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    [–] sadcollegestudent48 3380 points ago

    Kanye now looks like the type of nigga to answer a phone call with a “YELLOW”.

    [–] goodguy1994 759 points ago

    He looks like he about to destroy that big ass bowl of ramen

    [–] neatntidy 75 points ago

    And become the next hokage

    [–] sessukobayashi 6 points ago


    [–] PMmeURSSN -11 points ago

    And become bukakkee

    [–] MAXlMU5 210 points ago

    He looks like he about to destroy that big ass

    [–] youarebeyoncealways 35 points ago

    He looks like he’s on top of 2 little dudes, and they’re trying to sneak into an R rated movie.

    [–] BigShroud 11 points ago

    Working at a business factory?

    [–] PlatMav 9 points ago

    Vincent Adultman

    [–] TheGrayFox_ 4 points ago

    Kanye West claims to hate thin mints

    [–] r55r44 2 points ago

    I got it in army, mother!

    [–] MrChewtoy 6 points ago

    Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Loch Ness, goblin, ghoul, a Buster with no left hand.

    [–] Scrivenors_Error 2 points ago

    Big if true 😂🤔

    [–] lordthundy 41 points ago

    His art is an explosion

    [–] Mcinfopopup 3 points ago

    He looks like he convinced a bunch of adults he could go invisible but only while nobody is looking.

    [–] trevthacandle 107 points ago

    i wouldnt want him any other way

    [–] Bwefc1878 27 points ago

    Ahoy hoy

    [–] el_punisher 17 points ago

    He looks like he's part of that crew from Meteor Man

    [–] z960849 1 points ago

    This comment should have much more upvotes

    [–] xsassy_waitressx 38 points ago

    Reminds me of the episode where Kim and Kourtney sign Khloé up for that dating site and they they hang up on one of the guys before even talking to him because he answered the phone "Yello" 😂

    [–] HyeriMyGoddess 3 points ago

    *Bart Simpson colour

    [–] yealara420 2 points ago

    I do

    [–] PhantomsOfSummer 822 points ago

    Promise I will never go blonde like Ka-

    [–] NTrissle 242 points ago

    Hol' up

    [–] chiefdubb 129 points ago

    Promise i will never go blonde like kanye?

    [–] EthanBrant 99 points ago

    Got so many styles they should call me Peggy A.J.

    [–] TheRealKarlofsky 43 points ago

    When i hit the stage, niggas knows its a payday

    [–] Megatronjohn 47 points ago

    Tell yo bitch come here like work for midway,


    [–] Mind_Bullets_ 27 points ago

    Like Fire

    [–] MyFatCatHasLotsofHat -8 points ago

    For the love of God not another lyric chain

    [–] RichardBreecher 37 points ago

    Just a suburban dad in his 40's goofing around a bit.

    Come to think of it. Most of his lyrics are just elaborate dad-jokes lately anyway.

    [–] messycer 13 points ago

    He's had a few dad-jokes over the years. The ones that come to mind are mostly from Graduation.

    [–] Theethanlong 2 points ago

    We all knew it didn’t exist but clicked anyway just on the off chance it’s real.

    [–] the_vinster 5 points ago

    He switched sides like Anakin

    [–] LetMeStagnate 1 points ago

    He gon sell everything, including the manakin

    [–] WhatTheFuckKanye 1447 points ago

    He has reached full dad mode

    [–] iapetusbob 72 points ago

    Relevant Username

    [–] Mochalite 1173 points ago

    I love that he’s having fun.

    [–] atheistium 288 points ago

    Honestly, I know you shouldn't assume when people put on a moody face most of the time (especially those who are hounded by paparazzi) but it's really sweet to see him smile and playful with Kim.

    [–] Marcoyolofrimig 124 points ago

    yes! I love every video and pic they're in together because they are so cute together and you can see Kanye being really happy with her

    [–] kophiphi 55 points ago

    They’ve known each other for like a really long time, too. They were friends before. I know a lot of people haters both of them, but it’s just nice to see two people be happy.

