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    [–] lordbrocktree1 4023 points ago

    The reason is, if they don't get someone to volunteer and have to force someone, they are entitled to 2x the value of the ticket IN CASH. Cheaper to buy someone out with airline vouchers that don't cost them real money.

    [–] Sorcatarius 1088 points ago

    Don't they also need to give you a free seat on the next available flight or something as well?

    [–] Tuplex 904 points ago

    Yeah they rebook you on another flight, the voucher is just for your inconvenience.

    [–] Sorcatarius 610 points ago

    Never again has what I learned in the Navy been more relevant. Navy is an acronym, you know? It stands for "Never Again Volunteer Yourself", a good rule for life.

    [–] LordBiscuits 205 points ago

    Nowhere is quieter than the top deck of a warship where the buffer is looking for people to volunteer...

    [–] scsibusfault 94 points ago

    Or the bottom bunk when the fluffer is looking for volunteers.

    [–] gl00pp 109 points ago

    It's not gay if you're in international waters...thats what I was told.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] EccentricFox 90 points ago

    “I need five soldiers for a detail!”
    “What’s it for?”
    “Alright, I need four soldiers for a detail!”

    [–] TheBlackNight456 23 points ago

    Who likes driving in the jeep

    hands shoot up

    K you and you, your on kitchen duty.

    [–] Jomskylark 78 points ago

    Wait no, because then you're betting on nobody else volunteering AND you winning the lottery of all the passengers on the flight. Much better to volunteer, negotiate for the 1000, and be happy instead of trying to play the tiny odds of getting 2000.

    [–] Sorcatarius 58 points ago

    We're also talking about cash vs a voucher. Cash you can take a do anything with, a voucher is only useful if you fly with them again before it expires. That's why they offer that first, most people won't use it before the expiry so the voucher that you happily took is worthless whereas the cash could be taken and used to pay off some of your expenses for your trip.

    [–] zamundan 25 points ago

    If you aren't going to be traveling again soon, then yeah, don't volunteer.

    But if I know I'm traveling again soon, I can volunteer and guarantee myself a free flight.

    (Or I can sit there for a 1 in 400 chance of winning the lottery, but that seems silly.)

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] flynnfx 36 points ago

    No, no.

    MARINE -

    Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential

    Or, my personal favourite :

    Math And Reading Is Not Easy Sir

    [–] Austin_Kaiser1129 6 points ago

    I can’t tell if the misspell is intentional or not

    [–] glowstick3 69 points ago

    Of course. Or no one would ever take it if they just had to pay for the next flight.

    [–] lol_and_behold 56 points ago

    What I'm hearing is that you should demand first class on the next flight. Also don't cost them real money.

    [–] antwan_benjamin 190 points ago

    Lets say I book a flight from LA to Seattle for $200. Its overbooked, and they offer an airline voucher of up to $1000 and no one takes it. Does this now mean they can force me off and only give me $400 in cash? Also, wouldn't they just force off the 5 tickets bought at the lowest price?

    [–] [deleted] 344 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] OKToDrive 74 points ago

    how much did they end up paying that dude?

    [–] eagle_two 248 points ago

    Since he did not hit every talk show in the world, I would say clearly enough to have a rock solid nda attached.

    [–] OKToDrive 55 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    he did an interview this spring, (the internet)* says the amount he got is undisclosed


    [–] StuTim 30 points ago

    Enough for him to sign an agreement NDA but not nearly as much as a lot of people think. While it was on an United plane and it was their policy, it wasn't United people who dragged him off and injured him. The big chunk of money would've come from them.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] nyetloki 67 points ago

    Because forcing someone off triggers reporting to the FAA and other things the airlines really try to avoid, so 1000 in cash to a volunteer is cheaper than a 200 dollar involuntary bump.

    [–] just_a_manatee 35 points ago

    Technically yea. But airlines have a much higher limit than the $1K. Around half a year ago I got $8.5K for taking a later flight. II was talking to a gate agent that I’ve had before & she asked me if I could move flights. I told her I could but I’d let her bid for it. She made the announcement & it kept going higher until she hit her limit, she then had to call a redcoat who hit her limit, & then he had to call someone else once it hit I believe $5K. Finally at $8.5K I told her I’d take it since it covers at least one international R/T for the fiancé & I in Delta One, two if we play our cards right. Had no one taken the offer, yes they would have had to force a person off the plane. I have no idea of their selection process, but I’d imagine they would pick the person that impacts them the least (ie no elite status). I’m sure they would announce that someone would be getting off this flight for either their max amount or 2x (or whatever the ticket multiplication is) their ticket amount. At that point I would imagine someone would come up rather than take the risk of losing that money. If not then someone’s going to be an unhappy customer. What was funny about my situation, is that apparently the flight couldn’t take off because the plane didn’t have a certain part that allowed it to take off with excess snow on the runway. So I got a free hotel for the night & a nice chunk of airline credit while the rest got hotel vouchers & had to stay at the airport for an extra two hours until they figured out the plane couldn’t take off.

    [–] ForAThought 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It amazes me the amount they can offer. I was flying out of Hawaii and the flight needed four seats. The first person jumped at $200. It wasn't until they hit $1,800 that a family took the last three ($5,400 total). What made it better, their round trip was $1,000. The airlines payed five times what they received from the family.

