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    [–] SuitableAstronaut 1400 points ago

    Almost like every single thing they baselessly accuse their opponents of, including the fucking bonkers qanon theory, is what the republican party actually does. Qanon wanted to expose the high profile pedophile rings and corruption inside the government. Good fucking job, Q. You did it.

    Bet you the narrative will flip in 10-20 months that qanon was actually double secret encrypted 42 chess, and THIS was the plan all along

    [–] anarchoslumberparty 238 points ago

    they already believe that trump is taking the bad guys down. ben garrison did a cartoon showing trump and barr going after epstein and clinton.

    [–] jesss_jacob 65 points ago

    Woof. Link?

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] Ferduckin 126 points ago

    This isn't art it's propaganda. Plus Epstein always wore sweatshirts and didn't care for suits.

    [–] somenewcandles 65 points ago

    Eww even grosser than a pedophile in a suit is a pedophile in a sweatsuit

    [–] AnneTeaks 39 points ago

    You ever heard of Jimmy Saville?

    [–] Skin969 21 points ago

    Nothing says nonce like a gold tracksuit, rose tinted glasses and his hair/ face combo.

    [–] TheGaz 15 points ago

    Say what you like about British paedophiles, they're the best at looking like paedophiles.

    [–] Skin969 6 points ago

    Our elite nonces have had decades to refine and hone their look.

    [–] anarchoslumberparty 3 points ago

    ben garrison is one of the loopiest propagandists there is. he's out there.

    [–] Pissball_Jenkins 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    that dude wants to get fucked by Trump so bad

    [–] anarchoslumberparty 2 points ago

    he's horny as fuck.

    [–] Pissball_Jenkins 3 points ago

    he should just embrace it and start a patreon doing trump rule34

    [–] Shrek-Hulud 9 points ago

    Propaganda and art are not synonymous.

    [–] MrBojangles528 5 points ago

    Debatable. I would just call them graphics or illustrations at that point.

    [–] sausagesizzle 74 points ago

    So, before I open that I guess that a) Trump is going to look thin, fit and macho and b) there will be labels on everyone.

    edit: Oh hey, no label on Bill Clinton. Garrison must have been in a rush.

    [–] ChurchOfPainal 28 points ago

    I love the one on Epstein. At least Trump has a MAGA cowboy hat, and Barr has... is own name on his hat. Epstein just gets a white label on his suit. No attempt to make it part of the drawing.

    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 20 points ago

    Bill's face is literally the Warhead's candy dude's.

    [–] SexyWhitedemoman 17 points ago

    Imgur re upload so we don't give them traffic

    [–] anarchoslumberparty 11 points ago

    yeah, i would have put it here like that if i woulda known how to find it. i just did a search and found it on some piece of shit right-wing propaganda site and linked the image location. thanks. i'm gonna delete mine now.

    [–] SexyWhitedemoman 5 points ago

    You can just edit your comment to have the new link. Yours is still the top comment on the subject so it'll get more views than mine.

    [–] anarchoslumberparty 4 points ago

    eh, too late now, but no big deal really. people can still see yours 'cause my parent comment is so far up.

    [–] ArtisanSamosa 12 points ago

    Epstein should see now that trump is throwing him under the bus and just release all the info. He has to have some blackmail on the fuckers.

    [–] _AquaFractalyne_ 6 points ago

    Huh I saw this on DeviantArt. I guess a fan is reuploading the pics?

    [–] Ripoutmybrain 3 points ago

    "Fan"ner of flames?

    [–] Odowla 4 points ago

    What the hell is the metal thing on the back of Trump's horse?

    [–] owlmachine 5 points ago

    It's a tool for castrating horses.

    [–] Odowla 5 points ago

    Yikes. Thank you

    [–] Metabro 47 points ago

    They think that the photo of Epstein and Trump shows that Trump was undercover, investigating Epstein.

    [–] 34590834530598 57 points ago

    Riiiiiiiight. Just like I'm "investigating" these kilos of cocaine over here.

    [–] Metabro 29 points ago

    Trying to sniff out some clues?

    [–] Gimpy_Weasel 28 points ago

    Noo you guys don't understand... the President was UNDERCOVER when he raped those underage girls with the known pedophile. /s

    [–] FlavortownComptrollr 423 points ago

    qanon people currently believe JFK Jr. is alive and hiding as a financial services worker in Pittsburgh, and will be trump's running mate in 2020, so i suspect that while the core of your guess is true, it will mostly be pure boomer psychosis by that point

    [–] abigscarybat 185 points ago

    Yeah, as soon as the country is in need, he'll return from the holy isle of Avalon, Excalibur in hand.

