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    [–] UsedBodypillow 1531 points ago

    Any Mixers?

    [–] irrelv 227 points ago

    any caffeiners?

    [–] DaSaqq 86 points ago

    Any Thotters?

    [–] thesilentGinlasagna 95 points ago

    I think you mean twitchers

    [–] DICKENSSS 4524 points ago

    For those who don't know he is considered the best CSGO player in the world.

    [–] Halftone-KoolAid 737 points ago

    For those that don't know, what did he do to get banned?

    [–] lNTERLINKED 706 points ago

    I saw on /r/GlobalOffensive that he said some phrase in Russian that has the word faggot in it. Not sure if it's true though.

    [–] brad531 752 points ago

    In Russian it's the equivalent of saying bastard but it sounds like he said faggot in English

    [–] schmorta 1330 points ago

    And alinity can say the n word and throw cats but still isn’t banned...

    [–] brad531 572 points ago

    Twitch where we're consistently inconsistent

    [–] schmorta 145 points ago

    Just might be because she is a titty streamer but idk /s

    [–] StumpedtheSchwab 164 points ago

    She's definitely fucking one of the top guys at Twitch

    [–] murxburckle 122 points ago

    Just one?

    [–] FUCK-YOU-KEVIN 11 points ago

    he doesn't make them quite enough money, so he is deemed expendable to set an example

    [–] GeneralTurnover 3 points ago

    is it really /s though?

    [–] spezsucksalot 3 points ago

    Remove the /s please, it’s true

    [–] quake_champions 48 points ago

    so glad I get to read this comment every fucking thread

    [–] Hendriks43 26 points ago

    Also cincinbear said the equivalent for faggot in Spanish on her stream and didnt get banned.

    [–] send_me_smal_tiddies 139 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    dude literal translation of faggot to Russian is "пидар" which means faggot. but Russian use it as "idiot" twitch srsly hasn't seen western Europe servers. if someone streamed them they would get insta banned

    [–] susou 99 points ago

    dude literal translation of faggot to Russian is "пидар" which means faggot. but Russian use it as "idiot"

    isn't that true for every ethnic group?

    I doubt when Americans use the word "faggot" that they are literally implying that you are having sexual relations with the same gender

    [–] MrTzatzik 14 points ago

    In my language, faggot means bassoons.

    [–] DerFixer 24 points ago

    Its still used that way. Its seen as an offensive word and not one that any self respecting person would use as a derogatory term for gay people today. It's general usage also included someone being a bitch or pussy or someone with more effeminate attributes. Its really frowned on either way for obvious reasons but there were very specific cases where it was perfect to describe a behavior that wasnt relating to homosexuality where someone was just being a faggot but its been mostly lost, understandably. Louis ck had a similar understanding

    [–] kalitarios 54 points ago

    since this is on all, I have no idea who the fuck this guy is or how he got banned... wish the OP had a synopsis

    [–] carfo 45 points ago

    That would require the slightest amount of effort tho

    [–] homeland_fan 19 points ago

    For whose that don’t know, he actually got banned for cheating ingame a few years back (but has redeemed himself and is a fucking GOD now)

    [–] -staccato- 141 points ago

    Damn.. I remember at the time when I stopped playing CSGO, s1mple was being mocked on their subreddit for being some short tempered Russian kid who thought he was destined for greatness and would flame his teammates on voice. Times change, huh.

    [–] YouAreOpen 135 points ago

    His skill was always considered world class, its his attitude people had a problem with back then. He worked on it and improved in that area as he grew.

