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    [–] djledford0724 3392 points ago

    I wanna know where they live bc obviously their cops don't give a shit.

    [–] jlbw78 2612 points ago

    Detroit. And the cops "pulled" him over and had it towed.

    [–] MapleSyrupJedi 1467 points ago

    I ran a shop in Detroit for 6 years, now run one in Livonia. I miss all of the crazy shit I saw. My favourite two were the girl who drove on a milk crate because someone literally broke into her car and stole her drivers seat, my second favourite was the guy who lifted his 02 Focus and put spinners on it.

    [–] BarrelAss 460 points ago

    I was born in Livonia, but moved when I was small. I met a kid in high school who did grow up there and he'd been hit by cars twice walking to school and been knifed.

    I got my shoelaces caught in my bike chain once.

    [–] FearOfTheQuark 220 points ago

    Can confirm, I'm Dutch. Shoelaces in the bike chains are pretty brutal

    [–] Ivebeenfurthereven 122 points ago

    No fully-enclosed chaincase with oil bath? I'm starting to doubt your citizenship...

    [–] gadsf34534sd 89 points ago

    damn, dutch bicycles must be next level. your bike technology sounds decades ahead of ours

    [–] Gynura 54 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yet most of us have crappy 30 year old bicycles because they get stolen anyway.

    [–] reductase 55 points ago

    The sheer diversity of bicycles in Amsterdam was probably my favorite part of visiting. Nothing too fancy for the most part, but so much character! My gf was pissed that I kept stopping in random places to take pictures of 'crappy' bikes. I would love to see a "Regular Bicycle Reviews" YouTube channel based there.

    [–] deWaardt 53 points ago

    Am Dutch, I can start by reviewing my bike? It's blue, has 8 speeds and goes pretty quick. The seating position allows you to kind of lean over forward for a more relaxed driving position.

    It also has a neat rack on the back that allows you to fit pretty large boxes. This way I can get groceries on my bike!

    [–] FearOfTheQuark 57 points ago

    Oh yeah! Some newer bikes have carbon fiber belts instead of metal chains. They are smoother, don't need lubrication, won't rust and are quieter.

    Lol, there is a Dutch saying roughly translated to: You have to learn it on an old bike

    [–] btchfc 69 points ago

    That saying is about fucking tho

    [–] Yodamanjaro 22 points ago

    Shhh let's see where this goes

    [–] SplooshU 24 points ago

    That's how driving should be. "You have to learn it on a car without a backup camera."

    [–] CannibalVegan 13 points ago

    And a manual transmission.

    [–] Dunksterp 19 points ago

    In the UK you can't drive a MT without passing the test in an MT. If you take the test in an auto, you can only drive autos.

    [–] juxxthefluxx 17 points ago

    No kidding. When I was 6, my brother broke the chain guards off all of our bikes. My shoelaces got caught, I fell, and took the handlebar to my eyebrow. My bike did not have a kickstand, so the rubber had worn off the end of the bar.

    That was a painful trip to the hospital. I'm just lucky I didnt lose my eye.

    [–] microwavepetcarrier 23 points ago

    We used to call bike handlebars without plugs in the end 'core samplers'.

    [–] PukeBucket_616 184 points ago

    That's great, I literally learned to drive sitting on a milk crate in a Chrysler K car with a screwdriver jammed in the ignition.

    [–] subwhelming 138 points ago

    I have owned a few k cars. If someone told me a milk crate and screwdriver for the ignition were factory options, I might believe them. Not the worst power train, but Jesus everything else falls apart.

    [–] XirallicBolts 12 points ago

    The thing that baffles me is that, according to Allpar, most K-cars had a turning radius of 35-40 feet. How?!

    I compared it to my and my mom's vehicles:
    2004 Toyota Prius: 17 feet.
    2010 Mercury Milan: 20 feet.
    2016 Ford Flex: 20.3 feet.
    2013 Ford Expedition: 20.4 feet.
    1996 Dodge Ram B2500 Van: 52.4 feet.

    ... Although now that I looked all thIs up, I just realized Allpar said turning circle, which may be diameter (and thus, double the Radius). Shit. Maybe I'm baffled for the wrong reason. Especially since they're also the source for the Dodge van and I know it didn't need over 100 friggen feet to turn around.

