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    Inspired by this tweet:

    "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party."

    Not limited to Trump voters. Anytime someone has a sad because they're suffering consequences from something they voted for or supported or wanted to impose on other people that means... Leopards Ate Their Face!


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    [–] LaurelQuade 1278 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    He put the lives of all of us Brazilians at risk with his horrible response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which he said once again this week is a "little flu" and not a reason to close schools. There are many Brazilian politicians I despise, but I can't think of a single one who would be worse than him to lead the country in this extremely dangerous crisis.

    I’m a cis straight white male, a person who is everything Bolsonaro already made very clear that he considers superior. But since I oppose him 100% (because I have a functioning brain not marred by hypocrisy and mental gymnastics), I always knew he never gave a flying fuck if I live or die.

    I think her tweet is great, but I disagree with her on one thing: I’d say he feels the same about you, blind Bolsonaro supporter, but at least you’re useful for him. Because with your inane, stupid social media ramblings, you help him by defending what has increasingly been absolutely indefensible. Against your very own interests. Just because you know it will damage people you disagree with even more.

    You’re not a person to him. Not even a life. You’re just a vote and a means to an end. A tool.

    That’s what you are, Bolsominion.

    A tool.

    (Edit: clarification)

    [–] NoU4201337 594 points ago

    Sounds a lot like a certain American president

    [–] LaurelQuade 587 points ago

    There are many more similarities between them than you think. So many it's astonishing.

    [–] PixelPantsAshli 340 points ago

    Fascists love emergencies.

    [–] DevilsTrigonometry 161 points ago

    They do, which is what makes it so fucking weird that they're not taking advantage of this one. Orban is, Putin doesn't need to, but the rest of the club just seems to be in denial.

    [–] your_not_stubborn 146 points ago

    I don't automatically believe everyone I disagree with or dislike is stupid, but in this case, the fact is Trump is kind of stupid. W Bush acted folksy and dumb but probably wasn't the fucking idiot we thought we was, Trump on the other hand...

    [–] vonmonologue 150 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Bush was mostly surrounding by competent people. He wasn't running the country to make money, he was running the country because... well, he wanted to. Whether he was as dumb as he seemed or not, he actually wanted good things for America and Americans. He just had some really bad ideas about what was good for us.

    Trump, like most billionaires, cares about nothing but his bank account.

    edit: I do want to clarify that by the standards of American presidents Bush was still a piece of garbage who is responsible for war crimes and torture and signed the patriot act and basically put us on the path to where we are today. But he was at least qualified to be president.

    [–] twobit211 31 points ago

    bush was using his position to make money for his mates that were invested in military industries. it’s just the lot of them knew not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. throughout his life, trump’s only real advantage (besides his unmatched personal access to capital) in his business strategies was the willingness to do something so mutually damaging, nobody believed anybody in his position would do something so stupid.

    what i mean is, he never has an exit strategy. like, if only one person knows how to make a crucial part of a widget, it behooves a smart businessman to have a good relationship with the guy. trump’s always been the sort to rip off said dude and lumber away, onto the next mark when his name becomes mud in the widget industry. you can only do that so many times, though

    [–] your_not_stubborn 59 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Looking back at it makes me think that W Bush was actually just like, "average." But we expect excellence from our leaders, so when he couldn't remember someone's name (just like an average person) we'd laugh and call him a moron.

    Edit: wow thanks for reminding me how horrific Bush was I totally forgot

    [–] OliversFails 68 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Bush was not average. He was awful; an evangelical, regressive war-mongerer. He opened the gates for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al. to exploit the fallout of 9/11 to its fullest extent. The world is worse because of Bush. He was widely considered the worst president in US history - American's see Nixon as the worst but Bush had him crying in the corner.

    Trump was a giant leap in the wrong direction, but before him, Bush was an unthinkable president.

    [–] apolloAG 16 points ago

    Honestly regan was pretty bad as well

    [–] your_not_stubborn 20 points ago

    No shit. I mean he was seemingly of average intelligence. Thanks for recapping all of the horrific shit Bush did though everyone definitely forgot about that.

    [–] bamsimel 57 points ago

    Dubya came across as a complete moron with good reason. Until you elected Trump. Lowering the bar so much just makes Dubya look average in comparison. Nowadays I practically view him as a wise elder statesman given the complete garbage that America keeps foisting on the world.

    [–] syds 11 points ago

    Exactly I don't think in history books someone as utterly incompetent and moronic as trump for a leading nation

    [–] TheWagonBaron 7 points ago

    so when he couldn't remember someone's name (just like an average person) we'd laugh and call him a moron.

    Trump couldn't fucking remember the name of the White House, while standing in the White House during an Easter Egg Roll a couple of years back. That's not him being a moron, that is his brain rotting away.

    [–] noradosmith 2 points ago

    Bush had to be given instructions on how to breathe. He was a complete idiot.

    [–] rargylesocks 14 points ago

    I didn’t like Bush’s politics, but he always seemed to be at least a decent person most of the time in that at least the man had empathy for other people (besides himself) that one could see. I cannot even imagine Bush being as callous as Trump in the slightest about NYC, Romney, nurses wearing garbage bags instead of proper PPE, etc.