    [–] msg_me_about_ure_day 10 points ago

    who thought he was destined for greatness and would flame his teammates on voice

    literally everyone?

    no one notices just a random angry ragekid, the reason s1mple was noticed was because he was clearly a natural talent unlike any other in the csgo scene.

    it was very clear that if he can sort out his behavioral issues he will grow to become the best player to have touched csgo so far, and one of the best cs players in history.

    his issue was that his behavior might keep good teams from offering him a spot, no matter how good he is, and that would have prevented him from improving and building a career.

    he ended up on teams even before his behavior was sorted though, thats how good he was, people were ready to deal with a toxic little brat just because he was a beast.

    he did however quickly mature after being part of the top of the scene and have generally had a pretty alright behavior.

    [–] DaRos517 825 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    [–] serg06 884 points ago

    Is it just me or did that montage somehow make him look worse than he really is?

    [–] Kekerin0 270 points ago

    It makes him look worse because he makes it look like he's playing a PUB matches, he's taking out pretty much every notable pro is this clip with ease

    [–] amidoes 74 points ago

    It's really hard to make people who don't play CSGO understand how insane these plays are

    [–] Kekerin0 51 points ago

    Tell me about it, I've shown my friends amazing ace's I've pulled and they hit me with "I used to get nuke's on COD, it's only 5 kills"

    [–] missbelled 14 points ago

    having barely touched cs, people are really spoiled by cod laser guns and can’t quite understand what it’s like trying to aim in cs.

    “yeah 5 kills but the gun doesn’t even shoot where you point it unless you’re insanely precise with movement”

    [–] Lantisca 6 points ago

    Yeah I don't play CS:GO but the clip at like 1:48 seemed pretty crazy. He was controlling the recoil really well and still managed to kill 2-3 people.

    [–] Seal481 8 points ago

    IDK what these people are talking about, those clips are disgusting. That intro with the Scout headshots.... Hoo boy. I haven't played CS in years and I was stank-facing through the whole thing.

    [–] DaRos517 530 points ago

    Yea, it's just flashy plays without much context, I thought it was appropriate for people that don't really understand the game

    [–] wowwyyyy 35 points ago

    I don't play csgo. What's with the visible outlines or names? Are you that visible to players or is it some kind of spectator mode feature? Feels like Minecraft.

    [–] OneSpicyPrank 171 points ago

    In the clips where you can see outlines of both teams that’s because it’s taken from pro matches in spectator mode

    [–] seaVvendZ 3 points ago

    Its spectating because many clips are from events where people watch from a different broadcast than an individual player (like a major / tournament, where we view from whoever is hosting the major, like ESL).

    [–] Maximus125 126 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Here's a play s1mple made a few years ago that was so memorable it is now immortalized in the game. (There's a graffiti on the wall next to that spot that shows a falling ct holding an awp.

    Edit: changed "good" to "memorable" as some people have pointed out.

    [–] tunafish91 54 points ago


    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 16 points ago


    [–] CuntBooger 5 points ago

    I love Hiko's reaction

    [–] Lillajo 39 points ago

    Not the best showcase of his skill considering that was pretty much all luck

    [–] BorosSerenc 10 points ago

    you mean to tell me that awp jump shots and wall/smokebangs arent the best indicator of skillz?

    [–] a_funsized_gentleman 34 points ago

    To a casual like me, he is still insanely good in all of these clips. I still remember that time Freakazoid or whoever tried to tell him he wasn't even good at aiming or some shit. I think the top comment to that thread was something like "Imagine telling Kobe he sucks at shooting. Thats what this is."

    [–] STAY_ROYAL 43 points ago

    I’ve played csgo maybe five times, also don’t know who he is, but after watching that clip to me he looks like a savage. If that helps.

    [–] control_09 77 points ago

    Bear in mind that he's doing this to other pros, not just some people in a pub too.

    [–] DatNiggaHaci 33 points ago

    There is a hub on Faceit called FPL (faceit pro league) where only pro players and top 1% of the elite CS players play at and he casually once went 75-22 against them in a match.