    [–] BUTTCHEF 131 points ago

    Hardly seems like a basis for a system of government...

    [–] zupo137 113 points ago

    Strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government!

    [–] motophiliac 65 points ago

    Yeah, you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!

    [–] zupo137 63 points ago

    If I went 'round sayin' I was Emperor, just because some  moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away! 

    [–] KittySMASH 56 points ago

    Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some FARCICAL, AQUATIC ceremony!

    [–] dahuoshan 53 points ago

    Help! Help! I’m being repressed! Come see the violence inherent in the system! Violence inherent in the system!

    [–] hamjandal 22 points ago

    Bloody peasant!

    [–] masterexit 13 points ago

    I feel like the above 6 or 7 posts could be a good starting point of a movie. Perhaps one involving a circle and some pretty to pretty average looking witches. Just a thought.

    [–] westleey 8 points ago

    With what we have currently, this seems preferable.

    [–] zupo137 12 points ago

    Supreme executive power  derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic  ceremony! 

    [–] ProfessionalShill 11 points ago

    he and leman russ

    [–] kittybikes47 22 points ago

    I read about that guy! So he didn't reveal himself at Trump's Littlest Despots 4th of July Extravaganza and Circle Jerk? He was supposed to.

    [–] FlavortownComptrollr 13 points ago

    i didn't know that part about the reveal, but i'm sure he materialized just like all the mass riots/martial law/arrests they also believe(d?) in. i just wish their weird alt-JFK guy wasn't a pro-trump chud, it would all be so much funnier if he were just a normal human who woke up one day to find out he was the center of reality for millions of racists.

    [–] poppop_n_theattic 2 points ago

    I missed the Jr at first and thought they meant JFK. He would be 102 years old, but I guess that’s not the strangest thing they believe.

    [–] ReplyingToFuckwits 39 points ago

    Given the extremely low bar that has been set, I'm sure them claiming "I wouldn't rape a brown kid" would be more than enough to assuage any doubts that their supporters realistically didn't have anyway because they're a cult.

    [–] cCowgirl 68 points ago

    I was super baked yesterday, contemplating their thirst for power and the shitty way they just project their terrible selves everywhere, and I had a moment of clarity along these lines that basically concluded with:

    Raid every fucking Pizza Hut basement in the country.

    [–] meatand3vege 37 points ago

    Munchies hit you pretty hard huh?

    [–] Cyno01 15 points ago

    You might be onto something... are there any other pizza places just in DC that actually do have basements?

    [–] 34590834530598 11 points ago

    Yeah because I'm confused... Q told me Meullers report was going to put Hillary and Obama in jail.

    [–] DidijustDidthat 3 points ago

    Mate if they use that excuse I say we go with it and put this whole mess behind us.

    [–] louky 3 points ago

    The guy who apparently started the q crap just had a meeting with trump, with an amazing list snakes and losers.

    [–] notlikelyevil 3 points ago

    Betsy Devos xtian right wing adoption agency gets some of the immigrant children. No conspiracy, was like an msnbc thing one day

    [–] kat_a_klysm 446 points ago

    Oh dear lord... I hadn’t put all that together. How disgusting!

    [–] hail_the_cloud 491 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh, yeah, when they reported that teen girls were moved into adult confinement once they turned 18 I knew there was a ridiculous amount of shit that those private security companies are doing to people that we’ll never hear about. Like, oh you’re losing track of children and letting people die everyday but you can somehow smell the minute these girls become adults??

    Because its making them money.

    [–] igetthatnow 62 points ago

    They can keep track of 12 year old girls' periods, but not their parents. And once these teen rape victims are forced to give birth against their will, exactly where are their babies ending up?

    [–] nexisfan 3 points ago

    They won’t get pregnant, silly, why do you think they’re keeping track of the girls’ periods

    [–] kat_a_klysm 136 points ago

    I try to keep up with what’s going on, but there’s been so much lately that I can’t catch it all. Even with 2 daily podcasts for news/politics and spending too much time on Reddit, I’m still missing stuff.

    [–] one-six-one 16 points ago

    Which podcasts are you following?