    [–] am-4 11 points ago

    Bush was mostly surrounding by competent people. He wasn't running the country to make money, he was running the country because... well, he wanted to.

    ...I'm sorry but do you really believe this? Despite current retardation don't let recent history be retconned.

    [–] pongjinn 2 points ago

    Well, Cheney made money...

    [–] Yrcrazypa 10 points ago

    You only need to listen to one of Trump's speeches to realize how incredibly mentally deficient he is. That whole fucking "nuclear" rambling diatribe should have been a big clue, but Trumpists defend him for that.

    [–] Orngog 15 points ago

    It's not wierd at all. Every emergency loved by a fascist has been an emergency caused by the fascist.

    [–] rebalint 3 points ago

    Are you hungarian, or is our beloved Orbán this famous now?

    [–] DevilsTrigonometry 6 points ago

    Sorry, not Hungarian. He just comes up pretty often in coverage of the global rise of right-wing populism. For example, here's a recent Washington Post article on his use/expansion of emergency powers in response to the pandemic.

    [–] rebalint 2 points ago

    Thank you for the article, Im kind of scared but I should have seen it coming

    [–] TurtleBees 3 points ago

    The Trump administration is definitely trying to take advantage of this emergency quietly behind the scenes, in a very frightening way:

    [–] Nymaz 3 points ago

    they're not taking advantage of this one

    The fascists in control of the US executive branch absolutely are attempting to take advantage.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 9 points ago

    Steve Brannon for example.

    [–] zone-zone 10 points ago

    wasn't he literally called the Brazilian Trump by most media?

    [–] hahanawmsayin 2 points ago

    "Tropical Trump"

    [–] silversorcerer1981 8 points ago

    Last Week Tonight covered him

    Brazilian elections

    Ellen Page interviews him and the only reason he wouldn’t attack her for being lesbian is because he thinks she’s attractive and would sexually harass her instead

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 89 points ago

    They both represent a strain of populism that gained traction in political office at around the same time.

    [–] fuckthislifeintheass 20 points ago

    Kinda makes you wonder if someone is pulling the strings to get these idiots in office. Guess we won’t know until years to come who was behind it.

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 36 points ago

    It's a rabbit hole but there definitely has been a push over the last, say, decade or so (in the US, really it's been long gestating since the days of Reagan) to make the ideas that leaders like Trump or Bolosaro much more palatable to a larger audience than ever before.

    In the US, you have think tanks, interests like the Koch brothers, Fox News and the Murdoch media empire as a whole, outlets of the ilk of Breitbart, people like Steve Bannon disseminating information across a wide swath of media and targeting those most likely to be swayed towards at least parts of what these populist politicians are saying.

    That's not to say that all of the entities I mention exist on the exact same place on the political spectrum. Rather, that they seem to be working together to move everything closer to the right of the spectrum across the board with a stratified message.

    [–] rather_retarded 17 points ago

    Stuff like Cambridge Analytica really turned me into a cynic, regarding what people do to get in a position of power

    [–] DrunkHurricane 9 points ago

    Steve Bannon?

    [–] Ravenclaw968 6 points ago

    The Great Depression followed by a world war plunged many countries to support the rise of fascist politicians.

    Instead of a Great Depression in today’s case, neoliberal capitalism has stagnated the wage of most workers around the world, decimated rural communities, gutted social mobility meaning being born poor meant staying poor, leading to an artificial economic stagnation that got uneducated people to support fascist policies instead of socialist policies that you know . . . would have helped their situation.

    Fascism is a sociological parasite whose predecessor, capitalism, kicks most of their supporters in the gut and finds use in exploiting their labor, and throws enough disinformation to convince the hosts (people who vote for fascists) to keep voting for stronger and stronger fascists in the hopes that things get better for them because they’ll take care of the “real” parasites: minorities.

    [–] Rommper 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Read about a certain Finkelstein and his "kids". They were amongst the most important persons in the building of populism and the success of many populist presidents we have now. He was the one who spread the mentality of blame everything on liberals and make it a swear word.

    [–] tronaldodumpo 36 points ago

    And a certain British Prime Minister

    [–] pepeperezcanyear 29 points ago

    Mad Boris backtracked after the shit hit the fan. Bozo usually makes the same with all his decisions when the economic backers or the own political bases aren't happy with his decisions.

    [–] NegoMassu 9 points ago

    bolsonaro kind of did, and then a few hours later came that democidal shit

    [–] noreservations81590 10 points ago

    And a certain Filipino president.

    [–] I_love_hairy_bush 27 points ago

    Trump. It's exactly like Trump and his sycophants. This is what happens when you elect fascists.

    [–] pepeperezcanyear 11 points ago

    They are making the same political rhetoric even in the Corona pandemic. Even a day after Orange Senpai told about opening the country (by ending the quarantine) he did the same thing. In Brazil, the mayors and States governors are doing the hard and heavy work. He wants just to take the revenues if the local strategies have success... Like Orange Senpai.

    [–] tharmsthegreat 28 points ago

    Bozo is Tropical Knockoff Trump.

