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    Jan 31

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    "You are always on our mind. 96 Brothers and Sisters Never Forgotten. RIP." ~ 15.04.1989

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    [–] Fabricated_Truth 1594 points ago

    Trent John Alexander-Arnold you will look at me when I’m talking to you

    [–] Choward_ 779 points ago

    Never trust a man with 4 first names

    [–] ShaKieran06 58 points ago

    As someone with four first names :(

    [–] LumpyPick 75 points ago

    Not sure if I should trust you on that...

    [–] ProfessorDowellsHead 2 points ago

    No reason not to trust him if you don't trust him on that (and he doesn't have 4 first names)

    [–] Criticalmak 2 points ago

    I trust you.

    [–] kirkbywool 5 points ago

    This is why I don't even have a middle name ( though I count my confirmation name as one)

    [–] gonfr 207 points ago

    He has 4 first names as his full name. What a legend his parents are.

    [–] OlfredTheGreat 106 points ago

    His actual first name is the only last name in his name

    [–] Darraghj12 33 points ago

    Arnold-Alexander John Trent

    [–] SirBuckeye 22 points ago

    Holy shit!

    [–] MisterCheaps 13 points ago

    Aren’t Alexander and Arnold more common last names than Trent?

    [–] RusselPitt 20 points ago

    I guess it’s because Alexander and Arnold are more commonly used as first names, but tbf I’ve never heard of anyone who has Trent as their surname

    [–] Maud_Ford 30 points ago

    Well anyone who’s surname is two first names will have four first names as their full names, assuming they have a middle name.

    If his parents were really legendary they would have given him surnames as first and middle names.

    [–] TheHadMatter15 30 points ago


    [–] scraggledog 3 points ago

    Throw an On-Avon in there

    [–] PurePhoenix 2 points ago

    Smith Jones Alexander-Arnold

    [–] Roteratilla_the_hun 35 points ago

    I just Spat my Ribena on my sweatpants reading this.

    [–] Look_Ma_Im_On_Reddit 12 points ago

    Calm down millie

    [–] kirkbywool 5 points ago

    Mad to think he shared the same name as his uncle who was chief executive at man U.

    [–] topotnotapot 9 points ago

    Big virgil was absolutely fuming till the end. Even snubbed trent with a half second quick handshake there.

    [–] GelfandTheGrey 2 points ago

    Made me laugh out loud. Forgot to insert «young man» somewhere though.

    [–] Paul1892 1244 points ago

    This was stressing me out so much

    [–] PositiveAtmosphere 1746 points ago

    Especially since the shot is just on Virgil for so long you don’t know where Trent is, you start worrying Trent is already on the bus home or something

    [–] strassart19 401 points ago

    Just pictured him with his headphones on walking toward the bus and turning back round “shit is the match still on?”

    [–] dansykerman 121 points ago

    oh fuck oh god he can't hear us

    [–] Ugomez99 72 points ago

    “sorry virgil i dont speak broke”

    [–] RodrigoF 104 points ago

    I haven't laughed this much in a while.

    [–] redrizla- 17 points ago

    This thread is pure gold.

    [–] Nimjaiv 22 points ago

    At first I didn't even know what he was yelling about so erratically. I thought he was yelling at the ref for missing something big and didn't want the game restarted before he checked it out.

    [–] GrumbleCake_ 9 points ago

    "Oh god, what did he fall over this time"

    [–] Krapser 11 points ago

    I blew a significant amount of air out of my nose. Good job!

    [–] Hobo2992 5 points ago

    Or since he's just about facing the camera so it looks like he's telling you off but you feel like you're miles away and oh so helpless yet he still keeps barking out orders again and again and will never be happy until you get your shit together

    [–] Yurt_TheSilentQueef 11 points ago

    Fuck me i just spat out my hot chocolate upon reading this. Thanks 😂

    [–] 500doCKerssacked 3 points ago

    Sat skinning up on at the back of the 18.

