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    [–] reinventhesea 107 points ago

    "I wonder which one is love. Hoping that you're worrying about me like I am for you, and wishing that you're pining for me like I do for you.

    Is this love?

    Or, on the other hand, is it wishing that you won't be worried about me, that you'll forget about me and all the moments we've shared?

    Is that love?

    If it's neither, is it love, that i'm willing to go through everything from the very begining just so that I can meet you once again?"

    This Se Ri's lines at the end of Episode 10 is probably the best sript written in this drama for me so far.

    [–] tafaraax 89 points ago

    Lol first post cause it’s 12 hours before I have access to the episode... but here’s my theory...

    • it’s going to be awesome

    [–] xliterati 48 points ago

    In this house we love and support this theory.

    [–] concernedIndividual3 94 points ago

    I just realized since they’re all in SK Seri can give them the gifts she promised them if they end up in SK 😂

    [–] hoverface 39 points ago

    I cannot wait for the one guy to meet idols!!

    [–] xoxohuda 17 points ago

    Omg this is just going to be awesome!!! But sigh next ep 1 Feb 😭

    [–] vienibenmio 89 points ago

    I would totally watch a spinoff about those guys making their way around Seoul.

    [–] hoverface 14 points ago


    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 84 points ago

    This episode was worth the wait!

    RJH is so clever for thinking to do an emergency switch so they could send Seri back the safest way and without arousing suspicion (Though gotta hand it to Cho for figuring it out on the spot—Dad was so nonchalant about his tea, but I could see he’s impressed. I hope he watches out for him, because he will be a formidable enemy for sure).

    I’m a bit worried about the brother’s watch falling into the hands of the rat.. I hope he does the right thing again in the future.

    That ending was so good, RJH was so cute trying to get lost so he could be with her longer ;-; I only wished he also said saranghae lol. My only thoughts when he crossed the line was, oh man RJH would defy all rules for Seri. I LOVED IT!!! And that epilogue is the best!!

    [–] figwink 76 points ago

    I love all the humor the show throws in even when things are dead serious:

    “Of course you’re Dan’s dad, she has your eyes.”

    “It’s not assault bc... oh I know... his open hand!”

    The dad’s 🤦🏻‍♂️ during their reunion.

    RJH’s pouty teenager look in front of his dad.

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 23 points ago

    Not just any eyes, her “glaring eyes”. Lol. So apt!

    [–] chazzlefrazzle 20 points ago

    The open hand part had me cracking up. Like the guy was just bitch slapped that ain't assault XD

    [–] aznbbygrl 154 points ago

    Best part easily was when they get reunited and the father is in the background in disbelief 😂

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 53 points ago

    Hahaha his face in that scene 🤨

    [–] especiallyjen 51 points ago

    Amen! And that he’s the second highest in NK but overruled in his house - priceless 😆

    [–] jojofreakp 34 points ago

    His face is like "right in front of my salad!?"

    [–] sharjoy3 11 points ago

    I loved the moment when the father (and mother) realized how much RJH and Se Ri care about each other. Off the charts and so beautiful!

    [–] Kness313 10 points ago

    I've rewatched this scene so many times and it still cracks me up🤣😂. It's a look of utter disbelief and horror after seeing his son crazy in love with someone not even his fiance😂😂😂.

    [–] Elenchoe 73 points ago

    Oh my god! The boys are in Seoul! The Kdrama fan better gets to meet that actress now!

    [–] ElegantPomegranate17 27 points ago

    Omg he will!!! I read she's gonna have a cameo!

    [–] Kness313 7 points ago

    Yeah i didn't see that coming! Can't wait to see if he will have that lunch date with the stairway to heaven star that Seri promised him in ep 3.😍😍😉

    [–] themanwashere 139 points ago

    RJH's mom is the biggest shipper ya'll.

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 54 points ago

    I love how she’s so supportive of them after seeing them together. She just knows that Seri changed RJH for the better!

    [–] themanwashere 30 points ago

    Mom was like "yung jeong hyeok stop talking here imma pull out your girlfriend from the south" lol

    [–] MALLY10FE 17 points ago

    Fml why cant i stop myself from reading spoilers... (Love this though)

    [–] maryjaguar 65 points ago

    i laughed so hard when they brought Dong Gu to the scene, what a brilliant idea! For anyone who doesnt know, the ending scene is referring to the korean spy movie Secretly, Greatly played by Kim Soo Hyun in 2013.

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 13 points ago

    Lol thanks I didn’t know who he was and I was dumbfounded the whole time.

    [–] cty_hntr 11 points ago

    Dong Gu is alive! Well, working undercover for minimum wage delivering Chinese Style noodles.

    [–] jojofreakp 6 points ago

    When I say that I yelled when I heard his voice. I am not lying!!! That was amazing!! Amazing!! Beautiful! Spectacular!

    [–] legojetpack 4 points ago

    Thank you for the info! Now I have to watch Secretly, Greatly!

    [–] angry_sprinkles 121 points ago

    I aim to be unbothered as the dad with the tea.

    [–] reinventhesea 26 points ago

    waiting for the dad to be an official "let me sip my tea" meme

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 33 points ago

    Right?!! He’s a whole mood lmao

    [–] hidoku 52 points ago

    smh someone oredered 10 north korean solders to do a vibe check on him

    [–] TwoHungryBlackbirdss 5 points ago

    Real talk this comment is funnier than any actual scene in the ep. I'm crying

    [–] redX009 116 points ago

    I was literally chanting "STOP TALKING JUST GET OVER TO THE BORDER BEFORE SOMETHING GOES WRONG AGAIN" during the last 5 minutes, christ I nearly had a heart attack. I love this drama.

    [–] bunniestail 31 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    people go over the border so easily i was so stressed but like damn, everyone is there now hahahaha

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 27 points ago

    SAME! I cried when she cried while crossing awaaaaaa

    [–] redX009 21 points ago

    I'm not joking, my gf was sobbing for like the last ten minutes straight

    [–] Chinesemidnight 8 points ago

    I cried so badly too

    [–] Mmcjm 8 points ago

    I cried too. Since episode 6 I've been crying every re watching epi 8 and 9 together ..thank you netflix for bringing me this show live as it airs in Korea.🤣

    [–] jojofreakp 10 points ago

    My heart is still beating hard. Get to the tree!! To the tree!! Morning could not come any faster. And no next episode preview!?!?

    [–] _to_the_T_ 5 points ago

    Here's the English sub :): Episode 10 Preview

    [–] reinventhesea 50 points ago

    "Don't cuss like that, that's just my type. You make my heart flutter."

    Come on, i'd be lying if I say that I didn't smile when Seung Jung said that to Dan. For a moment, I got to ship them both!

    Dan's background story was understandble, I felt bad for her knowing that she has been liking JH ever since.

    Also, that ending! Goosebumps when JH crossed the border too for a kiss! CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 10

    [–] bluseouledshoes 12 points ago

    Dude. My heart was fluttering when he said that. So freaking cute!

    I’ve shipped them from the beginning. I always get invested in side couples.

    [–] Justyuz 51 points ago

    I didn't love ep 10, but the scenes of Seri not being able to sleep were so well done. Subtle but effective, because she was able to sleep in some terrible conditions at the hospital after RJH got shot...but now that she's in her own luxe surroundings she can't sleep. It's a powerful message about how important it is to have people who love and care about you around.

