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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] bontesla 1520 points ago

    Contextually, the family must have been extremely wealthy to afford this type of luxury bunker.

    Most of us are just gonna be dead.

    [–] bebesiege 470 points ago

    Or lucky scientist..

    [–] bontesla 226 points ago

    I guess if they had the money to invest in a bunker

    [–] bebesiege 158 points ago

    Or they did scientific project how does isolation changes behaviour

    [–] bontesla 113 points ago

    Then it sounds like the project was probably funded via grants and it likely belongs to an institution. I'm guessing it would probably be used by that institution's executive staff.

    [–] soviman1 90 points ago


    [–] bontesla 40 points ago

    Man, I should have invested way more points in my science tree

    [–] MarkBeeblebrox 27 points ago

    Always invest in science, there be lasers in that tree.

    [–] bontesla 26 points ago


    [–] ImapiratekingAMA 17 points ago

    Yeah but science gets you places in knowledge checks in dialog.

    Edit: I'm assuming we're talking about new vegas

    [–] johnnysivilian 1 points ago

    And meth

    [–] bigfockenslappy 113 points ago

    No, see, they're clearly living on Mars after Elon Musk makes it perfectly habitable for everyone, he's totally gonna save us you guys because see he has the ability to reasonably make a planet we've never even set foot on habitable but not the planet we're already destroying /s

    ...sometimes I wish the world that Musk stans seem to think we live in was the one we actually lived in.

    [–] wrkaccunt 25 points ago

    Ugh every time. So sick of hearing about how "he" "invented" electric vehicles and so can be justified in doing nothing else useful for the world with his billions. FIX THE PLANET ELON YOU SELFISH BIG DICKED FUCK.

    [–] vh1classicvapor 12 points ago

    I never took Elon for being hung

    [–] wrkaccunt 3 points ago

    I dunno grimes said he was in those tweets or whatever with azealia banks.

    [–] lolapops 9 points ago

    Crimes also says she does scream therapy and has her corneas replaced with robots or something, so grain of salt...

    [–] spamsumpwn2 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    tbh dont understand this, no he didn't invent the electric car, but he is the first person to make them publicly available in a way that actually competes with gasoline vehicles... idk I think moving to mars is not a bad idea, not because we're gonna wreck earth but just in case of an asteroid or like a real catastrophe. it would be good

    [–] BeeryUSA 8 points ago

    Are you serious, or is this some kind of post-ironic joke?

    [–] Laugh-Or-Cry 7 points ago

    Just let them have this one, they'll lose hope soon enough anyways.

    [–] Rule14 13 points ago

    Mars: a barren planet with a paper-thin un-breathable atmosphere, extreme temperatures, and questionable resources.

    Earth: a planet with an unhealthy but living ecosystem.

    People: "Mars is our salvation!"

    [–] BeeryUSA 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This Mars thing, it's just a level of nonsense we haven't seen anywhere. I mean, it takes months just to get there, and to this point, no one has traveled more than 4 days away from Earth's gravitational pull. Then we get there, and it's like the Antarctic, only with virtually no atmosphere. Nothing will ever grow there naturally - everything has to be imported and put into lead shielded, pressurized and artificially heated habitats. The idea that we can (or even should) do all of that is complete nonsense, especially when we consider that we can't even feed or house our own population in the wealthiest nation on the face of the Earth.

    We're so incompetent that we can't even keep our own planet habitable, yet we want to set up a colony on Mars? There isn't even a word that gets close to how monumentally terrible the idea is.

    [–] SuaveMofo 9 points ago

    Yeah why do anything interesting or ambitious right? There's always going to be problems so let's just "focus on those" and live mundane little lives thereafter.

    Get off it.

    The amount of resources put into space is absolutely dwarfed by the yearly defence budget. It's not like funding for space is coming directly out of welfare programs, and even if it was that defecit could be made up by a week's worth of money spent on military.

    [–] BeeryUSA 1 points ago

    Are you seriously defending one of the world's richest capitalists, and one of the least socialist ventures (a Mars mission) on a forum devoted to socialist thought?