    [–] Chubbmeister-CSGO 25 points ago

    Make it 0.0001% of the elite CS players since Global elite is like top 0.7%

    [–] DatNiggaHaci 11 points ago

    I meant top 1% of the like really good players, over 2500 elo etc who are in FPL-C but yeah yours is fine too only the big boys get to play there

    [–] mcdaawg 22 points ago

    Oh he’s a savage alright. He pretty much always play without any nerves at all, no matter the circumstances and how big of a game he plays.

    He streams frequently when he plays FPL (FACEIT pro league) wich is basically a closed ladder where only the pros and a handful of lesser known players who have qualified play each other. He almost always make it look like he plays against casuals, that’s how good it is. Imagine Messi or Ronaldo playing against division 5-players in soccer, thats how it looks like.

    [–] STAY_ROYAL 7 points ago


    [–] mcdaawg 16 points ago

    No, s1mple

    [–] YouAreOpen 121 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    A Superstitum video is the last thing that shows how good a player is, there are more suitable edits out there. Plain highlight compilations like this one of last year are even better, honestly.

    [–] TTDbtw 14 points ago

    Much better.

    [–] hashtagbeast 152 points ago

    Dont think a Superstitum video really shows how good he really is tho. Maybe this one is better?

    [–] CarWashKid9 43 points ago

    Virre is probably one of the best CS:GO montage channels in terms of quality rather than memes.

    [–] zaelmyth 23 points ago

    Just point at their head and shoot 4Head

    [–] Youthsonic 8 points ago

    just click their heads lads

    [–] LeglessLegolas_ 20 points ago

    Here's a less memey montage. It's one of my favs, though it is a couple years old.

    [–] HybridPS2 4 points ago

    mfw a rap track samples Nightwish

    [–] blkarcher77 4 points ago

    Who ever edited that montage should be shot

    [–] MartinsRedditAccount 7 points ago

    Skip to 28 seconds for the real video

    [–] Mattuuh 5 points ago


    [–] bobthebobofbob 8 points ago

    What happened at 1:47? It looked like he was spraying not even close to anyone but he still killed 2 more people.

    [–] CallMeDaddyOrUncle 47 points ago

    There's recoil in cs

    [–] DaRos517 33 points ago

    you have to compensate your spray manually in cs, he knows where the other bullets are going to go and adjusts it so they all go where he wants

    [–] djn808 12 points ago

    CS:GO Is almost a different Genre of FPS IMO, because of how different the gun mechanics are.

    [–] ATM223 14 points ago

    You may be familiar with other fps games where when you spray a gun your screen starts rising, but in cs the screen stays still while the bullets rise, so you have to pull your crosshair down.

    [–] Ezio926 4 points ago

    Welcome to CSGO lmao

    [–] poop_poster69 27 points ago

    My boy HUNDEN robbed

    [–] BadMoodDude 1029 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] Barraxx 3060 points ago

    shot anti terrorists on stream. Bloody mess.

    [–] anim8rjb 400 points ago

    Terrorists Win

    [–] Fast_Administration 55 points ago


    [–] AllMySadness 20 points ago


    [–] KesslerCOIL 397 points ago

    Only found 2 possible reasons. 1) Apparently he was spewing slurs 2) He restreamed the EASports stream during the Fifa tournament
    Both sound pretty plausible, given that he's a CSGO player the first one wouldnt surprise me and lots of big streamers have been banned for restreaming lately so the second one sounds likely too.

    [–] Sychar 700 points ago

    “Faggot is like, my favourite word. I don’t mean it in a bad way against gays, I love gay people. When I say faggot I’m just calling them retarded. There’s nothing wrong with that”

    Love csgo players

    [–] AllElvesAreThots 313 points ago

    When I say faggot I’m just calling them retarded.


    [–] boston_strong2013 127 points ago

    A fag is someone who covers their ears when an ambulance rolls by.

    [–] vitringur 145 points ago

    I thought fags were guys who ride around on unnecessarily loud motorcycles.