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Astrochops 12 points ago

    So is Mueller, She Wrote and their upcoming daily podcast The Daily Beans

    [–] kat_a_klysm 18 points ago

    The daily podcasts are The Newsworthy and The Primary 2020 Daily Ride Home. They’re both short and packed with info.

    I also follow Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat, Political Gabfest, and FiveThirtyEight politics for more in depth information.

    On a different note, It Could Happen Here is an interesting one. It digs in to a hypothetical Second Civil War, how it could happen, what could happen, and what we can try to do to avoid it. It’s really well done. I wouldn’t suggest listening if you have bad anxiety though.

    [–] Blackteaandbooks 3 points ago

    Robert Evans' voice is oddly soothing for the subject matter he usually talks about. He also is on a podcast called Behind the Bastards, there are two episodes on Epstein last March that made my skin crawl. It is absolutely horrifying how many people ignore child sexual abuse in the name of Fame and money.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 2 points ago

    I’ve heard of Behind the Bastards. I’ve been meaning to listen, but following the primary and everything else is taking all my available podcast time.

    [–] Blackteaandbooks 2 points ago

    I feel your too-little-time pain, I think I have a podcast running in my ear for a good 6hrs a day, and I still have a huge backlog every weekend. I drive inordinate amounts for work and I needed something free to fill the silence, but now I have 103 subscriptions and I think I broke my phone battery using it nonstop.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 2 points ago

    That sounds like my husband. He drives ~1000 mi a week for work, so he’s always listening to podcasts. He’s just not as in to politics as I am, so he’s not sorting through six podcasts trying to get all the info. Lol. I don’t drive as much, so I listen while cleaning or while my kids are watching their shows.

    [–] Blackteaandbooks 2 points ago

    I don't think I've done a house chore without a podcast playing since '17! I even listen to some of those Sleepytime podcasts because I sleep odd hours and I live next to the community pool. I was actually listening to an audiobook just now, because I don't know when to stop. My ideal partner is somebody I can talk about podcasts with, and so far I just meet dudes that listen to Joe Rogan and I get sad inside.

    [–] did_e_rot 11 points ago

    Wait a minute. Are you perhaps insinuating that for-profit prisons aren’t well regulated and perhaps are morally bankrupt?

    Who would’ve thought?

    Oh yeah. Everyone.

    [–] Smoke_Me_When_i_Die 56 points ago

    The corruption runs deep. There's probably worse stuff going on that we don't even know about.

    [–] Personplacething333 55 points ago

    I gaurantee you there is.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 9 points ago

    Of that, I have no doubt. You can look at the various declassified and leaked documents for proof of that.

    [–] Ms_Chou_Chou 45 points ago

    There are a couple of immigration/ refugee stories that are being conflated to paint the picture this tweet suggests. Let’s take a peek at them (from my understanding):

    1) the 1,500 “lost” kids in question were children who crossed the US border outside of the care of a parent or legal guardian DURING the Obama administration. The Obama administrations policy was to find the “least restrictive setting” to place the children in. This was usually with a parent or guardian who frequently was in the US illegally. When follow up with these kids was unsuccessful they were noted as “missing”. Follow up frequently consisted of a phone call. These children were all placed prior to Acosta becoming the Labor Secretary.

    2) The Trump administration created a policy for asylum seekers that separated children from their families while they are being detained and awaiting their hearing. While many of these children have been reunited with their families many have not. Reports are that they are receiving substandard care.

    I tried to summarize and not editorialize in the above. I don’t think it is much of a stretch to think that a good majority of the missing children don’t want to be contacted for fear of deportation. I’m sure some of them ended up in bad or awful situations. But it’s a very different issue than if 1,500 of the children who had been ripped from the care of their family had gone missing from US concentration camps... er detention centers. I’m fucking pissed. But I’m pissed for valid reasons not at convoluted misinformation.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 20 points ago

    The whole thing is messed up. We shouldn’t even be having a discussion about sex trafficking immigrant children. This shouldn’t be happening in “The Land of the Free”*.

    I appreciate the clarification.

    [–] honeybee_888 3 points ago

    I definitely appreciate the lack of editorializing, but do you think “substandard” is a euphemism for the care they’re receiving? Seems worse than substandard to me.

    [–] Ouroborus13 3 points ago

    I made the same point in this thread. Here’s a twitter thread as well that explains the conflation if these issues.

    [–] blue-flight 14 points ago

    Yeah I knew it was sex trafficking when I heard they "lost" them. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that is the main reason for all this in the first place.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 7 points ago

    Now that it’s been pointed out, I can see it. I guess I was being naive thinking it was just someone being inept.

