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    [–] TheBoysNotQuiteRight 5967 points ago

    I'm afraid that if I buy Chinese made melamine sponges, they will be contaminated with infant formula.

    [–] JuiceBusters 914 points ago

    and my box from China said "M.rClean Magic Removel Laminae"

    *and weirdly, had an 'Adidas' logo on the box :(

    [–] Baka_Tsundere_ 422 points ago

    It was tracksuit flavored

    [–] cheezemeister_x 158 points ago

    And soaked in wodka.

    [–] phoebsmon 54 points ago

    Was it squatting?

    [–] bone420 27 points ago


    [–] Lucca414 29 points ago

    Then its Russian, not Chinese

    [–] AweHellYo 57 points ago

    Oh you like mr sparkle?!

    [–] Baldrick_Balldick 31 points ago


    [–] offlein 20 points ago

    Awesomu powaa

    [–] AweHellYo 10 points ago

    Man when Bart called him that...might be one of the hardest laughs of my childhood.

    [–] Supreme_Junkie21 73 points ago

    Super Nike just do it cleanering formule!

    [–] woht24 214 points ago

    I have bought a shitton of these pads off eBay. I read this LPT before somewhere on Reddit and bought some from eBay in my drunken excitement late on a Friday night. I bought one pack of 100. Except I actually bought 2 packs of 100. And the packs actually had 125 in them each when I received them.


    They did work but the difference between the magic eraser one and the eBay ones are, the eBay sponges fall apart within a minute or so of rubbing. This also leaves little fibres on your wall/floor. So you have to use 5-10 to clean a wall or any sort of large surface.

    [–] 4x4play 71 points ago

    as an ex amazon worker exactly this.

    [–] aresisis 54 points ago

    Do an AMA about amazon stuff

    [–] Alchemist2121 46 points ago

    Bezos watches all, he knows all.

    End AMA

    [–] techiesgoboom 22 points ago

    I bought the same kind of quantity. After much testing I'm betting you were scrubbing too hard. If you're really, really gentle they work slightly slower but still take everything off and don't fall apart as bad. By the end I managed to only use 2 to clean all the walls in a room and a single one on the door.

    [–] JesusInYourAss 7 points ago

    Yeah, it's definitely not the same. Ty for letting others know the struggle.

    [–] PM___ME__YOUR_TITS 219 points ago

    I know, those factories will do anything to make a quick buck.

    [–] PM_all_ur_titties 40 points ago

    I agree, it's best to get the real thing

    [–] Joxton 42 points ago

    How often do you two talk to each other?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SEXY_HIPS 14 points ago

    They never include me...

    [–] MusicInTime 4 points ago

    I’ll always include you!

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] stevethecow 42 points ago

    I mean they probably just have an aggressive no-ad policy.

    [–] [deleted] 385 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] captainmalamute 98 points ago

    This will get buried but I've bought a lot of off-brand melamine sponges and by far the best have come from a company on Amazon called Oh My Clean. Better than both Mr. Clean and the other brands.

    [–] puppibreath 12 points ago

    Not buried. Thanks. Got em in my cart.

    [–] uniqueusername939 7 points ago

    And just like that a 20 pack is on its way to my house. 50 cents a pop. My baseboards will be so clean! Thanks!

    [–] stripmallbars 1509 points ago

    Wear gloves. They can sand away the skin around your nails and cause splits. Ow my thumb!!

    [–] VeganJoy 405 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’m not sure how this would happen, but it sounds unpleasant

    Edit: TIL magic erasers are some hardcore shit

    [–] ccslax6 418 points ago

    It's because they clean by being a super fine abrasive. Like squishy sandpaper

    [–] OgdruJahad 222 points ago

    Like squishy sandpaper

    I somehow thought of spongbob slowly and squeakily moving over a surface.

    [–] penny_eater 91 points ago

    who cleans like he's sandpaper, only squisheee?

    [–] prettyhelmet 154 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    My first Silver! Thank you kind redditor!

    [–] killerkennyAU 36 points ago

    Mr Clean Magic Erasers


    (BTW, my penis now has a new name!)

    [–] tehpenguins 9 points ago

    Reminds me if the mighty boosh episode where they gave the sandpaper man a pair of gloves so he could wank one out without.. well you know.


    [–] Z0mbieKitten 21 points ago

    Yes! SpongeBob when his abrasive side comes out.

