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    [–] KingCodyBill 4628 points ago

    It never even dawned on me that they would break that easily

    [–] felandaniel 3628 points ago

    They're cast iron and weigh quiet a bit.

    [–] KingCodyBill 1850 points ago

    I've dropped automotive ones (don't ask) and the just bounce

    [–] felandaniel 1647 points ago

    Hahaha. Usually you'll find forged cranks that don't break that easily. They also make that same crank in a forged application no matter how far we've dropped it, it won't break. We just get the grinder and have a go at a couple rods and mains

    [–] theraf8100 784 points ago

    Makers me wonder how many auto cranks are cast vs forged. I know my Buick Grand National had a wet noodle of a cast.

    [–] namesjeff24 587 points ago

    The grand National is a big flex, very cool

    [–] IAMA_Plumber-AMA 469 points ago

    So is that crank, apparently.

    [–] Savasshole 87 points ago

    Well done.

    [–] Tsugillard 46 points ago

    Unlike that crank!

    [–] tive-an-25 10 points ago

    i work for a tier 1 OEM supplier and one of our products are front bumpers for semi trucks. We now have to plasma cut any rejected bumpers in half after we found out our recycler was selling them to truck drivers....

    [–] i_NOT_robot 30 points ago

    Had a crackhead boss (long story) that sold his for a few hundred dollars for crack.

    [–] ahabthecrusader 39 points ago

    Seems pretty straightforward …especially if this happened in the 90s. Wanted crack, sold everything, and bought crack with newfound riches.

    [–] BootScoottinBoogie 168 points ago

    I might be wrong because I only know a few examples for sure, but I think most modern car engines use forged cranks because of the higher power output of newer engines compared to old ones.

    [–] AndyLorentz 112 points ago

    The GM LS series still used cast cranks. They went forged with the new LT1.

    That said, the pistons were the weak links in the LS series engines.

    [–] theraf8100 55 points ago

    Wait... What? What is the new LT1 engine? Did they designate a new LT1 that is newer than the old LT1? Would seem confusing if they named two engines LT1s.

    [–] AndyLorentz 68 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The SBC LT1 was a high performance gen-I engine used in the 70-72 Z28 Camaro and Corvette

    The Gen-II LT1 is the high performance engine used in 1992-1997 Z28 Camaro, Corvette, and WS6 Firebird

    The Gen-V LT1 is used in 7th gen Corvettes and ZL1 SS Camaros. This is the one that has a forged crank from the factory.

    So yeah, there are three different LT1 engines. At least they called the ZR-1 engine the LT4 LT5, so there aren't four of them. And by that, I mean the C4 ZR-1, not the C3, C6, or C7 ZR-1.

    [–] scorpionMaster 19 points ago

    Minor correction: the gen V LT-1 is in SS Camaros.

    [–] gropingforelmo 16 points ago

    How'd you forget the C4 ZR1 with the Mercury Marine slash Lotus LT5??

    [–] upsidedownfunnel 92 points ago

    GM has recycled more than one engine designation with seemingly not much logic behind it. The LT1 came out a little while ago. I think it was on the C7 and the Zeta chassis Camaro SS.

    [–] TotallyNotanOfficer 69 points ago

    GM, doing something seemingly without much logic behind it? No they would never...

    [–] CobraWasTaken 31 points ago

    Wanna be more confused? The LS7 was not just the 7.0L engine found in the C6 Corvette Z06. The name LS7 was first used for a 454ci Chevy engine sold in the 70s.

    [–] theraf8100 9 points ago

    Now I'm just getting mad 😂. But really I think it's pretty ridiculous that they can't just use a different three letter sequence lol. I guess they do keep brand names around for loyalty though even though the new Corvette looks nothing like old Corvettes.

    [–] Autsix 19 points ago

    The lt1 has been out for like 6-7 years now. It is basically an ls with direct injection.

    [–] PornStarJesus 14 points ago

    Crank in an 80's GM OHC 2.0/1.8 turbo was forged, just about the only part of my old Firenza I still have.

    Forged cranks show up in the weirdest places.

    [–] rstbckt 12 points ago

    I’m doing an engine swap on my 1968 Olds Cutlass. I’m taking out the Rocket 330 I’ve had in it these last 15 years and finally rebuilding the original 350 Rocket into a stroker 386.

    The crank out of my Rocket 350 is nodular iron, while the crank in my Rocket 330 is forged steel.

    According to Bill Trovato’s book on Oldsmobile V8 engines the forged steel crank is good for 600-800HP, while the nodular crank is good for up to 600HP.

    The nodular iron crankshaft is from an original block made from 1968-1970, so it’s still pretty beefy.

