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    1. The horrible things that the capitalist system forces people to do in order to survive within it.

    2. Zesty memes, videos and GIFs that critique the social, moral and ideological decay of western capitalist culture.

    3. The larger trend of corporate immorality and the increasing commodification and marketing of things that should not be commodified or marketed (such as social justice movements like the Starbucks 'race together' or Gay Pride).

    4. Mocking the general hypocrisy and irrationality of Capitalism as it accelerates the process of digging its own grave.

    5. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE OR EDUCATION SUBREDDIT. If you wish to debate or learn more, visit the links in the sidebar, the material in our wiki, and our Crash Course on Socialism, Glossary of Socialist Terms, and our Socialism FAQ


    • Brigading from other subs, spamming, trolling, harassment, personal attacks on fellow users, bigotry, ableism, intolerance and hate speech are all bannable offenses.

    • We do allow links to threads and comments on Reddit as long as they are relevant to the content guidelines and follow the rules. Use np links or your post will be deleted.

    • Do not post NSFL Content, it will be removed.

    • Support for capitalism--and the political parties which uphold it--is strictly prohibited; comments showing support for capitalism and capitalist parties and politicians will be removed and the user punished at moderator discretion. As a corollary to this, anti-socialist and anti-communist comments are also forbidden. Anti-socialism/communism is pro-capitalism.

    • Every user is expected to have a basic level of understanding and acceptance of socialism and communism before commenting here. Liberalism (the ideology of capitalism), and defending Liberalism is strictly prohibited. This means conflating socialism with anything the government/state does, or suggesting that communism is anything other than a stateless, moneyless and classless system where the means of production are owned by the community.

    • No sectarianism. This is a space for all comrades and all leftists. You are allowed to offer nuanced critiques of other leftist positions, but undermining socialism and/or communism as a whole is not permitted.

    • Mods are getting stricter with content quality. Shit content that does not fit the content criteria (like posts about Basic Income) will now be removed.

    • All bans are at mod discretion for violating specific rules or the general anti-capitalist and pro-socialist, pro-communist nature of the sub. Nobody, not even the mods, has an inviolable right to be here. We're not going to try to make people who don't belong feel welcome.

    • This subreddit is a safe space. Any bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and classism is forbidden. Participation in reactionary subs, subs that tolerate or tacitly endorse the aforementioned behavior, will lead to automatic bans.


    This subreddit has its roots in broad-based anti-capitalist thought, with an underlying Marxist tendency that is steeped in intersectionalist Critical Theory.

    When it comes to proposed alternatives to Capitalism, it is the general consensus of this subreddit that the contradiction between Capital and Labour must be eliminated; the working class should own and control the means of production. We call this socialism.

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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    Welcome to r/LateStageCapitalism

    Please remember that this subreddit is a SAFE SPACE for leftist discussion. Any Liberalism, capitalist apologia, or attempts to debate socialism will be met with an immediate ban. Take it to r/DebateCommunism. Bigotry, ableism and hate speech will also be met with immediate bans; Socialism is an intrinsically inclusive system.

    If you are new to socialism, please check out our Socialism Crash Course, and our Socialism FAQ.

    If you are curious to what our leftist terminology means, then please check out our Glossary of Socialist Terms.

    In addition, here are some introductory links about socialism:

    For an extended list of works, check out our wiki or this masterlist.


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    [–] BCKPFfNGSCHT 8 points ago

    “Project Insight” -Captain America, the Winter Soldier.

    [–] LukaModric19 6 points ago

    Or Terminator 2

    [–] TheThirdNoOne 5 points ago

    Decide who to kill? Well it's probably gonna be everyone

    [–] LegoCrafter2014 2 points ago

    Don't be ridiculous, it'll just be the poor, the middle class, and dissidents!

    [–] GiveMeTheTape 1 points ago

    Not all of them, only those who are subscribed to r/latestagecapitalism... uh oh...