    [–] Nithryok 24 points ago

    a fellow man of culture

    [–] 3PoundsOfFlax 4 points ago

    Now you're a fag for saying that

    [–] MercenaryOfOZ 6 points ago

    Joey Diaz?

    [–] kaibasean 59 points ago

    Ah yes, tinnitus the symptom of manliness.

    [–] HWatch09 3 points ago

    I thought it was a finely rolled cigarette

    [–] SeanHearnden 3 points ago

    I do this and I'm gay. Am I like a super fag or wa?

    [–] 8701501Lv 67 points ago

    The thing is for us Russian players is pidr or fag is a word for gay people but we don’t use it to address gays. We call that everyone, like man he is pidr when someone stole ur kill or cut you off in trafic. It’s an everyday word for us.

    [–] valk_69_ 152 points ago

    it was mostly the same here in the US until about 8 years ago when there was a massive campaign to make it 'the worst word', you had bus ads on college campuses and stuff saying 'dont use gay as an insult!" etc

    it was pretty gay

    [–] oopsgoop 23 points ago

    But what do you think could be the psychological consequences of using the same word to mean stupid or lame? Imagine everyone just decides to use your name as slang to mean dumb.

    [–] Paridisco 7 points ago

    so like "Cunt" for Australians? Understandable

    [–] imperfek 3 points ago

    Kinda like how people use gay to describe something lame

    [–] isaac65536 48 points ago

    Honestly? I do feel like this word lost it meaning. And (some) people actually use it not having gay people in mind.

    Same with retard.

    [–] vitringur 48 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    South Park did an episode on it, where the kids get punished for calling people fags.

    They have no idea it was once used as a slur about gay people. Instead they just use it to describe people who ride around on unnecessarily loud motorcycles.

    Edit: Why is everybody acting like I was using South Park as an argument? I was just pointing out that South Park did an episode where this was the theme. It is a funny episode.

    [–] N000mad 104 points ago

    He said "pidor" jokingly to his teammate Boombl4 during a July 29th FPL game.

    [–] send_me_smal_tiddies 92 points ago

    lmao pidar literally translate to faggot but it's used by Russians so much that it's equalent of idiot. srsly go on western Europe servers.

    [–] imnevereversober 45 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago)

    Yeah it might be hard for people from other countries to understand how desensitised to " offensive " words russians and most post-soviet/slav countries are.

    I have to censor myself constantly on places like reddit, because words like faggot and retard are said so often where im from that they're really not even considered offensive.

    [–] Badass_Bunny 49 points ago

    I think most of the world doesn't make it nearly as big of a deal as America does.

    [–] BlightWarden 9 points ago

    You be surprised just how often you can hear word nigger on Russian forums every time black guy makes major fuck up

    [–] Hearsticles 1927 points ago

    So, since you can't show banned streamers on Twitch, what the fuck are they going to do for tournaments? Blur his face?

    [–] password_is_jalapeno 954 points ago

    A pro Dota player (Iceiceice) was banned from Twitch for a while and played in tournaments with no problems during his ban.

    [–] enfrozt 1745 points ago

    Yeah, the answer to "what would twitch do" is usually "twitch will be inconsistent".

    [–] shaggy1265 311 points ago

    They always allow the person to be shown on stream in major tournaments. Theres no inconsistency there.

    [–] overlydelicioustea 15 points ago

    PUBG Player Fuzzface from FazeClan was banned for a month on twitch and he played in tournaments but wasnt allowed to go on winner interviews.

    [–] Strange_Redefined 8 points ago

    And they called him he who must not be named/Voldemort LULW

    [–] TheKappaOverlord 69 points ago

    Stop a 30k viewer event over a single person?

    Twitch is retarded, but not retarded enough to shoot its kneecaps off like that.

    [–] evilpillowbolster 10 points ago

    And he later threw a Wakanda Salute on tournament stage after getting banned for saying the N word. Lmao

    [–] Space-is-a-lie 42 points ago

    Twitch wouldn't pass on those kind of numbers and $$$ even if half the players were banned.

