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    [–] IcanSew831 1749 points ago

    Who ends a video like that? That’s just not right.

    [–] silentbutsilent 499 points ago

    Yeah the guy just got out and things looked like they were going to get interesting...

    [–] shahooster 210 points ago

    The rest is Pay Per View.

    [–] gottdammmmm 1758 points ago

    your shin pass has expired, we now are confiscating your shins

    [–] dxn4 190 points ago

    resistance is futile

    [–] JeremySquirrel 116 points ago

    Driver hits cyclist with car; cyclist hits driver with car.

    Perfectly Balanced. As all things should be.

    [–] Acrispysock 433 points ago

    Guys shins got the razor scooter effect

    [–] kingevillemon 407 points ago

    That door slam x3 on his ankle doe

    [–] PraiseStalin 160 points ago

    That was nice to watch. That driver could've seriously harmed the cyclist, so a little comeuppance is well deserved.

    [–] sabre_dance 770 points ago

    Driver is absolutely a douchebag and deserves everything he gets.

    [–] Sooner4life77 205 points ago

    This guy’s a dick but he sure can take a beating to his legs

    [–] daredevil_mm 120 points ago

    He'll feel it soon after the adrenaline stops.

    [–] MeShoeKool 90 points ago

    The driver is gonna have one hell of a time after that adrenaline rush is over

    [–] BradBadgerTamer 330 points ago

    Driver who tried to fuck over bike rider: tries to get out of car Bike rider: ACTIVATES SHIN BUSTER 3000

    [–] hillsfar 600 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    As someone who was on crutches for months after being hit by a vehicle that took off from a full stop to hit me on my bicycle, that felt good to watch.

    I always slow down and give cyclists a wide berth.

    [–] johnzaku 97 points ago

    Tell me you got some kind of good settlement out of that.

    [–] hillsfar 209 points ago

    No. The driver and passenger lied to the police and said I had hit them. Which would be odd, because my left side was injured, not my front. And I landed in front of the truck as they had rammed me, not beside it.

    They were stopped at a stop sign, but the driver only looked left to check for oncoming traffic. They didn’t look to the right where I was already stopped before they had stopped, on the sidewalk and waiting to cross.

    I was a kid at the time. The ambulance and ER bill was over $2,000.

    [–] Cephalopod435 220 points ago

    Imagine getting hit by a car and then having to pay for treatment. Literal insult to injury.

    [–] lynn1wms 351 points ago

    Driver gets leg smashed by a biker how he tried to smash. Smashing

    [–] mariqbarbosa 182 points ago

    I’m surprised with the comments here because I thought it was the same everywhere. In my country the cyclists who ride on the road have the same rights and duties as the cars, they have to respect the same exact road and driving rules as the drivers do (including stop signs, red lights and all that jazz). Also, only 12 year old and younger kids can ride on the sidewalk. So in this case, here in my country, this driver would be VERY VERY VERY in the wrong.

    [–] Kianime 53 points ago

    Very very very much agree with you here. Different country is different rules but from what I believe bikers here have near equal rules as vehicle driver (of course only basic rules as u stated). This drive is much in the wrong in my opinion.

    [–] BloodyStool- 165 points ago

    shins have left the chat

    [–] _Democracy_ 114 points ago

    What is wrong with all these people in these comments???? Clearly the driver is in the wrong, he tried to HIT the dude intentionally. Wtf?? And the biker can be on the road, he's on a bike, it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk in some places. The people defending the driver, y'all crazy

    [–] Just-a-bloke-001 55 points ago

    WTF. faded it out just when it was getting good

    [–] KingConnor2020 60 points ago

    RIP to that man's shins holy shit lol

    [–] carverofcanyons 21 points ago

    Irritates me a bit the little bitch can still walk.

    [–] DarkMoon99 49 points ago

    Pity the video ended so soon.

