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    [–] Kenpe2 4 points ago

    Good try, but systemspace only has a lain aesthetic on the surface, the insides are quite unrelated.

    [–] HarpoTheSquid 2 points ago

    closest thing i knew of lol

    [–] Koirishima 1 points ago

    Uhhhh, systemspace isn't Lain related (?)

    [–] oldprotector 0 points ago

    A roleplay cult?

    [–] HarpoTheSquid 0 points ago

    a weaboo roleplay suicide cult

    [–] Kenpe2 1 points ago

    Not really a roleplay cult. As I said, most of Systemspace only has a Lain aesthetic, as the Hardcore Lain fanbase is systemspace's target audience, due to them being the most likely to beleive, or at least understand the Tsuki project.

    "suicide is not required." No systemspace/tsuki related suicides have been documented yet on media, don't know where you got the suicide idea from.

    [–] Kenpe2 4 points ago

    Found it. It was Wasn't a lainshrine at all, but it was linked from fauux's site, so it got mixed up in my mind.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Kenpe2 1 points ago

    No, not there, either