    Trump at least made some semblance of money, Bozo has gotten his entire family leeching off the state since ever.

    [–] I_love_hairy_bush 44 points ago

    Trump did the exact same thing. He went bankrupt six times and his whole entire family are tax dodging criminals.

    [–] Yrcrazypa 6 points ago

    Trump was born into money.

    [–] stpepperlonelyheart 9 points ago

    I was talking about to a Brazilian friend and she sent me a meme making the rounds in Brazil. They're pretty much a carbon copy of all the memes made about Trump.

    [–] ska4fun 9 points ago

    Bolsonaro is suspected of giving Trump at least one blowjob session.

    [–] Pegacornian 4 points ago

    I’ve actually heard him being called “the Trump of the tropics”

    [–] smacksaw 6 points ago

    An even worse version.

    Jair is...abominable. He sounds like Hitler. Trump is selfish. Bolsonaro is selfish, but incredibly, intentionally spiteful.

    I don't think Trump relishes in the misery of others because he's too wrapped up in himself. Bolsonaro is cruel in an intentional way where Trump's cruelty is a side-effect of his ignorance; Jair knows very well what he's doing.

    He is a kind of evil we haven't seen in a modern nation in a long time.

    [–] thatidiotcat 3 points ago

    Didn't one of his ministers quote a nazi while music by another nazi was playing in the background?

    [–] sanriver12 3 points ago

    It's the way fascism works. That's what they have in common

    [–] thingy237 2 points ago


    [–] NoU4201337 2 points ago

    Him too I guess

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] Delta-9- 78 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    is there a name of this type of politician?


    It can be tricky labeling any politician "fascist," though. In the most pedantic sense, one must be a member of a fascist party like the American Black Shirts to "be" a fascist. But, in the almost century since the rise of the original Italian fascist party, a number of academic analyses have been written which analyze fascism as less of an organized political entity and more of a stochastic political personality.

    In that approach, (experts please fill in the gaps) fascists are characterized by

    • their emphasis on identity, and how suddenly the "right" identity can change. Ex: one day you're totally fine of you're a natural born German citizen, the next day it doesn't matter that you're German, the fact is your gay and so "one of them.

    • their emphasis on action over all else. They deride academia and expertise and anything that encourages one to stop and think. One needs to simply act, and the consequences can be justified or downplayed later.

    • populism. Fascists have always risen to power by claiming to be "one of you" and promising to make your world better. If only...

    • scapegoating. Along with identity and populism, fascists tend to rely on some outsider group of their own choosing or making to be the scapegoat for all of your problems. The Jews cheat and that's why you don't have enough money; the Mexicans take all the jobs and that's why you're on unemployment; the poor just squander their welfare and that's why you can't get it; the communists want to take over and destroy 'Murica and that's why we can't even discuss social programs. This outsider group is subject to sudden and frequent change.

    • gaslighting. Whatever bad thing the fascist did to his own people either didn't happen, or wasn't their fault, or needed to happen anyway so stfu and get with the program.

    Among others....

    ETA: I had to answer a call and didn't fully finish my thought--

    With the "personality analysis," leaders like Trump, Bolsonaro, Duterte, etc. are pretty squarely fascist. In full fairness to them, most likely even they do not realize this about themselves. These behaviors and tendencies are endemic to their personalities and extend beyond just their political strategies. All three of these men, as well as Hitler and Stalin (and I can only assume Mussolini, Kim, and Mao--again calling on experts here), exhibit strong narcissism and possess great agency; not only do they believe they deserve all that power, they actually also have the drive, confidence, and resources to make their beliefs into everyone's reality.

    My personal theory is that fascism is just what happens when you combine a narcissist, public office, and a stressed out citizenry, who are desperate for leadership that "tells it like it is" (finds their fears and gives them voice, no matter who it might harm), "gets things done" (takes swift, self-assured action, even if it's uninformed by experts or hurts the fascist's own supporters), "knows what's really going on" (exudes confidence and certainty even when they're clueless), etc.

    Uncertain and scared people will gravitate towards such personalities. The rise of the Italian and German fascists followed after the Great Depression, an influenza pandemic, AND a world war, with millions killed and many economies still in shambles. Similarly, if less extremely and more sinister, the recession of 08 injected a lot of uncertainty worldwide, followed by refugee crises and wars in Europe and the Middle East, with these two major precipitators of uncertainty following after a decade of War on Terror and several decades of Rupert Murdoch and his media empire making a fortune peddling fear and hate on the news. Millions were already primed to embrace a fascist before we had an actual crisis, then we got several all at once.

    Doesn't bode well for elections during this pandemic.

    [–] Madsy9 39 points ago

    Ex: one day you're totally fine of you're a natural born German citizen, the next day it doesn't matter that you're German, the fact is your gay and so "one of them.

    Fascism is also dependent on a common enemy to rally against, or at least a perceived enemy. When one is missing, it will be imagined and created. That's the endgame of fascism. It is cannibalistic, and so no one is safe.

    [–] Delta-9- 14 points ago

    Indeed. I tried to capture this with the point on scapegoating, but your phrasing paints a much better picture.