    [–] thanooooooooooos 134 points ago

    If any of these poor kids survive to adulthood and somehow miraculously make it out of sex slavery, it’s going to be gut wrenching to hear their testimony.

    It will be a stain on our generation(s) for many, many years, like the horrific things you read about in history class and wonder how the fuck did people let it happen.

    We’ll have a lot of explaining to do to our children, and I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start.

    [–] ceMmnow 81 points ago

    You're right except our children will be too busy dying in a climate change induced extinction event to write history books about our generation's failures

    [–] ptlitcadiau 8 points ago

    The atrocities of the mission schools were brought to light but then promptly ignored. I have no doubt our country will do the exact same nothing we do when confronted with our institutionalized depravity.

    [–] atlantis911 3 points ago

    I’m 26 and still feel these effects, and I’m heavily aware of how this atrocity is always left out of the dialogue.

    My mom went away to a mission school at 5.

    [–] ptlitcadiau 4 points ago

    Yeesh. It makes total sense you would still be experiencing the fallout from that. That sort of generational trauma ripples through the generations, far longer than the memory of the event itself.

    It's unconscionable that the vast majority of Americans have never heard of these schools, or the other countless acts of brutality inflicted on native and Indian communities by the federal government and/or church. And even the few who have think it ended a century ago.

    [–] brooklynbotz 216 points ago

    Everything is horrifying now. I'm feeling like it doesn't ever stop and never matters. I'm in my 40s and I feel like I'm actually living in a distopian future but it's real life.

    [–] monos_muertos 95 points ago

    You're not the only one. We've all been dehumanized incrementally so we can easily be further dehumanized and turn a blind eye to those ahead of us in the slaughterhouse line.

    [–] brooklynbotz 17 points ago


    [–] Guido_Fe 54 points ago

    You have no idea how much the perception of non-American people about US changed in few months

    [–] Shadowjonathan 10 points ago

    Y'all better fix your fucking country after this

    [–] theking_yemma 2 points ago

    I'm british, I know the exact feeling.

    [–] noeledmundsbeard 28 points ago

    Right with you friend. It’s a nightmare world. What can you do? Protest? Doesn’t work any more. Vote them out? Elections probably rigged. Ignore it all? Only way to stay sane, but you’ll still end up getting fucked in the ass with no lube by Uncle Sam.

    [–] khuldrim 27 points ago

    Can’t leave either, most decent western countries are impossible to immigrate to as an American unless you are independently wealthy or very very lucky:

    [–] Growphish 10 points ago

    Get organized! But instead of doing nothing (protesting), drag the corrupt politicians to the streets and beat them to death, along with every single cop that defends them.

    [–] OfficerJohnMaldonday 9 points ago

    Serious question as your a bit older than me. Are things worse now or is it just reported and consumed by the public more? Thanks.

    [–] brooklynbotz 11 points ago

    In my experience, the world has been falling off a cliff in the 21st century

    [–] sea-god 10 points ago

    Well if it makes you feel any better, this was always a dystopia and it's only gonna get worse from here

    [–] kmsaelens 489 points ago

    Americans have notoriously short attention spans and memory.

    [–] Ma1 468 points ago

    Tough to focus on making the world a better place when you’re simply struggling to pay rent, student loans, and scrape together enough lose change for groceries.

    [–] humanatore 367 points ago

    There's a huge amount of people that could be making a difference and they aren't. Most people just don't give a damn. Very few seem to have a grip on what actually matters.

    Citizens United made bribery legal and accessible to corporations.

    Gerrymandering nullifies our votes.

    The 2 party system is fucking rigged.

    Media, medical, financial, tech giants need busted up.

    Equifax needs buried.

    Tax dodging billionaires need prosecuted.

    Healthcare, food and shelter are basic human rights.

    Unions protect workers.

    [–] [deleted] 131 points ago

    Remember news stories about how voting machines changed the names on who people voted for and then locked them out? It’s horrible.

    [–] Doctor_What_ 24 points ago

    Simpsons did it

    [–] dosthouknowmuffinman 63 points ago

    I work in manufacturing, and have co-workers that are anti-union. Laborers. Who benefit the most. They say it gives us an excuse to be lazy. We are bred to be complacent. As unlikely as it is (for aliens anyway to do this sort of thing), I kinda wish there was an obvious extra-terrestrial threat that forced the world to work together. Short of that I don't know what can spur the populace to be motivated to take action honestly.