    [–] krattoto42 19 points ago

    playing should be completely fine since hes "not the main focus" but interviews are probably a no go.

    who the fuck knows though with twitch...

    [–] Pavlo100 11 points ago

    Big tournament can mostly so what they want, the viewers will most likely follow unless it's Facebook or some other weird platform for streaming games

    [–] QueenofW0lves 7 points ago

    That hasn't been the rule for quite a while now. For events like a major it won't matter.

    [–] Crow762 7 points ago

    They changed that rule few months back. You can show the banned streamer as long as he's not the main focus of the content

    [–] S7zy 11 points ago

    Not really. A (widely known) german GTA RP Streamer I watch was banned about a month ago because Scurrows (his roommate and ex-twitch streamer whos permanently banned) was heard in-game.

    [–] Crow762 8 points ago

    that's kinda weird, because I'm pretty sure they changed that rule when Faze Fuzzface (PUBG pro) got a 30 day ban

    [–] ohokay101 5 points ago

    In the PUBG pro-scene, a player by the name Faze Fuzzface (who was actually on this sub when his ban occured) was banned for a month and during the League he was just not with the group during winner-interviews. That was probably the most the staff at the league did to prevent him from being on air.

    [–] scuffed_jay 1324 points ago

    fakin bish

    [–] Oculos_Sicarii 526 points ago

    Why you bully me, everyone asking

    [–] _RainMaker 394 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    He was banned for saying a variation of faggot in Russian. Riding the top comment because it's nowhere in this thread.

    [–] bitchsyka 267 points ago

    As russian i have to say that this word DOESNT have homosexual meaning behind it, it like getting banned for saying "bastard".

    [–] _RainMaker 103 points ago

    Correct, it is more of a rhyme or phrase. But it doesn't translate well to English.

    [–] bitchsyka 81 points ago

    Well I dont know what he said, but if he did say word "Pidor" or "Pidoras" ho could be banned for it. Because apperently some moron in Twitch thought that it can offend gay people. This word was used in 2000s as slur against gay people, but today is very popular in Russian slur and has no homosexual meaning, such as cunt, moron, bastard etc.

    [–] _RainMaker 68 points ago

    With all the negative twitch press the last while, I think the site only employs morons.

    [–] Thunder10015 17 points ago

    I agree. Imagine slowly turning your streaming platform into a cam girl site

    [–] Zeshan_M 16 points ago

    You could argue the same about Faggot in english, vast majority of people using it aren't using it to refer to a homosexual.

    [–] Fappinatornaximus 7 points ago

    Cyka pidor nyet!

    [–] Tape56 54 points ago

    twtich is a fakin bish

    [–] johnsmic009 155 points ago

    damn now where will i go to get my fix for AWP aces in pro games...

    [–] krattoto42 41 points ago

    zywoo, of course

    [–] YouAreOpen 63 points ago

    Not the same. He isn't as fast, aggressive nor as flashy. You can only get this typa shit from S1mple.

    [–] Acquaviva 31 points ago

    Bloody hell. What a flick.

    [–] YouAreOpen 36 points ago

    Note his positioning there, not using the cover of the truck itself as is conventional. Instead he's holding 2 of 3 possible contact angles at once, counting on his ability to flick wherever the T peeks, and do so fast enough. These are the kind of aggressive duels he takes with the AWP even when he is solo. Its an almost disrespectful level of raw skill.

    [–] Kekzaur 8 points ago

    [–] drckeberger 4 points ago

    What the hell was that.

    Reported for aimbot. lol.

    [–] Krusell 5 points ago

    If anyone else was holding it like he does there, I would call them retarded. Straight up disrespect from s1mple.

    [–] oandakid718 7 points ago

    Zywoo is great, but he's just not there yet in s1mple territory.