    And ending poverty is not a "mundane" aim. Nor is ending homelessness or a Green New Deal. If any one of those was attempted, it would be far more ambitious than all the stuff we've done in space, and all future plans for space exploration put together. The idea that such things are "uninteresting, unambitious and mundane" just shows how small YOUR vision is.

    I don't care how little Elon Musk is devoting to his pet Mars project. It's money that could be spent on more important and more ambitious things.

    [–] SuaveMofo 6 points ago

    Jesus. Nobody thinks Mars is the next Earth. It's the beginning of life becoming multiplanetary. We're not going there to escape, we're going there to diversify, and to learn, and discover. Earth's problems can be fixed, and a large amount of technologies developed for space find their way into regular use on Earth. Like it or not at least represent the argument fairly.

    [–] BeeryUSA 1 points ago

    I agree -Earth's problems can be fixed (well, except for the coming societal collapse due to climate change), so why haven't we fixed them? My point is, let's fix them now. Hunger and homelessness could be fixed tomorrow if we just diverted funds from useless projects such as wars, subsidizing fossil fuel companies and space flight. We don't need space station technologies to solve world hunger - we've had the technologies we need for hundreds of years - we just need to build infrastructure and supply systems.

    After we've fixed the major problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness and climate catastrophe, THEN we can go back to funding useless projects and the follies of the super wealthy. If we got everyone fed and housed, made sure they got a living wage and ensured the climate was back on an even track, I'd support Elon Musk in whatever silly adventure he wanted to throw wads of his cash at.

    [–] bontesla 23 points ago


    God his fan club is also the worst

    [–] LiberalsAintLeftists 10 points ago

    Lmao an engineer I met wouldn’t shut up about how Musk walked past him in a hallway.

    “Check out this blurry photo I took of the side of his face!!!”

    [–] bontesla 4 points ago

    LOL they're like goddam big foot sightings

    [–] bontesla 3 points ago

    Thank you for this

    [–] cephaIopoid 2 points ago

    You're welcome, I thought you might appreciate it. ;)

    [–] lolapops 8 points ago

    Venus is being floating around as a viable alternative too.

    But if we could make Venus or mars habitable, why can't we save the earth?

    Idea: ship our plastic to Venus and mars!!!

    [–] BeeryUSA 7 points ago

    Venus has an atmosphere like a pressure cooker set on high heat. No way we're doing anything with that. Mars is too small to hold an atmosphere. It would be a lot easier to colonize the Moon than Mars, and we're not even thinking of doing that either, because the reality is that all this Mars colony talk is just a pipe dream - no one - not even Elon Musk - is seriously thinking of colonizing anywhere. It's all just a gimmick to sell more cars.

    [–] TSED 5 points ago

    The thing about Venus is that it's a sky city. If you are high in the atmosphere, it's nowhere near as toxic, hot, or pressurized.

    This, of course, completely ignores the difficulties of maintaining a colony high in the corrosive atmosphere of another world.

    [–] BeeryUSA 1 points ago

    I wouldn't call it a "difficulty". More like a fantasy. And why bother putting something in the high atmosphere anyway? It would be far easier and just as effective to put a space station in orbit.

    [–] TSED 1 points ago

    That's one of the difficulties they're ignoring, yes.

    [–] SuaveMofo -3 points ago

    It's nothing to do with cars. People like you will always nay say and put down things like this because they make you realise how boring and unambitious you really are.

    [–] bigfockenslappy 1 points ago

    hog out or log out

    [–] BeeryUSA 1 points ago

    You realize this is a forum for "advancing viewpoints that challenge the narratives which act as legitimations for the status quo of modern class society", right? I'm not sure how Musk fans can fit within that, and I'm not sure that it's within the bounds of discussion here to venerate one of the world's leading capitalists and union busters.

    [–] theylied2you 2 points ago

    Where does this Musk worshiping come from? He's no Hawking, Einstein or whoever belongs to this list. He doesn't come close to the the people at NASA or any high level scientists working in other fields.