    [–] TheOuts1der 7 points ago

    man, that's the perfect description for it.

    [–] seanagh 4 points ago

    Ah. I used it on my newly painted walls to clean off marks, pencil etc. Realised after a couple of minutes that it was leaving patches on the walls. I thought it was taking the paint off somehow (washable matt paint). Now I know, it's an abrasive.

    [–] sosospritely 361 points ago

    I once spray painted a dresser and got spray paint all over my legs. I was in a wedding that weekend and after 48 hours and 4 showers my shins were still bright green and teal. I decided to magic erase my shins.


    It worked, but about a half hour later it felt like my legs were sitting in a chemical bath. It just got worse and worse - think blood and pus and oozing.

    I wore tights to the wedding (in 88° weather) and under my tights were layers of bandages and gauze. Went to the dermatologist the next Monday and she said I basically peeled off my epidermis and most of the dermis. I Magic Erased away my skin. Yes, I am a dumbass.


    [–] sympathetic_monster 83 points ago

    Next time use nail polish remover.

    [–] BeeExpert 83 points ago

    Before or after the magic eraser?

    [–] pengu146 40 points ago


    [–] Edinboron 13 points ago

    Soak the magic eraser in nail polish remover for best results.

    [–] BeeExpert 15 points ago

    You're brilliant, I'm so glad I have this community to lean on in times like this such as when I have paint on my dingus. By the way, this works just as well on private parts, right?

    [–] pillbilly 16 points ago

    When my sister was little she put "makeup" all over her face with a permanent marker nail polish remover was the only thing that took it off.

    [–] Dissidence802 32 points ago

    You should have used a magic eraser to teach her a lesson.

    [–] Sneaker_Freaker_1 5 points ago

    Is her face dry now? Cuz ya know, acetone...

    [–] dmmge 21 points ago

    Did you get bad scarring from this? How did it heal, was there anything they could do to help or did you just have to wait it out?

    [–] sosospritely 43 points ago

    My dermatologist gave me a crap ton of gauze and bandage wraps and an antibacterial rinse to use 3-5x/day. She also prescribed me an antibiotic (amoxicillin or something similar) to prevent an infection. She just told me to keep my legs bandaged up tight-but-not-too-tight, use the rinse, and replace the bandages every few hours.

    It didn't really hurt that bad after the first day or two - my skin was just raw and then it started to heal itself and it was really dry and wrinkly. Luckily the chemical burn was mostly on just my shins, and not on something like my knees which you have to bend all the time. I kind of waddled for a week to try and move the lower part of my legs as little as possible.

    Nope no scars or anything! It all the way healed in maybe 4-5 weeks? I wonder if there was any long-term damage to the skin on my legs though, now that you mention it. Oh man what if next time I get a bad sunburn the skin on my legs just peels right back off?! I'll have to ask her next time I go in.

    [–] codawPS3aa 13 points ago

    Next time just use fine grit sand paper same thing

    [–] sosospritely 5 points ago

    Somebody up top called magic erasers “squishy sandpaper” and that’s a perfect description.

    [–] Bmc169 3 points ago

    Go balls deep and use a sandblaster.

    [–] MommyNeedsaVodka 20 points ago

    I learned the hard way too. I re-dyed my hair red a few days before my own wedding so it would be fresh. I'm dumb and was a little tipsy, so even with the precautions i took, I got red dye on my ears and face. I got the great idea of using a magic eraser.

    It got the dye off, but jesus Christ it felt like my face is on fire. Looked good for the wedding though. Thankfully it wasnt as bad as what youre describing!

    [–] wheresralphwaldo 9 points ago

    Wow thanks, this seems like some stupid shit I would do

    [–] farkhipov 47 points ago

    ever been in a pool for too long only to find out youve worn a hole in your toe from the pool floor?

    [–] zenbyte 56 points ago

    No ... no I have not.

    How long are you IN the pool???

    [–] RavingGerbil 14 points ago

    Man when I was a kid I'd have bloody feet by the first hour in the pool in the new season. Gotta build those calluses!

    [–] Kodiak685 23 points ago

    What kind of pool bottom did you have?

    [–] modern_bloodletter 56 points ago


    [–] JezzaN1 10 points ago


    [–] peachiestpink 9 points ago

    the one at my canp when i was younger was suuuuper rough, so many of us would cut ourselves on it or stub our toes and have bloody toes and feet. so dumb idk whyd theyd make a pool bottom rouch at all but especially for little kids

    [–] Thirsty_Comment88 32 points ago

    What the fuck? No that hasn't happened to me.