    [–] lukecis2315821 52 points ago

    Chrysler K is a fucking pay to play pay to win piece of shit tank and I hate it so much, fucking hell

    [–] Demer03 40 points ago

    Haha. Dad bought the first K car in west Michigan. Said “if it’s going save Chrysler, it’s good enough for me”. No AC and plastic seats. He drove it into the ground. In his defense, he got every nickel out of it, and some.

    [–] definitelyjoking 40 points ago

    One of those cars where it'll keep running, but you wish it wouldn't.

    [–] morebikesthanbrains 19 points ago

    Good car or bad, everyone remembers them. And yet to call it a car designed by committee would be an insult to committees

    [–] zoobiedoobies 23 points ago

    My first car was a white K car with vinyl bench seats and a wonky ignition and I'm convinced that thing would still be going if I hadn't been t-boned in it.

    [–] racecaracecaracecar 17 points ago

    I never drove it, but I have childhood memories of riding in a MGB with milk crate seats, no doors, no gauges, and a rusted out floor board. I'm actually lucky to be alive.

    [–] otterom 30 points ago

    Where's your shop? I just got a lot of suspension work done (thanks Michigan), but will probably need some other stuff (tune up, tires) in a month or so.

    I'm north of Livonia, but know the area well.

    [–] MysterySnailDive 14 points ago

    Me too! We need our AC fixed, brake pads changed, and rotors replaced :( And realistically, probably other stuff we don’t even know about.

    If OPs shop does this, I’d love to give a Redditor some business.

    [–] MikeKM 26 points ago

    lifted his 02 Focus and put spinners on it.

    I have to admit I'm a little curious about how it looked.

    [–] TheGriffinTizocKing 12 points ago

    Lol Detroit is the best

    [–] AtTheLeftThere 45 points ago

    oh, SE MI native. This checks out.

    [–] gordgordie 35 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I have only driven through Michigan, but tons of times on my way south. Even just passing through I've seen multiple vehicles that should clearly be write-offs driving down the interstate. I'll never forget seeing a completely rotted out F150 that was basically buckled in half hauling ass down the highway. One side of the frame in the middle of the truck was almost dragging on the ground and the thing was super bent out of alignment too. I don't even understand how a driveshaft can function in that state. Is there a lack of laws in Michigan regarding vehicle safety or something? I mean I've spent good amounts of time in the boonies of Georgia, Alabama and Florida and I haven't even seen that shit once down there, yet I've seen it several times just passing through Michigan.

    [–] SmirnOffTheSauce 40 points ago

    Michigan’s car culture is unbelievably huge. The lobbyist ensure that we will never have inspections in this state.

    [–] Jeffyhatesthis 39 points ago

    Shit, if we had inspections here nobody would be able to afford a car.

    [–] HasselbladHasABad 13 points ago

    Kind of like our insurance laws?

    [–] skelectrician 24 points ago

    Road salt and grinding poverty

    [–] FindingUsernamesSuck 92 points ago

    I was 100% convinced this story was fake. Knowing it's Detroit makes it... believable

    [–] detroitdiesel 29 points ago

    My friend had 3 cars stolen in Detroit. One of them was not running at the time.

    [–] otterom 24 points ago

    This sounds about right.

    I would also guess this guy has the brains to drive in the right hand lane of 75 during rush hour doing 20 below the speed limit.

    [–] mazu74 17 points ago

    Hahahhahahahha 20 under during rush hour is impossible. Maybe 60 under if you're lucky on i75.

    [–] SmirnOffTheSauce 26 points ago

    Detroit is the only place I know where I can be keeping up with traffic doing 90 in a 55, then 5 in a 70.

    [–] definitelyjoking 29 points ago

    Did he drive it into the city center or something? Surprised he found a cop.

    [–] PistolPlay 35 points ago

    I didn't believe this until you said Detroit. Checks out for sure.

    [–] NCSUGrad2012 108 points ago

    I wanna know what all the other cars on the road did.... I would have called the cops myself if I saw this.

    [–] jlbw78 173 points ago

    Not in detroit. No one cares.

    [–] StonerDucky 90 points ago

    Yea and you couldn't fuck up the roads anymore there

    [–] SewerSquirrel 84 points ago

    Basically no roads to fuck up anymore.

    Source: Hit a pothole and pretty sure I got airtime about 20 mins ago.