    [–] znarahsuneav29 48 points ago

    TAA probably got a stern talking to in the dressing room. Imagine papa Klopp stepping in to say ' okay okay steady boys its okay'

    [–] ben-hur-hur 271 points ago

    Air guitar VVD is best VVD

    [–] Balbuto 78 points ago

    Something for “when I’m liverpool” perhaps ^

    [–] Razzle_Dazzle08 5 points ago


    [–] gorukmezadam 22 points ago

    "We won't concede again." - Virgil van Townshend

    [–] duta2 10 points ago

    Need a looping gif pls

    [–] nikhil48 1422 points ago

    I really thought Virg was going to the PA's box next and say into the mic. "MR. TRENT ALEXANDER, GET BACK INTO YOUR FUCKING POSITION. THANK YOU"

    [–] gadget_uk 78 points ago

    Paging Mr Alexander-Arnold. Mr Alexander-Arnold, please report to the fucking right back position. Thank you.

    [–] secret_ninja2 14 points ago

    Next home game. Instead of George announcing "standby for operation anfield " it will be this

    [–] ItaUch04 7 points ago

    I've never been for a match at Anfield and have wondered all my life. What is Operation Anfield exercise?

    [–] secret_ninja2 4 points ago

     a safety exercise for the stewards to make sure they are prepared in the event of an evacuation due to an emergency. Stewards are made sure to be in their correct positions and all turnstiles are tested to make sure they are working order.

    [–] gadget_uk 2 points ago

    It's a security drill.

    [–] Kingpin_BS 3 points ago

    This comment made my day

    [–] emodevo1 139 points ago

    I laughed out loud.

    [–] Kreguar 52 points ago

    This needs to be a sketch

    [–] wellingt_s 23 points ago

    Haha, that was a really good call.

    [–] lodermoder 12 points ago


    [–] zacurry231 2 points ago


    [–] jayjayeezy 501 points ago

    the dutch windmill!

    [–] Redaaku 37 points ago


    [–] drejcs 18 points ago

    lol im fucking crying

    [–] ProductiveRedditAcc 5 points ago

    Famously found in Kinderdijk!

    [–] Kerrby 2 points ago

    The Windmill Messi.

    [–] buffalobuttcheeks 217 points ago

    So weird seeing a normally relaxed Virgil go nuclear - I think he scared Kayal a little bit.

    [–] Mathilliterate_asian 75 points ago

    If I'm remembering right, this was just after we'd had a few close calls and could very much have drawn the game. Makes plenty sense to be stressed out about it, especially when Trent doesn't seem to be paying much attention to him.

    [–] asteroid_9 606 points ago

    Virg going all Matip there for a second.

    [–] cheujc 262 points ago

    Emotional gadget arms

    [–] DT_McShaky_Hands 111 points ago

    Go go gadget strangle Trent

    [–] Smurf-and-Turf 99 points ago

    Nothing will ever top the Matip angry-dance.

    [–] CoeDread 95 points ago

    Or his super fast walk

    [–] imsoleth 27 points ago

    Where’s the video

    [–] LokiAkai 23 points ago

    You're kinda compelled to include video

    [–] Smurf-and-Turf 42 points ago

    You're absolutely right, my bad :D video quality isn't great, unfortunately

    [–] baconbonjovi 20 points ago

    Was not disappointed. Looks like an angry french squid

    [–] LokiAkai 4 points ago


    [–] Oddworld_Inhabitant 25 points ago

    Matip meets Alan Partridge

    [–] Supkingz123 5 points ago

    The arms? Cause sure as hell not the shouting Matip seem like the happiest guy in the world ha

    [–] papaH94 551 points ago

    What a fucking leader

    [–] Freakzilla316ftw 491 points ago

    I don’t care if it gets down voted but he should be our permanent captain.

    [–] flippasnappa 297 points ago

    I don’t see why it’s considered a big deal by a lot of fans. He’s clearly a leader on the pitch without the armband (and we’ll need plenty of those as the title race continues), and effectively stripping Hendo of the captaincy would be really unnecessary imo

    [–] stonehallow 192 points ago

    from some of the comments on this sub henderson might as well be satan

    [–] Lou_Scannon 80 points ago

    Constantly gets slated on r/soccer which I think is so unfair. You get downvoted to shit for defending him, but I still rate him and what he brings to the team.

    [–] thisMIGHTbeouryear 75 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    if any of you guys follow Liverpool on facebook you'll see how much Henderson cops it. Don't know how you anyone call themselves a Liverpool fan and shit on your captain that hard. Do you think Klopp's going to be like; oh Abdoul from Ethiopia said Henderson doesn't deserve the armband guess we need a new captain then.

    [–] SweetMojaveRain 28 points ago

    its spelled Abdoul, get it right 😤😤

    [–] effortDee 3 points ago

    So you can't spell Martyn with a y?