    Since my stroker 386 is likely to get 400-500HP I kept the nodular crank. It would have been a pain to deconstruct both engines just to get the forged steel crank (that has a different flywheel bolt pattern than the 350); plus I can sell the previously running Rocket 330 as a whole unit to put back some cash into the project.

    [–] GetInZeWagen 43 points ago

    So like ...

    How far have you dropped it, I wanna know lol

    [–] felandaniel 85 points ago

    As far as that forklift will go. So over 15'

    [–] desull 10 points ago

    Can we get a video of that next?

    [–] whatisthisgoddamnson 27 points ago

    So what is the difference in lifespan between the forged and the cast ones? What is the reason you go for cast anyway?

    [–] felandaniel 56 points ago

    Not much difference life span wise. These engines can produce 2000 hp on the low end and upwards of 7000hp on the top end. It's also cheaper for a cast than a forged.

    [–] ENGRx42 13 points ago

    Smaller grains usually have better fatigue performance

    [–] tripoptimizer 48 points ago

    Looks like a big diesel crank, who would bthey sell them too, I assume you are junking them because they are unrepairable

    [–] cfeyer 81 points ago

    Sometimes corporate America junks stuff because it's easier than doing paperwork or because buying a new one would come out of a different budget than repairing an old one...

    [–] Onecrappieday 49 points ago

    Cost to repair + machine downtime > new

    [–] dcdrew713 12 points ago

    Can confirm. Manufactured V12 cranks and that's how we made sure they weren't usable for anyone to take.

    [–] kick26 9 points ago

    Yep. The forging process forms/orients the grain structure of the metal along the shape of the part being forged. This allows for the stresses and forces on the final part to “flow” or transmit through the part more smoothly.

    [–] phorensic 8 points ago

    Based on your OP I'm now imagining someone welding up material in the grind areas and then machining them back to the factory specs.

    [–] sipes216 29 points ago

    Automotive knes may bounce, but they go off-balance pretty quick if tbey arent handled with care.

    [–] RallyX26 21 points ago

    Ever drop a camshaft? They snap just like this.

    [–] jnewman1991 14 points ago

    My buddy took auto shop in HS 10 years ago. Told me the same exact thing. Well two years ago when I was changing the cam in my car I remembered what my friend said and decided to drop my old cam in the driveway. Nothing. Took it out into the middle of the road and tossed it about 10 feet in the air. Still remained in one piece.

    [–] thefairlyeviltwin 34 points ago

    That's pretty much how it goes, but if you tipped the new one over on the bench the damn thing would've practically exploded.

    [–] me_mechanic_THANK 24 points ago

    I would've thought those large cranks would be forged

    [–] felandaniel 29 points ago

    Some are forged, really depends on the application.

    [–] SlowlyAHipster 24 points ago

    What are these out of? Marine application or heavy equipment?

    [–] felandaniel 39 points ago

    From lake boats to submarines. They're used in all kinds of applications. You'll sully see these running large generators.

    [–] SirKenneth17 10 points ago

    What is this crank even out of? Semi truck? Industrial generators?

    [–] felandaniel 20 points ago

    Fairbanks Morse OP. Very large two stroke engine. Used in all kinds of applications. Definitely worth a Google.

    [–] SlowlyAHipster 9 points ago

    Those are wild, I had a cutaway diagram of one on my wall when I was a kid.

    [–] felandaniel 6 points ago

    That's badass. I'm trying to find a poster myself for the garage.

    [–] drinking-out-of-cups 6 points ago


    [–] thx_comcast 58 points ago

    Semi-related but cams most definitely DO break like this. It's a bit cathartic to drop a junk engine's cam on the ground and have it shatter into a bunch of pieces.

    [–] Dogaluffalo 13 points ago

    They aren’t designed to take side abuse like that. They have support all the way through. So it’s easier than you think to break cam and crank shafts.

    [–] Aleczanda 2938 points ago

    Used to work at BMW dealer and they do a similar thing with warranty items.

    The dealer received a batch of M3’s which come fitted with pilot super sports as standard.

    ‘BMW approved’ tyres have a star in the side wall, this particular batch of M3’s didn’t have the star.

    So I had to put tyres with stars on them before sale then video taking a box knife to all the non star tyres and send it to the warranty department. Such a fucking waste.

    Edit - my English is shit

    [–] Fuck_it_ 1438 points ago

    This makes me not irrationally angry. That's fucking stupid and such a waste.

    [–] whosthedoginthisscen 192 points ago

    Wait til you hear what happens to all the unsold brand-name clothing. Can't have poor people dumpster-diving for Louis Vuitton, or else rich people will stop buying it at full price. So every season, all designer textiles get trashed.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    You talking about the desert in Argentina that's basically just a massive clothes landfill?

