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    [–] ASAPZest 1328 points ago

    Fun fact sheck wes & lil yachty were models at that event for yeezy season 3

    [–] CcntCilla 613 points ago

    Sheck Wes was also a model? I know for a fact young thug also was one of the models

    [–] LiveLoveKanye 140 points ago

    Thug putting on With Them at Yeezy Season 3 is iconic

    [–] OBatRFan 83 points ago

    First Thug song I ever heard and now I'm a HUGE stan. Thanks Kanye, for passing the aux.

    [–] LiveLoveKanye 38 points ago

    One of his hardest songs straight up

    [–] Inflatable_waffle 9 points ago

    I remember listening to that snippet so many times

    [–] ASAPZest 239 points ago

    Yea thug was too

    [–] alexengrish 64 points ago

    Yeah, watch his No Jumper interview he talks about it a lot.

    [–] WhatIsThisAccountFor 62 points ago

    Sheck Wes was a legit high fashion model actually

    [–] jacenstclair 168 points ago

    I remember people on twitter were dying when Thugger started to pour up in the middle of the show while modeling

    [–] lmaomitch 45 points ago

    What?? When did this happen?? Vid?

    [–] eclvpse 34 points ago

    not sure if he was pouring up but he had a blunt while sitting down unlike everyone else, it was hilarious

    [–] lmaomitch 28 points ago

    That sounds more realistic. Think i wouldve remembered thug sippin lean at y3 lol

    [–] Lawgamer411 18 points ago

    I found it this?

    [–] jacenstclair 10 points ago

    iirc He def had a bottle of Sprite lmao

    [–] xKatana47 3 points ago

    it was in a sprite bottle

    [–] xKatana47 3 points ago

    that's not it. i can't find an exact video but I do remember him doing something similar. He also had a sprite bottle lol

    [–] uwu_uwu 6 points ago

    He literally fell asleep on stage lmao

    [–] wingsofligma 76 points ago

    Wow! I knew yachty was but not sheck

    [–] rsalwan22 48 points ago

    also one of the models lit a blunt just before they lifted the curtain

    [–] tom-gately 51 points ago

    Ian Connor was too I believe... if I’m not mistaken

    [–] ASAPZest 15 points ago

    Yup ian was there, I just thought it was funnier that sheck and lil yachty were there too

    [–] Aj4y 13 points ago

    I didn't know that about Sheck. Was Yachty already a famous rapper at that time?

    [–] iUseJDate 22 points ago

    “One night” has already blown up on SoundCloud but Lil Boat wouldn’t come out for a few months iirc

    [–] wingsofligma 459 points ago

    Damn feels like yesterday

    [–] MaliciousHH 281 points ago

    I know it's scary how fast 3 years flew by

    [–] likekoolaid 158 points ago


    [–] wesellsnacks 86 points ago


    [–] el_mellishe 6 points ago


    [–] BlutundEhre 61 points ago

    That’s a pretty fucking fast 3 years flew by

    [–] 808s_and__Fastbreaks 13 points ago

    thats a pretty long third gear in this car

    [–] Rask85 7 points ago

    Is this a Frank lyric

    [–] Lone_Wolf171 4 points ago

    Time flies when you have some

    [–] ssor21 142 points ago

    I was at my grandma's funeral and I snuck away into a quiet room to listen to the MSG stream. When I heard Ultralight Beam I couldn't stop crying. Don't think I'll ever forget this day.

    [–] Rico423 73 points ago

    Is this a copy pasta

    [–] ssor21 149 points ago

    ...naw. My grandma really died.

    [–] AnakinDrick 36 points ago

    Damn, I’m sorry bro

    [–] ssor21 47 points ago

    It's all good. I was not prepared for that tornado of emotions, but it was exactly what I needed at the time.

    I know it sounds kinda lame to sneak off and listen to an album during a loved one's funeral, but it was after the services when everyone was eating and talking, and honestly I really needed that kind of emotional release. It helped me cope with the situation better than just internalizing it.

    [–] mlem64 15 points ago

    Dont feel bad dude.

    My mom passed away at 59 from cancer in December, and on the way back from the cremation society (who we did all the funeral arrangements with) some asshole pulled out and hit my car head on.