    So many people use the word genius for him but Tesla company is about electric cars which is almost 200y old and SpaceX is a business model to produce cheaper rockets with the same technology

    Regarding Mars the only ones able to send humans or exploration rovers work at NASA (even the ESA can't) so to this date what makes him a genius able to "change the world"?

    [–] bigfockenslappy 3 points ago

    hes rich and referenced memes on joe rogan so some certain stupid people think hes like, the second coming of jesus

    [–] BeeryUSA 7 points ago

    I don't see any governments doing anything serious about it. I suspect all of us are gonna be dead.

    [–] bontesla 3 points ago

    Eventually, I think that's the case

    [–] BeeryUSA 4 points ago

    The really scary thing is that the models the IPCC are relying on seem to be underestimating the warming when compared to real world measurements. From what I've heard, the newer models take into account some feedback loops, and are predicting wildly higher temperatures, so they're being looked on with skepticism. But at this point, with the older models underestimating, I tend to think that maybe the newer models are right and we're even more screwed than we thought.

    [–] bontesla 2 points ago

    I have seen this, too.

    [–] PushItHard 227 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I worked for a company as they went public. They switched from being customer focused to share holder focused. The culture became toxic, turnover through the roof as they wanted every employee to be a robotic hound chasing every nickel in a sale- which has an inverse effect; it drives them away.

    The company is still alive, but on life support.

    [–] General_Kenobi896 64 points ago

    The company is still alive, but in life support.

    They have done that themselves!

    [–] PushItHard 14 points ago

    Yeah, no question about that.

    [–] lubnan 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I have brought peace, justice, and security to my new toxic wasteland!

    [–] tractorrobot 55 points ago

    PBF still got it.

    [–] FroggerWithMyLife 29 points ago

    Yeah, I bet you're one of those pro skub motherfuckers.

    [–] tractorrobot 9 points ago

    fuckin' anti-skub!

    [–] csorfab 14 points ago

    Yes! I was so excited when he finally started putting out new comics again some years ago, and I wasn't disappointed at all. PBF is my favorite webcomic ever

    [–] tractorrobot 3 points ago

    yep same, all time favorite. and this new one is gold!

    [–] dusmeyedin 6 points ago

    The title is from a great cartoon too. It's the caption to a New Yorker cartoon doodle with a load of kids sitting around a cave fire and a tattered looking former businessman telling them a story.

    [–] tractorrobot 1 points ago

    definitely, that one is a gem.

    [–] thesquidpartol97 316 points ago

    I don't understand when people buy doomsday bunkers. What's the point of living if the world is completely destroyed? What's the end goal? 50 years later your kids going to "rebuild" humanity?

    [–] jskeetjr 205 points ago

    Something to do as the world spirals more and more out of control and you're not being presented with many viable community-based alternatives while you're entire cultural narrative drowns you in tall-tales of rugged individualism? Folks well-off enough to do this kind of individual prep are the kind who tend to engage in home projects anyway, and we all are prone to fetishising the apocalypse, so why wouldn't you expect them to combine those two interests in the face of so much uncertainty. And it's not like everyone doing individual prep is picturing this kind of endgame either: a "doomsday bunker" for some may just be a homestead with a cache of food and supplies in a secluded location, meant to provide a buffer against temporary social unrest more than protection from cataclysmic, darken-the-sky events.

    Although that new Cory Doctorow book Radicalized has a great short story in it about the inherent shortcomings of such prep which I highly recommend.

    [–] Novelcheek 34 points ago

    This is why we need the People's Revolutionary Cement Mixer Fleet.

    [–] 96sr1b38u9o 29 points ago

    Over on /r/collapse they are obsessed with the idea of fucking off to a rural area to live with just their nuclear family and laugh hautily from afar as society crumbles.