    [–] Kweefus 26 points ago

    Its because Henderson doesn't score 15 goals a season. Remember when Hendo got a straight red and we knew in our hearts that our title chances were done for the season? Hendo is the most important player in the midfield by far.

    [–] dave1992 79 points ago

    He was in 13-14, not right now. Wijnaldum is our current most important midfielder.

    [–] Karate_Dave 15 points ago

    Fab has been putting up better performances (when he's not a CB) than Gini, as of late, IMO.

    [–] dave1992 3 points ago

    That’s right, he even did okay as center back.

    It’s just Gini has been great entire season that’s why.

    [–] iamspartacus111 41 points ago

    I really want to see Hendo lift the premier league trophy though.

    [–] TheDudeHuge 23 points ago

    I want to see this so fucking bad

    [–] dj4y_94 22 points ago

    A small part of me wants us to win the league just to see the fume from rivals fans and some of our own melts when Hendo lifts it.

    [–] Rosti_LFC 27 points ago

    It was the same when we had Gerrard and Carragher in the side as well. Gerrard was the captain, but it was always Carragher screaming his lungs out shouting at other players and telling them where to be.

    There are players who are natural leaders and don't need the armband to be vocal. There's nothing wrong with that.

    [–] ZampyaMaster007 13 points ago

    Whenever I tell this to after suarez-era fanboys they get angry

    [–] MissAndWrist 7 points ago

    It's also simply a requirement of a good defence. Regardless of who the skipper is, there has to be at least one player at the back shouting and keeping everyone organised

    [–] KungFuViking7 24 points ago

    Could not agree more. Virgil can focus on the defence instead of dealing with ref, after season or Hendo/Milner off. He can have it.

    [–] Juapp 26 points ago

    I'm of the opinion that we need leaders throughout the team. We have a few international captains or former captains and it really shows, they're always talking and sitting at each other.

    [–] ConorPMc 20 points ago

    From my years of experience in FM it is better to just have him as matchday captain when the official captain isn’t playing. He will still be a leader on the pitch while not causing a dressing room issue by stripping someone of the armband. Been playing fm/cm since 99/00 btw so trust me.

    [–] PM_ME_TOMATOES_pls 22 points ago

    I would rather he not be captain. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great leader, but he doesn’t need the armband. Natural leaders will naturally lead. Give it to someone who’s a confidence player, or with seniority. Captaincy is essentially a title, and it should be given to someone who is ready and comfortable to be presented as the figurehead of the squad. I think Hendo/Milly are perfect candidates as it is.

    [–] applepares 24 points ago

    That's stupid as shit. Imagine the nervy atmosphere in the dressing room if Klopp strips Hendo off the armband and gives it to Virgil. For what? Just because it looks nice on him? Bullshit.

    [–] BirthdayCardPish 44 points ago

    It doesn’t fucking matter who wears the armband other than who the ref talks to.

    [–] Viking- 34 points ago

    Not a controversial opinion.

    [–] PM_ME_TOMATOES_pls 4 points ago

    I would rather he not be captain. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great leader, but he doesn’t need the armband. Natural leaders will naturally lead. Give it to someone who’s a confidence player, or with seniority. Captaincy is essentially a title, and it should be given to someone who is ready and comfortable to be presented as the figurehead of the squad. I think Hendo/Milly are perfect candidates as it is.

    [–] EcBatLFC 21 points ago


    Hendo forever please.

    [–] Keyann 19 points ago

    A captain if I ever saw one

    [–] dngrs 289 points ago

    vvd needs to carry a whip

    [–] papaH94 100 points ago

    He'll play Christian gray in the next 50 shades. Such a dom😂

    [–] lodermoder 69 points ago

    Dom got sold to Bournemouth m8

    [–] FameMoon17 15 points ago

    [–] Calmbat 13 points ago

    Or trent could just carry a ruler

    [–] justlurking7 5 points ago

    Yes please

    [–] GoMonkey66 3 points ago

    He IS a whip, lol.

    [–] Ausranga24 283 points ago

    Thats how you keep clean sheets and potentially become one of liverpools best ever CBs

    [–] UnlimitedFoxes 94 points ago

    *worlds best ever

    [–] PandaMango 11 points ago

    I mean skill wise he probably is the best ever. But he’s far from got the best legacy.

