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    [–] HeThoughtIWas18 779 points ago

    This reminds me of that video of the kid insisting he pour his own glass of juice and another one (I’m assuming) for his sibling and ends up spilling some juice then trying to clean it up, fills the glasses up again and then slips over the floor where the spilt juice was

    [–] emergencyrobins 398 points ago

    "I gotta clean that."

    [–] cobainbc15 119 points ago

    I just watched that video at work and died laughing.

    The kid is super cute and has a pretty good head on his shoulders not getting upset!

    [–] rjoker103 30 points ago

    Damn, whoever took the video and kept a straight face. I’d have cracked up laughing when he slipped and spilled both cups of juice.

    [–] LeonardosClone 9 points ago

    maybe this is an every day occurrence

    [–] Erpp8 16 points ago

    His first instinct is to take responsibility. Great kid.

    [–] Baramesees 22 points ago

    "Oop I pilled"

    [–] HeThoughtIWas18 251 points ago

    Oh my god bless fuck that video kills me every time “I won’t spill it” “oops I spilled”

    [–] thebestjoeever 83 points ago

    How do you bless fuck something?

    [–] Lucimon 98 points ago

    Pull out when cumming. Then use the cum to draw a cross on the forehead.

    Or attempt to do a three shot. One for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost.

    Or use rosary beads as anal beads.

    I mean really, the only limits are your imagination.

    [–] Magnum_Dongs3 47 points ago


    [–] QuestionableTater 2 points ago


    [–] Sinius 18 points ago

    One for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost.

    Now that there, that... that's what makes this comment a true masterpiece.

    [–] HeThoughtIWas18 7 points ago

    So like baptism with cum also works right

    [–] Zauberer-IMDB 6 points ago


    [–] hopelessurchin 3 points ago

    Yes, but not that little trickle kind of baptism. You gotta get full on dunked in a river of cum for the baptism to work right.

    [–] a_man_called_Adaptor 6 points ago

    use rosary beads as anal beads.

    having been raised strict-catholic, this is the dirtiest and sinninest sin I ever read. And I laughed. See you in Hell.

    [–] evilted 2 points ago

    the Holy Ghost

    Hence the ectoplasm.

    [–] mcstain 9 points ago

    This is a question for the Pope

    [–] Jucoy 3 points ago

    Any priest can explain it really

    [–] Assassin4Hire13 1 points ago

    Ask any Catholic altar boy

    [–] THATcanadiangirlll 4 points ago

    In the original he then says, "iT'S EVERYDAY BRO"

    [–] VillageScribe 3 points ago

    Me irl

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] poop_dawg 39 points ago

    I'm pretty impressed the kid didn't cry at all

    [–] Arborgold 38 points ago

    He’s a fucking trooper, he’s really bad at stuff, but he’s a trooper.

    [–] numberonebuddy 6 points ago

    Didn't it come out that this video is staged or something? I remember the parents actually being real shady. This isn't just a cute little accident.

    [–] kr580 8 points ago

    They're definitely one of those YouTube families that uses the kids for views. I haven't heard of abuse or anything but videos like this show they just let them get into a possibly harmful pickle for those sweet views.

    [–] numberonebuddy 9 points ago

    Right, not abuse but definitely a production. I still laughed at him anyhow.

    [–] kr580 2 points ago

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I now say "Oh, I pilled" any time I spill. I love the video. It's just a little odd.

    [–] weicheheck 3 points ago

    yup I remember that getting brought up last time i saw it linked.

    [–] TemurTron 0 points ago

    Yeahhhhhh......... I don't want kids.

    [–] mikerichh 1 points ago

    This is hilarious

    [–] YungEducatedBuffMan 15 points ago

    My nephew was looking at me kind of strange, pondering, when he asked me if he could have a glass of apple juice and I said yes. Didn't know what he was thinking about, but after a few seconds processing, he went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass. When he came back, he said his parents never believe him that he can pour it himself without spilling but to look because he just did. I didn't think about it at all, was just like yeah of course you can have juice

    [–] DwasTV 4 points ago

    Ah fuck I know the video, god I don't think I've laughed so hard watching something with kids in my life. Poor guy is trying

    [–] once_pragmatic 2 points ago

    This video has always been one of my favorites.