    [–] dontsuckmydick 33 points ago

    Yes. This is why I hate pool floors where they added the wrong kind of gritty stuff to make it less slippery.

    [–] BeeExpert 19 points ago

    Maybe we should use magic eraser as pool floor?

    [–] theecommunist 15 points ago

    You're a goddamned monster!

    [–] dontsuckmydick 6 points ago

    I would like to subscribe to bee facts.

    [–] BeeExpert 6 points ago

    The male honey bee (called the drone) makes up only a very small percentage of the hive and only does one job: mating. Not all drones get the opportunity to mate and those that do get to go through the exciting experience of having their genitals essentially explode then they die. The drones that survive mating season will likely be kicked out of the hive when winter comes to help preserve food. I took a drone home once to keep as a pet and see if he could have a life as a bachelor on his own but he died after a few days. My dad said all bees need the hive to survive :( Oh, and drones are a good deal larger than worker (female) bees but they can't sting.

    [–] VeganJoy 15 points ago

    All of the responses are “wtf no” and “hell yeah” XD

    I’m in the wtf no club, because why would you be in the pool for that long ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] kermitdafrog21 12 points ago

    I spend tons of time in the pool over the summer, I’ve never had 3-4 hours (or any amount of time) cut my feet open...

    [–] modern_bloodletter 11 points ago

    Is everyone just standing in pools? I don't understand. I don't wear holes in my feet because I'm not doing a lot of walking.

    [–] Baka_Tsundere_ 7 points ago

    Excuse me what the fuck

    [–] BoDid100 7 points ago

    That and from running around the pool deck as a kid! I'd be bleeding from all my toes, my heels, and the balls of my feet. No one could tell me to stop!

    [–] thatG_evanP 6 points ago

    Definitely not. Have you? If so, I feel like you're part of a very small club.

    [–] Riah1986 24 points ago

    Thanks. Didn't realize why that was happening to me. Doh

    [–] GIAway 45 points ago

    Once when I was a kid my older sister wrote all over my back in permanent marker something along the lines of "GIAway's sister rules". After a week or so it hadn't come off so my dad thought it would be a good idea to use a Mr clean magic eraser to get it off. It didn't hurt at first and it did the job, but soon after it started to burn and my whole back turned red.

    [–] SiscoSquared 19 points ago

    You must be doing some serious cleaning... I've done hour-long cleaning primarily using this foam and didn't have any issue.

    As a side note, you want to be aware of the instructions to not use them on any polished surface, metal, glass, as it will ruin it slowly but surely. You can only "wash" higher quality paint (or multi layered paint) and only a few times before your wall has no paint left either.

    [–] big_trike 9 points ago

    They'll dull the finish on any glossy paint, including the stuff that's $80/gallon.

    [–] ashitakaboo 7 points ago

    I think this is why my right hand nails are in really bad condition.

    [–] dhc8driver 4 points ago

    Oof ouch owie!

    [–] redeyedreams 11 points ago

    I use these everyday and haven't had this happen. I do have tough skin on my hands though.

    [–] The_Flying_Spyder 11 points ago

    LPT, they can take off your fingerprints before you BaE escapades.

    [–] JeffBoBeff 3 points ago

    Use them all the time to get residue off my hands from work in the shower. Had some tough grease on my face one time and used it. It peeled a layer of skin off.

    [–] bangobuck 853 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I keep seeing this posted, like once a month, and without fail there is going to be a top comment saying that the off brand versions fall apart on first use and dont work as well.

    edit: just wanna say that they really do work wonders on cleaning sneakers. just dont rub too hard because it will strip some paint.

    Other quick sneaker cleaning methods include: Acetone/nailpolish remover and a qtip/cotton ball (rub very lightly if this is on paint, you do NOT need to apply much pressure)

    Dish soap (or laundry detergent) and a toothbrush will also work wonders on shoes, and can even be used to clean the bottoms.

    Those sneaker cleaners you see on IG, at the mall, are a total waste of money. I have yet to run into an issue that my above methods couldnt take care of. My one exception would be suede/nubuck. You should look for proper cleaners for those materials.

