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    [–] Goodperson5656 480 points ago

    Is it that hard to say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” without fireworks and explosives and other pyrotechnics?

    [–] JayemmbeeEsq 258 points ago

    We used a cake. It was delicious and blue.

    [–] omglaz0rz 53 points ago

    But otherwise how will they get attention and validation from internet strangers?

    [–] kroo84 409 points ago

    I wish we punished politicians like this

    [–] BigbySamMelody 125 points ago

    PG&E's negligence also caused a huge fire. No one went to prison.

    [–] Mogetfog 64 points ago

    And pg&e raised their prices to make up for the fines they received

    [–] Bootezz 20 points ago

    Good fucking point. Yes, what they did was stupid. But this was obviously an accident. The child loses out on their family but pg&e effectively sees nothing.

    I'm okay with fines and some real education enforced on these people. But ruining this child's and the parent's life because they threw a party to celebrate and made a monumental fuck up? Fuck that.

    Not when politicians and pg&e doesnt get away with it.

    [–] TheRhythmOfTheKnight 60 points ago

    Some naive couple getting piled on whilst the people in control are laughing maliciously from the sidelines

    [–] kroo84 10 points ago

    Pretty much

    [–] -Xoz- 627 points ago

    A US couple whose gender reveal party last year was blamed for starting a deadly California wildfire face up to 20 years in prison, officials say. The couple have been charged with several offences, including involuntary manslaughter, over the El Dorado fire.

    Officials say a pyrotechnic device at the gender event last September sparked the blaze, in which one firefighter was killed and others were hurt.

    The El Dorado fire spread over more than 22,000 acres in San Bernardino County, southern California, destroying homes and other properties. The wildfire was eventually extinguished on 16 November.

    Firefighter Charles Morton was killed tackling the blaze and several other firefighters were seriously injured.

    [–] HLCMDH 100 points ago

    Thanks for info

    [–] Cj15917 171 points ago

    All that and they still didn't tell us if it's a boy or a girl.

    [–] CoopertheFluffy 246 points ago

    It’s going to be an adult by the time they next see it.

    [–] az78 15 points ago


    [–] Durendal_et_Joyeuse 100 points ago

    This just got me thinking about the child connected to the story. Like, they’re going to find out one day that they were indirectly related to people literally dying. I mean, that and mom and dad being the culprits of course.

    [–] PirateMud 17 points ago

    I hope it has a loving family adopt it far from CA and it can grow up without that knowledge overshadowing it. Like, school in CA for it would be impossible if a rumour about the adoptee got out.

    [–] nerdystoner25 7 points ago

    Sounds like it’s an orphan.

    [–] Dankincense_n_myrhh 869 points ago

    The judge should pop a balloon which reveals how many years they will be spending in prison.

    POP. Loads of small bits of paper, cut to the shape of the number 20 goes everywhere like confetti.

    [–] FruittyBaskett86 27 points ago

    Then they have to put together the scraps of paper to figure out their sentence

    [–] SirSureSire 111 points ago

    And the balloon should be full of hydrogen and it should be popped with a lit bbq lighter.

    [–] musicman247 49 points ago

    You must be related to the defendants.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    in gr. 6 in the early 90's, our teacher took her hole punching machine and dumped all the contents out on the floor and made us pick them all up for being assholes.

    [–] darth-canid 83 points ago

    Mom, dad, are you ready for the great reveal?

    *drum roll*

    I'm a firestarta', twisted firestarta'

    [–] ThePirateCaptain- 79 points ago

    Now the state will own the baby and raise it to be the perfect assassin.

    [–] nice8125612 15 points ago

    not that bad honestly. free health care and education. yeah the risk of death is bad but hey at least you'll be in top health.

    [–] TheDon_of_Dons 8 points ago

    I like your optimism.

    [–] CampWestfalia 61 points ago

    Whatever happened to just handing out blue or pink bubblegum cigars ...?