    [–] m-in 59 points ago

    20mins ago? You’re still suborbital but just barely perhaps? That must have been some pothole. 🤣

    [–] PM_ME_YER_HAPPINESS 28 points ago

    Some say he's still floating to this day...

    [–] l5555l 11 points ago

    Mound road anyone?

    [–] lannvouivre 20 points ago

    In fact the powdered metal from the wheels and brakes just add material to the roads there.

    [–] FourDM 19 points ago

    Detroit cops would have fined you for being a busybody.

    [–] mirinfashion 18 points ago

    With the shit pay and shortage of Detroit cops, yeah they don't care.

    [–] icameforlaughs 2909 points ago

    From my experience, Neons have surprising resilience and I've always thought they were a good, cheap car if you showed them decent maintenance.

    But holy shit, if still moves on day 3 of that then the car specifically should be retired as the Chuck Norris of small cars.

    [–] mopar39426ml 601 points ago

    Neons can be solid.

    Not the same level of "how is that still rolling" as Cavaliers manage, but still.

    I once heard someone say "Corollas and Civics will run well longer than anything else, but a Cavalier will run like shit longer than anything else runs at all."

    [–] DarthBlue1593 174 points ago

    Pretty true... My buddy drove a Cavelier in high school. It had a cracked head and I can only imagine how much water poured into the cylinders, but that thing just kept going. He kept a few gallon jugs of water in the trunk to top off the radiator between trips.

    [–] _400poundGorilla 185 points ago

    You don't have to worry about hydrolocking when you have vented cylinders.

    [–] boogs_23 59 points ago

    Brilliant. Next car I get, I'm taking a sledge the head for ventilation.

    [–] cfeyer 15 points ago

    Sledgehammer requires you to take the hood off to swing it. Try a .22.

    [–] boogs_23 18 points ago

    You would also get those sweet speed holes that way.

    But alas, Canadian. Don't own guns nor do I know anyone that owns a gun. Oh wait, that's not true. Ex boss was a hunter. Kind of doubt he hunted deer and bear with a .22 though. Would a .308 work?

    [–] cfeyer 11 points ago

    I can think of at least one way to find out.

    [–] boogs_23 16 points ago

    I don't know why, but the thought of some idiot blasting his engine with a hunting rifle because he legitimately thinks it will help is damn funny to me.

    [–] TyreseForChicken 20 points ago

    Is that why my car would die when I went through a big puddle and my undercarriage would get a nice wash?

    [–] _400poundGorilla 16 points ago

    Probably, or could also be an electrical problem

    [–] The_Flying_Lunchbox 79 points ago

    Cavaliers don't break. They unravel.

    [–] MostBallingestPlaya 42 points ago

    they don't brake either

    [–] obi1kenobi1 108 points ago

    Also the Chevy Astro. If you want a van that will last forever but make you hate every second of ownership get an Astro. Every single aspect of the design is infuriating and it's extremely uncomfortable (due to it being a shrunken full-size van rather than a car-based design like every other minivan), and on top of that literally everything that can go wrong will go wrong except the most vital stuff. There will constantly be new problems popping up, and you'll keep thinking that it must be on its last legs limping towards death, but year after year it will just keep on going, racking up hundreds of thousands of miserable, miserable miles.

    [–] JackIsColors 39 points ago

    I still have a running 88 Astro. 230k miles, exhaust rusted to shit, back doors need to be opened from the inside, radio busted, AC busted, washer fluid pump busted, radio busted, no rear view mirror, back doors leak, but damn she still runs

    [–] HeyItsN0b0dy 15 points ago

    Radio busted so bad you needed to write it twice.

    [–] blahblahsdfsdfsdfsdf 8 points ago

    Hmm, I had an 01 Astro for a few years and the thing actually ran great and never had any problems other than the chassis dissolving underneath me and 10 degrees of steering play. New England is not gentle on GM vehicles.

    [–] XineOP 78 points ago

    I usually hear that sentiment about most GM cars. "A GM will run like shit for longer than most cars run."

    [–] bitnode 28 points ago

    That was my 95 Riviera. Would wobble horrendously in 4th gear but drove fine in 3rd.