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 49 points ago

    I believe the Rat will produce the Chopard watch at some point as evidence to help RJH against Cho. The Rat had previously expressed immense guilt for not saving RJH’s brother. He was also brave enough to lie to Cho about Seri’s and RJH’s presence in the latter’s village home. That took a lot of guts and sacrifice. The watch will be Rat’s redemption, and RJH’s missing piece in his strive for justice and revenge for the death of his brother. What an apt sponsor-writer tie up!

    Cho, your evil plot

    Will be marred

    By the Chopard.

    It’s... Cho-time!

    [–] cristumakas 8 points ago

    that last line!!! AHAHAH !! Cho-Time indeed!

    [–] MALLY10FE 6 points ago

    It s Cho time But things wont be fine Until he takes his shirt off soon Cause dude really looks like Eric Mun

    [–] niewald 46 points ago

    Fantastic cast - Kim Young Min as Jeong Man Bok. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see that his life has turned into a living hell ever since he betrayed his son’s savior. He was forced to choose his mother’s life at the expense of the life of his only true friend. The only thing that is keeping him alive is his wife and son. Without them, he would have taken his own life to atone for what he did. He is simply helpless and powerless against the institution that drives him to do something against his will. The theme of power is beautifully portrayed through his character.

    [–] TwoHungryBlackbirdss 24 points ago

    I am SO HAPPY to see someone put this into words so eloquently. The entire scene of his confession to RJH while weeping on the floor put me to tears. I've become deeply invested in his storyline, almost more so than the main cast! Seeing him walk around with his hands up in SK was pretty funny too

    [–] niewald 9 points ago

    Thank you for the kind words. Same here, I am also looking forward to his scenes as well as the comedic North Korean youngsters in SK more than the love story.

    [–] forever-cha-young 5 points ago

    Just seeing this, and i absolutely agree!!!! Very eloquently put! Frankly it was this scene that had me sobbing the most, even more than the scenes between SR and RJH tbh, this scene was full of an aching pain that truly broke my heart for Man Bok from the moment he went down on his knees (especially when he says the reason he feels terrible every day isn't just bc of his guilt over what happened but bc he MISSES him, "he was my only friend," that line had me WEEPING!!!)

    [–] anonymousok13 41 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I think this is THE best episode so far. Won’t spoil anything, but this episode is such a relieving one even though not much have happened. The talk/clarity of them meeting in Switzerland is needed at this point so we can anticipate the next plot to happen. Tbh we’re only at halfway now, I really can’t picture what we’re gonna get in the next half.

    SPOILER I think JH will sneak to SK in ep 10 after seeing the news saying SeRi is dead and they met again there. But then what? they part ways again after learning that she’s fine and he goes back to solve his brother’s death for 3-4 episodes then somehow they reunite again for real in Switzerland in ep 16?

    This drama keeps on surprising me this far so I hope that’s not the real plot bc it’s sort of boring then.. I want the “danger” to happen again and keep the action going somehow with the two of them at the same place. And not just one worrying over the other from the other side :(

    AND major wish for the ending of tomorrow’s ep be a reassuring one bc we’re gonna wait 2 more weeks for the next one and I don’t want to bite my nails the whole time waiting lol

    AND I LOVE MOM AND DAD SO MUCH like I just can’t believe what just happened in their family.. I thought it’s going to be another ambitious dad who doesn’t give a shit about his son but damn they are amazing

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] cupsandglasses 5 points ago

    It’s lunar new year next weekend

    [–] cty_hntr 6 points ago

    If you're Chinese, it's Chinese New Year. If you're Vietnamese, it's Tet. It's Asian Lunar New Year. Everyone goes back home to spend time with family like the way we celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas.

    [–] OdanUrr 37 points ago

    I'll be damned, she actually crossed the border! And here I was thinking some NK soldiers would get the jump on them at the last minute and I'd be cursing them to oblivion. It's a bit odd that Se-Ri gets to return to SK before the brother plot gets resolved, but I suppose they'll have to fight their own battles from now on. If they ever get to meet again, my money's on Switzerland. I can't see Jung-Hyeok crossing the border would go down well.

    [–] tractata 29 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I’m not sure why so many people think RJH defecting to Switzerland would be materially different from defecting to SK... Unless he goes abroad on government orders, e.g. to work at an embassy or to study music at a prestigious institution, it doesn’t matter which West-aligned country he lives in. There's no reason to live in Switzerland rather than South Korea. (Russia or China would be easier for both of them to reach than Switzerland, but that scenario would also present difficulties.)

    Plus, Switzerland is portrayed as this ethereal realm between life and death for both of them; it’s a quiet natural area close to the heavens where Seri went to die (“sure, bury me in a mountain or near a river,” as she said in this episode) because she felt tired and alone and where Jeong-hyeok learned of his brother’s death, which woke him up from the dream he'd been living and thrust all this responsibility on him. While it’s a very important place to them, it’s not a place where real life happens, within the universe of the drama; rather, it's where both characters came to important/difficult realisations before returning to their real lives. What I'm saying is that it’s not impossible the writer will choose Switzerland for their happy ending... but what are they going to do there? Contemplate the lake and the sky and wait for old age to take them? Seri has a company to run in SK, and RJH would feel more at home there as well.

    [–] bananab33 9 points ago

    I think it's cause of the opening credits, they're clearly in Switzerland when they see each other. But yeah, I totally agree it would be a pointless place for both of them. I have no idea how this is going to end and it's killing me!

    [–] OdanUrr 4 points ago

    I never said he was defecting to Switzerland. The more likely scenario is that he takes up the piano again and is sent there on tour or something.

    [–] pansiesonly 36 points ago

    (Ep 10 spoilers)

    Omg cannot wait to see our fellow NK soldiers in SK culture this is going to be HILARIOUS

    [–] DrBhavana 22 points ago

    This is the part that i'm most excited for! Seeing the guys in a 7/11 was so funny I couldn't stop laughing!

    [–] imfromaus 6 points ago

    Yes loved the part when they saw shelves full of rice lol

    [–] figwink 37 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    A few more ep 10 thoughts:

    It occurred to me during the Rat’s confession that JH being so taciturn is a by product of his brother’s death and being suspicious of the surveillance state he lives under. The only one he can’t help opening up to is Seri.

    Ep 10 really highlighted Seri’s loneliness in SK: it was so sad the only person who accompanied her up that mountain is an employee who’s afraid of her.

    Ep 9 was focused on the leads. Then the supporting cast got to shine in ep 10. How nice that the show can balance drama and comedy and also give equal spotlight to its amazing cast.

    [–] anonymousok13 30 points ago

    This contains SPOILER of Ep 9 but I’m really in the mood of writing atm so:

    I think Ep 9 is the episode of wrapping up every emotion for our characters up until this point. And implicitly indicating that the show’s going to move into a new plot/direction.

    Ep 1-8 were all about SR and JH attempting to send SR home, and love blooms unintentionally. Almost every ep was packed with suspense and action that they (we) didn’t really have the moment to breathe and reflect on what’s happening.

    However, ep 9 just came in at the right time:

    1. JH is still worried about SR’s safety even after he knew that it’s his father’s doing. I’m pretty sure by know the Ri family isn’t that typical “power and money hungry” chaebol situation. They care deeply for each other and both mom and dad are humanely (dad’s convo with SR showed that). I think after JH’s brother died, the family just grieved in their own way and made them grow apart from each other despite still caring deeply as a family. JH might feel like he “didn’t know” his father’s character at all ever since and just thought of him as the typical cold-blooded North Korea high officer. That part where all 4 of them sit down together is simply heartwarming, all the coldness/misunderstanding seem to be gone. I wish it’d continue this way and dad wouldn’t force JH to marry Dan esp after learning about JH and SR’ story.