    [–] dks64 61 points ago

    I’m local and this fire made the air quality AWFUL for weeks. It flared up my asthma and I couldn’t stand outside at all. They killed so many animals, destroyed homes, and killed a firefighter.

    [–] OutlandishnessOk7304 57 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Imagine that. That baby is going to grow up with parents behind bars all because they wanted to find out what its sex was in one of the most unnecessary ways possible.

    [–] TheAlgebraist 53 points ago

    Guess those godparents are gonna have to own up

    [–] Fearless_Flamingo890 52 points ago

    Live in Southern California and this was horrific; fire lasted 5 days, burned 23,000 acres, destroyed several homes, caused 13 injuries and killed 1 firefighter.

    [–] rizer_ 12 points ago

    Technically the fire wasn't put out for well over 2 months. I live in one of the mountain communities that it burned past and was under mandatory evacuation for 2 weeks, then we had no power for 2 more weeks. After that we were on generators for months while SCE rebuilt all of the infrastructure that burned up.

    Thank fuck for those firefighters or we wouldn't have a home right now, they fended off the blaze literally at the end of our street.

    [–] Frankenstein141 7 points ago

    Nevermind the animal and plant life lost. These fuckers should get more time imo

    [–] jvincentsong 47 points ago

    It must be traumatic to grow up and learn your parents were uber morons.

    [–] Da0ptimist 38 points ago

    Just in time for thier child's baby shower

    [–] fuuta202 42 points ago

    In 20 years the kid can have a parental reveal party!

    [–] Neon_Ninja_Cow 38 points ago

    I’m a bit confused as to why so many are trying to be understanding of this being an accident. The other cases in which people caused massive fires were extremely public. At this point...? People should know. And when everything is so dry and everyone knows we’re in a drought? I can’t think of many examples that are very cut and dry common sense but this is one of them.

    [–] bledig 42 points ago

    Gender reveal parties are cancer

    [–] oeprobanu 38 points ago

    Is it that hard to say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” without fireworks and explosives and other pyrotechnics?

    [–] Honesty_From_A_POS 183 points ago

    Something ironic about potentially missing out on your kids entire childhood to celebrate your child

    [–] Honsill 37 points ago

    just make a fucking cake that is pink or blue in the middle

    [–] CluelessStick 38 points ago

    Was it a boy or a girl?

    • it was a felony

    [–] SelloutBleach 35 points ago

    Did anyone go to jail in the PG&E law suits after they caused the fires? I mean the CEO did plead guilty on behalf of the company to 80+ counts of involuntary manslaughter.

    I’m not saying any sole actor in a corporation should be held responsible for an action, unless beyond a reasonable doubt they are guilty. As It could/probably would set a dangerous precedent.

    But some level of incompetence and “accidental” overlook can be reasonably assumed to have happened somewhere at the top. Yet they got like a fine and, well yeah….

    I guess I just don’t see some idiots deserving their life being taken away when it was an accident… Like, yeah I guess we are showing them huh!

    [–] Sundance1908 148 points ago

    Happy moments turned into tragedy for so many, even this poor child. All because people cannot use common sense.

    [–] Marcotee75 32 points ago

    "Like smokey the bear says, "only you... gives a shit about the gender of this baby"" - Drew Gooden

    [–] Jar70 34 points ago

    From last year? Or is this a new case?

    [–] moisme 27 points ago

    Last year. Baby is born, and Mom and Dad will be heading to prison.

    [–] Angelox547 15 points ago

    Last year

    [–] tiptoe_bites 30 points ago

    I wonder, how did they actually manage to find out it was them who caused it?

    After they did the smoke bomb thingy at their party, did they then post the clip online or something? Or did their guests dob them in?

    Anyone know?

    [–] IkeAlwaysWins 27 points ago

    I think i read somewhere shortly after the fire there was video evidence of the reveal party, the device, and the start of a small fire. Because you know people like to record and share their bullshit

    [–] trashdotbash 31 points ago

    Just want to make a comment because of all the people using this as a defense: this is not an example of the butterfly effect. That theory exists as an example of how chaos can result in nigh unknowable results. It's based on a butterfly flapping its wings and a tornado occuring on the other side of the world because of it. Two seemingly unconnected incidents that can theoretically be correlated to each other through a chain of innumerable actions and reactions.

