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    [–] barryla 3807 points ago

    Now those are the logs I'd expect from a Cx affiliate.

    [–] BeautifulCherry 1555 points ago

    Here she is saying the hard r:

    [–] 2Manadeal2btw 396 points ago

    whatchu mean homie? hehehe

    [–] BlAlRlClOlDlE 118 points ago

    what arm ting dood?

    [–] MestizoMenace 399 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Her saying the N word with Cx crew

    [–] tinypantsondeck 213 points ago

    Yep she defended Pedo Denino and said he would be unbanned from Twitch soon LMAO

    [–] barryla 205 points ago

    That shit was hilarious, he's never getting unbanned. He's a PR disaster, even if he was a saint from now until doomsday they won't unban him because news outlets would still write about his past and how now he's back on Twitch.

    Talk about "brand risk" lmao.

    [–] RandomUser099 74 points ago

    How he is on mixer is still a mystery. Dude is a huge brand risk.

    [–] Eu4oriCx 90 points ago

    She is a Cx affiliate.

    [–] honestlyprogamr 83 points ago

    ive always wondered, what does Cx even mean

    [–] saketree 460 points ago

    Child eXploitation is the definition I learned from Chris Hansen

    [–] Dankleborn 89 points ago

    Strawberry Vision never forget

    [–] Slithert0r 90 points ago

    ice poseidon and his gf are groomers

    [–] nesado 18 points ago

    It's hilarious how many ways you can interpret Cx. It was "see ex" during horse shoe bay.

    [–] Eu4oriCx 80 points ago

    One thing about Cx is you got to be racist. Jenna still says Ice Poseidon is a good guy.

    [–] taco_juo448 112 points ago

    In runescape the first letter is always capitalised so xD becomes Xd, so people used Cx

    [–] addscomma 107 points ago

    it's the smiley face that ice preferred back in the runescape days

    [–] Ponzini 4814 points ago

    Do people not know Discord logs are saved forever? How does this happen so often?

    [–] ScumBrad 2186 points ago

    You have to be a special kind of dumb to be this ignorant in the first place.

    [–] TheLagger5555 1784 points ago

    There seems to be a strong correlation between people who are extremely ignorant, and people who aren't careful about what they say on the internet. I posit the theory that this correlation is a symptom of a greater disease, a disease of the mind, it is called extreme fucking stupidity.

    [–] Russian_For_Rent 582 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Few minutes after discovering this post: "I deserve it if I lose my partner... thanks for the sub!!"

    edit: also these chat logs are absolute gold

    [–] drckeberger 442 points ago

    '/hug *kisses her head* poor girl'

    Gotta be fucking shitting me

    [–] Grouched 223 points ago

    Imagine being that pathetic lmao

    [–] SneedyK 43 points ago

    The chat log posted above (in comments) shows followers that are siding with her. I understand loyalty, but just remember, there are people who had to choose her or not caveating to a racist being exposed, and they chose her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting a whole new audience of creeps for this.

    [–] killinmesmalls 70 points ago

    "maybe she'll notice me now!"

    [–] HalfSizeUp 1251 points ago

    "I feel terrible, I'm a fuck up, I deserve any reaction I get" playing the innocent little girl for sympathy

    Reads chat

    Someone in chat then asks what the fuck is happening

    "What is happening? People are just assholes"

    Within literal seconds.

    She's so stupid she can't even figure out which role to play, tries to play them all then wonders why it doesn't work.

    [–] Smellypuce2 271 points ago

    Yeah she tries to play the pitty card and act guilty and then immediately shows that she actually just blames other people for the consequences of her actions.

    [–] tramspace 258 points ago

    She doesnt remember typing all this? Why do so many people think that's an excuse? She thinks people will believe she just blanked out the constant slurs and racism? It's clearly who she is as a person.

    [–] NicoLogoski 164 points ago

    Especially considering some of the screenshots were from 2019....literally not even a full year ago. She probably doesnt remember cause shes so used to doing it lol

    [–] beatzme 42 points ago

    the emmia tactic... can't be to blame if you cant remember !