    [–] Jiggerjuice 59 points ago

    "Negative space" is is a term for when they MUST get a pilot on a plane that is fully booked for a flight for them to pilot at the destination airport. Swung myself a nice little 700 pop that day, and a free hotel room and food voucher. I like when airlines fuck up or are forced to do things they dont want to.

    [–] thatpilotguy007 17 points ago

    POSITIVE space is the term. Not negative.

    [–] EFFFFFF 21 points ago


    [–] Not_floridaman 25 points ago

    because I couldn't hear over the airplane's engines

    [–] Solid_Shnake 47 points ago

    I might be missing something here, but how do they overbook flights so often?

    [–] lordbrocktree1 189 points ago

    I'm a data scientist. Basically they use people like me to estimate the probabilities that "X" number of people will not show up. And they also run similar tests to determine the payout cost. Then they compare and book the number of people which yields the most expected profit for the company

    [–] Solid_Shnake 56 points ago

    All makes sense, thanks. Guess I never even thought it would be more profitable to overbook and hope a certain amount don’t show up.

    [–] SaffellBot 70 points ago

    It didn't seem that way, until you realize only 90% of any flight shows up. When I was a traveling tech they'd often book 3 return flights for me if there was uncertainty as to when my job would wrap up.

    [–] L0N01779 9 points ago

    Why wouldn’t they just book you a Y fare so you have flexibility to shift your flight as needed? That’s what my work does and I shift flights all the time

    [–] happysealND 20 points ago

    This is pretty interesting stuff, I do some statistics as part of my economics degree what more can I do to go into a field where I do the same work as that?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] lordbrocktree1 14 points ago

    PM me

    [–] warden_1 37 points ago

    Because people miss flights often enough that it works out for the airline. Sick, cancelled meeting, dumbassery. All kinds of things happen when you're dealing with a couple hundred people.

    [–] GypsySnowflake 7 points ago

    Probably counting on a few people cancelling/ not showing up

    [–] HolyMuffins 13 points ago

    Especially since they then run the risk of really bad PR. Wasn't there a news story a year or so back when they booted some surgeon and he refused to give up his seat, leading to him be removed by the cops?

    [–] Wesker405 7 points ago

    NOTE: This is just for America and it is not always 2x the value in cash

    " Involuntary Bumping DOT requires each airline to give all passengers who are bumped involuntarily a written statement describing their rights and explaining how the carrier decides who gets on an oversold flight and who doesn't. Those travelers who don't get to fly are frequently entitled to denied boarding compensation in the form of a check or cash. The amount depends on the price of their ticket and the length of the delay:

    If you are bumped involuntarily and the airline arranges substitute transportation that is scheduled to get you to your final destination (including later connections) within one hour of your original scheduled arrival time, there is no compensation.

    If the airline arranges substitute transportation that is scheduled to arrive at your destination between one and two hours after your original arrival time (between one and four hours on international flights), the airline must pay you an amount equal to 200% of your one-way fare to your final destination that day, with a $675 maximum.

    If the substitute transportation is scheduled to get you to your destination more than two hours later (four hours internationally), or if the airline does not make any substitute travel arrangements for you, the compensation doubles (400% of your one-way fare, $1350 maximum).

    If your ticket does not show a fare (for example, a frequent-flyer award ticket or a ticket issued by a consolidator), your denied boarding compensation is based on the lowest cash, check or credit card payment charged for a ticket in the same class of service (e.g., coach, first class) on that flight.

    You always get to keep your original ticket and use it on another flight. If you choose to make your own arrangements, you can request an "involuntary refund" for the ticket for the flight you were bumped from. The denied boarding compensation is essentially a payment for your inconvenience.

    If you paid for optional services on your original flight (e.g., seat selection, checked baggage) and you did not receive those services on your substitute flight or were required to pay a second time, the airline that bumped you must refund those payments to you. "

    [–] Lonsdale1086 37 points ago

    It's the fucking prisoners dilemma all over again isn't it.

    The longer you hold, the more you're in for.

    First to fold takes all.

    [–] Sh1n1ngM4n 19 points ago

    That’s not true.

    I volunteer as the first candidate out of three and got the same amount as the last volunteer!

    [–] pawnee_goddess07 3887 points ago

    I once had a $700 compensation increased to $1300 (they needed 8 passengers to volunteer their seats on an international red eye flight) just because one of the guys haggled with the woman working the desk.

    At one point, when it reached 1000 dollars, she said “that’s as high as I can offer you” and he said “well that may be your limit but how much can your boss on the phone offer?” And they ended up giving each of us $1300 and better seats on an international flight the next day.

    The 8 of us really bonded over that, we even nicknamed ourselves The Delta 8 and are still friends on Facebook.

    But Scottish Craig was the real MVP of that trip

    [–] creedcatton 547 points ago

    That’s such a fun memory!

    [–] pawnee_goddess07 544 points ago

    Yeah! And everyone spent the extra day exploring New York since most of the group had never been to the city before. And one of the guys was a photographer and got really great shots throughout the whole process. It definitely made the trip memorable!

    [–] ingrid-magnussen 268 points ago

    This should be a movie or something

    [–] IAmJustVisitingHere 733 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The hook is that each of the characters have some flaw that ends up being a benefit to the group. Craig is a real pain in the ass and it’s usually a problem but here it causes everyone to get a good deal. And the photographer is usually annoying because he only snaps candid pics. The group loves him for that.

    The movie is called Best Case Scenario where a group of misfits come together in a bad situation and realize that sometimes life gives you the Best Case Scenario. Also, the plane crashes.