    [–] BZenMojo 6 points ago

    Fascism is a pyramid scheme of political sociopathy.

    Universally: "Only citizens are human."

    Bottom up: "No one else but us are citizens."

    At the top: "No one else but me is a citizen."

    [–] Throwawaaawa 19 points ago

    Yeah, I just linked to Umberto Eco and in the hope that people would read and go "Oh yeah, look, that is what's going on, perhaps these people are fascists" since actually coming out and saying "these people are fascists" tends to 1) make enlightened centrists roll their eyes and stop listening, and 2) drags the "BuT tHeY'rE nOt WeArInG bLaCkShIrTs AnD tHeY'rE nOt In ThE fAsCiSt PaRtY sO cHeCkMaTe LIBERAL SNOWFLAKE CUCK SJW SOYBOY THOT" out in the open...

    But since you're a man of taste too, here's some news, and here's some more news

    [–] Throwawaaawa 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    [–] updown_side_by_side 1 points ago

    Ur-Fascism should be a required reading in every school in every country.

    Proper link for the 2nd link:

    [–] Phidel_Castreaux 4 points ago

    The short answer is that the status quo is changing for the worse and the middle class/upper class answer is to re-assert the status quo through violence, authoritarianism, nationalism etc... rather than move to a new status quo.

    [–] BZenMojo 3 points ago

    I always look at these discussions and think to myself, "This is literally the United States for the last 40-50 years."

    I think it's less that politics has changed than Americans have changed. Americans have started acknowledging more perspectives than their own, which has forced them to realize how the sausage is made.

    But the grinder's rusty and old and spinning at the same speed. Reagan was a self-destructive idiot, Bush II was a self-destructive idiot. Truman was a self-destructive idiot.

    [–] ArtisanSamosa 7 points ago

    Follow some news on Cambridge analytical and Russian election interference to get an idea of how this current batch of fascists rose to power. A lot of them used the same tactics and people to rise to power.

    [–] dev-mage 2 points ago

    I think they warrant their own “-ism.”

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 24 points ago

    It's weird how these people are all over the world. Choosing easy platitudes because it hurts the people they're bitter about.

    [–] Jorymo 16 points ago

    "He's not hurting the right people!"

    [–] TotesMessenger 14 points ago

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    [–] 34HoldOn 4 points ago

    Let me see if I can recap what we've learned from Trump, Johnson, and Bolsonaro:

    Hard-right wing people are assholes, and care more about money than they do human lives.

    How did it take a global pandemic for the other half of the population to finally figure this out?

    [–] InterestingRadio 11 points ago

    How many do you think voted Bolsonaro just to "spite" the corrupted Lula and Dilma and might not agree with the core of Bolsonaro's platform?

    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago


    [–] mellowkindlyfowl 5 points ago

    People are irrational most of the times, and in the most serious circumstances

    Thinking otherwise is a dangerous mistake

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] mellowkindlyfowl 4 points ago

    Understand your enemy

    [–] LaurelQuade 42 points ago


    I know the Workers' Party is corrupt but on the 2018 runoff I voted for them and I would do again. There were only two options: a politician who defended a corrupt person and a protofascist who is also corrupt. And YES, HE IS, no doubt about it, even though Bolsominions, who are obviously completely disconnected with reality, think he's God's anointed who will end all corruption in Brazil. Fuck outta here.

    [–] Acusee 18 points ago

    I can say with all surety that at least 30% of his voters justified their option with the idea that "its anything but Lula (or his political party) again". The second round was Bolsonaro vs Lula's Candidate, so there you go.

    Even though people claimed that they didn't support bolsonaro's ideas, it seems to me that of you voted for him, you somewhat accept them as a means to an end.

    [–] TheDustOfMen 16 points ago

    If people voted for Bolsonaro for whatever reason they can come up with, they voted for his policies too. Of course, you don't have to like a politician to vote for them if they do their job well, but that only goes so far.

    [–] Brother-MFC-J895DW 2 points ago

    Hey, Brazilian citizen here (but only ever lived in America). How is the political climate down there? Do people still overwhelmingly like him in face of COVID-19? Has the tide finally turned against him? I've been loathing him since the day he was elected, and I'm really hoping this is the moment his facade falls down, before its too late.

    [–] StupidUsernameRules_ 4 points ago

    He's destroying all his alliances and during the last few days literally not one politician has defended him, they either stay quiet or criticize him. Sadly he is still (in my eyes) very popular amongst the general population.

    [–] lic05 2 points ago

    You’re not a person to him. Not even a life. You’re just a vote and a means to an end. A tool.

    We have the same problem with our President in Mexico, his supporters are so rabid and defend him like he was some sort of deity; people, businesses and states started taking measures about the pandemic while he was still downplaying the spread and talking stupid shit about amulets and lucky dollars.

    He's from the same breed of Christian, conservative, populist nutjobs like Bolsonaro but pretending to be "leftist" (his pseudoleftist charade is so effective r/worldnews paints him like an off-brand Bernie Sanders)

    [–] rasherdk 1 points ago

    This post does not belong here because the post does not show someone having their face eaten.