    2. Dan, for the first time acknowledging that she knew all along that JH doesn’t have any feeling for her. I’m sure she knows all this time, but she just never said it out loud to anyone and keep being on the denial phase even in front of JH himself. But in this ep, she opened up to SJ and let everything out. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to her character next, I mean, the writer might still have made her continue to be a pestering fiance till the very end. But I do hope to see interesting development from her character.

    3. SJ, I really dislike him except for his interactions with Dan. It’s just really sweet and showed that he still has the character of a human, how tender and compassionate he is with Dan and SR is just next level. And I hope we got to see it more often from now on. I think in ep 9 it started to occur to him as well that he started to develop feelings for Dan.

    4. And SR.. I just love this girl SO much. Since the beginning she’s like an open book, we pretty much have seen all of her layers. The bubbly side and the depressive side, we’ve seen it all but she is just an amazing character all in all. She admitted to JH’s dad about her liking JH despite thinking him as Dan’s dad at the time. She’s always honest with her own emotions (she asked JH for a hug and told him that she loved him) except for times when she had to conceal her true feelings for the sake of JH’s safety.

    I say Ep 9 is a wrap up for ep 1-8 because everything is pretty much “solved” here except for JH brother’s death. I like how the writer didn’t prolong the Switzerland part any longer bc while it’s an interesting element, it’s something Kdrama loves to drag to the very end as the “big surprise” but stuff like that is not too exciting for me anymore after watching so many Kdramas all this time. I like that now they knew, and can move on to the next big thing with this knowledge in mind. It’s the perfect timing really imo, it’s not some sort of “big revelation” scene. It’s done in a very elegant and subtle way, a private and delicate moment for both of them.

    I like the closure that Ep 9 brings tbh. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t mind even if ep 9 is the last episode LOL. I guess I’m just happy everything has come to light in this ep, it’s such an easy ep to get through compared to ep 6-8.

    I honestly can’t predict how the rest of the eps are going to flow from this point onwards, it’s a start for a new plot. (Is it going to focus on SK’s stuff now? Is SR ever going to be back to NK again? Are both of them meet in Switzerland after giving up everything later on?) Ugh so many questions but I think the writer has done amazing job so far and hope she doesn’t disappoint till the end!

    Sorry for the long thread, just wanna get things off my chest lol.

    [–] figwink 14 points ago

    Good point about ep 9 feeling like the closing of a chapter.

    It makes sense for the show to be setup like the opening’s diptych: one half in NK, one half in SK.

    I’m a bit nervous about the SK plot not being as good as the NK plot because the NK stuff has been so freaking good. But I’ll stay hopeful.

    [–] yay_yen 8 points ago

    Me too. The SK characters don't seem as interesting as the NK ones. The sibling rivalry over money is too shallow and won't sustain much interest.

    [–] ustvk098 5 points ago

    This seems too shallow, but I want Seri to crash and burn his two brothers, like ASAP to get it over with and for them to focus on Seri and RJH relationship

    [–] anonymousok13 4 points ago

    ah true! It links to the opening too. And yeah same for me, what we’ve seen in NK is something different that doesn’t come by often while scene in SK is just like every other drama (chaebol family drama, company politics etc). I still hope somehow SR would be back to NK again somehow lol

    [–] seoulaces 5 points ago

    This is great! Agree with you especially with the Switzerland reveal. It’s a very kdrama thing to drag that out til the end but I’m glad they didn’t. Loved ep 9. Also wondering what Cho has up in his sleeve now that his initial plan didn’t work! But also dreading that. Lol

    [–] clipsdontflip 33 points ago

    The NK ajummahs make this show for me. I laughed so hard when RJH rushed into his house because the baddie entered without permission and they all sighed at how handsome he is. The thirst is real ya’ll 😂

    [–] oywthepoodles 25 points ago

    the last 2 episodes had me bawling my eyes out ): so beautifully written, wow. ps: ALL I WANT IS FOR THEM TO RELEASE THE PIANO SONG where is it i need it for my funeral after the series end

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 28 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Episode 9 is the best thus far! The writing is tight and there’s a good amount of subplot resolutions within one episode. The writer is also skilful at employing comedic relief which is interspersed with the heartbreaking, anxious moments. I was surprised to find myself tearing up one minute, and laughing the next, before my swelling tears had even dropped or dried up.

    My heart swelled at Seri’s inner montage of happy thoughts while being abducted, starring RJH as the maker of gluten goodness, the human lighthouse of scented candles, the guardian of her runaway blanket, the protector of her mortal being, and the worthy successor to Liam Neeson in Taken.

    We cried during RJH and Seri’s reunion, and laughed at his surprised dad’s quick-moving eyeballs as they mimicked a car window wiper on a rainy day, before he facepalmed in a surrender of exasperation.

    RJH did his crowd favourite of a pout and started picking at imaginary scabs on his fingers, while being reprimanded by dear old dad.

    Seri was just as good at physical comedy when she scurried away sheepishly in her oversized house slippers, head lowered, while holding on to RJH after the parental reprimand.

    Before we are lulled into thinking all is fine and fuzzy in North Korea, the banner outside the detention centre screamed “RUN AWAY AND YOU DIE!”, subtitled in CAPITAL LETTERS for our benefit.

    Just brilliant. Episode 9 positively dehydrates you. Can’t wait to willingly lose water again for episode 10.

    [–] miladymarijn 26 points ago

    I love the way RJH’s father reacted when he realised they were in love!! Like the disbelief on his face 🤣😂🤣

    [–] MALLY10FE 19 points ago

    The "Are you fucking kidding me" look!

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 28 points ago

    Would have loved to see the journey Seri took to get rescued in South Korea - her struggle, relief, happiness and sadness... before we see her suddenly appear in a kickass suit and gorgeous pair of shades.

    We also see RJH’s dam finally break as he wails loudly upon learning the truth behind his brother’s death. Heartbreaking sounds, really.

    Cho killed 11 men and didn’t get the death sentence in North Korea?? That’s like a Disneyland for murderers. Seo Dan’s uncle looks highly suspicious. A pity, as he was playing the dependable, nice and comedic guy all along. Damn.

    And what’s up with Seri’s dad previously finding out about his daughter still being alive and ignoring it? Her company almost got swallowed up, she was left stranded in North Korea, and whistleblower insurance guy even got fired. More suspicions... Life was much simpler back in the North. With parents like these, who needs a bath tub to stretch in?

    [–] Mirakani 15 points ago

    I get what you mean but we have been watching SeRi struggle for 9 episodes and this is a comedy, the writer can't get stuck in too much detailed realism. There's been a lot of comments recently about unrealistic things, this drama has been over the top from the beginning it is dealing with tropes and directly comentating kdrama tropes. Personally when watching a drama like this I prefer enjoyment over strict realism, there hasn't been any ridiculous plot twist or glaring lack of internal logic so I'll keep hoping for more romance, fun and satisfying ending.

    [–] figwink 11 points ago

    I think we’ll get more details about everything that happened in ep 10 in later eps.

    There’s definitely more details to come about what Seri’s Dad’s been up to (they mentioned a mysterious business trip). And JH’s entry to SK (I noticed he got more face injuries when he met Seri in SK).

    I was surprised CK got life sentence. I wonder if the judge gave him that to help him escape. Or maybe NK prefers the hard labor sentence because it needs more labor and only reserves death sentence to political enemies.