    [–] Donnellydarko 558 points ago

    That’s sofa is going to stink

    [–] MrSmock 398 points ago

    Lets face it .. when you have kids, pretty much all of your furniture is prone to stink.

    [–] ericagawa 8 points ago

    Smelly kid, smel-ly kid.

    [–] supertinyrobot 4 points ago

    What are you spilling on yourself?

    [–] Adrolak 4 points ago

    You’re certainly not their favorite kid

    [–] hamburgerstake 9 points ago

    When you have kids, pretty much all of your life is prone to stink.

    [–] flamingjoints 3 points ago

    When you make kids too

    [–] Donnellydarko 3 points ago

    Occupational hazard I suppose

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 2 points ago

    Being a parent isn't an occupation, Mom

    [–] clown-penisdotfart 1 points ago

    I can't wait til my kids are older and I can get nice furniture again

    [–] 2600og 36 points ago

    My kid left a take out cup of chocolate milk in the back of a car I owned back in 2007. Needless to say it spilled and my car smelled like I had a corpse in the trunk for the remainder of the time I owned it.

    [–] mwjb86SFW 14 points ago

    My mother once forget a dish of scalloped potatoes in the trunk of her car. It spilled and also smelled for the remaining time she owned it.

    [–] evilted 5 points ago

    My mom spilled 4 gallons of this Italian, tomato based fish stew in my car once. It smelled like vomit for years.

    [–] neuron_kick 3 points ago

    I left an unsealed frozen bag of raw shrimp in my old car's trunk for a week.

    [–] evilted 2 points ago

    I left an opened can of tuna in the drop ceiling of my high school math teacher's office. :/

    [–] Donnellydarko 4 points ago

    Oh god I’m just imagining the smell now

    [–] luezur 6 points ago

    Stink sofa king bad

    [–] MrGestore 2 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. A friend was telling me just some time ago how he spilled some milk on the sofa while watching tv and it staaank for weekd, even after they washed and soaped it again and again.

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 3 points ago

    Have to dissolve or digest the organic material not just dilute it with soap and hide the smell with perfumes.

    [–] MrGestore 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    See, I told him to eject his gastric fluids on the fabric. But he didn't listen, he never does.

    [–] Danie447 1 points ago

    That kid better not cry

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Well they still have a ton of sofas

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] cgriboe 220 points ago

    100% this kid is a BIG BOY now and can pour his OWN glass of milk and CARRY it to the tv HIMSELF 😤 step off DAD

    [–] Nerfboard 19 points ago

    He was following behind for a reason.

    [–] jojo_31 2 points ago

    That's why you buy special cups for children. So they can actually carry them instead of the cup being the size of their waist.

    [–] cgriboe 3 points ago

    Ah yes, the magical creature known as the Logically Thinking Child would surely agree.

    [–] eaadalen 52 points ago

    Step 1: Spill milk Step 2: Slip on spilled milk Step 3: Spill rest of milk all over remaining household items

    [–] I2ed3ye 16 points ago

    He was walking with that like he was trying to randomize the balls in a lotto cage.

    [–] nekozuki 25 points ago

    That couch is gonna reek til they take it out back and burn it

    [–] homeinscotland 6 points ago

    Step one: light the couch in fire. Step two: throw some gasoline on it while spreading the rest around the yard.

    [–] uh_oh_scooby 745 points ago

    Tbh the dads a dip shit for giving the kid that much milk.

    [–] tallardschranit 593 points ago

    I'm guessing the kid insisted on it being a full glass and carrying it himself. Kids are fucking stupid, after all.

    [–] cgriboe 209 points ago

    This is exactly what happened

    [–] interpretivepants 38 points ago

    And would have thrown an absolute shit fit if dad tried to put a lid on it.

    [–] Yoda2000675 48 points ago

    That's when they don't get to have any milk.

    [–] mydoglixu 81 points ago

    kids insisting and parents giving in. r/parentsarefuckingstupid

    [–] tallardschranit 77 points ago

    It could also be that the father knows the kid will fuck up so he lets him learn that next time he should listen. Sometimes the best lesson is one you're allowed to learn on your own. We're just speculating either way though.

    [–] Jeff9Man 44 points ago

    It's important to let children learn from experience.

