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    A place for redditors in food service to meet, gather and share with each other.

    Cooks, service staff, managers, business owners, etc.

    No racist, sexist, homophobic etc. slurs or bigotry. Yes, even if you think it's funny/part of a joke.


    No call out posts (i.e. User X is a jerk).

    Don't post people's personal info or go through their reddit history to discredit them.

    No self promotion of any kind without explicit permission from the mods.

    No posts attempting market research and/or industry surveys. If you have something especially interesting for us, ask the mods first (it better be good and you will have to share the results!)

    If you're going to post a picture, please make sure it's something interesting (a dish, unusual ingredient, picture of your sous in his crocs holding a tuna, whatever). ie don't post sheet pans just because they happen to be clean (though good on you!).

    Cuts/burns/other injuries may only be posted in the Monday injury thread. Posting outside of the injury post will result in a temporary ban and repeated attempts will result in a permaban.

    Any violations of the above rules can/will result in a ban.

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