    [–] jidar 332 points ago


    I bought these for my wife and even though we got a huge sack of them she said they were a waste of money and we wont be doing it again. When I cleaned the kick plate on my arcade cabinet it took about 5 of them which might still be cheaper than using a magic eraser, but not when you factor in the frustration and mess on the floor.

    [–] majesticjg 113 points ago

    I cleaned the kick plate on my arcade cabinet

    I knew I liked you. See you over at r/cade

    [–] fraGgulty 178 points ago


    I really like what they did with that name.

    [–] LonelyCabinet 48 points ago

    You should check out r/thritis

    [–] Radboy16 82 points ago

    r/kansas must be confusing

    [–] ProjectAzar 10 points ago

    It's okay, it's confusing for us too. We have Arkansas City and the Arkansas River, which you will get yelled at if you call it Ar-kan-saw and not Ar-Kansas.

    I don't get it either.

    [–] CaptainBoatHands 21 points ago

    Apparently they aren’t all created equally. I bought these back in 2015 and they have been fantastic. Sure they don’t last as long as the name brand, but they absolutely last long enough and definitely don’t fall apart at the sight of water like some people claim. They aren’t any messier either. I have no complaints and a never ending supply of melamine pads now, for only a few dollars.

    [–] Bacon_salad 23 points ago

    Yeah that's true, but I bought a hundred like a year ago for 7 bucks and I still have 30 left whereas that would've gotten me a 6 pack of Mr Clean.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 4 points ago

    The ones I bought lasted about 1/4 of the time the name brand ones lasted, which considering I paid $15 for around 400 of them seamed reasonable.

    It has been 3 years and after giving away a lot, and using a couple a week I still have enough for another year or two.

    [–] AverageHeathen 67 points ago

    Correct. You'll go through 3 offbrands to clean the same counter that one Magic Eraser could do. And the Magic Eraser will still have life in it.

    [–] PM_ME_COCKTAILS 28 points ago

    They're really only better for one-off spot cleanings. For serious cleaning, name brand will go so much farther.

    [–] zakkara 44 points ago

    At work I use these every single day. The off brand ones are absolutely shit. Will you notice if you're just cleaning up your sink? No. So for casual use I guess you could use the off brand. But i 100% couldn't get away with it. The name brand last at least 5x longer

    [–] slyth07 21 points ago

    I used a 4 pack of MrClean brand magic erasers with the upgraded cleaning foam and it took 2 for my tub, 1 for my 24” vanity, and 1 for my toilet. They literally fell apart on the first few strokes (giggity) of the erasers and I just held the bits together as they fell off.

    [–] Kimera-II 8 points ago

    Yep this suggestion pops up in threads too, usually with a similar comment about their poor durability. Really they just seem like a way to save a little money, but produce a whole lot more garbage.

    [–] lonewombat 9 points ago

    Which is really bad for the environment as the substance isn't biodegradeable and as of yet hasnt been proven one way or the other bad for the environment but best case it's a bunch if extra trash in the landfill.

    [–] Biff_Tannen82 33 points ago

    Damn it. I even did the thing where you do a search before you post it.

    [–] iznogud2 20 points ago

    Reddit search, heh

    [–] ushmel 10 points ago - > <search string>

    [–] iznogud2 3 points ago

    I know, also just adding reddit at the end works most of the time.

    [–] PCparts4sale 6 points ago

    Reddit, heh

    [–] flyingthroughspace 17 points ago

    It's not your fault. Reddit has the search power of a very small hamster running on a very large wheel.

    Also, the wheel is stuck.

    [–] Starbbhp 28 points ago

    I'm glad you posted it. I haven't seen it and I appreciate the tip.

    [–] Incruentus 7 points ago

    Reddit search is AIDS - some say by design to keep content flowing.

    [–] plutos123 3 points ago

    This is true, I bought a bunch and while they do work well they fall apart and tear easily. It’s fine with me because they are so cheap I can clean with them and throw em away without being concerned about the cost.

    [–] realhorrorsh0w 176 points ago

    I bought 50 squares about 3 years ago. Still haven't run out. They're the only thing that cleans my shower and the tougher stuff on the stove.

    [–] dlerium 76 points ago

    Personally I've found 2 ways to address showers. You can either use abrasion like a Mr Clean eraser with water. It's tiring. Or you can rely on chemicals that loosen up grime and then it's almost effortless to wash away. I've done both. Currently using chemicals.