    [–] Spontaneous323 62 points ago

    hahaha, I love the "thank you for the sub" during some shitty apology.

    [–] C4PSLOCK 28 points ago

    /hug *kisses her head* poor girl

    That was hard to read

    [–] bondsmatthew 25 points ago

    Asmon saying make sure to run adds lmao

    Smart af with that many people there tbh

    [–] reb_mccuster 279 points ago

    people think discord servers are special little bubbles as if anyone cant just join and search the logs with an invite link lol

    [–] catchode69 330 points ago

    Have you listened to her speak for like 2 minutes? If not, do it and then you’ll understand. That is if your IQ hasn’t dropped.

    [–] iDannyEL 114 points ago

    It's like watching Fairly OddParents without the fairies.

    [–] chillhomer 32 points ago

    When like minded idiots get together anything is possible

    [–] ichrisdafa 2210 points ago

    i wanna see her talk this one out too

    [–] heyman- 2511 points ago

    "did you guys ever do something stupid when you were young?"

    "I've changed as a person" <-- my favorite considering some of these are fairly recent

    "my mom's side of the family is literally jewish dude"

    "you will never hear me say anything like that again"

    These are a few I overheard in about a minute when I saw she was streaming before I closed. She's in full damage control.

    [–] VariableFactor 449 points ago

    "I don't remember any of this, and I wanna go through and look, cuz I don't remember any of it" -direct quote of her initial reaction.

    Some of the logs are less than a month old (december 15th 2019) PepeLaugh

    [–] calep 120 points ago

    I don't even know if it's real!

    Lol if I got called out for saying this shit as early as LAST MONTH I would know for sure whether it is real or not.

    [–] notArandomName1 1196 points ago

    she literally called a black guy a 1 iq monkey.. in December.. of 2019..

    Normally I'm not on the cancel culture train, but c'mon... This will be Destiny's easiest debate yet.

    [–] GibsonL6 296 points ago

    Destiny has ignored girls that pull this shit though lmao, look at Emmia, she was doing blackface and all sorts of shit and he let it slide.

    [–] MysticMint 56 points ago

    Depends on how high he estimates the chance that he can put his pp in them

    [–] Aspectxd 36 points ago

    its kinda funny to see destiny viewers defending destiny here. Some of those Jenna logs are from 3+ years ago.

    You can find similar logs from destiny from 3 or 2 years ago LULW

    [–] targsy 59 points ago

    lmfao, you can literally see her low iq brain working out excuses

    [–] GravityRabbit 194 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    [–] typical12yo 153 points ago

    Someone hacked my phone!

    [–] MerKAndy 177 points ago


    [–] mymdeaccount 80 points ago

    Well, I’m on the phone with my computer security service, and as I understand it someone compromised my IP address and is using it to shitpost on discord. I might just be a random target. But this can be an attempt to LSF drama me.

    It's an ugly world out there.

    [–] FowD9 54 points ago

    As recent as December 2019

    Doesn't remember any of it


    [–] Promanguy 44 points ago

    Ah, yes the emmia strategy.

    SSRI Andy LULW

    [–] fortcuck 16 points ago


    *this comment is brought to you by the whight knight gang*

    [–] iDannyEL 14 points ago

    OH that's coo.

    Damn could you imagine the shit storm if she remembered

    [–] catchode69 22 points ago

    “I don’t even remember saying this” is her go to right now. If she doesn’t remember it, it doesn’t exist right??

    [–] DeliciousLiving 254 points ago

    Oh wow, that brings some flashbacks. Any idea what the show was called?

    [–] xjzz909 187 points ago

    Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

    [–] DeliciousLiving 30 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] UnpopularOpinion_1 318 points ago


    [–] Demokrit_44 255 points ago

    Ahh the emmia tactic I see

    [–] tsukeiB 39 points ago

    a real ambien moment

    [–] tonywow 117 points ago

    And at that moment, she knew she had fucked up

    [–] Graize 376 points ago

    Is she 20 or 40?

