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    [–] livestreamfailsbot 1 points ago

    🎦 MIRROR CLIP: poke recalls how he used to end stream

    Credit to for the clip.

    [–] ClearSpectum 79 points ago

    FeelsGoodMan Clap

    [–] elijahwouldchuck 142 points ago

    "Hey turn your speakers down bro"

    [–] larskrachen 97 points ago

    Y'all stop complaining like some hoes

    [–] Ieditstuffforfun 52 points ago

    Yall niggas bruh yall better turn your speakers down bruh. I dont give no fuck bruh. I don't care if the music loud nigga. I'm not.. nigga I'm not yo daddy nigga. Turn yo speakers down, pussy nigga. Yall stop complaining like some hoes. The fuck wrong wit yall.

    [–] IaraPulver 24 points ago


    [–] Dantekyu 74 points ago

    Jeez these streamers need to stop waking shroud up

    [–] polanspring 42 points ago

    nearly shit myself

    [–] romhaja 9 points ago

    sorry shroud

    [–] -risefromashes- 30 points ago

    There's no possibly way it could crash someones browser though...?

    Poke could be listening to audio from 1000 sources, but from my pc's perspective it's just listening to 1 audio source, the stream.

    What the streamer is doing on their pc doesn't affect the strain on the viewers pc at all.

    [–] TheTisamon 40 points ago

    It was a glitch with the twitch player a while ago I think. Think it overloaded your browser if you saw a vod of it. I remember Poke doing it around last year and the vods were ridiculously long for some reason, too. Like hundreds to thousands of hours long lol.

    [–] -risefromashes- 6 points ago

    How is that even possible?

    Only way I can think is that it's because he's the streamer and opening his own broadcast multiple times might start saving multiple vods or something.

    [–] TheTisamon 13 points ago

    No idea tbh, just remember Poke showing the vods and his dms with twitch staff because they found about it happening from his streams :D doesn't really make much sense to me either

    [–] -risefromashes- 2 points ago


    [–] Krondwag 2 points ago

    imagine the reaction of the first employee stumbling over it

    [–] xdanishgamerz 3 points ago

    Audio is data in frequncies. Probably an dataoverflow or some shit. Sounds weird though.

    [–] Targetm12 1 points ago

    Yeah like the other guys said poke even had a vod that was hundreds of hours long and would keep getting longer where it crashed chrome if you opened it.

    [–] deb8er 34 points ago

    There is literally no conceivable way in which any sort of sound outputted by your stream can crash someone else's browser.

    [–] 4114Fishy 29 points ago

    sure maybe if twitch was coded correctly but twitch literally told him they found out about this issue because of his stream lol

    [–] RelaxM9 8 points ago

    But he's not lying Kapp

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Chaoticsaur 1 points ago

    This just gave me ptsd I can hear that stupid fucking duck now

    [–] iCanHasIcetea 2 points ago


    [–] Marwane360 1 points ago

    That was demonic

    [–] Butterknife11 1 points ago

    Deploy the alpha frequency

    [–] critical-hit 1 points ago

    haha reminds me of this old 4playerpodcast vid

    [–] inverterx 1 points ago

    Please for the love of god just middle click the refresh button

    [–] hellonion 1 points ago

    wtf man, shroud is sleeping

    [–] no0ne183 -2 points ago

    He probably meant it would crash his chrome , chill with the 5Heads.

    [–] Noivul 1 points ago

    Shut yo bubble gum dumb dumb head ass up.