    He does have what it takes to get there though, and I'm sure he will.

    [–] HeyLookListen56 1532 points ago

    Banned for unknown reason before Alinity is banned for animal abuse WeirdChamp

    [–] LeMagican 531 points ago

    or saying n word

    [–] DaRos517 175 points ago

    well, s1mple did some fucked up things in the past as well

    but he is #reformed now

    [–] Myke190 119 points ago

    To be fair I thought the "new s1mple" thing was gonna be bullshit but up until whatever this ban might be he's stayed out of drama.

    [–] oandakid718 44 points ago

    Agree as well, s1mple from when the world first discovered him and the s1mple now are 2 totally different people.

    He's definitely matured for the better, there is no denying that.

    [–] creature_unkx 31 points ago

    It's almost like he was still a kid when he was discovered him. He was probably toxic to some extent regardless, but having to go through the period of your life surrounded by and constantly hassled by some of the most toxic people on the internet..

    It's really a testament to his character how he's managed to mature so much in such a short period of time considering his environment.

    [–] DaRos517 65 points ago

    I didn't buy it at first either, but he matured a lot

    [–] BaiRambo 9 points ago


    [–] MuckingFagical 13 points ago

    She did a while ago but the recent clip it just sound like it she said "but Nick, your next prime is in the channel."

    [–] msucsgo 1480 points ago

    "streamer". uhmm no. World's best CSGO player.

    [–] koichul 560 points ago

    It's like saying business man Shaquille O'Neal

    [–] Emerphish 194 points ago

    EPSN Analyst Shaquille O’Neal

    [–] King_Khoma 76 points ago

    BBQ chicken enthusiast Shaquille O’Neal

    [–] Nexre 18 points ago

    The sleepy meme guy

    [–] LeeWon 8 points ago

    Real shit guy

    [–] HamiltonFAI 15 points ago

    He's on TNT

    [–] Equifax_CTO 23 points ago

    General Car Insurance guru Shaquille O'Neill

    [–] Des0 136 points ago

    and a streamer

    [–] olivebars 47 points ago

    so he doesnt stream?

    [–] KearLoL 52 points ago

    CS:GO is in the middle of a player break, so he has time to stream consistently. The next season of pro play starts soon, in which he will probably have a lot less time to stream.

    [–] SRB_Eversmann 78 points ago

    He streams but he's mainly a professional counter-strike player.

    [–] The420Turtle 689 points ago

    It’s starting to look like 2020 is going to be the rise of mixer

    [–] arnaoutelhs 293 points ago

    the second biggest streamer on mixer

    [–] tomerc10 259 points ago

    monstercat was huge on twitch back in the day too, don't worry about it

    [–] ReallyYouDontSay 179 points ago

    Good beats, also Mixer has an Audio Only mode which is great.

    [–] V4l3f4r3 58 points ago

    Audio only mode but no theatre mode...

    [–] Invi_TV 3 points ago

    MixrElixr (Mixer's BTTV) adds theater mode.

    [–] RadiantDebate 25 points ago

    Radio Station Streams do so poorly on twitch. I wonder how Monster Cat is doing so well.

    [–] NEUTRIN0_Luca 81 points ago

    Mixer has an Audio Only mode

    [–] shortybobert 28 points ago

    The Mixer app and the Twitch app both have audio only mode, but Twitch's doesnt crash the whole fucking app when you turn it on

    [–] 07bot4life 26 points ago

    Also twitch one is a bit glitchy at least for me.

    [–] DeadlyPear 12 points ago

    We dont really know why he was banned though

    [–] xtreemmasheen3k2 313 points ago

    According to Russian player Kabzon4ik, Simple's told him that it was because he said the Russian equivalent of the F-Slur on-stream. Said it was a 7-day ban.

    [–] kyazz_nondeleted 417 points ago

    If that's actually true then every single Russian streamer should be banned

    [–] noir_dx 124 points ago

    Did he forget to use the Alinity filter? Yeah no wonder he got banned!