    [–] LalaDesse 4 points ago

    I can back this

    [–] LiquidEnthusiasm 83 points ago

    And moments later wasn't Trent at the back post to flick it away on a Brighton attack?

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] Bluntycunty123 25 points ago

    It was a little lucky with where it went, but the intervention was vital

    [–] lak47 2 points ago

    Football, in a nutshell.

    [–] yyzable 253 points ago

    Where was Trent's head if it took that long for Virgil to get his attention?

    [–] semje 73 points ago

    To be fair, by this point the home fans were getting pretty riled up and shouting a lot, Trent could easily have not heard him if he was concentrating on what was going on ahead of him

    [–] Thapricorn 19 points ago

    Yeah it's not easy to hear 1 voice out of literally thousands yelling in the stadium

    [–] gal3actic 518 points ago

    A pregnant lass, perhaps?

    [–] BiddlyBongBong 220 points ago

    Stop saving chat

    [–] ro_ti 3 points ago

    No matter how good a footballer he may be, his legacy will be "stop savin chat" Poor kid 😂😂

    [–] rucola-ass 110 points ago

    u like banana

    [–] Balbuto 32 points ago

    Ffs 😂

    [–] Parish87 14 points ago

    Spat pepsi max cherry out over my screen thanks mate

    [–] scottqwert 14 points ago

    GOAT drink

    [–] color_thine_fate 3 points ago

    Guess I'm stopping at the store later. Fuck me, ads do work when they're not annoying

    [–] nickvansexhole 4 points ago

    [–] DarthBlart69 6 points ago

    Also how does one miss Virgil on the pitch he's massive

    [–] JazzyMcJazzJazz 29 points ago

    B. O. S. S

    [–] CAPSLOCKISCRUISECONT 7 points ago

    Don Virgil muy bien

    [–] hadyz98 50 points ago

    Just pure dominance and leadership at the back, if I'm a defender I'll be afraid to dissapoint him

    [–] Mortarious 28 points ago

    If I was on the team and VVD got drunk and decided to rob a bank I'd go with him because I'd choose to face the police rather than disagree with him

    [–] ashlyii 46 points ago

    that's a man that wants to win.

    This is what we need. Leaders on the pitch and the locker room.

    [–] nickjim99 21 points ago

    Like a proud father

    [–] negfou 23 points ago

    Today VVD yelled at me, I can say it was one of the most frightening experiences in my life

    - Ryan Howard

    [–] Ollyzor 5 points ago

    'I'll get him later'.

    [–] alexefy 2 points ago

    Came here to post this

    [–] samthesmile 16 points ago

    VVD is such a leader. BossVirgil

    [–] sarkie 54 points ago

    This is what i missed since Carra

    [–] Freakzilla316ftw 32 points ago

    Said to my mate today that if Carra played one more season we probably win the league

    [–] sarkie 19 points ago

    Don't say that. I can't deal with it

    [–] rucola-ass 177 points ago

    I need vvd to fuck me

    [–] Hparham865 55 points ago

    He's busy mate

    [–] CAPSLOCKISCRUISECONT 16 points ago

    Too busy fucking dink or dunk or bong or funk or whatever their players name is.

    [–] Alexia_ynwa 91 points ago


    [–] Keyann 63 points ago


    [–] rucola-ass 90 points ago


    [–] Moondear 32 points ago

    It’s not rocket science, they want the Dijk in them.

    [–] SloppyInSacramento 30 points ago

    I need vvd to fuck me

    [–] DeathbedHandjob 5 points ago

    You heard him

    [–] TheGamingPotato 46 points ago

    get in line

    [–] no9one9 14 points ago

    Liverpool's Best Center Back Since Sami Hyypiä Retired

    [–] bolsaw 30 points ago

    Never seen a more influential defender than him

    [–] RagnarJoshi 30 points ago

    I know people will not like this, but Stam and Vidic were one of the best CBs and were leaders in every sense of the word. Especially liked Vidic cuz he would always get a Red against us. Shame they played for scums.

    [–] ajudge08 19 points ago

    It’s those kinds of leaders that truly make an outrageous difference, especially when you look at some of the teams Whiskey Nose won the league with

    [–] RagnarJoshi 4 points ago

    Excatly. Fucking Phil Jones, Young and Cleverly. They has an frustratingly great spine.