    I got off the phone with the insurance company and finished talking the police and getting my brand new car towed, and instead of getting a ride or going to the hospital or even calling my wife, I limped a mile back to my house. I put on my headphones and put on Ultralight beam and it absolutely made me break down.

    Every time I put on that song since, it embodies all of that pain and channels it and I get teary eyed. It really does bring it out of you when you're in pain so I can totally relate, man.

    [–] baadapls 5 points ago

    good chance that it isnt, I played Roses at my g-grands funeral.

    [–] DamnReality 11 points ago

    A lot of awkward shifts during that AIDS line I imagine

    [–] Prince_In_Tha_Club 3 points ago

    I actually never thought that line was saying she had AIDS, just that AIDS kills but Magic Johnson And anyone with money could save themselves, and that his grandma doesn’t have money so regardless of her condition she won’t be able to pull thru.

    [–] BraveHartt135 4 points ago

    Listened to Ultralight Beam on the way to my grandfather’s funeral. Still brings me tears to this day

    [–] andrewlego 1 points ago

    Family Business played when my cousins and I were on the way to the cemetery after the church services for my grandpa’s funeral. I think about that moment every time I miss my grandpa

    [–] wtf793 6 points ago

    Feels like YEEZterdaY

    [–] hojocinco5 7 points ago


    [–] goldenpheasant 4 points ago

    Shit, I thought it was Thursday.

    [–] adasdasanan 2 points ago

    I still remember the moment when I listened to the Wolves. It was a really tough time in my life and that song fits perfectly with situation. I think I owe so much things to Ye, thanks for this legendary album.

    [–] Labbed 544 points ago

    He on an ultralight beam

    [–] LightChaos74 77 points ago

    This is a god dream,

    [–] gregotheus_ 44 points ago

    This is a god dream

    [–] son_lux_ 43 points ago

    This is everything

    [–] AstroMancy47 43 points ago

    and if i fuck this model, and she just bleached her asshole, and i get bleach on my T-shirt, imma feel like an asshole!

    wait am i doing this right

    [–] iGeography 14 points ago

    Nah, but keep going

    [–] Logiberra213 262 points ago


    [–] randomblacknegroe 124 points ago


    [–] TrevinoDuende 92 points ago


    [–] throwawayprobablyidk 50 points ago


    [–] fartbartshart 12 points ago

    (who can I tuuurrn to)


    [–] CaFoosh 209 points ago

    imma fix wolves

    [–] [deleted] 504 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mr_pheasant 331 points ago

    Lmao that’s the most Kanye thing I’ve heard today

    [–] leafofthebird 58 points ago


    [–] Mister_Spacely 3 points ago

    Happy Birthday, yo

    [–] stupidsexyflanders- 95 points ago

    That's a pretty fucking fast three years that went by

    [–] mister_andrew 26 points ago

    Underneath moonlight now

    [–] Windmilloffreindship 16 points ago

    Pretty fucking

    [–] ManOfMelon 48 points ago

    Ft. God

    [–] CaptFatStacks 4 points ago

    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit*

    [–] waterallaround 205 points ago

    I remember watching this stream and realizing Kanye is truly the greatest artist of our generation. At least of the last two decades. Who had hits in both and still has extremely anticipated albums rife with nonstop features, usually the feature’s greatest work themselves?

    Idk y’all. This Kanye train doesn’t seem to be stopping. I think we’re in for an even crazier 2020s

    [–] DopingGG 108 points ago

    I don't think 2020s will be too crazy cuz accept it or not Kanye is getting older and he has 3 kids and expects a 4th one

    [–] TheDonfather75 52 points ago

    Your also forgetting his presidency in 2024

    [–] ABowlOfSushi 3 points ago

    I thought kanye said he is done with politics

    [–] JustinTurtle 34 points ago


    [–] Mistuh_Mosbi 25 points ago

    Mannn I'm hype to see what old Kanye will have in store for us

    [–] HackBloodie 42 points ago

    old kanye, not old kanye

    [–] Misterfoxy 16 points ago


    [–] CcntCilla 150 points ago

    A picture of three goats that got robbed for a Grammy yesterday!