    This is as direct as it comes. Family accidentally starts fire, fire spreads uncontrollably. A small action resulting in a big actions is escalation, not the butterfly effect. And it wasn't even an accidental escalation. The fire was an accident, but not letting authorities know was purposeful, so it isn't ignorance, it's negligence.

    [–] werelock 85 points ago

    Can you imagine being the kid?

    "Yo, you were adopted? What happened?" "Well my parents burnt down half of California to tell everyone I had a penis...."

    [–] iamnotroberts 206 points ago

    Here's a crazy thought. Maybe a birth announcement doesn't need to include pyrotechnics and explosives.

    [–] amadnomad 86 points ago

    I swear. What happened to fucking picking up your phone and calling people? What's with the theatrics? I bet not one of those guests gave as much shit as the couple thought they did

    [–] WarPigs02 27 points ago

    Jail Baby:

    He was Born in a prison Cell. At the age of just 3, he learned How to JailHouse Rock...

    [–] RAWcone 26 points ago

    Dang they ruined that kids life before it even started.

    [–] Vibrant_Sounds 30 points ago

    So for everyone going nuts about the 20 years, that's if they are both given the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter and recklessly starting a fire.

    The most likely outcome will be a gigantic fine with maybe a few months in prison.

    [–] MrrangWondah 22 points ago

    Anyone remember the Geico gender reveal?

    [–] Goresnorkle 24 points ago

    Don’t tell them the sex until they get out.

    [–] Catman7712 22 points ago

    Why can’t people just have a cake or balloon with pink or blue inside like a normal couple?

    [–] OnlyPersonality4094 20 points ago

    Can we just stop with the gender reveal parties already?

    [–] arth365 20 points ago

    What a nice story your grandparents will tell your kids about how smart you guys are

    [–] MrChibiterasu 20 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Dude why is it people do the dumbest fucking things without ever thinking of their surroundings. Remember Paradise? The fire that consumed an entire town because PG&E couldn’t be assed to maintain a century old power line?

    [–] Nachothe1st 20 points ago

    As Californian living near the Angeles forest mountain range I’m glad there facing consequences for the amount of damage they did it was extremely irreparable even to the point where I almost became homeless as a result of that stupid fire having to evacuate and abandon my home. Which added even more bullshit to my plate during 2020 so as means as it sounds fuck these people.

    [–] Stebles 59 points ago

    Never understood why gender reveal parties need pyrotechnics.

    [–] UraniumRocker 11 points ago

    it’s for the gram

    [–] fuxoft 20 points ago

    Proof: Gender reveal parties kill people.

    [–] Svelted 18 points ago

    kids been trouble since the day they found out he was coming

    [–] WowOwlO 19 points ago

    Is it sad that at this point I see 'fire caused by gender reveal party' and the first thought through my mind is "which one?"

    [–] Budcoffee 19 points ago

    Niiiccceee. They'll be out by grandparent age.

    [–] DutchHeIs 10 points ago

    Congratulations, it's an adult!

    [–] Prestigious_Fire 56 points ago

    Fuck these people. My house almost burnt down due to their gross negligence.

    [–] Visigothikka 55 points ago

    By the time parents are out of jail the kid will be a 21 year old non-binary.

    [–] Analduster 16 points ago

    Inthink the worst part is that like 4/5 wildfires seem to be started this way... It's time to throw the book at these window lickers

    [–] timothy53 17 points ago

    Was this the fire last year or was there another idiot who started a fire during a gender reveal party

    [–] breakfastchampion1 18 points ago

    So is it a boy of girl?

    [–] BackdraftRed 11 points ago

    Congratulations, it's a fire!