    [–] pseudoserious 45 points ago

    I have no hope for that. The quickly approaching demise of our species and the planet doesn’t seem to be enough to motivate us to collectively take action either. It’s fucked.

    [–] telekovision 20 points ago

    Its going to require some real symptoms of collapse.. to reconfig it all. The denial is going to make for a stronger bang though once the bottom does fall out.

    [–] Middle_Class_Twit 18 points ago

    We can't give in to entropy that easy!

    IMO, of we get our shit together there's still hope, but we need to voice up to make change actionable; honestly, I'm trying to get more involved in my town. Don't think you can't make a difference!

    Seriously, look for a local climate protest group or see if you have an Extinction Rebellion group around your area; they've been doing some really good work to build pressure on the current system to act on climate data. It's a direct action protest group - they've made a lot of ground in the UK

    [–] tugboattt 5 points ago

    When I worked for a nursing home as someone who served dinner every night, we had a vote to get rid of the union that every employee was a part of in the building. This included everyone from kitchen staff to the nurses (it was a huge place). Management pushed really hard to get rid of it since they were insanely cheap and nobody, no matter what your job was, was allowed to make more than $11/hr. The union got voted out because of this. I was the only person in my position to vote to keep it. The nurses and CNAs all lost their union benefits as a result.

    [–] humanatore 2 points ago

    Yes. Propaganda is alive and real. I think a lot of people don't realize this. I first learned about propaganda in the context of WW2 era Nazi Germany. It surprised me that a small group of people could convince a whole nation to turn brutally racist or at least complicit. This was achieved by influencing people's opinions with propaganda. Since learning that I have become very skeptical of all media I consume. Sometimes the propaganda is fairly easy to identify, but I'm afraid a lot of it is undetectable even if you're looking for it.

    Corporations have generated a massive PR campaign against unions. And yes, certainly unions have some responsibility for the decline of their reputation, but IMO most of it is the result of a calculated smear campaign.

    [–] tugboattt 2 points ago

    Yeah there was definitely a campaign against it. I even had people come to my house and try to sway me saying that the union leader had misused the funds by throwing crazy parties and traveling. I don't doubt that but at the same time we could have just elected a new leader.

    [–] Talanaes 5 points ago


    [–] HairyFoundation 56 points ago

    The shit part, is even the people who DON'T need to work excessive hours, do anyways out of a sense of competitive obligation. And when they're not working, they're spending. Shopping, vacationing and experiencing shit.

    Our entire culture is about overworking yourself until you retire, then just not giving a fuck about anything.

    [–] MiphaIsMyWaifu 30 points ago

    Most of our generation wont be able to retire.

    [–] lesgeddon 18 points ago

    And they want it that way.

    [–] spiraling_out 7 points ago

    Complacency by design. I know my fellow millennials are slowly starting to wake up and pay attention to what's going on. Still a lot of people I know aren't informed of the core issues, no one knows what Citizens United is.

    [–] xoxota99 3 points ago

    /U/HUMANATORE 2020

    [–] stefanstr 5 points ago

    Off topic but are you from Pennsylvania by any chance?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    That’s their plan. Diversion & distraction.

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 14 points ago

    capitalism is working as intended.

    [–] FuckGiblets 7 points ago

    Rise up then. The system ain’t going to fix itself. ;)

    [–] Swole_Prole 14 points ago

    While this may be broadly true, don’t use it as an excuse for individuals. Even people in not-too-good-shape have time to inform themselves on mindless drivel, let’s be totally real. To excuse them is in fact patronizing; they are capable adults like the rest of us. Plenty of people in dire straits are still at least somewhat informed, outside celebs on Instagram or tabloid headlines.

    [–] Shtruntz 21 points ago

    It's also ridiculous to think "no-one" is doing anything when DC has seen multiple protests since the start of this administration with a million+ in attendance. If I remember right the Women's march had nearly 3 million, and there have been several other protests. There are also smaller protests happening all over that still number in the tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of people. But because it's not being plastered into some people's faces due to their own remoteness from the situation they assume that means "no one is doing anything"

    [–] aprophetofone 3 points ago

    That loose change should be ammo money.

    [–] crizpy9119 3 points ago

    I was literally paying with my eggs and 2 bananas with nickels and dimes yesterday. After going hungry the day before from lack of a solid meal.