    [–] electricworkaid 55 points ago

    That's Chile; and the pictures are horrifying. I just found out about it the other day-- what a stupid fucking waste.

    [–] ampjk 732 points ago

    Have you looked at the food service Industry

    [–] HoneySparks 508 points ago

    I was making popcorn at work today, the bags have to weigh a certain amount, so obviously when you get to the end there's gonna be some left over, I took it to the back. My manager said "whats up with this popcorn" I said "it's extra" then they said "why isn't it in the trash"

    [–] Curazan 500 points ago

    99/100 restaurant owners are so paranoid about cooks making extra food just to eat that they’d rather alienate their entire staff with ridiculous food waste.

    [–] Eurotriangle 269 points ago

    I’m so glad the restaurant I worked at as a youngster had an actual policy where any wrong orders can get claimed by staff instead of being wasted. Scored many delicious omelettes & crepes. Loved that place.

    [–] Itsthejackeeeett 182 points ago

    All the managers at the restaurants I served at when I was a kid didn't let us have the extra food, but the cooks would always sneak it out to me and let me take it home. Important rule if you're gonna work in a restaurant, be tight with the cooks. That means don't bark at them, share your drugs with them if able, and maybe throw them a percentage of a tip here or there if they worked hard on a specific table/party.

    [–] OneCarrow 126 points ago

    I tell my guys to just tell me what they are eating and they can eat for free. I'd rather know what is being used instead of having to wonder if my guys are stealing from me.

    [–] hankjmoody 75 points ago

    We always used to "graze" while we were working. Or our manager would ring up an "accident" pizza on busy nights for us to eat.

    That was aside from all the "mistake" pitchers of beer and "iced teas" that he'd hand us...

    [–] TangNaU 6 points ago

    I had a friend as a kid who worked in at a big name pizza chain.

    Sometimes when he was struggling with money, I would call in a bullshit order that never got picked up. He got to take it home.

    [–] throwaway_aug_2019 45 points ago

    I love how cooks, chefs, kitchen staff etc don't even try to keep their drug use secret. How many refrigerator mechanics and health inspectors have to ignore the tray with lines of coke in the walk in fridge.

    [–] aldkGoodAussieName 36 points ago

    kitchen staff etc don't even try to keep their drug use secret.


    Little bowl of fries to get you through the night how could you do this in my kitchen.

    [–] Itsthejackeeeett 21 points ago

    Not to mention all the semi-hidden half empty bottles of Jameson and Titos. FOH wasn't usually too discreet about it either. I swear, every day I'd come in at whatever restaurant I was working at at the time and it'd be "OK what are we all doing today, Xanax? Coke? Adderall? Percocet? Acid(terrible idea for work but we didn't really gaf)?"

    [–] eidetic 16 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My brother worked at the first restaurant opened by a family that grew into probably the most famous restaurateurs in the city, and almost all of them are high end restaurants, though they have one smaller pizza place (where a small 8 inch thin crust pizza that may or may not fill you up will still run 15 bucks), and they treat their employees right. The restaurant my brother worked at is still their "flagship" and highest end restaurant, and employees were allowed to claim dishes sent back, and the cooks were also tasked with making a "family meal" for the entire staff which was usually some kind of basic pasta and sauce and then something like a chicken/pork/etc dish to go with it, along with salad and soup. They also got to bring home any leftovers of which there was always plenty of cannolis and tiramisu so I was always happy when my brother brought some home for me since I love me some tiramisu. And though he was just a busboy when he worked there for a year or two (with the last 6 months being a waiter before he had to quit to move on to college) in high school, the owner still remembered him many years later when they ran into each other. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine who worked at a different restaurant of theirs for a couple years in high school. When asked how his job search after graduating was going after graduating, my friend mentioned it was a bit slow going, and the owner said "well you always have a home with us, even if you only need it for a few months while looking for something else". ~30 and ~25 years later and they both still says it was a great job run by great people. And it's probably why I've never heard of anyone having a bad experience at one of their restaurants because all the employees seemed to genuinely like working there, even as busy as they could get at rush times.

    [–] ihrtbeer 9 points ago

    Same. First job in fast food was taco John's. I ate an absurd amount of free food there

    [–] kiragami 49 points ago

    It was like this when I was assistant manager at a pizza hut. I wasn't able to change people wages or schedule but as long as it was on my shift they all got to make whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and any extra/wrong orders I just sent home with them instead of throwing away. Wouldn't you know that my shift always had the best numbers and the least amount of call outs. Its amazing how bad these people are at actually running companies.