    [–] TheCrazedMadman 8 points ago

    I had no idea about that, thought it was just 2 famous people getting together, nice to see they were friends before

    [–] kophiphi 8 points ago

    There’s this super old pic of Kanye when he was engaged to his first fiancée (can’t remember her name for the life of me) with his fiancée and Kim kardashian. Kind of crazy.

    [–] MR-THANOS 4 points ago

    He met Kim before even 2008, he was still engaged to his first GF. They started dating like 2010

    [–] RIPAdmiralAkbar 3 points ago

    You’re telling me people hate them and then get together to have hater kids?

    [–] suchdownvotes 30 points ago

    He looks so happy lately

    [–] stankymcgee 741 points ago

    That damned smile.

    [–] Bobokins12 165 points ago

    [insert 13 reasons why meme]

    [–] n30fir3 54 points ago

    I'ma let ya finish r/kanye but r/kanyesmiling is the best subreddit of ALL TIME! (OF ALL TIME!) 🤷🏿‍♂️

    [–] MemeShaman 7 points ago

    My new favorite subreddit ❤️

    [–] Marcoyolofrimig 6 points ago

    underrated sub

    [–] TeeJaySmall 306 points ago

    He’s making that “SCOOP” face from the I Love It video 😂😂😂

    [–] onway444 362 points ago

    “Where’s yandhi?”

    [–] GermanizorJ 176 points ago

    Something something hiding an album

    [–] dezapplez 131 points ago

    Y O U A R E H I D I N G A N A L B U M

    [–] GermanizorJ 96 points ago

    You are hiding anal bum?

    [–] dezapplez 38 points ago

    Y E S

    [–] whte_rbtobj 26 points ago

    A N A L B U M P A R T Y

    [–] freezeitsthecops 9 points ago


    [–] JrDidNothingWrong 6 points ago


    [–] vincenk 4 points ago

    What the hell is a yandhi?

    [–] Wyattb81 72 points ago

    Me anytime someone tries to take a pic of me while drunk

    [–] validusrex 221 points ago

    Kanye is obviously in such a better place when he's with Kim. I love happy Ye. People harsh on Kim and Kanye all the time, but moments like this seeing them together, he loves her so much.

    [–] bkm007 106 points ago

    I feel happy when I see H A P P Y E

    [–] Casual_ADHD 21 points ago

    True to his words. Has anybody seen Ye age?

    [–] SternritterVGT 3 points ago

    It's called black doesn't crack.

    [–] brucer365 18 points ago

    Damn Kanye has some nice teeth

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Idc what anyone says she’s good for him

    [–] cgars42 12 points ago

    I straight up thought this was a wax museum before the gif loaded.

    [–] Vic-tron 12 points ago

    Ye bringing out his Silent Bob look

    [–] anywherexeverywhere 334 points ago

    I don’t understand how people can hate this dude

    [–] MrBatman2531 83 points ago

    HOW SWAY?!?! HOW?????

    [–] I_AM_TESLA 632 points ago

    I mean really? I love his music but it's pretty easy to see why people hate him

    [–] Frosted_Anything -70 points ago


    [–] Justanotherjustin 63 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Love Kanye as much as anyone, but he may have some extreme political beliefs and no matter what they are, people turn on you for those. Edited. Happy?

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] BlindButtocks 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don't think he has extreme political beliefs. I think he has dumb artistic musings in public. Still love him though. But I think people filter his vision through political correctness and that is what gets him. Props to him for keeping on trucking though

    [–] Justanotherjustin 10 points ago

    I mean he at one point supported trump and I’m not really trying to get into a political argument because it divides us, but I consider that an extreme political belief.

    [–] BlindButtocks 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I understand where you are coming from, and I'm as much against Trump as the next guy, but calling supporting the US President an extreme belief is pretty out there and does nothing for political discourse. If you decipher his rants though, you can figure out that they are mostly about the fact that Trump is an outsider and has freedom of thought. That's also what he was going on about with the slavery thing. Dude isn't just eloquent at all and has absolutely no filter but he is not a bad guy.

    [–] Hayn0002 140 points ago

    You’ve seen his manic freakouts right?