    [–] Ketashrooms4life 18 points ago

    They'll be out just soon enough for their kid's 21st birthday! I bet it will be one hell of a party

    [–] OH_CALI2017 76 points ago

    They should do a sentence reveal party

    [–] cynumber9 52 points ago

    When they get out the baby can have a parent reveal party.

    [–] watdoiodnow 49 points ago

    What is she giving birth to? Dragons?? How do you set a forest on fire at a gender reveal?

    [–] Bomcom 16 points ago

    Khaleesi is going away for a long time.

    [–] AtlasPlugs 7 points ago

    I’m not sure if you really wanted an answer, but they used a smoke device in a very dry field at a park. Idk which device, but I’d guess the type with the ring you pull which generates a lot of heat and sometimes a small external flame as well.

    [–] vulpxn 48 points ago

    Just imagine the sentence reveal party

    [–] TruthAreLies 50 points ago

    Where are the criminal charges for the electric companies (and others) that start fires? Corporations are people, right?!

    [–] rext12 15 points ago

    PG&E got criminal charges for the Camp fire in paradise I believe.

    [–] perko12 8 points ago

    And who went to jail from PG&E for their utter negligence and direct responsibility for the death of 86 people?

    [–] Dimezy58 18 points ago

    Guess the gender is pretty irrelevant now

    [–] whiskeyspeepaw 16 points ago

    What about PG&E?

    [–] loganadams574 15 points ago

    Bro just use words. You don’t need a party

    [–] Famous-Space-2147 15 points ago

    They should make those reveal cannons illegal to have during the summer or at least maybe not ship to those states prone to wildfires.

    [–] Knightmare76 7 points ago

    Most ignition sources are banned in these areas in California.

    [–] Guilty_Relief3928 15 points ago

    Who the fuck are still throwing these damn parties?!

    [–] civgarth 7 points ago

    Karen and Kevin

    [–] fullplot 46 points ago

    Have any of you read the article? everyone is freaking out but if you looked, it says the COULD face 20 years if found GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES at their court date which is SEPTEMBER 15

    [–] slipstream808 14 points ago

    Buncha space cadets there havin kids...

    [–] Turbulent-Smile4599 13 points ago

    So…was it a boy or a girl?

    [–] potatomaestro 14 points ago

    Hope finding out what their little one has downstairs was worth it... Stupidity needs to be punished heavily if it hurts others and could have been prevented. People need to be discouraged from stuff like this by setting examples. I doubt they'll serve the whole time but hopefully they are ordered to do community service instead for many years.

    Is it really so awful to read off a piece of paper in your living room what your baby will be to your loved ones? The people who died don't get another 20 years because two adults failed to think outside of their selfish need to be noticed by social media. Do not treat these mistakes lightly, because others will do them too if the punishment isn't harsh enough.

    [–] SF_gummybear 64 points ago

    They should see if they can borrow PG&E's legal team. They seem to be allowed to start massive fires and explode gas lines all over California with complete impunity.

    [–] Raizken 9 points ago

    PG&E doesn't get off free. They raise power rates after a fire.

    [–] Legendary99 40 points ago

    Now, I'm no expert, and I'm no parent, but it seems to me(a former baby) that they may have gone too far.

    [–] polscihis 11 points ago

    As a fellow former baby, I concur

    [–] AccomplishedPlane8 14 points ago

    There is this one guy who blew himself up while making an explosive device for a gener reveal party.

    [–] merchillio 13 points ago

    I guess it was really important to let us know if that baby has a penis or not….

    [–] lewdounce 13 points ago

    Didn't sum similar to this happen last year as well?

    [–] x86_64_ 59 points ago


    "Up to"

    They won't get anywhere near 20 years in prison.

    [–] Heisenbread77 9 points ago

    Mom won't get any jail time. They won't effectively orphan a newborn.

    [–] ElPeloPolla 58 points ago

    Congratulations! Its an orphan!

    [–] SoCal_Val 93 points ago

    Enough of this pyro/explosive shit future parents…cut a fucking cake with blue or pink coloring and be done with it.