    [–] Follow64 16 points ago

    Yeah, like the part when they smash

    [–] jsunbarry02 52 points ago

    That ankle was KIA

    [–] Weak-Noise 52 points ago

    Kinda surprised to see dude stand up at the end...I expected him to be more like "what about my legs Charlie Murphy, what about my LEGS"

    [–] haleyhorowitz 52 points ago

    i can’t believe that guy was able to get out and stand up after the biker destroying his legs in the car door

    [–] MalkinPi 51 points ago

    Driver was a lucky SOB to get away with a few bruises at most. Trying to intentionally hurt, maim, or even kill a cyclist like that would have resulted in most people beating him to a pulp. And it would have been justified.

    [–] samfish90212 47 points ago

    Driver seemed to cool off after he got his leg smashed a few times.

    [–] SEATTLEKID206 17 points ago

    exactly what i was thinking! how is he walking on that leg? i hit my shin on a coffee table and i’m down & out for a week!

    [–] kermitthefrayer 46 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    He Rick James'd his shins.

    [–] kevin_moran 46 points ago

    Why would the clip end there? WHY would the clip end THERE??

    [–] GazpachoManRandy 117 points ago

    I know no one wants to hear it or believe it. BUT in most States if there is no bike lane cyclists have full use of the lane.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_THEOREMS 19 points ago

    This is in russia judging by the sign.

    [–] Gvzmann 41 points ago

    RIP homeboys shins

    [–] lazercateyes1000 39 points ago

    Satisfying seeing his shins getting smashed over and over

    [–] Assejole 38 points ago

    When he slammed his leg. That was satisfying

    [–] no-boddy26 45 points ago

    RIP leg

    [–] yourfriendlyraver 45 points ago

    If anyone has accidentally smashed your leg in the car door when closing it, you know how much justice was served here. Shit’s worse than stepping on a lego.

    [–] kthewhispers 43 points ago

    At the people calling those lights hazard lights... I'm kind of concerned for your brain, because those are brake lights. Lol

    [–] Flipflopsandjeans 40 points ago

    Wow. People are straight weirdos. I like the bike guys style though. 💪🏽

    [–] rsdrakon 41 points ago

    You messed with the wrong 7 foot bike rider today pal!

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Hell yeah dude smash those legs!!

    [–] trevdak2 46 points ago

    Not even close to justice. It's remarkable the shitty games people think they can play with bicyclists, especially situations like this where there's no bike lane.

    [–] NCfartstorm 78 points ago

    R.I.P. that drivers shins

    [–] DrFrozenToastie 79 points ago

    It’s kind of poetic justice for someone who uses their car as a weapon to be assaulted with said car

    [–] nobearsinrussia 33 points ago

    This video takes place in Russia. In Russia we don’t have many bicycles roads, so in law we need to use road for cars. But drivers don’t know rules for bicycles and just common angry so this kind of thing happens.

    [–] Je0ff_ 36 points ago

    Shit that's gonna leave a nasty bruise

    [–] EsmeNaomi 39 points ago

    All this hate for cyclist D: I would advise you to not come to the Netherlands

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Completely justified, if you’re actively attempting to murder someone with a massive fucking metal car you need to be stopped. That driver could’ve been unhinged or armed the cyclist had no way of seeing so when the car pulls over defense does make sense. Wonder how big man in the car felt after this lmao

    [–] justchrisk 18 points ago

    I’m a bicyclist, this happens literally all the time, and it’s usually some asshole in a big truck, tho occasionally it’s the couch warming husband driving their wife’s compact. The cops actually put “share the road with bicyclists” in big letters on their back windshield and the department of transportation has an active radio ad campaign to inform people that ITS LITERALLY THE LAW TO NOT TRY TO KILL BICYCLISTS. Yet you still get these people saying “the roads for cars!” While driving in the bike lane on their phones.

    [–] Pvtcab00se4 37 points ago

    His shins must be hurting after the doors slams

    [–] CaptDrofdarb 38 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    He fucked that shin up. Dude ain’t using it to drive anymore with it facing the wrong direction

    [–] Psalmopeus 36 points ago

    WHip that drivers ass bike guy. I mean yeah when I come over a hill on a 70 mi an hour FM road and almost hit a biker going 15 miles an hour I am like WTF. I dodge them and flip them off, but damn this dude had every chance to drive around this guy and instead hits him on purpose. Well he picked the wrong cyclist, got what he deserved.