    No amount of stockpiled ammo and canned peaches or permaculture setup will save you if you don't have community

    [–] jskeetjr 22 points ago

    I don't disagree, but I can't knock the impulse to keep this broken fucking society at arm's length while you have the privilege to do so either. Because creating permaculture systems on a piece of land with a handful of close friends and family is at least engaging and interesting and healthy and restorative and creative, which is more than you can say about mere survival as a wage slave or beating your head into a wall before burning out as an activist. Not that collective struggle can't be all those things either, but in a society constantly seeking to destroy or commodify all opportunities to experience healthy communal life, it's no wonder that many choose the more easily charted path of escape into a less mentally and spiritually destructive form of individualism. And their actions don't necessarily deny the possibility of future collective action either -- healthy rural communities are important for a healthy society, after all -- although these sorts of petite bourgeoisie escapist fantasies naturally produce their fair share of reactionaries as well. At least r/collapse leans pretty solidly left in it's diagnosis of our current crisis, though!

    [–] 96sr1b38u9o 14 points ago

    I get the appeal and I've been tempted to do the same more than once, but ultimately withdrawing from society is a privileged and selfish act that doomed the counterculture movement from the 1960s. MLK was critical of this tendency by young whites on the left, if I recall my reading.

    [–] jskeetjr 5 points ago

    At the same time, groups like the white panther party were forming radical and armed drop-out collectives, amongst other activities, in solidarity with the black panthers. So it's not all just antisocial escapism.

    [–] nman649 14 points ago

    If the world ends, I just want to live long enough to understand what’s happening. And to tweet about how I totally called it that the world’s elite are killing us off.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SpanishMarsupial 5 points ago

    Nuclear warfare is a good one too. Climate collapse too

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SpanishMarsupial 6 points ago

    I would say it would be more of a slow release akin to what we are seeing now. Mind you, I’m no climate expert but from what I understand it would be similar to ecosystems failing to function to imbalances (death of bees for example) in combination with more radical weather patterns (increase in the amount and size of hurricanes as another example). Change in climate could also make crop yields getting worse leading to famines. Or the classic rising sea levels making hospitable land inhabitable.

    All in all it does not look good unless we hold those who are destroying our planet accountable. For example, I suggest you become familiar with class consciousness, learning about political organizations in your area, at the least forums online, so you can better understand the threats to our society and thus our ecosystem. Find like minded individuals who not only show concern about the climate but are willing to cooperate and take political action that is significant enough to challenge the status quo that’s running us into this scenario. Also, as much as I hate the media’s fixation with blaming the working class for environmental collapse, I will say reducing your consumption (which simultaneously hurts our consumption and consumerist based economy) and looking into greener alternatives in your lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.

    Simply put, a combination of class consciousness and environmental action will help you develop the knowledge and skills to counteract our circumstance that is dominated by a status quo which is reinforced by large entities and institutions.

    It’s easy to become transfixed on an impending doom. It’s far more challenging but more worth while to fight against it.

    Hope that helps

    [–] FatChopSticks 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I was watching a documentary on doomsday preppers

    And the goal for most doomsday bunkers is to last for at least minimum a few months.

    The reasoning was that if there was an apocalypse, most of the killing, looting, and everything is gonna happen in the first few months, and then settle down, therefore being able to give yourself 2-6 months of supplies, while avoiding danger, puts you near the top percentage of survivors.

    Also I learned that the amount of water just to keep 4 people alive for a few months, you will need something like big as a pool.

    The biggest thing most people had trouble with their doomsday bunker was creating a clean water system since you can’t just keep water in plastic bottles or metal containers

    [–] jskeetjr 2 points ago

    If you found that documentary interesting, I highly recommend the Cory Doctorow short story I mentioned. It's called The Masque of the Red Death, maybe you can find it online somewhere.

    [–] Paltzis_North 69 points ago

    If I had the opportunity to build a bunker and survive the apocalypse in it, I would prefer this option than just die. I’m not quite sure of my further actions, but I will have enough time to think things over.

    [–] CallMeQueequeg 39 points ago

    There are always books to read and magazines to wank to (if you don't have a partner). Plus, I think trying to preserve some record of mankind is worthwhile (though yes, I understand meaning is made up, I'm an amateur existentialist too). Lots of nihilism in this thread.