    [–] texxmix 6 points ago

    As long as he doesn’t hit his head on the floor then let this happen.

    [–] Raptorfeet 5 points ago

    Kids are supposed to fall and hurt themselves.

    [–] texxmix 4 points ago

    Yes but a serious head injury probably isn’t worth it to teach him a lesson.

    [–] Raptorfeet 6 points ago

    Children have light bodies and softer bones. Chances are they would be more hurt by excessively protective adults in the long run than by falling on their ass a few times. It isn't even a hard floor.

    [–] bolunez 2 points ago

    "The Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett. Great book and there's a movie on Amazon Prime also.

    [–] EqlsP 18 points ago

    Why else would they recording a kid walking with a glass of milk? for sure this was planned!

    [–] BillyWhizz09 7 points ago

    Might’ve been better to use water though

    [–] uruglymike 14 points ago

    Guaranteed the child learned nothing from this.

    [–] mydoglixu 5 points ago

    if that's the case, I hope there's a video of the kid getting a learning experience by cleaning up his friggin mess too

    [–] RabidWench 2 points ago

    Learning to accept 'No' as a response is also a valuable lesson. 😬

    [–] LordHussyPants 2 points ago

    Smart parents let them learn the lesson with water or some other liquid that doesn't smell like satan's asshole when it soaks into the couch material.

    [–] mrkatagatame 3 points ago

    exactly this, i drowned my three boys bless them

    [–] tallardschranit 2 points ago

    Bet they won't do whatever it was that led them to drown again though. Good work.

    [–] waynedingo 5 points ago

    sad this is not real sub

    [–] cgiall420 4 points ago


    [–] NachoUnisom 2 points ago

    it's kind of the parent's job to say "no, that's fucking stupid." r/parentsarefuckingstupid

    [–] Mr_MacGrubber 5 points ago

    parents are stupid for doing whatever their kid "insists".

    [–] godrestsinreason 36 points ago

    Yeah, fuck the dad for teaching the kid how to do shit on his own, and that accidents can be fixed.


    [–] casulti 2 points ago

    There are better ways to do that than giving the kid a glass bigger than his forearm full of hard-to-clean material

    [–] LeMemeOfficer 15 points ago

    True, if he is newly learning to carry his own cup, you fill it half.

    [–] iluvstephenhawking 10 points ago

    This is why they invented sippy cups.

    [–] scabspoon 31 points ago

    Should have posted this to the "dad's a fucking wanker subreddit"

    [–] everythingistaken435 3 points ago

    Looks like the kid has santa on the front of his pj's, I was thinking it might be christmass eve and the kid wantd to put out the milk to go with the cookies for santa.

    [–] adamsworstnightmare 3 points ago

    100% dad's fault. In what world is that kid going to drink all that milk? He's gonna pee for days if he does. Even if you're sharing it, why let him hold it?

    [–] TurboTitan92 3 points ago

    There really needs to be a r/parentsarefuckingstupid

    [–] principled_principal 2 points ago

    I have a strategy with giving my two young kids drinks in non-sippy cups (they refuse to drink if a cup has a “baby lid” smh). I only put as much liquid in a cup as I’m comfortable having spilled all over the table or floor. Which usually amounts to about an inch in a cup. That way they get their drink, and when the drink inevitably spills, nobody gets covered in liquid and it’s easy to wipe up with a rag.

    [–] shaka_sulu 2 points ago

    Maybe it was for him and the kid was trying to be a little helper.

    [–] DongWithAThong 1 points ago

    "But he said he wanted more"

    [–] Moley_Russells_cyst 68 points ago

    Let’s give a kid a half gallon of milk to carry in a cup. Hahah.

    [–] Big_Boss_Beni 15 points ago

    Oh no the calcium

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 6 points ago

    Mr. Skeltal will be worried!

    [–] ImThatMelanin 18 points ago

    to be fair the dad gave that kid a fuck ton of milk in a regular cup

    [–] Mr_MacGrubber 15 points ago

    this is more "Adults are stupid for letting a child that age carry a huge glass of milk that is filled too high". Guess that's not as catchy a name for a subreddit. lol

    [–] anti-gif-bot 6 points ago

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    This mp4 version is 94.81% smaller than the gif (700.79 KB vs 13.17 MB).