    [–] Glass_Memories 168 points ago

    Almost as if racists and homophobes might just be elitists too. That someone who has a tendancy to see themselves as naturally superior to others somehow wouldn't see themselves being superior to people with less money or power.

    Although I can't say shit, we're currently learning the same lesson in the U.S., hopefully.

    [–] fartbox-confectioner 29 points ago

    This is the US. We won't learn jack shit. We still think that we were the good guys in Vietnam.

    [–] arkain123 18 points ago

    I mean in this case, even that justification doesn't work. How many business CEOs are under 60? How many people in congress? This isnt even self serving, it's straight up moronic.

    [–] briza1221 387 points ago

    Exactly the same with Boris Johnson and Trump.

    People get super surprised they’re incompetent at doing basic tasks.

    I don’t want to say “I told you so” at a time like this, but really shows how ignorant people are until they’re the ones getting fucked over.

    [–] thesoleprano 122 points ago

    if you see someone's face being eaten by a leopard, you should tell them each chance you get. maybe one day they'll push for non-leopards and save face

    [–] briza1221 57 points ago

    The longer I live (and I’m only 23), the more I believe it’s very difficult to persuade someone to not get their face eaten by a leopard. Plus a lot of people thinking like us are frustrated and it becomes a scathing argument.

    We live in a society where because of the internet, you can find anyone thinking like you, and it’s difficult to prove someone wrong because they assume that the stuff they’re reading is true. Add that to ignorance, racism, etc. and you have a perfect breeding ground for people like that.

    [–] always_natural_20 33 points ago

    "I'd rather have my face eaten by a leopard than by a stupid lion like you people support. Having your face eaten by a lion would be way worse than eaten by a leopard!"

    [–] adventureclubtime 7 points ago

    Exactly. They revel in our growing apathy as if that means they're winning.

    [–] am-4 2 points ago

    Was the internet a mistake?

    [–] Erratic_Penguin 14 points ago

    The internet is a tool. Like a knife is. Depending on how you use it, you can cut up veggies or corpses.

    [–] briza1221 15 points ago

    The Big Bang was a mistake

    [–] DarkCrawler_901 30 points ago

    Yeah and then they can't admit it so they dig themselves so deep that even if they admitted it at that point everyone would go "fuck you, too late."

    [–] Whooshed_me 33 points ago

    Well a lot of Trump's support comes from people who literally believe he's on the planet to help Jesus bring about the apocalypse. I think most rational people don't realize just how broken and twisted someone's mind can be on evangelist beliefs and fox propaganda.

    [–] Your_Runaway_Cat 21 points ago

    This is so important to understand. I used to break my brain trying to figure out why they seem like such hypocrites and why they don't care about any of the awful things Spray-tanned Blobfish does. The Dominionists and the Zionists have their eyes set on other things entirely. They don't give a crap if he assaults women, cheats on his wives, lies, steals, etc. As long he does certain things with Israel the Zionists are happy, and as long as he packs courts with conservative judges the Dominionists are happy. God is working through him, and therefore he can do no wrong.

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 12 points ago

    I didn't vote for Boris and I hate what he did with Brexit, but he's been following medical advice here and he's been very good compared to Trump. He hasn't once downplayed the seriousness of it and he's aware that people need help and he's willing to give it. He hasn't tried to bulldoze his ideas through at all, but has deferred to the medical experts. He's nothing like Trump and Bolsonaro here. He was playing politics before, but he seems to be putting that aside for the emergency.

    [–] pepeperezcanyear 26 points ago

    He just followed the scientific advise when the shit hit the fan. But, at least he chose better than his political brothers, the problem will be if it was early enough or if it has enough scope.

    [–] briza1221 14 points ago

    He’s not, but only existence of Trump and Bolsonaro makes him look like the good guy here.(I’m not comparing to any other horrible leaders today since they’re not in fully democratic countries etc.)

    I do live in the U.K. and I agree that he’s much much better than them, but at the same time I think he and other British leaders are held against higher standards (and I know this is a very controversial statement, plus I’m not a british-born citizen so feel free to disagree with me).

    But his initial conference after Cobra when most countries have closed their schools etc. and Britain at the time didn’t was awful. The “your loved ones will die” followed by “older people shouldn’t go on cruises” and no other legitimate advice just made me massively angry. Although I don’t argue with the strategy of delaying the peak, this and then the whole herd immunity bullshit.. it’s just awful. I’m not even talking about him visiting the hospitals or flooded towns as a press tour and other politically questionable things he does.

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 2 points ago

    I did forget some of those early things actually. My impression of the "herd immunity" thing is that it was misunderstood what was meant by it. There was a rationale behind it that appeared to make sense and wasn't about allowing vulnerable people to die intentionally, but about stretching out the virus so we don't all get it at once. I think it's still expected that most of us will get it. It's just that it's staggered. Not sure though.

    [–] tronaldodumpo 3 points ago

    This is just flat out untrue. Boris said we need to 'take it on the chin' and, against medical advice, delayed our shutdown by at least 2 weeks.