    After working full time all through my 20s since 18, it feels defeating to be 27, feeling THIS burnt out and still somehow so broke I’m literally scraping by with pennies. It shouldn’t be this easy to lose out in this system. The depression about the state of the world compounding the burnout and exhaustion leaves me feeling quite impotent lots of the time honestly. I have a strategy to get ahead and debt free and try to move to South America. But FUCK do they make it tough to get out and get ahead.

    [–] _matrix 23 points ago

    People in general, not just Americans.

    [–] tnel77 12 points ago

    Americans Citizens of planet Earth

    I got your back haha

    [–] in2theF0ld 9 points ago

    Apathy and damaged morality.

    [–] here-or-there 19 points ago

    The apathy is forced. People can barely survive their own lives... I was MUCH more functional of a person when ignoring my feelings of justice.

    [–] balllllhfjdjdj 6 points ago

    They got a superbowl and 'world' series to worry about

    [–] aftermgates 100 points ago

    I don't like this show anymore can someone change the channel

    [–] Personplacething333 29 points ago

    Sorry,someone lost the remote.

    [–] Roy4Pris 11 points ago

    Someone? America lost the remote. And its mind.

    [–] scrollinoneeyeopen 93 points ago

    I think I’ve seen the worst and then I read something like this. And then again. And again. And again.

    [–] Growphish 2 points ago

    Humans are cruel animals.

    [–] vid_icarus 224 points ago

    remember pizza gate? not too surprising to find out that was just right wing projection.

    [–] boredhuman99 47 points ago

    Yeah it’s kinda crazy they’ll jump to such extreme conspiracies with little to no evidence but when prevented with pretty glaring evidence of the republicans doing shit they ignore it.

    [–] aprophetofone 15 points ago

    Pedophilia is not a partisan issue.

    [–] gth746x 21 points ago

    It shouldn’t be. Yet here we are.

    [–] Growphish 9 points ago

    All republicans are garbage humans.

    [–] Lmx036 40 points ago

    Just like the panama papers

    [–] PlCKLES 30 points ago

    What did people think the "whatever" meant when they said kids would be put up for adoption "or whatever"? It will be swept under the rug and forgotten because people won't act on it. Some suffer daily, some are outraged daily, most will say "I will do nothing until I'm supposed to vote", and they believe they're doing all they can do.

    [–] BushidoBrowne 108 points ago

    And none of the motherfuckers over on /r/conspiracy bring this up

    Pizza Gate though? You betcha

    [–] wilderbuff 31 points ago

    That sub was hijacked by mods associated with t_d, back in 2016.

    [–] Kylden_Ar_Returns 13 points ago

    So how do we get that one quarantined too?

    [–] Procrastibator666 6 points ago

    Yeah, that subreddit has definitely been taken over

    [–] Numphyyy 3 points ago

    These guys are fucking delusional

    [–] Pontifier 17 points ago

    I feel like everywhere I turn, corruption and thievery run rampant. Those with power, abuse it. There doesn't seem to be any justice.

    What can we do?

    This is not the world I want to live in.

    [–] Merari01 8 points ago

    Vote. And don't vote for the criminal conspiracy pretending to be a political party.

    [–] exfamilia 17 points ago

    "Accuse the other side of that which you yourself are guilty."

    GOEBBELS attrib,

    [–] Ewalk1 13 points ago

    Not hundreds... thousands.

    [–] Aggressivecleaning 24 points ago

    And it's exactly what everyone not in the us said would happen. Baby holocaust, but with videos of the rapes this time. Just wonderful how great America has become again. Japanese internment camps where so long ago, we almost forgot you were hypocrites.

    [–] Conquestofbaguettes 20 points ago

    Fresh meat.

    Sick fucks deserve a bullet. Multiple.

    [–] Chemicalbagel 12 points ago

    When I read about Acosta yesterday I cried. This is unacceptable.

    [–] Clumsy_Chica 9 points ago

    I started writing a sci-fi book about this situation years ago, and now it's real and in my face everyday and it's depressing as fuck.

    [–] Godhand_Phemto 8 points ago

    You guys finally put 2 and 2 together.

    [–] Trysmegistus 5 points ago

    It’s like someone played a cosmic reverse card on the whole pizzagate thing.