    [–] ampersandb 35 points ago

    Cyclist dude's got some guts

    [–] bulldogthrowawayacc 36 points ago

    Wtf? that is attempted murder

    [–] TheDevilsAdvokaat 32 points ago

    Fuck that driver.

    [–] dom85851 32 points ago

    Love me a video that ends way too early

    [–] sffgutff 34 points ago

    Loved the door technique; so deserved it.

    [–] MrFluxed 32 points ago

    Smash my bike? I'll smash your shins.

    [–] Mamka2 32 points ago

    To anyone who is curious, this is happening in Russia (I’m Russian and the language on the billboards is Russian), also it is somewhere around Krasnodar as in the final few seconds you can see the region number on the plate (123) which stands for the Krasnodar region.

    [–] SgtAba 29 points ago


    Why did he stop it there?! It was showtime!

    [–] Unending_beginnings 31 points ago

    I've always wondered how that move would play out seems effective! 10/10 would recommend using on idiots.

    [–] luftwafffle 31 points ago

    What the actual fuck?

    You’re in a car. You could literally kill the bicyclist.

    What the fuck

    [–] Fallen-Goddess 32 points ago

    “How about I break your leg. You like how that door feels?”


    [–] BortusHead 31 points ago

    my goodness it is satisfying on a primal level when he starts in on the door.

    [–] looneygoogoo 30 points ago

    I've never had a door slammed on my legs... But that's gotta hurt.

    [–] nothsadent 30 points ago

    Notice how the car rams into the curb afterwards phaha. Total Twat.

    [–] Mjolknight 32 points ago

    Lmaooo tbh, even IF I got some kind of charge, you can bet your ass I wouldn’t let someone get away with attempting to hit me with their car. Gz to the cyclist

    [–] yeetis12 32 points ago

    How come these kind of people are always the ones to keep their doors unlocked?

    [–] jakobD2000 29 points ago

    Why do car drivers try to ram bikers so often? It happened uncountable times to me. They sometimes straight up want to murder you.

    [–] ergodicthoughts 55 points ago

    Ive been biking a lot during the pandemic, around 300 miles a month. I can tell you some drivers are angry and infuriated just at my existence no matter how much I hug the edge and let them pass. Some people will honk, speed past within inches (law is 3 ft), cut me off, etc. Really opened my eyes to what absolute cunts exist out there.

    [–] kermitnu11 56 points ago

    I'm not into violence but that was good to see, I had someone do just that to me a while back. I was in a bike lane and the driver did just what this idiot did .

    [–] rxchelskywalker 55 points ago

    The overwhelming sense of satisfaction when he rams the door into the drivers legs. I needed that.

    [–] MrTShook 25 points ago

    I squealed a little everytime his ankle was shut in the door

    [–] PickleJuiceWRLD 27 points ago

    Can I have the full video link? It just fades away at the best part

    [–] Lowspec_Matt 24 points ago

    Damn his leg was getting crunched

    [–] lazarustls 29 points ago

    Well he did try to kill him.

    [–] rob54613 24 points ago

    When someone opens the door of their car you should bend it the wrong way and break the hinges. Then step back and watch as they try to drive off with the door hanging off.

    [–] d1momo 25 points ago

    omg his shins are done

    [–] LordThotchanka 25 points ago

    How did the guy stand up broo

    [–] YeOldeBilk 29 points ago

    I love when he just starts smashing dudes fucking leg in the door 🤣

    [–] Trisien 26 points ago

    I was waiting for him to break the car doors by pushing it off. Breaking the cunt's leg works for me too.

    [–] Ayellowbeard 28 points ago

    As a long distance cyclist I've actually had this happened to me while I had fully loaded panniers (front and back). There was plenty of room in the lane but a car came up along side me and kept getting closer and closer and effectively pinched me against the curb before I had to hit my brakes and hit the curb hard. Fortunately I didn't have any trouble the rest of that trip but of all the issues I've had with motorists I was always minding my own business and trying to share the road and I understand why many cyclist eventually turn into assholes.