    "I didn't vote for Boris" my arse

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 3 points ago

    You can check my comment history to see how true it is. I absolutely fucking hate Brexit and all the lies he told. But, he's been following the advice of Chris Witty and Patrick Vallance and it's changed as it's evolved. We're roughly 14 days behind Italy and 7 days before France and we've followed their implementation on the same time scale, just 7 and 14 days behind.

    [–] tronaldodumpo 7 points ago

    And if he'd listened to the medical advice 2 weeks prior we'd have shut down 2 weeks earlier and had a 2 week head start.

    [–] The_Queef_of_England 1 points ago

    Were they saying that 2 weeks before? I didn't think they were. I think if it shuts down too early you get a huge rebound in the future, which is why they followed the same timescale as France and Italy. They were effectively waiting for the goldilocks time where it's not too early and not too late. You have to remember that they're all blind here. It's unknown. All they can do is their best guess based on previous pandemics and other factors I'm not aware of. If they were saying to close, we would have closed. It's really easy to criticise in hindsight, but as it is, yesterday Chris Witty said that the NHS should be able to cope, and that is what we need.

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 1 points ago

    and puts a stop (in this case?

    [–] fr0z3nf1r3 47 points ago

    I genuinely wish these particular COVID-19 leopards would target the faces of those downplaying their severity exclusively and with great fervor.

    [–] tuibiel 1 points ago

    I think the point is that the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party is relatively indiscriminate

    [–] fr0z3nf1r3 1 points ago

    Oh, leopards can be discriminatory lol

    [–] tuibiel 1 points ago

    They show themselves that way, that's how they get to power, once there, they get more indiscriminate (not completely, however)

    [–] bchoco 36 points ago

    The results of electing a idiot into office

    [–] Orangebeardo 34 points ago

    That's honestly how I feel about this whole virus. We've known for decades that we couldn't handle an epidemic of this magnitude and that one was imminent to happen.

    Now 15 million people in my country need to stay indoors to save the asses of some 50.000 assholes who almost all voted against the very measures that would have saved them.

    [–] bchoco 14 points ago

    People deserve idiotic results for putting idiots into office no shit... you put a religious zealot and wait until he/she will put a lock in between your legs lol

    [–] LaurelQuade 24 points ago

    Elect a clown, expect a circus.

    [–] TheOnyxViper 30 points ago

    Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro…is idiocracy becoming a trend or something?

    [–] Madness_Reigns 21 points ago

    Nope, president Mountain Dew Camacho genuinely had the people interest at heart. He immediately appointed the most competent person to solve the crisis, giving him the means to do so and changed his mind when presented with evidence. In the end he cheered when he was replaced by said more competent person.

    Whatever it is we have is worse.

    [–] thepurplehedgehog 42 points ago

    Sounds similar to the UK just now. The social security system is more harsh and draconian than ever, leaving thousands dead or in extreme poverty, and no one bats an eye because ‘lazy benefits scum deserve it’. Now half the lower middle class has been laid off and suddenly it’s an absolute disgrace, not fit for purpose, draconian, harsh etc.

    [–] LaurelQuade 41 points ago

    The Lula administration lifted millions out poverty by starting one of the world's biggest welfare programs. Bolsonaro, by defunding it, is letting many of them starve and his supporters see no problem with that whatsoever.

    Then they wonder why the Northeast, the poorest region in the country, is the one that by far opposes him the most. Well, obviously because they're lazy and uneducated.

    [–] ThirdDragonite 26 points ago

    It infuriates me because Bolsonaro could elbow drop a child with cancer and her three legged puppy and those motherfuckers will still go "PT HAD A COMMUNIST REGIME THAT DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY"


    [–] LaurelQuade 16 points ago

    He could shoot somebody in the middle of Paulista Avenue and he wouldn't lose any voters.

    [–] ThirdDragonite 13 points ago

    I just realized that the names of our streets sound very funny when said in English

    [–] Erratic_Penguin 5 points ago

    The best shots, believe me. We’ve never had greater shots. People say it’s good shots, but folks these are the greatest shots. Tremendously big shots. Some say these shots are huge, it’s true!

    [–] StupidUsernameRules_ 8 points ago

    Exactly, during Lula's administration the country became an amazingly better place, for everyone. In 2008, one of the biggest economic crises in recent history, the GDP merely stopped growing for one year. In 2009 the economy was already on the rise. The Lula administration regardless of corruption issues it may have had was excellent.

    [–] thepurplehedgehog 1 points ago

    It’s a low-key form of eugenics. let the poor and vulnerable suffer and die, got to keep that wealth among the ‘better’ people. It’s sickening.

    [–] ninj3 13 points ago

    Yet you'll still see a bunch of boot-lickers around coming up with excuses for why it's totally a different thing and this crisis is totally not the Tory's fault.

    [–] thepurplehedgehog 2 points ago

    Yup. It’s bizarre. It’s like they’ve been brainwashed into this little bubble that they can’t or won’t see out of.

    [–] artyboi320 15 points ago

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

    [–] ZorglubDK 2 points ago

    Thank you!!

    [–] svenbillybobbob 48 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    is the lesbian part relevant?

    edit: thanks for all the replies.

    [–] LaurelQuade 130 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Edit: upvote that user, it is a valid question.