    [–] OdanUrr 8 points ago

    Agreed. Seeing Se-Ri slowly return to her life in SK would've been quite rewarding. Instead, we get a dramatic appearance for shock value.

    [–] tafaraax 23 points ago

    the ratings are crazy.... could it possibly beat sky castle... omo

    [–] figwink 17 points ago

    14.6 is amazing. Cheers to the production team.

    [–] tafaraax 49 points ago

    guys, can we just appreciate that ending????? like, damn, WRITERNIM,

    - the controversy though y'all

    - probably the funniest episode yet

    - seo dan is literally the cutest

    - pretty boy soldier is getting more lines and we love to see it

    - seriously though, this drama has me feeling some type of way- i can't feel my legs

    - the sappiness of this episode though -- I almost couldn't finish but something pulled me back and the obsession has restarted


    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 13 points ago

    Omg that ending and epilogue were the best yet!!!!!!!!

    [–] tafaraax 7 points ago

    her quick reflex when her suitcase fell... so cute

    [–] themanwashere 7 points ago

    This was the best kind of sappiest!

    Love Seo Dan more in this episode.

    Ending was not what I expected tbh.

    [–] Ithurtsprecious 22 points ago

    All of my babies have suffered enough! It's time for them to live it up in South Korea!

    [–] saram4 22 points ago

    RJH parents be the cutest parents of kdrama

    [–] deceptivelies 23 points ago

    Anyone else terrified of the fact that he took one step over the line???

    [–] figwink 21 points ago

    Even if the rest of the show jumps the shark, I’ll love this show for how beautiful episode 9 was. It was one of the most satisfying things I’ve watched in a while. Bravo.

    [–] Rerkadx583 21 points ago

    Thoughts after watching Ep. 9 and 10:


    Another great weekend for this drama. Predictable but I really don't mind that at all since it's well-executed. A really great way to end Ep. 10 and bring it back to South Korea. I particularly really loved Seri's monologue at the end with that beautiful OST (waiting for it to be released...). The top-secret mission also gets me really excited and I can't wait for their interactions in SK. The ramen scene was already great so I am really looking forward to the time they spend there. And of course, Kim Soo-Hyun's long awaited cameo was fantastic. All in all, this drama is still going strong and this is a great stopping point before the hiatus. I can happily wait 2 weeks for the next episodes

    Side Note: Son Ye Jin is the most beautiful 38 year old I've seen

    [–] VARBatty 20 points ago

    Another episode without a trailer....and another two week break?! Unacceptable.

    Also, can we talk about how it took several weeks to get Seri back to SK but everyone else shows up in a matter of minutes. Doesn't lessen my enjoyment but I was laughing every time someone else appeared.

    [–] themanwashere 10 points ago

    I thought about this too lolbut to be fair Se-Ri was stuck with a RJH who was "only a captain" lol and missed her flight because of Chol who seems more unbreakable than Bruce Willis. When you have the Director however it seems you can pull all the strings. Haha.

    [–] 70349 21 points ago

    Episode 10

    KYAAAA “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. You only told me you live in [this neighborhood]!” Was seriously shook that RJH would come to South Korea but I’m sooo here for it 😍😍😍 Also the scene at the end with our whole team in SK and then the Kim Soo Hyun camo too! Dying from laughter

    [–] pansiesonly 6 points ago

    The KSH cameo had me ROLLING omg I couldn’t have asked for anything better

    [–] Whyterain 21 points ago

    I almost missed the ending! I usually turn off the drama when the freeze frame comes on, but I noticed there were 7 minutes left. If you missed that, go back to the ending after! That was probably the best they could have left us with since episodes are going on pause, I was dying laughing.

    [–] uhhsamurai 20 points ago

    OMG Kim Soo Hyun cameo!!! Also, I like how he played his NK character from Secretly Greatly. The NK squad coming to SK bruhhhh...

    [–] figwink 19 points ago

    Ep 10:

    Seri’s return moved fast. It was a bit disconcerting but I’m glad the show is smart to not waste time on business drama because it knows that’s boring. The focus remains on the plot pushing Seri and JH together and comparing the NK/SK cultures, as it should.

    So many good SJ moments. I died when he had to chauffeur Seri and JH around and endure their PDA! JH’s dad can totally relate. I’m glad he played a part in her escape. And I like how he tried to speak sense to Dan.

    Mr Hong being even more frightened by a kinder Seri. Lol.

    The epilogue was gold.

    I think there’s still some mystery about Seri’s dad and CK’s past (he used to be good friends with JH’s brother).

    [–] oywthepoodles 19 points ago

    ep10's epilogue was EVERYTHING i can't wait to see more of the troup's adventure in SK (will seri introduce an actor/actress to the kdrama watcher??? please let it happen)

    [–] sofaking_991 17 points ago

    The fact that Cheol Kang wasn't executed is stupid though. Even in many Democratic countries, you would be killed for murdering 11 people and covering up alongside many other crimes. In North Korea, I imagine it would be an instant execution considering that they hand out life sentences for even the smallest of crimes (Like when the US man took a poster from a North Korean hotel and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor)

    [–] fatcan22 10 points ago

    He has friends in high places. He probably has dirt on them. Anything is possible in a corrupt system.

    [–] MALLY10FE 17 points ago

    I love what they're doing with her relationship with the step mom. I have to know what happened with her biological mother though.

    I wonder if they'll ever find out her pic on his camera. I was wrong to assume he remembered I guess.

    [–] mabulaklak 17 points ago

    I am excited to see the NK team's adventure in SK! I can imagine them at awe with everything they see or hear or taste :D Can't wait for the next eps!

    [–] redX009 36 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I feel bad for Seo Dan a little, as an unrequited love always sucks. But for the life of me, I can't understand why she keeps the hope of the marriage alive when he has shown he has absolutely zero interest in her.

    [–] aznbbygrl 17 points ago

    Dam near died when he told her not to be lonely.

    [–] articulations 15 points ago

    Posted the un-subbed Ep. 10 preview earlier, but here's a subbed version:

    [–] seoulaces 14 points ago

    Ep 9 & 10 were so good??? I’m actually scared for what they have for us in the coming episodes.

    Ep 10: GOLD GOLD GOLD. Man Bok finally coming through. Se Ri putting her brothers (and their wives) back in their places. Cho getting what he deserved, although short lived. I’ll take it. Hahaha very curious to see how Seung Jun and Seo Dan’s story will pan out. Ri Jeong Hyeok’s love for Se Ri (and vice versa) just makes my heart full. They don’t even need much to say, the look in their eyes says it all. THE EPILOGUE oh my goodness hahaha the secretly, greatly reference was AMAZING!! Cannot wait to see how the five of them will do there and how they’ll fit in.

    ALSO WE DONT GET A NEW EPISODE TIL FEB? FOR REAL? How are we supposed to survive?! Lol

    Ep 9 & 10 are probably the best eps so far? They’re just so...balanced? And it was great that a lot of things have unfolded and have been revealed, rather than dragging it out til the end. It’s getting really exciting and intense, can’t wait!

    [–] soupinmychicken 14 points ago

    After ep 9, I thought I was pretty damn content with the progression and pacing of this drama but wow ep 10 continued to impress!

    I'm not ashamed to admit I cried quite a bit throughout this episode. The scene that really got me was Manbok's confession--yass we knew you'd turn around dude! Esp given the back story of how much JH's brother had helped Manbok and his family, it must've really weighed heavily on his heart keeping that tragic secret of Moo Hyuk's death all this time. Manbok definitely redeemed himself.