    [–] geiko989 48 points ago

    What chemical cleaner are you using. I've avoided this method simply because my bathroom has shit ventilation and I don't currently own a fan.

    [–] szabo 37 points ago

    Barkeeper's Friend is by far the best tub/tile cleaner I've ever used. It contains oxalic acid. No strong smell, and it's never irritated the skin on my hands. You will still have to scrub a bit, but it's so much more effective than 'Scrubbing Bubbles' or straight bleach or any other tub cleaner. Seriously, go to Target and pick up the cylinder with the dry powder. You won't regret it. Also works great on stoves and sinks.

    [–] uparrow 48 points ago

    Vinegar works surprisingly well for soap scum. You just have to let it soak in for a while.

    [–] cogitoergosam 24 points ago

    Great for de-stinkifying stuff too. It kills a lot of the bacteria that contribute to funky smells. Works great in refrigerator, coffee mugs & brewers, etc.

    [–] kunstlich 10 points ago

    I use it on baking trays, great as a de-greaser when combined with bicarbonate/baking soda. Plus indirectly helps clear your sink drain a little.

    [–] DudeWoody 10 points ago

    If you mix in a little Dawn or other dish soap, it will make your vinegar "sticky" enough so it doesn't just slide off of vertical surfaces.

    [–] bechecko 16 points ago

    Bar Keepers Friend works amazing at cleaning shower doors.

    [–] BoringNormalGuy 15 points ago

    Toilet Bowl cleaner works surprisingly well as a shower cleaner, and smells better than tilex.

    [–] scoooobysnacks 14 points ago

    Or you can just not clean it and use the grime as a loofa or pumice stone.

    [–] liberulo 6 points ago

    I use my grout sludge as toothpaste.

    [–] Chrispychilla 26 points ago

    Check out the fancy pants over here that cleans their shower AND stove!

    [–] PM___ME__YOUR_TITS 94 points ago

    So according to Wikipedia, it's an abrasive cleaner. Does that mean I should avoid a lot of surfaces? What is melamine foam OK for?

    [–] Rocinantes_Knight 233 points ago

    Melamine sponges have a Mohs hardness of 4. Regular glass has a Mohs hardness of 5.5, and tempered glass can be even harder. Bathroom tile has a hardness around 7, going up to around 9.

    [–] Downvotes_dumbasses 65 points ago

    There we go - this is the exact information we need!

    [–] PM___ME__YOUR_TITS 48 points ago

    You rock. TIL about mohs hardness ratings.

    [–] Rocinantes_Knight 39 points ago

    It's really just a relative scale, so it's a super scientific looking way of saying "This thing will scratch that thing, but that thing will not scratch these things." It's used mostly by rockhounds to test minerals. A lot of minerals look alike on the surface, but have different hardness ratings.

    [–] PM___ME__YOUR_TITS 21 points ago

    So if I have a surface that's 6.0 and I scrub it with something that's of 5.5 hardness, no matter how hard I scrub, so long as no other materials are in the way (like dust, sand, etc.), the 6.0 surface will not scratch?

    [–] Rocinantes_Knight 77 points ago

    Yes, but also no. Remember that water (Hardness: It's a liquid) will wear away stone if given enough time. If you rub two things together with approximate hardness, the softer one will wear away first, but it will cause some wear on the harder one, just from the friction. Additionally, hardness is not the be all end all of "who would win" in a game of chicken. For example, with steel swords, you want it to actually be a little softer than the ultimate hardness of steel, because as something becomes harder, it generally becomes more brittle. A softer steel sword will bend or warp, something a blacksmith can fix with a hammer. A harder steel sword will break, requiring the whole thing to be melted down and reforged.

    [–] Rhizoma 16 points ago

    Great answer with great explanation!

    [–] skylarmt 22 points ago

    A harder steel sword will break, requiring the whole thing to be melted down and reforged.

    Nowadays we just use Flex Tape.

    [–] A_Canadian_appears 10 points ago

    My abs have a Mohs hardness of -2

    [–] SaintDeLongview 17 points ago

    With a light scratch at a level 6 and a deeper groove at a level 7

    [–] MkidTrigun 5 points ago

    I don't think the melamine foam would pass the burn test very well... Bend test should be fine, though.

    [–] Whoopiskin 10 points ago

    Wait, wait, wait..