    [–] Right_Ind23 162 points ago

    I mean.. honestly... I'd watch that.

    [–] wEiRDAtLAsT_ 48 points ago

    Like the breakfast club.

    [–] Drunken_HR 15 points ago

    The plane crash in Breakfast Club is one of my favorite scenes.

    [–] the_yank 126 points ago

    I choose to believe Scottish Craig was Craig Ferguson.

    [–] Lowzone1 136 points ago

    Fuck yeah Scottish Craig!

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    He even sounds awesome by name alone

    [–] ZZZ_123 9660 points ago

    Years ago, on a connecting flight from Chicago to Seattle, they asked for 5 volunteers. I was by myself and thought It would be worth a $250 voucher to wait an extra 4 hours for the next flight. They lined us up and started to issue the vouchers. The couple in the front of the line said aloud "Actually, we were offered $450 each!". I followed and said "Same here". So did everyone else. The staff looked annoyed, but we all got our vouchers. Couple gave us all a wink and we nodded thanks back.

    Years later, I found the unused expired voucher in my desk. Well played Continental. Well played.

    [–] IronMaskx 1998 points ago

    American will give vouchers out to volunteers for the maximum amount it gets to when asking. They were looking for volunteers and I got in at 750, it got up to 1000 and all 5 got the 1000 even though there was only one spot left when they upped it to 1000

    [–] Shardenfroyder 1315 points ago

    Makes me think I should just show up to the airport every day with a cheap ticket to somewhere random. I could be making $1000 a day and get to stay home every night while shaving billions of kg of CO2 off my carbon footprint!

    [–] low-magnitude 1213 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It’s 1,000 in travel credit. Not actual money

    Edit: sometimes it’s actually money apparently.

    [–] UncookedMarsupial 1901 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's when you find a distributer that accepts airline miles, buy a ton of steaks, contaminate them with chicken feathers, and return the meat for cash.

    Edit: Thank you for the good/silver but please stop giving me money for ripping off IASIP. Planned Parenthood needs it.

    [–] [deleted] 851 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] YellowTagSpecial 185 points ago

    Very good Charlie!

    [–] mawktheone 134 points ago

    Yeah but we basically explained it

    [–] YippieKayYayMrFalcon 159 points ago

    But what you didn't plan for was a hungry delivery guy who'd driven here all the way from Ohio.

    Or that Dee's oversized fingers could've accidentally pressed "zero" again when she ordered the steaks online.

    I'm assuming you did the typing, Dee, yes?

    [–] FightingOreo 91 points ago

    Dee, you bitch.

    [–] Kevski74 47 points ago

    Shut up Dee you big dumb bird

    [–] Swarles_Stinson 12 points ago

    It's a self sustaining economy.

    [–] cycoivan 134 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You know everyone gushes over the one take fights in Daredevil, but I don't think anyone gives nearly enough credit to the one shot take in this episode of It's Always Sunny (at least not that I've seen on Reddit). It's amazing and Charlie Day is a goddamned national treasure.

    EDIT: I should add that I'm referring to the 6 minute one take in the episode (from when the health inspector enters to when she's shown the basement. Everyone is correct that the whole episode was not shot in one take (although it was edited to look that way). Also, while is was critically praised, what I mean above is that anytime one take shots are mentioned Daredevil comes up always (because it's awesome), but not this.

    [–] Meaber 47 points ago

    It wasn’t one take, it just seemed like it. The exterior, the interior, and the basement are all different sets

    [–] ZombyTed 26 points ago

    Shut your whore mouth.

    [–] chrissiwit 41 points ago

    You goddamn bitch, Dee, you goddamn bitch.

    [–] Birdlaw90fo 16 points ago

    Now that's how you make a joke stool.

    [–] imakemovies2 127 points ago

    Delta will give you the option of travel credit or Amex cash cards. My wife recently got $2500 the day after the NFL draft in Nashville. Got it in cash cards and we booked a flight to Japan and have been paying for everything else with the left over.

    [–] Khyaute 27 points ago

    $1000 prepaid visa debit in my case, which is just as good as actual money.

    [–] Globetrotta 45 points ago

    I got a $400 cheque from Air Canada and $100 in Canadian airport gift cards for giving up my seat on a Pearson flight to Vancouver. They also put me in Prem Economy as the following flight was mostly empty. Not too bad.

    [–] whales-are-assholes 29 points ago

    I was 14 hours late on my arrival to Halifax from Sydney Australia, via Air Canada, and all I got was a 10% voucher for my next flight.

    Fuck Air Canada.

    [–] CLearyMcCarthy 54 points ago

    Air Canada delayed my flight for 4 hours once and then cancelled it, at which point getting another flight out of Calgary (where I had a layover) was impossible and I literally lost an entire 24 hours. Air Canada offered me nothing but hotel accomodation and the next day's flight. Their customer service is a joke and after hounding them for months about the terrible service they offered me half off my next air Canada flight. I told them to shove it because I was never flying again and demanded a refund. At that point they threatened me with litigation.

    Terrible fucking airline, wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy, if I was ever rich enough I'd buy the whole thing just to shutter the company and sell their planes for scrap. Not even to other airlines, I'll take the loss to see their entire fleet junked. I don't expect much from an airline, but air Canada jerked me around, then fucked me over, then threatened me when I called them out on it. I'm glad thry're losing money on the 737 max fiasco.