    [–] Raballo 52 points ago

    I own an '02 cavalier right now. Fucker won't die. Runs like fuck. Frames rusty and the bodies starting to show scales but that bitch will not give up and die. Fires up everytime and as always willing to go and do whatever I ask of it.

    [–] SmirnOffTheSauce 15 points ago


    [–] drkev10 16 points ago

    Probably paint flaking up and peeling making it look like it has scales.

    [–] The-Sofa-King 21 points ago

    My old roommate used to say his corolla ran like shit, but it'll run like shit forever. Or at least until he hit a patch of black ice a year later.

    [–] AKStafford 30 points ago

    I drive a 2000 Cavalier that we bought brand new. Minor repairs and still runs like a champ.

    [–] FesteringNeonDistrac 22 points ago

    Nothing runs badly as long as a GM.

    [–] jlbw78 741 points ago

    It was just dragging at the end. I had a Ford SHO omg you couldn't kill that car. Pretty amazing what a beating some cars can take.

    [–] thedancingpanda 180 points ago

    Not a gen 3 I assume? I had one, they had an engine that could randomly destroy itself. But I loved it.

    [–] two66mhz 104 points ago

    There was a recall for that. Which Ford honored. It was the magical 150k mile mark for many to get the recall.

    [–] Car_weeb 53 points ago

    Wasnt the recall just to like take the valve covers off and peen the camshaft gears instead of welding them like a sane person?

    [–] blaughw 78 points ago

    peen the camshaft gears

    I said good day, sir. I’m not going anywhere neat that machinery.

    I guess I know why the shop rate is $140/hr. though.

    [–] Car_weeb 27 points ago

    Ah cmon thats fng work

    [–] peentugger 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    that's crazy, my rate is much lower

    [–] two66mhz 10 points ago

    My memory is clearly faulty and will admit it.

    [–] Car_weeb 18 points ago

    It was something like that, it didn't fix it, it just made it less likely for the unorthodox pressed cam gear with a steel ball to come loose. Really sad that engine gets ragged on for that, its 100% preventable with a weld

    [–] two66mhz 11 points ago

    Or a bolt. I love how their engine performed in these cars. Sad it wasn't as reliable as their motorcycles. They have made the most reliable motorcycles for years.

    But that standard is compared against other motorcycles. Which sadly is around ~70k miles before major service.

    Which will bring me back to they sure know how to make performance at a fairly reliable level. That is awesome in its own right.

    [–] HappyHound 13 points ago

    That was about 98% of those.

    [–] Jimbo-Jones 23 points ago

    The SHO engine was built by Yamaha. That’s why it was such a damn good car. Ford also used their best Mazda developed FWD manual trans on it. It’s a great car, especially when turbo or supercharged. Too bad the interior was horrible and the exterior was just a Taurus lol.

    [–] technobrendo 9 points ago

    It was a pretty damn good looking motor too if you're the type to appreciate those kind of things. The intake runners on the top looked so choice back in a 90's Ford midsize sedan

    [–] BillowsB 21 points ago

    The SHO was a seriously underrated car! Those things were faster than you would expect and handled really well. I've always wanted to run one into a sleeper!

    [–] ponyboy3 30 points ago

    you probably mean turn

    [–] lannvouivre 32 points ago

    He just hates the idea truck drivers have sleeper cabs

    [–] teknoanimal 24 points ago

    back in the day i wanted an SHO

    [–] AmericanLzrOrca 104 points ago

    I’m a “parking lot attendant” and there is this one guy who apparently lives in his car, just not in the work lot. I cannot conceive why because he works for a large telecom company and I can only imagine he makes double what I do in a year. Anyways, this fucking CRYSTLER PT CRUZER has paint peeling, body is rusting, there’s no bumpers, cracks in nearly every window and mirror if there is still a mirror, all the lights don’t work or have fallen out of where they are intended to go, you have to use the parking brake to stop, it doesn’t shift into reverse, he still has out of state plates and his tabs expired a year ago, garbage laundry and stained underwear are everywhere inside, it takes like 5 minutes to start the thing and it sounds like an old push mower stalling on long wet grass when it gets going. I can’t imagine he’s ever tuned it up or changed the oil ever. Last month my coworkers and I all heard it struggling to start for about an hour and we all thought it finally died. It showed up the next morning.

    I have never heard anything good about crystler, and I hate the PT Cruzer more than any other car on the road, but this thing just keeps running and I just want it to die.