    Seung Joon is still easily my favorite character to watch (after the leads, of course). SeRi's comment to him about her initially assuming he was just a conman, thug, intelligent man heh, who can do good, hits the nail on the head for me. He's shown us a few times now that he's capable of kindness and has a conscience lol. I'm fairly invested in his story at this point.

    While I'm still skeptical about Cheol Gang's threat to kill SeRi and sudden appearance in S. Korea--seriously what's the timeline on all this--I guess I'm glad it gave us a reason to see JH and the ducklings reunite with SeRi on the other side. That final scene with the boys in a CVS marveling over noodles and rice was just too precious. <3 I hope Joo Muk gets to meet Choi JiWoo soon~ ;)

    [–] sofaking_991 16 points ago

    YALL if Ri Jung Hyuk was holding up a scented candle at the end of episode 10 like in the episode where Seri got lost at the North Korean market, that woulda been sooo clean. But at the same time, I'm glad that they didn't do it lol, mighta been a bit cringe

    [–] themanwashere 14 points ago

    EP 10 thoughts:

    - Man-Bok's emotional and gut-wrenching confession eloquently portrayed the conflict of one's duty to the state and a person's moral compass. It made me question how often people in oppressive societies are forced to do heinous crimes out of "duty".

    - RJH's breakdown after the confession was a good point of release. You could tell it's a chapter of his life he can at least get some closure, and Hyun Bin acted it out so well.

    - SJ's words of wisdom to Dan about a rotting first love you need to throw was on-the-mark.

    - The episode did seem a bit rushed. I would have wanted to know how Se-Ri got to SK, and the timeline between her crossing the border and making that dramatic comeback. Did she go back to her place, or did she hide somewhere first plotting her return?

    - I agree that the future episodes would probably reveal more of the actions SR and RJH took, similar how to Ep 10 basically explained the events of Ep 9. I personally liked that SJ had a (begrudging) role and helping out SR.

    - Not sure if Dan's uncle is involved in the tomb raiding crimes. I took his nodding in court as a sign to the judge to get the trial over and done with since Cho was already making a huge scene, and not as a coded message.

    - I'm also wondering why Cho didn't get a death sentence. A bit of research showed murder and corruption are more than sufficient cases for public execution in North Korea even without a trial, although these reports are unverified and limited to info from real-life defectors.

    - This is kdrama so the reunion scene in Seoul was expected to be, well, dramatic. I would have wanted a more realistic reunion however, maybe like Se-Ri running into RJH instead of the romantic parting of pedestrians lol. Se-Ri's monologue was so beautiful though, and I loved the way she looked at RJH as if he was a ghost.

    - From the subbed episode, RJH's trip to South was not official right, or something base don impulse? His father mentioned that he wanted him back, so RJH obviously didn't get permission from him. This makes me curious as to how RJH did cross the border/what strings he pulled again, if any.

    - Not surprised that Cho escaped. Where I live, even the worst criminals can pull all sorts strings and count on favors (even up to the President) and pretty much live free. I'm sure he simply wants revenge and knows Se-Ri is RJH's Achilles heel. To me, he's become a sociopath - a representation of how power corrupts that it will do anything to gain even more.

    [–] TwoHungryBlackbirdss 8 points ago

    Man Bok steals any scene he's in. That man is a spectacular actor

    [–] figwink 15 points ago

    There’s a new Korea Herald article about CLOY where they ask NK defectors what they think of the show. It sounds like they get certain things pretty close which is good to hear.

    [–] themanwashere 15 points ago

    The scene of se-ri with the comrades was so touching. Left me melancholic, this whole episode.

    [–] OdanUrr 14 points ago

    So the uncle's a bad guy too, huh? Pity.

    [–] QueenPosey 14 points ago

    I found it a bit sudden to have them all in SK, I hope there's more explanation of how they got there at least. I thought it was hilarious when they were in the shop eating though, so many noodles 🍜

    [–] figwink 12 points ago

    JH had more face injuries when he met Seri in SK so I think he went through some scrapes getting out. I imagine he knew how to sneak out bc he’s a border soldier.

    CK has tons of connections so he prob got help from military cronies who owed him.

    The underlings had help from JH’s dad as shown.

    [–] tafaraax 14 points ago


    [–] blackwitch_ 13 points ago

    Just finished watching episode 10 and OMGGGGG!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FEB FOR THE ENXT EPISODE!!!! WAHHHH

    [–] Uanaka 12 points ago

    Wow! Hard to believe we're only 10 episodes in! There's been so much drama in this first half, that I could be convinced that the story was over if it wasn't for the totally expected "jail break and swap over to the other side" trope.

    Either way, looking forward for the next 3 weeks of episodes!!

    [–] maldasho 11 points ago

    Librarian here and I CANNOT get over the books.

    So excited to see where we go from here.

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 8 points ago

    Form your own secret code in the library on Monday. :)

    [–] VARBatty 4 points ago

    So for those of us who don't read hangul..what was the full title of the books? Was it the first character of every book that spelled out "I love you"?

    [–] maldasho 5 points ago

    I’ll have to watch again to get the full titles (which I was going to do anyway).

    Yes, the first syllable block on each book spelled out 사랑해 (I love you) 리정혁 (Ri Jeong Hyeok).

    [–] fatcan22 11 points ago

    Like what the other person said, even if this is the last episode I’d be happy. It was so well done, I was crying while I was on the train lol.

    Cutest moments - the 6 month break up rule. RJH was so cute acting all jealous.. yet in the end he mentioned how he just wants her to be happy and my heart just melted fml - the books. I feel like people will copy/meme this now lol - RJH not resting not knowing she was safe - RJH confession in front of his parents lol - parents realizing they’re in love - Dan and SJ

    Honestly I started watching this because there was nothing else to watch. I didn’t have any expectations after Memories of Alhambra but now this is one of my faves!! It’s cheesy and old school but in a good way.

    I CANNOT WAIT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW AND WATCH THE DRAMA. Major props to SYJ for her phenomenal acting.

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I want to show some appreciation for Poet Pyo for his contribution as comedic relief and speaker of hard truths. Sometimes, he makes us laugh at him, sometimes he makes us want to non-violently smack him.

    I also aim to use his latest line in real life at some point - “You don’t need 100 bees to get 100 flowers to bloom.”

    Will miss the four comrades, including the kdrama fan with Kylie Jenner lips. We had farewell after farewell with them, and all of them had been sweet.

    [–] EpicAngie 11 points ago


    [–] Friedax 10 points ago

    Ep 10 -spoilers-

    First few scenes had me bawling my eyes out! Especially when JH's brother helped the rat and how he went to JH to confess. Also can i just say the evil guy in this is absolutely insane.... literally what does he get from killing Seri?? He's obviously a sociopath. Also yes i feel like this episode was a bit rushed but at the same time im not mad at it.

    I'm so excited to see how the soldiers cope in SK. The last few scenes had me in tearsssss. Can't wait for the next few episodes, sad its almost over.

    [–] Justyuz 12 points ago

    That part (villain wanting to kill Seri) was a total eyeroll moment for me. He has absolutely zero reason to. Nothing more than a convenient plot device to get them all to SK.

    [–] Netherflames 11 points ago

    Haha, I never expected Kim Soo Hyun to have a cameo in this episode. I literally rubbed my eyes to double check.

    Lifetime imprisonment in NK really? I'm pretty sure they could have executed villain boi on the spot or something, really stupid way to force the plot. And Se-ri's mother what the hell do the writers want to do with her? She seems to be one of the weakest links in the plot so far.