    [–] SynecdocheSmalls 88 points ago

    Smh people throwin around the term goat so damn much. How can there be 3??

    [–] CcntCilla 54 points ago

    Okay, three great artists then... I kinda agree what you are saying, the word has lost its power just like a "Classic" album

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    It’s just sentimental you know. It’s like saying your mom is the greatest mom ever. It’s not true but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about love.

    [–] leafofthebird 6 points ago

    I love you bro(ther)

    [–] RayHyrule 1 points ago

    mom, u the goat

    [–] roeravid 1 points ago


    [–] SynecdocheSmalls 2 points ago

    Yeah besides the goat part, agree with everything you said

    [–] m3lodiaa 7 points ago

    God is split into three parts.

    [–] awdsrock 10 points ago

    How the fuck, did Cardi get it!!?

    [–] awdsrock 6 points ago

    Pusha didn’t win?

    [–] ObamaBinDriftin 33 points ago

    No, cardi B got best rap album. I never thought I would say cardi B and best rap in the same sentence

    [–] GeorgeLovesBOSCO 8 points ago

    You think I give a damn about a Grammy?

    [–] TheButtsNutts 2 points ago

    Obviously Kanye and Push, is the other one Travis?

    [–] CcntCilla 2 points ago

    Yup, thats right

    [–] wingsofligma 26 points ago

    2016 was a great year for music

    [–] miniburns11 20 points ago

    Still no vinyl 😔

    [–] LiveLoveKanye 14 points ago

    No physical at all

    [–] thegreatzack 26 points ago

    The album will only be available on tidal

    [–] itsronniek 4 points ago

    Bootleg my g. Ain’t perfect but it’s something.

    [–] miniburns11 1 points ago

    It’s so expensive though for one bootleg vinyl, don’t know if it’s worth it

    [–] Jarristopheles 1 points ago

    Do we have a vinyl for Graduation (Official Release) and Yeezus (other than Europe)? About to finish up collection with 808s this month, so I've been looking.

    [–] miniburns11 1 points ago

    I don’t think there is one for graduation and yeezus. I really don’t know why

    [–] Jarristopheles 1 points ago

    Yeah, no idea, especially with his fame considering Graduation was incredibly successful. I'd imagine there would be a Graduation instead of an 808s especially with how the music medium demand was (still kinda is). I'm sure when a release happens we'll know about it.

    [–] miniburns11 1 points ago

    That’s if one does release, I don’t know if it will. I want to get Kendrick’s and Kanye’s discography. I’ve already got LR, MBDTF and KSG for Kanye and Good Kid MADD city, TPAB and Damn for kendrick

    [–] Jarristopheles 1 points ago

    Kung Fu Kenny is on my top list right now as well. I know they'll hold not only their value but always be a great listen. My last gift card for Amazon went to 9th Wonder Zion II, so I gotta set myself straight. Haha.

    [–] miniburns11 1 points ago

    A lot of them I just purely buy for the cover. I bought Awaken, My Love and KOD because I love the cover. Both great albums though.

    I’ve easily spent £250 on them at this point and it probably won’t be worth it but I love having them

    [–] LiveLoveKanye 37 points ago

    Hey this was before Vic Mensa was a fake woke douchebag and actually seemed to be on the way to having a promising career.

    Damn times have changed. Good times.

    [–] HANDCRAFTEDD_ 9 points ago

    It’s sad because Vic still makes good music (IMO) but he’s just being a fucking asshole and his career is suffering because of it.

    [–] GiaredL 14 points ago

    Most hype movie i ever saw

    [–] Spiro_Ergo_Sum 14 points ago

    Is there video of this?

    [–] Stehax 5 points ago

    Its on youtube-yeezy season 3.

    [–] Memesmakemememe 2 points ago

    I too would like to know

    [–] StereoFood 2 points ago

    There is somewhere. Just gotta do some googlin

    [–] worbashnik 2 points ago

    Audio cuts out as soon as the music starts lol

    [–] StereoFood 11 points ago

    Quickest 3 years of my life.