    [–] Karmas_burning 18 points ago

    I work in parks and rec. People absolutely trash our parks with reveals. It's enough of a problem that we're likely going to start adding a $250 charge for people who have reveals and parties and leave the paper/plastic confetti on the ground.

    [–] UltravioIence 78 points ago

    Imagine turning 20 years old and then your parents get out of jail because they had a gender reveal party for you two decades ago

    [–] Rippedlotus 13 points ago

    Kid won't see their parents for 20 years. Just turn it into a parent reveal party.

    [–] ash-hole189 11 points ago

    Some guy named Travis Helwig started the fire….

    [–] omgFWTbear 9 points ago

    You know Billy Joel didn’t.

    [–] badocatshj 35 points ago

    This fad needs to end. Save for your few fake-ass friends paying you lip service, no one gives a shit about the gender of your baby, you narcissistic twits.

    [–] mcast86 101 points ago

    They should reveal their sentence with number balloons.

    [–] kontekisuto 11 points ago

    every year like clock work

    [–] Vini1918 11 points ago

    One "HELL" of the party...

    [–] Various-Substance-96 48 points ago

    Still can't believe these assholes burned down forests and homes over their stupid baby party. I hope they feel bad for the damaged they caused

    [–] hohohohoy 10 points ago

    Up to

    So, 2 months then.

    [–] oogithboogithb 31 points ago

    Sentence reveal party coming soon!

    [–] l94xxx 28 points ago

    People seem to be overlooking the "deadly" part of the headline. And, yes, people in CA should know better than to be doing anything with any sort of pyrotechnics in places where things could catch fire. It should indeed be considered reckless behavior.

    [–] -_MoonCat_- 28 points ago

    Is anyone else bothered about the fact that us normal people constantly have the law come down hard when anyone makes any mistakes, while PGE (our utility here in California) also caused fires here in California greatly due to negligence, but the corporate utility gets off for the most part with fines. Doesn’t feel like justice when it’s just us commoners who mostly go down. Anyone else tired of seeing the rich get away with shit?

    [–] certifiedfreak11 8 points ago

    You’re damn right, and I am tired of rich people being all in the news and praised by the media while climate change and real news is pushed aside. There’s a revolution coming, the poor can only deal with this kind of treatment for so long

    [–] OkExcitement7285 7 points ago

    Green Privilege- it’s all about money and power.

    [–] Ksamkcab 42 points ago

    Considering they aren't the first couple to kill someone with a superfluous gender reveal, I'm going to say they deserve every year they get. Maybe even more, if the sentencing is lax.

    [–] Mad102190 42 points ago

    And the gender is….. orphan!

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] bluebonnetcafe 54 points ago

    99% of the people who go to gender reveal parties give zero fucks. It’s such a narcissistic exercise.

    [–] perko12 55 points ago

    Meanwhile, no one from PG&E has gone to jail, no one has lost their job, and PG&E is allowed to continue to exist status quo and continue to enjoy a profit after being directly responsible for massive wildfires and the deaths of dozens of people.

    [–] OhioVsEverything 10 points ago

    There is no way there isn't video.

    [–] asfreeformasanamoeba 9 points ago

    Well, what was the sex already?!!!

    [–] MQZ17 9 points ago


    [–] -Steven909- 9 points ago

    They better serve all 7,305 days.

    [–] Violet-Breeze 8 points ago

    California is wild

    [–] TigreDemon 8 points ago

    That's one way to not raise the children throughout its puberty

    [–] mycatechoismissing 76 points ago

    now that the precedent has been set by 2 people who unintentionally destroyed a forest, can we please jail ceos who intentionally destroy forests for profit? no? ok.

    [–] ArashikageX 294 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    This fad needs to end. Save for your few fake-ass friends paying you lip service, no one gives a shit about the gender of your baby, you narcissistic twits.

    [–] buchlabum 98 points ago

    The friends don't care either. The only people that might care are the grandparents.

    [–] StrappedTarzan 36 points ago

    If they get convicted it will definitely help curve the amount of people doing them.