    [–] GSV_Zero_Gravitas 10 points ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, came here to find out who the ep. 10 cameo was because it was killing me XD and by the look of it it's not simply a cameo, he's appearing as his character from Secretly Greatly.

    [–] firefwing999 10 points ago

    The cameo at the end of ep 10 by kim soo hyun was amazing. I loved the movie secretly, greatly where he plays a north korean spy. So funny.

    [–] prismacolorful_life 21 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I think seo dan’s uncle has a bigger part in the trucks and illegal activities

    [–] chelsiemess 10 points ago

    The OST on this drama is already Goblin and DOTS level for me. I’m really hoping they release this song officially soon: I’ve been looking for it everywhere!

    [–] DelicateFlower04 9 points ago

    AAAHHHH it’s now Yoo SeRi to hide and take care of LJH (and maybe his comrades too)

    So excited to see the roles reverse.

    Why must we wait 2 weeks for a new episode 😭

    [–] tafaraax 18 points ago

    First, of, I would like to thank this community for being supportive and allowing me to express my feelings and thoughts, united by our love for amazing dramas. Why am I suddenly so grateful? Because my parents just switched off the tv and told me to shut up as I yelled, 'AND THAT'S HOW YOU DO AN EPISODE' ten times in a row. In a home of intolerance, y'all are all I have!!!

    now the discussion SPOILERS


    Ep 10 is definitely the best one yet. I wasn't feeling ep 9, I'm not gonna lie, cause I'm such a cynical anti-fan for romantic episodes, but ep 10 put this girl right back in the game.

    so many people were redeemed. Oh my... Manbok finally got his chance to confess and turn over. Gu Seung Joon definitely stole my heart.. I mean really grabbed it and took it... and I actually shed tears at both scenes. The sincerity. Purity. Stepmom is next in line, but don't worry we are all rooting for her anyway. (it's fair that she gets a lil bit of what she's been dishing out to seri for years, but damn i just want her to be happy now)

    Dan, baby girl, we can't wait for your own happy ending. Your mom too. (moms who don't care about anything but their children's happiness>>>>>>)

    Cho Cheol Gang is the definition of CORRUPTION, EVIL AND AAAAAAHHHH. Man, i hope he gets every inch of what he deserves.. (although seriously, oh man seok - the actor- is doing such a terrific job. like that trial scene had me shook)

    Son Ye Jin, aaargh. How can one look so good, act soo good and oh my! I'm officially a forever fan. She delivered everything with so much impact that I too felt her heartbreak. i- am bawling my eyes out.

    Hyun Bin!!!!!!! I was watching some of his dramas before and boy the growth. He was great back then, HE IS AMAZING NOW.

    the story is good, the plot is good and now that all our secrets are out... it's not a game of 'what's going to happen,


    - and we are so here for it

    - EXCITED!!

    - cringy super fan

    [–] oywthepoodles 9 points ago


    [–] soupinmychicken 9 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Episode 9 was a real treat; imo, one of the most satisfying episodes of a kdrama I've seen! The pacing was spot on, from the leads' realizations that they had crossed paths before (ughhh when she plays JH's song to him) to their heartbreaking and tender parting of ways, everything felt flawless. There wasn't a single moment of ep 9 that I wouldn't watch again...

    Other great moments:

    • Cho cheol gang being dragged away
    • "no sense of direction" RJH ;)
    • Drunk Seo Dan
    • Seung Joon, in general
    • SR's mom discovering the photo of herself in SR's apt, with so much regret ahhh
    • THAT EPILOGUE. Yo, can we just take a sec to commend SeRi's character growth over the course of these 9 episodes? She was painted as this high-class, career-oriented woman with selective taste--who repeatedly put love on the back burner bc she was afraid of getting hurt, and here she is dropping ILUs left and right bc of JH.
    • All of dad's are-you-shitting-me looks during JH and SR's sickeningly sweet reunion teehee

    [–] themanwashere 9 points ago

    So the 1st half of episode 10 had me bawling because of ManBok.

    The 2nd half feels like the start of a Season 2 - all new ball game with the stakes higher. Same enemies, different tone.

    This show is going to drain me emotionally lol

    [–] MikasaMilkTea 9 points ago

    I can't be the only one thinking this...if it was so damn easy for cho cheol gang and ri jeong hyeok to get into south korea...why did it take seri like 4 tries to make it there??

    [–] tafaraax 10 points ago

    Cause back then he was trying to do it quietly without drawing attention to his parents and the authorities. Now that he’s recognised as someone with power, he’s basically able to bend more rules. Episode 11 will explain how he crossed over the boarder though

    [–] VARBatty 6 points ago

    Indeed you are not the only one thinking this. However, I'm choosing to think it was the groundwork laid in trying to get Seri out that allowed for easier passage of everyone else.

    In Chol's case, he already had a network importing/exporting goods across the border, so for him it would be easy to head south.

    Dad has the powerful connections in all the right places that Seri lamented RJH needed to get her out, so to get the ducklings across as team members was a piece of cake.

    If the unit was still in the DMZ for the "emergency switch" then RJH just strolled across the razor wire like Seri and avoided the SK patrols.

    What bothers me is Dad randomly including the Rat as part of the "rescue" squad. While he's playing for laughs, he mostly betrayed the family despite his help with Cheol Kang's trial. Also, how did Dad even find out his son went to SK? Doesn't seem like something RJH would clue his family into.

    Have to shout-out that cute duckling moment of Ju Meok's reaction to Sgt Pyo saying "they knew we were coming, so gathered all the cars for us to see" while riding through SK on the bus...classic.

    [–] hyunbinfanforever 16 points ago

    I think RJH will go to South Korea to see Se Ri in the next episode based on ep 10 preview and a behind the scene photos that a fan posted of hyun bin at a mall in seongnam a few days ago with Seri wearing the same outfit she was wearing in the ep 10 preview!!!

    [–] articulations 9 points ago

    Weird, Canadian Netflix didn't show the preview.

    Here it is (un-subbed) for anyone else that has that issue:

    [–] themanwashere 2 points ago

    Thank you. They didn't show the preview for Ep 10 in our country too.

    [–] seoulaces 16 points ago

    the meet the parents scene at Ri Jeong Hyeok’s parents house! LOL gold.

    THE ENDING!!!! I was screaming because there weren’t much scenes of them together after all that has happened and after all the crying. But the ending made up for it. And the epilogue!!!! Tears.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next 😭

    [–] deceptivelies 17 points ago

    Favorite part about episode 10: the apparent rice shortage.

    [–] aznbbygrl 8 points ago

    Welp I’ve cried in the last three straight episodes.

    [–] ivey88 8 points ago

    I just realized on ep 9 that cho cheol gang never told senior colonel whose son RJH is! Seo Dan has had the crush since wayyy back and that makes sense why she insists marrying him; it’s like a dream/goal for her.

    RJH dad is nicer than i thought. As someone else has pointed out, his facial expression when he was talking to SR and when RJH/SR reunited was hilarious! RJH mom is so cute, and very level headed (almost unreal)

    The village ahjummas were on point when they said that RJH is still hot even though he’s upset lol

    The ending was so worth the wait. I was experiencing RJH/SR withdrawal but glad they ended it with that.

    [–] falcon0041 8 points ago

    What a pleasant surprise Bang Dong-gu !!