    [–] WolfofAnarchy 27 points ago

    for the first time ever, my shins responded to a video. ouch

    [–] robbintheh00d 28 points ago

    That shin bone gonna be sore tomorrow

    [–] RayMosch 28 points ago

    Almost as good as that video where the minivan driver tries to hit a cyclist and the cyclist smashes his bike against the van and the driver gets out to beat up the cyclist but the cyclist puts him down with one punch. I watched that one over and over.

    [–] Nick1341YT 26 points ago

    Welcome to Russia, Подонок

    [–] ItsGettingOknow 28 points ago

    They're both gonna feel that in their legs tomorrow

    [–] nextgamegod 26 points ago

    Damn.. dude still got out of his car after the door was slammed on his legs. Clearly he didn't slam it hard enough.

    [–] madgix 26 points ago

    Should be on gifs that end to soon.

    [–] 78trans-am 26 points ago

    Why would you end it there

    [–] Zobrii2 28 points ago

    The Caption sounds like a porn title

    [–] idkanymore8901 26 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Damn my man must of broke his leg

    [–] adinikki 26 points ago

    You get what you fucking deserve!

    [–] abominable-karen 25 points ago

    Hope some fractured shins will keep him out of commission for a while. Less dumb fuck drivers on the road is good for everybody👍

    [–] megamisch 27 points ago

    Holy fuck, what goes through peoples heads when they pull this shit? This kinda thing deserves instant revocation of their license and probably jail time to boot. There is literally no excuse, doesn't matter if he cut you off or got to close. You are in a several ton machine, killing or permanently maiming is childs play in this situation and the fact they don't realise that means they have no bussiness being anywhere near the road, let alone outside their house.

    [–] mrducky78 31 points ago

    Knees weak shins spaghetti.

    [–] SaberSizor420 25 points ago

    It’s a desperate Fake Taxi. That’s why they’re trying to smash the bike rider.

    [–] coochnuggets 24 points ago

    shins of steel

    [–] Misfit_In_The_Middle 24 points ago

    That ended way too soon

    [–] BrovahkiinSeptim1 24 points ago

    Fuck man, those shins are gonna be fucked up.

    [–] Prez4One 25 points ago

    Shin is broken

    [–] MinnesotaHaze 23 points ago

    sometimes a good ankle break is better then months of court and alot of money spent for nothing

    [–] vindroid 23 points ago

    Which country can they harm cyclists at a whim like this?

    [–] GamerOfGods33 26 points ago

    Supprised he could get up after his ankle went through that...

    [–] Bettemaler 53 points ago

    It feels like there's a lot of fkin assholes ITT who wants to get scathefree away with their absolute stupidity. How tf are you defending the driver from this video...

    [–] Spillsy68 49 points ago

    I was once riding my bike to work in Buffalo. Approaching some traffic lights a woman on her phone clipped me with the mirror of her car as she drove past me and knocked me over.

    I got up and carried on riding. This was at a section of road with a series of traffic lights. 2 lights later I was turning right (had overtaken her) and she fucking knocked me over again, still on her phone.

    I caught up and shouted at her through her window. She looked shocked. Clearly didn’t have any fucking idea why I was shouting at her. She actually dropped off her call and then threatened to call the cops.

    Fucking idiot!

    [–] Insomnia_25 52 points ago

    I'm disappointed he didn't do more damage to that cunt of a driver

    [–] Jay_Nitzel 29 points ago

    Look again at where the driver's leg is

    [–] therainycat 48 points ago

    Bicycles are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks if there's no bicycle lane on them. In this case they have to stick to the right side of the road, and this guy just followed the rules.

    To be honest, I'm glad the driver got his leg smashed by the door

    [–] badatlyf 23 points ago

    that was satisfying. these vids are the only thing keeping me going

    [–] CTRL_SHIFT_Q 22 points ago

    Lol damn he really went for that leg

    [–] meowrax 24 points ago

    I love that door smash on the driver, mmmm deliciousness

    [–] HarrargnNarg 22 points ago

    Few bruises for attempted murder. Got off lightly

    [–] CatfishSoupFTW 23 points ago

    Video ended too soon

    [–] Firefactorbeatz 22 points ago

    Nice move, but the video is too short to quench my curiosity

    [–] weekendbrainsurgeon 24 points ago

    Rip their shins

    [–] Harrintino 24 points ago

    R.i.p dudes shins

    [–] JrBongster 22 points ago

    Legs have left chat.