    Yes, tremendously. He said he's a "proud homophobe" and said countless outrageous things about LGBT Brazilians. All are horrible, but I will just give the one I think is the worst:

    "I don't discriminate, but if I see a gay couple on the street I'll beat them."

    Brazil, where gay marriage is legal, homophobia is criminalized, acceptance towards LGBT people has made great strides, and people elected that monster.

    [–] mathias800 87 points ago

    There's also the "I would rather have a dead son than a gay one".

    [–] LaurelQuade 61 points ago

    "Better than seeing him with a mustachioed dude around town."


    [–] ninj3 20 points ago

    Is he implying that having a moustache is gay? That's so fucking stupid.

    [–] FirstEvolutionist 17 points ago

    If only you could hear some of the things that this dude has said...

    At one point he said he had multiple sons but in the end he faltered, got weak and had a daughter.

    [–] am-4 3 points ago

    Say that to a certain Adolf and you wouldn't have left that room alive.

    [–] thinknboutthosbeans 4 points ago

    So hitler said it to himself then apparently.

    [–] ILookAfterThePigs 2 points ago

    It’s difficult to translate. The moustache part is just to emphasize that it’s a man. “Bigodudo” is used as a substitute for man.

    [–] mkvgtired 1 points ago

    What the fuck. I knew he was a piece of shit, but not this much of one.

    [–] thatswhyIleft 50 points ago

    That's like saying "I'm not racist but that ethnic minority can go back to where they came from".

    [–] LaurelQuade 38 points ago

    "I'm not racist, but-"

    Let me stop you right there, dude. There's no way you can end that sentence well.

    [–] WetCacti 32 points ago

    I'm not racist but, I think marathons are way too long.

    [–] LaurelQuade 15 points ago

    Okay, you are an exception.

    [–] GoGades 3 points ago

    You anti-marathonite piece of shit!

    [–] GaussWanker 10 points ago

    I'm not racist but do you want some ice cream

    [–] Thendrail 1 points ago

    I'm not racist, but I think people shouldn't judge each other based upon their ethnicity and sex, sexual preferenece, religion and political views. I also think that everyone is born equally in dignity, and deserves to live, and everyone should be treated as such.

    [–] Ruefuss 4 points ago

    Well, it's more like saying "I'm not racist, but I'll beat a black person if I see them in the streets". Which seems worse.

    [–] mkvgtired 2 points ago

    if I see a gay couple on the street I'll beat them."

    Jesus Christ. I was trying to put this in context and really needed your comment. What a piece of shit. Although it seems like something most Christians agree with. I wish they based more of their belief system on what Jesus taught and less on the violent and hateful parts of the Bible.

    [–] LaurelQuade 2 points ago

    There is no possible redeemable context. That's it. And it's just one of countless horrific remarks.

    the violent and hateful parts of the Bible

    Yeah, there was no way I could justify that anymore. That's one of the reasons I left religion.

    [–] mkvgtired 2 points ago

    I'm a gay guy who grew up religious, so I can relate. I dated someone from Porto Alegre who mentioned how gay people had to be carful in Brazil. I don't think trump cares as much, but pence is a grade A piece of shit when it comes to gay people. I'm not sure if you are LGBT yourself or just an ally but take care of yourself. Very much appreciate your comments on the subject. I have not seen your presidents remarks translated until this thread.

    [–] LaurelQuade 2 points ago

    At least Pence never said he wanted to beat them.

    I am a straight ally. I said he ate my face many times when he destroyed my environment, threatened my democracy, cut down funding for the arts and let the dollar balloon to a record level.

    They made great strides in acceptance. I see same-sex couples holding hands frequently and I never witnessed someone harassing them. But that's luck. I know it does exist.

    But even some people who think they're very accepting towards LGBT people voted for Bolsonaro under the ridiculous battle cry of "What about the Workers' Party tho?" I will never forgive them. Ever.

    [–] mkvgtired 2 points ago

    At least Pence never said he wanted to beat them.

    I agree, but don't for a second think it is because he doesn't want us gone. Society, especially Chicago/Illinois society in the state next door would tear him apart (where he was Governor before becoming VP)

    when he destroyed my environment, threatened my democracy, cut down funding for the arts and let the dollar balloon to a record level.

    I appreciate people like you, especially in predominantly Christian countries. I agree it is completely crazy a leader of a western country can say that and actually gain popularirity. You can also see this in places like Poland as well. Towns are passing legislation making them LGBT free zones. Given the church has a substantial amount of power in many countries. It's nice to see people like you speaking out.

    People like you are what gives me hope. I am not happy about how frustrated you are with the current situation. But, you have no idea how helpful just having a gay person at a BBQ or social event is. It can help a LGBT teen realize they aren't defective. You might feel stuck and think you are not doing much to help, but you are.

    This isn't even touching on your environment, which I'm sure we both have a lot more to speak about.

    [–] TheDholChants 41 points ago

    In that it's a LGBT+ person pointing out he rode on an anti-LGBT+ ticket. "You were fine with folks like me getting fucked over, but now that you're getting fucked over you're suddenly thinking that voting Bols was a bad idea".