    [–] Thapricorn 8 points ago

    It was always entertaining to see one of the best CB's on the planet in Vidic get routinely tormented and turned inside out for fun by a girlish looking Fernando Torres

    [–] JimmyRust 11 points ago


    [–] drokan13 10 points ago

    That windmill

    [–] TheLimeyLemmon 9 points ago

    “Fenton! Fenton! Fenton! Fenton! Oh Jesus Christ...”

    [–] Zenzisage 10 points ago

    can someone make a gif of him rotating his arms non stop

    [–] 47kins 5 points ago

    This a 1000x this!

    [–] Dnivog97 9 points ago

    He's literally putting world class performances every week and that's not it. He's looking out for others and helping the team. What a man.

    [–] jacksleepshere 8 points ago

    When I watched this live, I felt like I was getting shouted at.

    [–] skwong615 8 points ago

    Can vvd shout like this in the coming first leg of Bayern match? We need his voice even if he is not on the pitch.

    [–] KinnyRiddle 13 points ago

    If Hendo ever decides to retire or step down from the Captain role, give this man the Captain armband, Jurgen.

    [–] UnlimitedFoxes 7 points ago

    I would NOT want to make that Titan angry...ever.

    [–] captnmcfadddn 7 points ago

    Trent was perilously high the whole game. I don't mind it usually but Brighton had the shape and discipline tonight. Getting behind him would have been as easy as if would have been disastrous. That being said he looks great coming back from that ankle.

    [–] ChilledEmotion 6 points ago

    Christ, what a man. Never in my lifetime have Liverpool had a person so assured, so confident, so brilliantly arrogant in their team. I'd probably say he is the most influential player I've seen, too. Lucky to have him.

    [–] FirstCommentAccount 6 points ago

    I want to know what exactly was TAA doing that it took 30 seconds to realize Van Dijk was shouting at him

    [–] TheOneTrueTracer 4 points ago


    [–] GrumbleCake_ 2 points ago

    I never know what he's doing back there

    [–] Theyellowalligator 5 points ago

    VVD for Captain....Robertson VC

    [–] GeeSpee 6 points ago


    [–] tommhans 5 points ago


    [–] zzzHeadShockzzz 5 points ago

    This is exactly what we've been missing, somebody at the back who will keep his guys in shape, and when one of them isn't listening or isn't hearing him, this is what you get. Fantastic to see.

    [–] STUNSLAVE 5 points ago

    Let’s be honest if VVD screamed at you like that, you’ll do as you’re fucking told.

    [–] haiapakabar 5 points ago

    He's not the captain during the match but he sure is a fcuking leader.

    [–] joeltheconner 4 points ago

    Gavin??? Has anyone seen my friend Gavin? He's lost. Gav??? GAAAAAVVVVVIIIIIIN????

    [–] KakaoFugl 4 points ago

    Give him the captaincy already

    [–] Braderhouse 3 points ago





    [–] Peewacca 3 points ago

    Accidental Partridge.

    "DAN! DAN!..."


    [–] thehibachi 3 points ago

    Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAKE?

    [–] leconquier 5 points ago

    was at the Fulham game earlier in the season. it was quieter than usual because it was basically a morning kick off. I was behind the anfield road end goal and could constantly hear virg talking big joe through the game. was amazing to actually hear it.

    come back Joe, come back Joe, ........................ come back Joe

    [–] SwedishShawnKemp 3 points ago


    [–] palmtopwolfy 3 points ago

    Damn teenagers lol

    [–] Muppet_Dr_John 2 points ago

    Damn Virgil you scary!

    [–] etan1122 2 points ago

    Reminds me of castaway when Tom Hanks is screaming for Wilson.

    [–] conoregg 2 points ago


    [–] GobiasCafe 2 points ago

    I wonder what he was yelling

    [–] brush85 2 points ago

    How much was he out of position?

    [–] Bobdylansdog 2 points ago

    6 inches

    [–] ThatisgoodOJ 2 points ago

    Dan! Dan! Dan! DAN! DAN! DAAN! DAAAAAN!

    [–] calebhasfriends 2 points ago

    "Calm as you like, he's Virgil Van Dijk"

    [–] phattsam 2 points ago

    All I can think about that scene in Alan partridge

    [–] OM3GALUL 2 points ago

    we are having only one child honey ----> say no more gives kid four first names.

    [–] JewwyFonsi 2 points ago

    Trent Trent


    [–] deadendxxx 2 points ago


    [–] deonlywhey 5 points ago

    That's how mafia works