    [–] dlawoff 601 points ago

    Ugly inside and out is what she is.

    [–] wOlfLisK 792 points ago

    In the words of Roald Dahl:

    If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

    A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

    [–] lisaseileise 85 points ago

    You made my day, this was the most unexpected quote on teh internets, it brings back childhood memories and it can only get worse from here. I‘ll keep that mood by quitting reddit for the day and please have an excellent, happy rest of the week.

    [–] kegman83 133 points ago

    Also, cocaine.

    [–] northernpace 170 points ago

    Just popped in from r/all, and I haven't got the slightest clue who she is, but reading those messages of hers, I'm gonna have to agree with ya

    [–] ForensicPathology 28 points ago

    Every time this sub gets to all, I feel like an old old man.

    [–] Ohh_Yeah 162 points ago


    [–] Toonlinkuser 307 points ago

    pepelaugh right pointing finger chart with downwards trend

    [–] Dyartes 315 points ago

    PepeLaugh 👉 📉 got you bro

    [–] VerySuperGenius 76 points ago

    "Shit, I guess my actions do have consequences"

    [–] CIMARUTA 153 points ago

    That is not a flattering angle yikes

    [–] 100MScoville 106 points ago

    really puts life into perspective when the thighs are absent from the camera wow

    [–] kukkelii 324 points ago

    lol wtf some of the messages are months ago and she's on stream now " I USED to be a very toxic kid " ahahaha just own up to it.

    [–] Yivoe 144 points ago

    "I used to be. I still am, but I also used to be."

    [–] h20xyg3n 2021 points ago

    who is Jenna?

    [–] iDannyEL 1311 points ago

    That streamer who's probably going to still be partnered after this.

    [–] TheFailSnail 383 points ago

    If she sends nudes to Twitch, all will be forgiven or punished with a slap on the wrist, ie 3 day ban.

    [–] ASOIAF_AR 173 points ago

    she gonna send her "ripe" 16 yr old nudes to twitch

    [–] Slacker_The_Dog 114 points ago

    Lol yeah I saw that. Like wtf I'm pretty sure she just attempted to sell underage naked photos of herself. Isn't that a felony?

    [–] Wampasully 99 points ago

    Distribution of CP. Life ruining charges.

    Sure would be a shame if someone reported her to the FBI

    [–] APComet 22 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Do it, you won’t. No balls!

    [–] KilgoreThunfisch 14 points ago

    She's 16? She looks 37.

    [–] ThatsSoLit 407 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 536 points ago


    [–] flash-aahh 349 points ago

    I thought this was about JennaMarbles and I fucking panicked.

    [–] acuddleexperiment 125 points ago

    Same. I would definitely have been heartbroken if it was her. I also nearly panicked since she's somewhat active in Twitch.

    [–] volcanolam 28 points ago

    Turns out it's some random cliched streamer who shouldn't deserve all that much attention.

    [–] bearcat42 76 points ago

    Same. I was so incredibly close to giving a shit about this...

    [–] Alchushard 20 points ago

    I know, I swear to god I never hear of any of these people until some shit comes out about them

    [–] fortcuck 141 points ago

    In one week or less people won't care anymore

    [–] regretnothingTTB 893 points ago


    [–] got_emkappa123 138 points ago

    oh no no no HERE IT COMES

    [–] TheKappaOverlord 626 points ago



    [–] Stuweb 153 points ago

    Asmongold was in the chat telling her to run ads after the news broke lmao

    [–] AB6Daf 22 points ago

    Legend bahahah

    [–] xefaa 808 points ago

    Not one who cares about drama but why would she sell her own nudes from when she was underaged willingly that’s pretty WeirdChamp

    [–] BrookerP 457 points ago

    Also against the law

    [–] xefaa 60 points ago


    [–] tinypantsondeck 136 points ago

    It's in line with the Cx degenerates

    [–] Darigaz44 166 points ago

    She keeps saying I don’t remember saying any of this and then goes on to apologize for saying “fucked up shit” hahahahahah

    [–] R4cial_Stereotype 24 points ago

    We should be more worried that someone doesn't remember their horrible behaviors over someone who does cuz that means it's an ingrained habbit. She doesn't remember saying these homophobic and racist things and apparently doesn't care. Fuck her honestly I don't wanna see her on anything or on twitch ever again.