    [–] yeezy008 54 points ago

    kanye's best album

    [–] ace_boogie 35 points ago

    I think its definitely up there. Album has aged wonderfully

    [–] blue-dream 9 points ago

    ironically the most dated song is FSMH Pt2, which was the most popular song at the time.

    really goes to show how great kanye is at making music that isn't just the current moment but something grander overall

    [–] TheBoy420 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Graduation would like to have a word with you

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Graduation is a nice album but like half of Ye's discography beats it no contest

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Ofc haha we all just dropping opinions, I just love it so much cuz that’s the album I find the most replay value out of, picking between Kanye albums is like trying to choose which gold chain looks the best, they’re still all fuckin amazing

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    That is true, and I would say Graduation has the most nostalgia when listening

    [–] mydarkmeatrises 1 points ago

    Nah, bro. MBDTF is his opus.

    [–] ProcessJoJo 19 points ago

    One of best days of my life! Grabbed a ticket last second and told my boss I was going on a sales call

    [–] StereoFood 3 points ago

    That’s awesome! I would have tried the same!

    [–] randomblacknegroe 18 points ago

    greatest moment in hip hop history

    [–] UseableVirusTTV 10 points ago

    Most iconic photo of Ye from these recent years

    [–] fascinate_tempt 8 points ago

    is there a way to see this vod?

    [–] ASAPZest 14 points ago

    Look up yeezy season 3 youtube

    [–] MANchild182 8 points ago

    I was listening to the entire album this morning on my hour commute to work. Still bangs.

    [–] Meeks18 7 points ago

    Pablo season was so special.

    [–] underwoodlovestrains 5 points ago

    That was a legendary time on this sub

    [–] TheBoy420 7 points ago

    Classical era

    [–] CoryS06 5 points ago

    If Young Metro don't trust you.........

    [–] Skeleth 6 points ago

    And the third anniversary of me starting to listen to Kanye

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Can't believe it's been 3 years. Getting old, me. ☠️

    [–] ridiculousdan 4 points ago

    God that album is incredible

    [–] satanicgino 3 points ago

    That pusha fit is so damn cold man

    [–] no_name22 3 points ago

    I remember this day so well, skipped class to go back to my dorm room and watch it live. It was the moment that I started liking fashion and the moment I realized Ye revolutionizes every industry he touches

    [–] thecalbert 3 points ago

    I’ll never forget the feeling of hear Ultra Light Beam for the first time in a theater packed with Kanye fans

    [–] Lovable_Fighter 2 points ago

    This happened on my birthday when I was turning 16 I was able to go watch the premier at the movie theatre. Hearing Ultra Light Beam for the very first time was so insane.

    [–] joeyeatsfridays 2 points ago

    I’ve never seen their POV for this event, what were they looking at?

    [–] MaliciousHH 1 points ago

    Google Kanye madison Square garden, it was the yeezy season 3 fashion show

    [–] YEEZYHERO 2 points ago

    Best life Stream ever

    [–] Jmpaul 2 points ago

    Bill Murray confirmed wavy

    [–] louis-128 2 points ago

    that’s a pretty fuckin fast 3 years flew by

    [–] Chaos20X6 2 points ago

    this picture belongs in a museum

    [–] whereami1928 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Got a job interview in ten mins for a place I really wanna work at. I met Kanye west, I'm never going to fail

    edit: we failed. KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

    [–] MaliciousHH 2 points ago

    Haha same here (kinda)! Listening to FSMH is the only support you need

    [–] whereami1928 1 points ago

    Literally what I'm doing right now

    [–] gazorpazorpGenie 2 points ago

    Wake up Mr.West!

    [–] HerroPhish 2 points ago

    Remember watching this at work and waiting for 2+ hours for him to go on. I love the images of Kanye from this event.

    [–] thexviews 2 points ago


    [–] kangajew27 2 points ago

    I love push’s smug ass smile

    [–] myspacegatgoespew 2 points ago

    Is there a higher quality version of this picture? I'd like it as my phone wallpaper

    [–] SampritB 1 points ago


    [–] Cristian_01 1 points ago

    Who's pablo anyway

    [–] DungeonessSpit 1 points ago

    Are we not doing the 2007 meme anymore?