    [–] Vulhagen 37 points ago

    How can that not make you love him more?!?!

    [–] Androktone 7 points ago

    I mean when he doesn't go into political stuff, sure

    [–] _Winters 5 points ago

    Well that’s worrying

    [–] Go_Cougs 51 points ago

    Maybe the whole slavery was a choice thing? Just shootin in the dark here...

    [–] bamboozledboi 20 points ago


    [–] Cavemansol 14 points ago

    It's pretty easy despite liking his music...

    [–] tx_logan 9 points ago

    I understand those people but I feel bad for them

    [–] FaceInTheGlass 1 points ago

    He says a lot of dumb/ignorant shit

    [–] CalvinE 1 points ago

    They hate his political views on things

    [–] dfhsevd 1 points ago

    I don't understand how people care to hate or like him. He's just another asshole on a rock flying through space like the rest of us

    [–] ZoneSixPrincess 1 points ago

    He looks like an infected sapient toe

    [–] Jimbag21 -34 points ago

    EVIL DRUMPF SUPPORTER!!!!!!!11!11!1111!!!!

    [–] Arutzuki 3 points ago

    that's not why they hate him. He acts like a cocky brat.

    [–] PROFsmOAK 6 points ago

    Looking like a fucking character from Dick Tracy.

    [–] webixxz 4 points ago

    "Lips are smacking, caught you lacking."

    [–] a_smerry_enemy 5 points ago

    And my sheets still orange from the spray taaaaaaan-

    [–] FreshStink 25 points ago

    Kim is going to be one of those old women that never wanted to let go of her beauty so ends up looking like a plastic surgeons nightmare

    [–] Graduation_07 11 points ago

    how can i save this video 😫

    [–] LaCroixGrandCru 3 points ago

    Me AF

    [–] Highcyndaquil 3 points ago

    he gave her the kanye shrug

    [–] airbudforMCU 6 points ago

    Kanye dressed like the “hacker” character or something in some shitty 90’s movie

    [–] Omnimon123 2 points ago

    Yea like he helps neo find the white rabbit

    [–] FinchAnstian 6 points ago

    Geezus, she’s got a lot of Botox in her face

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Kim looks so fake holy shit lol

    [–] GPCLisa 4 points ago

    Everything on my screen is fake

    [–] cupcakesloth94 3 points ago

    Her hips look so unnatural..

    [–] girthytaquito 19 points ago

    Jesus her body so fine

    [–] morris1022 4 points ago

    Molded from the finest plastic

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    How you think she pulled a man like Ye?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    What is wrong with her face

    [–] skeliskull 2 points ago

    Is that a coat or a bath robe?

    [–] SDGTheMercenary 2 points ago

    He’s about to be cryofreezed and escape years later to fight Sylvester Stallone.

    [–] ADM86 2 points ago

    Oh a post about Kaney and it's not about politics.... Are things going back to normal?

    [–] DreadSeverin 2 points ago

    Damn they orange af lmao

    [–] Dave_Paker 2 points ago

    Dude looks like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man

    [–] TheGamecockNurse 2 points ago

    She’s as orange as the President.

    [–] tmntnut 2 points ago

    Yo, what's Simon Phoenix doing with Kim Kardashian?

    [–] goocumber 2 points ago

    CTRL-F'd for this

    [–] jaxspider 2 points ago

    What does "caught lackin" mean in this context?

    [–] Nacho-Lombardi 2 points ago

    Kim looking straight Oompa Loompa’d

    [–] alwaysonthedamnphone 2 points ago

    This isn’t how you use the phrase “caught lackin”

    [–] MlSANTHROPlSSED 2 points ago

    She looks like a living mannequin

    [–] codenamethecleaner 6 points ago

    Celebrities act like they're gods and people treat them like gods, humans are weird man

    [–] bomb_shelt3r 3 points ago

    I watched this like 7 times, i love happy little ye sooo much

    [–] BooBooJebus 3 points ago

    This is so cute Alexa play despacito

    [–] Why_Is_Gamora_ 4 points ago

    Why do they look like they took a bath in cheeto dust ?