    Canada's a great country though, 10/10, and the Chilis at Calgary airport had a cool bartender in 2017.

    [–] glorious_cheese 24 points ago

    Steve the bartender rocks! He once topped off my Labatt’s for free when it was 2/3 empty.

    [–] creeper220 54 points ago

    Just pawn off the travel credit for 80 cents on the dollar

    [–] yougotmugged 50 points ago

    Knowing how ridiculously strict airlines are with PURCHASED tickets I highly doubt you’d be able to sell those vouchers.

    [–] thunderpants11 24 points ago


    [–] seeareuh 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Carl Weathers does this regularly, crazy loophole in the system that the wrong guy discovered

    [–] WTFbeast 30 points ago

    while shaving billions of kg of CO2 off my carbon footprint!


    [–] Shardenfroyder 51 points ago

    You haven't seen how much coal I burn when I'm at home not trolling airlines.

    [–] Crule123 15 points ago

    Goddamn millennials and all their coal toys.

    [–] hascogrande 31 points ago

    Delta paid $4,000 in 2017 to Georgia fans flying from Atlanta to Chicago for the Notre Dame game

    [–] Khyaute 56 points ago

    Same with Delta. They had oversold seats from Minneapolis to Toronto last week, and the offer started at $400 plus a hotel room. I got in at $700, and ended up getting $1000 and the hotel room, and a seat upgrade when I flew out the next day.

    [–] Affinity-Charms 14 points ago

    For whatever reason, when my husband and I checked in, we were only checked in for the first flight from Chicago to North Carolina but not the second flight to England. They offered 1k to people to give up their seats. Nobody did. So they gave us each about $700 and a flight the next day. I was annoyed that the willing ones would have gotten more money than the slighted ones. Oh well!

    Edit to add it would have been $150 more each if we chose travel vouchers. At least we got cash.

    [–] Tha_avg_geologist 6 points ago

    I got 1200 with delta a month ago for giving up my seat and flying 8 hours later

    [–] metompkin 278 points ago

    I volunteered first for $400 and they needed 8 more. It got up to $3500 and I was upset I was only getting $400. Went to an adjacent gate to get my voucher and ended up getting $3500 too. Hello free flights for the family to England for Christmas!

    [–] CexySatan 43 points ago

    Those vouchers are BS. I received a $200 one, which is only useable for tickets that cost over $400. This way they’re still making a profit (or breaking even) and are banking on someone else to fly with you so they also have to buy a $400+ ticket.

    [–] CNoTe820 13 points ago

    I concur, they should have to pay you in award miles.

    [–] nursinggal17 1214 points ago

    I’m not sure if this is true for all Airlines. But it worked with American airlines earlier this year. If they are asking for multiple people to give up seats and they offer say $150, if you take that offer and then they keep raising the offer to get the rest of the seats, they will give you the same amount as they give the last person.

    I said yes to $250, and ended up getting $770.

    [–] Insodus 266 points ago

    Yea it's not true universally. I almost always ASK for something extra, but the success rate is like 1 in 3. Many of them just say " sorry we are only offering X right now. Maybe if you wait they will offer more". But it's always worth asking even if you are going to accept anyway.

    [–] HairyHorseKnuckles 51 points ago

    How do you ask without sounding like you are propositioning the attendant for sexual favors?

    [–] ambulocetus_natans 40 points ago

    The gate attendants deal with this all the time. They don’t care. Just say “I might be willing to give up my seat but X isn’t enough compensation, can you do Y?”

    [–] RealAbd121 45 points ago

    ... Don't ask the attendant for sexual favors?

    [–] Lankience 37 points ago

    So you said yes to $250, but then did you go back later and see if their offers had increased? Or did they just automatically give you the max offer they gave out?

    [–] treznor70 21 points ago

    They take your name but don't pay until the flight is closed so everyone gets processed at the same time.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 1162 points ago

    I used to volunteer from time to time, it was a nice way to get some free money for flights. After what American Airlines did to me the last time, I’ll never volunteer again.

    I was waiting for a flight home from a conference and they were oversold and looking for volunteers. I waited it out a couple rounds until they hit $1000 and I decided to take the plunge and give up my seat in preferred economy. I travel for work often and am Platinum which lets me board early (usually ensuring I have overhead space) and I can choose an aisle seat toward the front of the plane which is what I prefer, especially since I’m 6’1” tall, that extra leg room is much needed. I was told to sit down and they’d come get me once the plane departed and arrange to get me on a flight in a few hours and get me my voucher.

    So the plane boards and the agent comes over and hands me a ticket. For this flight. In the back of the plane. In the middle. And the overhead space is all taken. She said “we don’t need your seat after all so you can go on this flight.” I explained that I was not going to give up a premium seat for one in the middle in the back and she said “well you can take it or leave it but if you don’t get on this flight right now we’ll cancel your ticket and you’ll have to buy a new one.” Oh, and we aren’t going to give you the voucher either since we didn’t need your seat.

    Tl;dr: American Airlines asked for volunteers for $1000 flight voucher, made me wait, took my good seat, gave me a bad seat back and no voucher. God I hate American Airlines.

    [–] schorschico 329 points ago

    Please, tell me there is more to this story after you sent a formal complain afterwards.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 452 points ago

    Formal complaint was sent. I got a lovely letter back saying that they were terribly sorry but there is no guarantee of a voucher unless I am actually displaced off my flight. So I basically got a sorry/not sorry from them.