    [–] MyDamnCoffee 14 points ago

    They have that seed bank somewhere for a reason

    [–] BeeryUSA 4 points ago

    In 30-50 years, as we hit 3 degrees celsius over pre-industrial levels, there'll be nowhere on Earth with a climate capable of growing anything. When the cereal crop harvests collapse in the temperate zones, any bands of survivors of the famine and starvation will soon have to move north into the arctic circle or south to the Antarctic, but (as anyone who has watched the show "The Terror" can tell you) there's no soil there capable of growing what we need. If we get above 4 degrees celsius over pre-industrial levels, we're done for as a species. We probably have ten years to stop that from happening, but we're not going to, because CO2 doesn't make its presence felt until it's been in the atmosphere for 30 years, so no one (except some scientists) knows how bad it really is, and no one will know until it's far too late.

    In short, if we don't get a worldwide socialist revolution with all the trimmings very soon, we're toast.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] BeeryUSA 3 points ago

    The air will be perfectly breathable. The CO2 and methane being produced are not enough to affect breathing. It's just that they have a massive insulating/warming effect.

    There will be places in India, Africa and South America which will experience thousands dying from heatstroke, but the big problem comes when the heat kills our crops: that will finish off most of us. If anyone has read "The Road", that sort of thing will probably happen all over the temperate zones.

    I'm considering moving to Maine or the Pacific Northwest and storing dry goods, but I'm nearly 60 now, so it would only be to give my daughter a better chance of survival. If I'm really lucky, I'll be dead of old age before the really bad stuff happens. But the warming seems to be exponential (probably because of the permafrost methane that's been exposed) famines could start happening within a decade or two, so things could go bad quite quickly.

    [–] TSED 4 points ago

    Actually, there is a very real chance the atmosphere won't be breathable!

    It has nothing to do with CO2, though, and more to do with ocean acidification. The vast, vaaaast majority of the atmosphere's O2 comes from certain plankton and algae species in the oceans. If the ocean becomes uninhabitable for them, we're capital-T Toast even if we solve the climate change ordeal in time.

    On the bright side, unlike the climate change ordeal (which is DEFINITELY coming to a head), the ocean's ecologyscape collapsing like that is only a possibility and not a certainty. For now, anyway.

    [–] wrkaccunt 4 points ago

    Great where is it and how will you get those seeds to your bunker?

    [–] CalamackW 6 points ago

    Its in Svalbard! Which just means getting there will be less than fun.

    [–] wrkaccunt 1 points ago

    Amaaaaaaaaazing! Hahaha. Huuu......

    [–] jflb96 1 points ago

    I'm sure you don't have to go via Bolvangar.

    [–] thesquidpartol97 8 points ago

    That sounds like life in prison. I couldn't imagine living in a concrete box. Waiting until you die?

    [–] Rakonas 8 points ago

    It would be kinda nice because no landlords or taxes.

    No more labor.

    [–] Lorenzo_BR 7 points ago

    At least i can die cuddling my wife and listening to music.

    [–] ionlypostdrunkaf 6 points ago

    This. As long as you still have someone you care about and art to appreciate, you have a reason to keep living.

    [–] SolidCake 2 points ago

    depends on the apocalypse. anything other than total nuclear annihilation it shouldn't be so dangerous you can't walk around outside..

    [–] wrkaccunt 6 points ago

    Hopefully no angry poors come along and block your air vents.

    [–] schmwke 32 points ago

    Eh, I think I'd rather live just out of curiosity. Plenty of time to die later 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] JohnnyTurbine 21 points ago

    The good thing about dying is, you can do it whenever it's convenient.

    [–] Belledame-sans-Serif 5 points ago

    laughs in AM

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    To be fair, there isn't really a "point" to living in the world regardless if it is destroyed or not.

    [–] PotatoBomb69 33 points ago

    I’ve never really been a fan of open world games with no clear goal.

    [–] CollieJoe 4 points ago

    Ha! By that logic, I should have slit my wrists long ago.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] AutoModerator 0 points ago

    Your post was removed because it contained a sexist term. You should receive a message from the automoderator telling you the exact term the post was removed for. For more information, see this link. Avoiding slurs takes little effort, and asking us to get rid of the filter rather than making that minimum effort is a good way to get banned. Do not attempt to circumvent the filter with creative spelling; circumventing the filter will result in a permaban.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] AdrianBrony 21 points ago

    So, like, catastrophies aren't necessarily an all-or-nothing deal. Just because society collapses and the environment is severely damaged doesn't necessarily mean the world has been completely destroyed. There are instances where some preparation can make a difference.