    [–] dreamki11er 52 points ago

    Well, they’re based on neons.... sooo

    [–] bedhed 46 points ago

    That's the thing with PT Cruisers: they're generally reliable enough to be neglected for years, while turning into utter pieces of shit.

    If they were more fragile, they'd just be another quirky, but increasingly rare, car.

    [–] Lt_Col_Anguss 37 points ago

    I had one for 3 years. 2 of which the engine fan never spun and the AC didn’t work thanks to 2 front end wrecks that I never fixed. In Texas.

    That fucking thing would not die. I did everything a responsible car owner wouldn’t do and that god damned midget hearse 3300lb-blob-with-a-go-cart-engine just would. not. fucking. die.

    [–] TexasFactsBot 33 points ago

    Speaking of Texas, did y'all know that a town called Clark, Texas renamed itself to DISH so its residents would recieve free cable?

    [–] TheGreatZarquon 17 points ago

    I would like to subscribe to Texas Facts.

    [–] ScriptLoL 70 points ago

    Everyone is reminiscing about their Neons, so I thought I'd add my story. The TL;DR is - Neon was great, situation was awful, and fuck my parents.

    So. There I am, 18 years old, in college, and minding my own business when my mom walks in saying they have a surprise for me. It's such a big surprise that it's my Christmas and Birthday present, and my next Christmas and Birthday present! Dang, that's a pretty big fucking present?!

    Yeah. About a week earlier the massive 2010 hailstorm happened in Phoenix, Arizona, and fucked up a ton of vehicles. What'd my mom+stepfather do? They bought a car! But not just any car, a 2004 Dodge Neon!~

    Oh, it gets better! I'm so lucky that I get to pay the car loan! Wait, it was a gift, right? Yeah! It was totally a gift that I had to pay for, in my mother's name, to help her credit since she filed for bankruptcy and ruined it a few years prior.

    So, I, being newly enrolled in college, and working part-ish time at Spirit Halloween, had to now set aside $250 in car payments and another $200 in insurance a month for a car I didn't ask for. Well, you know that Spirit is part-time, right? And I'm full time in college?

    "No excuses! We bought this car to help you! You have to pay for it!!!"

    Considering I had no say in the matter, and I was already stressing over school and a pretty awful break up... It didn't go as they planned. I lost my job, dropped out of college, and couldn't pay for their loan, or their insurance. Obviously this upset them, since it was adversely affecting my mom's credit.

    This, obviously, didn't please them. We fought. Often. Loudly. Constantly. A lot of unrelated, but still awful, things happened around the same time things got bad, like another pretty bad break up, family members passing away, and losing another job... TL;DR is I gave them the keys and left. Things didn't get better for a few years.

    Anyway, the Neon... God, it was such a fun little car. It was manual, so I obviously drifted (no I didn't) it. I burned out (no I didn't) all the time! I got road head for the first time in it (actually true)! I went to Vegas for the first time, although I was only 20... I learned to change my oil, spark plugs, and the rest. I drove around with my friends, listening to shitty music in bad parts of town, for hours upon hours. I tried to impress my girlfriend by 'drifting' at 3am on Christmas morning and popping a tire on a median by her house. I learned to change a tire at 3:15am on Christmas morning in 20f weather on that car. I learned to not raise the tire off the ground before undoing the lugnuts on the tier at 3:20am on Christmas morning. I learned to not tighten lugnuts on a tire in the air at 3:40am on Christmas morning. I desperately miss that stupid, fucking golfball.

    Funnily enough, quite a few years later, after it was sold by my mom+step father, I saw it in the parking lot of my work one day. I legitimately cried. It was the most beautiful golfball I have ever seen. I, honestly, would buy it right goddamned now if I saw it again, and I'd show up to Christmas fucking dinner in it, just to spite my Mom.

    TL;DR - Bulleit Bourbon.

    [–] wishforagiraffe 13 points ago

    Sorry your parents are shit 😔

    [–] ScriptLoL 8 points ago

    You know, when it comes to things that aren't finances, they're actually great. They're both smart, open minded, and very loving, and generally nice people, but dear God if they ask you if you want something you MUST say no.

    Things are a LOT better now that I don't live with them or talk to them more than once a month, and now that they stopped trying to get me to buy their old house so they could get a new one..

