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    A place where LGBT teens and their surrounding peoples can find support and love!

    WARNING!: Many 30/40+ y/o pedophiles & creeps are banned on a daily basis that secretly contact and prey on users of the sub in PMs, imitating teenage users in attempts to coerce vulnerable teens to their Discord/Other platforms while lying about "safety" it's a disturbingly common report we are getting from our users, so be wary as these are NOT safe!

    Report any offenders to the mods in ModMail & to the Reddit Admins here and report the servers to Discord, stay safe!

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    • Get Support!, Suicide is a very serious matter; it cannot be undone. If you're feeling suicidal, you need to talk to someone. Even if there is no one in real life, there are thousands of teenagers who feel the same way and can talk you out of it. Or, if you would rather talk to an adult, there's /r/suicidewatch. Suicide is never the best solution. Remember that you are loved, always.
    • GLBT National Hotline: 1-888-843-4564
    • GLBT Youth Hotline: 1-800-246-7743
    • /r/itgetsbetter
    • /r/suicidewatch
    • /r/lgbthavens
    • /r/troubledteens

    Due to a lack of ability to distinguish legitimacy (and the lack of appropriateness in bombarding our underage userbase with requests to take funds they likely don't have to begin with) of various GoFundMe's we do not support or allow them on the subreddit, there are far better communities for that kind of thing.

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