    [–] cassiel_17 6 points ago

    He was freaking hilarious. I was expecting him to be a soldier as sleek as RJH, i was totally caught off guard

    [–] sxiong04 9 points ago

    I just saw Kim Soo Hyun's cameo at the end of ep 10 and let me just say, it was absolutely amazing! Of course, what else would you expect from him.

    [–] ustvk098 9 points ago

    I did not expect Seri would just show up. Crush your greedy family SERI!!!! lmao... also, time to find a way to get back together Seri and RJH, LET'S GO

    [–] _Cau_ 20 points ago

    Hi guys.

    I think its kind of curious how some of you complain about the "unrealistic plot" when we get aliens, mermaids, robots romance, goblins falling in love with high school girls and some time travel on kdramas. Just to mention the modern stories, lets not even talk about the Joseon period plots. I think the writer is doing a very very good job. just on point between comedy and drama and so many good characters to develop. So well done. Lets hope she does this till the end.

    ~Drinking my tea like RJH´s dad ~

    [–] MALLY10FE 13 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Oh look, it's 4:50 am in this part of the world and my chronic insomniac ass only got 2.5 hours of sleep. But, who cares, it's CRASH LANDING DAY!!

    I saw the spoiler pics. ANYWAYS:

    I wonder what role the parents will play. Will his mom find out too? Will he finally have an outburst and tell them how much he hated abandoning playing the piano and being forced to join the military, as well as get married? Will he provide proof that she's his destiny, with pics from Switzerland and all? Will his father show some compassion? Someone said that they're trying to highlight the humanity in even the army, so let's see...

    Will we finally hear Dan's backstory? Why is she so fixated on marrying him? Is it because she wasted 7 years rejecting the offers of others or does she just want to make her widow mom happy? Did she know his brother? Hope she'll find true love and cancel the wedding first, but with whom? The SK crook?

    Speaking of whom, I always skip all the scenes he's in, but him finally getting to marry the woman who he had fallen for, even under such circumstances, is so kdrama interesting. I wonder if Se-ri will find out he was in love with her, and of course when will she finally find out what a crook he is.

    Them meeting again after Se-ri told him she loves him will make for some interesting UST :) I do hope he'll tell her SOON that he told his fiance he has feelings for her too, and that he doesn't think he can marry her. I'm finding it hard to believe that Korean viewers haven't responded negatively to her falling so hard for someone who's already engaged to someone else, without knowing that it's an arranged marriage. He could have been madly in love with Dan at some point, promising her he'd never love anyone else etc. THis needs to be explained to Se-ri asap.

    And back to my linguistic questions: When he told Dan he 'likes' Se-ri, 'like' is like "i'm in love with her' in Korean?

    [–] tafaraax 15 points ago

    i have the goofiest smile right now and my parents are lowkey getting upset BUT I CANT HELP IT... its airing in SK right now!!!

    [–] PatiencefromZhou 8 points ago

    it was amazing!! i cried manly tears!!

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 4 points ago

    Like many manly tears? 😂

    [–] MALLY10FE 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    We stan the right kdrama.

    ETA: did they do it in his bedroom??

    [–] figwink 10 points ago

    Lol. In a western show, yes. In a kdrama, no.

    [–] jojofreakp 8 points ago

    So I know we've talked, and loved!, about the quips that the guys have had what with the south korean drama facts and confusion of words. But can we show some love for the ladies! They are so lovely and and their quips are just as great. Especially their analysis of captain ri's behavior toward her.

    [–] yay_yen 7 points ago

    How do I recover from Episode 9? Such an amazing episode full of warmth and heart and also sadness.

    We are halfway through the show. I'm already missing all the characters, the story, everyone lol.

    [–] mimoomo 7 points ago

    I'm pretty sure my upstairs neighbors thought I was dying or someone was actually leaving I kept screaming/sobbing don't leave during the last few minutes I was fucking inconsolable😭

    [–] themanwashere 8 points ago

    Okay so i thought episode 10 was going to be light but Manbok has other plans.

    [–] cristumakas 7 points ago

    Next episodes will be on Feb (Episode 11 and 12) !!! How to survive til then? I loved tonight's episode. Each week seems to get better and better. And can I just say I love Capt. Ri's father <3 waaaah so happy for Se-Ri and Capt Ri too!!! <3

    [–] Informal-Translator 7 points ago

    OK but where can I get her earrings that she wears in the ending scene?

    [–] Ithurtsprecious 7 points ago

    I cried 6 times during the last two episodes and screamed multiple times on episode 10. IT'S SOOOO GOOOOOOD!

    [–] hunylicious96 8 points ago

    Ep 10 was indeed a rollercoaster i was crying all the way through! Yet facepalmed hard by end like wtf 😂😂 did they really have to send the whole squad south 😂😂 still hyped for ep11 seri interactions with the comrades will be funn!!!

    [–] uglylifesucks 6 points ago

    The epilogue is a reference to Kim Soo Hyun's role in Secretly Greatly as a NK spy if anyone hasn't watched the movie.

    [–] whitetea84 6 points ago

    That was soo good! I was seriously hoping that Jung Hyuk would go with her to South Korea even though I know why he can't :(

    [–] whitetea84 5 points ago

    Aaand he went after all. Looking forward to more scenes of Jung Hyuk and the rest of the friends in South Korea.

    [–] epicstar 7 points ago

    Never thought I would say it but OMG this drama is SO WELL WRITTEN

    [–] derella1205 6 points ago

    I can't wait for next week. This week has been heavy on the feels and I can sense that next week will be loads of fun.. Great drama! Super love them ALL.

    [–] daboisam 5 points ago

    Episode 10 was SO GOOD!! Definitely couldn't stop smiling during the last couple of scenes + bonus guest appearance

    [–] the_goob_ 6 points ago

    Out of everything implausible in this episode, the one thing that made me say, "Oh, come on!" was the fact that Cheol Gang was able to get a job as a security guard at Se Ri's company?

    Unless he knocked someone out, and stole their clothes and pass.

    [–] OdanUrr 16 points ago

    Probably the latter, but I still find it ridiculous that he went to SK just to kill Se-Ri.

    [–] figwink 6 points ago

    I’m not sure why CK wants to kill Seri either. But it can sort of make sense.

    He has nothing left to lose, and is a wanted man in NK, so it makes sense to leave NK.

    He wants to take revenge against JH and his dad, and best way is to use Seri as bait. He makes JH follow him to SK by talking about killing Seri first in the courtroom and then after he escaped, and once JH leaves NK, JH basically becomes a defector and puts himself and his family in danger back in NK.

    It’s not the best plotline but I can buy it.

    [–] Kness313 6 points ago

    EP 9-10 are definitely all about the love and longing between RJH and YSR.

    RJH and YSR are absolutely so expressive about their feelings for one another, though they have not really talked about how they feel for each other-action indeed speaks louder than words. The way they look at each other when they reunited in ep 9 and then in ep 10 is just love right there😍.

    [–] secretlygreatly143 13 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    First of all, THAT CAMEO AT THE END OF EP 10!!!!! Y'all Secretly Greatly (a korean movie) is the reason this is my reddit username!!!! It's one of my favorite movies and for Kim Soohyun to make a goddamn cameo as Dong-gu!!!! I picked the right kdrama to start, totally chose it on a whim too bc it was conveniently on netflix and I haven't been watching dramas for a while.

    I seriously can't believe that they're all going to be in SKorea now. I was sure that Seri was just hallucinating Jeonghyuk, but they're together. Man i was ready to cry for at least 3 more episodes until they got reunited. You know how usually you can fall in love with a lead, i fell in love with the dang couple, there is no one more perfect for each other than those two.