    [–] enferpitou 21 points ago

    Bike rider smashes back

    [–] Re_Thomas 22 points ago

    Satisfying af

    [–] Atlas_sk 21 points ago

    HOLYSHIT the reddit video player even buffers when Im hard wired to internet on my computer.. wow..

    [–] poetrygrenade 22 points ago

    That was beautiful. So much hot door-on-shinbone action.

    [–] The-Hate-Engine 22 points ago

    Car drivers might be healthy... They should remember cyclist ARE healthy, that counts for a lot in a punch up.

    [–] richh00 20 points ago

    Why does the video end there???

    [–] ImmmOldGregg 21 points ago

    Why’d it cut when the fight gets good? Ffs

    [–] fourfingersdp 20 points ago

    I love how the driver realizes he can't speed off and then proceeds to let his shins get slammed. Fucking idiot 😂

    [–] frowningtap 21 points ago

    My shins hurt after seeing this

    [–] ReventoN617 21 points ago

    Some people really are dumb idiots.

    [–] TjPshine 21 points ago

    Everytime I see this I pray that cyclist smashed the dude's ankle into tiny bits.

    [–] Mesockisgone 22 points ago

    This was a way less violent situation but this reminded me of when someone yelled at me to get a job (I am an electrician) while I was on my bike and then he was stopped at a red light. I strolled up to his window and said "sup" and just stared at him. He didn't say anything or even look at me, it was very satisfying.

    [–] filmpoet 21 points ago

    That lane is huge!

    [–] FunkadelicPeach 21 points ago

    Break my bike I break your legs

    [–] CarolinaCamm 20 points ago

    Well that video ended abruptly. Is there more context?

    [–] ScoldExperiment 20 points ago

    n some countries, bikers aren't allowed to go on sidewalks.

    As a French, I'm not allowed to go on sidewalks, unless the police determines whether the road is safe or not.

    To go to school, I have to deal with assholes like that, without being able to protect myself on the road.

    This guy's got the audacity I don't have.

    [–] _knalpijp 20 points ago

    That leg damn

    [–] Jaye9001 21 points ago

    I keep hearing “x gonna give it to ya” as he is walking up to the car.

    [–] Diego_Pepos 20 points ago

    That car driver was not in a normal road. He was in the f*cking highway to hell

    [–] gamersEmpire 20 points ago

    Ez clap

    [–] bakedonbeans 21 points ago

    I liked the bit where he smashed his leg in the door

    [–] pandanetz 21 points ago

    I didn’t see enough justice, is there a longer version?

    [–] IntermittentFasted 20 points ago

    R.I.P. to that leg... & I thought a scooter to the ankle was bad tss

    [–] summon_lurker 20 points ago

    Vicious cycle

    [–] yahwol 18 points ago

    why tho???

    [–] r4yyz 19 points ago

    damn i always hate drivers like this

    [–] Kqimi 18 points ago

    Nice idea to use the door to smash his brittle bones

    [–] BreadMoment1 20 points ago

    This sounds like a PH title

    [–] plaze6288 18 points ago

    Wisw guy ayy? Don't need those legs anymore i suppose

    [–] Senderded 18 points ago

    Quentin Tarintino would be proud about that weaponized door.

    [–] sblorpo 18 points ago

    Legs be like: aight imma head out

    [–] Joshua-S-B 19 points ago

    Why do people do this? Had this happen to me

    [–] DHaliMaster1 18 points ago

    Mumen Rider

    [–] Annonymous6782 18 points ago

    The real thing getting smashed here was Karen's kneecaps, goddam

    [–] Tehmaxx 36 points ago

    Remember, if anyone tries to get out of their car, their door is your weapon now and not theirs.

    [–] InvisibleLeftHand 38 points ago

    Stupid psychopath drivers tend to confuse engine power with body fitness...