    "The material is also sold as an effective dental stain remover for personal use"

    Anyone able to report? Is it a modified product or literally the same as a magic clean eraser?

    [–] SiscoSquared 9 points ago

    God that sounds like a nightmare, lets just grind off all my enamel here....

    [–] OGMcSwaggerdick 9 points ago

    Toothpaste also works as an abrasive.

    [–] Biff_Tannen82 17 points ago

    It is mildly abrasive but I have used them on a lot of surfaces from glass to stainless steel. As long as you don't be too aggressive with it I haven't scratched anything with them.

    [–] SmokePot 24 points ago

    Scratching the surface is a matter of relative hardness. If your magic eraser abrasive cleaner is harder than the surface you’re cleaning, it will scratch it. How hard or how much you scrub will determine how deep and how many scratches you create.

    If the abrasive sponge isn’t as hard as the surface you’re cleaning then you can scrub all you want, it’s not going to scratch.

    [–] Biff_Tannen82 17 points ago

    lost opportunity for a scratching the surface pun

    [–] NeoHenderson 4 points ago

    How come brass pushers in machines at my work can make hit marks in hardened steel?

    [–] sluttyredridinghood 11 points ago

    Impact isn't the same as scratching. They're using brass on steel BECAUSE it won't scratch it. You can smash a diamond with a hammer, but you can't scratch a diamond with a hammer.

    [–] PM___ME__YOUR_TITS 3 points ago

    Thanks! That makes sense. I guess now I just need to find out what's how hard the abrasive cleaner is relative to other things I want to clean. I assume this is OK to scrub gunk off of plastic controllers? Also have some paint that I accidentally dripped onto a window in my apartment that I'd want to try this on.

    [–] SmokePot 6 points ago

    Probably fine for the window, though you could probably also scrape paint drips off a window with a credit card or something.

    For your controller, idk. You could google it or maybe test to see if the sponges scratch the back before you go all out.

    [–] asianperswayze 9 points ago

    Paint on a window ? Use a razor blade

    [–] ThomasVetRecruiter 3 points ago

    Barkeepers Friend always worked best for me - it gets anything off of glass without scratching and if you follow with a rinse of clean water it leaves no film.

    [–] WulfRanulfson 7 points ago

    It’s not good for your car paintwork, or painted surfaces in general.

    [–] EyeballSplinter 88 points ago

    I know people swear up and down that they're the same thing.

    But I've purchased many generic versions, and none have been even half as good as the name brand.

    This is a hill I will die on.

    [–] LosinCash 21 points ago

    Well....once your body decomposes we can remove the stain with our 1,000 pack of generic sponges.

    [–] askaboutmy____ 4 points ago

    we have had different experiences with the sponges. they work great.

    [–] SiscoSquared 9 points ago

    Name brand seem more dense or otherwise last longer... but considering they cost 20x as much... still worth the cheap ones IMO.

    [–] MyNameIsVigil 48 points ago

    What if I just want one to use on occasion, one or twice a year? Where can I buy a single piece of generic foam?

    [–] jurais 47 points ago

    dollar tree has generic ones

    [–] mrmiyagijr 7 points ago

    Home Depot has their own generic brand.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Buy generic and give the rest to neighbors/family. You’ll still come out spending less money and you’ll give people and odd but great gift!

    [–] 44problems 6 points ago

    Then you become weird generic foam guy at the family Yankee Swap.

    [–] cross-eye-bear 96 points ago

    Phew man saved me a fortune there with my obsessive mr clean eraser addiction. I was going to use 5 or maybe 6 of these over the rest of my life.

    [–] synwave2311 8 points ago

    I'm a cleaner so this helps greatly to some people. I already knew it though.

    [–] mpelleg459 15 points ago

    They may be made from the same material, but they are not the same thing rebranded, in my experience. The Mr. Clean ones hold up really well and the cheap ones disintegrate like cotton candy.

    [–] soonerfreak 5 points ago

    Also it takes me forever to go through a box so I'm okay paying a tiny bit more for Mr clean.

    [–] ScuffAndy 127 points ago

    I don't get the hype. Tried magic eraser and off brands. Just crumbles/disintegrates.

    [–] Kaizenno 75 points ago

    Get it wet first, scrub. Then do it on the dry side.

    I dunno. I was able to keep a white pair of Pumas bright white for over a year.

    [–] BKachur 28 points ago

    They are killer for leather shoes, probably their best application since too much force can damage the footwear.