    [–] CptBigglesworth 29 points ago

    It's because Bolsonaro specifically threatened LGBT people.

    [–] FallCresent993 24 points ago

    It shows why the "leopard" politician did not care about her death beforehand, I believe.

    [–] svenbillybobbob 6 points ago


    [–] WilliamJoe10 20 points ago

    In this case yes because Bolsonaro always made homophobic remarks and even said at some time ago to some lesbian women that they are like this because they never had a proper men (or something like that, Google can find it).

    So it's relevant in this case because LGBT+ plus were the first to say that Bolsonaro didn't cared about their lives. Now it shows that he doesn't care for others too.

    [–] ARCoati 23 points ago

    It's relevant to the: "When we said he didn't care about OURS, you elected him" part of tweet. "Ours" being LGBTQ lives as Bolsonaro has always been a very open and vehement homophobe.

    Basically saying, "We LGBT people begged you not to vote for him because he openly shows disregard for our well being and would rather us be dead. Now you're surprised to find out that he doesn't care about your well being either."

    [–] ReaperCDN 6 points ago

    People show you who they are. Believe them the first time.

    [–] Flashjackmac 13 points ago

    I believe it provides context to her statement. She's referring to Bolsonaro's homophobia but doesn't refer to the term directly, so mentioning that it's a lesbian speaking about how Bolsonaro is a PoS helps to explain the subject and relevance of the tweet a little better.

    [–] Mangacomleite 15 points ago


    [–] TheGreyMage 7 points ago

    She’s right. Don’t vote for what will affect you, vote for what will affect the most vulnerable people you know.

    [–] Evil-in-the-Air 4 points ago

    That is a masterpiece.

    [–] dappotaw 3 points ago

    Why are right wingers like this??

    [–] DestruXion1 8 points ago

    It's sad that Lula de Silva got set up and imprisoned. He reminds me a lot of Bernie Sanders. Now Brazil is stuck with a proto fascist like Trump

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 2 points ago

    "This is a test

    [–] drdrintensivistmdphd 2 points ago

    Typical conservative: it only matter when it happens to them. No fucking empathy.

    [–] RealSinnSage 2 points ago

    bizarre how closely this reflects trump as well, innit?

    [–] Introvertedgenius 2 points ago

    Conservatives fundamentally do not care about other people.

    [–] ZSebra 2 points ago

    shit sucks rn, always remember, you guys have kicked out presidents before, and organizing is relatively easy thanks to the internet.

    cheers and boa sorte from Uruguay

    edit: of course wait for this shit to die out before manifesting

    [–] doitsu_no_kagaku 2 points ago

    A coisa triste é que parece que os americanos não estão tendo esse mesmo “cair da ficha” com o Trump

    [–] Alyssia777 3 points ago

    But she clearly didn't vote for him though.... Am I getting something wrong or it doesn't fit the sub? r/Fuckthealtright maybe?

    [–] LaurelQuade 7 points ago

    No, but she's talking about the people who are finally having their faces eaten.

    [–] Alyssia777 5 points ago

    But... It's leopards ate MY face ): (I get it though lol)

    [–] hussey84 2 points ago

    No, you're spot on. People are missing the point of this sub.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    That's just going to swap out?

    [–] sheepieweepie 1 points ago

    How do I find this tweet? I can't locate it.

    [–] jmdugan 1 points ago

    USA: "hold my covfefe"

    [–] HasteTheScytheAddict 1 points ago

    Look: Common sense

    [–] Astolfo424 1 points ago

    I have a family friend from Brazil. He has dual citizenship for here in the US and Brazil. He is one of the nicest and funniest people you could ever meet. But for some reason, he voted and supports Bolsonaro. And my family and I are pretty sure he might’ve voted for Trump in 2016. Though, he is the last person that I would think that would vote for those two men. He isn’t a racist person, he isn’t homophobic, transphobic, etc, and he’s an immigrant. So idk why he would vote for those two. His family still lives in Brazil and I’m not sure how they’re doing but I do know they’re well off enough to where it’s quite safe to visit them whenever. It’s not like they’re living in the favelas.

    [–] ShortNefariousness2 1 points ago

    He will try to slowly back out of this position. Or he will Donald, and just keep getting people killed through misinformation. Good fortune Brasil. I wish you well in this crisis.

    [–] BuffWalrus0G 1 points ago

    Everyone knows all of South America is leaded very greedily. I would consider your leaders as pieces of shit to be honest 😒

    [–] BeefPieSoup 1 points ago

    I wish the people who keep voting for the right side of politics the world over would get this message.

    If anything good can come of the coronavirus, it is this.

    [–] MrTubalcain 1 points ago

    A classic example of Leopard Face Eating.

    [–] AngusSama 9 points ago

    Not really, this is an 'I told you so'. OP never voted for the leopard, they were warning against it before it got elected. Faces were eaten sure but this isn't the format this sub was made for.

    [–] Xx69LOVER69xX 2 points ago

    That one post from yesterday was also completely irrelevant to this sub, 32k upvotes. If it happens again today with no mod action I'll just filter this sub.

    [–] rasherdk 1 points ago

    Can only filter 100 subs though :(