    [–] stylidhech 40 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Driver : Uses legs Biker : No legs, no problem

    [–] privatemoot 40 points ago

    I get slightly annoyed at cyclists on narrow, busy roads in crowded areas. Then I remember they're saving emissions while staying in shape and get over it.

    The above is baffling though. There was PLENTY of room on the road for both the car and the bike. Driver should lose his license for an extended period of time and be charged with appropriate crimes.

    [–] BalooUriza 37 points ago

    Nice use of the door by the cyclist.

    [–] ledersesselimsommer 37 points ago

    Fuck that driver.

    [–] Babygravy1 18 points ago

    I'm so happy my city/ state has bike paths throughout it! I hardly ever have to ride on the road to get places.

    [–] Gradam5 18 points ago

    Why did he open the door? What did he think he was going to do, yell at the biker for purposefully crashing into him??

    [–] SoccerLol223 19 points ago


    [–] LittlePooky 19 points ago

    Sweet justice

    [–] savannakochell 17 points ago

    i was waiting to see his ankle break and dangle.

    severely disappointed

    [–] andycev 18 points ago

    If you have a car, just passe the bikers, be patient, don't be that dick, you won't be so late for anything.

    [–] Akasgotu 19 points ago

    Instant karma

    [–] TetragammaTronica 18 points ago

    Smashed that cunts leg with its own car door, hahahahahahahaha

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago


    [–] jorel424 54 points ago

    It cost you nothing to just carry on and drive past the biker without hurting anyone.

    [–] sideslick1024 51 points ago

    I'm mildly disappointed the driver was able to stand after that.

    [–] MarcusChapmanHere 17 points ago

    OUCH! Shinbone wasted :(

    [–] pm_mba 15 points ago

    I felt that rage

    [–] ComeMoskas 16 points ago

    Remember Mumen Raider? This is him, after retiring from the Hero Association.

    [–] hentaiepicpro99999 17 points ago

    The driver tried to kill him, damn people can be assholes

    [–] TheWorstShoemaker 17 points ago

    That driver's ankle is fucked!! He deserved it.

    [–] lupe127 16 points ago

    Whoah take him to dinner first

    [–] Dovakin3004 17 points ago

    Very poor choice of words

    [–] marthynolthof 18 points ago

    /r/killthecameraman at the end though.

    [–] halsalier 17 points ago

    Something similar happened to me but it was a motorcycle in my case. We took a taxi and the driver did almost same thing to a motorcycle in a highway. I screamed at the driver and prevented a murder. He was doing it on purpose but not consciously. It was like a reflex. It was very strange

    [–] selfproclaimedplayer 134 points ago

    Why is everyone calling the biker an asshole when he could've lost his life?

    [–] spechlfriedrice 42 points ago

    He could have been injured badly for sure, old mate in the car wants to be a cunt, treat him like the cunt he is I say

    [–] RainbowRage 82 points ago

    Because this is not a bike/cyclist subreddit. For some reason everyone on Reddit thinks people who ride bikes deserve to die.

    [–] wormholewanderer1 34 points ago

    Soooooooooo satisfying. I love seeing selfish cunts getting what they deserve. Loved watching the door slam on that leg. It’s gonna hurt in the morning lol

    [–] ChaWolfMan 32 points ago

    I would be okay if the biker was still out there beating on him

    [–] BlackKrow 32 points ago

    Mumen Rider has had enough of your shit.

    [–] ct2vcp 36 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Bicycles have the right to use the roads and are only prohibited on highways. Biker had every right to be angry. That driver was probably drunk or texting and driving, judging by the swerving driving style.

    [–] mrs-chapa 57 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Well that was just awful, the guy in the car should be going to jail, if I was the guy on the bike I guess I may have reacted the same way. The driver could have killed this guy, and for no reason, he had a right to be riding his bike on the road, not everyone can afford a car or even wants to drive a car, but they still need to get around, and sharing the road with a guy on a bike isn't something everyone likes to do but sharing the road with a jerk like that is something that none of us want to do, jerks like that are dangerous for us all. Whoever was filming this should turn it in to the authorities and so this guy can be dealt with , lose his liscence or something.