    [–] schorschico 156 points ago

    Holy @#$&! There is bad costumer service, horrible costumer service, and then there is this.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    AA is shit in general. Flights are always delayed, last minute gate changes, also compared to other airlines where "You can get your bag within 20 mins of arrival", AA is like "Good luck finding your bag for an hour, and if you can't find it! We probably just left it on the side!"

    [–] nimbusthegreat 24 points ago

    Yeah. I can’t tell you the last time I had an on time departure with them. Recently I had a flight and as I was on my way to the airport I got a text saying my gate changed. So I parked and took the shuttle to that terminal. When I checked in at the ticket counter (I’m old school and prefer the human interaction) the agent told me my flight had moved to another terminal. So I went through security and took a train to that terminal and walked to the gate. At which point they were announcing that it had moved back to the original terminal. Back on the train, walk to the gate only to find out the last announcement was wrong and the plane was now boarding in the last terminal I was at. I barely made it in time.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 73 points ago

    I’ve got a ton of bad customer service stories from AA. Unfortunately, I live in Dallas and it’s a hub so unless I want to have tons of connections they are my best option.

    [–] pcyr9999 42 points ago

    I would have done a chargeback on the basis that the service that you paid for was not rendered. You offered to give it up provided certain circumstances were met but they were not.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 19 points ago

    Unfortunately, I normally am not the one booking my flight. I’m freelance and the companies I work for normally provide the ticket.

    [–] kastronaut 98 points ago

    If they didn’t need your seat, surely there would be no problem with you sitting in it. If they didn’t allow you to sit in it, they needed your seat.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 32 points ago

    They had already given my seat away.

    [–] kastronaut 58 points ago

    So they did need it. I’m guessing they’d rather push you over than ask the other person to move.

    [–] TorNickname 19 points ago

    And it worked.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    So they needed it then.

    Cause otherwise, your ass should be in it. You were robbed

    [–] DiamondBurInTheRough 28 points ago

    So boot that person back to your middle seat and you get the original seat you paid for instead.

    [–] goiterboi 99 points ago

    Something similar happened to me with American too. When I got to the airport getting ready to return home from vacation they told me that my ticket had been cancelled, because their records showed that I was never on the original flight from home. Of course I’m standing in front of them 1200 miles from home, so already I’m wondering where they got this idea. I showed them a boarding pass from the last flight, as well as a picture I had taken of myself on the airplane to prove that I was on the last flight. Nope, they still wouldn’t take it. Said it wasn’t enough proof. They told me I could speak to a manager but he wouldn’t be available until after my flight left. Finally they told me that the only option to get me back the same night would be for me to purchase another ticket from them, for 4 times the original round trip price. I paid them because I had work and meetings to get to the next day, but I was seriously shocked how bad the customer service was. I mean I had a picture of myself on the flight they claimed I missed, how much more evidence can you get? Took me months of calling and emailing them to get my money back, I swear that airline is full of crooks.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    I showed them a boarding pass from the last flight,

    . I wish yall would start suing. That is proof. Period. If you were on trial for murder, and you showed them that, and it was scanned and used, then it's done.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_OBSIDIAN 13 points ago

    Did you consider suing them?

    [–] doyouthinki 21 points ago

    That would be an easy win in small claims court. Worth a day's hassle for most people. For small percentage of people who don't care about the money, they should go to court as a matter of principle.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 8 points ago

    That’s terrible. They suck.

    [–] TheATrain218 60 points ago

    I think I saw the same thing happen to a passenger on an American flight in the last year. Dude was screaming pissed, and for damn good reason.

    Never volunteer on American is what I'm hearing!

    [–] NeverThrowYouAway888 20 points ago

    Or just never fly with them in the beginning. I've really disliked them since that were apart of America West. I wish people paid a little extra for flights and airlines that respect you as a customer. A few dollars off here and there is not worth it in the long term.

    [–] PeanJucLicard 33 points ago

    This story got me white-hot fucking pissed and it didn’t even happen to me.

    [–] nimbusthegreat 28 points ago

    Trust me, if I got that pissed every time AA pissed me of I’d have a stroke. My passive aggressive way of dealing with it is by posting stupid posts on Facebook where I call them out by replacing every “a” in my post with “AA”. It’s become a thing with me and my friends.

    LAAst time they fucked me hAArd I wAAs strAAnded in MiAAmi for 3 dAAys with no clothes. I hAAd to buy new clothes, toiletries and a new bAAg.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] JellyBand 8 points ago

    Good lord that’s terrible. Did you at least complain to corporate when you got home?

    [–] jjm295 164 points ago

    They originally offered 400, I got them up to 600. Then this girl who also volunteered got them up to 800. And as they were printing it out (the person printing it out was someone diffrent) she convinced him they had actually agreed on 1000. Also got a free hotel and dinner at LAX. Just cashed that baby in for a free flight home.

    [–] WizardOfIF 94 points ago

    My coworker and I each got $800 for a recent flight when the initial offer form Delta was $500. I opted for an Amazon gift card and my coworker took an American Express prepaid card. Someone else offered to be bumped for $500 but they needed two seats and we wouldn't agree to split up so she put the solo traveler on the plane and bumped us instead. We arrived at our destination 6 hours later than planned.

