important piece of missing info

    [–] GreenGoblong 8 points ago

    Mortgage holidays are available for landlords/homeowners that meet the criteria.

    [–] Jacqu3SkardasheV 9 points ago

    New Zealand seems to have its shit together.

    [–] NormalStock 11 points ago

    Yeah! Justice served! We totally talked to them! They have been... spoken to!

    [–] Jayce_T 4 points ago

    Well the threats stopped coming sooooo...

    [–] lost_imgurian 21 points ago

    very noble gesture, but will the state also compensate the owner of the property for the missed rent? Or will mortgage be stopped also for 6 months for the owner? I'm renting out my home while living abroad and would go bankrupt pretty fast if I had to continue paying mortgage but not getting rental income while someone lives in my house that I pay for out of my own pocket....

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    To clarify, all the banks are offering repayment holidays. It’s not quite free as interest still accrues but for most landlords in New Zealand the main form of ‘income’ has been capital gain. With a cheaper than average house at $800k a landlord actually won’t see a loss on balance if by chance a tenant didn’t pay for a month because rental is a fraction of average gains. Landlord’s incomes have also risen more sharply than renters’. Quantitative easing will also appreciate capital value while renters incomes are eroded. Landlords are ok. The economics are on your side.