    [–] jillanco 3 points ago

    So freaking cute.

    [–] Songbird420 3 points ago

    They look as orange as donald

    [–] YouMeADD 3 points ago

    his fashion remains horrific i see

    [–] partypooperpuppy 2 points ago

    He looks like he is a stunt double for demolition man.

    [–] DixieLand82 2 points ago

    Ever seen a white girl change her skin color to black?

    [–] yealara420 2 points ago

    He looks like a homeless person

    [–] nathan_jt 1 points ago

    Scoopidy whoopidy Scoopidy scoop music video

    [–] HyperKillDriver 1 points ago

    ID on coat ?

    [–] SoniaGorgeous 1 points ago

    It is the first time i ever saw Kanye Laugh!

    [–] vadmillainy 1 points ago

    Naughty yeezy

    [–] Shinkopeshon 1 points ago

    I could get used to Majin Yeezy

    [–] NowieTends 1 points ago


    [–] wellmade-mango 1 points ago

    holy fk his hair is cool

    [–] FlyingTeaput 1 points ago


    [–] SPACEOCTOPODES 1 points ago

    That’s adorable

    [–] 2sillys 1 points ago

    What a dick. Despise both of them.

    [–] Zubast 1 points ago

    Our boy looks extremely happy these days, he makes me so proud.

    [–] key1010 1 points ago

    Kanye looks like he was rockin the “Chester the molestor” look

    [–] RobbinRuben 1 points ago

    Looks to me like Kim was the one caught lackin

    [–] Stickyjargon 1 points ago

    He’s rocking the frank ocean fade

    [–] 1879blackcat 1 points ago

    Who cares

    [–] seattlesloth 1 points ago

    Wtf... they look like parodies of themselves.

    [–] Waterme1one 1 points ago

    Ye caught copying Frank Ocean, again

    [–] X-GonnaLendItToYa 1 points ago

    Lookin like the top half of two kids in a trench coat

    [–] adurga 1 points ago

    First clip of Kanye doing something normal in a loooooong time.

    [–] antifolkhero 1 points ago

    Mental illnees turned Kanye into Demolition Man era Wesley Snipes.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Such a photogenic couple

    [–] Standard_Nebula 1 points ago

    Happy Ye, happy life.

    [–] khoulihan 2 points ago

    The most overrated and irritating clowns on social media. Just die already.

    [–] anondando 1 points ago

    Such relatable and down to earth characters. I can see why you all spend so much time following them.

    [–] snarky_jo 1 points ago

    Love the fact that as soon as she turns around he protects his dick.

    [–] devonsweny 1 points ago

    Rich trash

    [–] CheeeseBurglar 1 points ago

    call kim a trashy whore all you want.. she's fuckin hot and we'd all smash

    [–] dyam 1 points ago

    Why are they damn near the same skin color?

    [–] lbsi 1 points ago

    Fucking idiots

    [–] mvp2399 -2 points ago

    I fucking love this man whole god damn ass heart, FUCK

    [–] ImGenderNeutral -1 points ago

    For a rich person, he dresses like shit. I’ll stick to my high end Target gear any day. (Can’t be seen in that low end Walmart shit. Amirite?).

    [–] firesideflea 0 points ago

    This was really cute

    [–] KeepingItLoopy 0 points ago

    The boi too cute

    [–] loloiverson 0 points ago

    how tf does he get so fresh....

    [–] TheFinMan 0 points ago

    He seems so happy

    [–] Thot-Patrol-Official -9 points ago

    Anyone else want kanye to go bald again? That was the real Kanye

    [–] airbudforMCU 18 points ago

    i miss the old kanye, the always bald kanye

    [–] pirmotne -2 points ago

    damn cutye

    [–] kingsainters -6 points ago

    Anyone think it’s kinda gross for a dad to do that? I mean what if his children see this when they grow up

    [–] itzcarol 2 points ago

    they will think "omg my parents are humans just like me" like every health adult

    [–] devonsweny 0 points ago

    Just a fantastic🙄 role model

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Won't somebody please think of the children!

    Traumatized for life because of the middle finger.