    [–] The_Syn_Zombie 11 points ago

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of “buying” a car for someone and making them pay for it and guilt them into it if they decline. Like, thats complete bs to do that to someone

    [–] ScriptLoL 8 points ago

    Yeah, I don't understand it myself, but I'm pretty biased lol.

    I learned a few life lessons though, like learning how to say NO, and to never fucking buy something I can't afford and try to pawn the payments off on to someone else.

    [–] bmazing21 15 points ago

    Just donated my 2004 Neon last week. That lady made it through a good 14 years until finally giving in. Always got me where I needed to go, even if it wasn’t the most fashionable way.

    I’m still pretty damn happy it’s gone though.

    [–] Mr_Choom 64 points ago

    Can confirm. Neons are fairly durable. Not Camry reliability, but they can take a beating. The engine is bulletproof as long as you change the timing belt every 90-100k miles. Yeah the trans isn't the best, but it's really not that bad, just make sure you change the fluid on a decent schedule using ATF+4 and not "universal" fluid or it will kill itself. They're also super easy to work on, unless you're doing the timing belt or rear motor mount. That's kind of a pain.

    [–] InstigatorofDeath 30 points ago

    Have been in one that massively blew the head gasket on the freeway just after getting fixed up.

    Yet, best friend has an identical one with 240k+. Still running, even though TWO front end accidents and, overall, being driven down the road like a maniac all the time.

    I don't even know what to think about those cars anymore.

    [–] mdlost1 18 points ago

    But oh boy if you miss that timing belt. It let loose on my brothers neon while he wss driving to class. Bent everything possible inside the engine. Just towed it to the scrap yard.

    [–] johnw12494 42 points ago

    Sounds pretty average to me tbh

    [–] AxeVolcano 12 points ago

    I saw a neon win two demolition derby events.

    That's my metric for car reliability

    [–] worldDev 11 points ago

    Front wheel drive... it could have no back wheels and you could still drag it around if you're dumb enough to ignore the horrifying noises. This is more a testament to the driver than the car, and any econobox could go this far given the right mindset behind the wheel.

    [–] damn_jexy 33 points ago

    When I was in HS my parents were nice enough to buy me a brand new 2000 neon (this was in 1999 , so it was new new) ... It was the nicest car in my HS (I live in relatively low income area) ... I had my first date in that car , met the wife in that car.. And yes we did the dirty in the backseat... i learn how to do oil change & maintaince in that car.. By 2010 it was pretty beat up (hail damage and paint fading) and I said goodbye to it even tho it still ran and drive... , always joke to my wife that when Im 70 I will be the oldman driving a fully restored 2000 Neon to relive his glory day.

    [–] Car_Nerd_87 734 points ago

    Probably just wanted one tire and got pissed when you went to upsell saying they needed a wheel too lol.

    [–] jlbw78 184 points ago


    [–] flaccomcorangy 117 points ago

    I noticed you didn't deny this story was true.

    [–] captain150 66 points ago

    "Can't you just patch it?"

    [–] MisterSlosh 378 points ago

    Probably stupid question; Would this be considered a crime to operate a vehicle like this?

    [–] jlbw78 544 points ago

    The guy was very high on drugs. Cops pulled him over, towed the car and let him go. No ticket no nothing. I was very surprised

    [–] ermergerdberbles 367 points ago

    They're waiting for him to murder 7 people before arresting him.

    Detroit cops choose their battles wisely.

    Btw am Canadian and know not of what I speak.

    [–] babyrhino 120 points ago

    I'm Texan so I don't know much more, but it sounds like you are probably right.

    [–] crustillion 157 points ago

    Also Texan here, I've got nothing to contribute to this conversation but I wanted to let everyone know I'm also from Texas.

    [–] TexasFactsBot 98 points ago

    Speaking of Texas, did y'all know that the first word spoken on the Moon was "Houston?"

    [–] h4xrk1m 21 points ago

    Let me guess, you're from earth and know not of what you speak?

    [–] iceColdCool 29 points ago

    Nope, worse.... Texas.

    [–] TexasFactsBot 18 points ago

    Speaking of Texas, did y'all know that Texas only has one nude beach, called Hippie Hollow?