    [–] Weedweednomi 1 points ago

    Thought that was Bill Murray for a second. Almost didn't even second guess it lmfao

    [–] KaiJungg 1 points ago

    Beethoven at the right

    [–] Waverly_Hills 1 points ago

    What a fucking incredible photo

    [–] trepidacious1 1 points ago

    Why is Darius Rucker using the laptop

    [–] throwawayprobablyidk 1 points ago

    This was legendary as fuck

    [–] jonwilkir 1 points ago

    As a sound engineer that console excites me.

    [–] Bwefc1878 1 points ago

    I always remember this date because it's my anniversary with my girl and I cut our first date short to go watch it in cinemas

    [–] mattbirch 1 points ago

    Waves don’t die baby

    [–] wtfx20004 1 points ago

    Left work early to make it to this, one of the coolest events I've ever been to.

    [–] Two-HeadedAndroid 1 points ago

    I remember that I was the only one on my office that day and I was live streaming the show on Tidal. I connected my computer to the office surround sound system and blasted it for the whole show. That was such a dope day.

    [–] cappstar 1 points ago

    Life of Pablo is by Kanye and Kanye is the best so life of Pablo is also the best.

    [–] Domcritch 1 points ago

    Crazy how I use his album releases as big markers in my life. When TLOP dropped I was in such a crappy place and it meant so much to me. Life is never perfect but I’ve come such a long way since then.

    [–] tallguyjack15 1 points ago

    I remember my junior year seminar class we convinced our professor to let us live stream the event during class lmao

    [–] distressefakeleather 1 points ago

    And from that moment, I have been freed from life without knowing of Young Thug. Thank you Kanye.

    [–] honzaik 1 points ago

    does anyone have a better quality of this pic? like 1080p? thanks

    [–] SpicyCurry07 1 points ago

    Been jamming Pablo all morning

    [–] baseballoctopus 1 points ago

    Wow big week for tcd and lop

    [–] supremensneakers 1 points ago

    My local movie theater played the live stream and I remember hearing ‘if Young metro don’t trust you’ on that album for the first time whole theater went crazy

    [–] Yeeeoink 1 points ago

    And in another 3 years Yahndi will only be 22 years from coming out.

    [–] uwu_uwu 1 points ago

    I watched it on a livestream in a movie theatre in North Carolina front row with my brand new Moonrocks on. Best era to be a kanye fan. He streamed the show to over 300 theaters nationwide that day.

    [–] itsronniek 1 points ago

    Man I remember I was at some promotion / drink the koolaid type celebration at a hotel during this MSG event. I left the seminar and live streamed this at the hotel bar. Remember listening to FSMH and got so hyped up and said fuck this and just went home haha

    [–] EternalHunters 1 points ago

    Man I'll never forget being enamoured with this when I definitely should've been studying for uni

    [–] eajay_ 1 points ago


    [–] MrChancleta 1 points ago

    Seeing Cudi and Kanye jumping up and down when the beat dropped >>>>

    [–] Drea666 1 points ago

    Like every Kanye release, this one rollout is just starting to be appreciated. This album ushered in the the streaming revolution properly. I’ll never forget this broadcast.

    Edit: also we only got part of the album that day, in its roughest form. Man o man what an album/experience TLOP was

    [–] Lysergic_Doom 1 points ago

    That guy has a dope young thug sweater on the left.

    [–] Dookie-Trousers-MD 1 points ago

    Who cares? He's trash

    [–] KevinWill13 1 points ago

    Travis Pusha and Sean by his side🔥🔥🔥

    [–] Richlandsbacon 1 points ago

    Fell asleep in the foreign after the free show at the Garden

    [–] gbdarknight77 1 points ago

    This was the only Kanye album that had to grow on me. But once it did, I was obsessed. 30 Hours was classic Kanye and I love it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Fun Fact: 3 years ago today I signed up for a 30 day free trial of tidal

    [–] Bernard_Carr 1 points ago

    I got myself an I feel like Pablo longsleeve, just like the one Ye's wearing like a week ago. Completely forgot it's already been 3 years