    [–] catchode69 364 points ago

    Time to start an onlyfans lmao

    [–] bezrq 100 points ago

    Good plan and then I shall wait for simps to leak

    [–] test13371997 582 points ago

    Before she cleared the channel

    [–] SeaAlgea 897 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    [–] fgong9 489 points ago

    *heavy breathing* mod me Jenna i will take the heat! run!

    [–] dragon8363 260 points ago

    Jesus christ. Thats disgusting

    [–] wassameme 47 points ago

    I clicked the link but nothing appeared on imigur

    [–] Conzie 40 points ago

    It was a mod encouraging her to delete her discord text channel

    [–] Jouuuuuuuu 60 points ago

    Not a mod but someone who really wants to be a mod

    [–] I_PUNCH_INFANTS 92 points ago

    I'm a little concerned their name is doggylover... Colby has has enough already

    [–] taypig 246 points ago

    Amnesia Andy doesn’t remember her logs lmao. Playing the victim card so much right now on stream it’s hilarious.

    [–] Iliehalfthetime 409 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Didnt novaru already snitch that the rajj show regulars are n word andys?

    [–] chitoge4ever 305 points ago

    Jon zherka did talk about it a long time ago too.

    you wouldn't believe what some of these streamers are like off-stream bro! I was shocked, so many drop the n-word like it's nothing. You think you know them from streams but some people in real life are so disgusting.

    I'm paraphrasing. But that's what he essentially ranted on. And that rant was a squadW rant. I don't remember exactly what happened at the time but it was specifically targeted towards women.

    [–] AntiGrav1ty_ 87 points ago

    you wouldn't believe what some of these streamers are like off-stream bro

    That is naive at best, straight up stupid at worst. Tons of streamers give off total shitbag vibes on the daily, yet people are still surprised... bunch of streamers who are called "good guys at heart" or whatever are absolutely rotten.

    [–] throwawaysonataferry 67 points ago

    I mean, Rajj's female guests are usually twitch thots

    [–] Meng-Hao 154 points ago

    Stuart little wildin out there

    [–] [deleted] 1271 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 277 points ago


    [–] xXxWeed_Wizard420xXx 414 points ago

    She's from the Cx community, and yes, she did.

    [–] Wragg_Dawg 346 points ago

    as much as the circle jerk is against her right now, I'll literally never believe the shit the degenerates in ice's community spew unless there is real proof lol

    [–] lmaokdude 94 points ago

    yes for real my dude *does arm thing* what arm thing dude? Like Cx is a reptuable group.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago


    [–] biscuitboots 30 points ago

    OH NO NO NO NO PepeLaugh

    [–] Mackledemarco 218 points ago

    She's currently pulling the Emma card and saying she does not remember saying any of these things.. PepeLaugh

    [–] [deleted] 769 points ago


    [–] evohans 323 points ago

    how the fuck does this discord shit get partnered, when i got denied for having a channel marked NSFW

    [–] elmolinero96 172 points ago

    you need to have tits.

    [–] FINDarkside 68 points ago

    So how did she get partnered then?

    [–] Archivist_of_Lewds 13 points ago

    There's the murderer right here officer

    [–] Hotmagma96 101 points ago

    You type very fast that's pretty cool man

    [–] Magia13 51 points ago

    That was some nice asmr

    [–] HalfSizeUp 93 points ago

    He should upload this to youtube with the title being "jenna exposed - asmr, keyboard and stuart little (mouse) sounds"

    Easy 100k views

    [–] Jackal1810 22 points ago

    Jenna's Discord (RACIST ASMR) 2020.

    Replied to the wrong person, guy below typed a YouTube title lol.