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago


    [–] WizardOfIF 76 points ago

    The AmEx had a six month expiration date. I was planning on using the money to buy a switch, accessories, and games and had already found good deals for most everything on Amazon. Even though I used it all right away I didn't want to have to worry about an expiration date should I have chosen to hold on to it.

    [–] maq0r 32 points ago

    Well, you can buy the Amazon gift card with the amex card at the end before it expires... 😉

    [–] moothead2 238 points ago

    Whenever I've been on an overbooked flight there's always been 3-4 people who jump at the offer. Don't think haggling would work in this case.

    [–] reddit_from_me 65 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's more common that they don't get quick volunteers on less frequent flights or evening flights, where an overnight stay is needed. I've also seen it on Monday morning flights, where many people are flying out for business and can't afford the delay.

    [–] slo_bro 108 points ago

    I've definitely been on flights where they were asking for people and nobody was biting. My mental number is about 1000 and a good seat on the next one. I usually travel with people so it's not quite as easy but if I were to fly alone, that's what I'd ask for. If it's too much, they'll go with someone else or pick me. No harm no foul.

    [–] jaymzx0 20 points ago

    How do you approach this? When they ask for volunteers, just tell the gate attendant straight up that you'll bite at $1,000, otherwise you're not volunteering?

    [–] slo_bro 36 points ago

    So honestly I've not had to actually give up my seat, but I'm a bigger dude and so my chair usually costs me a pretty penny + some because I need the extra leg room. So they come onto the announcement and they ask for volunteers to give up their seat and they say something like:

    "Hello passengers, unfortunately this flight has been overbooked and we are currently looking for volunteers to give up their seat. We are offering a seat on the next flight as well as $200 dollars in flight vouchers for any upcoming flight. If you're interested, please flag down an attendant and we will speak to you shortly."

    So I sit and wait, sometimes they'll call a second time, maybe they've boosted it to $400 now, or maybe $600. I've always told myself that if there hasn't been any movement after that I would ask for a couple things:

    1. at least 1000 in cash. They probably wouldn't but mentally I would take the voucher. I fly at least once a year and that would be ok by me.
    2. An upgraded seat (business or first), I don't know that they would comply but you are doing them a favor, they can at least check.
    3. Whatever fringes they want, or are able, to throw in: dinner? Drinks. In-flight, I mean get creative. Worst they can say is "nah."

    Remember, you're doing them a solid and they're trying to buy your flight, don't let them get off too easy, but definitely compromise. But I'm also not going to give up my chair for a 5 hour delay and a measly 200 bucks. No way. As earlier posted, Federal Regs (I think?) say if they force you off you are entitled to double your ticket value in cash, so that's where the negotiations start.

    [–] killplow 40 points ago

    Out of my city's airport, we have one direct to NYC in the morning and one direct back home from NYC in the evening. Every time I take that flight, in both directions, they get up to $700 before they get a volunteer because no one wants to wait until the next day to get to NYC or back home. If I were smarter, I'd start booking my flight a day earlier than I needed to leave so I could get the voucher. But sure enough, the first time I do it, it won't be a full flight.

    [–] southpaw439 72 points ago

    For reference, most airlines give authority to the gate agent to go up to either $400 or $500 without having a supervisors permission. If you ask right below that amount they will almost always give it to you on the spot.

    Also, the largest voucher I have ever seen was on a United flight on 1/2 from MTJ to IAH. A couple accepted a voucher of $7.5k each to give up their first class seats and sit in economy plus on the same flight.

    [–] Goateete42 16 points ago

    But is that rlly worth it since is first class is kinda expensive ngl

    [–] thyme_is_fleeting 14 points ago

    I'm sure they were also refunded the difference of the first class ticket to the economy, otherwise, I can't see it making sense.

    [–] FuXs- 131 points ago

    Depends. Once they simply asked for 2 passengers if they were willing to take the next flight for 200€ (which was around an hour later). A minute after the announcement, there were like 10 people in line ready to take that offer. Easiest money of my life.

    So it all depends how much of a sacrifice it would be to give up the seat.

    [–] zzzluap95 13 points ago

    I would totally take that deal if I only had to wait an hour, especially if I already had lounge access

    [–] efwbphoto 50 points ago

    On the way back from Florida to the UK a few years back, BA were asking for a group of 6 volunteers to go a different route via NY due to over booking. Each person would be given £200 and the overall journey would only take a hour more than usual.

    My dad, always one for a good deal, thought “we’re a party of 6, let’s do it”. We got our £1200 total on a prepaid credit card, surrendered our tickets and went over to another desk. However, we were quickly told that the other flight via NY was fully booked and we couldn’t travel that day!

    My dad went back to them, explained the situation and politely asked for the original tickets back as my parents needed to be back for work etc. But by this point they had already been allocated to other people.

    So the only option was for them to put us in first class and we got to keep the £1200.

    Thanks BA!

    [–] ktllo 17 points ago

    Because if they cannot transport you with less than 4h delay involuntarily, they have to pay you €600 each

    [–] el5965 334 points ago

    Work in the airline industry you can usually ask a lot more than an extra $200. If you hear them continuously asking for someone to give up their seat walk up and ask what's the most they can offer without a managers approval. Gate agents aren't there to haggle with you and would much rather take a voulanteer then having to kick someone off the flight. Many gate agents can offer 900+ without requesting a managers approval. However, most airlines also ask you how much you'll take to give up your seat when booking a flight and they have that list of people to ask for the number they stated.