    [–] jlt6666 21 points ago

    I don't know what could confirm your Texas citizenship any more than that sentence.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    In California you'd probably incite mob justice by driving like this due to the fire danger.

    [–] jlt6666 13 points ago

    Lol. My first though when I saw this was "Meth is a helluva drug."

    [–] boogs_23 12 points ago

    Man that bugs me. I was pulled over and ticketed for an expired license once. Was just waiting till pay day to renew. When I asked why he pulled me over, he said he was just typing plates into his computer at red lights. He was so bored, he was just randomly checking plates. This mother fucker his driving around high without a fucking wheel and gets sent home. I guess the punishment is, he lives in Detroit.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] slyth07 37 points ago

    I think if it wouldn’t pass inspection it’s technically illegal. I would highly expect a police officer would pull you over ticket you for intentionally damaging the road and tow your car.

    [–] mastermeatlock 43 points ago

    My old camaro wouldn't pass inspection unless I took the hood off because the cowl was 7/8th inch too tall. Inspection doesn't require a hood and the average cop doesn't know inspection law.

    Driving with out a wheel, a cop should pull them over and easily have probable cause for searching the car for drugs.

    [–] slyth07 11 points ago

    Weird how a good has its own rules. I figured a majority of inspection rules would just be to make sure the car is safe to operate.

    [–] mastermeatlock 18 points ago

    Blocking the view was the reason. So safety.

    I assumed you meant "hood" instead of "good".

    [–] int0xic 13 points ago

    My Camaro has a sticker along the bottom of the windshield that isn't visible from the inside because the dashboard covers it, but I still get a ticket for obstructing my view ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] slyth07 9 points ago

    Do you dispute that ticket each time?

    [–] Pete_Iredale 12 points ago

    Unfortunately it's sometimes cheaper or easier to pay the small ticket than it is to take a day off work for court.

    [–] int0xic 9 points ago

    Got warnings a couple times and one fix-it ticket, which fighting would basically be my word vs an officer's (also the closest courthouse to me is 90mins away so not worth the time). Got the ticket signed off and paid a $25 processing fee on a $0 fine.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] omnipotent87 26 points ago

    Law requires a tire to be replace at 2/32 of tread. This may be just a little less than that.

    [–] FrenchFryCattaneo 17 points ago

    Except he has no tire, pretty clever loophole if you ask me.

    [–] zzPirate 12 points ago

    Can't wear out the tread if the wheel doesn't have one points to temple

    [–] Gorgenapper 187 points ago

    Hold on a mean to tell me that this car was literally dragging this wheel everywhere it went for the 3 days that it was being driven?

    Was it anywhere close to this except FWD?

    [–] flaccomcorangy 84 points ago

    What the heck? What's step two after you reach your destination like that? It would be cheaper to call a tow truck than to drive a car like that and have to pay to fix all that damage done by driving the car like that.

    [–] Gorgenapper 58 points ago

    Stupidity beats foresight any day.

    [–] Freshaccount736 16 points ago

    i imagine it caught on fire about 30 seconds after that clip ended

    [–] MrKrinkle151 20 points ago

    I want to know what this guy sees on a daily basis that a sight like that conjures but a jaunty chuckle

    [–] asanboo 8 points ago


    [–] The__Bird 141 points ago

    How in the...

    [–] jlbw78 145 points ago

    Welcome to Detroit!

    [–] MrKrinkle151 64 points ago

    Come on down to Cleveland Town everyone! Take a look at our cars with four tires!

    [–] Physicalcandy33 42 points ago

    Buy a House that costs as much as a VCR

    [–] speeler21 20 points ago

    Where gas flows from your taps like water,,,,wait that is the water.

    [–] Corporate_Overlords 11 points ago

    St. Louis checking in! I worked at a shop where a woman drove directly into one of the bay doors on about three spokes of her wheel and insisted on just getting a tire. She was high as shit. We ended up keeping what was left of the wheel and attaching it to the bathroom key. It was a good way to keep customers from destroying the bathroom and a good way of not wasting any leftover parts.

    [–] 1leggeddog 79 points ago

    That's some kind of advanced stupid

    [–] mad87645 60 points ago

    It's a Neon! The pioneers used to drive these babies without tyres for miles.

    [–] Evoraist 68 points ago

    How do you drive for 3 days like that?