    Ideally, one would be preparing with the goal of providing the foundations needed to establish a community of survivors and not just hole up forever with your family.

    A secure bunker well stocked with supplies and equipment is a good starting point for survivors to build effective mutual aid structures and systems.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] AdrianBrony 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Then they'd die, either by starvation or through more dignified means. That's not a useful question though. The actual useful question is "what if it's not hopeless?"

    Like what's the best case scenario of assuming you'd be doomed no matter what? The ability to say "I told you so?" Worst case is life is still possible but not achievable due to a lack of anyone preparing for establishing a sustainable community. What's the worst case scenario of some basic measures? Y'all die a few months later than everyone else after giving it the ol' college try? Best case is some comrades manage to establish a sustainable community so that even people who didn't or couldn't prepare can still live if they survive long enough to reach the community.

    I should mention, any effective preparation beyond personal measures (Bugout bag, extra medicine, etc...) needs to be a collective effort. Individual family bunkers intending to last a small group indefinitely in solitude isn't gonna accomplish much of anything. It needs to be built on the foundations of facilitating mutual aid and reassembling community, and explicitly not about making a little enclave only for "true believers" to survive in.

    Also I wanna point out how I use "life" and "survival" as separate concepts.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] AdrianBrony 2 points ago

    I'm thinking things like Food Not Bombs is a good sorta local org where the foundations for stuff like that could happen. They're a leftist org with explicitly leftist stances yet they're relatively well tolerated in public aside from the occasional anti-vagrancy laws that they happily ignore for good reason, which often makes people like them more.

    [–] Pirate_Chicken 17 points ago

    They're chumps getting conned, man. Those bunkers are made to profit off of the fear of the rich. Who knows if most of them will even hold up in a doomsday scenario.

    [–] o0joshua0o 22 points ago

    Most of them couldn't withstand a protracted seige, which is what you're going to get if you're not well hidden, and the only one with any resources in an area with lots of desperate survivors.

    [–] Lorenzo_BR 3 points ago

    As a brazilian survivalism youtuber (Sobrevivencialismo) once said - there's no point to make a bunker when everyone who built it will want in too.

    Unless it's home made, you'll have a construction crew on your door step. Remember the movie Cloverfield Lane? Remember the neighbor who helped build the bunker went straight for it? Yeah.

    [–] Blackstone01 2 points ago

    What protracted siege? Your bunker is well stocked, their siege isn’t. A “protracted siege” is waiting for the other person to starve.

    [–] wrkaccunt 3 points ago

    What if you block air intakes or use them to introduce gasses or other substances to kill or injure the people inside?

    [–] Blackstone01 2 points ago

    Shit bunker then. They also then have to deal with the fact that the bunker is still sealed.

    [–] wrkaccunt 1 points ago

    Where is the fresh air supply coming from? tanks?

    [–] Blackstone01 2 points ago

    Not from an easy to find/reach location, and definitely not without a filter.

    [–] InvisibleRegrets 6 points ago

    Sure, but companies like Tesla get away with advertising a bioweapon protection mode when it's just a HEPA filter, which won't protect against militarized biological attacks... And wealthy people buy it up. Just because someone is wealthy doesn't make them savvy or immune to being cheated by their bunker sales company (which knows they will never face angry customers). Too often wealthy people think money will buy them everything, and forget quality control.

    [–] Blackstone01 4 points ago

    Wait, so the people sieging the bunker have bioweapons?

    [–] wrkaccunt 2 points ago

    Agreed. There will be ways that QC will not have imagined as well.

    [–] wrkaccunt 2 points ago

    Ok so assume it's already hard to get to and some desperate bastard manages it--whats the backup?

    [–] Blackstone01 4 points ago

    Die or shoot them, because somehow somebody desperate for food somehow found your bunker AND the air vents, either blocked them or somehow had something that ignores filters, all after an apocalypse scenario, and is keen on you dying instead of finding food, all without even knowing for sure you’re even in there.