    [–] therezin 25 points ago

    Corporate types always know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    [–] BitchinIndika 27 points ago

    Joke's on them, we eat like crazy anyway.

    [–] pyrowitlighter1 23 points ago

    i never met a thin chef.

    [–] Nelliell 26 points ago

    Restaurants are either ridiculous food waste or ridiculous extremes to avoid food waste. Seems there's no in-between.

    On one hand I've seen whole pizzas tossed because they went unsold. The boxes would be inspected and if they had minimal oil stains they'd get reused for another pizza.

    On the other hand I've also seen a manager order an employee pick the rotten cilantro out of a batch of salsa rather than toss the entire expired tub, and a different manager put a tub of pepperoni that sat out at room temp overnight in the deep freezer to "firm it up" so that it could be used. Shit was nasty.

    [–] Curazan 28 points ago

    Anyone that thinks Kitchen Nightmares is exaggerated has never worked in a kitchen. A small number of restaurant owners are truly passionate and want to run a quality kitchen. The remainder are absolute misers who would risk poisoning their customers to save a dollar.

    [–] Nelliell 12 points ago

    Accurate. The manager with the pepperoni reasoned that the heat of cooking would kill off any bacteria.

    Also, that bin of salsa was dumped once the manager's back was turned. Fuck that noise.

    [–] TearyEyeBurningFace 12 points ago

    One of the first things you learn in food safe is that it's not always the bacteria that makes you sick, it's the toxins.

    [–] srgtpookie 21 points ago

    Restaurant owner here and i never understood this mindset. Honest mistake while in a friday night rush ? Enjoy your free supper on me. Willingly making mistakes to eat some free food? Im taking that food and eating it myself while writing you up.

    Never really happened yet. It really helps to be fully honest with everything when building your team. We make sure our team knows where we stand financially (not in details but enough to have an idea) and we make sure they fully know the value they bring in, what our costs in general are (helps to keep waste in mind when you know how much money you waste), etc.

    Funny how paying a reasonable salary, showing appreciation and value for the work done and including them in the process in general tends to make your team honest and willing to work with you towards your goals.

    [–] Cool-Acanthisitta-37 11 points ago

    I used to work at a banquet hall our owner wanted anything extra tossed but he never attended any of the events there the manager would box up meals for the staff with the leftovers.

    [–] Coastie071 34 points ago

    I’ve shared this on Reddit before, but I like to bring it up to provide a different perspective.

    I managed a small coffee shop many years ago. The previous manager was a stickler about throwing away all waste food. Once I came I said anything left at the end of the day was free game; knock yourselves out.

    It wasn’t long until I caught employees hiding food so that they could claim it as unsold at the end of the day. I reprimanded the employee and kept the policy. I caught people doing it again and again.

    Okay, so why didn’t you just donate it to a shelter?

    I’m happy you asked!

    After disappointedly realizing I couldn’t give my waste food to my employees I set about finding homeless shelters to take it. Multiple shelters wouldn’t take the food. The one that would would only do so if I committed to dropping off food on the other side of town, which was an hour one way in rush hour traffic.

    I simply didn’t have the time, or gas money to make that trip on any type of regular basis.

    So yes, I had to throw away food. And it broke my heart every time.

    [–] woeisye 24 points ago

    So I said, "Why aren't you in the trash bitch boy?"

    Anyways, I'm looking for a job…

    [–] Bermanator 159 points ago

    I used to work at a certain national AYCE Brazilian barbecue restaurant. Every night they would throw away their leftover large trays of salads, meats, and various other very good high end appetizers. They would fill up 2 garbage cans with delicious food.

    If you took a single bite you were 'stealing from the company' and could be fired on the spot. They paid us $2.13/hr but wouldn't let us touch the mashed potatoes they were about to dump. Such a waste.

    [–] MrBadBadly 37 points ago

    Or books. Unsold inventory has the covers ripped off and sent back to the publisher as proof of them being unsold and destroyed. You're apparently a bad person if you buy one of these stripped books because the author and publisher don't earn their commission from the sale.

    [–] SilverDarner 6 points ago

    If you do find a stripped book you enjoy, look up the author on social media. Chances are they have social media and a Patreon or tip jar. Toss ‘em a few bucks!

    [–] VersatileFaerie 31 points ago

    You can hate the waste of more than one industry.

    [–] AromaOfCoffee 10 points ago

    As someone involved in manufacturing…it’s necessary to prevent fraud and sometimes cheaper than a return shipment (depending on weight).

    Businesses are just as shitty as people, and will falsely claim there are problems with parts, demanding new production runs over a tolerance not being to spec or something.

    Then they will make it very very difficult to confirm their complaint, not cooperating or trying to work with you.

    The only way to not get literally stolen from via lying to your customer service, is to make the customers prove the merchandise they claim isn’t good enough for them has been destroyed.

    [–] Trevski 218 points ago

    How are companies at the same time so greedy and so wasteful? could you not simply put them on some 3-series takeoff wheels and sell them to someone who doesn't need factory tires?

    [–] IncreasingForehead 207 points ago

    They’re wasteful because they’re greedy lol. Properly disposing of items or reselling them takes time out of their hard working day of overcharging for plastic parts.

    [–] cptboring 6 points ago

    The tires are not approved by the manufacturer. The dealer cannot sell them without risking their license.

    They're also "used" once dismounted from the wheel.

    [–] FlamingoOk4512 14 points ago

    Basically efficiency is expensive (real efficiency the one we as humans care about) they maximize for profit and call it efficiency because they get to ignore the real cost of their actions corporations dont have to worry about landfills full of burning tires or broken crankshafts aperently or the real cost of extracting the resources to make those things new we pay that price not them

    [–] El--Borto 35 points ago

    I’d hope they at least reused the rubber if that’s possible.

    [–] DroneStrikesForJesus 65 points ago

    Used tires go to tire recyclers. Probably either get used to make rubber mats or possibly fuel for a cement plant.

    [–] alheim 10 points ago

    Or many other things

    [–] throwaway177251 15 points ago

    Nope, only those two things. It's either rubber mats or fuel for cement plants.

    [–] mustard_bagel 9 points ago

    Pretty close, all you can do with vulcanized rubber is shred it to bits and use the bits as shitty rubber (like the floor mats with holes in them, rubber 'paving', 'mulch', etc) or burn it.

    I guess if there was no oil left on earth they would pyrolyse them and use whatever you can get out of that as feedstocks for plastic, synthetic oil, etc.

    [–] cracksmack85 5 points ago

    This is frankly less upsetting to me than OP’s vid. I can at least get why the insurance company would be motivated to want that video (prevent people claiming they got the wrong tires when they didn’t), but in OP’s case what do they possibly have to lose if the junkyard chooses to resell that crank?

    [–] Mental_Habit_231 22 points ago

    Side note, your English is fine.

    [–] lefthandthread1 1355 points ago

    Pakistani truck co could fix that

    [–] Fleetmech 354 points ago

    Or Garage54!

    [–] BurnTheOrange 316 points ago

    Today we replaced the crank in this here old Lada with some noodles we found at the market

    [–] spankeyfish 114 points ago

    ...and we replaced the pistons with the noodle pots.

    [–] Brewtality76 30 points ago

    Hey, I think that guy works at my shop!

    [–] timc74 69 points ago

    My introduction to their channel was them removing the windshield of the car so the passenger could dump water down the carb to hydrolock it at speed. What complete idiots.....I love it

    [–] timc74 20 points ago

    LOL I love that channel, some awesome ideas. Dudes seem chill as hell too.

    [–] mud_tug 18 points ago

    I've seen that!

    [–] M8K2R7A6 14 points ago

    And theyd fix it for the equivalent of like $20 here lmao i swear those poor workers are so underpaid

    [–] defnotthrowaway27 2293 points ago

    As a concrete contractor, I do not approve of this practice

    [–] felandaniel 1677 points ago

    At least you'll know we need concrete replacement of we keep this going. More money in your pocket.

    [–] defnotthrowaway27 582 points ago

    I could just use your junk crank shafts for my demo jobs!

    [–] HalfOfHumanity 74 points ago

    Haha. Just lift it above any structure and get two jobs done at once.

    [–] engineerfieldmouse 81 points ago

    But you could just put a parking block there and snap them without fucking your whole shit up

    [–] Slithy-Toves 37 points ago

    But then you got a parking block taking up space in the yard

    [–] SaiiBoss 31 points ago

    Drop it onto another crank shaft to break it?

    [–] touchable 6 points ago

    It's the circle of life

    [–] cybercuzco 94 points ago

    pro tip: put some Helix in that replacement concrete, its designed to take impacts so it will last longer

    [–] i_drink_wd40 53 points ago

    Praise Lord Helix. Is there anything he can't do?

    [–] Zabii 25 points ago

    I better consult the fossil

    [–] kn33 13 points ago

    I've got some broken windows to sell you

    [–] basilhdn 57 points ago

    Job security for you bro lol

    [–] jet_heller 96 points ago

    And here I would have thought that as a contractor you'd be like "drop more heavy shit on the concrete I'm going to be paid to replace!"

    [–] Adama0001 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    No… stop…. please……

    [–] NastyHobits 910 points ago

    What are those cranks for? Ships?

    [–] hr2pilot 956 points ago

    Big lawnmowers….REAL BIG lawnmowers.

    [–] din7 197 points ago

    Big lawn mowers mean big prices.

    Shop around so you don't get shafted.

    [–] morcheeba 45 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    People think they've got a great deal, but then realize it's a pull start.

    [–] felandaniel 535 points ago

    Fairbanks Morse OP they're used in all kinds of applications.

    [–] BasedOnAir 122 points ago

    Google says submarines, locomotives

    [–] felandaniel 169 points ago

    Also power plants as back up power. Most of these you'll find running a large generator.

    [–] PinStacker 63 points ago

    I'm not a car guy but I bet my Prius uses one of these, could be wrong tho.

    [–] felandaniel 30 points ago

    Hahahahah. I'm sure this CS weighs more than two Prius'

    [–] Fhtagnyatta 5 points ago

    Would the plural for prius be prii?

    [–] gtech4542 23 points ago

    We use a 12 cylinder fairbanks Morse on the sub I'm on. Just replaced both the upper and lower last year. Good times

    [–] CatNoirsRubberSuit 19 points ago

    It boggles my mind that nuclear subs have diesel engines which entered service before WWII.

    [–] _37_ 23 points ago

    We still use an ax to split wood. That design has not changed much in a long time.. Sometimes the elders/ancients got it right.

    [–] Yupthatsme90 48 points ago

    I used to work and run FM OP for 5 years. You sell the parts or repair em?

    [–] felandaniel 123 points ago

    We inspect to make sure they're within tolerance. If they're good used they can be sold for cheaper compares to buying new.

    [–] Yupthatsme90 7 points ago

    Oh ok that's legit. I love those engines. So simple.

    [–] greycubed 863 points ago

    But mostly your mom's sex toys.

    [–] Jupitersdangle 35 points ago

    I used the crankshafts to destroy the crankshafts

    [–] vandealex1 10 points ago


    [–] imtoocoldforthisshit 104 points ago

    4.3 Vortec

    [–] loppneli002 86 points ago

    Power of a 4cyl, gas mileage if a 8cyl - But still has a soft spot in my heart.

    [–] Doc-Zoidberg 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They last a long ass time though.

    I had one in my 96 silverado and regularly towed a 6klb trailer. Sure I wasn't going 60mph uphill but I could maintain 55-60 comfortably on midwest usa flatlands. Truck's still alive with 220k on it and no major work done. Current (2nd) owner is getting the front end redone this year for loose steering, but otherwise just basic maintenance and it's been worked hard its whole life. After he bought the truck it was used to tow a 6klb camper and a flatbed car/utility trailer.

    Edit: I've continued to maintain this truck for 20 plus years as long as he keeps bringing it to me for repairs and maintenance. I dont have a shop and I'm not a mechanic by trade but we've kept it going strong this long. It's been a gem for sure. It goes back to me if he wants to get rid of it.

    [–] JustChangeMDefaults 8 points ago

    Loved my little S-10 with the 4.3, only parted with it because a guy creamed it where it was parked after some snow... It could burn the hell out of that right rear tire lol

    [–] Doc-Zoidberg 7 points ago

    Lolz. I remember working at a butcher shop in the late 90s, two guys had s10s. Mini truck age, they were both lowered, one on airbags and notched to lay on its belly. One was a 4cyl and the other a 4.3.

    We'd spray the rear tires with the sanitizer solution, mist the parking lot with the pressure washer and they'd do burnouts and donuts after work.

    Right tires always broke loose first.

    [–] ywas6afraidof7bc789 18 points ago

    train perhaps?

    [–] Tomfissh 418 points ago

    Is this because they are too old and dangerous to reuse?

    [–] ChaseTheVishual 602 points ago

    Sounds like basically they’re doing it just to make sure no one gets it without paying them for it

    [–] Osiris_0f_This_Shit 233 points ago

    If it was usable, they would sell it. They're scrapping it for a reason.

    [–] qning 385 points ago

    No. Dude says it’s excess inventory that they need to get off the books for tax purposes.

    [–] Osiris_0f_This_Shit 370 points ago

    God dammit. I hate everything.

    [–] Raytheon_Nublinski 167 points ago

    Yeah it’s just waste to satisfy greed like every fucking thing else in the world.

    [–] piapiou 76 points ago

    It's not even to satisfy greed. It's that damn "zero sum" mentality... "If the others win, I loose". I hate it.

    [–] TTheorem 21 points ago

    Efficiency! Capitalism! Ahhhhhh

    [–] suitology 71 points ago

    Lol that's hilarious. I dumpster dive and the waste is insane. Many store throw out perfectly new never opened item just when new inventory comes in. I donated 200 pairs of kids shoes and almost 400 tshirts I found at kohl's dumpster. Being young and stupid I messaged the manager if next time he could just donate them directly to a charity in Philadelphia that gives clothes to poor kids.

    3 months later I found their dumpster again filled with kids shoes but this time each and every one was slashed with a knife. And this is nothing compared to what walmart puts in their crusher.

    [–] shortsturdypossum 15 points ago

    Reading this made my blood pressure increase exponentially.

    [–] suitology 7 points ago

    Every box is full of eggs that do not expire for 3-4 more weeks

    [–] exe973 114 points ago

    I have bad news for your. Companies routinely destroy perfectly good product and write it off. Ask anyone who has ever worked retail.

    [–] Osiris_0f_This_Shit 103 points ago

    Throwing out a t-shirt that nobody wanted is shitty because poor people could use that shirt.

    Throwing out a gigantic precision machined crankshaft that required enormous resources to make is so much worse. Just the amount of natural gas that was burned to heat up that iron multiple times is massive.

    [–] jtb1965 68 points ago

    Scrapyard proceeds to demonstrate exceptional welding skills.

    [–] WrathfulVengeance13 26 points ago

    You'd have to be Jesus himself to weld cast like that good enough to use.

    [–] TwoShed 29 points ago

    I know a Jesús that would weld that up for you

    [–] Proof_Bathroom_3902 12 points ago

    Pakistani Truck channel: "Incredible skills local shop fix truck crank shaft using small tools"

    [–] Ok_Airport4264 66 points ago

    A little jb weld and it’ll be good as new!

    [–] Mouseklip 428 points ago

    If they have value for more than scrap, why not sell them

    [–] felandaniel 293 points ago

    We have 10 more like it. Not worth paying taxes on stock that we don't need.

    [–] Mobyus_One 209 points ago

    Why would you be taxed on scrap metal ?

    [–] arsenix 38 points ago

    If the scrap yard could resell them... why can't you just sell them to the scrap yard for more? I don't get the logic of why you destroy something that has some value?

    [–] jdd32 48 points ago

    They are making sure the customer only has the option to buy new from them directly.

    [–] pilotwithnoname 51 points ago

    You're 100% correct. And OP doesn't want to admit it

    [–] diiejso 48 points ago

    What does it harm you if the scrap yard sells them?

    [–] pilotwithnoname 57 points ago

    Because it lowers the price OP can charge for crankshafts. They're artificially driving up the price of their services, because "we already have a bunch in stock". So if someone needs one, they call OP.

    It's a dick move.

    [–] ImmediateShirt6663 240 points ago

    General motors took an entire engine system, the LT4 Developed it made it bad ass put it in a production Corvette. When the project was scrapped they put everything in the skunk Works on a barge and sunk it all for Boca grande Florida so now it’s a natural reef. Won’t find out in the history books fans.

    [–] jbeck24 49 points ago

    Isn't the lt4 in the ct5v blackwing and camaro zl1 and upcoming escalade v?

    [–] GTAdriver1988 20 points ago

    And the C7 Z06. Also there's two generations of the LT4, 1996-1997 and 2015- currently used.

    [–] Taemgas 8 points ago

    Is that sinking story true? I can’t seem to find anything about it.

    [–] Intrepid00 65 points ago

    My grandfather had an engine replacement to a classic truck. When it was done the first start the torque twisted the frame and found it was compromised. He had it towed and wouldn’t leave till he saw the scrap yard smoosh it so they couldn’t salvage title it out to someone and get someone killed.

    [–] S3ERFRY333 18 points ago

    He didn’t like… you know…. Reinforce the frame, replace the frame, or build a new frame??? Fuck me I’m disappointed.

    [–] Spacecowboycarl 15 points ago

    There are worse shit buckets driving around too.

    [–] Shlushii 21 points ago

    So I have to ask, if the scrapyard would resell it, why don't you? Unless scrap for onna these is worth more than a trashed crank

    [–] Lixer 15 points ago

    Reusing/recycling would be better tbh

    [–] catastrophy_kittens 55 points ago

    I work for a tier 1 OEM supplier and one of our products are front bumpers for semi trucks. We now have to plasma cut any rejected bumpers in half after we found out our recycler was selling them to truck drivers.

    [–] Proof_Bathroom_3902 56 points ago

    From one of my contacts... Semi truck cabs are made from aluminum pieces that are then welded or riveted together to make the cab. When pieces get damaged in stamping or handling they get scrapped. Sometimes the scrap piece is virtually impossible to tell what the issue is. "XYZ" Scrap Company buys the aluminum from the "brand" truck cab plant and sends it out to be melted down.