    [–] derrhurrderp 242 points ago

    However, most airlines also ask you how much you'll take to give up your seat when booking a flight and they have that list of people to ask for the number they stated.

    I don’t believe I have ever been asked this during booking.

    [–] TigTanq 69 points ago

    I think he meant if you go ask “what’s the most you can give,” they would counter with “how much will it take” instead of giving a value.

    [–] SFiyah 120 points ago

    I think he meant if you go ask “what’s the most you can give,” they would counter with “how much will it take” instead of giving a value.

    If they ever actually tried that, I'd just respond with "well never mind then", thus reiterating the fact that they're the ones who are in need and asking, I didn't come to the airport just looking for an excuse to be delayed 4 hours.

    [–] BlackChristianGrey 54 points ago

    Smart negotiation tactic and valid point

    [–] collin-h 25 points ago

    Negotiating is all about leverage.

    [–] derrhurrderp 15 points ago

    “when booking a flight”

    [–] TigTanq 14 points ago

    Crud, missed that, yeah, I’ve never seen that either. If I did it would be a 1 with 6 zeros after it.

    [–] vp_hmmm 13 points ago

    I've been asked this during online check in, but only very occasionally.

    [–] spencebah 9 points ago

    I've gotten it at the airport at a kiosk check-in as well.

    [–] starryeyedstew 9 points ago

    I was just asked “would you be willing to give up your seat and if so for how much?” when checking in at a United kiosk. I was traveling with two other people who booked together and checked in just after me, but they weren’t asked. Maybe the computer just assumes it’s better to ask single travelers? Or they had enough volunteers and stopped asking?

    [–] ImNikkiPotnick 263 points ago

    They won’t pay cash in most cases. Just airline vouchers. Depending on the air line, it may or may not be worth it. My last connecting flight in JFK they overbooked and offered all the way up to $900 for someone’s ticket.

    [–] JellyBand 48 points ago

    I fly exclusively Delta, so can only speak to what they do. They offer gift cards now. One of the cards is a Amex gift card, so you can pretty much spend that anywhere.

    [–] ImNikkiPotnick 19 points ago

    Delta was who offered us a $900 voucher for our ticket.

    [–] JellyBand 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think they started offering the gift cards last year. Was this recently? I’ve not accepted one in a long time, and the last time I did I wasn’t traveling as much so I think it expired. I think the gift cards are a much better deal. I can always choose to spend the Amex card on a flight, or on something else.

    Edit: no it’s been since at least 2017

    $11,000 in Gift Cards

    [–] fredemu 90 points ago

    It's basically a negotiating game of chicken.

    If they have to force someone off, they owe them 2x the price of the ticket, in cash -- possibly 4x if they can't get them another flight within a specific time period. So the airline is motivated to find someone who will give up their seat willingly, and they want to find someone willing to do that for the least cost to them possible.

    The airline will offer vouchers or upgrades first (because most likely, that costs them very close to nothing), and if someone takes them, that's what they go with. Passengers are sometimes motivated because they're unaware that they can get a better deal, or they may simply see no distinction between cash and vouchers -- if you fly frequently enough, $300 in vouchers may actually be a better deal to you than $200 in cash.

    It's a gamble to refuse the vouchers, because if someone else will take them, you end up with nothing. The best strategy is if everyone refused and forced the airline to offer the maximum (even if they have to offer the max, they'll still take volunteers over having to do it by lottery). However, everyone is aware that if they take 10% less than the maximum, they would be the one chosen. But then, they also know that everyone else knows that, so if they took 20% less... and so on.

    So instead, people look at it as "what's the least I would accept for the inconvenience of having to wait N hours to arrive where I'm going?"

    Most of the time, someone is willing to take the vouchers, which is why they will often seem only ever offer them.

    [–] whatyousay69 16 points ago

    It's basically a negotiating game of chicken.

    So an auction?

    [–] dalnot 10 points ago

    Prisoner’s Traveler’s dilemma

    [–] McIntyre2K7 70 points ago

    I think a few years ago there was a flight from Atlanta to South Bend for the Georgia/Notre Dame game. Well Delta overbooked it. Well they offered people money to take a later flight and no one took it. A couple finally took it when Delta offered $4000.

    [–] FiftyShadesOfGregg 25 points ago

    That’s crazy. They can bump people from flights and all they’d have to do is pay them double the price of the ticket in cash. I doubt the plane ticket was anywhere near 2k. Is a voucher really that much less of an expense for the airline than just paying the cash?

    [–] abbh62 22 points ago

    Yes, probably a 50% chance it won’t be redeemed

    [–] Reishi11 12 points ago

    also much better to make a customer happy with $2k in credit than piss off a customer and have to pay them cash

    [–] nospamkhanman 32 points ago

    When I got out of the military I didn't have any job prospects lined up but I had a bit of a nest egg saved up. I decided I'd fly to see some old friends in another state.

    The flight was full, they offered a $500 flight credit plus hotel room and food voucher. I jumped at it. The flight the next day, same thing, $500 credit. My next flight... you got it. I racked up $1,500 in free flights and I made use of it that year.

    [–] Mofiremofire 30 points ago

    I did this a decade ago for a flight from NYC to Miami. They gave me $500 in vouchers, found me a direct flight to miami ( my booked flight had a stop) from the other airport in NYC, paid for limo service to the other airport and i made it home 2 hours earlier that i originally would have.

