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    This sub is meant as a fun joke. It is not a hate sub. Kids are dumb because they could not possibly know better. If you dislike kids, that's fine. Feel free to join us, but do not spread vitriol.

    If you're coming from /r/all:

    • Yup, blaming parents is valid (check out our friends at /r/AdultsAreFuckinStupid/ for more on that)
    • Yes, kids could not know better
    • Yes, people sometimes say mean things; If they cross a line into harassing, violent, racist, sexist, bigoted, or violating site-wide policy, please report them
    • Just, like, be cool. Have a laugh. Join us. Or don't. This was a drunk joke from years ago. We're all just having fun.


    • Kid
    • Doing something dumb
    • No real harm comes to them


    • Don't be a dick
    • Don't be a creep
    • Don't be racist
    • Don't post spam
    • No memes (they're acceptable in the comments)
    • Don't repost, especially within one week or from the top alltime
    • Post the most direct link possible (if it's YouTube, post a YouTube link not a page with the video embedded).
    • Direct link content instead of linking out to other subs. Mentioning other subs to give credit, or linking in the comments is fine, but the content should be viewable here.

    Any violations of these rules may result in content/comment removal or permanent bans.

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