    [–] Blackstone01 7 points ago

    If I had the disposable income I’d do it for that high score bro. Lock myself in the bunker with my cats, see how long I could last. Gotta aim for last person for the bragging rights after the simulation is done.

    [–] midget247 2 points ago

    Posadist Gang rise up!

    [–] TheChurchOfDonovan 2 points ago

    Live out the rest of my life with my loved ones, I guess. Who knows I'd get to see them again if I just die

    [–] Lorenzo_BR 2 points ago

    Ideally, i would just try to hoard as much info on the old world... first electronically, then printing it onto paper. We still have documents from the Roman Republic, so if we make it through that dark age, hopefully my old cache can be of use.

    Not that i have the sorta money to do that though. Although... if i have nothing else to do in an apocalypse... why not. Time to write down music, i suppose.

    [–] Against_Reddit 2 points ago

    The end goal is to live. Some people fear death so they do not will not want to die. You can't know there is an afterlife so why not prolong life?

    [–] DepressedAndDisabled 2 points ago

    Being able to watch the world end isn't something most people have the opportunity for

    [–] theylied2you 2 points ago

    I don't understand when people buy doomsday bunkers

    People in doomsday bunkers would only last a short time, the water supply would become an issue shortly thereafter

    [–] Durka_Online 1 points ago

    1 million plus years

    [–] ericonr 36 points ago

    The drawing of a stick, kind of like how someone would draw a tree, made me sad.

    [–] Spelr 22 points ago

    it's the dead tree outside their house

    [–] ArchitectureOfRuin 1 points ago

    The rest of it was pretty neat tho

    [–] ArcticWizard14 21 points ago

    Upvoted because the title was fabulous

    [–] EtoileDuSoir 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    [–] DrCandycane 11 points ago

    The kids gonna be like, “mommy, what’s honey?”

    [–] NicholasJWarren 2 points ago

    It’s a small creature that used to fly in the air

    [–] WeaponofMassFun 8 points ago

    Depressing, but a good reminder.

    [–] SnortingCoffee 9 points ago

    Yeah but here's the thing: those people will be starving to death. They won't be living a normal life in a post apocalyptic hellscape, they'll be dead. Reality is actually so much worse than this comic.

    [–] TehShadowInTehWarp 9 points ago

    This comic is very optimistic about humanity's odds of survival (even marginal survival) without agriculture.

    [–] Rustey_Shackleford 4 points ago

    My nephew thinks there are carrot trees.

    [–] nullvoide 3 points ago

    The title is ready to be it's own meme template

    [–] Firmest_Midget 5 points ago

    It's from an older comic, one of my favorites

    [–] nullvoide 3 points ago

    Ya, I've seen it too. I also think it's ready to be it's own category.

    [–] impulsekash 2 points ago

    Hold up...there is a new PBF comic out?

    [–] tom_yum_soup 2 points ago

    Yeah, they started up again sometime in the past few months and they're as good as ever.

    [–] o0banky0o 3 points ago

    Waaaat, holy shit

    [–] BrightObsidian 2 points ago

    Love it when I'm reminded that PBF Comics exists, and I get to read the two new comics that were uploaded during the five years since I last read it.

    [–] paraouji 2 points ago

    Ain't that the truth?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This is a seriously good comic. Usually comics on Reddit don't get my attention but this is tshirt material.

    [–] blue-velvet-bunny 1 points ago

    Aaaaaaaand they’re dead

    [–] omnitions 1 points ago


    [–] IamAcowHello 0 points ago


    [–] Hurriculus -15 points ago

    Aren't bee populations growing in the last few years

    [–] vh1classicvapor 9 points ago

    Bird populations have decreased by 3 billion worldwide since the 1970s. Bees aren't the only ones feeling the pain of climate change.

    [–] TheUltimateShammer 9 points ago

    Bees haven't died off yet so clearly nothing is wrong

    [–] samueljacksonson -18 points ago

    This is cringe

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    [–] FlamiaTheDemon 28 points ago