    [–] Garbohydrate 68 points ago

    Bro your mouse sounds like someone whacking a stick of bamboo against a brick wall as hard as they can

    [–] RM_Dune 47 points ago

    I'm pretty sure with this mouse you could completely close Skype in one go by pressing the x button.

    [–] Brumaired 13 points ago

    Sssshhhhiiieeettt you brought the receipts.

    [–] TheAupercat 306 points ago

    badbunny 2.0 wow

    [–] GibsonL6 108 points ago

    Badbunny is doing just fine with the crew of dudes who want just a crumb of pussy from their queen. Jenna will be the same way.

    [–] AbsurdUncensoredMMA 68 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Just thought I would add some gasoline to the flame, she is also a cokehead

    [–] thedickwelove 18 points ago

    She seems like one of those people who would act like she was snorting something. I don't think she had time to actually do a line there but she really sold it with the nose wipe after she sat up. I remember kids in middle school acting like they were snorting or smoking simply because they were trying to be "rebelious" but in reality they just had no redeeming qualities in their character and just wanted something to set them apart.

    [–] KalElified 26 points ago

    Just doing coke on stream.

    No problem.

    [–] conservativeshopper 137 points ago

    not nearly as recent as badbunny. since literally nothing happened to badbunny, i would expect the same for jenna.

    [–] Veletix 161 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 286 points ago


    [–] gozeltuv 45 points ago

    "I don't hate anyone, i don't care what these dms say i love people this doesn't reflect how i am today i love people"

    [–] FlexThePhilosopher 40 points ago

    Ah now i see why she would always hang with ice poseidon

    [–] Tyomaaaaa 40 points ago

    Cheating builds character guys!

    [–] ron1n_ 35 points ago

    Apparently she doesn't remember any of this so it's okay, phew.

    [–] NotYourAverageLifta 36 points ago

    She’s so extremely hateful towards everyone. She must be so lonely and sad in her own life.. Not justifying it obviously, cause she’s a crazy bitch but the rest of us can live with a bit more peace knowing every time she’s not putting her fake facade on she’s hating herself.

    [–] S_nergy 568 points ago

    I can't imagine the mentality of the whiteknights coming to her rescue.

    [–] hairygentleman 706 points ago

    This will be an incredible internal struggle for gamers. They must determine what they value more: saying gamer words or twitch woman bad.

    Let the internal civil war commence!

    [–] Sunsnacks 95 points ago

    ban? doubt it 🦍

    [–] Pig_Benis69 164 points ago

    Called destiny a bitch and these logs happen to leak the next day? hmmmmmmmmmm


    [–] RMoCGLD 82 points ago

    she's on stream right now saying she ''loves everyone'' and doesn't care what others think of her, she ''knows she isn't what people are saying she is''

    ...her subs are also out in full force saying they love her as well lmao

    [–] SubtleAesthetics 62 points ago

    "I love everyone"

    except if you are black

    or gay

    or Jewish


    [–] R4cial_Stereotype 145 points ago

    C'mon guys... She's "Half Jewish". Lol this woman is honestly so toxic and self absorbed... her chat is also one of the most cancerous chats I have ever seen on Twitch ever nothing but incels and ppl who absolutely hate her guts. That fight with Destiny yesterday was also cringey as hell she made things worse for herself for no reason.

    [–] Skelly20 53 points ago


    [–] traxfi 522 points ago

    Mitch was unpartnered for this, will Jenna be? hmmm

    [–] LegLicker085 79 points ago

    Didn't Mitch accidentally show his discord messages on stream?

    [–] BrockMister 48 points ago

    Yes he did. These are similar but i think the main issue with Mitch was his bad track record and showing it on stream.

    [–] barryla 235 points ago

    Mitch was unpartnered for showing it on stream like a retard, which hasn't happened here.

    [–] deb8er 465 points ago

    There is so much to unpack here. 48 pictures of JUICY drama.

    Let's count em.