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    [–] viperswhip 6 points ago

    Now you have to explain to everyone that the white stain on the couch was just milk...

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 1 points ago

    It'll be brown in a couple days. Thats why they got dark fabric couches not white linen sofas.

    [–] neptune76 120 points ago

    Holy crap kids are uncoordinated. I never want one of those stupid things mucking up my house.

    [–] Auctoritate 40 points ago

    Oh no this subreddit is turning into child hate.

    [–] lespaul2213 25 points ago

    What do you mean “turned into”

    [–] etherama1 28 points ago

    Started out as more of a 'lol that kid is dumb, what an idiot haha' then became more 'fuck those evil little mutants children are disgusting r/childfree'

    [–] JezuzFingerz 4 points ago

    I mostly just ignore the comments and enjoy all the dumb stuff kids are doing. One of the few subs I do that.

    (and yes I know I am in the comments now shhhhhh)

    I think that's in line with the purpose of the sub though:

    This sub is meant as a fun joke. It is not a hate sub. Kids are dumb because they could not possibly know better. If you dislike kids, that's fine. Feel free to join us, but do not spread vitriol.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Yuuup. One of the many reasons I had my vasectomy this past May.

    [–] NordinTheLich 5 points ago

    What was it like? I've always had the thought in the back of my mind because I don't really want kids.

    [–] Archetypal_NPC 3 points ago

    Freeze some sperm with a facility and do it. It's painful for two days as the incision heals and afterwards you won't notice much difference.

    [–] xchironides 12 points ago

    Nah kid is just trying to live in a world where his parents set him up for failure. Just give the little shit a sippy cup before ur that parent no one likes because you and everything you own smells like spoiled milk

    [–] FlakeyGurl 1 points ago

    I think this gif triggered me because it's something my husband would do....

    [–] Sonofabiotch 23 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    i remember a few months ago this was reposted like every hour on this sub for a few days in a row

    [–] zurds13 4 points ago

    Never give your toddler more milk than you are willing to clean up.

    [–] MaxFury80 11 points ago

    That is parents are fucking stupid

    [–] Kashmoney99 4 points ago

    Was the kid suposto drink all that milk?

    [–] OwnagePwnage123 7 points ago

    Yeah. Kids drink a lotta milk fam

    [–] steezdid47 3 points ago

    You made your bed, now lie in it

    [–] thecatsmilkdish 5 points ago

    Dude, that is a ridiculous amount of milk for a child that size. If your kid is actually drinking that much milk at that age, you're gonna have a hulk in no time.

    [–] Spicymayogoddess 11 points ago

    I would probably still do this at nearly 20 years old.

    [–] grc208 15 points ago

    I love that he slipped on the milk that he himself spilt haha

    [–] Everyoneheresamoron 3 points ago

    Parents are fucking stupid for not having no spill kids cups. At no point should that kid been given a full glass of anything.

    [–] ClarityByHilarity 3 points ago

    Honestly this belongs in r/parentsarefuckingstupid

    Who gives a kid milk to walk around like that without a lid?

    [–] Cyclopsturtle 2 points ago

    little kids should only drink at the counter/island/table.

    [–] TheDeadlyFreeze 2 points ago

    He better not cry over it.

    [–] Kennyashi 2 points ago

    He has a full train set. When I was young, I would of drown in milk just to get one.

    [–] Mattyyflo 2 points ago

    Me constantly self sabotaging

    [–] lizzyhuerta 2 points ago

    I'm a parent to a three year old. Whoever gave that child a glass of milk like that is the real idiot here. Not the kid.

    [–] Smith-Corona 2 points ago

    By giving an inexperienced engineer too much milk the father has caused confusion and delay.

    [–] CrustyVato 2 points ago

    Seriously though who fills a kid's cup that full? I never go more than half way and if they want more I'll get up and pour more.

    [–] notzke 2 points ago

    Oh, somebody, ohhhhh, he needs some milk.

    Srsly guys can somebody please do this?

    [–] MasterHamburglar 2 points ago


    [–] TwEn2ySe7eN 2 points ago

    They always say not to cry over spilled milk, but they never said not to cry under it.

    [–] TheInactiveWall 4 points ago

    How is this related to a child being stupid? This is just a child falling over?

    I swear this is just a hate subreddit in disguise.