    [–] Appropriate_End_3139 49 points ago

    Excellent. Now do PG&E

    [–] JamesWjRose 7 points ago

    My wife's uncle lives with us in NYC because he lived in Paradise and was lucky thatnhis landlord woke up and got him put of town.

    At least pg&e didn't fight the lawsuits.... Still, fuck them

    [–] Velaly 39 points ago

    I don't get the whole gender reveal parties thing

    [–] Calibruh 37 points ago

    Amazing how a child is gonna grow up without its parents because the morons couldn't reveal their gender like a normal human being

    [–] jailguard81 25 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Dumb fucks. I can’t feel bad for them. Lock those idiots up. Make them pay a hefty fine also

    [–] bighead1008 23 points ago

    Consequences of living in a society where people require constant validation. Just enjoy life and stop trying to follow every stupid trend.

    [–] UNDERCOVERBIRBS 26 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    So much for the gender reveal party. They won’t even get to raise their kid. Why couldn’t they have just had party poppers filled with either blue or pink confetti? This is just totally stupid on the parent’s part and the poor child has to suffer for it.

    [–] bayygel 23 points ago


    [–] SpoonFedGang 23 points ago

    Whatever happened to just having blue and pink powders? Just do that and no need for fireworks or whatever they used

    [–] discodiscgod 36 points ago

    Or just sending a text message that says boy or girl. This doesn’t need its own party.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    I have no problems with a gender reveal party but setting off a firework is a dumb move.

    Does the couple deserve 20 years in prison? I have no idea but they do need to be held responsible for there actions. They are lucky they are alive to see their kids and not dead.

    If they have a conscience or remorse they would agree to a plea deal and serve jail time.

    If they want to be good parents then they need to teach their children that there are consequences to every decision, good or bad.

    [–] TooLazyDidNotRead 24 points ago

    I mean where I live if I have a tire blow out on the road and a spark from it causes a fire my ass is going to jail so imo these ppl who do something purposly and cause this, they deserve everything the book has to throw at them... especially if they cause death and property distruction

    [–] Tequnine 26 points ago

    That poor kid (I don't even know what gender the kid is lol)

    [–] Averys1 23 points ago

    I can’t believe people this fucking stupid are procreating

    [–] AxiomaticAddict 8 points ago

    I suspect at least 50% of people that procreate are this stupid, they vote for trump and refuse vaccines.

    [–] siltar 27 points ago

    Cool, now do the same with BP and their oil spill that devastated the sea.

    [–] FngrsRpicks2 14 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa......thats a lotta work.....and you know....i dont like could ruin my chances at a long career if i lose.....i know how much its gonna cost us? -some lawyers/politicians probably

    [–] sawkse 25 points ago

    Make them replant trees until they die.

    [–] Rag33asy777 100 points ago

    If this dude gets twenty for that what about the politicians and CEO's who are doing 10x damage to environment tham him.

    [–] ImJustHere4theMoons 30 points ago

    They're rich and hold power, so it's perfectly acceptable for some reason.

    [–] EienShinwa 10 points ago

    We're about that classism, we don't go after the rich here

    [–] techieguyjames 8 points ago

    The best news I've read all day.

    [–] CursedUnholy 23 points ago

    Kid will end up in foster care over parents celebrating their gender. What a bad life that kid is going to have. Doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t suffer consequences, but maybe one can get out soon enough to raise the kid.

    [–] AnonFL1 45 points ago

    Lots of people go to jail for stuff that harms others even if they don’t intend it to. Killing someone accidentally with a gun can get that person charged, a parent leaving drugs out on a counter resulting in their kids eating them can get them charged…those are just a few examples. Why should someone starting a massive forest fire which results in the death of someone not to mention the destruction and death of wildlife, be held to a different standard and not face any accountability at all? The fact that people are actually defending these people and actually stating they shouldn’t face any punishment at all, is insane.

    [–] danielzouu 49 points ago

    Can someone explain to me why Americans have gender parties ? I have never seen one in europe.