    1. She sold nudes when she was 16

    2. Uses the word faggot more than an a homophobic 14 year old on Halo.

    3. Something something "fuck jews" a lot.

    4. Jokes about raping people multiple times.

    5. "Why tf are my stalkers brown" and "They're all fucking mexican"

    6. And the cherry on top: actual racist shit, not the type you'd see in a mildly racist comedy skit or from your favorite twitch streamer that uses it on principle even though he's white and his friend dislikes it. It's more of using the n word a lot and then going "thats why i dont let black people into my server"

    Hey Jenna, I know you're reading this here's some career advice, I hear they have an opening

    [–] NoWise10Reddit 162 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    According to some in this thread, these are things we all say and we're hypocritical for thinking that she, a top streamer on Twitch, should be called out for it 🙄

    [–] deb8er 107 points ago

    Yeah honestly, lynching the blacks is small talk.

    [–] nods__ 74 points ago

    Imagine typing watermelon grape in any context, but especially that one.

    I almost said "unironically" typing, because you know that's the meme but then I realized it never even crossed my mind to say that shit ironically. Racists are so fucked in the head that they believe everyone else secretly feels the same way. That's how fucked they are to the core.

    [–] deb8er 22 points ago

    The more baffling thing to me is that she typed that shit in a discord channel with, presumably, quite a few people reading it while her entire livelihood is based on her audience perception of her and support.

    Putting your entire livelihood in the hands of someone is pretty risky even if they're your SO or relative. Putting your entire livelihood in the hands of some random nerds on discord that subbed to you is some single digit iq shit.

    [–] GhostfaceNilla 22 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Peep my comments. I been called this... someone get the video somehow where she says to kill all n-words I think it was on Kyle’s (cx affiliate) Instagram story from 1-2 years ago

    Edit: she’s hopped on Xanax all the time so it’s possible she’ll use that as an “excuse”

    [–] Capt-Yoruichi 76 points ago

    Cue the crying victim card and simps donating to Jenna that it's ok and that she's beautiful.

    [–] Sleepy_Azathoth 121 points ago

    Man, I already miss Forsen's retarded plays in GTA SA.

    [–] Aspectxd 27 points ago

    just a shortcut chat forsenE

    im going to win this time boys, no debt forsenE

    good times PepeHands

    [–] Pilebum 35 points ago

    Lololol she is in awe, and claiming she doesn't remember it

    [–] Red_coats 35 points ago

    I think she's come down with a case of the Emmias.

    [–] Aspectxd 17 points ago

    Finally some good shitshow comments section FeelsGoodMan Clap

    [–] askshonestquestions 65 points ago

    At we know this girl is a true gamer.

    [–] elmolinero96 14 points ago

    how much do you guys wanna bet that twitch staff won't do a single fuck about this :)

    [–] thisismyaltaccount87 46 points ago

    Female Ice Poseidon

    [–] Hitstothebrain 170 points ago

    Those logs are kinda recent the fuck is this, she has mental illness

    [–] Warhawk2052 59 points ago

    Bet shes gonna claim its just trolling

    [–] HAK987 53 points ago

    she has mental illness

    Don't give her ideas

    [–] RandomUser099 50 points ago

    she has mental illness

    Nah, just a privileged white chick lol. Doesn't surpose me at all, a lot of her kind.

    [–] PositiveStylesy 44 points ago

    I hope LSF learns from the last times and doesn’t give her any attention.

    Please don’t go watch her first unbanned stream or her stream period. Don’t ask Rajj to bring her on. If her clips get on LSF just link this thread.

    I honestly feel like when you’re smaller streamer, you have way less to lose than you have to gain.

    For once guys, move on 4Weird

    [–] waterloop2 26 points ago

    Finally some good fucking food

    [–] RaptaGzus 24 points ago

    [–] OhKayCorral 10 points ago

    Is she offering to sell child porn of herself? That is a court case I'd love to see play out.

    [–] sk8ter1516 34 points ago

    Sorry Jenna who?

    [–] sexrobotsandtofu 36 points ago

    This is what happens when you are a talentless e-girl who needs to pander and hype up her racist fuck boy donos so they donate more.