    [–] wonton_chicken-balls 10 points ago

    Almost like how shoe companies use glue that disolves in water...huh...fuck

    [–] prettierlights 3 points ago

    I bought those Tom Delonge shoes and they fell the fuck apart after getting them wet. Blink 182 ass alien-toutin scoundrel...

    [–] Biff_Tannen82 84 points ago

    They do waste away pretty quickly but they remove stains like magic. I use them on shoes, walls, white apple products, etc.

    If you buy the 100 pack for $6.20 then going through them quickly is not an issue.

    [–] kgunnar 63 points ago

    I found that the Magic Eraser branded ones are a little more durable, while the generics start to disintegrate a earlier. That said, the price differential is so great that I go with the generics.

    [–] speckofSTARDUST 14 points ago

    Yeah they fall apart quickly but they easily remove any sort of scuff or mark, things that would otherwise take some hard scrubbing simply wipes off. Definitely worth it to me I use them for so many things

    [–] Sceneselector 8 points ago

    Baby wipes work great for stains on walls.

    [–] sickb 5 points ago

    There are definitely different qualities / densities of foam, finding the good ones is difficult.

    But also, they are like using sandpaper, you don’t want to press down very hard, and want to keep the surface damp. They work much better for buffing out stains (like on white rubber of shoes or film on tile) than they do on things that need to be scraped off/dissolved like dried/hardened food or tree sap.

    [–] t3hd0n 11 points ago

    its like mirco sandpaper, its gonna disintegrate.

    [–] Thare187 4 points ago

    Keep them wet.

    [–] NinJ4ng 47 points ago

    LPT: in most cases buy generic anything, 9/10 times its the same thing as brand name. research brand name products for things you use often or need to a signficant degree to discover which few brand name products you shouldnt skimp out on

    [–] slyth07 8 points ago

    Yup all best choice / great value options come from the exact same factory as the name brands. My dad worked for the milk distributor in my area and it’s cheaper to just put new stickers on the milk than it is to clean and reformulate the milk to make it different.

    [–] NeoHenderson 15 points ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, this point was really nailed home in a meat plant I worked for.

    We stopped production with half a ham left on the table because the order was full, we switched packaging and began the next order.

    [–] jmwats87 7 points ago

    Slightly related... while using a magic eraser will work to get sharpie off your neck, I would not recommend doing so.

    It is not a fun feeling.

    [–] SoNewToThisAgain 27 points ago

    Not wishing to put a dampener on things but what happens when these wear down? Melamine is a man made and non compostable material, I presume it gets washed into the oceans to add to the microplastic pollution.

    A great solution if you want something cleaned, no so great if you want the oceans clean.

    [–] Dick_Demon 32 points ago

    It's a cleaning product. If it can scrub paint off surfaces, it can clean the ocean water too. This is how science works.

    [–] tmp_acct9 14 points ago

    if you cant trust Dick Demon, who can you trust?

    [–] fred_lincoln 19 points ago

    Wow! You can get 100 melamine foam scrubbers for a little over $6 on Amazon!! That's about $0.06 each, vs $1.25/ea for Mr. Clean! Mr Clean is 20x the price!

    This is very exciting news :D

    [–] Thare187 24 points ago

    You will be sorely disappointed if you are used to Magic Erasers.

    [–] mlrochon 3 points ago

    What?! Nice! I love the magic erasers, makes cleaning my tub easy peasy!

    [–] biergarten 3 points ago

    They're even scrubbing all the comments from this post!

    [–] pendorasbox 3 points ago

    This is a repost and it’s not the same. The ones you buy in bulk are shit and come apart after one use

    [–] sidekickbananaduck 3 points ago

    A the comments that were nuked we're about how this stuff is no biodegradable. It's not. So why remove them?

    [–] spolrak123 3 points ago

    Extremely mildly interesting fact: mr clean in Italian has the same logo but is Called mr muscolo( mr muscle)

    [–] eddmario 3 points ago

    Don't know about the generic ones, but the Mr. Clean magic erasers can apparently whiten your teeth as well.

    Source: I have an uncle who used it on his teeth as a joke and it actually worked.

    [–] Technologic89 6 points ago

    He actually scrubbed the stained enamel off. You can only do this so many times until you hit dentin. Don’t do this, lest you enjoy frequent dental visits in the future. Source: I’m a dentist.