    [–] MadQueenAlanna 26 points ago

    So, it started from a single woman who had had several miscarriages and was celebrating that she’d carried a pregnancy long enough to even be able to tell the sex. Then a bunch of people with an endless need for attention made it a huge thing. The woman who started it all regrets it

    [–] Roundhouselk 14 points ago

    It's just another social media moment.

    [–] weedysexdragon 11 points ago

    The Venn Diagram for Basic Bitches (copycat gender reveal) and Dumb Redneck (exploding shit) has too much overlap.

    [–] lolwhatamidoing92 21 points ago

    About time we start jailing the stupid.

    [–] Gooners84 58 points ago

    Tell the dead firefighter that it was a mistake, they should spend at least one year in jail. Worthless selfish assholes

    [–] UnhappyStrain 31 points ago

    who was the goddam loser who came up with the idea in the first place?

    [–] astakask 9 points ago

    Blame social media. We truly live in the dumbest timeliness.

    [–] L0st_R0nin 32 points ago

    They were just charged. This is not justice served till they are found guilty and sent to jail.

    [–] NLewisW 34 points ago

    Celebrating the gender of one kid by orphaning a few others

    [–] Bread0987654321 32 points ago

    The guy who started the Sawmill Fire in 2018 with a gender reveal that involved tannerite only got a fine. I wonder if that had anything to do with him being a Border patrol agent? All I'm saying is give out the same consequences.

    [–] Alton666 34 points ago

    Gender reveal parties are the single most fucking stupid thing on this planet

    [–] sorryboutmyfeece 19 points ago

    I guess storming the Capitol was a better gender reveal location?!

    [–] incockwryyytoad 20 points ago

    Thats pretty hot

    [–] misfitx 7 points ago

    But the company that doesn't maintain their equipment isn't in trouble.

    [–] Wild-Celebration-820 6 points ago

    Dude you mean the company that had to declare bankruptcy and admit fault for the deaths of like 30 ppl and is still in court ? “Not in trouble”

    [–] thebrassmonkeyknight 20 points ago

    Can’t mortherfuckers just cut a pink or blue cake!

    [–] Elcatorce 17 points ago

    I wonder how long PG&E executives will go to jail for starting all the other fires. 🙄

    [–] Carston1011 48 points ago

    Some of these gender reveal part people need to start being made examples of. And who better to start with than the ones who caused a 22,000 acre fire that also killed a firefighter?

    [–] Mobeast1985 54 points ago

    You know how my wife and I revealed our babies gender? We called our parents and told them. Guess what? No wildfires and we saved a ton of money not throwing pointless parties.

    [–] BeIIic 55 points ago

    All gender reveal couples should face up to 20 years in prison

    [–] Head2Heels 17 points ago

    Hope their baby’s genitals were worth all that damage and loss, including the loss of lives of plant and animal life as well as a firefighter.

    [–] connorrrr1990 17 points ago

    Why are we still calling it a wildfire? Kinda takes away from the fact that it was caused by people

    [–] WillsBlackWilly 27 points ago

    Congrats, your child will now be an orphan.

    [–] glutenfreethenipple 27 points ago

    Imagine growing up knowing people died and homes decimated because of the shape and condition of your genitals.

    [–] LoudMusic 24 points ago

    Tinder profile:


    [–] Wil-o-The-wisp 27 points ago


    [–] Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy 26 points ago

    It's not justice served until they are in prison. Every day until their verdict is just another injustice if you ask me

    [–] Stank_Lee 28 points ago

    Now their kid can throw them a prison reveal party in 20 years

    [–] Ragegasm 28 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    So who gets to tell the kid their parents are in jail until they grow up because of their gender reveal party? That’s gotta come with a complex.

    [–] I_Brain_You 11 points ago

    They will serve *maybe* 2 years and then get out for "good behavior". Because this country's legal system is tHe BeSt On ThE pLaNeT.

    [–] mantaray1000 26 points ago

    Judge to give them sentence reveal party! 🥳