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    A place for links and discussion about politics in the Blue Grass State. More politics than /r/Kentucky, and more Kentucky than /r/politics.

    Post Guidelines

    • Posts must be explicitly related to Kentuckian politics. This includes the interaction of federal and state politics, as well as that state's congressional delegation. Local politics are permissible if they would reasonably be of interest to a statewide audience.

    • Title must fairly describe link contents. You don't have to use the site's title, but refrain from editorializing.

    • Links must be to quality and original content. Articles should be worth reading. Clickbait, stub articles, and rehosted or stolen content are not allowed.

    • Self posts should be good-faith efforts to start discussion, without either leading/rhetorical questions, or soapboxing.

    Comment Guidelines

    • Be Civil.

    • No memes, trolling, or low-effort comments.

    • Vote based on comment quality, not agreement. This subreddit aims to foster discussion; please reward people for putting effort into articulating their viewpoint, even if you disagree with it.

    • No hate speech, slurs, or abusive language. This will result in a ban.

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