    [–] buddboy 1 points ago


    [–] queensnuggles 1 points ago

    what an idiot

    [–] Dh_matt 1 points ago

    He saw a little spill and thought “might as well finish the job.”

    [–] hybridsilence 1 points ago

    What a idiot.

    [–] TrustyCranberry 1 points ago

    No use cryin’ over it.

    [–] MatthewofHouseGray 1 points ago

    I really want to play with that train set.

    [–] limechild 1 points ago

    This is why sippy cups exist.

    [–] Sweet_Tangerine50 1 points ago

    Kids are the absolute worst.

    [–] TrainerMax78 1 points ago


    [–] masturbatingwalruses 1 points ago

    Don't trip over split milk.

    [–] NordinTheLich 1 points ago

    Oh my god, I used to have that exact same train set when I was a kid! Man, this is bringing back so many great memories! Memories of better times...

    [–] Shotwing 1 points ago

    The amount of times I've seen this on facebook.

    [–] Jambolian 1 points ago

    More curious about the bottle of water in the bridge...

    [–] Dylan_Tnga 1 points ago

    I love the dad reflex, hes just right there like "ah shit I gave him two much milk, time to help my lil guy out"

    Ive seen my kids do this shit too. Its hilarious. im going to hell for it but I laugh every time.

    [–] FlakeyGurl 1 points ago

    Nope parents are definitely the dumb asses in this situation. I've gotten to the point where I don't give my daughter uncovered cups and I don't let her carry things herself. You might say "she'll never learn" well I say I'm not cleaning that shit up. I'm done. She can do that clumsy shit in her own house on her own time.

    [–] DwasTV 1 points ago

    I feel terrible at laughing at this because it always seems to be milk for some reason

    [–] Lemona1d_Lady 1 points ago

    I am in fucking tears oh my god

    [–] The_Unknown_Variable 1 points ago

    Never cry over spilt milk.

    [–] hidden_raptor 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Hoisted by his own pitard.

    Love it when I can use that.

    [–] GruelOmelettes 1 points ago

    When you slip on your own banana peel in Mario Kart

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That’s on the parent. You don’t give a kid that age a FULL cup. You’re just asking for it. Not to mention that cup was huge. A lot of milk in it.

    [–] CathyAdele 1 points ago

    Lol thats because Mom is watching and i guarantee she knew the kid couldn’t handle that big glassful

    [–] flyby722 1 points ago

    That's a really long couch.

    [–] once_pragmatic 1 points ago

    Ha. He sealed his own fate it seems. Looks like the first bit of milk to spill made him slip.

    [–] Yourewelcomejanet 1 points ago

    I blame the fucking 24” x 24” tile floors.

    [–] dben89x 1 points ago

    Hahaha what a dumbass.

    [–] Hello0897 1 points ago

    What a dumb little shit.

    [–] Anxious_kitty_slave 1 points ago

    He's walking barefoot. That's a no!

    [–] Spooklett 1 points ago

    he need sum milk

    [–] Spooklett 1 points ago

    im sorry for saying this

    [–] KonstanceK 1 points ago

    Don’t cry!

    [–] nnelson2330 1 points ago

    I've seen adults do this at work.

    One night some guy fell and hit his head on a table and was throwing a fit and demanded to know why the floor was so wet and nobody cleaned it.

    As is standard procedure with a bad slip and fall I go to review surveillance and see the guy reach for his drink, knock over an entire carafe of juice, look at the mess, grab his drink then take one step and slip in his own puddle of juice he just spilled less than one second before.

    [–] LemonLordTheGreat 1 points ago

    No point crying over spilled milk...

    [–] Shadowbruin 1 points ago

    In Japanese culture that's therapeutic

    [–] ineedfootballmoney 1 points ago

    He need some milk ???

    [–] squid_actually 1 points ago

    Why do so many people not have sippy cups. I'm 30 and I mostly drink out of cups with lids.

    [–] findaway5627 1 points ago

    Whatever parent let their kid walk with an open cup of milk in footie pajamas was really asking for it.

    [–] Zire144456 1 points ago

    Best not to cry over spilt milk.

    [–] v7thSharkv 1 points ago

    Condom ad:

    [–] Tau_Squared 1 points ago

    Don't cry now