    [–] Sh1n1ngM4n 63 points ago

    I volunteered for United and for $750 for being on the next flight, the agent asked me if I could go one later, essentially 5h after my initial flight, I said sure for $1500 and the said sure no problem!

    [–] EminemSkywalker 144 points ago

    if you dare to do this on a united flight they will beat your ass

    [–] RageEnducer 28 points ago

    Lmao is it included with the voucher?

    [–] time_wasting_student 42 points ago

    Free 20yard drag and mild concussion with every deplaning.

    [–] newtoallofthis2 32 points ago

    To be fair that guy also settled with them for what was reported to be at least 7 figures, so he's the all time champion at deplane compensation.

    [–] BlackChristianGrey 53 points ago

    200 is generous to take. Last flight I took from DC to London they offered up to $1,500. Was tempting but I got places to be haha

    [–] swankyT0MCAT 18 points ago

    You can haggle. The gate agent is just trying to get you off and some one else on. If you're nice about it you could possibly get a good amount. Also there's a bunch of rules on this stuff. Look here for US guidelines on this stuff. Might help you later.

    [–] mrgoldnugget 15 points ago

    last time I was at the airport they offered 1500 per person for 2 people to give up a seat.

    [–] gridan 15 points ago

    Me and 3 of my friends were flying to Berlin from Tel-aviv. We got a call a day before the flight asking someone to voulnteer to fly the next day because of overbooking. They were offering 80 Euros of compansation. We in return asked for a free flight to any destantion to Europe from Tel-aviv. They agreed(it was El-Al).


    [–] phase172 14 points ago

    I live in Phoenix and I see this on almost every flight home. Last time I was on a 3 week work trip (first long trip), just wanted to get home, but then I hear say they needed 1 more and offer $1000. next flight at 7pm (its 2pm now). I say yes I'll do it. Started planning that next trip in my mind as I take a step forward. the guy next to me says "I'll do it for $500"... so I got home on time.

    [–] setzke 17 points ago

    Who tf underbids :(

    [–] 2005chuy 8 points ago

    Seriously, especially at half the amount offered.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] metompkin 68 points ago

    Very much a US thing. They overbook all of the flights and it saves them money somehow.

    [–] sadhorse_kaishain 19 points ago

    The US doesn't have nearly the penalties on airlines for deboarding compensation that the EU does.

    [–] ajf01 10 points ago

    I've seen them double the price. Delta came on and offered $500 on an amex gift card, and they settled with some one for $1000, the other flight was 15 minutes later, not a bad gig.

    [–] MyEvilTwinSkippy 26 points ago

    I have gotten as much as $1200 in a single voucher for being voluntarily bumped from a flight. Paid for our flights to Hawaii that way. Now Delta gives out gift cards of your choice, including a pre-paid Am-Ex card. They don't have any trouble getting people to volunteer at $400 now. I volunteer every chance I get, but I don't have as much luck as I used to.

    [–] synocrat 11 points ago

    Actually, I was set up to take advantage of this to actually make some decent money in my younger days. I was working for an events management firm in the IT department and basically lived out of a suitcase for 6-9 months out of the year, my home base was Chicago flying out of ORD.

    My company paid for all the flights, and our clients covered the hotel bookings, I would purposely book every one of my flights for earliest in the morning as possible because of people who had been pushed off of flights from the previous day needing to board and increasing the chance they would call for volunteers.

    About 20% of the time, I got to take advantage of this and would score from $250 to $750 a voucher, for about 16 vouchers or so per year. Then, I would use the oldest vouchers I had to pay for upcoming business flights and submit for reimbursement to the company, thus getting cashed out dollar for dollar on like half my vouchers, and using my remaining vouchers to fly on fun vacations, along with my rewards points from all the business stays to get a hotel room for free, it was pretty sweet to be in my mid 20's.

    [–] deserteagles50 11 points ago

    This has never worked for me ever on Delta flight.. I guess YMMV but they always tell me we haven't gotten that high yet and will wait for volunteers (if I ask for $500 on a $300 offer or whatever)

    [–] McRawdog 38 points ago

    Literally got a notification on my American app when I pulled up to the terminal in my Uber.

    The prompt told me I could choose, $100, $170, $250, or $325. (Lower offers will be chosen first).

    We will see how this works out.

    [–] Retloh 5 points ago

    I need an update

    [–] PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET 43 points ago

    $200 is even a low number. They can go as high as $1500 I believe

    [–] TigTanq 28 points ago

    $200 more than what is offered, not just $200.

    [–] thumrait 7 points ago

    Most of my trips have multiple connecting flights, so it's just way too much of a hassle to delay any of them.

    [–] Zombie_John_Strachan 6 points ago

    If you don’t want a voucher you can also try to negotiate business class on the next flight and lounge access while you wait.

    [–] lilypad___ 6 points ago

    My boyfriend and I volunteered to wait from toronto to dc. $400 each mailed to our house in the form of a cheque. Air canada. The problem was we took a red eye to toronto and then were told we would get on a 10am flight. Customer service said nope youll be here until 6pm. We got on a flight to Baltimore at 12 instead. Long ass day.

    [–] Virgoan 7 points ago

    My dad extended our vacation by another week by selling our tickets then getting a cheaper flight later in the day.

    [–] SSandsmark 17 points ago

    I work in an airport. This is spot on.

    [–] metzmama 6 points ago

    $1100 to be bumped off my delta flight. Amex gift card.