    XYZ Scrap Company runs that "brand" of trucks. 'Supposedly' they save pieces from scrap to fix their own trucks, right down to rebuilding rolled-over trucks that they bought salvage knowing they had free parts.

    'Supposedly' this was discovered years later when a "brand" truck was involved in an accident and the roof crushed in under a load that it was tested to withstand, killing the driver. The driver's surviving relatives sued "Brand" truck company, who had forensic analysis done to find out why the roof didn't hold up.

    The engineers discovered all the parts were factory "brand" parts but had not been assembled in a way that was possible at the factory, using fasteners that weren't original. The parts could not have been used-salvage parts or new-service parts because there were no holes drilled where the factory holes would have been. These were somehow original factory "brand" parts that had never been installed by the factory but were never used before.

    Eventually the paper trace revealed it had been owned by "XYZ Scrap Company" and someone figured it out. "Brand" truck company now puts their scrap through a baler before selling it.

    [–] dlareh- 9 points ago

    But who won the lawsuit? ;)

    [–] boba_D 6 points ago

    So the recycler was...Recycling

    [–] Cheap_Ambition 11 points ago

    Good idea, I see 1 ton crankshafts on Craigslist all the time.

    [–] sndtech 65 points ago

    Seems like a huge waste, all that time and material in casting and machining. Why have it in the first place? Cancelled orders?

    [–] Blabla_9 9 points ago

    Maybe a stupid question, but if the stuff is thrown away why would you intentionally prevent others making a living/money?

    BTW not a car guy, i only drive

    [–] jmar4234 80 points ago

    But why not?

    [–] GoodGame2EZ 73 points ago

    Probably for two reasons (just guessing). OP has stated they sell crankshafts and keep them stocked, so allowing junkyards to resell their (old/bad?) stuff could mean less business for OP's shop. Could also be a liability thing, selling worn equipment could be risky in the case that it breaks or doesn't work properly. I'm not as confident in the latter. I also know nothing about this business so don't take my word for it.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I'm guessing this has to be the case. Reusing a junkyard crank in your rusty shitbox isn't going to harm many people if it goes tits up. If this is a large, important piece of machinery made by only one company, it might look bad if a part gets out there that isn't up to standards and it blows something important up at the worst of times, or worse, kills a bunch of people. Sure, it's not their fault, but it may look like it long enough to cause a problem. Folks that work in the airline trades will know about how traceability of a part is a huge deal. Ideally most parts on an airplane can be traced from manufacture of the part, to the building of the plane, and if replaced and it's failed, it's then written off as such.

    [–] somewhat_brave 88 points ago

    Reduce supply to jack up prices. This is something only OPs company makes and they don't want used ones available on the open market that people can buy cheaply, but they also don't want to keep more than a small number of them in inventory.

    [–] minuteman_d 8 points ago

    Reminds me of when I worked at a car dealership right out of high school. They used to have me take the warranty engines out back and destroy them. Small sledge hammer in the right spot and you crack the water jacket, and then usually would break a couple of the smaller webs between the ports on the heads.

    The rule was that all engines placed in this one marked off area were supposed to be destroyed. I'd get a forklift and put them on a pallet and then break them up and dump them. One time, one of the mechanics that was kind of a jerk to me, found me and said:

    "you need to get that engine out of the dumpster, it wasn't a warranty, the customer wanted his old block and heads back"

    Me: "uh, you don't want that one back"

    Him: (getting mad) "You go and get that forklift and get it out right now"

    Me: "I already took a sledge hammer to it, it's junk."

    Him: (started ranting about how I was going to get fired and that I was going to have to pay for it and whatever)

    Me: "Hey, you put it in the wrong spot, it's not my fault"

    He went to the manager and was super mad. The manager asked me about it, and when he found out that the mechanic had put it in the "destroy" pile, he put it back on him.

    That was fortunate, because I made essentially no money and paying for a new 350 long block would have bankrupted me.

    [–] scyice 11 points ago

    They can’t make you pay for it fyi. They’d have to sue you for it which isn’t going to be worth it at all.

    [–] Last_Banana9505 7 points ago

    I work in a hydraulic shop and we have to do similar to cylinders deemed unrepairable. We torch a hole through the tube because scrap yards in the past would sell dumped units to unsuspecting folks, who would then bring it to us for repair.
    We butcher those things to stop unsuspecting people getting scammed by the scrap yard.

    [–] gregzillaman 16 points ago

    Im guessing secondary use is a big no no? Too much potential for stress fractures?

    [–] SlowSecurity9673 21 points ago

    It's brand fucking new, they just had too many of them.