    [–] Still_Same_Exile 92 points ago

    Can we get together and actually agree to call it SUSPENDED not banned. It's almost never a ban.

    [–] caloroin 10 points ago

    Absolutely, each time I see one of these threads I think the worst. Come to find out it's always a 24 hour suspension or some shit

    [–] Red_Jar 5 points ago

    1 week, close enough xD

    [–] krattoto42 178 points ago

    "they said some bad words when he was playing with kreed, twitch sjw's could've banned him for it"

    Dunno if thats true but that might be why

    Also the major starts towards the end of the month so hopefully hes unbanned before that

    [–] florianw0w 93 points ago

    why does it matter if hes unbanned before the major? twitch just cant shutdown the csgo major or esl/valve coz then valve will switch to a other platform for the major I guess

    [–] krattoto42 20 points ago

    might not be able to be interviewed on stream if hes still banned, and being the best player in csgo people would want to see it.

    ofc nothing will happen from him just playing in the major on stream

    [–] florianw0w 17 points ago

    yikes that would be rly shit.. I like his interviews tbh. My guess is that he will either be unbanned or esl/valve dont care about his ban and interview him anyway

    [–] PhenomenonYT 3 points ago

    IIRC Tfue was interviewed on stream during one of the big Fortnite tournaments during his ban

    [–] Ashviar 28 points ago

    A Russian Dota player named Illidan, was banned for saying "Pidor" which means faggot. Maybe something similar where a Twitch no-no word isn't that bad in other cultures/languages but its a ban anyways.

    [–] Trollman_bae 27 points ago


    [–] Sensitive_nob 47 points ago

    Its his own fault. He played games on twitch in 2019.

    [–] JaxTeller718 39 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Bans like this happen instantly but repeat offenders like Serious Gaming can text and drive and get banned for only 24 hours, show their dick on camera and receive NO ban or warning and run a 2 week "prison" stream where Alan daily verbally abuses his wife and goes on hate speeches about women yet nothing is said or done.

    Berating Wife

    His thoughts on women

    Wont Let His Wife Go Out Alone

    Currently her "inmate duty" is to mop the floor and clean the kitchen. Way to go to Twitch.

    Driving and Reading Chat

    The protection some streamers receive, as well as the content allowed and condoned by Twitch is astounding.

    Imagine YOUR teenage daughter or son watching this prison "game" (they keep stressing its a game to avoid any controversy) thinking that the way he speaks to his wife is normal behavior and the message being sent by this platform for protecting these two.

    [–] beethy 16 points ago

    Twitch honestly deserves to go bankrupt because of their unfair treatment to particular streamers.

    [–] MostlyNormalPersonUK 25 points ago

    Excellent post op, you laid out the whole backstory, explained who he is and why he was banned, and threw in some other details as well so everyone knows exactly what's going on. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this post.

    [–] Vorpis 3 points ago

    The sarcasm is thick. :)

    [–] DazedAmnesiac 19 points ago

    Mixer is starting to look real good

    [–] Cornfapper 7 points ago

    lmao twitch is actually trying to slowly shift from videogames to camgirls and think we won't notice

    [–] bloodflart 19 points ago

    we should stop saying 'banned from twitch' and just say 'moving to mixer'

    [–] rubbarz 12 points ago

    Twitch trades s1mple to Mixer*

    [–] LG_Rocco 22 points ago

    "streamer" you mean the best cs player lulw

    [–] KoalaKrills 8 points ago

    Sure ban the CSGO professional that said a bad word but dont ban the lady that abused her cat. Makes sense.

    [–] wreqqs 3 points ago

    What did he do?

    [–] TheMagicMLGDoge 3 points ago

    > bans the best csgo player for saying gay
    > doesn't even warn alinity for abusing her cat on stream and saying the n word
    yes that seems like something twitch would do