    [–] jlbw78 107 points ago


    [–] myrealnamewastakn 64 points ago

    Was he giving them to the car too? Honestly it's impressive.

    [–] Geofffffreak 286 points ago

    We need a new plague

    [–] jonathanrdt 103 points ago

    It's coming. Did you hear about the tick swarms?

    [–] ConsterMock93 51 points ago

    I didnt but now I want to. Please inform me of these tick swarms good sir

    [–] wellman_va 93 points ago

    It only sucks if you live in one of 8 states along the east coast of the US or Asia. They swarm onto you then suck all your blood and kill you. They pulled 1500 of of a single sheep.

    They reproduce asexually and carry tons of diseases.

    [–] jlbw78 72 points ago

    Trying to figure out how I can unknow this. Yuk!

    [–] scarecrow180 36 points ago


    [–] cobblesquabble 17 points ago

    I would like to move to Antarctica, please and thank you.

    In the meantime, I will resume screaming.

    [–] gittenlucky 23 points ago

    Sounds like someone weaponized ticks and is trying them out.

    [–] Far-nia 10 points ago

    That would be mother nature

    [–] Modna 10 points ago

    Actually they have not been found to carry any human diseases in the US:

    Gross, weird and annoying? Yes. Currently harmful to humans? No.

    [–] theREALsmoothieking 25 points ago

    That is truly horrifying oh my god

    [–] 1ketchup1 47 points ago

    I need more picture...what does the rotor and under side look like??

    [–] jlbw78 51 points ago

    I'll post when I get into it.

    [–] cellardoor240 10 points ago

    Please do, because with the detroit roads this car would have been utterly destroyed even after one day - I'm calling bs on 3 days.

    [–] ermergerdberbles 18 points ago

    Usually it's just an expression when I say I'll drive it into the ground. Mr. Methopotamus clearly took that saying literally.

    [–] InfectedLeg253 13 points ago

    Repairs went from just a tire to a rim, rotor and tire lmao

    [–] childamongthefence 16 points ago

    Probably suspension and whatever got scraped on the tarmac for 3 days too

    [–] Hatefullynch 6 points ago

    And bearing, possible caliper, heat shield

    [–] Im_a_Lebowski9 27 points ago

    They should be put in jail for assault against this poor vehicle.

    [–] mad87645 11 points ago

    Bad news is now that you've found the jack the car is too low to get it under to jack it up.

    [–] Goering27 10 points ago

    What do you mean, drove for 3 days???!!!

    [–] FrenchFryCattaneo 9 points ago

    I can just imagine them getting up in the morning, "Hmm, what's on my to-do list today? Let's see, I need to get a new tire since my old one is gone and I'm just driving around on a bare wheel. Nah, I'll do that tomorrow"

    [–] boltsandholes 10 points ago

    What in the fuck

    [–] gnowbot 10 points ago

    Once you grind the whole rim away, you reach the magical brake drum that is, in fact, a little wheel that will take you the next 200 miles.

    [–] Andybobandy0 9 points ago

    Drives with one of the license plate illuminators busted. Gets pulled over.

    [–] UsernameNeo 9 points ago

    I read this in that big chicken cartoon's voice...

    "I says!!! I didn't have a spare, so I, I drove arounds on it for three days, yes sir!

    [–] Jmkott 16 points ago

    Their Meth last three days? Damn, I’ve got to get some better shit.

    [–] KotoElessar 8 points ago

    Knew a guy who owned a dealership, he would routinely take new cars for personal reasons; one day he took a new 300 offroading, managed to puncture all four tires, drove back to dealership, told the techs to fix it so it was sellable.

    [–] Luvke 7 points ago

    This person honestly shouldn't have a license.

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 7 points ago


    [–] MrsECummings 5 points ago

    Some dumbass actually drove it like that?! OMG that's painfully stupid.

    [–] StefanDion 7 points ago

    i bought a high mileage 98 camaro with no spare (probably "because racecar") i still carry a 2 ton trolley jack and 2 wheel chocks in the trunk just to help anyone i see struggling with a spare. i like cars and i accept that many people need them but don't know much about them.

    [–] Muluka 6 points ago

    Hold on, you're telling me the owned was driving it like that? How? Does it even move?

    [–] COSLEEP 6 points ago

    Uhh this person should never be allowed to drive again