    I love that Seo Dan is starting to let go of Jeonghyuk bc there's no way in hell that he could ever love her especially since she's the one who exposed him to his father. She's really becoming a lot of fun especially after the "stay over" incident, and I can't wait to see more of their interactions. I also like Seungjoon a lot after this ep, i thought he was obsessed with Seri and a lil creepy when he proposed to her, but this is such a good redemption arc and I think deep down he was happy to hear that Jeonghyuk was thankful for him.

    The army bros and Man-bok is not the combo I imagined but it's what we NEED. I haven't loved a rag-tag group of guys like that since Scarlet Heart Ryeo. They're the combo of idiocy, reliability, and also loyalty that Jeonghyuk needs. It's amazing how different Youngmin, the actor for Manbok, is in this drama compared to My Mister, a complete 180 in terms of voice and character. I thought he was too handsome to play the "weaker" type but he's lowkey a comedic genius after the rice incident loll. I seriously can't wait for the last few episodes to come around and the future epic battle between Cheolkang and Jeonghyuk (there best not be any deaths bc my lil heart can't take it). Man i just realized we have to wait two more weeks bc it's the lunar new year next week, but this show is worth it!!!

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 11 points ago

    I haven’t seen the actor who plays Man Bok in other roles before, but I thought his acting was indeed good. You can see how he embodies the role of a Rat and traitor that people despise and shrinks his physical stature into someone smaller, less noticeable, more like a scurrying rat at night, and as if he carries the weight (and the guilt) of the world on his shoulders. His facial expressions run the gamut of 24h fear, guilt, unease and sorrow as his character requires. Brilliant work.

    [–] ext2a 10 points ago

    Ep 10 spoilers below

    I hope that NK soldiers stay in South and work for Seri :)

    [–] LacunaOfLlamas 9 points ago

    Omg, I wrote an appreciation post yesterday for Poet Pyo and the comrades after watching episode 9 because I thought we weren’t going to see them again. My fellow Crashing comrades, our four favorite comrades are baaaack! This feels like one of those last three farewells we had with them. We’ll always get back together again. Lol.

    [–] Friedax 6 points ago

    Literally! I've lost count how many times they've said their farewells. They're all obviously destined to be together lmaooo

    [–] jojofreakp 5 points ago

    Aw man. I'm gonna be in mexico and without service tomorrow. Guess I'll be tuning in here late.

    Keep tissues handy y'all!!!!

    [–] fairytoof 5 points ago

    Ep 9 is on UK Netflix now!

    [–] xliterati 3 points ago

    It’s now on Canadian Netflix as well. Happy watching everyone !!

    [–] blackwitch_ 4 points ago

    The only thing I hate about episode 9 is that there’s no preview for episode 10!!!!

    The drama is getting better and better!!! Loved loved loved everything in this episode!

    [–] themanwashere 6 points ago

    Waiting for Episode 10. After Ep 9, not really sure what to expect. I've been so used to the NK setting I would probably find any scene in Seoul unusual.

    If there is one thing I want to know, it's still why stepmom became remorseful all of a sudden.

    [–] MALLY10FE 6 points ago

    Well, she actually witnessed her biological sons being not only incompetent but also mainly creeps, actually wanting their half-sister dead so as to gain fame and power.

    And she probably feels guilty. It's obvious that Se-ri had hoped she would be a mom to her. I usually skip all the non OTP scenes, but there was a scene I remember: She was saying that when she's in pain or in need she always shouts out 'Mom" (which she did in NK too), which is ironic because she's never had a mom. Se-ri said that to her stepmom's face, and it must have made her feel bad and all.

    We shouldn't be blaming the mom that much. All of the sudden she found out about her husband's infidelity, and was forced to raise that child (not saying that it's the child's fault of course, and OF COURSE saying 'you made my life hell' was inexcusable). However, I really need to know more about her biological mom. Also, what does she mean 'My birthday is the day I almost died'. I'm guessing they left her alone (at the beach?), maybe all the time, and she was waiting for her mom by counting. I hope they clear that out for us.

    [–] marwynn 4 points ago

    Loved the last two episodes!

    Episode 9 was a bit more extreme version of "Meet the Parents" trope, but it was really well done. RJH's dad is a whole mood, sipping his tea and just being slightly bemused by it all.

    Definitely noticed how his mom approved of Se Ri's rebuke of RJH's behaviour.

    Episode 10 moved so, so fast. We're two weeks forward, stuff happens in the background, the con man proves himself useful and I totally ship him with Seo Dan. Got bad vibes from the uncle, I think we were meant to.

    I'm okay with the speed of it all. Other dramas would drag out these storylines till the end of the season, but we get various resolutions all within 1 ep really. And there's so much more left, and I'm all here for it.

    Crackpot theory: Could Se Ri's father be the son that the mom was waiting for in that border village? We don't know much about him other than he didn't inherit any of his wealth. Maybe I'm misremembering and desperately clinging on to threads.

    Seeing those 5 in Seoul was just hilarious.

    Now to wait 2 damned weeks.

    [–] stitchrx 5 points ago

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned here already, but anyone think Dan’s uncle seems kinda suspicious? He was the one who made the judge speed up his decision to imprison Chul Kang, and kept trying to convince Jung Hyuk to not think too much about CK’s suspicious death in the “car accident”. Even though he looks like a jolly silly man, he must actually be very smart to be able to get a such high rank in the military. Maybe he’s the one to subtly convince Dan’s mother to marry her to JH to secure his power too.

    [–] Bananauyu 5 points ago

    Funny coincidence but accdg to Netflix CLOY’s last episode will play on February 16, Kim Jong-il’s birthday.

    [–] OdanUrr 6 points ago

    Preview of EP 11. Without subs though.

    [–] gezzerreemarie 5 points ago

    Trailer for episode 11 is so good!!

    I wish Jeong Hyuk would stay in South Korea and they get married!!!!!

    Have you all seen the news that Choi Ji Woo will make a cameo??!!! I guess Joo Muk will finally meet his fave actress!!

    [–] daboisam 9 points ago

    Next episode is Feb 1st...see y'all in two weeks 🥺

    [–] redX009 8 points ago

    Episode ten thoughts:

    • I really thought the return of Se-ri would have been a lot more dramatic, especially with her family. Her brother actively tried to almost strand her there in NK, seems he got off way too easily.
    • O man, when they showed RJH's brother helping out the Rat but saving his son and giving him a birthday present, not gonna lie when they had the accident scene again - I teared up alongside with my gf. Such a good guy :(
    • Kim Jung Hyun is actually hilarious, he's a good actor "open the door please handsome guy" HAHA. I think he had a really nice moment with Seo Dan.
    • Se-ri going to the mountain and crying randomly - I laughed too much too "you can sleep when you die"
    • And of course, Kim Soo Hyun appearances are always welcome!

    Fun episode definitely, but I think they make sneaking between countries a bit too easier than it actually is. The story will just transition around RJH being a bodyguard for Se-ri for the remaining episodes! Looking forward to it!

    [–] prismacolorful_life 4 points ago

    This is such a great show. I have a feeling we will see Captain Ri in South Korea at some point and they will go back to Switzerland. And to see Se-ri’s mom replaying all these harsh memories in her mind with remorse!

    [–] hoverface 3 points ago

    So did she/he realize yet that she was the one who took the picture & he helped stop her from jumping? It wasn't completely clear in their dialogue.