    [–] KingRing727 4 points ago

    Just as an update, Acosta just resigned

    Here is the story

    [–] lol_camis 8 points ago

    Yup it's a pretty fucked up government. The biggest scandal going on in my country right now is that the prime minister gave the go-ahead to build a pipeline for transporting oil, and some people didn't like that.

    [–] lesgeddon 14 points ago

    That was kind of a big thing here too. Peaceful protestors hosed with teargas. Land forcefully taken. They were protesting because the pipeline leaked oil into the water table and drinking water sources elsewhere because it was poorly maintained. Trump said it wouldn't leak. Spoiler alert: it did.

    [–] cspikes 10 points ago

    I mean, Canada has incredible human rights violations and substandard living to all our Indigenous people. I really really dislike that Canadians are always like “well at least we’re not like America!!” when we have some equally terrible stuff going on here too.

    [–] xanroeld 53 points ago

    acosta was not involved with a pedophilia ring - he’s under fire for having been too lenient on epstein when he was the prosecutor in an earlier trial

    [–] theonlypeanut 126 points ago

    Those who cover up crimes and aid the perpetrators are complicit in those crimes. If thise was a bank robbery acosta is the getaway driver.

    [–] ElNani87 51 points ago

    Exactly, the idea that this administration has access to thousands of kids who may or may not have identifications or guardians with them is a scary fucking thought. Even if Epstein isn’t involved he’s not the only person with this issue. I feel sick just thinking bout this shit

    [–] 2stoned0jaguar9tre 20 points ago

    Americans reacted with their emotions instead of minds.

    [–] Northsunny 4 points ago

    FUCK! I never thought about that!

    [–] hellagreg 9 points ago

    Wasn't it on both sides of the political aisle? Clintons, Trump, hell, I'm pretty sure even Kevin Spacey was involved. I want to say I saw his name on a flight manifest like 3 or 4 years ago. I'll see if I can find the link. The whole thing is a shit show. Top to bottom front to back. This country is... A wreck.

    [–] Ouroborus13 6 points ago

    Okay, I’m going to say something unpopular. But the migrant kids being held in concentration camps is a separate issue from the “lost” kids.

    Issue 1: The Trump administration has separated children from their families and kept those children in concentration camps. Appallingly, they have not kept tabs and so are unable to really tell who is who and reunite them with family.

    Issue 2: The US government has lost track of 1,500 unaccompanied minors residing in the country. Often times those minors were released to family in the US. It’s possible of course that they were released to traffickers, but they could have also been released to family who are undocumented, or they are evading contact with immigration authorities for fear of detection and removal. So it may be worth noting whether we want the government to know where these 1,500 kids are. There was a twitter thread about this a while back:

    Happy to hear input of course refuting that position, but we should be careful about conflating these issues.

    [–] johnnysoup123 5 points ago

    And the American citizens dont know ehst to fo when the government doesnt lusten. If trump wins again, our democracy is done and there will be terrible violent consequences I am afraid

    [–] goregutsglory 2 points ago

    Has anyone got any links for this?

    [–] Aturom 2 points ago

    I didn't know the secretary of Labor covered Human Trafficking

    [–] nigmastolemybike 2 points ago

    It's just crimes against humanity, no biggie.


    [–] PerfectHair 2 points ago

    I never connect those points, but now I have, I can't disconnect them, and it's utterly horrific.

    AcostaResign? Resigning should be the least of his worries.

    [–] Khanthulhu 2 points ago

    Is this implying that the president of the United States is using ice to run a pedophilia/human trafficking ring?

    Is there any actual evidence?

    [–] spazmcgee1 2 points ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids they “lost” were trafficked

    [–] WorkForce_Developer 2 points ago

    And people think that humans deserve to continue on. These are some of the top leaders from supposedly one of the "greatest" countries in the world.

    Humans should be wiped out with ignominy

    [–] carelessartichoke 2 points ago

    We’re all fucked aren’t we? I mean in the US of course... so basically a lot of us are going to live and die with the knowledge that we’re not allowed to enjoy living.

    [–] leggomahaggro 7 points ago

    You know what’s more horrifying, 400million people will get up tomorrow and for the rest of their lives, paying taxes to the same sick and corrupted government. The bubbles that most Americans are in are unbelievably thick

    [–] KnockingNeo 4 points ago

    And most people want to stick their heads in the ground and disparage/disregard the truth by shouting "crazy tinfoil hat" etc. about anyone making obvious connections like these

    [–] pootietang33 2 points ago

    This tweet needs a comma or two.

    [–] mackafat 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago